Presentation to the

Association of Residents
of Costa Rica (ARCR)

The above is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. Navigate through the slides by clicking on the left & right arrows surrounding the slide number at the bottom of the frame. Email the author if you have questions. Please note that the links in the above pictures are not active, but you can find live links above the picture, in the menu on the very top line of this webpage.

In May of 2019 the PC Club stopped delivering this presentation to ARCR because the information in the above slides was in need of updating & the club wasn't able to devote the effort to do so. The changes were small, but the number of them was immense, as you will see when you page through the slides. It's possible, however, to gain a general impression of how telephone service, internet access, & television channels work in Costa Rica if you view the slides in this overview.

The 1st 5 slides are about the PC Club website & why it would be a great idea to join our club, a shameless recruiting pitch that unfortunately didn't bring in any results in the 10 years we delivered it. This was a factor that weighed against our spending the effort to update the presentation.

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