Web News for April, 2013

  1. Trends:  Microsoft is moving the ball on VOIP,  BlackBerry bounces back,  Linux adoption grows,  Why Windows isn’t going away,  How Google crushed & abandoned RSS,  Minorities love the cloud,  Office 2010 is most common version,  Internet connections are challenging available resources

  2. Great ideas:  Can social media eliminate the need for email?

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  iPhone is by far the most vulnerable smartphone,  Free cloud encryption with BoxCryptor,  More hyperbole on Java attacks,  Largest DDoS attack ever,  Security through obscurity,  Malwarebytes pursues rootkits

  4. Philosophical issues:  Outrunning the leopard:  dodging targeted attacks

  5. International issues:  CERN Large Hadron Collider shuts down for two years for repair and upgrades

  6. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Kepler’s famous supernova revealed

  7. Geek humor & interests:  Amazon founder Bezos led search of Atlantic ocean bottom

  8. Hardware, Cracking open, Tablets, Surface Pro:  photos and analysis

  9. Hardware, Laptops:  Ultrabook at $599 many not be enough,  Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook boosts resolution

  10. Hardware, Netbooks:  Chromebook Pixel, Pixel may make more sense in 2 years, LTE version of Pixel launches

  11. Hardware, Tablets:  New iPad 5 features, HP Envy x2

  12. Hardware, Smartphones:  BlackBerry Z10 released,  HTC One is Matt’s favorite,  Samsung camera brings 21X zoom & Xenon flash to Android (not a phone)

  13. Hardware, Tiny computers:  The evolution of iWatch

  14. Hardware, Peripherals:  A case for 3D printers,  Multi-function devices

  15. Hardware, Accessories:  Belkin Ultimate keyboard case for iPad,  Protecting your gear, Portable chargers,  BlackBerry Z10 accessories roundup

  16. Software, In the Cloud:  BitTorrent SyncApp,  More cloud sync apps,  Free cloud encryption with BoxCryptor,  SkyShellEX makes SkyDrive easier,  The myth of the always-on cloud,  Cloud-based apps to boost productivity,  Why David picked Office 365 over Google Apps,  Cloud presentation tools for iPad,  Minorities love the cloud,  Avoid cloud storage pitfalls

  17. Software, General Tools:  Verizon Messages app brings text messages to all your tablets

  18. Software, Browsers:  Using ‘Pin Tab’ in Chrome,  Create a Gmail-based Outlook-like client with Opera

  19. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Baffling multiple personality disorder

  20. Software, Apple, Apps:  Commands to diagnose network problems,  Tips for using Finder,  Using Divide to secure an iPhone,  Cloud presentation tools for iPad

  21. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  What business wants in iOS7,  Dual-booting Macs with Windows 8

  22. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Why Windows isn’t going away

    Windows 8:  How to use a Recovery Drive,  System Image Recovery,  God mode,  Improvements in Win8 Mail, People, & Calendar apps,  Reset your PC,  Customize News & People tiles,  Dual-booting on Macs

    Windows RT:  Store, Calendar, and People & News apps,  Multimedia, Maps, & Skydrive apps

    Windows Blue:  Still no Start button,  MS talks publicly about Blue,  Will Blue dump desktop mode?,  Blue interface tweaks,  Windows Server Blue

  23. Software, Microsoft, Office: Office ties with Yammer,  Office 2010 is most common version

    Word:  Keep headings with paragraphs

  24. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  How Google crushed & abandoned RSS,  Chrome & Android OSes will remain separate

  25. Software, Google, Apps:  Android:  Google Keep for Android

  26. Software, Linux, General News & Trivia:  Linux adoption grows

  27. Software, Linux, Operating Systems:  Kali Linux for penetration testing

    Ubuntu:  How to change privacy settings in Unity Dash

    Debian:  Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 201303

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