Links for January, 2013

Happy new year!

Here’s the latest list of lovely links to lighten your load. This page marks an organizational change where the links are separate from the Tico Byte.

Item 1.  Trends: Do you know what 'Steampunk' means?,  Do you know what NSFW means?,  Google filters NSFW content,  Dell commits to open-source software,  Yet another “Are PCs dead?” argument,  US manufacturing sites more appealing w/ higher offshore costs,  Samsung is beating Apple in PC, tablet, & smartphone sales,  Technology predictions for 2013,  2013: The year of the ‘Carry-along’,  Silicon nanophotonics (Optical chips),  How tech tribalism is ruining the web,  The Internet of Things,  How cloud computing will change in 2013,  Is Android the new Windows?,  Are Solid-State-Drives (SSDs) the new RAM?,  Windows Phone sales up 300%,  Bizarre form factors,  4G & 5G could turn Smartphones into thin clients,  A thankful history of mobile tech,  Why companion devices will replace the PC,  Amazon’s high-volume, low-margin cloud,  Brick & mortar Best Buy losing to Cloudy Amazon,  Digital detox?  Microsoft consumer perception scores riding high,  The fastest computer in the world,  Feds give BlackBerry another chance

Item 2.  Great Ideas: Online banking at Banco Nacional,  Helium-filled hard drives

Item 3.  Security/Privacy Issues: Side-channels in the cloud,  AVG chooses Yahoo as Secure Search provider,  IE flaw permits cursor tracking, gets extra security,  Cameras and surveillance systems,  Biggest security stories of 2012,  Eurograbber trojan steals $47M,  Fugitive John McAfee located by smartphone,  eReaders monitor your use,  Security mistakes easily avoided,  Samsung printers have hardwired backdoor access,  Samsung working on Android security flaw,  Security flaw in Samsung handsets & tablets,  United Nations seeks to take control of internet,  US House votes unanimous opposition to UN internet move,  USA allegedly hacked the French president's team,  Lessons learned from high-profile hacks,  Apple iOS is a rich target for malware,  New spins on Ransomware,  Beginner’s guide to SSL certificates,  How the FBI and CIA can read your email,  Microsoft patent would spy on consumers to enforce DRM,  Mobile malware is a growing threat

Item 4.  Legal Issues: Will Apple & Samsung ever play nicely?,  Google’s antitrust probe delayed,  Google to challenge Apple with “open” AirPlay standard,  Judge allows Google to settle in Safari privacy case,  Samsung refuses to settle with Apple,  HTC and Apple smoke the peace pipe

Item 5.  Philosophical Issues:  Book Review: How to Thrive in the Digital Age,  How PC makers destroy the Windows experience,  The Symphony of Science

Item 6.  International Issues:  Microsoft/Intel open pop-up store in Stockholm

Item 7.  Entertainment: Geek Humor & Interests: The best geek media franchises,  Reasons not to trust AI,  Greatest programming tip ever,  Zeis Cinemizer OLED 3D glasses,  Geek gift guide,  More geek gifts,  Storage-oriented gadgets,  More gadgets,  Most searched-for gadgets of 2012,  What is the real reason Atari developed the Pong game?,  Pioneer NASA artist dies at 84,  Projects the new Disney megastudio needs to make,  Unusual new kind of sponge found,  Tech Turkeys of 2012

Item 8.  Entertainment: Photo Galleries:  Presidential gadgets,  Awesome office gadgetsLEGO architectureWarm tropical beaches,  NASA concept art,  New Raytheon plant,  NASA’s 1975 colonization vision,  Curiosity’s SAM may have found organic compounds on Mars,  A look inside the Pi factory,  Winter landscapes,  Voyager 1 nears edge of solar system,  Datacentres of the world,  Earth lights at night,  Curiosity’s 1st soil analysis on Mars,  Ocean-crossing science robot,  X-47B on the catapult,  Life aboard the ISS,  Star Wars Art,  Audio stuff,  The largest Star Wars collection,  Steampunk gadgets,  CNet’s top games of 2012,  CNET’s anticipated games of 2013,  Henry Ford Museum,  Underwater scenes,  TR’s best 2012 galleries,  More Bill Gates Tech Troopers,  NASA launch images,   Northern Lights

Item 9.  Hardware, General:  How purchases of 2012 turned out,  Sometimes it’s the little things that get you,  12 Enormously useful gadgets,  20 Awesome gadgets,  The minimalist mobile approach

Item 10.  Hardware, Cracking open:  Top 5 cracks of 2012

Desktops:  iMac, HPZ820 Workstation:  photos and analysis

Tablets:  Apple iPad Mini:photos and analysis

Smartphones: Nexus 4

Item 11.  Hardware, Desktops:  Dell’s PC strategy,  Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny

Item 12.  Hardware, Laptops:  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13,  ThinkPad S230u Twist,  ThinkPad Twist,  Laptop bags

Item 13.  Hardware, Netbooks:  Acer C7 Chromebook available for $199

Item 14.  Hardware, Tablets:  Surface marketing expanded,  Rumors of 3 new Surfaces for 2013,  Surface Pro battery life,  Surface Pro details announced,  Microsoft seeks Surface feedback,  Google Nexus 10: The Crown Victoria of tablets,  Microsoft commits to Surface w/ Windows RT for at least 4 years,  BookBook is a great case to protect iPad Mini,  ZAGG Mini 9 keyboard case for iPad Mini,  iPad mini and Nexus 7 comparison,  Display comparison: Surface RT vs. iPad vs. Android,  Surface keyboard has a splitting problem

Item 15.  Hardware, Smartphones:  Samsung Galaxy Grand review,  Windows Phone 8 updates,  If IceCreamSandwich is working, shy away from JellyBean,  HTC Droid DNA,  Motorola Razr Maxx HD,  BlackBerry 10 prelaunch info,  Best Android smartphones as of 11/12,  AT&T LG Optimus G,  Google Nexus 4,  Hands-on w/ Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC,  Samsung Galaxy S3 will get Note II features,  UK users receive upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S3,  Apple launches iPhone5 sales in China

Item 16.  Hardware, Tiny Computers:  Raspberry Pi Video,  VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX motherboard

Item 17.  Hardware, Peripherals:  Apple kills Kickstarter project,  Novatel Liberate MiFi hotspot,  SA950i headphones,  Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 & 9000 headphones,  Microsoft touch mouse,  AVM Fritz!Box 3370 router

Item 18.  Hardware, Internals:  AMD Radeon HD 8000M laptop GPU coming soon,  Nvidia Tegra 4 processor details leaked,  Who will make Apple’s iOS mobile processors?,  Best CPUs & motherboards for 2012,  480GB Solid-State Disk (SSD) for thin notebooks,  Hitachi to end chip production by the end of 2014,  Intel prepares to end user-replaceable CPUs

Item 19.  Software, News & Trivia:  Raspberry Pi app store opens,  Make your Wordpress blog a moneymaker

Item 20.  Software, In the Cloud:  Facebook tries out charging for emails,  Yahoo Mail gets a revamp, gets extra security,  AWS: Amazon’s cloud,  Google cloud upgrades,  Winners and losers in the cloud,  Top concerns with cloud services,  EXtplorer, a free online file manager,  Staying productive when your cloud connection chokes

Item 21.  Software, General Tools:  Tools to manage MySQL databases,  File syncing w/ AjaXplorer,  PrintMaster 2012 Platinum,  Good apps for Nexus 7 & iPad mini,  The new Corel Office (Wordperfect),  Freemake music box,  Sigil ebook editor,  Soda PDF 5 Pro editor,  Hippo animator,  Desktop ebook readers,  Search your files with DocFetcher,  Great smartphone keyboard app,  Toolwiz Care system optimizer,  CrashPlan backup tool,  Secure Eraser,  HootSuite social media manager,  Free FTP clients

Item 22.  Software, Browsers:  Using Firefox’s Scrapbook extension for archives,  Truce reached in browser wars,  The new Firefox for Android,  The BIG browser benchmark

Item 23.  Software, Fonts: Holiday-inspired fonts

Item 24.  Apple, General News & Trivia:  Wish list for 2013,  New status page for iCloud and Services,  Mac laptop & desktop death watch unwarranted,  iPhone & iPad accessories,  2012 iGeneration roundup,  Apple has a great Manuals site,  14 Great apps for iPad Mini,  Evernote interface for iOS streamlined

Item 25.  Apple, Apps:  O’Grady’s best iOS apps of 2012,  Superior 3rd-party replacements for iOS6 apps,  Mac data recovery tool,  Google Maps for iOS had 10M downloads in 48 hours,  Google Maps for iOS interpreted,  Office on iPad?,  What Office means to iOS users,  iPad office apps,  Scanner Pro turns your iPhone into a scanner

Item 26.  Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS6 update causes battery loss,  iOS6 Wi-Fi problems hanging on,  An iOS7 wishlist

Item 27.  Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  MS phasing out some Expression tools,  Events calendar for 2013,  Licensing agreements w/ Android companies, goes away,  Azure cloud storage price cut,  Windows President Sinofsky leaves Microsoft,  New SharePoint apps coming for Win8 & iOS

Item 28.  Microsoft, Apps:  Make your own server,  FeedDemon RSS newsreader,  Win8 remote desktop app,  Win8 Star Chart,  Win8 Sports tracker

Item 29.  Microsoft Windows 8:  How Win8 was developed,  The ultimate upgrade FAQ,  The ultimate upgrade FAQ part 2,  Many tips & tricks (thanks Bill),  Hacking Win8 games,  Boot to desktop,  For those who pine for the Start Menu  (thanks, Bill),  How to decide: upgrade or not,  You don’t really need a Start menu,  Navigation tips,  Customize Start Screen Background,  Explorer ribbon demo (thanks, Bill),  40 million licenses sold,  Creating a tile on the Start Screen,  Great apps for the Surface,  Windows embedded 8 handheld is alive,  Win8 clean installation guide,  Windows Phone 8 spontaneously reboots

Item 30.  Microsoft Windows RT:  Apps available on Win RT

Item 31.  Microsoft Office:  Office Mobile will be available for iOS and Android,  Most popular Office tips of 2012

Word: Keyboard shortcuts to apply styles,  Changes to the default Word 2013 settings,  Create space with spacing options,  Creating a userform for addressing letters

Excel: Using AutoSum to add non-contiguous values,  Using the Text-to-Columns feature

Outlook: Accessing Gmail with Outlook, gets extra security,  Making the new To-Do bar work for you

Item 32.  Google, General News & Trivia:  Gmail loses Google Sync,  Google coughs and the world chokes,  $99 Chromebooks to US classrooms for the holidays,  Nexus 4 shortage,  Worldwide Gmail & Chrome crash

Item 33.  Google, Cloud tools:  Using Google Drive,  Presentation publishing and popularity measurement

Item 34.  Google Android:  Updates too complex?,  How to find Android tablet software,  Jelly Bean usage share doubles in a month

Item 35.  Google Apps:  Accessing Gmail with Outlook,  Google Apps adopts Quickoffice,  DirectPass password protection for Android,  Using Google Sites for project management,  File Expert,  Google rolls out indoor maps to desktops

Item 36.  Linux, General News & Trivia:  Great gadgets for Linux users,  Crystal ball for 2013 Linux,  Shim found to install Linux on Windows 8 UEFI machines,  More explanation of the shim,  UEFI replacing BIOS is causing problems for Linux

Item 37.  Linux, Operating Systems:  Linux kernel 3.7 arrives

Ubuntu:  Proprietary software for Ubuntu?,  Dell XPS 13 laptop w/ Ubuntu

Linux Mint:  Release 14 Nadia: What’s new?,  HP Pavilion dm1-4310e swapping Win8 for Linux

Red Hat - Fedora:  MATE is on the way to Fedora 18,  Fedora 18 release delayed again

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