Web News for May, 2013

  1. Trends:  Intel names new CEO,  Brian’s take on Intel’s new CEO,  Over-the-Air TV threatened in NYC,  OS share data shows Windows still dominating in PCs,  Hotmail is going away this summer, but don’t panic,  Questioning Gartner predictions,  Data center trends to look for, Top 10 brands on Google Plus,  Era of Moore’s Law is ending,  Microsoft delays Office for iOS until 2014,  Dell wants to go private,  New logo requirements for Windows 8 devices add possibilities,  Does the decline in PC sales indicate tablet dominance?,  The next social trend is mobile video,  Microsoft adds brick-and-mortar stores,  Microsoft offers cash for Win 8 apps ,  Can Samsung out-Apple Apple?  Is packaged software dying?  Microsoft continues to envision a voice-enabled assistant,  The PC of 2023 is your smartphone and cloud,  HP shifts focus to tablets,  Yahoo bans work-from-home,  Microsoft shows off big-screen prototypes,  HTC is getting hammered financially,  The era of “good enough” computing,  Long-term technology trends

  2. Great ideas:  Realistic human CGI on a PC? (watch the movie)  Book review: Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing,  4D Printing: The new frontier,  Social collaboration in the cloud with Samepage,  Streaming with HTML5 holds great promise w/ ORBIX.js thanks, Ed,  Obama administration says cell phone unlocking should be legal,  Microsoft nudges OEMs to provide pen support for Windows 8 tablets,  Galaxy S4 will feature eye-scrolling, Large-display experiences

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  Can modem lights warn of danger?  DEA can’t intercept iMessages,  Denial-of-Service attack on Spanhaus,  Firefox 23 will block any non-SSL content on an SSL page, Securing your Bitcoins,  April’s Patch Tuesday fixes two critical security flaws,  Enabling two-step verification on your Apple ID,  How passwords can wreck your two-factor authentication,  Best Mac antivirus apps,  US govt requires security review for Chinese tech purchases,  Download ClamWin portable antivirus,  Google engineer claims that DRM is about control, not piracy,  Stolen credit reports,  Watch out for old passwords,  Justice Dept. wants more snooping powers,  Malwarebytes targets rootkits,  Making online payments safe from fraud,  Only 14% of security holes are in Microsoft software,  Spy agencies to be granted access to US citizen finances,  CISPA pits privacy against security,  Google Glass: Expect widespread bans due to privacy concerns,  Samsung data security w/ KNOX,  Samsung flaw allows attackers to momentarily bypass Android lock screen,  Hack of Australian BC not offical Anonymous

  4. Legal issues:  California introduces ‘right to know’ data access bill,  Apple’s key claim against Samsung in ‘rubber band’ patent is rejected,  Judge slashes damages in Apple v. Samsung,  Google and MPEG LA settle long-running patent dispute,  US House to discuss high-skilled immigration reform,  Microsoft restores transfer rights to Office 2013,  Microsoft fined $731M by EU for browser choice mistake

    Philosophical issues:  Why the history of Symbian matters,  Post-PC success comes from embracing humanity’s darker side,  The trickle-down theory of communication,  Open-source and free software

  5. Local Issues:  The Puriscal Times website is online,  President Obama visits Costa Rica,  Transcription of the press conference in CR

  6. International issues:  GW Bush Center releases 200 million emails to archives,  China, Korea instability may affect tech for 2014,  Apple CEO issues apology to Chinese customers,  A new workspace for start-ups in London,  Top Irish contributions to science & industry,  Microsoft fined $731M by EU for browser choice mistake,  Is innovation possible w/o moving the cheese?

  7. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Herschel space observatory shutting down,  Cassini spacecraft views of Saturn and its moons

  8. Geek humor & interests:  How many Floppy Disks equal 1 GB?,  April Fools’ 2013: The best techy pranks,  Sight Gags 4 Geeks,  Solar Impulse plane seeks new records,  SXSW 2013 in Austin,  SNL Google Glass Sketch thanks, Ed,  Bacon tech

  9. Photo galleries:  First cell phone call & early models,  200 mph Crimson Bullet trains in Japan,  Weird Twitter accounts,  Vintage computer ads,  Cassini spacecraft views of Saturn and its moons,  Mists of Pandaria

  10. Hardware, Cracking open:  Things Come Apart thanks, Ed

    Netbooks:  Google Chromebook Pixel:  photos and analysis

    Tablets:  Microsoft Surface Pro:  photos and analysis

  11. Hardware, Desktops:  Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 62Z,  ProjectQ, the $799 Mac Pro replacement

  12. Hardware, Laptops:  Lenovo ThinkPad T431,  Android laptop? -- just a rumor,  Laptop warranties,  Adrian’s 75 days w/ a MacBook Pro

  13. Hardware, Netbooks:  Ben's Google Chromebook Pixel review,  James’s Chromebook Pixel Review,  Linux inventor loves the Chromebook Pixel,  Tablet/notebook hybrids,  Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook,  Acer C7 Chromebook,  Are netbooks really doomed to oblivion by 2015?

  14. Hardware, Tablets:  One size doesn’t fit all,  April firmware updates for MS Surface RT & Pro,  Deb’s take on the two Surfaces,  Dell XPS 18 review,  “I was an iPad skeptic” thanks Ed,  Microsoft plans a 7” tablet,  David’s ideas on making next-gen Surface a hit,  Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 review,  Work features of the Galaxy Note 8.0,  Adrian’s list of best Android tablets,  James’s dream tablet,  Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 review,  Chromebook Pixel is okay, but Matt prefers the Surface Pro,  Boosting storage on the Surface Pro,  Dell Latitude 10 review,  HP’s $169 Slate 7 Android tablet,  Ubuntu on tablets,  Patrick passes on Linux on a tablet,  Lots of new tablets at MWC,  Ben's review of the Sony Xperia Z

  15. Hardware, Phablets:  5” screen on Galaxy S4 makes it a phablet,  ZTE Grand Memo

  16. Hardware, eBook Readers:  Kindle Fire HD tablet prices dropped

  17. Hardware, Smartphones:  What to look for in a smartphone,  Best Android Smartphones,  Blackberry Z10 review,  Apple files a patent for a futuristic smartphone,  Apple publicity in full-court press against Samsung Galaxy S4,  Andrew likes the Galaxy S4,  Jason is not impressed with the Galaxy S4,  Galaxy S4 will feature eye-scrolling,  Using Box with Win Phone 8,  Microsoft adds time to Win Phone 8 support,  Matt says HTC One is the best smartphone he’s ever had,  HTC One hardware gallery,  HTC Sense 5 offers many setup options,  Camera phone comparisons,  Andy’s smartphone roundup, Nokia releases new Windows Lumias,  Nokia Lumia lineup expands,  Huawei Ascend P2,  Pantech Discover (see Image 13),  YotaPhone, a Russian dual-screen Jelly Bean,  Making a Nexus 7 ready for serious work,  Ben’s review of Sony Xperia SP & L,  Americans would give up sex before smartphones

  18. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Roku 3 gets new interface, sleeker look,  Google Glass: Expect widespread bans due to privacy concerns,  Google Glass demos

  19. Hardware, Peripherals:  Problems w/ NETGEAR firmware upgrades,  The difference between LCD, LED, Plasma, & OLED TVs and monitors, thanks, Ed

  20. Hardware, Accessories:  Gifts for Apple maniacs,  STM Bags Velocity collection,  Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad (review),  Gadgets for summer travels,  Adrian’s gear to protect his stuff,  Business accessories for smartphones,  iPad keyboards,  Cleaning supplies,  James likes the Profolio+ case for the iPad,  Brydge+ keyboard w/ bluetooth speakers for iPad,  ClamCase Pro for iPad

  21. Hardware, Internals:  IBM makes $1B investment in SSD (Flash) drives

  22. Software, General:  OS alternatives to Windows 8 and XP,  April, 2013 Smart Computing magazine,  Connect LibreOffice w/ Google Docs using OOo2gd,  Gizmo’s freeware, thanks, Ed

  23. Software, News & Trivia:  What is Facebook Home?,  Facebook Home could increase Android fragmentation,  Blackberry is keeping popular apps updated

  24. Software, In the Cloud:  Using Box with Win Phone 8,  Google Apps v. Office 365 comparison 1,  Google Apps v. Office 365 comparison 2,  Google Apps v. Office 365 comparison 3,   Lessons learned about Twitter,  Interesting cloud-based utilities,  Benefits of using Tiny Tiny RSS,  Alternative RSS readers,  Social collaboration in the cloud with Samepage,  Jack’s favorite cloud sync apps,  Jack’s top favorite syncer is SpiderOak,   How to remove shared permissions in SkyDrive,  Great service on Office 365,  David is impressed with Office 365 support,  What is the best site for tweeting images?,  Maximize your Google Drive

  25. Software, General Tools:  Apps for desktop publishing,  Alternatives to Outlook email,  Create your small business budget and reports in GnuCash, Inexpensive digital photo apps,  FileZilla portable file manager,  How to make instructive videos,  Drive janitors to clean up your hard drive,  Apps to manage business cards,  Run Ubuntu alongside Chrome OS on the Chromebook Pixel,  Zim, a multi-tasking desktop Wiki

  26. Software, Browsers:  Google Translate on other browsers thanks, Ed,  Finding things fast w/ Firefox, thanks, Helen,  Apps to clean up Internet Explorer,  Firefox improves privacy w/ new cookie policy,  Check & configure browser plugins, Pale Moon review

  27. Software, Fonts:  Responsive Typography 1,  Responsive Typography 2

  28. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Gifts for Apple maniacs,  Apple’s domino effect,  Mac sharing Part1: How to get connected,  Enabling two-step verification on your Apple ID,  Dual-booting Windows 8 on Macs,  New features for iPad5

  29. Software, Apple, Apps:  Mac task management apps,  Using Spotlight to find anything on your Mac,  CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to your iPhone,  Steve is disappointed in the iPhone Passbook,  Working w/ Siri,  Prey Asset Tracker to find your stolen iPad,  Mac keyboard shortcuts,  Manage zip files on iOS w/ WinZip,  Best Mac antivirus apps

  30. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS interface changed little in 20 years,  iOS needs a facelift,  Microsoft delays Office for iOS until 2014,  Create a bootable USB to install OS X,  The problem w/ the iPad,  Using Finder windows

  31. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  OS share data shows Windows still dominating in PCs,  Microsoft adds time to Win Phone 8 support,  The new-look Microsoft needs more integration,  Twitter for Windows8 & RT now in Windows Store,  Tips for blue screen errors

  32. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Jason loves Lync 2013 for telecommuting,  How to remove shared permissions in SkyDrive,  Optical disc apps,  Office Web Apps,  MS to update core Win 8 apps well before ‘Blue’

  33. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Microsoft changes Flash behavior in Win 8 & RT

    Windows XP:  XP support is running out,  How big is the risk to continue with XP?,  If it ain’t broke...

    Windows 7:  Where to find PCs running Windows 7,  IE10 released for Win 7

    Windows 8: There’s nothing wrong with Win 8,  Can Win 8 be saved?,  How to save Win 8,  How to make Windows 8 seem normal,  Using a context menu to shutdown Win 8,  Fast screenshots are easy,  New logo requirements for Windows 8 devices add possibilities,  Booting into Safe Mode,  Making videos in a Windows 8 ecosystem,  Dual-boot Windows8 and Linux,  Microsoft offers cash for Win 8 apps,  Use Recimg to create a recovery image,  Recovering w/ the Recovery Drive,   Will 90% of users always hate Win 8?  Using the Startup tab, Win8 on multiple monitors,  Customizing the Win+X Menu Editor

    Windows Phone 8:  Using Box with Win Phone 8,  Manage contacts w/ Groups & Rooms

    Windows RT:  Outlook may come to Win RT this year,  Using Multimedia, Maps, and Skydrive apps in Windows RT,  Setting up InTune on Win RT

    Windows Blue:  What MS Blue is and isn’t,  Gemini is the Windows Blue twin for Office

  34. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Microsoft delays Office for iOS until 2014,  Great service on Office 365,  David is impressed with Office 365 support,  What changed w/ Office 2013?,  Underused Office features,  License policy changed for Office 2013,  Microsoft restores transfer rights to Office 2013

    Word:  Advanced formatting tips,  Add checkbox controls,  Add useful apps directly to Word 2013

    Excel:  Using conditional formatting,  Fixed and Live methods for transposing data,  Build a simple timesheet,  Two ways to calculate days remaining in the year,  Ways to use color in a spreadsheet, Auto Outline feature,  How to guide users over an input range,  Advanced formatting tricks,  How to find duplicates

    Outlook:  Alternatives to Outlook email,  Outlook.com calendar gets Metro-ized,  5 (not free) utilities for MS Outlook

    PowerPoint:  Animating clipart in PowerPoint,  Linking slides w/ action links

  35. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Cool Chrome browser tricks,  Google Talk,  How to search for answers,  Backupify FreeSpace manages Gmail inboxes,  Setting up a Google+ Hangout for web conferencing,  Google is killing CalDav as well as Reader,  Maximize your Google Drive,  Using Gmail Tasks

  36. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Android laptops? No! Apps on Chromebooks instead,  Office for Android and iOS delayed until 2014,  Jelly Bean is alone in growing,  Jelly Bean ate my toast,  SME Cloud File Manager for Android tablets, SkyDrive on an Android tablet,  OneNote Mobile app for Android

    Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   Secret origins

  37. Software, Google, Apps:  ShareFile Mobile on Android,  Matt says Google Apps are cool,  Portable Chrome for your toolkit,  Record & Email pro

  38. Software, Linux, General News & Trivia: Linux inventor loves the Chromebook Pixel

  39. Software, Linux, Operating Systems:  Linux desktop comparison,  Dual-boot Windows8 and Linux,  New Linux releases on the way,  Patrick passes on Linux on a tablet

    Ubuntu:  Ubuntu 13.04 goes beta,  Terry’s take on Raring Ringtail (Ubuntu 13.04),  Need help with Ubuntu?,  5GB free in the cloud,  Canonical conundrum: Why hate Ubuntu?  Ubuntu Touch is previewed,  Ubuntu on tablets,  Jack’s problems w/ PulseAudio

  40. SUSE:   Installing openSUSE on a UEFI netbook,  OpenSuSE 12.3: In-depth and hands-on

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