Web News for September, 2013

  1. Issues, Trends:  Rolling video into social media,  Enterprise collaboration platforms,  Social Media etiquette and abbreviations,  Walmart sells out of Surface RTs,  Sony & Panasonic work on 300GB optical discs,  Apple shows signs of sales stress,  More adults work while on vacation,  Twitter gets tough on death & rape threats,  PRISM may cost cloud industry $35B,  Android dominates smartphones,  Android dominates smartphones utterly,  Microsoft pushes to move software development into the cloud,  Big iPhone event w/ small expectations,  Windows RT could still succeed,  Apple special event on Sept 10,  Spoofing GPS takes control of yacht,  Google & Facebook offer bounties for security bugs,  Lenovo becomes smartphone player,  Will augmented reality tech be the next big trend?,  Survey says workers want keyboards,  Google blocks the Youtube app it helped to develop,  Barnes & Noble is in trouble,  PJ closes Groklaw due to privacy concerns,  Apple's rumored biometrics could dominate m-commerce,  Public cloud plows ahead, but doubts linger,  Yahoo tops Google’s comScore as top US web property,  The future of SharePoint, Yammer, and mobile in the social enterprise,  Facebook hoaxes

  2. Issues, Great Ideas:  Innovations for small businesses,  Printing in gel takes 3D printing freeform & enables undo,  Handwriting recognition on Samsung Galaxy Note,  Learn something! thanks, Ed,  Text Anywhere off-the-grid satellite messaging,  Ambient backscatter tech,  MIT develops multi-material 3D printing

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  Data-driven analysis debunks claims that NSA is out of control,  New strain of ransomware locks browsers,  Black Hat 2013,  Black Hat day 1,  Black Hat best of show,  DEF CON hacker conference,  A DEF CON postscript,  DEF Con 21: Best of Show,  Canary to watch your home,  RiskRater security test,  Password evaluator, thanks, Tom,  Surveillance changes the way we think & act,  thanks, Steve & Juan,  Silent Circle encrypted communications, thanks, Steve & Paula,  Hack an iPhone or iPad in 60 seconds,  How to block web tracking, thanks, Juan,  Trust the PKI or it’s anarchy,  CAPTCHAs under attack,  BGP Spoofing,  Windows phones insecure against rogue Wi-Fi,  Anti-tracking smartphone pouches,  Chrome browser puts all passwords on one page,  What PRISM means for social media,  PRISM collection dataflow, thanks, Steve, Reckless password management,  Fort Disco is new botnet,  Troubles on the Onion router,  A Linux trojan,  Jack looks at Linux trojan,  London cracks down on snooping recycle bins,  Data isn’t secure in the cloud, thanks, Tio,  Is it worth $20 to secure your tablet?  XP ‘zero day’ security issue,  Georgia Tech team loads fake malware on Apple App Store,  NSA proposes a USA firewall,  Security tips for public Wi-Fi,  Don’t let paranoia weaken your security

  4. Legal issues:  Amazon & IBM fight over $600M cloud contract,  White House intervention could spark patent upheaval,  Pennsylvania cancels IBM contract

  5. Philosopical issues:  The worst lies tech companies tell you, thanks, Connie,   Why PCs and post-PCs are different,  So you call yourself a geek?  Digital upstarts take over the economy,  Is the future one device?,  Is the smartphone the “one device” for the future?,  Is the Moto X the start of Google’s hardware era?  How far can PC sales sink?,  The case for claims-based identity,  Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? thanks, Steve,  Project risk management,  The role of blogs is changing,  XP migration becomes journey of discovery,  Things you shouldn’t virtualize,  Apple needs more iPads in enterprise,  The battle of Manhattan,  It’s time to talk about Surface v2,  Alternative futures for Blackberry,  Is paperless already here?,  The lie of multitasking,  The day after BlackBerry,  Are tablets the 1st step toward mobile or non-existent classrooms?,  The Rule of 3 explains the smartphone market,  Don’t get hopes up for cheap iPhone 5x,  Are web apps the future of the internet?  You’ll rule meetings w/Google Glass, thanks, Juan,  Tablets or smartphones: Which is the future for business?,  Does metadata collection threaten your privacy?  How to battle Cloud fear

  6. Local issues:  CableTica prices,  thanks, Chuck

  7. International issues:  London cracks down on snooping recycle bins,  Is Hong Kong the new tech hub of China?  Big companies join forces to spread internet to the world,  The war of European tech hubs,  Low-cost tablets are a hit in Brazil

  8. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Comet ISON could outshine the moon,  Andromeda galaxy in detail,  Curiosity’s 1st year on Mars,  NASA considers landing on Europa,  Rogue scientists claim Voyager left our solar system last year

  9. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  So you call yourself a geek?,  Slingatron to hurl payloads into orbit,  3D-printed rocket parts pass NASA test,  200+ MPH train San Fran-to-LA,  Robot crawls under doors (watch the video),  A Bluetooth tooth,   Arduino robot,  NASA maps Earth-killer asteroids,  Gold detector uses X-rays,  How to test a battery, thanks Mac,  Boeing develops tactical laser,  F-35B makes its 1st night, vertical landing at sea,  The last Space Shuttle,  360 degree view of SS Discovery flight deck

  10. Entertainment, Photo galleries:  Video tour of Cold War weapons facility,  Hal Lasko’s list (The Pixel Painter), thanks Juan,  Innovative Advanced Concepts winners,  2nd largest photo in the world,  Shiny, happy things iPhone users say to feel better,  Hacker playing cards from Firehost,  Champagne gold iPhone 5S images leak

  11. Hardware, General:  Jailbreak an Apple TV 2,  How to make a Surface for the masses,  I need a rugged smartphone,  3D-printed prosthetics,  A tablet w/ a keyboard is like a car w/ a trailer hitch,  Clean your keyboard, thanks, Juan & Calvin,  Waterproofed iPod Shuffle,  Curved-screen TV allows 2 users to watch different programs at same time,  Smart parking meters

  12. Hardware, Laptops:  MSI GS70 gaming laptop,  Solar-powered Ubuntu Laptop,  Best back-to-school laptops,  MacBook Air review

  13. Hardware, Netbooks:  Steven recommends Chromebook for school

  14. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  Windows RT lives,  MS Surface is perfect for back-to-school

  15. Hardware, Tablets:  James says the Galaxy Note 8.0 is still the best,  HP ElitePad 900 review,  Nexus 7 Android (2013),  Nexus 7 vs. Galaxy Note 8.0,  Matt gets hands on the new Nexus 7,  Kindle Fire HD,  Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD,  Getac Z710 rugged,  Getac Z710 first take,  Window 8 tablets advantages over iPad & Android,  CIOs cooling to Surface,  Toshiba WT310 first take,  Ethernet support coming to Surface RT,  Optimize your Android tablet for productivity,  Will recommends the Nook HD+

  16. Hardware, Phablets:  Samsung Galaxy Mega,  LG unveils thinnest HD display

  17. Hardware, eBook Readers:  Barnes & Noble to continue Nook tablets after all

  18. Hardware, Smartphones:  Sprint HTC 8XT,  Google/Motorola Moto X is coming,  Moto X fact sheet,  Matt nixes Moto X voice control,  Moto X unveiled in NY,  Moto X vs. Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X vs. iPhone 5,  Moto X vs. HTC One,  Moto X video demo,  Gizmag reviews Moto X,  Moto X after 2 weeks,  LG G2 vs. Moto X,  HTC lover pans Moto X,  Nexus 7 vs. Galaxy Tab 3 7.0,  Jack’s hoops for Ubuntu Edge,  Jack discovers a big problem w/ Ubuntu Edge, Canonical wins even if Ubuntu Edge doesn’t make it,  Ubuntu Edge is a lesson learned,  HTC One vs. HTC One mini,  MS delivers Office Mobile for Android phones,  LG G2 announced,  LG G2 vs. Galaxy S4,  Samsung makes Galaxy S4 4G-network-switching easier,  Nokia Lumia 925,  Matt reviews Lumia 925.  Google Play versions of Galaxy S4 & HTC One to get Android 4.3,  Best Android smartphones (8/13),  Changing smartphone user patterns,  Nokia Lumia 1020 review,  Hottest smartphones of summer,  ZTE Firefox OS smartphone out for $80,  BlackBerry Q5 review,  BlackBerry Z10,  Back to school smartphones under $100,  iPhone lover pans WinPhone 8,  Most wanted features in next iPhone,  iPhone 5C may use scratch-resistant LiquidMetal,  Verizon Droid Maxx hands on

  19. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV,  Orsto Plus+ smartwatch,  Getting started w/ Arduino, thanks, Steve,  HOT Watch is smart,  Google Glass testers get cool updates,  Google Glass sales to begin in 2014,  Crossbow watch sports 41 Mpx camera,  Samsung making a smartwatch

  20. Hardware, Game devices:  Historic Xboxes

  21. Hardware, Peripherals:  Will reviews Google Chromecast,  Armadillo wireless speaker,  Sony head-mounted 3D video display,  Haptic gear-shift knob,  Facebook-connected music via earphones,  Speaker in a jar,  AquaTop Display,  Kinect as a 3D scanner,  Glowdeck wireless charger w/speakers,  Xbox One improved controller,  Sound Band replaces headphones,  Parrot Zikmu Solo speakers,  Haptix brings 3D multitouch to any surface,  gStick pen mouse,  Audiofiles, check out TubeCore, thanks, Juan,  Minx Go Bluetooth speaker,  Vertical mouse may be healthier,  2 New Microsoft keyboards for Win 8,  Turn any projection surface into a touchscreen,  Logitech solar keyboard for iPad has problems,  Grab-&-go keyboard proposed

  22. Hardware, Accessories:  Belkin FastFit keyboard case,  Red-eye protection in headphone plug,  Apple offers to replace 3rd-party chargers,  Anti-tracking smartphone pouches,  Color-change LEDs,  Holho to turn tablet or smartphone into 3D projector,  MacBook Pro accessories (summer 2013),  TopoCharger converts iPhone to outdoor GPS,  Motorola Skip unlocks Moto X with a belt clip,  New stylus does data transfer between screens

  23. Hardware, Internals:  Flash memory successor announced

  24. Software, General:  Make It Stand software for 3D-printers,  Brother dials up ‘Web conference in a box’,  Run Windows apps on both OS X & Linux,  Best practices for websites,  Xbox One game titles,  Field Trip for Google Glass (creepy),  How to make WebGL 3D effects

  25. Software, News & Trivia:  Mobile conferencing best practices

  26. Software, In the Cloud:  Microsoft’s SkyDrive gets new photo, text editing features,  Weavesilk is awesome, thanks, Juan,   Office for Android & Apple tethered to Office 365,  WiX website builder,  An outlook on Office 365,  Insert spreadsheets in your WordPress blog,  Grexit lets you share Gmail folders,  Data isn’t secure in the cloud, thanks, Tio,  WordPress 3.6 has great new features for blogs

  27. Software, General Tools:  Use Inkscape for vector graphics,  What to try when Java won’t install,  Free alternative to MS Project,  Free DVD authoring tools,  Caller blacklist for Lumia phones,  Useable CAD apps on the cheap,  Free bulk rename app to manage filenames,  Apps for social media,  Apps for college students,  Apps to examine your PC,  Apps for business graphics,  Splashtop 2 virtual desktop,  Cubify Sculpt simplifies 3D printable designs

  28. Software, Browsers:  Chrome adds VPN, thanks, Ed,  Chrome browser puts all passwords on one page,  Metro version of Firefox due in Dec

  29. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Apple OS X Server:  Setting up Open Directory,  Apple special event on Sept 10,  Putting videos on your iOS device, thanks Juan,  Georgia Tech team loads fake malware on Apple App Store,  Shiny, happy things iPhone users say to feel better,  Comparison of Mac antivirus solutions

  30. Software, Apple, Apps:  iWork for iCloud beta,  SnappyCam gives 20 HD pics/sec,  Essential iPhone/iPad apps for college students,  iPad apps for back to school

  31. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Feel-good features in iOS7,  iOS7 beta 4 refers to a fingerprint sensor,  iOS7 beta 5,  iOS 7: Apple’s mid-life crisis?  One month w/ iOS7,   OS X Mavericks test drive,  OS X Mavericks hands on,  iOS 7 impact for tablet users

  32. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Ballmer is stepping down as CEO,  10 advantages Windows 8 tablets have over the iPad and Android,  Goodbye Win 8, hello Win 8.1,  MS delivers Office Mobile for Android phones,  Two -factor authentication added to Lync client,  The triumph of Patch Tuesday,  Mary Jo reports Microsoft news

  33. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  File Scavenger 4.1,  WinLaunch Brings OS X Launchpad to Windows, thanks, Ed,  PDF Touch for Windows tablets

  34. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Switch between windows quickly,  Windows NT turns 20,  Windows annoyance #342,  Cloud OS for govt use,  Maximize DOS window

    Windows XP:  Make USB accessible to an XP virtual machine,  The final countdown for XP, thanks, Juan,  Move your XP to a virtual environment in Win 8,  XP ‘zero day’ security issue,  No longer HIPAA compliant after 8-Apr-14,  Perilous future on XP

    Windows 7: System Image tool error

    Windows 8:  Mistakes MS made & how to fix them,  Variable RTC causes ban by benchmarkers, thanks, Chuck,  2 New Microsoft keyboards for Win 8,  Win 8 good for tablets

    Windows 8.1:  Preview screenshots,  MS takes a mulligan,  Tips & Tricks,  Fact sheet,  Release may be mid-October,  Enterprise preview,  Skype included w/8.1

    Windows Phone 8:  Are Google & Microsoft actually cooperating?

    Windows RT:  Using picture passwords,  Adrian suggests how to make Win RT a success,  Taking BitTorrent to Win RT

  35. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Upgrade angst,  An outlook on Office 365

    Excel:  Quick Analysis tool,  Cool new charting features,  Compare lists for common values,  Sum values by cell color,  Add a timeline to a PivotTable

    PowerPoint:  PP 2013’s improved Presenter View

    Project:  Ad hoc resource planning,  Free alternatives,  Use ProjectPro Complete Critical Paths

  36. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Insert comments in a Google Doc

  37. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Use Inbox tabs in Gmail to organize messages,  Google Cloud Storage includes automatic encryption,  “Star” files on Google Drive

  38. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  MS delivers Office Mobile for Android phones,  Best new security features & one problem,  Android remote access tools,  Google Play versions of Galaxy S4 & HTC One to get Android 4.3,  Android flaw in weblogin feature

  39. Software, Google, Apps:  Zopfli compression algorithm,  Google Now for Android & iOS,  Android Device Manager,  Reset default apps,  Run Windows apps on Android,  My Inventory for Android,  S Pen Toolbox for Galaxy Note

  40. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  20 great years of Linux and supercomputers,  Porteus on a thumb-drive,  A Linux trojan,  Jack looks at Linux trojan,  What Linux really needs is more fun

  41. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Linux Kernel 3.10 picked for long-term support

    Ubuntu:  Unity features powerful searching

    Red Hat - Fedora:  Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud

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