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Web News for December, 2013

  1. Issues, Trends:  Blockbuster Video closes its last 300 stores,  Volkswagen’s 214 mpg car,  Dallas News remembers JFK,  Black Friday savings are a hoax,  Assassination Market crowdfunds murder,  Google Maps adds airports, train stations, ski slopes,  PC sales fall for last 6 quarters,  Starbucks rides the rails,  Texting & driving,  Europe follows US in easing restrictions on in-flight use of electronic devices,  Man finds $98k in desk bought on Craigslist,  White House will respond to ‘Pardon Snowden’ petition,  Postage stamps w/ scannable QR video messages,  Japanese PM rides in autonomous car,  PiePal orders pizza at a press of a button,  Robo-arm gives super strength,  Social networks your kids are using,  Google to ban all add-ons for Chrome except those from Chrome Web Store,  Feds arrest online arms dealer,  The first 3D-printed metal gun,  Philadelphia bans 3-D printed guns,  Google will use “mystery barges” for training,  NY opens ‘Text Stops’ along state highways,  Facebook replaces its ‘Like’ button,  The first song recorded in outer space (12/2012),  Lady Gaga to sing in space in 2015,  Billboard identifies planes as they fly over,  3-D-printed musical instruments,  Television is having its worst year ever

  2. Issues, Great Ideas:  CT scan + 3D printing = Dinosaur bones,  Ultrasound could replace injections,  Med Helper Pill Reminder,  New algorithm drastically improves hearing aids,  Implantable bio-patch grows bone,  Device converts sign language to text,  MIT develops 3D camera that works in almost complete darkness,  Dual-lens dash cam

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  GitHub resets passwords after rash of attacks,  NSA hits a weak spot,  Burner spoofs your phone number,  Free antivirus programs,  Melt Mail to mask your email address,  LG Smart TVs collect user info w/o permission,  Yahoo promises to encrypt personal data,  CryptoLocker: A particularly pernicious virus,  Swansea police pay $750 to ransom CryptoLocked files,  Stop Google from using you in ads,  FBI says cyber-attacks eclipse terrorism as gravest domestic threat,  Massive Adobe security breach,  How to block annoying Facebook posts,  Gadget to thwart NSA, thanks, Steve,  Malware hits International Space Station,  Researchers use smartphone camera to steal PINs,  iPhone can be hacked while charging,  Activists try to use Utah law to shut down NSA facility,  Las Vegas tests streetlights that can record video & audio,  Neverquest trojan targets online banking,  Bitcoin site hacked for $1M

  4. Legal issues:  Google reaches privacy settlement w/ 37 states,  Authors’ case against Google Books dismissed,  FBI’s 10 most-wanted cyber criminals,  Samsung ordered to pay Apple $290M,  Reagan’s role in NSA’s hacks

  5. Philosopical issues:  Why phones on planes is a bad idea,  High school coach fired for ‘Immoral’ Facebook photo,  A great ancient history site,  About facial recognition technology

  6. Local issues:  Learn a new language while you browse the web

  7. International issues:  Great travel secrets,  Tour Venice,  Japanese PM rides in autonomous car,  Free Wi-Fi spots directory,  Jetman circles Mt. Fuji,  North Korea pirates ‘Angry Birds’,  Chinese bridge wins structural engineering prize,  China tests stealth combat drone

  8. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  NASA may have detected dark matter,  GRAIL studies moon ‘seas’,  An asteroid w/ 6 tails,  Maui Space Surveillance Complex,  GOCE satellite burns up after mission completed,  ESA mission studies Earth’s magnetic field

  9. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  Star in your own animation,  Artist creates amazing photographs,  Tiny quadcopter,  Open a can w/o tools,  One World Trade Center is officially tallest building in Western Hemisphere,  Dr. Who memorabilia up for auction

  10. Entertainment, Photo & Video galleries:  747 stuck at wrong airport,  President Bush paints Jay Leno,  Viral video: newborn twins bathe,  Sculptures that move along the beach,  History in color,  Albuquerque Balloon Festival,  Gratitude,  Siskel & Ebert defended Star Wars,  Betty White gadget commercial,  World’s largest model railroad,  Top 10 movies for techies,  Ohio State Band memorial to Gettysburg address

  11. Hardware, General:  Buy-backs for old hardware,  Transfer files between devices with a touch,  Slingbox, thanks, Allan,  Smartphone sound amplifier,  New Roomba 800 sweeper,  New USB 3.1 plug proposed,  Smartphone-controlled airplane

  12. Hardware, Tablets:  Tablet buyer’s guide,  2nd Gen iPad mini review,  iPad Air vs. iPad Retina Mini

  13. Hardware, Phablets:  Nokia Lumia 1520 w/ giant screen

  14. Hardware, Smartphones:  Things you never knew a smartphone can do,  Smartphone comparisons,  iPhone 5c review,  Nexus 5 vs. Moto X,  Motorola Moto G,  Eric reviews Nexus 5

  15. Hardware, Tiny computers:  Voice control smartwatch,  Raspberry Pi passes 2M mark,  The oscilloscope watch,  Panono throwable camera,  Google Glass to expand features into music,  PiePal orders pizza at a press of a button,  Kano kit w/ Raspberry Pi,  Smartwatch buyer’s guide

  16. Hardware, Game devices:  Facebook game scam,  Xbox One dominates Playstation 4,  XBox One hits stores,  1M Playstation 4’s sold in 1st 24 hours,  Xbox One vs Playstation 4,  Evolution of video-game graphics

  17. Hardware, Peripherals:  Check for bad pixels on your monitor,  Wireless LAN on an SD card,  3D printer under $200,  DIWire 3D wire bender,  NFC-capable earbuds,  Korus wireless speakers,  Tone Ultra headphones

  18. Hardware, Accessories:  Duke invents microwave signal harvester,  Briefcase transforms into cubicle,  New iPhone5s case works with Touch ID

  19. Hardware, Internals:  6TB Helium-filled hard drives use less power

  20. Software, General:  Free holiday wallpaper

  21. Software, News & Trivia:  Panic button for smartphones

  22. Software, In the Cloud:  Download free books,  Find info about anyone in the USA,  Make photos into a pocket album,  Free guitar lessons,  Search sites that aren’t Google,  Free music for Christmas

  23. Software, General Tools:  Free password managers,  Apps to cook like a pro,  Retrieve deleted files,  A handy timer,  Personalize your smartphone,  Photorealistic computer-generated images,  Learn a new language while you browse the web,  Battlefield 4 game review,  Free photo editors

  24. Software, Browsers:  Google’s top 10 hidden features,  What browser am I using?  Google to ban all add-ons for Chrome except those from Chrome Web Store

  25. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  A look inside Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ headquarters,  Essential Mac tricks,  The most expensive places to buy an iPhone

  26. Software, Apple, Apps:  SpyMeSat,  Kayak travel app,  The San Diego Zoo,  Free Mahjong

  27. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Free iOS7 updates for older hardware,  Restoring an iOS6 backup to an iOS7 system

  28. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Kayak travel app

  29. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  

    Windows 7: How to upgrade to Win 8.1

    Windows 8: Customized recovery images

    Windows 8.1: 3D Printer app,  PC Settings gets major makeover

  30. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  95k YouTube users petition to end new comment system

  31. Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Detailed KitKat review

  32. Software, Google, Apps:  Kayak travel app,  The San Diego Zoo,  Free Mahjong

  33. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  482 of the Top500 supercomputers run Linux

  34. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  

    Ubuntu: Ubuntu wants to enable SSD TRIM by default,  Dell’s Project Sputnik

    Linux Mint: Warning about banking w/ Linux Mint

    Debian: MATE to make it into Debian repositories

    Red Hat - Fedora: Red Hat Linux 6.5 delivers precision timing

    SUSE: OpenSUSE 13.1 released

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