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Click on any of the red stars in the matrix below to view the Web News for any month & year combination.  Be advised that individual links sometimes expire on the web when a host chooses to remove information that's too old or finds it necessary to recover server disc space.  If you encounter a broken link, please notify the webmaster so that we can remove them.

The monthly Web-News pages contain references to articles that relate to computing (or perhaps other interests) that have been gleaned from sources such as New Atlas, TechRepublic, ZDNet, or The Kim Komando Show.  A list of the topics you might find appears below.  Do you want to keep up with what's happening in the world of computers? Check out the Issues section.  Would you like to laugh or to see a pretty picture? The Entertainment section might be a good choice.  Are you looking for a new gadget?  Look in Hardware for computers and accessories.  Do you like a particular flavor of OS?  Try the Software section.  Can't find the topic you need?  Let the webmaster know and maybe we can add one for you.

Note:  There's a lot of news on the web and the Web-News pages are very full usually, so you might be daunted at first by the sheer numbers of articles.  If you look for the topics that interest you and ignore the rest, you might find it easier to use the list.  Most browsers will allow you to search by using Ctrl-F to open a 'Find' box.  The most recent editions will likely be your best source, but if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always try an older listing.  Sometimes just reading the titles of the articles can give you a lot of information in a hurry, even if you don't have time to look at the target contents.  The older listings are kept to provide continuity and a place to look if you want to research a web topic.  [Thanks to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the robot and useful advice.]

Monthly Links to Web-News

(Click on the red stars)

2019 V
2017 *

V = Dick was on vacation & no Links were posted for that month.

* = The month of May, 2017 marked a change in the way Web News was handled. In the past, the May News would be accumulated all through the month of May and published on June 1st. To make the news more timely, beginning with May, 2017, the May News page is published (empty) on May 1st and updated online throughout the month. (For this month only, both versions of the May News are online: the old way on the left containing news from April and the new way on the right with an asterisk containing news from May. Subsequent months contain news that occurred in the month of the same name.)

Links to news on the Web began in November, 2012 as a section of the club's monthly Tico Byte newsletter. In January, 2013 these links were moved to separate monthly Links pages. The titles of the pages were renamed from "Links" to "Web News" in February, 2013, while the URL remains unchanged as "Links".

Monthly Web-News Topics

  1. Issues
    1. Trends
    2. Great ideas
      1. Computers
      2. Electronics
      3. Food
      4. Home
      5. Medical
      6. Safety
      7. Science
    3. Security/Privacy issues
    4. Legal issues
    5. Philosopical issues
    6. Local Issues
    7. USA Issues
    8. International issues
    9. Planetary issues & beyond
  2. Entertainment
    1. Geek humor & interests
    2. Galleries
  3. Hardware
    1. Potential Products
    2. General
    3. Drones
    4. Internet of Things (IoT)
    5. Netbooks
    6. Laptops
    7. Ebook Readers
    8. 2-in-1s
    9. Desktops & Towers
    10. Tablets
  1. Hardware (cont.)
    1. Smartphones
    2. Smartwatches
    3. Wearables
    4. Smart Cars
    5. Tiny Computers
    6. Game devices
    7. Peripherals
    8. Accessories
    9. Internals
  2. Software
    1. Software in the Cloud
    2. General Tools
    3. Browsers
    4. Apple
      1. General News & Trivia
      2. Apps
      3. Operating Systems
    5. Microsoft
      1. General News & Trivia
      2. Apps
      3. Operating Systems
        1. Windows XP
        2. Vista
        3. Windows 7
        4. Windows 8
        5. Windows 8.1
        6. Windows Phone 8
        7. Windows RT
        8. Windows 10
  1. Software (cont.)
    1. Microsoft (cont.)
      1. Office
        1. Access
        2. Excel
        3. Outlook
        4. PowerPoint
        5. Project
        6. Publisher
        7. Visio
        8. Word
    1. Google
      1. General News & Trivia
      2. Operating Systems
        1. Android
        2. Chrome
      3. Apps
    2. Open-source
      1. General News & Trivia
      2. Apps
      3. Operating Systems
        1. Ubuntu
        2. Linux Mint
        3. Arch Linux
        4. Debian
        5. Red Hat - Fedora
        6. Korora
        7. SUSE

Of course every topic doesn't appear every month, so don't look for the numbers in this outline to be in the monthly news listing. The listings are in the same sequence, however, so you can look for the order to be the same, even if the numbers aren't there. This grouping of categories is here to help you quickly locate the items of interest to you.

If you have a question or comment about anything on this page, send it to the club president.

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