Web News for July, 2013

Here are some hardware categories that have recently found their way into the industry press:

Table computers:  Extremely large (40”+) touch sensitive computers that may lay flat on a table, hang on a wall, or be built in as a table top.  While these tables have existed for some time in industry settings, they are now becoming available to consumers.  Table computers usually support Bluetooth keyboards and Windows 8.

All-in-Ones (AIOs):  Very large tablets (20”+) that can lie flat on a tabletop or stand up like a monitor.  These touch-screen  machines typically offer Bluetooth support for keyboards and mice, so they can be Desktops (upright), Tabletops (lying flat), or very large Tablets.

2-in-1s:  This category is a spin off for Tablets that offer attachable keyboards.  These hybrid touch-screen machines can be Tablets or Laptops.  Intel characterizes 2-in-1's as devices that "deliver a PC when you need it and a tablet when you want it."  The Ativ Q expands the category by adding a fold-up keyboard instead of a detachable.

Netbooks:  Although it’s been around for a while, the Netbook (or Ultrabook) category is a spin off from Laptops that features a small screen, thin profile, and dependence on a network connection.  The Chromebook is a subcategory based on the Chrome Operating System.  The local user storage on many Netbooks is little or none and user software must be run from the internet.  This category is similar to the traditional thin client.

Phablets:  A subcategory of Smartphones, ones with a screen size between 5.0” and 6.9”.  The term appeared in 2008 to describe a phone with a pocket-sized screen that eliminated the need to carry both a phone and a tablet.

See the Hardware section for examples.

  1. Issues, Trends:  Your children are slaves to their smartphones,  Google & Microsoft fight over YouTube app continues,  Amazon Web Services approved for US govt use,  iPhone satisfaction’s slip is Samsung & Nokia’s gain,  Amazon to develop 3D smartphones,  Disney Research builds robot that accepts hand-offs,  Intel plans new devices unit,  HTC’s bizarro world,  IBM’s Watson works in customer service,  HP CEO pushes units to work harder,  Lenovo’s Win 8 strategy bears fruit in down market,  What is the Internet of Things?,  Kindle Worlds pays royalties to fan fiction writers,  Facebook buys Parse,  HP & BlackBerry abandon tablets,  Google buys Makani (airborne wind turbines),  Samsung packs more pixels into tablet & notebook displays,  Inteliscope turns iPhone into gun sight,  US soldiers get battery chargers,  Scanadu medical tricorder seeks FDA approval,  Jason says electric cars are failing,  Google rated highest by employees,  Apple touts new “Ecosystem”,   The new King of Macs raises the bar,   Apple’s Tim Cook on wearable computers,  Diaper monitor via email,  Google Reader shuts down,  Windows holding steady as PC sales drop,  Weird wearable technology,  Pepsi’s Like Machine,  Canalys predicts rapid growth for Android & Windows phones,  Chrome overtakes Firefox in 2013 poll,  IPv6 is growing slowly,  US takes over world lead in 4G (LTE),  ‘Ethical’ smartphone has a tiny environmental footprint,  Apple’s iOS7 to test new design approach,  iOS7 spurs hardware upgrades,  Google tries to buy map producer Waze for $1.3B,  Can Apple continue to rule the mobile enterprise?,  Next generation networks (NGNs),  Google Maps goes social,  Microsoft launches stores inside Best Buys,  Device ownership by US adults 2006 - 2013,  Microsoft VP for strategy & development leaves,  A third of US adults now own tablets,  Microsoft listens to customer feedback,  “Glassware” is coming for Google Glass,  Zoom in on a photo taken with a 70k x 30k pixel camera,  Microsoft walks away from Nokia buyout,  Microsoft-Oracle deal

  2. Issues, Great ideas:  Time Calculator,  Using QR to save lives,  3D-printed implant saves baby’s life,  Romanian teenager wins $75k prize with low cost, self-driving car system,  40Gbit/sec wireless data rate demonstrated,  Using deep water pressure to make power, Xbox One beats Apple TV to the punch,  SPOT global phone,  Bandaid sensor for heart monitoring,  Strawscraper concept to harvest wind energy,  Graphene-based foldable circuits,  Boeing's big advance in electronic warfare,  Solar-powered solar factory,  Ambient noise earbud,  Self-assembling 4D-printed materials,  Mind-controlled helicopter,  Power Pocket uses body heat to charge a smartphone,  MIT develops cheap holographic projector

  3. Security/Privacy  issues:  Hacking into your pocket (smartphone malware) thanks, Mac,  See what you are putting out through your browser,  Browser Spy,  Phishing w/ help from Google Docs,  CISPA update,  SafeIP hides your IP Address, thanks, Ed,  Encryption tools for Windows,  Big data can catch hackers red-handed,  BadNews in the Google Play Store,  Video surveillance over power lines,  Chinese hackers expose US weapon designs,  Signs your computer is infected, thanks, Helen,  Secure your wireless networks,  iHeart Locket app for iPad diaries,  Invisible cameras and the privacy headaches of tomorrow,  DARPA’s Plan X for cyber infrastructure defense,  Credit cards you should never close, Verizon records grabbed by NSA under Patriot Act,  Nine US tech giants being mined by FBI & NSA w/ PRISM,  Jason’s history of the NSA,  NSA scandal is unraveling, NSA PRISM story hopelessly wrong,  Yahoo reveals 13,000 requests for data,  How secure is the NSA?  Google asks for lifting of gag order,  Culture clashes on privacy,  Blue Coat can break SSL security,  Malware targets Android phones,  Try SafeGDocs to encrypt your Google documents,  IObit Malware Fighter antivirus,  Big Brother alert: Cameras in the cable box, thanks, Steve,  Apple says iMessage & Facetime are encrypted so they can’t give info to NSA,  Privacy alternatives emerge as Do Not Track std unravels,  Facebook’s shadow profiles are scary,  BlackBerry launches Secure Work Space for Android, iOS,  Good Technology encrypts data between apps

  4. Legal issues:  Tech companies sitting on cash piles,  Apple in trouble over taxes,  Google faces antitrust woes in the US,  Microsoft cleared of Google patent violations,  Microsoft & Google agree to build YouTube app for Win 8,  Groklaw: 10 years of defending Linux’s legalities,  Google loses FBI suite due to Patriot Act,  IBM protests $600M Amazon contract w/ CIA,  European net neutrality rules,  US govt loosens gag order on data requests,  FTC investigation of Google

  5. Philosophical issues:  The Woz: Part 1,  The Woz: Part2,  Ethical implications of data aggregation,  Don’t ban 3D printers!,  Google Glass: Who is really watching whom?,  How to make Google Glass appeal to business,  MiKandi is making Google Glass porn,  Chinese hacking is about Sun Tzu & WWIII,  The tragedy of the shrinking digital commons,  Is profit more important than market share?  Linux factions threaten success,  Strategies for small business online presence, Part 1,  What is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and how does it work?,  Quantum entanglement,  How will you talk to your computer?, thanks, Steve,  Is the mass adoption of Windows 8 inevitable?,  Why does Microsoft love live tiles and Apple doesn’t care?,  Apple’s game of services,  What’s next for the laptop?,  America needs a Cyber Bill of Rights,  Can dual-boot Win 8 & Android devices sell?,  Healing the rift in the open source community,  When it doesn’t make sense to go to the cloud

  6. International issues:  How Microsoft dodged the Yahoo bullet,  Computex 2013 in Taiwan

  7. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  NASA may have detected dark matter

  8. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  X-47B UCAS makes 1st carrier touch & go,  F-35B fighter makes 1st vertical takeoff,  Lego railway is longest plastic train set ever at 13,124 ft,  Acrobatic robot can jump,  USN Triton UAV makes 1st flight,  CurvACE gives tiny robots a bug’s-eye view,  Solar Impulse breaks own record w/ 868 mile flight,  Cornell’s robot bartender,  Stanford’s flying fish robot,  Hanger built for Stratolauncher,  Invisibility cloak on the horizon,  Super Mario 3D World,  Sky Sentinel UAV airships,  Tiny helicopter toy,  Sukhoi SU-35 demoed at Paris Air Show,  Bigger, better electric plane under development

  9. Entertainment, Photo galleries:  4th of July images,  6,000 mile panorama captured from orbit,  Swift satellite views neighboring galaxies in unprecedented detail,  Jaguar concept art,  Clerkenwell Design Week,  Extreme weather fm NOAA,  Linkbot modular robots,  SkyRanger UAV is awesome,  Adastra super yacht,  Spitfire 944,  Riffstation jam for guitar,  Computex and Haswell CPU launch,  Future Tech 1:  Office geek,  Bizarre tech gifts & gadgets (my favorite: the flypaper robotic clock),  Architects Awards winners 2013,  50th Paris Air Show,  Curiosity’s panorama of Mars

  10. Hardware, General:  What is Gigabit Wi-Fi?  Carving music into wood,  Sony selling huge TVs,  Samsung packs more pixels into tablet & notebook displays,  Upgrade your PC or Mac (May 2013 edition),  Toshiba launches Haswell-powered notebooks & Tegra 4-based tablets,  Choosing between MacBooks & iPads,  The life cycle of a server (graphic),  Sony’s PS4 game console,  Microsoft’s new Xbox 360,  Apple WWDC announces hardware updates,  Xbox One vs. PS4,  Microsoft reverses course on Xbox One DRM,  MacBook Air vs. Surface Pro,  MacBook Air vs. iPad,  Apple rejects NFC

  11. Hardware, Cracking open:  “Things Come Apart” book

  12. Hardware, Table computers:  Platform 46 Win 8 tables>

  13. Hardware, All-In-Ones:  Sony VAIO Tap 20 Table PC,  Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC,  HP ENVY Rove 20 AIO,  Asus ET2702 & ET2311 AIOs

  14. Hardware, Desktops:  Bill says homebrew PCs are a thing of the past,  BMW PC tower,  The new King of Macs raises the bar

  15. Hardware, Laptops:  Lenovo ThinkPad T431 photo review,  Lenovo Yoga 11S convertible,  MacBook Pro 13 is best Windows PC on the market, thanks, Steve,  Razer’s 14” Blade,  Acer Aspire R7 review,  Sony Vaio touchscreens,  Laptops of Computex 2013,  MacBook Air 2013, James reviews new MacBook Air,  High-end Ubunto Linux laptops

  16. Hardware, Netbooks:  HP Pavilion 14 has the best screen yet,  HP EliteBook Folio 9470m,   Why James bought a Samsung Chromebook,  James recommends $249 Samsung Chromebook,  Comparison of 5 Chromebooks,  Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

  17. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  MS Surface fire sale,  TechED 2013 sells a lot of Surfaces,  Cheapest place to buy Surface Pro in Europe,  Acer Iconia W3 8" Win 8 tablet,  Paul’s take on the Iconia W3,  ThinkPad Helix,  Samsung AtivQ runs Win 8 AND Android,  Can dual-boot Win 8 & Android sell?,  Will reviews AtivQ, AtivQ vs. Surface Pro,  Lenovo Miix Win8 hybrid

  18. Hardware, Tablets:  How to be productive w/ tablets,  How to work w/ the iPad mini,  Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet beats iPad mini with features,  iPad5 enters production soon,  Zack can’t find a niche for tablets,  HP & BlackBerry abandon tablets,  iPhone biosensor replaces $50k lab machine,  Razer Edge for gamers,  Best Android tablets as of 6/2013,  Galaxy Tab 3 8.9 vs. iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 vs iPad,  Toshiba offers new hi-res tablets,  Surface RT in the enterprise,  Leading tablet feature-to-feature comparison chart

  19. Hardware, Phablets:  HTC One phablet in the works,  5.7” iPhone may come next year

  20. Hardware, Smartphones: Matt says Lumia 928 is Verizon’s best Win phone,   Nokia $99 Asha 501,  Nokia kicks off Lumia 925 sales,  Blackberry Q10 may win back converts from iPhone & Android,  BlackBerry Q10 offers QWERTY & long battery life,  Matt gets hands on the BlackBerry Q10,  Jolla phone w/ Sailfish OS to ship by year’s end,  Sandra reviews the Samsung Galaxy S4,  HTC One sales holding against Galaxy S4,  HTC One gets a “Google Edition”,  HTC Desire 600 brings some of One’s features to the mid-range,  Inteliscope turns iPhone into gun sight,  Lenovo K900 released in China,  iPhone motion events - Part 2,  Will compares Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone5,  Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Mini,  Best Android smartphones as of 6/2013,  ‘Ethical’ smartphone has a tiny environmental footprint,  Samsung Galaxy Note 8,  Vodafone Smart Mini,  Migrating from BlackBerry to Android,  Huawei Ascend P1S,  Are smartphone protection plans worth it?,  Tips for better battery life for Android phones

  21. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Potential benefits of Google Glass,  Jailbreaker routes iPhone notifications to Google Glass,  Build a supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards,  Cloud platform of Raspberry Pi and Lego,  Smartwatch news,  Credit-card sized GSM phone,  Matt credits mobile tech for making him healthier,  RAPIRO robot kit for Raspberry Pi, thanks, Steve

  22. Hardware, Peripherals:  Weird Tech 4:  Cool Keyboards,  Weird Tech 5:  Mad Mice,  MS Xbox One offers live TV,  MS adds a Windows key to its newest mice,  Apps for customizing a mouse,  New kind of 3D printer,  Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock,  Print on almost any object,  Soft plastic for 3D printing,  3D printing in microgravity,  Bluetooth gaming dice,  NFC printers, Lytro camera gets iPhone interface,  Samsung Galaxy NX camera runs on Android

  23. Hardware, Accessories:  Luxury iPhone, iPad cases,  Leap Motion gesture control,  nGroove Snap turns car CD player into a smartphone mount,  iPhone trunk charger stand,  $60 wired keyboard for iPad,  Unique take on smartphone mounts,  iPhone pocket tripod,  iRig HD guitar interface for iPad,  RadioVault safe doubles as iPad dock,  Smartphone turns glass opaque,  Spinpod rotates smartphones for panoramic shots,  Clipless attaches iPhone to clothing,  Smart Cargo storage for iPads,  Tips for smart travelers

  24. Hardware, Internals:  AMD A & E-series APUs offer more power w/ less consumption,  AMD unveils Opteron X ‘Kyoto’ processors,  Intel pushes Atom processors for tablets & smartphones,  Intel woes,  Intel processors back ultrabooks & 2-in-1 devices, 4th Gen Intel processors,  Intel Haswell cheat sheet,  New lithium-sulfur batteries

  25. Software, General:  Great features of OpenOffice & Libre Office,  Alternatives to Microsoft Office 365,  Building LinkedIn company pages,  What is Software Defined Networking?,  Multitask w/ Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Multi Window,  MIT’s conversation coach software

  26. Software, News & Trivia:  Google & Microsoft fight over YouTube app continues,  Microsoft & Google agree to build YouTube app for Win 8,  Intel’s new tool makes development easier for Android,  Kingsoft Office challenges MS Office and LibreOffice,  Twitter releases Vine for Android

  27. Software, In the Cloud:  Using Google+ community features,  Flickr revamp offers 1TB free,  Alternatives to MS Office 365,  Office 365 hazards,  ZDNet fields new content organization,  HP expands OpenStack & adds public cloud services

  28. Software, General Tools:  Adobe reader goes mobile,  Time Calculator,  SafeIP hides your IP Address, thanks, Ed,  Smartphone app wrap, Smartphone app wrap 2, Smartphone app wrap 3,  Apps for customizing a mouse,  Synergy enables sharing one keyboard & mouse w/ multiple machines w/o a KVM,  Apps to help secure Thunderbird,  Video converter apps,  Network troubleshooting tools,  Kingsoft Office for mobile platforms,  Task automation apps,  Notepad++ editorhttp://notepad-plus-plus.org/,  TeraCopy file copier,  ExamDiff visual file comparison tool,  Catch mobile note-taker

  29. Software, Browsers:  Chrome 27 fixes 14 flaws & adds speech,  Chrome 27 voice system is dodgy,   IE10 commercial: Everest, rivers of ice,  Chrome overtakes Firefox in 2013 poll,  LastPass password manager for browsers

  30. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  iPhone satisfaction’s slip is Samsung & Nokia’s gain,  Tips for improving Mac performance,  Jailbreaker routes iPhone notifications to Google Glass,  5 Apple products David actually likes,  Developer Conference 2013 to announce new products,  Speculations about iPad releases,  Find & delete pesky ‘other’ data,  Access Gmail using IMAP from your iPhone 5,  Apple touts new “Ecosystem”,  OSX  10.9 Mavericks announced,  5.7” iPhone may come next year,  Touch on the MacBook Air and Pro,  iBooks comes to OS X Mavericks, thanks Helen

  31. Software, Apple, Apps:  MS Office for iPhone (pictures), MS Office for iPhone (article),  Mailbox lands on iPad,  FileVault2,  iHeart Locket app for iPad diaries,  Manage blogs on iOS w/ BlogPress,  Pixelmator image editor, thanks, Juan,  Mac Product Key Finder

  32. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS7 spurs hardware upgrades,  Apple’s iOS7 to test new design approach,  More iOS7 details released,  iOS7 pictures,  David says he’s dumping iOS7 for Android

  33. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  IE10 commercial: Everest, rivers of ice,  1st phase of Lync-Skype integration,  TechEd North America conference

  34. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  EZ Opp for Dynamics CRM,  Encryption tools for Windows,  Art Text,  Start Menu Reviver for Win 8,  Dragon Notes voice recognition

  35. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  

    Windows XP:  Client Hyper-V runs XP inside Win 8

    Windows 7:  Top Win 7 gadgets

    Windows 8:  Shut down Win 8 from the keyboard,  Ed says Win 8 works fine w/o the Start Menu,  Two ways to log in,  Win 8 best on tablets,  The secret life of Win 8,  Force Win 8 to show all users at login,  Restore individual files from a System Image

    Windows 8.1:  Windows Blue unveiled,  Video features demo,  What’s new?   A closer look,  What’s next?,  Can Win 8.1 restart Win 8?  Business slant,  Changes that may have to wait for 8.2,  MS goes public w/ 8.1 upgrade policies,  Adrian is skeptical,  New portrait-mode and other small tweaks,  Win 8.1 aimed at mobile devices,  Download Win 8.1 (preview) ISO files

    Windows Phone 8:  Control your desktop PC with Win Phone 8

    Windows RT:  MS confirms Outlook RT w/ Win 8.1,  Movie editors for Win RT,  Can MS snatch victory?

  36. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Favorite things about Office 2013,  Things that are hard to find in Office 2013,  Export PDFs to Word or Excel

    Word:  Mirror image text,  Using the StyleRef field to reuse text,  New 2013 table features,  Two ways to undo automatic list indent

    Excel:  Build dynamic charts,  Use EDATE() to create a date matrix,  The SUMIFS() function,  Insert partial rows & columns

    Outlook:  Solving Outlook problems,  10 things missing from Outlook 2013

  37. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  What Google's conference means for Google Apps,  Google buys Makani (airborne wind turbines),  Google rated highest by employees,  Google Maps goes social,  Updates for Google Apps control panel,  Big tech pushes interface changes: whining is futile,  “Glassware” is coming for Google Glass

  38. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Google Code downloads killed due to misuse,  Google+ gets an update, How to create a filter in gmail, thanks, Juan,  Google releases Android Studio,  Scott&rsquo ;s problems w/ Google Drive,  Using YouTube API in Android apps,  Try SafeGDocs to encrypt your Google documents

  39. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM from an Android Tablet,  How to use widgets on an Android device

  40. Software, Google, Apps:  New Hangouts features for Google Apps accounts,  Good apps for Android,  Chrome 27 voice system is dodgy,  Top Android voice recorder apps,  Use Twitch to standardize your Android phone numbers,  Web server for Android tablets,  Scan to Google Drive,  Android apps for pros,  Android apps for the summer

  41. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Best open-source HRM & ERP solutions,  Best distros for the enterprise,  PCLinuxOS magazine is free, thanks, Mac,  Linux factions threaten success,  Managing hybrid PDFs in Open/LibreOffice,  Gnuaccounting integrates w/ Open/LibreOffice,  Lightworks video editor comes to Linux,  Business apps for Linux,  Healing the rift in the open source communit,  The most popular end-user Linux distros are...

  42. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Accessing Linux Partitions from Windows

    Ubuntu:  Bug #1 closed,  Tweak Ubuntu Unity

    Linux Mint:  Mint 15 (Olivia) is today’s best Linux desktop,  Olivia photos

    Red Hat - Fedora:  Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow) arrived in January

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