Web News for June, 2013

  1. Trends:  Staples is 1st major US retailer to sell 3D printers,  3D-printed pistol survives test firing,  New $100 bills will have high-tech security,  Win 8 expected to trigger growth in touch-enabled notebooks, Google bans fees, ads, and virtual currency from Google Glass,  Windows 8 sales, “roughly in line with Windows 7 sales” at same point after release,  Long-term trends in development methodologies,  Apple & IBM share prices fall,  Google introduces Google Keep,  Microsoft considers buying Nook Media for $1B,  International Space Station switches to Debian Linux from Windows XP,  What the decline in Apple’s stock means for tablets,  Android is crushing Apple & Microsoft in mobile devices,  What’s coming up in desktop & mobile processors?,  Smartphone evolution hits the wall,  Microsoft leading Apple on Wall St.,  Amazon steps up competition,  What is Google Fiber?,  Better, Cheaper PCs on the horizon,  Cars become datacenters on wheels,  Banks need to extend mobile apps to tablets, Nokia is very interested in tablets, but hesitant,  Apple announce major milestone on 1st day of Google convention

  2. Great ideas:  Tips for making greener PC purchases & upgrades,  How Microsoft is using Yammer inside the company,  Samsung 5G development is hundreds of times faster than LTE,  Inertial brake light for motorcycles

  3. Security/Privacy  issues:  Skype account hijacked,  UN’s ITU continues to pursue Internet control,  An in-depth look at CISPA, Under CISPA, Google, Facebook, etc. can’t promise to protect your privacy,  CISPA passes U.S. House,  Anonymous call for blackout against CISPA,  CISPA stalls in Senate,  103.6M emails missing from the G. W. Bush archive,  ZoneAlarm free antivirus + firewall 2013,  Microsoft rolling out two-factor authentication,  SecurEncrypt encrypts & decrypts files & email,  Understanding the motivation of Chinese hackers,  Open source security: myths and real challenges,  What leads the innocently curious into illegal hacking?  APPS Act 2013 would require consent before sharing,  Google’s roadmap for strong authentication,  FBI monitors gmail, yahoo, hotmail, & facebook,  Google Glass privacy concerns,  Jason’s Glass 2 suggestions, including ‘antiGlass’ tags,  Hackers favor authentication-based attacks,  Privacy protection apps,  Twitter warns of more threats to come,  EFF report says don’t trust Apple or Verizon w/ your data,  IE8 flaw targets US nuke researchers,  Bromium Microvisor virtualization could destroy malware,  Security lessons from Data Breach Report,  Protect your Windows Registry w/ Registry Alert

  4. Legal issues:  New McAfee patent could block access to pirated content

  5. Philosophical issues:  Why tablets are winning,  Did Microsoft’s support of netbooks kill the PC?,  Google Glass and the emerging Glasshole culture,  GGlass: Obnoxious & invasive at any price,  Business value of GG,  Beyond Google Glass: 2034,  The impact of mobile technology on our lives,  BlackBerry chief predicts decline of tablets in 5 years,  Why the cloud will never (entirely) replace in-house apps,  Will computers converge to one-size-fits-all?,  BlackBerry’s CEO gets post-PC, but seems unkeen to lead tablet evolution,  Why Java is still alive,  Negativity is not always a bad thing

  6. International issues:  Hitting the road in Australia,  Awesome data centers,  International Space Apps Challenge,  Proba-V satellite to track aircraft from space

  7. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Hubble looks at comet ISON flying toward the sun,  New Horsehead Nebula pictures,  Solar Dynamics Observatory turns 3,  Herschel space telescope shuts down,  1st exoplanet discovered w/ Einstein’s method,  Kepler mission may end prematurely

  8. Geek humor & interests:  Funny Spock commercial,  Star Trek gadgets that came true,  Unmanned X-47B UCAS makes carrier-style landing,  X-47B launches from carrier,  Flying drone delivers beer,  Gifts inspired by TV,  Geeky things to do in space,  Massive Helm’s Deep awes,  SpaceShipTwo reaches Mach 1.2 in Mohave test,  Solar-powered robot waddles, swims, rolls, & lurches,  IBM creates world’s smallest movie,  Mars One scheduled for 4-passenger one-way trip to Mars in 2022,  Harvard’s flying robot insect

  9. Photo galleries:  Ground Control to Major Tom,  Major Tom (Cris Hadfield) returns to earth,  Before the iWatch, a history,  Cool handhelds from yesteryear,  Preview for Iron Man 3,  IllumiRoom,  3 smartphone satellites send pictures down,  Star Trek spaceships

  10. Hardware, General:  Better, Cheaper PCs on the horizon,  Jason opposes building your own PC,  Hedonometer gauges happiness in tweets

  11. Hardware, Cracking open:  

    Smartphones:  Samsung Galaxy S4:  photos and analysis

    Tiny computers:  Google Glass Explorer:  photos and analysis

  12. Hardware, Desktops:  Intel predicts rebounds for PC,  Matt says, “PCs are not ‘dying’, they’re going ‘niche’.”,  Building a sub $300 PC

  13. Hardware, Laptops:  Acer Aspire R7,  MacBook Pro w/Retina display 45 days in,  Most reliable Windows laptops

  14. Hardware, Netbooks:  Acer C7 hands on,  The misunderstood Chromebook,  Usage figures for Chromebooks are low,  Chromebook succeeds beyond other Linux distros,  Touchscreen sales are taking off,  Jason speculates about Chromebook Pixel

  15. Hardware, Tablets:  How Android can beat Apple in the tablet space,  Android passes Apple in tablet sales,  MS Surface: Learning what a tablet is for,  Surface Pro availability expanded,  Asus VivoTab TF810C Win 8 tablet w/ a pen,  James compares iPad mini w/ Galaxy Note 8.0,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 vs. Nexus 7,  Acer’s 8” Windows 8 $380 tablet,  What MS needs to do to Surface,  Amazon smartphone to have glasses-free 3D display,  Earl backcountry survival tablet,  Archos ChefPad kitchen buddy,  HP sports two new X2 tablets for Android & Windows 8,  How to transfer files w/ your Android tablet

  16. Hardware, Phablets:  Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3,  Asus PadFone 2 review,  Optimus G Pro vs. Galaxy Note 2

  17. Hardware, eBook Readers:  Sony unveils 13.3” ereader

  18. Hardware, Smartphones:  Firefox OS puts a good $50 smartphone within reach,  iPhone passed by HTC One & Samsung Galaxy S4,  Running a business w/ smartphones,  Tax refund buying guide,  Ben’s Galaxy S4 review,  Will’s Galaxy S4 review,  Matt’s Galaxy S4 review,  Will’s HTC One vs. Nexus 4 comparison,   Smartphone evolution hits the wall,  Benchmarks w/ top 3 smartphones,  America’s top Android devices,  Best Android smartphones as of 5/2013,  T-Mobile HTC One,  Will&rsquo ;s HTC One review,  Sandra’s HTC One review,  LG Optimus G Pro,  Shape-shifting MorePhone,  Patrick’s review of Windows Phone 8,  Matt’s Smartphone App Wrap,  Nokia Lumia 925 w/Win Phone8 and great camera,  Ben’s review of Lumia 925,  Matt’s review of Nokia Lumia 928,  Sony Xperia ZR is waterproof,  Sandra’s review of the BlackBerry Q10,  Google launches Android Samsung Galaxy S4,  World’s 1st water-cooled smartphone from NEC

  19. Hardware, Tiny computers: BeagleBone Black faster than Pi for $45, thanks, Steve,  Parallella: the $99 Linux supercomputer,  What can you do w/ Google Glass?  Google Glass and the emerging Glasshole culture,  Does Google Glass have potential appeal for the average consumer?,  Fitting appt & 1st impressions for GG,  Google Glass privacy concerns,  Jason’s Glass 2 suggestions, including ‘antiGlass’ tags,  Google Glass jailbroken,  Big question for GG,  Telepathy One challenges Google Glass,  Glass is the most popular product at Google I/O 2013,  Pebble e-paper watch,  Vachen Smartwatch,  Suunto’s 2nd gen of Ambit GPS watches,  Raspberry Pi gets photo & video capabilities,  Raspberry Pi camera board available for purchase, Thanks, Steve

  20. Hardware, Peripherals:  Staples is 1st major US retailer to sell 3D printers,  iStick Playtime brings smartphone control to your wrist,  ManyCam lets you use your Web cam with multiple programs at the same time,  Crossfade M-100 headphones fm V-MODA,  Little Printer,  World’s 1st full-color desktop 3D printer,  Buccaneer 3D printer for $347,  LulzBot TAZ claims largest volume for a desktop 3D printer,  Keyboards for iPad & iPad mini (Spring, 2013),  Students adapt MS Kinect into a life-saving device

  21. Hardware, Accessories:  Mophie Juice Pack Helium iPhone battery,  Juice Pack for HTC One,  Kickstarting the ultimate iPhone case,  “Laptop” uses smartphone for brains,  8 iPhone tools in one,  Tablet stylus review,  Tools for travelers,  Uncover offers custom lid logos for MacBooks

  22. Hardware, Internals:  Microbatteries,  Intel introduces Silvermont architecture

  23. Software, General:  Adobe move to subscription base only for Photoshop

  24. Software, News & Trivia:  Jawbone announces UP platform & acquires BodyMedia,  Google protests Microsoft’s blocking ads w/ Windows Phone YouTube app

  25. Software, In the Cloud:  New features coming to Outlook.com,  Command line basics for Amazon Web Services,  CSS Slideshow System,  Creating web icons w/ CSS,  Apps for small businesses,  Why the cloud will never (entirely) replace in-house apps,  Major providers transforming software market,  Tools to sync more than one cloud storage service,  How to access MS Office 365 from an Android tablet,  Using Outlook.com for custom email accounts

  26. Software, General Tools:  Small business replacements for Quickbooks,  Using CSS clip and mask properties,  Voice control systems compared,  ManyCam lets you use your Web cam with multiple programs at the same time,  Solar Accounts,  Small tools w/ a big punch,  Smart Office 2,  Outright finance management review,  Matt’s Smartphone App Wrap,  Best Mindmapping Apps, thanks, Ed,  How to do a Mind Map, thanks, Ed

  27. Software, Browsers:  BrowsingHistoryView,  Happy 20th birthday, Mosaic,  Early days of web browsers,  Usage stats are out,  Lesser-known browsers worth trying,  xScope Browser Pro for mobile users

  28. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  How to recover email from Apple Mail corruption,  How to back up & restore Boot Camp partitions,  Apple slows down product categories & services,  Common Mac backup errors,  Popular Office-for-Mac version runs out of support

  29. Software, Apple, Apps:  Datapod,  Mac file sharing Part 2,  Mac sharing Part 3,  Google Now for iPhone & iPad,  Scapple provides mindmapping for Mac users,  Chat Perf turns iPhone into smell-o-phone

  30. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Managing remote connections for iOS,  20 things Apple must fix in iOS

  31. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  MS CFO hints at boot-to-desktop & Start Button options in Windows Blue,  Speeding up Office trains,  Search partnership w/ Yahoo extended for another year,  Microsoft profits from Android mobile phones

  32. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Protect your Windows Registry w/ Registry Alert,  UltraCopier copies files,  Calendar 2000 display on desktop,  AudioKonvertor supports major & obscure formats,  BestSync file synchronizer,  Outlook Backup Assistant builds a single ZIP file,  File & Folder Watcher triggers custom actions,  SecurEncrypt encrypts & decrypts files & email,  Mount ISO files w/ Virtual CloneDrive,  Find product keys w/ ProduKey,  Make video files into executables,  Windows Phone 8 apps,  AudioDocs reads Word docs aloud, Invoice 360 for Win 8 Pro or RT

  33. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Latest poll on OS deployments,  Personalization Gallery

    Windows 8:  Making Win 8 File Explorer launch in Computer view,  Using Battery Report,  Managing applications w/ a special folder,  Annoying trait: Double keyboards,  How to reset your password,  Rebuild suggestions (humor),  Changes to make Win8 like Win7,  Use Recovery Drive to edit registry or recover data,  Add a tile to the Start screen,  Jason’s idea of how to fix Win 8,  Change background images,  Win 8 w/o touch is like a day w/o sunshine

    Windows Phone 8:  Patrick’s review of Windows Phone 8,  Utapptd app,  Details about next update

    Windows Blue:  Start button and boot-to-desktop imagined,  What to expect,  Preview due out this month,  Blue is free and named, “Windows 8.1”

  34. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Product releases speeding up for Office

    Word:  Disappearing white space and control defaults

    Excel:  Excel 2013 Flash Fill feature,  Build a simple timesheet, Time-saving autofill shortcuts

    Outlook:  Use color to identify messages,  Outlook Backup Assistant builds a single ZIP file,  Changing Outlook defaults,  Troubleshoot Outlook problems

    Project:  Integrate Project 2013 w/ Mavenlink

  35. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  What’s new w/ Google Voice,  Google Now is Android’s game-cahnger,  Google Now improvements coming soon to PCs,  Google Alerts is better than iPhone,  SwiftKey4 is a killer app developed by a 3rd party ,  Google releases Glass code to programmers,  Inactive Account Manager, Maps overhaul touted at Google I/O 2013,  Google sets up to challenge Amazon Web Services

  36. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Google introduces Google Keep,  Create and share a Google Calendar, Two ways to share slides in a Google+ Hangout,  Count & itemize files in Google Drive,  New Gmail feature will allow money attachments

  37. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Android’s two killer innovations since the iPhone5 launch,  Good Android apps for big screens,  Workday 19 pushes financial modules,  Chronometer timer widget,  Intelligent Ringer adjusts ringer volume to ambient noise,  Make your Android tablet look like Ubuntu Touch,  Turning Nook HD into a good Android tablet

  38. Software, Google, Apps:  Good Android apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,  MailDroid email client,  Google launches new rival to Spotify

  39. Software, Linux, General News & Trivia:  How Linux found its home in the enterprise

  40. Software, Linux, Operating Systems:  Managing file permissions from GUI,  Cinnamon 1.8 GUI released,  Linux command line on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) machines

    Ubuntu:  How to preview Unity Smart Scopes,  Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) release,  Steven's Ubuntu 13.04 review,  J.A.’s review of Raring Ringtail,  How to install GNOME 3.8 on Ubuntu,  Ringtail photo gallery,  Why Ubuntu will appeal to the masses

    Arch Linux:  Arch-based Manjaro Linux touts user-friendliness, Manjaro distrowatch,  Download Manjaro

    Debian:  International Space Station switches to Debian Linux from Windows XP,  Debian 7.0 now available

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