Web News for October, 2013

  1. Issues, Trends:  Windows 8 usage up sharply as XP usage plummets,  Google lowers search-results position for sites not smartphone friendly,  Ballmer’s successor will have a tough road at Microsoft,  Georgia Tech offers online MS in computer science,  Handheld 3D pens,  Amazon Web Services suffers outage, takes down others,  IDC expects PC shipments to plunge 10% worldwide,  Microsoft to buy Nokia’s devices & services unit for $7.2B & make its own phones,  Details of the MS/Nokia purchase,  MS/Nokia acquisition: It was ‘double down or quit’, 18 stories about the MS/Nokia deal,  SpaceFab: 3D printing & robot assembly in space,  The cloud will grow quickly,  Microsoft responds to pressure over canceled TechNet subscriptions,  Microsoft strikes deal w/ NFL & ESPN for Xbox One,  Introducing IPv6, the address of things to come,  Lenovo bets heavily on convertible PCs,  HDMI Forum announces specs for HDMI 2.0,  MS to launch new Surfaces on Sept 23,  Highlights fm Apple’s iPhone event,  Who’s who on Microsoft’s new OS team,  64-bit ARM chips in iPhone 5S suggest Intel-free future for Apple,  Samsung & Apple to fuel ARM licensing,  8 big tech announcements we’re expecting this fall,  Microsoft launches iPad trade-in promotion,  Microsoft pulls iPhone attack ads from YouTube amid negative backlash,  Look out Microsoft, here come the baby Nokias,  Survey rates 54 IT vendors,  Japanese broadcaster (NHK) looks to 8k SHV TVs,  Oslo orders 3,000 Windows phones,  Dual-head 3D printing,  The coming XPocalypse and how MS can prevent it,  MIT App Inventor is a great way to introduce kids to Android,  The Jetsons’ home is almost here,  3D scanner scans Tower of Pisa in 20 minutes,  Phablets are Windows RT’s future,  Oracle promises 100x faster queries w/ new in-memory option for databases,  3D-printed robot called "Jimmy" debuts at Maker Faire in NYC,  How does iPhone 5S, etc launch compare to previous launches?  Fairfax Financial offers to buy BlackBerry,  Microsoft ‘blades’: a new kind of peripheral,  Amazon distancing from Apple,  Businesses don’t trust their suppliers,  Big Data basic concepts and benefits,  Microsoft considers a single app store,  BlackBerry reports $965M loss in Q2,  Microsoft’s vision for gesture-controlled PCs,  Google takes Glass on public tour,  Datacentres of the 21st century,  Intel sees ‘no holiday cheer for PCs’,  Google is 15 years old

  2. Issues, Great Ideas:  Smartphone-based eye tests,  3D copy machine proposed,  Jeffrey Stephenson, the Frank Lloyd Wright of PC case design,  Being a global mobile data warrior,  Surgeon streams operation via Google Glass,  Software + Kinect brings eye contact to Skype,  Mebotics Microfactory combines 3D printer w/ milling machine,  Gaze-tracking subtitles

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  NSA cryptanalyst shares his view of the agency,   If you think the NSA is bad, try the Putin-controlled Chrome toolbar,  NSA can crack most Web privacy encryption,   Cute ACLU privacy-nut video, thanks Steve,  NSA: fear of a black van,  NSA’s perspective on on release of previously classified documents,  Germans warn against TPM, thanks, Sue,  Watch out for emailed Facebook videos, thanks, Juan,  Encryption isn’t perfect protection,  Failing to upgrade fm Java 6 makes you vulnerable,  Syrians attack NY Times, Twitter, etc.,  All your passwords belong to us,  How safe are online password managers?  24 hours in Serbia at Balkan hacker conference BalCCon,  Lost your locked smartphone? How to get it back,  The insecurity of private email services,  Report shows users lazier than ever about security practices,  Major advertising group quits Do-Not-Track standards body,  Apple Touch ID: Do security advantages outweigh risks?,  Hackers crowdfund bounty to hack iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner,  Touch ID is hacked in 48 hours,  Hacker says Touch ID crack is child’s play,   Simple, affordable network video recorder,  F-Secure releases 1H2013 threat report,  Univ of Mass researchers create nearly undetectable backdoor, Apple, Google, Microsoft make progress against phone theft,  Extra level of security for Android phones,  Security improvements in iOS7

  4. Legal issues:  Ebook price-fixing suit settlement generates refunds,  Microsoft, Google v. NSA lawsuit to proceed,  US surveillance court rules phone metadata collection lawful

  5. Philosopical issues:  AudioVisual pioneer Dr. Ray Dolby dies at 80,  Delta & United engage in mileage shenanigans,  Is tech wrecking the middle class?  Mobile collaboration best practices,  Should vendors be involved in online discussions of their products?  Wearable computing: Is there really a market?  Enterprise implications of wearable technology,  Is LinkedIn turning kid-friendly?  Windows tablets more likely to replace corporate PCs & laptops than iPads,  Wearable tech is science fiction,  Moore’s Law will break around 2020,  Pervasive computing and cloud will change the nature of IT,  thanks, Ed,  Nokia deal enforces Ballmer strategy on next CEO,  Questions for your cloud provider,  Does its Nokia buy thwart or fuel a possible Microsoft break-up?  Convergence wanted, not more gadgets,  Bad customer service causes hate,  Can a wave of 2-in-1 devices save the PC industry?  The smartwatch worth waiting for,  How smartphones steal fleeting moments of life,  iPhone 5S, 5C, & beyond, time to up the pace of innovation,  Smartwatches only make sense w/ the right approach,  A new, secure & free Internet… Dream on,  How to think about encryption in light of the NSA,  Stop obsessing about applications & think about events,  Why Apple suddenly needs Google again,  Does Apple need to innovate faster?,  Lessons learned fm a failed project,  Eradicate a culture of indecision,  What’s next for Microsoft’s MSN.com?  Two factors reveal Apple’s real mission w/ iPhone 5c,  Nokia’s Android Lumia experiment: A great idea, but only if you’ve got a time machine,  Is Apple’s Touch ID a game changer?  Why Linux is the future of gaming,  Android is the next platform of choice for Windows developers,  We need to stop masking passwords,  Common excuses heard from end users,  The Year w/o Pants book review,  Patrick’s thoughts on the Microsoft/Nokia tablet front,  How to get into data analytics,  Larry comments on the Microsoft update system,  Practicalities of 3D printing at home,  Are smartphones stealing away our lives?,  Crash of the mobile titans:  What happened to Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, and HTC?  Reasons not to fix computers for free,  Are smartphones transforming society into a sea of stupid?  The myth of the mobile PC,  The Windows ecosystem in 2013 is more diverse than you think,  Remembering BlackBerry,  The digital revolution’s lingering literacy problem

  6. Local issues:  Escazu & Santa Ana directory of businesses,  Escazu news blog

  7. International issues:  Bangalore hosts Mobile Apps conference this year,  HP introduces HANA in Australia & New Zealand,  Ford studies Russian robots to improve car safety,  Europeans hold back on datacentre spending,  Germany to get 1st Firefox OS phone in October,  HTC building mobile OS for Chinese market,  Berlin IFA conf HTC announcements,  Samsung IFA announcements,  Tougher immigration laws make Indian IT firms consider contingency measures,  How Finns saw the Nokia-Microsoft deal,  Nokia-resurrect Newkia gets warm reception,  24 hours in Serbia at Balkan hacker conference BalCCon,  Large European datacentre,  Extra 4G coverage for the UK

  8. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Curiosity goes autonomous for the 1st time,  Curiosity finding reduces hope of finding life on Mars,  Indian orbiter discovers large quantities of water on Moon,  LADEE probe studies Moon’s atmosphere,  NASA loses contact with Deep Impact probe,  Close encounter w/ a supermassive black hole,  DARPA’s XS-1 sets goal of space launches to 1-day turnaround at one tenth the cost

  9. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  Boeing rolls out 1st Dreamliner 787-9,  Life may have started on Mars,  Kirobo robot speaks from the ISS,  Handheld camera captures one-shot spherical images,  Completely ridiculous iPhone rumors David made up,  Having won Jeopardy, what’s IBM’s Watson up to now?,  10+ great geek travel destinations,  Astronomers create detailed 3D map of Milky Way core,  DNA product barcodes

  10. Entertainment, Photo galleries:  NASA plans to capture asteroids and put them in lunar orbit,  Details of NASA’s use of 3-D printing,  Great PC case designs,  Customizing the Moto X,  Tiny UAV fits in your pocket,  Down the memory lane of tech,  Solar-powered UAV could fly 5 years in upper atmosphere,  Nokia’s phone evolution,  1st Impressions of Galaxy Gear & Note 3,  SpaceShipTwo sets new altitude, speed record,  Aeroscraft airship begins flight testing,  Strange & stupid ways to destroy your iPhone, iPad,  Rubbish-removal satellite to be launched fm an A300 jetliner,  Gadgets of the future

  11. Hardware, General:  Several under $300 Intel ‘Bay Trail’ Windows 8.1 devices to arrive this fall,  SmartCap monitors fatigue,  Apple-lover slams Android,  Smartwatch problems Apple can’t solve,  Stick-on lens boosts smartphone camera magnification,  Flat LED 60W bulb replacement for $3,   HP’s Moonshot cadence,  Panasonic 1st 65" w/ 4K Ultra HD TV,  Samsung 110” UHDTV,  LG 77” UHD OLED TV,  Tennis monitor for players,  Tech gadgets for the business traveler,  James cites the best smartphones, tablets, & laptops,  Simple, affordable network video recorder,  How to get more out of Google Chromecast,  Common-sense rules for computer users

  12. Hardware, Cracking open:  

    Cracking open Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Mega: Photos  & Analysis

    Cracking open Smartphones: iPhone5S: Photos  &  Analysis

  13. Hardware, All-In-Ones:  Dock to turn Galaxy S3/4 smartphones into a tablet or laptop,  Lenovo Flex 20

  14. Hardware, Desktops:  Build a sub $250 PC,  Intel NUC is the tiniest Windows PC ever,  Valve announces 3rd-party Steam gaming machines

  15. Hardware, Laptops:  Dell Latitude 7000 Series,  Lenovo makes new ThinkPads thinner, lighter, & adds hot-swappable batteries,  More about ThinkPad batteries

  16. Hardware, Netbooks:  Chromebook apps can now act like desktop apps,  Google announces Haswell chromebooks,  Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite review

  17. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  Microsoft makes Surface price cuts permanent,  Surface Pro 2 features leaked,  How MS can make Surface 2 work,  Wishlist for Surface 2,  What to expect from Surface 2 launch,  LTE for Surface coming in 2014,  HP EliteBook Revolve 810,  Toshiba Satellite W30t & W30Dt,  Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro,  Lenovo ThinkPad Helix,  Why ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a top Windows tablet,  James thinks 2 lbs is too heavy for a tablet,  Surface 2 & Pro 2 announced

  18. Hardware, Tablets:  PowerStretch software to extend tablet battery life,  New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, most powerful tablet,  Will reviews Note 10.1,  Simple ways to make your tablet run smoothly,  Windows user reviews Mac mini,  Nokia Windows RT tablet expected,  Surface 2 and Nokia Sirius rumors heat up,  LG hi-rez G Pad 8.3,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids,  The tablets of IFA 2013,  Toshiba 8” Encore runs Win 8.1,  Keyboard for Galaxy Note 8.0,  Google Nexus 7 (2013) review,  Nexus 7 fact sheet,  Disadvantages Win 8 tablets have compared to iPad & Android,  Advantages Win 8 tablets have over iPad & Android,  Nvidia Tegra Note $199 tablet,  Tesco 7” Hudl $190,  Amazon Kindle Fire HDX,  Kindle Fire HDX: When & how much?  Windows 8.1 tablets vs. Kindle Fire HD,  Kindle Fire HDX vs. iPad mini,  Tips to speed up Android tablets

  19. Hardware, Phablets:  Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is dust-tight & water resistant,  Acer Liquid S2 records 4K video,  New Samsung Galaxy Note 3,  Will reviews Note 3,  Note 3 vs. Note 2,  Galaxy Note 3 vs. Galaxy S4,  Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3,  BlackBerry Z30,  Chris reviews BlackBerry Z30,  Steve reviews BlackBerry Z30

  20. Hardware, eBook Readers:  2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite

  21. Hardware, Smartphones:  Matt reviews AT&T Moto X,  MobileTechRoundup: Moto X vs. HTC One, Droid Maxx, iPhone 5C,  Will compares Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Moto X,  Moto X vs. Nexus 4,  Customizing the Moto X,  HTC One vs Droid Maxx,  Motorola Droid Maxx battery life,  Huawei Ascend P6 first take,  Best Android smartphones - 9/2013,  Sony Xperia Z1,  1st look at Apple’s budget iPhone 5C,  Another look at iPhone 5C, Sandra reviews iPhoneC,   iPhone 5C vs. Moto X,  iPhone 5S photos,  iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020,  iPhone 5S vs. GalaxyS4,  iPhone 5S vs. HTC One,  Will reviews iPhone 5S,  Will reviews iPhone5S in depth,  iPhone family tree,  Brick phone offers 3 month standby time,  Phonebloks proposes modular blocks for a smartphone,  LG G2 first take,  Things missing from iPhone 5S you can get in Android phones,  iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy Note 3,  1st look at friendly Fairphone,  New benchmark rates iPhone 5S display fastest

  22. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Ring Clock,  The smartwatch worth waiting for,  Galaxy Gear smartwatch (watch the movie),  Will reviews Galaxy Gear,  Sony SmartWatch 2,  Qualcomm Toq smartwatch,  Pebble smartwatch review,  Nissan’s Nismo smartwatch,  Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony Smartwatch 2,  Galaxy Gear vs. Pebble smartwatch,  TrueSmart watch planned to stand alone,  Address Google Glass vulnerabilities w/ best practices,  Israeli CuBox-i computer,  Google takes Glass on public tour,  Intel invests in Google Glass rival, Reconjet

  23. Hardware, Game devices:  15 launch games only available on Xbox One or PS4,  XBox One to release 22-Nov-13,  Nintendo 2DS,  Logitech G602 gaming mouse,  Sony Playstation Vita TV & new PS Vita

  24. Hardware, Peripherals:  MakerBot 3D scanner,  Chromecast for Wi-Fi to HDMI TV,  3D print, mill, & scan w/ hybrid fab machine,  Best external storage devices,  Slide-on camera for iPhone,  Wafer-thin speakers,  Haptix 3D multitouch keyboard,  Pressy earphone-jack button for Android devices,  Paper-thin keyboard for smartphones & tablets,  Pioneer NavGate HUD for smartphone nav apps,  Acer 27” touchscreen display,  Microsoft may roll out a Surface Pro docking station,  4-SD-card hub w/ USB 3,  1st wireless HD Skype camera,  Dancing water speakers,  Creative Senz3D gesture camera,  M1X-DJ Sound system for iPad,  Buy smarter peripherals, no uni-taskers,  Speaker doubles as light bulb,  Keyboard for Galaxy Note 8.0,  Name-brand vs. Asian monitors: Why pay more?,  3D scanner for iPad,  Dual-head 3D printing,  Minx Air 200 wireless speaker system,  Sweat-proof headphones,  Triggertrap Mobile 2 for camera shutters,  Logitech T650 Touchpad, thanks, Ed,  Evernote moves into hardware w/ Scansnap scanner

  25. Hardware, Accessories:  Mini tripod holds most smartphones,  Dock to turn Galaxy S3/4 smartphones into a tablet or laptop,  Modus III iPad workstation,  Breakaway Pogo plug to save headphones fm damage, TYLT Energi+ Backpack review,  Portable flash syncs w/ iPhone for better pictures,  USB flash drive w/stylus that works as a smartphone stand,  E Ink mobile phone covers,  “USB condom” for public ports,  Cases for the new iPhones,  iPad cover that digitizes your doodles,  IN1 iPhone cases,  KwikBoost cellphone chargers, (I know these guys!)

  26. Hardware, Internals:  Samsung moves into mass production of 3D flash memory,  Intel Avoton microserver chip,  The thrifty Avoton chip,  HDMI Forum announces specs for HDMI 2.0,  Samsung gives ARM’s big.Little architecture a push,  64-bit ARM chips in iPhone 5S suggest Intel-free future for Apple,  Intel refreshes Xeon E5-2600 range for servers & workstations,  Top 10 Solid-state drives,  How Apple’s A7 64-bit chip gives iOS plenty of headroom,  Intel’s Haswell-y promises PC performance in tablets,  Embedded Android devices

  27. Software, General:  Install bbPress forum plugin for WordPress,  Responsive design for websites,  Free but powerful desktop calendars,  BlackBerry Messenger app delayed

  28. Software, News & Trivia:  Breaking down an IPv6 address,  Playstation Puppeteer,  BlackBerry Messenger for Android & iOS,  JavaScript improvement envisioned,  Grand Theft Auto V game review

  29. Software, In the Cloud:  Microsoft adds IMAP support to Outlook.com,  ShadowProtect replicates backups in the cloud,  MS Office Web Apps,  Tough questions for your cloud provider (pt. 2),  Cloud failure & the flight to Amazon,  Google overhauls its search engine Hummingbird

  30. Software, General Tools:  Migrating from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice,  LiquidPlanner project management tool,  Piggydb for textual content,  Flowcharting applications,  Quip mobile word processor,  Compose accurate documents w/ writeLaTex,  Mac Mail vs. Microsoft OUtlook,  IBM SmartCloud Docs & Notes and Sametime 9,  Graphical boot loader,  Impressive typography designs,  Cataloging apps,  Installable (software) keyboards for smartphones & tablets,  Markup Validation Service for websites, thanks, Juan

  31. Software, Browsers:  Chrome beta for Android review,  IE11 for Windows 7 preview,  Free alternative web browsers for Windows,  Customize Chrome w/extensions

  32. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Apple’s battle for relevance,  How to print to a non-AirPrint printer w/ iOS,  Mac mini transition week 2,  Microsoft untethers OneNote updates for iOS from Windows PCs,  Leaks & rumors about 9/10/13 Apple event,  Why Apple suddenly needs Google again,  Highlights fm Apple’s iPhone event,  Apple’s Touch ID doesn’t match enterprise security’s fingerprint,  Is Apple’s Touch ID a game changer?,  Do Touch ID security advantages outweigh risks?  Touch ID fact sheet,  6 reasons why you should not immediately upgrade to iOS7,  Reviews for iPhone 5S, 5c, & iOS7 are in:  The good, the bad, and the ugly,  Ways to improve iPhone battery life,  Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 w/ lock screen bypass fixes,  Security improvements in iOS7

  33. Software, Apple, Apps:  RSS reader for Macs, thanks, Ed,  Mynd Calendar,  Use iFreeRDP to access a remote PC,  iPhone photo apps challenge the pros (ad), thanks, Juan,  Remote PC access fm iPad,  Top business apps

  34. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Apple releases iOS7,  OS X Mavericks fact sheet,  7 things I wish iOS7 could do,  Fact Sheet for iOS7,  New iOS7 features,  iOS7 roundup,  Get ready to support iOS7,  What’s right (and wrong) w/ iOS7,  Reasons why you shouldn’t immediately upgrade to iOS7,  iOS7 walkthrough,  The 1st 24 hours w/ iOS7

  35. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Adding fonts to the command prompt,  Developers gripe about the new release procedures,  Why is MS so secretive about 8.1?,  MS expands free Windows & Office evaluation packages,  MS to launch new Surfaces on Sept 23,  Why all the errors in MS updates lately?  IE11 for Windows 7 preview,  MS enlarges roaming limit for Win 8 devices from 5 to 81 for Win Store apps

  36. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Compressing archive files in Windows,  Reboot Restore Rx,  Parallels Access makes Windows & Mac software for iPad,  Carry winPenPack on your USB drive,  Apps for note taking & organization,  GestureWorks Gameplay add customizable touch controls to Windows 8 tablets,  Robocopy file copier, thanks, Ed,  MS Richcopy file copier, thanks Chuck

  37. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  The Windows ecosystem is more diverse than you think

    Windows XP: No XP support after April 2014,  The coming XPocalypse and 5 things MS can do to prevent it,  Let Win XP die w/ dignity,  Upgrading a dog-slow XP box to Win 8

    Windows 7: Win 7 gadgets that gather system information

    Windows 8: Proposed touch gestures for tablets & laptops,  Compensate for missing Network Map,  Reliability Monitor,  No-reformat reinstall,  System Restore as a recovery tool,  Start8 returns start menu, thanks, Ed,  How to disable the Password Reveal Button,  Win 8 hits & misses after a year,  Change how long the boot menu displays

    Windows 8.1: RTMed on Aug 23, but gold bits withheld until Oct 18,  Preview upcoming changes,  MS relented & released gold bits to subscribers,  Changes in the RTM release,  Pricing starts at $119.99,  2 great features in File Explorer

    Windows Phone 8: GDR2 updates are rolling out,  Getting started

    Windows RT: Phablets are Windows RT’s future

  38. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Office 2003 soon to lose support

    Word: Add Speak (or any command) to the Quick Access Bar (i.e., ribbon),  Share custom Word building blocks w/ anyone

    Excel: Use Data Validation to display data entry tips for users,  Benefits of helper columns,  Use conditional formatting to highlight weekends,  Best new features in Excel 2013

    Outlook: Quick custom folder sorting

    PowerPoint:  Use artistic effects to create backgrounds

  39. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google lowers search-results position for sites not smartphone friendly,  Google Play game services

  40. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Adding alternate email addresses for calendar scheduling

  41. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Google readies Android ‘KitKat’,  MIT App Inventor is a great way to introduce kids to Android,  Taking Android fragmentation to the next level,  Make the most of your home screen,  Extra level of security for Android phones,  Tips to speed up Android tablets

  42. Software, Google, Apps:  Google Apps Status Dashboard, thanks Tio,  Google Keep notepad w/ voice transcription,  Free email clients for Android,  Olive Office for Android,  Android batch uninstaller,  Business calendar,  Google Chrome Packaged Apps

  43. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Nginx web server goes commercial w/ Nginx+,  Migrating from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice,  LibreOffice 4.1,  Linux developers look for new blood,  PostgresSQL open-source database has a new release,  Linux guy contemplates buying a Mac

  44. Software, Open-source, Apps:  Krusader file manager

  45. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  The basics of sudo,  Why Linux is the future of gaming,  Intel: The year of the Linux desktop is here,  SteamOS, the Linux for games, is coming

    Ubuntu: Ubuntu Touch and OS convergence,  Fact sheet: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander),  Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 1 preview: Mir, Unity7, kernel 3.11,  Install Google Web fonts in Ubuntu w/ TypeCatcher,  Ubuntu 13.10 final beta

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