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Web News for January, 2014

  1. Issues, Trends:  Sony’s SmartWig,  World’s largest ship,  Utah couple fined for negative review,  Obama not allowed to use an iPhone,  Verizon triples LTE capacity,  The future of military tech,  An electric helicopter,  Private company building lunar lander,  Money-saving promo codes for stores,  Man buys car w/ Bitcoins,  3D-printed jewelry,  Google Glass users fight privacy fears,  NYC announces America’s largest Wi-Fi network,  Tech giants form AllSeen Alliance,  Man fired after using Google auto-complete,  Mobile laser takes out mortar rounds in flight,  DrumPants,  AT&T offers discount to users willing to be tracked,  Google considers chip building,  93% of large companies in UK suffered a security breach this past year,  Free 2014 Calendars,  Obama meets w/ CEOs,  Twitter vengeance,  World’s 1st flapping micro-air-vehicle,  3D-printed loudspeaker,  Tourist walks off pier while checking Facebook,  BNY Mellon outlook for 2014,  Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will feature 105” curved UHD TVs,  UN votes to respect so-called right to privacy,  thanks, Steve,  Facial recognition technology,  Cause of aging reversed in mice,  Gbps internet over phone lines is coming,  USA to issue cedula-like ID card 

  2. Great Ideas: New material may make chips faster,  LED-embedded carpets to replace signs,  Computer games may slow mental aging in seniors,  Mind-machine interface,  Foldable plastic lenses for giant space telescopes,  Pleasant-smelling mosquito control,  Micro-laser-sintering tech to 3D print tiny metal parts,  eTriage disaster armband,  Orally delivered insulin in the works,  Ultrasonic windshield wipers,  Alan Turing gets royal pardon 

  3. Security/Privacy issues: ATM skimmers,   NSA tracks cellphone locations,  Malwarebytes is a good antivirus program,  Holiday tech mistakes,  Good password advice,  Recover your lost or stolen tech gear,  Maximize Facebook privacy,  Facebook scams to avoid,  D-Link router back door found,  Staying safe on public Wi-Fi,  Hacker describes how to hijack a flying drone,  Homeland Security seizes more than 700 websites on Cyber Monday,  NRO has a new logo,,,  Pony Botnet Controller steals passwords,  Tips for stronger passwords, thanks, Helen,  Facebook privacy changes,  8 Tech giants call on US to restrict online spying, thanks, Steve,  How to set up 2-step authentication,  NSA hires 15-year-olds,  Pre-encryption makes cloud-based storage safer,  Privacy tools in Android 4.3+,  Free security suite,  Facebook phishing via Tumblr redirects,  Delegates hacked w/ nude pictures of French president’s wife,  Cool new Gmail feature has a scary downside,  Discovery Channel documentary on NSA and its predecessors,  CBS News visits NSA and describes Snowden's damage,  Former Top NSA official says, “We are now in a police state.”,  Review says NSA snooping program should stay,  Facebook’s Donate-Now button saves your credit-card number,  What is a botnet?,  Spybot free antispyware,  Microsoft password guesser,  How thieves steal your identity,  Data miners sell lists of of rape victims & cops’ home addresses,  Using computer noises to crack passwords,  How Target was hacked,  USA to issue cedula-like ID card 

  4. Legal issues: The FBI’s search for ‘Mo’,  Can software be patented?,  Preliminary injunction granted against NSA phone record collection,  Android flashlight app developer settles charges it tracked users,  White House denies amnesty for Snowden,  Snowden seeks asylum in Brazil,  California to introduce 1st ‘smartphone killswitch’ bill 

  5. Philosopical issues: Truth about extended warranties,  Snowden claims NSA would use porn site visits to discredit terrorists,  Will your next phone have no screen?,  Is the future of wearable computers smartwatches or Google Glass?  The future of military tech,  Good and bad things about online banking 

  6. International issues: Libya adopts sharia law,  Italy’s highest court rules election law unconstitutional,  Snowden seeks asylum in Brazil,  US owes India apology over strip-search of diplomat,  Nigeria shows off its 1st drone 

  7. Interplanetary issues & beyond: Kepler may return to work,  Indian Mars mission,  SpaceX first geostationary transfer mission,  China lands Jade Rabbit on the moon,  Private company building lunar lander,  Robonaut 2 gets legs,  Pictures from Juno probe,  Crisis on the ISS?  NASA guide to 2014 meteor showers,  Space highlights of 2013 

  8. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests: 42k Free ebooks,  US Navy launches drone from submerged submarine,  Origami-inspired solar array for space,  Smartphone-controlled paper airplane,  Huge reserves of freshwater lie beneath the ocean floor,  This candy can prevent cavities,  UAV can sense & avoid aircraft,  Southwest Airlines flights gather weather data 

  9. Entertainment, Galleries: Origins of holiday traditions,  Great Grand Canyon photos,  USAF band Christmas flash mob,  Rockefeller Center tree lights up for Christmas,  Earth from the Space Station,  Great National Geographic photos,  Interesting church architecture,  Helicopter harvests Christmas trees,  Baby takes 1st selfie,  Great views of 27 cities, thanks, Connie,  Snowboarding crow,  Dash cam videos,  Time lapse video collection,  Optical illusion,  Listen to Old Time Radio,  Interactive Moto X ad in Jan Wired Magazine,  Listen to the top 100 speeches,  The most beautiful books in existence,  The first song performed in space,  The Earthrise photo,  The coolest cube,  Teaching a puppy to howl,  Global wind map 

  10. Hardware, General: Bluetooth Gramophone,  Tricks for faster mobile typing,  How to listen for a broken hard drive (skip the Carbonite commercial),  MIT’s WiTrack system tracks motion through walls,  Streaming-video gadgets compared,  Streaming-video gadgets explained,  Sell your old tech gear,  Samsung smart TVs controlled w/ a wag of your finger 

  11. Hardware, All-In-Ones: Xentex Flip-Pad,  Acer Aspire Z3-600 portable,  LG Chromebase 

  12. Hardware, Desktops: $3-12k Mac Pro,  New Mac Pro released 

  13. Hardware, Laptops: Best laptops of 2013 

  14. Hardware, Netbooks: Acer C720 adds touchscreen 

  15. Hardware, Tablets: Tablet tricks,  Tablet quick-start guide 

  16. Hardware, Phablets: HTC One max review 

  17. Hardware, eBook Readers: 42k Free ebooks,  2013 eReader comparison Guide 

  18. Hardware, Smartphones: 10 must-have features,   Nexus 5 vs. Galaxy S4,  Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s,  The fascinating story of the iPhone,  Things to do with your smartphone 

  19. Hardware, Tiny computers: Neptune Pine smartwatch, Toq smartwatch,  Microsoft Smart Bra,  Smarty ring,  Echo smartwatch for runners,  Will reviews Google Glass, Will’s follow-up review of GG,  New Google Glass features,  World’s 1st flapping micro-air-vehicle,  Toq smartwatch 

  20. Hardware, Game devices: 2013 Game console comparison guide,  Kim’s game console guide,  1st 3k gaming notebook,  Steam Machines,  Hands-on look at MS Xbox One,  Gizmag’s 2013 Games of the year 

  21. Hardware, Peripherals: Tiny 32GB flash drive w/ USB2.0 and micro-USB connectors,  Premium headphones,  3D metal printer for under $1,500,  MIT’s new TOF camera,  Multicolor 3D printer,  USB Type-C connector,  Hand-held 3D printer for surgeons,  3D food printer,  Bluetooth speaker,  Stealthy, wireless charging for iPhone,  Micro-laser-sintering tech to 3D print tiny metal parts,  Ultrawide LG monitors,  Samsung game controller,  smartphone-controlled 50lb lifter,  3D Printer comparison guide 

  22. Hardware, Accessories: FotoPro Master Kit for iPhone 5,  iPhone 5 bike mount,  iPhone wallet w/ credit card drawer,  SnooperScope night-vision for Android & Apple smartphones  

  23. Software, General: Holiday tech mistakes,  Spotify hands analytics data to artists,  Easily share files,  Top keyboard shorcuts  

  24. Software, News & Trivia: Patient Zero game’s next installment,  Goji Play exergaming 

  25. Software, In the Cloud: More options for Office 365 Home Premium,  The real-cost-of-credit calculator,  Google Cloud Print 

  26. Software, General Tools: Malwarebytes antivirus,  Historical Software Collection,  Free apps for smartphones or tablets,  The Old Farmer’s Almanac,  ETH Zurich 3-D camera app for smartphones,  Algorithm lets quadcopters fly w/ 3 or less props,  Real-time flight updates,  Send & receive free texts,  Programs to explore the universe,  Free fonts,  Create photo mosaics,  Download a million free books,  Boxcryptor: free cloud encryption 

  27. Software, Browsers: CleanPrint Chrome extension saves paper & inkGoogle search tricks 

  28. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: Taking pictures w/ iPhone,  Problems w/ fingerprint sensor,  The fascinating story of the iPhone,  How to jailbreak iOS7,  Setting up your iPhone or iPad 

  29. Software, Apple, Apps: Daily Bible reading,  Dragon Go! search w/voice,  Edit photos on smartphone,  InstaWeather,  Word Search Colorful game,  Scan barcode & QR codes to get prices of items,  Best iOS games of 2013,  Load your smartphone w/ coupons,  iHandy Carpenter,  EasyMeasure,  Metal Detector,  iCanSee magnifier,  SoundHound music recognizer,  Instant heart rate,  Hello Vino - Wine Assistant,  Smartphone photo editor,  Kindle app,  Google Earth 

  30. Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS7 security improvements

  31. Software, Microsoft, Apps: WinDirStat,  Photo-file manager,  Sticky Notes,  Edit photos on smartphone,  Free security suite,  InstaWeather,  Shadow Explorer restores lost or damaged files,  Scan barcode & QR codes to get prices of items,  Check for bad pixels on your LCD monitor,  Teracopy,  Kindle app 

  32. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: Edit QuickTime files in Windows 

    Windows XP: Securing XP PCs after MS drops support 

    Windows 8.1: ‘PC Settings’ gets a major makeover,  How to get an ISO copy 
  33. Software, Microsoft, Office: More options for Office 365 Home Premium 

    Word: Free templates 

  34. Software, Google, General News & Trivia: Google Play standardized for 2 tablets 
  35. Software, Google, Operating Systems: Privacy tools in Android 4.3+,  Android highlights of 2013 

  36. Software, Google, Apps: Daily Bible reading, Dragon Mobile Assistant, voice search,  Edit photos on smartphone,  InstaWeather,  Word Search Colorful game,  Scan barcode & QR codes to get prices of items,  Monitor and control app permissions,  Load your smartphone w/ coupons,  Smart Measure,  iHandy Carpenter,  Metal Detector,  Your Magnifier,  SoundHound music recognizer,  Instant heart rate,  Hello Vino - Wine Assistant,  Smartphone photo editor,  Kindle app,  Google Earth 

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