Web News for March, 2013

  1. Trends:  Microsoft is aiming at devices of all sizes,  Possible smaller Windows 8 tablets?  Has Apple redefined the tablet as an 8” device?  Post-PC is not about the hardware,  What will Post-PC hardware look like?,  How Apple used its money & muscle to kill an iTunes competitor,  It’s a good time to be a gadget buyer,  Intel bowing out of desktop motherboard business,  Chromebooks are doing well,  Great websites that use HTML5,  Cautions about social media,  Bill Gates does an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit,  Cook claims Apple is unrivaled in innovation,  “e-tail” vs. “retail”,  Three more Phone OSes in the wings,  The US trails the world in innovative IT investment,  Generation Y and online privacy,  Microsoft may be losing $2.5B/yr by not putting Office on iOS,  Shuttleworth’s one device

  2. Great ideas:  What to do with older computing equipment,  The Open Wireless Movement,  A day made of glass,  Super Wi-Fi

  3. Security/Privacy  issues:  Portable rootkit removal tools,  Hackers hit Apple,  Hackers hit Apple & Facebook,   US DOJ Sentencing site hacked again,  Antivirus software is still needed,  Feds chasing Anonymous,  Suggested security improvements, Packet of Death can crash Intel Ethernet controllers,  Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report,  Sophos Free Encryption review,  Google challenges hackers to crack Chrome OS,  Big Java discussion,  Fixing UPnP security holes,  Fixing Java security holes,  New Java patch,  Welcome to bullyware,  Cyberextortion,  Fortune Teller  thanks, Steve,  Internet anonymity is being eroded

  4. Legal issues:  Homeland Security chief suggests CISPA-like laws, The President’s cybersecurity exectutive order

  5. Philosophical issues:  50 shades of open source,  Tablets in the office

  6. International issues:  HP is reportedly considering a company break up,  Cloud Expo Europe,  US concern over alleged Chinese cyberattacks,  New regs stop Mac Pro sales to Europe

  7. Geek humor & interests:  Tech Troopers Part II

  8. Photo galleries:  The Apple Collection 1986/87

  9. Hardware, Cracking open:  Smartphones:  LG Nexus 4:  Summary and photos

  10. Hardware, Desktops:  How to build an “All-in-One” PC,  Building your own PC

  11. Hardware, Laptops:  Jason’s ideas on buying a laptop

  12. Hardware, Netbooks:  Chromebooks are doing well

  13. Hardware, Tablets:  Archos unveils Android tablet w/11.6” display,  New 128GB iPad,  iPad storage charges,  Matt says you don’t need a 128GB iPad,   MS Surface Team answers questions,  The long, strange history of the Windows tablet,  Debra gets real work done w/ Surface RT,  Mary Jo prefers Surface RT over Surface Pro,  Jason prefers Surface Pro over Surface RT,  In-depth review of Surface Pro,  Patrick reviews Surface Pro,  Matt likes Surface Pro,  Matt uses Surface Pro for work,  Surface Pro sold out,  Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 first look,  Surface Pro and Mac mini: more similar than you’d think,  Surface Pro has about the same storage as MacBook Air,  Surface updates in pipeline,  Free 68-page “Getting Started” guide available for Surface

  14. Hardware, Smartphones:  BlackBerry 10 essentials,  BlackBerry Z10 review,  Is BlackBerry the comeback kid?   Firefox OS phones: Keon & Peak,  LG’s Optimus G,  Nokia’s plan to fight cheap Androids,  Galaxy Note 2 revisited,  GN2 revisited again,  Manipulating tiles on Windows Phone 8,  Why I love my smartphones

  15. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Apple is making a wristwatch

  16. Hardware, Peripherals:  Time to upgrade to Wireless-N,  8 best Thunderbolt devices,  Top iPad keyboards 2013 1st edition,  Seido Vitreo protector for iPhone5, iPad keyboard cases,  zBoost DataBlast 4G signal booster

  17. Hardware, Internals:  A comparison of USB3 vs. Thunderbolt,  Qualcomm taking over mobile phones

  18. Software, General:  Apple lover challenged on Win 8 smear,  Setting up printing from tablets and phones

  19. Software, News & Trivia:  Facebook’s Graph Search offers interesting benefits,  Skype 6.2 updates for Windows & Mac

  20. In the Cloud:  Microsoft’s Project Online,  Accounting in the cloud,  Review of Oracle’s cloud,  6 Cloud myths,  Choosing the best site for tweeting images,  Toni chastises LinkedIn

  21. Software, General Tools:  If you need Java, use this one,  AirCalc & HD Widgets,  Multiple download managers,  Free partition managers, CamScanner,  Good starter apps, BlueStacks runs Android apps on Surface Pro,  Adrian says don’t use BlueStacks,   Wi-Fi management apps,  G-Lock Easy Mail

  22. Browsers:  Getting your Firefox tabs back,  Firefox to restrict plug-ins w/ Click-to-Play,  Firefox for Window8 adds Modern Interface style,  Cool Chrome tricks

  23. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Switcher to Mac story,  iPad eats away at Mac sales,  What would a major revision of the iPad look like?,  Apple analyst says to think differently,  Apple acknowledges iOS 6.1 bug and identifies a fix

  24. Software, Apple, Apps:  Cleaning older Mac installs, Using Automator

  25. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Navigating the Mac Shell,  iOS6.1 is available,  The iOS 6.1 jailbreak evad3rs,  EvasiOn untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0 & 6.1,  Reasons to jailbreak your iPhone,  iOS 6.1.1 gets green light,  Features Apple should include in iOS 7

  26. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Messenger is going away,  Linux Cassandra comes to Windows via DataStax,  Windows is back to cash cow #1,  Plans to add to Surface line-up,  Data-platform chief moves on, Sharepoint 2013 gets a makeover,  Ballmer advocates Office w/o iPad support,  Bill Gates does an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit,  Microsoft loses a fanboy

  27. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Audio editing apps for Windows,  Launchy command window,  Optical disc apps

  28. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  

    Windows 8:  Windows Blue is coming,  The list of new File Explorer features keeps growing,  Win 8 w/ multiple monitors,  Turn-by-turn voice navigation for all Windows 8 devices,  Infographic: The top 11 features of Win 8 (thanks, Juan),  Enabling Windows 8 File History,  Windows 8 Mail,  Creating a recovery drive

    Windows RT:   A look at IE10 on Windows RT,  Ease of Access on Windows RT,  Using Windows RT apps

  29. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Office 2013 is available,  What happens when Office 365 expires?  Office service packs,  Microsoft loses a fanboy

    Word:  Tips to increase productivity,   Adding tables to Quick Tables gallery,  Tips for working w/ Word tables,  Managing the list of styles

    Excel:  Multiple subtotaling functions,  Highlight list values when they change,  Setting up a custom sort

    Outlook:  Tips for speeding up Outlook, View web pages inside Outlook

  30. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google Now updates for Android

  31. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Reasons to pursue a multi-cloud strategy,  Chrome extensions that helped a move from Firefox

  32. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  A cheap Android phone is now a good phone

  33. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome:  Giving Windows 8 a run for its money,  Andy likes Chrome OS

  34. Software, Google, Apps:  Time-tracking apps,  Top apps for Galaxy Note 2,  Map yourself and your team

  35. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Tools for customer management,  Hardware neutrality: UEFI strikes again,  First take on LibreOffice 4.0,  Steven recommends LibreOffice,  Using XOWA offline interface for Wikipedia

  36. Software, Open-source Operating Systems:  

    Ubuntu:  PicUntu: A tiny Linux distro for mini-PCs,  A new perspective on GNOME 3

    Red Hat - Fedora:  MATE desktop w/Fedora 18

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