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Web News for March, 2014

Trends:  Kim’s breaking tech news,  Buyer beware: that iPad might be a flooring tile,  23-year-old beats Bill Gates in chess in 1 min 19sec,  Android grows as  iOS sags worldwide,  Samsung “Galaxy Glass”,  Bitcoin exchange CEO arrested for money laundering,  Man runs into burning house to save his Xbox,  Snowdon nominated for Nobel Prize,  4k+ players battle in Eve Online,  Angry-Birds website defaced by anti-NSA hacker,  Retailers use heat to track shoppers,  Insect nervous system copied to boost computing power,  Sodastream Super-bowl ad edited for last line, Oxfam loses Johensson over Sodastream Ad,  Google is porting Chrome apps to Android and iOS,  Business concludes it’s cheaper to buy new computers than to continue w/ IE7,  Obama proposes 6 new tech hubs,  Kim’s review of new internet protocols,  Chinese Lenovo buys Google’s Motorola,  NFL blocks video streaming at Super Bowl,  Video fails to kill the radio star,  Aereo online TV sells out in NY,  Best Buy offers $400 off on MS Surface,  Apple skips Super Bowl,  Entertainers chase their star on YouTube,  Microsoft Kinect guards Korean border,  Titanium frames for Google Glass,  Smart shirt recharges during washing,  Facebook turns 10,  Nadella named CEO of Microsoft, Gates steps down as chairman,  Apple ad shot entirely on iPhones,  Google ordered to move ‘mystery barge’,  Volkswagen leads research project into autonomous cars,  Indoor navigation app for shopping malls,  Kim’s 1st report from Sochi: a disaster so far,  Sony sells Vaio to focus on mobile,  First computer marks 70th anniversary,  Temperature data comes to Google Earth,  PillCam swallowable video camera,  Future smartphone screens,  Cellphones of the future,  Bitcoin exchange crashes,  Comcast hacked,  Top Philanthropists of 2013,  Study links stronger Pacific trade winds to pause in global warming,  Tiny PC sales soar as desktop sales decline,  Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45B,  Online shopping increases,  Breakthrough in quest for fusion power,  Humans account for less than 40% of global web traffic,   "The most digitally advanced & personalized retail experience in the world",  US Navy to deploy laser system & rail guns,  Apple looks at cars & medical devices as computer-sales growth slows,  Bitcoin ATMs open in the US,  Clothing printer,  Google is exploring new US cities for Google Fiber,  The best and worst internet speeds in the US,  Facebook acquires WhatsApp

Great ideas:  eWhiskers,  3D printer makes pizza for astronauts,  How to remove a stuck ring from a swollen finger,  3D carbon-fiber printer,  Contact lens for tactile sight,  World’s largest solar bridge,  How to eat chicken wings,  Keychain fob replaces passwords,  A real-life cloaking device,  Time-saving tech tips video,  October 2015: The end of the swipe-and-sign credit card,  3-D-printed molecule helps cancer research,  Turn any document into an audio file,  Google acquires ultrasound-login tech company,  OuterNet company wants to replace internet with universal Wi-fi access,  Google working on 10Gb internet speeds,  PC Spring cleaning,  Paralyzed woman walks w/ 3D-printed exoskeleton,  Flickering LEDs will help shoppers find products,  Gadget-charging portable stove,  The social media guard fm Coke

Security/Privacy  issues:  How a hacker stole a $50k Twitter username and then bragged about it,  Snowden admits he committed a felony,  TorMail email database seized,  Dashlane ranking of retailer password practices,  17-year-old Russian teen hacked Target,  Target hackers hacked the heating guy first,  Law enforcement docs stolen fm Microsoft,  Kim finds watering-hole attack,  FixMeStick virus removal tool, thanks Steve,  Scam $9.84 charge on credit cards,  Companies can now disclose data orders,  PasswordBox,  Proposal to allow police to tap into private security cameras,  Piper security monitor,  “Honey encryption” will bamboozle attackers w/ fake secrets,  Yahoo resets mail passwords after confirmed breach,  Privacy-destroying technologies,  The one-ring scam,  Students expelled for hacking gradebooks,  ID badges to track employee interactions,  2013 most vulnerable systems & software,  Sochi visitors will be hacked in minutes,  Yahoo reports US National Security Requests for 2013,  Facebook reports similar data,  Microsoft reports same,  Google reports same,  Linked in reports same,  More details about the reports,  Half-hour interview w/ Edward Snowden,  Facebook ‘A look back’ virus,  Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi router defaults to public feature (that can be turned off),  Typo exposes 14k private Facebook messages,  Track down your laptop, phone, or tablet,  Find out who’s calling you w/ no message,  NSA collects 20% or less of US call data,  PayPal president’s credit card hacked,  Hackers can take over your car w/ $26 device,  NSA cracks down on Snowden helpers,  Snowden nominated for Nobel Prize,  thanks Steve & Sam,  Linksys router worm “The Moon”,  Security flaws in routers exposed, thanks Steve,  Fake email from Amazon,  Adware vendors pose a threat to Chrome users,  thanks Steve,  Google’s invasion of privacy,  thanks Sue,  Israeli startup claims it will end all viruses,  Kickstarter hacked,  White hats reveal ASUS router flaw,  Kim lists 15 other routers w/ flaws,  Criminals rob bank’s Win XP ATMs using USB sticks,  QR codes can be used to break into 70% of Android phones,  Mobile phone habits that put security at risk

Legal issues:  Uber hit w/ wrongful-death suit,  Patent battle between Samsung & Ericsson ends,  Prince sues fans for posting concert links on Facebook,  Prince drops the case,  FCC to consider a move toward ditching landline networks,  US House approves extension of gun screening law,  Smart-gun tech could set NJ law into motion,  “Under Observation” means Medicare won’t pay,  thanks Sharon,  US Treasury won’t regulate Bitcoin,  Judge Chin reimagines “Fair Use” for the internet age,  Google & Cisco sign deal to avert patent squabbles,  California bill would require antitheft tech for cellphones,  UAV sees-and-avoids aircraft marking a step toward allowing them in commercial airspace,  FCC strikes back for Net Neutrality

Philosophical issues:  The holodeck begins to take shape,  Prof. Hawking says black holes are really grey holes,  NSA’s site for kids,  The participatory nature of the internet strengthens fan communities,  Trading your spinning disc in for a solid-state drive (SSD),  Study suggests most Facebook clients practice ‘homophily’ by paying more attention to people they agree with,  NJ mayor wants gun bidders to answer safety questions,  Gun-safety advocates develop smart weapons,  Behind Google profits is massive spending on computer gear,  12 famous passwords,  Kim reviews no-contract cellular plans,  Why a Google Ethics Commission is like jumbo shrimp,  The Standards Blog,  Adventures in self publishing (Part I): The introduction,   Adventures in self publishing (Part II): Establishing a web presence,  Amazon is mostly right about the cloud,  1981 news report on a strange new thing called the internet,  4K displays abound at CES,  An algorithm that predicts revolutions,  The best of LangaList Plus from 2013,  Homeland Security creates License Plate database,  The history of Valentine’s Day (skip the video),  Kim on filing taxes online,  Cold lab reaches picoKelvin range,  How do we know if mobile apps are secure?, thanks Chuck,  The fastest internet may come from the moon,  US cable bills are high for poor service due to monopolies,  3 Decisions that defined George Washington’s leadership legacy, thanks Connie,  Appthority mobile app risk assessment,  Google’s Project Tango in development,  Steve Jobs to be on a stamp

Local Issues:  Ricky Ricardo reads a bedtime story

International issues:  Google ups concessions in hopes of avoiding EU anti-trust action,  Chinese Lenovo buys Google’s Motorola,  Time to prepare for a world currency,  South Korea launching 5G service,  S. Korean craze: Ridiculous or delicious?  Microsoft Kinect guards Korean border,  N. Korea creates private web,  Secret plan to put kill switches in all EU cars,  US says no Obamacare software was written in Belarus,  Kim’s 1st report from Sochi: a disaster so far,  Brits build long-range UCAV, the Taranis,   Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Alpha Centauri B may have “superhabitable” worlds,  Dwarf planet Ceres,  Formation of our moon,  Only Apollo camera to return from moon to be auctioned,  New ISS cameras provide near-real-time Earth views,  Astronomers get a good look inside asteroid Itokawa,  Chromoscope viewer,  Oldest known star discovered,  Is water flowing on Mars?  Mars Orbiter finds more clues of possible flowing water on Mars,  Curiosity rover escapes martian dune,  New assembly of galaxies found almost 7B lightyears away,  Kepler can still detect planets

Geek humor & interests:  Sherlock Easter eggs,  Chastity bra,  Lip reading in the NFL,  Listen to the world’s radio,  One-way acoustic circulator,  30kW fiber laser,  Gates spends entire 1st day back in office trying to install Win 8.1,  Conan O’Brian reveals how he would run Microsoft,  Quadrotor w/ 100-round machine gun

Galleries:  Michael Muraz Photography,  A match burning at 4k frames/sec,  Cake jokes,  How to separate egg yolks,  30 years of amazing sports moments,  A maze of dancing holograms,  40 crazy maps,  Cosmic filament lit up by quasar,  Delta’s totally tubular inflight-safety video,  Madden Football:  The 33rd NFL team,  The Lively Morgue photos,  National Geographics photos,  SepiaTown photos,  Holodeck for military training,  Superbowl commercials:  T-Mobile, Part 2,  The one Newcastle didn’t make,  Behind the Newcastle scenes,  Morpheous for Kia,  Budweiser - Puppy love,  Audi - Doberhuahua,  Jaguar - British villains rendezvous,  Tom Hiddleston,  Volkswagen - Wings,  Oikos Yogurt - The spill,  Full House reunion,  Pepsi - Country halftime,  The 1st halftime,  Intel built the 1st IPAD 10 years ahead of Apple,  25-mile-high-skydive,  Dramatic freefall rescue,  Introducing the Beatles,  Kim’s entertainment sites,  Crazy Russians scale Shanghai Tower,  Rough-landing video,  DarkSkyWatcher74

Hardware, General:  Intel headgear to offer fast off-line voice processing,  Scent Rhythm watch releases fragrances,  Chromecast is now open to developers,  Chromecast apps,  Kim explains Solid-State Drives (SSDs),  Satellite phone Wi-Fi hotspot,  3D-printed custom insoles,  Why eject USB drives before pulling them out?,  Keychain fob replaces passwords,  PillCam swallowable video camera,  Mood-detecting tech,  Lenovo net profits jump 29% in 3Q PC sales,  The oPhone sends smells,  3D-printed air-hockey table,  New passenger jet will have vid screens instead of windows

Hardware, Table computers:  Ideum invites Android in for coffee,  Platform Multi-touch coffee table

Hardware, Desktops:  The tiny Tango PC,  The tiny Intel ‘Next Unit of Computing’ (NUC), Linux on Intel’s NUC,  Asus Chromebox,  Intel Bay Trail NUC

Hardware, Laptops:   Lenovo 11e series rugged laptops,  How to know when it’s time to replace your laptop battery, thanks Bill & Jerry,  BatteryInfo View displays laptop battery status

Hardware, Netbooks:  Samsung focuses in on Chromebooks,  VMware Horizon View now optimized for Google Chromebooks

Hardware, Tablets:  Will compares Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs. iPad mini w/ Retina,  Will compares Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 vs. iPad Air & Retina iPad mini,  Will compares Galaxy Note Pro vs. Surface Pro 2,  Will compares Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs. Nexus 7,  Will revisits Nexus 7 (2013),  Dell tablets will run 64-bit Windows 8.1,  Will looks at new high-end Samsung tablets,  How to print from Kindle Fire HD or HDX,  LG G Pro 2 vs. LG G2

Hardware, Phablets:  LG G Pro 2,  HiSense X1,  LG G Pro 2 vs. Galaxy Note 3,  China’s ZTE Grand S II

Hardware, Smartphones:  Will goes in depth on Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s,  Samsung’s 1st Tizen:  the ZEQ9000,   Wooden Moto X revisited,  Future smartphone screens,  Cellphones of the future,  Kim’s cellphone myths & tricks,  Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Hardware, eBook Readers:  Kobo Aura HD

Hardware, Tiny computers:  Samsung “Galaxy Glass”,  BeagleBone Black,  Icis smart glasses,  Icis video,  Cuff fashion wearables send notifications,  K-Glass smart glasses,  Nokia Treasure Tag

Hardware, Game devices:  Top multiplatform games for 2014,  Nintendo announces foray into health care,  Nintendo to bring DS games to Wii U,  Problems w/ Wii U,  Rocksmith 2014 review,  iPhones w/ Flappy Bird are valuable,  Sinister game controller,  Valve posts Steam Dev Days to YouTube, explaining console and VR strategy,  Xbox One updates,  Xbox One hit by black-screen bug

Hardware, Peripherals:  3D printer makes pizza for astronauts,  MakerBot 3D printers for Dell PCs,  Color, multi-material 3D printer,  iQ5 external mike for iPhone,  CODE keyboard,  3D carbon-fiber printer,  Fuel3D scanner,  Faro 3D scanner to map crime scenes,  LEDs print disappearing messages,  Virtual retina display,  Bluetooth fish hunter,  Slimmest portable HD monitor,  4K displays abound at CES,  King’s Assembly replaces keyboard, mouse, & joystick,  Network-Video-Recorder (NVR) from Planet

Hardware, Accessories:  iPhone cover permits answering w/o opening,  Google Glass gets a set of frames,  Charger works with crank, sun, wind, & water,  Still drooling over 34” monitor

Hardware, Internals:  AMD’s low-power Opterons sport up to 16 cores,  AMD’s 1st ARM processor is 64-bit w/ 8 cores,  Gold nanomesh conductor promises flexible circuits,  Memory store sells DRAM,  HDD vs. SSD disc drives,  Nvidia GPU sales soar,  Intel 15-core server chips,  Intel Xeon E7 v2 chips

Software, General:  Grand Theft Auto game comes to Windows phone,  Sideload apps on Kindle Fire w/o voiding warranty,  Christian eBook app

Software, News & Trivia:  Android grows as  iOS sags worldwide,  1st games for Google Glass,  VMware Horizon View now optimized for Google Chromebooks,  VMware Chromebooks run Windows apps

Software, In the Cloud:  $10 logo maker,  Pixlr-o-matic photo tool,  Listen to the world’s radio,  OpenStack Cloud goes open for vendor certification,  SpeedTest checks your internet speed up and downloading

Software, General Tools:  Hushmail (encrypted),  Trillian IM manager combines other IMs,  Humin contacts app,  Free program collection,  Indoor navigation app for shopping malls,  Musical skills test,  Password recovery utilities,  Apps that make you say ‘Wow’, from Kim,  Get the Golden Hour for your photos,  Unlocator, DNS-based location concealment,  UnblockUS, DNS-based location concealment  

Software, Browsers:  CleanPrint for Chrome,  Google’s Knowledge Graph, watch the movie,  Chrome-based Lego toy,  Firefox to get new look for open-source,  Firefox Australis interface on track for April or June release,  Chrome now warns of changed settings,  Adware vendors pose a threat to Chrome users,  thanks Steve

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  30-year-old Mac torn apart, thanks Helen,  Buyer beware: that iPad might be a flooring tile,   Apple skips Super Bowl,  iPhone 5c caused 2nd-degree burns,  iPhone 6 to get major camera overhaul,  Why does my iPhone battery die so fast?, thanks Connie,  Apple looks at cars & medical devices as computer-sales growth slows,  Steve Jobs to be on a stamp

Software, Apple, Apps:  Yet another calendar,  iExplorer transfers files w/o iTunes, thanks, Bill,  Pay bills from smartphone,  Umoove controls iOS devices with head motion,  Smartphone document scanner,  SurfEasy VPN,  TV SideView

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Gates spends entire 1st day back in office trying to install Win 8.1,  Voice Assist for Windows phones

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  MyPaint: a free app for painting,  Sophos Virus Removal Tool,  SurfEasy VPN,  Desktop Earth, photo wallpaper,  BeLarc PC audit software,  AVG antivirus

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Kim’s tips & tricks for Windows

Windows XP:  April 8, 2014: MS drops all support,  A last reprieve?  Securing XP PCs after support drops

Windows 8:  Why MS forced Metro on us all

Windows 8.1:  Leaked Update 1 bodes well,  Dell tablets will run 64-bit Windows 8.1,  What to expect from Win 8.1 Update 1

Windows Phone 8:  Swype-like keyboard set for Win Phone 8.1,  Microsoft to build Cortana Voice Assist for Windows phones

Software, Microsoft, Office:  Office 2003:April 8, 2014, MS drops all support

PowerPoint:  Free templates

Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google plans to dump CSS Regions,  Google is porting Chrome apps to Android and iOS,  Sideload apps on Kindle Fire w/o voiding warranty

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   Save data while translating

Software, Google, Apps:  Yet another calendar,  Pay bills from smartphone,  Fingerprint unlock app uses camera,  Chromecast apps,  Smartphone document scanner,  Kim on Google’s Picasa,  SurfEasy VPN for Android,  TV SideView

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Get started in open-source online & offline,  Lux camera project,  UK govt threatens once again to move to open source,  Why XP users should upgrade to Linux,  VMware competing well despite free alternatives,  Cloud delusions and Google’s response to outage,  Firefox to get new look for open-source,  Linux on Intel’s NUC,  GNOME 3.12 may be delayed,  Linux Journal needs women,  Open Daylight project releases Hydrogen,  Hardening the Linux desktop,  Should Linux look like Windows?  Linux Foundation branches out,  Software-defined networking (SDN) is growing fast,  Reflections from the OpenDaylight (SDN) summit,  Video fm the OpenDaylight summit,  KDE & Linux used in movie ‘Gravity’,  Weirdest places you’ll find Linux,  ARM’s search for a Flash replacement,  Open Virtualization Alliance gains new, cloud-focused members,  Plugging in to Open Stack,  Open-source in the enterprise,  Spoofing a MAC address,  Applying usability in open-source software,  Red Flag Software (China’s Red Hat derivative) has shut down

Software, Open-source, Apps:  Dungeon Colony game,  KX-Studio audio apps,  MyPaint: a free app for painting,  QupZilla 1.6.1 browser adds features,  Livestreamer shows video from command line,  LibreOffice upgrade,  Is GNOME the best Linux desktop?  Utilite: A tiny, low-power, low-cost ARM Linux Desktop,  Install Firefox in Ubuntu 13.10,  Blade Symphony sword-fighting game comes to Linux,  QuiteRSS reader,  The AWS command-line tool,  KDE tops desktop poll,  High-end graphics design on a low-end budget,  How to enable Silverlight & watch Netflix on Linux,  Clothing printer

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Knoppix Linux 7.2.0,  i3 window manager,  Mageia 4.0 hands on,  Genode OS plans for 2014,  LG pushes WebOS into digital signage

Ubuntu:  Zorin OS 8 derivitive,  Convergence plan starts w/ File Manager,  Ubuntu store apps won’t work across mobile & desktop in 14.04

Linux Mint:  Why did Linux Mint axe mintConstructor?

Arch Linux:  Manjaro Linux 0.8.9 review (Cinnamon)

Red Hat - Fedora:  Red Hat’s role in the Cloud,  Red Hat hires CentOS developers

SUSE:  Review of openSUSE 13.1,  Changes at openSUSE

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