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Web News for February, 2014

  1. Issues, Trends:  Heads-up display for cars,  NBC’s tech predictions for 2014,  US falls behind in broadband service,  Apple changed marketing strategy,  Apple CEO docks himself $4M,  Google’s chairman predicts a good tech year for 2014,  Google Glass making waves in medical world,  A display-centric world,  Smartphone driving assistant,  Wearable computers,  Screens that curve, bend, and flex,  The year in science 2013,  3D printer that prints itself,  Who are the smartest smartphone users?  NY Times year-in-review,  Who is responsible for Facebook’s upward trend?  Babies riding Roombas,  Eye-tracking comes to gaming,  Microsoft to introduce PC Plus devices at CES,  LG rumored to be developing smartphone fingerprint scanner,  People trust IRS & NSA more than Facebook & Google,  CES 2014 preview,  What happens in an internet minute?  GM to put blazing-fast internet in cars,  3D-printed parts in fighter jets,  Hyundai will make a car w/ Google-Glass interface,  LG unveils flexible TV,  Bike navigation device,  Display internet content “in air” in front of TV,  Digital music sales decline for the 1st time ever in 2013,  Open-source trends for 2014,  Michael Huseby is new Barnes & Noble CEO,  AirTouch by PointGrab,  White-hat hacker reported to police,  Rock band upstaged by 11-year-old,  Kim’s best tech trends at CES 2014,  Kim’s predictions for 2014,  Smart car predicts traffic-light changes,  Barnes & Noble Nook is in trouble,  Google acquires Nest,  Microsoft working on “Threshold” (Windows 9?),  Many retailers hit by cyber attacks during Christmas-shopping season,  Apple devices flow into corporate world,  Skype’s incredible rise, in One Image,  Young people fleeing Facebook,  Spotify lifts limit on free music streaming,  America’s coming geek gap,  Intel cutting workforce as PC growth slows,  Anticipatory shipping patent,  3D-printed fetuses,  3D-printed prostheses,  The world’s biggest Bitcoin database,  Intel TV sold to Verizon,  Pope Francis says the internet is a “gift from God”,  Google Glass goes X-rated,  Google Glass can help firefighters,  The Mac turns 30,  Microsoft bounces back in Q2 w/ Surface revenue,  Facebook takes on Princeton

  2. Issues/Great Ideas:  A way to end credit-card fraud,  Smartphone glass that kills microbes on contact,  Corning antimicrobial glass,  Google Glass w/ prescription lenses,  Car-care videos,  Nanoparticle breakthrough could shrink digital storage,  Ultra-thin, flexible circuit,  Wireless power transfer over longer distances w/ superlens,  3D-printed EEG headset,  Smartphone thermal imaging,  Aerial drones to help protect rhinos,  Leddar uses LEDs to detect and track objects,  Digital-positioning shoes track firefighters,  Glucose-monitoring smart contact lens,  SeeThru smart glasses have no camera,  Mask nudges you awake w/ fake sunrise,  Markerless Augmented-Reality (AR) system, watch the movie,  Eye-tracking tech,  Strontium-lattice clock gains or loses 1 sec in 5 billion years,  ‘Fastest ever’ broadband at 1.4 terabits/sec  

  3. Security/Privacy issues:  Kim’s privacy tips,  Things learned from social media this year,  Snapchat hacked,  NSA seeks to build quantum computer to crack codes,  Kim’s threats to avoid for 2014,  NSA’s top-secret TAO hacking unit,  Blocking annoying posts on Facebook,  US Govt summary of breaches affecting 500+ individuals,  Malicious ads served via Yahoo,  Glenn Greenwald promises a lot more Snowden NSA documents,  Name Tag app for Google Glass,  NSA views privacy as damage and routes around it,  OpenSUSE forums defaced,  Target-breach affects up from 70M to 110M people,  Track down your lost or stolen computer,  Flashfake trojan is back to attack Macs,  Syrian hackers penetrate Microsoft Twitter accounts,  Google+ allows strangers to email you,  Brazilian hacker creates Twitter-like app shielded from NSA,  thanks, Steve,  Iris scanner may replace passwords,  Yet another Snowden leak of our national secrets,  Worst passwords of 2013, thanks, Helen,  Obama on digital spying,  Chrome bug lets anyone hear private conversations,  Kim’s list of who’s spying on you,  Assad’s Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacks CNN  

  4. Legal issues:  Judge rules that NSA collection of phone metadata is legal,  Judge upholds no-warrant search of personal electronics at the border,  Court rules online consumer reviewers must be identified,  Kim’s help w/ income taxes,  Court rules internet providers can sell faster web pathways,  What if the Supreme Court chooses Aereo over big TV?  Online-shopping-cart patent kicked out by the Supreme Court,  Workers can sue Apple, Google, & others,  Apple ordered to refund $32.5M & change billing practices,  Boston Univ wins patent settlements over blue LEDs,  Anticipatory shipping patent,  Reform of abusive patent litigation,  App maker trademarks the word “Candy” 

  5. Philosopical issues:  Snowden sometimes rational, sometimes hysterical,  Kim’s best money tips of 2013,  How our calendar came about,  What HDTV should you buy?  Does Google Glass make you more (or less) connected w/ your surroundings?  Who are the smartest smartphone users?  Tech products predicted to be obsolete in 5 years,  Michigan Tech looks for time travelers,  Google establishes Open Automotive Alliance to get Android into cars,  Intel’s wearable tech vision,  Dumb social media mistakes to avoid,  Shocking facts about McDonald’s,  The Internet-of-Things outlook for 2014,  Learning-by-doing  for web programming,  NSA devises radio pathway into computers not connected to web,  Kim’s digital-life checklist,  Avoid eye-strain and other tech health problems,  Will we wear computers in the future?  Technology’s next-big-thing is almost here,  Facebook may have peaked,  Cities hide things in fake houses,  Foods to avoid,  Google Glass can help firefighters,  Bill Gates publishes annual letter (use the top-of-page menu),  Tech companies that will define 2014  

  6. Local issues:  Things expats should know about recent immigration rumors,  thanks, Connie,  ShipHawk compares shipping companies  

  7. International issues:  Apple inks China mobile deal,  Peru’s solar power for the poor,  The biggest fireworks shell ever from Japan,  IMF warns western debt exceeds 200 year high,  Vietnamese malware spies on dissidents and press,  Map of world’s most photographed places,  Ukrainian govt uses text msgs to warn protesters,  Hacker Guccifer arrested in Romania,  Italy promotes open-source software in procurements,  The world’s tallest water slide,  Assad’s Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacks CNN  

  8. Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Lasers work in space,  Cloudy weather on Earth-like planet,  Applicant pool for Mars colonists reduced to 1058,  Asteroid detected before Earth-strike,  SpaceX launches 2nd satellite,  1st X-class solar flare of 2014,  NASA’S NEOWISE discovers near-Earth asteroid,  ISS extended to 2024,  Cygnus/Antares ISS supply mission launched,  Pictures of exoplanet Beta Pictoris b,  SpaceShipTwo sets records,  ESA waits for signal from Rosetta comet probe,  Rosetta probe phones home  

  9. Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  A history of the WWW,  Top aeronautical stories of 2013,  Brit rides tricycle to South Pole,  Modern innovations that are older than you think,  Curiosity Rover available in Lego form,  The selfie olympics,  Letterman’s top ten CES products,  What does the computer code in movies actually mean?,  SimCity update allows offline play,  Human-piloted racing robot 

  10. Entertainment, Galleries:  What it means to be a parent,  Reuters pictures-of-the-year 2013,  Free classical music downloads,  More free classical music,  Free music from Amazon,  Sundance movie-screening room,  YouTube movies,  Crackle entertainment,  Archive free feature films,  The big-5-glories free films,  Viewster free films,  Listen to a movie,  The internet’s 1st photo,  Viking river cruises,  Check which shows are streaming online,  Google Play gives away 2013 top albums & singles,  Free audio books,  The science of chocolate,  Watching paint explode,  National Geographic historical photos,  Texting-while-driving crash,  Old Chevy vs. new Chevy crash test,  Classic cartoons,  Egg-cam view of penguin colony,  Super Bowl ad, slow clap,  Conference call spoof  

  11. Hardware, General:  New LG products for CES,  Cambridge Audio additions for CES,  Connected objects head to CES,  Kim’s list of flawed routers,  Microsoft to introduce PC Plus devices at CES,  Bike navigation device, launches home & family monitor,  Garmin Dash Cam HD,  Whirlpool’s kitchen of the future,  Speed up your old PC w/ Kim’s help,  Bass guitar fm Commodore 64,  Sony 4K Handycam,  Sub-$500 Drone carries a GoPro,  Moment smartphone camera lenses,  Build your own Wi-Fi connected thermostat,  Kim’s guide to buying electronics,  Hershey to print 3D chocolates,  Kim’s helpful rundown on light bulbs,  Tiny bio-bots (powered by heart cells) swim like sperm,  WunderBar brings the Internet-of-Things closer,  Newest Roomba cleans up  

  12. Hardware, Table computers:  Ideum 4K tables,  Lenovo Horizon 2

  13. Hardware, Smart TVs:  LG unveils flexible TV,  Samsung’s bendable TV,  85” 8K 3D TV offers 7680 x 4320 rez,  Panasonic & Mozilla to bring Firefox OS to smart TVs,  Roku TVs debut at CES,  Polaroid & Vizio 50” 4K TVs under $1k  

  14. Hardware, All-In-Ones:   Acer boxes w/ Jelly Bean,  ICE  xPC modular  

  15. Hardware, Desktops:  CompuLab Intense PC2  

  16. Hardware, Netbooks:  Toshiba 13” Chromebook  

  17. Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ASUS Transformer Book Duet  

  18. Hardware, Tablets:  Kurio kids tablet,  Fuhu DreamTab for kids,  Panasonic Toughpads,  3 new versions of Galaxy Tab,  Galaxy NotePro,  Lenovo ThinkPad 8,  Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 vs. iPad Air,  1st Firefox OS tablet,  Will reviews LG G Pad 8.3,  How to root the 7” Kindle Fire HDX,  Will reviews Kindle Fire HDX 8.9”  

  19. Hardware, Phablets:  Lenovo Vibe Z,  20M phablets shipped in 2013  

  20. Hardware, eBook Readers:  Barnes & Noble Nook is in trouble  

  21. Hardware, Smartphones:  Things you never knew your smartphone could do,  Smartphone driving assistant,  LG rumored to be developing smartphone fingerprint scanner,  LG G Flex curved screen phone,  Eric’s hands-on w/ LG G Flex,  Cat rugged smartphone,  Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature eye scanner,  Jolla smartphone is almost ready,  1st Ubuntu Touch phones to launch next year,  Encrypted Blackphone,  thanks, Steve,  Kurio smartphone for kids,  Phone storage compared  

  22. Hardware, Tiny computers:  EmoSPARK AI console,  Will reviews Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0,  Turn Raspberry Pi into a home entertainment hub,  Raspberry Pi update, Computer in a contact lens,  Hyundai will make a car w/ Google-Glass interface,  Pebble Steel smartwatch gets a makeover, Hands on w/ Pebble Steel,  Pebble Steel vs. Galaxy Gear,  Google Glass w/ prescription lenses,  Neptune Pine smartwatch,  Edison, SD-card-sized computer,  Martian Notifier watch,  Epson announces 2nd gen smart glasses,  Kiwi Move uses “when/do” statements, (watch the movie),  Pivothead sunglasses,  M100 Smart Glasses w/ voice recognition,  SeeThru smart glasses have no camera,  VTech Smartwatch for kids,  Google Glass can help firefighters  

  23. Hardware, Game devices:  Eye-tracking comes to gaming,  Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” prototype,  GameBuddy streamer,  Microsoft paying for Xbox One mentions,  Hands-on look at the new Xbox One  

  24. Hardware, Peripherals:  Virtual-retinal-display headset,  Pocket Photo 2 printer,  One-handed keyboard, 1TB Spherical HDD,  sub$1k 3D printer,  Display internet content “in air” in front of TV,  Lenovo 4K displays,  New 3D printers at CES,  Heat vision for smartphones,  Bluetooth floating speaker,  Portable Bluetooth speaker,  Clear speaker is invisible,  WRT1900AC router,  Chefjet 3D food printer,  Sony 4K ultra-short-throw projector,  AirTouch by PointGrab,  Affordable high-res 3D scanner,  How to clean your keyboard,  Fin thumb ring for gesture control,  Cricut Explore draws & cuts,  Smart mirrors,  3D laser printer  

  25. Hardware, Accessories:  Smartphone breathalyzer,  PowerFlask phone charger,  Power Pillow charger,  Wireless charging system,  Bluetooth cassette links MP3 players to old-car audio,  N3RD switch controlled by smartphone,  Fast-charging docking station for 6 devices,  ARK wireless smartphone charger  

  26. Hardware, Internals:  MRAM:  a new type of memory,  Nvidia chip has 192-core GPU,  Intel puts new chip plant on hold,  Who makes the best disc drives?  

  27. Software, General:   Kim’s free money management tools,  Facial recognition tech,  Kim-recommended apps for smartphone or tablet   

  28. Software, News & Trivia:  Kim’s top freebies of 2013,  Panasonic & Mozilla to bring Firefox OS to smart TVs,  Teen sexter convicted for child porn,  China creates own OS,  New object-recognition algorithm learns,  Markerless Augmented-Reality (AR) system, watch the movie  

  29. Software, In the Cloud:  Netflix adds 26 new popular movies,  Your free credit score,  Tackling cancer in the cloud,  Pick your book to read next,  Spotify lifts limit on free music streaming,  Try Spotify,  Free printable templates,  Addy, the address mapper,  Can I stream it?,  MS adds options to Office 365 Home Premium,  Cometdocs converts to/from PDFs,  Punchbowl party planning,  The Cloud 5 

  30. Software, General Tools:  Network speed test (download),  Evernote organizes your life, thanks, Sandra,  Kim’s top downloads of 2013,  Free printable calendars,  Digitize paper records & photos,  Kim’s best weather-checking apps,  Calendar & reminder apps,  Car-care videos,  Open Yahtzee,  Free CutePDF Writer,  Custom Facebook covers  

  31. Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Free iTunes downloads,  Humorous Siri screens,  Apple CEO says, “We have great things we are working on”,  Apple reportedly working on a larger iPhone 6 and an iPhone phablet,  The Mac turns 30  

  32. Software, Apple, Apps:  Star Chart,  Flipboard Social News,  Cocktail mixing guide,  Find my iPhone,  Free jokes,  mysms Messenger free messaging service,  Find constellations w/ your phone,  Online privacy shield,  Fotor photo editor,  Free Audiobooks,  iCloud Keychain,  Belly consolidates loyalty cards,  New app for kids encourages plastic surgery,  Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama,  Remove metadata from shared photos,  Camera360 Ultimate for pro quality photos,  Encrypt your smartphone for $10/mo,  Lookout security for smartphones  

  33. Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Great Santa drawing w/ MS Paint,  Microsoft CEO search bogs down,  Microsoft bounces back in Q2 w/ Surface revenue

  34. Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Clear out dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks,  Fotor photo editor,  John’s background switcher,  Camera360 Ultimate for pro quality photos  

  35. Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Microsoft working on “Threshold” (Windows 9?)  

    Windows XP:  Switch from XP to open-source,  Kim’s advice on XP “end of life”,  MS patches XP for possibly the last time,  Anti-malware updates will stop in July 2015,  Securing XP-PCs after MS drops support  

    Windows 7:  HP discounts Windows 7 PCs  

    Windows 8.1:  Update images pop up online,  New 8.1 how-to guide  

  36. Software, Microsoft, Office:  MS adds options to Office 365 Home Premium

    Excel:   Free templates

  37. Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Name Tag app for Google Glass  
  38. Software, Google, Operating Systems:  Getting the most battery life from Android devices  

  39. Software, Google, Apps:  Top Android apps of 2013,  Star Chart,  Flipboard Social News,  Cocktail mixing guide,  Free jokes,  Free SMS text messaging,  Find constellations w/ your phone,  Online privacy shield,  Fotor photo editor,  Free Audiobooks,  Belly consolidates loyalty cards,  DriveSafe for Google Glass alerts drivers of drowsiness,  Remove metadata from shared photos,  Camera360 Ultimate for pro quality photos,  Encrypt your smartphone for $10/mo,  Lookout security for smartphones  

  40. Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  How to move files in Linux,  The most popular Linux stories of 2013,  Linux distros storing Wi-Fi passwords in plain text,  Linux publications,  Microsoft releases Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V,  To-The-Moon game headed to Linux,  Open-source trends for 2014,  22-year-old privilege escalation bug,  Using OpenStreetMap to respond to disasters,  Interview w/ GNOME designer, AllanDay,  What makes an open-source project successful?  Interview w/ game designer Lauren Egts,  OpenBSD rescued by $20K bitcoin donation,  Italy promotes open-source software in procurements

  41. Software,Open-source, Apps:  Use Bcache to soup up your SATA drives,  AllPlay is open-source AirPlay,  Nmon performance monitor,  What’s the best Linux music player? 

  42. Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Many improvements in Linux 3.13 kernel,  Linux kernel 3.13 released  

    Ubuntu:  Install Indicator Synapse in Ubuntu 13.10,  What to expect in 2014,  Built-in Pirate Bay torrent search,  Canonical boosts revenue but doubles losses  

    Linux Mint:  Install SimpleScreenRecorder in LM 16

  43. Arch Linux:  MATE desktop is now officially available  

    Debian:  Debian leaning toward Systemd over Upstart  

    Red Hat - Fedora:  Focus shifting to cloud computing,  Red Hat and CentOS join forces,  Naming practices change  

    Korora:  It’s like Fedora, but better,  Korora 20 better than expected  

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