Web News for August, 2013

  1. Issues, Trends:  Android invades the desktop,  Blackberry has a bad quarter,  DARPA announces winners of Virtual Robotics Challenge,  Intel’s Haswell launch at Computex,  The Aspen Ideas Festival,  Apple inches further away from Samsung,  The cloud as a driver of innovation,  Microsoft reorg,  MS reorg criticism,  Pebble watch available at Best Buy,  Is 3-D dead?,  Worldwide PC shipments down 10.9% in Q2,  Nikon might make a smartphone,  NASA makes rocket engine parts on 3D printer,  Ebay Exact prints 3D for you,  Nokia with Windows design trends,  IT outsourcing to hit $288B this year,  3D gesturing may replace mice,  Microsoft takes a $900M writedown on Surface RT,  New iPhone release may be delayed,  Possible 13” iPad?,  Delicate sculptures 3D printed w/ sugar,  NFC ring can make keys obsolete,  Q3 Apple sales show strong iPhone, but iPad stumbles,  England proposes porn blocker

  2. Issues, Great Ideas:  Things you didn’t know you could do online,  Disabled duck gets a 3D-printed foot,  KeyMe stores physical key images,  Google Glass app helps you find your car,  3D printed casts for broken bones,  New technique promises petabyte of data on a single disc,  Butane-based USB charger,  NearBytes alternative to NFC

  3. Security/Privacy  issues:   MaskMe privacy tool,   Android malware jumps 6-fold in Q2,  Characteristics & challenges of cyberwarfare,  You have to choose convenience or security w/ Wi-Fi,  Wiretapping: Privacy vs. security,  The impact of Google Glass on internet privacy,  Is multi-factor authentication the answer?,  TOR privacy tool,  Still more about NSA’s PRISM,  Does encryption make you a bigger target?,  Wi-Vi uses Wi-Fi to see through walls,  Watch out for Facebook if you’re job hunting,  Top 10 security stories of 2013,  Want to defend your privacy? thanks, Steve,  3 ways to delete your data for good, thanks, Helen,  Paragon Disk Wiper free for a time,  thanks, Helen,  Security best practices,  Google releases fix for Blue Security Android security hole,  Band of Brothers: a partnership approach,  The myths of social media privacy,  Lavabit is probably the most secure email service, thanks, Ed,  Android’s ‘Master Key’ vulnerability,  Big firms urge greater US Government transparency,  Ubuntu forums hacked & 1.82M logins & email addresses stolen,  Over-reaction to malware,  PRISM is harming US cloud providers

  4. Legal issues:   Swedish Data Protection Authority rules against Google,  EU threatens antitrust charges against Google,  US House rejects proposal to strip powers from NSA

  5. Philosophical issues:   M2M roundtable breakfast,  Ideas about the next thing in smartphones,  Can Microsoft get it’s mojo back w/ Win 8.1?,  You can get locked-in, even in the cloud,  Graphical User Interfaces,  Larry Ellison & Marc Benioff,  Coffee shop work etiquette,  Microsoft’s hit or miss partnership history,  Book review:  To Save Everything, Click Here,  Will removing the silos fix Microsoft?,  The end of digital tyranny, thanks, Ed,  Will switching to Windows Phone help Nokia’s Lumia?,  Matt asks, “Did we all just witness Windows start to die?”,  Adrian says Windows is becoming irrelevant,  Do democracies really need to spy on their citizens?  Cybercrime can cost US economy up to $500B,  Bill Gates is not coming back to run Microsoft,  Leery about the cloud?

  6. International issues:  World’s 1st LTE-A network goes live in South Korea,  The fight for the Indian market share,  Firefox OS comes to Poland,  Electric telegraph retires in India,  UK proposes blocking searches for illegal content,  Facebook light for India

  7. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  NASA studies dark matter

  8. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  The future of unmanned flight,  PaYPal Galactic,  NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge,  Mouse inventor dies at 88,  NASA World Wind,  Solar Impulse completes transamerica flight,  Curiosity’s successor to launch in 2020,  X47B UCAS lands on carrier,  NASA puts a tail on our solar system,  Sikorsky Prize claimed after 33 years, 14th moon found for Neptune,  Ian Fleming CIA gadgets and more,  Goodyear replaces blimps w/ zeppelins,  Patch makes you invisible to mosquitoes

  9. Entertainment, Photo galleries:  NOAA maps green Earth,  Voyager 1 approaches interstellar space after 35 years,  Fireworks,  NASA shots,  Making electromagnetic fields around smartphones visible,  Underwater photography,  Northern lights,  World Architecture Festival shortlist,  Nokia Lumia 1020 photo demo,  Ubuntu Edge photos

  10. Hardware, General:  Mac Mini Server,  Throwable camera ball,  5 Tricks you should know, thanks, Helen,  NFC ring can make keys obsolete

  11. Hardware, All-In-Ones:  Asus Trio,  Lenovo Horizon,  HP Slate 21,  InFocus BigTouch

  12. Hardware, Desktops:  Aventum II performance PC,  Mac Pro as a desktop mainframe,  Altair 8800 clone

  13. Hardware, Laptops:  MacBook fan noise problem,  Apple 13” MacBook Air review,  Veloce performance notebook in the wings

  14. Hardware, Netbooks:  Tobii’s new ultrabook prototype w/ eye tracking

  15. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  MS Surface Pro review,  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S,  Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2,  James says that ThinkPad Tablet 2 is best Windows tablet,  Dell XPS 12,  HP Split X2

  16. Hardware, Tablets:  LeapPad Ultra,  Best Android tablets as of July, 2013,  VTech InnoTab3 for kids,  New Kindle Fires to outpace iPad displays,  Surface RT vs. iPad mini,  Matt reviews Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0,  Tablet price comparison,  XO tablet debuts at Walmart,  Possible 13” iPad?  2013 Nexus 7 vs. iPad mini,  Nexus 7 beats iPad mini display,  Matt likes Nexus 7,  RangerX ruggedized tablet

  17. Hardware, Phablets:  Sony Xperia Z Ultra,   Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  18. Hardware, Smartphones:  Tips for better battery life for Android phones,  Firefox OS smartphones,  Peak+ phone uses Firefox OS,  Basic hardware & navigation of BlackBerry Z10,  The best HTC one,  HTC One mini, Will on the HTC One mini,  Will compares HTC One to HTC One mini,  HTC One mini vs. iPhone 5,  Matt prefers original HTC One to Google version,  Matt compares photos from HTC One, Nokia Lumia 925, & Lumia 928,  BlackBerry Q5,  Nokia Lumia 1020 preview,  Budget-friendly, large-screen Lumia 625,  Nokia Lunia 1200 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comparison,  Nokia Lumia 925 1st impressions,  Jolla Sailfish progress,  David lists things he misses about his iPhone,  Ubuntu Edge phone,  Ubuntu Edge doubles as a PC,  Motorola Droid Maxx vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison

  19. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Kreyos Meteor smartwatch,  Tile tag tracks lost objects,  Google Glass ancestors,  Pebble watch available at Best Buy,  Raspberry Pi digitizes film heritage,  Desktop kit for Raspberry Pi,  Utilite miniature desktop,  Parallella $99 supercomputer

  20. Hardware, Peripherals:  Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player,  Another review of Chromecast,  Rocksteady XS 1.5 Bluetooth speaker,  Touch-controlled headphones,  Free-standing metal structures via 3D printing,  TMI’s split Bluetooth speakers,  LEGObot 3D printer,  Celluon Epic projection keyboard,  Leap Motion gesture control is now shipping,  iPad mini keyboards,  Wooden earphones,  Connect wireless flash drive,   James reviews myType Bluetooth keyboard,  Shockproof iPad mini case w/keyboard,  Belkin keyboard case for iPad mini,  Bone-conduction earphone cap,  SanDisk claims world’s fastest 64GB microSDXC card

  21. Hardware, Accessories:  Smartphone dock w/ smoke detector,  Solar Street Charge stations for smartphones debut in New York,  Roost laptop stand,  Pistol grip for iPhone photographers,  Kinetic smartphone charger,  Solar lamp & charger,  Practical Meter monitors charging,  iPhone cases,  TurtleCell iPhone case,  iPhone 5 adapter turns binoculars into telephoto lens,  ZooGue Case Prodigy for iPad,  Navigo bracelet syncs to smartphones to guide you,  Pixi mini tripod

  22. Hardware, Internals:  Superman memory crystal,  New 3D/2D screen,  Samsung EVO SSDs up to 1 TB,  New Toshiba SD cards are fast,  Nvidia Quadro K6000 Graphics card,  Nvidia demos next-gen mobile graphics system

  23. Software, General:  HTC One camera utility beats Nokia Smart Camera app, Jelly Bean leads the market, but Apple makes more money,  Best free online books for Kindle, thanks, Ed,  Use your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet as a digitizer for your PC

  24. Software, News & Trivia:  Facebook Page PR fails,  Smart crop irrigation,  Google Alerts is going away.  Try these replacements:  Talkwalker or Mention; thanks Helen

  25. Software, In the Cloud:  Vyew online collaboration service,  Office 365 vs. Google Apps,  Adobe Social branches out,  How to use Google Drive

  26. Software, General Tools:  3 great ways to use variables in Open/LibreOffice,  Atomic Clock Sync, thanks Tio,  Free audio/visual apps,  Waze community-based traffic & navigation app,  Free tools that deserve a price tag,  Defragmentation apps

  27. Software, Browsers:  Firefox 23 beta improves security & sharing,  Chrome 28 released,  Best Chrome extensions

  28. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  MS Office Mobile for iPhone

  29. Software, Apple, Apps:  LiquidPlanner project manager,  Mailbox for iPhone,  iPad apps for IT managers,  Using Call Recorder

  30. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:   iOS7 falls a little flat,  How to use NTFS in OSX

  31. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Microsoft’s mobile strategy,  TechNet to shut down,  Pushback to TechNet shutdown,  MS & Sinofsky agree on retirement terms

  32. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Free disaster-recovery tools,  Quote to Order for Win Phone 8,  5 task managers for Windows,  Win8 DVD players,  Cloud print from any Windows app

  33. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Mass business-adoption poll for Win 8.x,  Disable the Auto Arrange setting in Win 7 & 8

    Windows XP:  

    MS issues XP phase-out marching orders,  Create a Win 8.1 Preview dual-boot on XP

    Windows 7:   Developer preview of IE11 rolled out

    Windows 8:  Understanding the File History backup,  James is impatient w/ updates,  Make Win 8 open files on the desktop

    Windows 8.1:  8.1 preview download is ready,  Ed gets hands on the Win 8.1 preview,  2nd update to Lync communications app,  Pieces missing from the preview,  Steven doesn’t like it,  Preview updates,  DPI scaling, thanks, Ed,  Win 8.1 on smaller-screen devices,  Turning off the Modern Interface,  James gives cautionary tale

    Windows Phone 8:  Biggest advantages,  Cronos calendar

    Windows RT:   Video editors,  What’s next?  Outlook comes to RT

  34. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Office 365 w/ an Android tablet,  MS Office Mobile for iPhone

    Word:  Using section breaks to control formatting,  Creating inline numbering

    Excel:  What’s missing from Excel 2013?  3 Solutions for user questions,  The table object,  Troubleshooting challenge,  3D reference to summarize a set of worksheets

    Outlook:  Outlook RT previews,  Review of Outlook for RT

    PowerPoint:  Get your presentation underway quickly

  35. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Android invades the desktop,  Google reinstates offline Maps after public protest

  36. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Quick Action buttons in Gmail,  Save and share bookmarks w/Google+

  37. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Why Android is better than iPhone, Android’s ‘Master Key’ vulnerability,  Contacts+,  Features in 4.3 Jelly Bean

  38. Software, Google, Apps:  Google Now,  Google Drawing

  39. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  What if there were only one Linux distribution?

  40. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Linux for Workgroups,  How Linux is taking over the network

    Ubuntu:  Ubuntu’s Mir Server,  Using Jolicloud to bring Chromebooks to your Ubuntu desktop

    Linux Mint:  Mint 15 KDE stumbles on UEFI

    Red Hat - Fedora:  Installing Fedora 19

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