Web News for November, 2013

  1. Issues, Trends:  GNU project celebrates 30 years,  Adoption of Windows 7 outpaces Windows 8,  Israel is creating the next Silicon Valley,  Surface 2 w/LTE debuts on AT&T, Vodafone,  Obamacare’s rough IT day,  Google agrees to sign BAA for HIPAA compliance,  Dell gets serious about tablets & 2-in-1s,  4G LTE coverage for largest US cities,  Amazon dominates the IaaS market,  Microsoft’s Ballmer gets docked for Windows8, Surface RT,  Twitter files for $1B IPO,  Twitter IPO details,  Tom Clancy dies at 66,  Data center trends,  Government admits to design flaws in healthcare.gov,  Google’s Schmidt says Google Now approach could go enterprise,  BlackBerry execs pitch, “Here to stay.”,  Microsoft&rsquo ;s new mission statement,  Are bitcoins the future of money?,  Chrome browser beefs up security,  Skype updates for Android & iOS,  Android vendors play fast and loose w/ benchmarks,  600 ways that 3D printing is changing the world,  HP target commercial PC growth in Lenovo dogfight,  Google promises $100s of million to fund tech to extend human lifespan,  Nobel Prize for multi-scale computer models of chemical reactions,  Best Buy launches trade-in program for Microsoft Surface,  Are touchable holograms on the way?  Cash ATM withdrawals with a smartphone,  Rumors of iPhone 6 and smaller MacBook,  Yahoo Mail redesign backfires,  Carbyne is the new strongest material,  Lockheed Martin moves 3D printing to the production line

  2. Issues, Great Ideas:  Tablets can augment physical reality,  Proposed Batthead AA batteries to be Bluetooth or motion controlled,  Merry-go-round power generator,  Disney tech lets users feel 3D objects on tactile flat screens,  Sensors on dogs could monitor owner’s well being

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  Google Voice number forwarding could be a liability,  Alabama takes aim at spammers, phishers, and purveyors of malware,  Passwords for implants,  Linux is more secure but not invulnerable,  Undetectable hardware trojans,  Facial recognition SW can track you offline,  BYOD is like inviting your boss into your house when you’re not home,  National Computer Forensics Institute,  Device tracking by web sites can be a good thing,  How to stop Google from using your name in ads,  A tricky Microsoft phishing scam,  USB Security Suite,  NSA has a spam problem (humorous)

  4. Philosopical issues:  What MS Surface2 tells us about devices, services, & the future of Microsoft,  Could Microsoft really die?  How tech’s giants lost the tablet & smartphone war,  Why generation Y needs a smartphone intervention,  Step away from the gadgets and nobody will get hurt,  Making a mistake does not make you an idiot,  How social media can impact your life,  What if Facebook stole your identity?  Deal with it: Tablets are here to stay,  Could Windows Phone Blue be the next MS tablet OS?  Could I use a 64-bit iPad 5 or a Surface 2 as my main work computer?  Book review:  Breakpoint, is the internet really a brain?  Top SEAL pushes for Iron Man suit,  The company spammers and phishers hate,  Should parents spy on their kids?

  5. International issues:  All 3 UK 4G carriers supported by newest iPhones,  Israel is creating the next Silicon Valley,  Business analytics outsourcing to India gains momentum,  What does India think about Apple vs. Android?

  6. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Kepler finds clouds on extrasolar planet

  7. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  Astronaut Scott Carpenter dies at 88

  8. Entertainment, Photo galleries:  Fascinating tech projects crowdfunding has made possible,  NASA Instagram,  Could I use a 64-bit iPad 5 or a Surface 2 as my main work computer?  Lamborghini Museum tour,  eBee drones capture 3D map of the Matterhorn

  9. Hardware, General:  How to improve battery life for iOS 7 & Android,  On the brink of acceptable battery life in mobile,  Can a smartphone replace your computer?

  10. Hardware, Cracking open:  

    Cracking open Smartphones:  iPhone 5C:  Photos & Analysis

  11. Hardware, Table computers:  Kindle Fire HDX is serious competition for iPad mini,  Adrian’s expectations for the upcoming iPad 5

  12. Hardware, Laptops:  Is a MacBook Pro really more expensive than a Dell Latitude?  HP’s new, radical, $279, Apple-killing laptop, thanks, Connie

  13. Hardware, Netbooks:  HP’s $279 Chromebook,  Acer’s 1st Chromebook w/ Haswell for $249,  Another look at the Acer C720 Chromebook

  14. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  Rumored 12” MacBook could be an iPad convertible

  15. Hardware, Tablets:  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) review, Best Android tablets for 10/2013,  A decade of tablets,  What to expect from iPad 5,  Lenovo Miix w/keyboard folio

  16. Hardware, Phablets:  Matt reviews Samsung Galaxy Note 3,  Will reviews Galaxy Note 3,  Galaxy Note 3 fact sheet,  Galaxy Note 3 offers plenty of fun,  Vertu Constellation is high-end Android,  Samsung Galaxy Mega review,  BlackBerry Z30 review,  HTC One max,  HTC One max vs. Galaxy Note 3

  17. Hardware, Smartphones:  October’s best Android smartphones,  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One,  Nokia Lumia 1020 review,  Samsung Galaxy Round announcement,  I bought an iPhone 5S, but I returned it the next day

  18. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Sony SmartWatch 2 review,  FiLIP child-tracking smartwatch,  Garmin D2 pilot’s watch

  19. Hardware, Peripherals:  Best iPad and iPad mini keyboards,  Wireless disc-shaped speaker, the Loop,  Wireless ear buds,  Ultimaker 2 3D printer,  LulzBot TAZ 3D printer,  600 ways that 3D printing is changing the world

  20. Hardware, Accessories:  Squeeze charger for iPhones,  Sidecar attaches an iPad to a MacBook

  21. Hardware, Internals:  Toshiba Q Series Pro internal solid-state drive kit for laptop upgrades

  22. Software, General:  Why can’t I move a system image from a BIOS system to UEFI?, Oracle’s licensing rules: common pitfalls

  23. Software, News & Trivia:  Google Apps vs. Office 365,  Myths about VPNs

  24. Software, In the Cloud:  Tools to help migration to Office 365,  Order a 3D print of Norway,  Comparing Google Apps & Office 365,  How cloud accounting increases efficiency and accuracy,   What if Facebook stole your identity?  Quickbooks Online review

  25. Software, General Tools:  Postcard on the Run,  Showpad pro for iPad & Android,  Use Bootstrap to design websites,  Dokuwiki makes your own wiki,  Apps for better note taking,  Graphics design tools (including design your own fonts),  Assassin’s Creed 4 promises an expanded take on naval gaming,  Add-ons for Google Earth,  Tablet apps for social networks,  AccuWeather app for iPhones & Android,  Delete unwanted web accounts

  26. Software, Browsers:  Chrome 31 beta makes web payments easier in Android,  Changes in Chrome browser,  Chrome browser beefs up security,  Resolving Chrome bookmark synchronization issues,  Useful Chrome extensions,  Browser myths

  27. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  iOS7 auto app update feature is dangerous, iOS7’s Airplane mode can be hacked,  For Apple’s new iPad, it’s (r)evolution,  The demise of the independent Apple reseller,  Apple tech is all about fashion (who knew?)  Apple event set for Oct 22: new iPads expected

  28. Software, Apple, Apps:   iPhone eye exams,  NeroKwik photo collector,  World Clock Deluxe,  Get Boxer to handle your iPhone email,  Smart Vision lets online shoppers see what they’ll look like trying on glasses

  29. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Skype updates for Android & iOS,  Lesser-known features in iOS 7

  30. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Delaying Windows upgrades: Do you feel lucky?,  MS adds pricing option to Office Store,  MS launches new remote desktop apps for iOS & Android,  When will Microsoft pull the plug on your version of Windows or Office?

  31. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ConvertXtoDVD burns movies to DVD,   4K Video Downloader saves video/audio from YouTube,  Ping Monitor tracks network & host availability,  Character Map Utility

  32. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Why the Blue Screen of Death no longer plagues Windows users,  Windows Secrets Lounge,  Most useful Win 7 & 8 keyboard shortcuts,  How to bypass the Windows sign-in screen

    Windows XP:  Use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate to Win 8,  6 months & counting

    Windows 8: Windows Easy Transfer,  Restore a Win XP backup in Win 8

    Windows 8.1: Everything you need to know about upgrade options,  Get ready for the upgrade

    Windows Phone 8: Wraps are off the new update

  33. Software, Microsoft, Office:  Problems w/ Office 2013,  Quickoffice: Work w/ MS Office docs from within Google Drive on your tablet,  Susan answers Excel & Word questions

    Excel: Fill-in-the-blank cells,  Best new features in Excel 2013

  34. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google Voice number forwarding could be a liability,  Things you can expect from Google’s next smartphone,  Android vendors play fast and loose w/ benchmarks

  35. Software, Google, Cloud tools:  Sharing Google Drive docs gets easier

  36. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Skype updates for Android & iOS,  Android 4.4 KitKat: What we know so far,  KitKat screenshots

  37. Software, Google, Apps:  Apps to improve Android battery life,  Use CloudMagic to search all your clouds on Android,  Google Web Designer,  Top Android tablet apps

  38. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Linux is more secure but not invulnerable,  Steam Box will bring Linux to the masses,  Ghost blogging platform

  39. Software, Open-source, Apps:  Create a photo slide show w/LibreOffice 4.1

  40. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  

    Ubuntu: Ubuntu 13.10 review,  Ubuntu 13.10 slideshow

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