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Web News for April, 2014

Trends:  Project Tango 3-D sensing Android phone,  How the jump shot came to basketball,  Progress toward printing living tissue,  Might soon be possible to charge smartphones w/ car vibration,  Haptic footwear guides turns w/ vibration,  Sochi olympic fountain goes fm Tchaikovsky to Michael Jackson,  Facebook buys WhatsApp messaging for $19B,  Microsoft to cut Windows prices 70%,  Kids play w/ touchscreens more than toys,  1st smartguns go on sale,  Walmart’s new high-tech trucks,  Microsoft is checking out Dailymotion,  Facebook email is going away,  Game-changing breakthroughs for blazing fast internet,  Atmos 3D-sound system,  Musical ice cream,  Apple abandons Snow Leopard,  Emerging Radioshack/Netflix debacle,  Scam makes ‘new’ iPhones from old parts,  Google barge moving east to Stockton,  The Dalai Lama's Instagram account,  A Papal selfie,  Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the US and the world,  AllSee prototype detects gestures while in your pocket,  Factory uses 135 3D printers to make parts,  Volvo and AppleCarPlay,  Wolfram Alpha search engine,  Wi-Fi tech for large crowds,  Android beats iOS as top tablet OS,  Bill Gates regains ‘world’s richest person’ title w/ $76B,  Executive changes at Microsoft,  Prototype haptic tablet,  Yahoo stops sign-in w/ Facebook or Google IDs,  Radio shack closing 1,100 stores,  Sleep problems plague device-dependent children,  Facebook wants to buy a drone company,  Samsung includes $500+ of short-term apps & subscriptions w/ smartphones,  Ukraine hit by wave of cyberattacks,  The best anti-Mac ads,  Intel buys smartwatch maker Basis Science,  Steve Ballmer gives advice to Oxford students,  IDC forecast shows PC shipments falling through 2018,  Sprint chairman wants to merge w/ T-Mobile,  Roku responds to Chromecast w/ a purple streaming stick,  Comcast extends its range by turning Chicago homes into public Wi-Fi hotspots,  Pizza Hut has an audacious plan,  World’s largest supercomputer dedicated to renewable energy,  Newsweek identifies the father of Bitcoin,  Identified man denies itUK’s Watchkeeper UAV cleared for flight training,  Store backs away from smart guns after backlash,  Telecommuting is fast on the rise,  Facebook revamps newsfeed,  Vine bans porn,  Renault Kwid puts a copter in the roof,  The creepiest phone commercial ever,  Sailboat levitates above the water,  â€œPrint the Legend†movie chronicles 3D-printing,  Black Twitter grows into an online force,  Yet another Facebook hoax,  People flock to WV WiFi-free zone,  The online $5 store,  Gamer makes $16M/yr from YouTube,  Amazon Prime fee jumps by $20,  NBA superstar quickly deletes tweet knocking Samsung,  10s of 1000s miss True Detective closer due to HBO Go overflow,  ICANN goes crazy w/ new domain names,  Facebook adds video ads,  Whaling:  The latest stupid craze (wait for the video),  Phishing for Bitcoins,  â€˜Netflix for Pirates’ shuts down,  United Air Lines offers in-flight movies for Apple devices,  Prince Harry Facebook scam,  Robot breaks Rubik’s Cube record,  Airbnb rental turns into ‘XXX Freak Fest’ w/ $86k damage,  Walmart to allow trade-ins on used videogames,  Cinemark offers rewards for cellphone courtesy,  EU net neutrality issues,  New Goodyear Airship enters service soon,  Gold price plummets,  ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XPUS government IT office modeled after a startup,  BlackBerry sells 3M sq ft in Canada,  Google addresses myths about Glass,  The largest HDTV in the world,  Brendan Eich picked for Mozilla CEO,  Apple negotiates w/Comcast for streaming fast lane,  GrubHub goes public,  Social media users migrating to smaller circles,  Facebook buys Oculus Rift,  Computers can tell if you’re faking it

Great ideas:  How to make a disaster plan,  SPARCS camera round fits grenade launcher,  Project Tango 3D phone fm Google,  3D-printed heart helps surgeons prepare,  Hearing aid streams fm iPhone,  Tiny 3D-camera for blood vessels,  Beyond 3D-printing: OpenKnit is a 3D knitting machine,  Augmented-reality treatment alleviates phantom-limb pain,  Audio Aware app mutes headphones for horns & sirens,  Gravity-powered light,  Phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot acts as SOS beacon in disasters,  A smart rear-view mirror,  Spring cleaning for your computer,  Smart hair clip helps fight violent crime,  How to make the perfect cup of coffee,  Electric car rental scheme,  Wireless electricity,  Free ebooks fm popular authors,  Genetic mugshot creates facial images from DNA alone,  iHear hearing aid,  Robot slug oozes along w/ air pressure

Security/Privacy  issues:  Target was notified, but ignored attack that lost 40M credit card numbers,  Apple security flaw could let hackers beat encryption,  Apple mobile devices at risk of hacking,  thanks Bill,  Yet another Apple security bug,  Keeping your anonymity online,  Snowden’s lawyer speaks out,  Brazil, Europe plan undersea cable to skirt US spying,  Apple Gotofail bug: simple mistake or NSA conspiracy?  Apple releases ‘gotofail’ patch for Macs,   Blackphone puts privacy & security 1st,  Yet another Snowden revelation,  Scientists demo 1st contagious airborne Wi-Fi virus,  All 4 options for revamping NSA are not feasible,  Optic Nerve appears to collate digital mugbooks,  Hacker uses Google Maps to record FBI & Secret Service phone calls,  Password strength tester,  Crypto bug leaves Linux open to eavesdropping,  Google won’t enable Chrome video acceleration because of Linux GPU bugs,  Netflix Phishing Scam,  Porn is no longer biggest mobile security threat,  The RSA Conference on security,  Sally Beauty hacked,  Hackers put Smucker’s in a jam,  CryptoLocker is worse than we thought,  Avoid the ‘racy Facebook video’, it’s malware,  CUPID fires an 80kV dart,  Your own browser, will display your passwords,  Common problems w/ home security systems (and easy fixes),  Snowden says in video that encryption is still a powerful deterrent,  NSA plans to infect computers,  Vietnamese scammer hijacks millions of IDs,  Hackers trick 162k+ WordPress sites into a Denial-Of-Service attack,  Protecting your router,  Google Docs phishing scam,  Defense against hacks in shortened URLs,  Windigo trojan attacks UNIX servers,  10k Linux servers hit by Windigo,  NSA â& ;eur o;™s MYSTIC program outed,  Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems,  Email hosts can read your mail,  Microsoft revises privacy policy,  Obama meets w/ Facebook, Netflix, & Dropbox CEOs on privacy,  Google encrypts Gmail,  Jimmy Carter fears the NSA is spying on his emails,  Obama to call for end to NSA’s bulk data collection,  NSA targeted Huawei,  Dirty Dozen tax scams for 2014,  Cybercriminals rob ATMs w/ text messages,  Word 2010 exploit allows rtf attacks


Legal issues:  Comcast’s deal w/ Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete, WWW founder concerned about net neutrality,  Why the Comcast-Netflix pact threatens our internet future, thanks Bill,  A decent explanation of the importance of Net Neutrality,  Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy after losing 850k bitcoins worth $425M to catastrophic theft,  California appeals court overturns traffic ticket for reading cellphone map while stuck in traffic,  Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube,  $80k award reversed after daughter’s Facebook post,  Cable channels fined $2M for airing movie trailer,  Music teacher awarded $100k in student-twitter-post defamation suit,  Upskirt photos not illegal in Mass.,  Kim is upset about laptop ruling,  FAA loses control of drones,  FAA exercises control over drone in another case,  Obama pledges to reform NSA,  Google sued over kid’s in-app purchases,  Popcorn Time permits watching any movie for free, but it’s illegal,  Judge rules you have the right to record the police,  Apple tries to gouge Samsung for $40 per device (2nd half of article),  SanDisk & Toshiba sue SK Hynix in trade-secrets case,  Microsoft and Nook Media redo their e-reader deal,  Tech companies ask Supreme Court to reject vague patents,  Copyright Alliance asks House Judiciary Committee to stiffen measures against infringement,  Ex Microsoft staffer arrested,  Alaska bans hunting w/ drones,  FCC punches back on net neutrality,  ACLU probes Florida police use of Stingrays to track mobile phone users,  IRS rules bitcoins are taxable property, not currency,  The Do-Not-Call registry


Philosophical issues:  3 Reasons everything needn’t be connected to the internet,  Intel’s NUC has the potential to be a PC game changer,  Can a ‘kill switch’ cut the rate of smartphone theft?,  Airports and stores track your movements,  5 places you can only go on the internet,  Facebook may be stealing from you,  Steve Jobs’ time capsule,  Why is Nokia making Android phones?  Nokia-Here boss dreams of drones, self-driving cars,  Turmoil at Microsoft,  Should you switch to solid-state drives (SSDs)?  Keeping a healthy PC,  Jeff Gordon’s insane revenge prank,  Will we wear computers in the future?  The man who invented the jump shot,  Tim Cook to Apple shareholders,  Where time comes from,  3D-printed car of the future, creates an avatar of you for when you die,  Can Apple make hearing aids cool?  Why you should delete your Facebook account,  The 7 people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security,  Kim on TV about the Comcast/Netflix deal,  Last year’s supercomputing conference,  Things about technology that irritate Kim,  Do you have the right to remain anonymous on the web?  How to take better smartphone photos,  Rolls-Royce proposes robotic ships,  Why not send flight data to ground inflight?  Why Bitcoin’s founder doesn’t matter -- but Bitcoin does,  Pros & cons of Bitcoin economy,  The internet’s 25th birthday,  WWW founder concerned about net neutrality,  Berners-Lee calls for an online ‘Magna Carta’, Another ‘Happy Birthday, WWW’ from Gizmag,  5 predictions for the Web that were WAY off,  Genealogy sites,  Ringwoodite find suggests oceans miles beneath Earth’s surface,  Recovering fm digital disasters,  Computer Vision Syndrome,  Kim suggests ways to save on prescription drugs,  Commerce Dept cedes control of WWW to ICANN,  YouTube may be building a children’s version,  Comcast & Time Warner Cable: The upshot for us,  Why open-source will change networking,  Dell goes big into SDN,  Calibre gets even better w/ new release,  How to sell on Ebay,  A landmark in 3D printing,  Cisco to put $1B into “Intercloudâ€



Local Issues:  Pros & Cons of a proposed canal through Nicaragua,  thanks Connie,  Tips on buying airline tickets,  How to bypass country restrictions on video sites,  Less rain & fewer storms predicted for CR,  thanks Connie,  TripLingo app translates 13 languages


International issues:  US 4G phones are slow,  US takes back land-speed world record,  Afghan VP dies,  London tries out intelligent pedestrian crossings,  Eiffel Tower gets a makeover,  Montreal heated bus shelter for those who hold hands,  Amsterdam canal house built w/ 3-D printer,  EU adopts common phone charger,  Formula E Grand Prix in Beijing in September,  EU net neutrality issues,  Xbox One to hit 26 new countries in September,  Apple, Google execs out-earn Samsung counterparts,  10 countries have blocked YouTube


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Why do stars go supernova?  Water detected on planet tau BoÅ‘tes b,  1st geological map of Ganymede,  Video of asteroid impact on Moon (blue arrow),  SPHERES robot assistants for astronauts,  SPHERES RC demo,  Kepler hits motherload of exoplanets,  GPM launched to study precipitation,  ESA Clean-Space initiative,  Simulator for CST-100 flown virtually into space,  Finalists for the Google Lunar XPrize,  How Spirit got to Mars,  MIT researchers propose gas stations in space,  Sounds of the universe,  Levitator headed to ISS for research,  New light on dark matter,  No evidence found for planet X in our system,  Expedition 38 return to Earth,  Robonaut 2 to get legs,  Equinox on a spinning Earth,  NASA releases interactive mosaic of Moon’s north polar region (article),  LROC Northern Polar Mosaic (picture),  1st hints of waves on Titan’s seas,  Kepler’s 5-year tally: 961 new planets,  GRIN = Great Images in NASA,  Astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about going blind on a spacewalk,  New NASA spacesuit designs (you can vote!)Starshade to help find planets


Geek humor & interests:  Netflix parody of Amazon delivery service,  Female WWII bomber pilot of the Night Witches,  John Cleese TV ad for PCs from 1980s,  John Cleese Last Time to See Me,  Teachers read mean tweets from students,  The 1st email attachment,  First Light, the Battle of Britain,  The complete works of William Shakespeare,  Wheel-of-Fortune miracle,  2048 game replaces Flappy Bird,  2048 tips,  Triton UAV completes initial flight tests,  3D-printed kayak


Galleries:  Thunderstruck cello duet,  With-or-without-you cello duet,  Photorealistic CGI,  New Disney World coaster,  Funny BBC camera failure,  Ellen DeGeneres busts audience members for Facebook posts,  Humpback whales in Maui,  "Clippy" a parody of the movie “Herâ€,  Pilot lands single-engine plane after collision w/ bird,  The Polar Bear capital of the world,  Reindeer herds from above,  Finnish aerial photography blog,  Lost kid plays piano in CostCo,  The difference between high and low tide,  â€œLet it Go†on the Tonight Show,  Collage of great dance scenes,  Getty makes millions of photos free for online use,  Yosemite Valley, Ca,  Dolphins! (skip 1st min),  The real locations of famous album covers,  What if grocery stores were run like cable companies?,  Spring wallpapers,  Google Street View adds Colorado River & Grand Canyon,  Phil sings about the Firefox phone,  Free audiobooks,  Panoramic Virtual Tour,  An illustrated guide to the Atomic Bombs, thanks Connie,  How to peel garlic in <15 sec,  How to peel a boiled egg,  How to double the range of your car remote key fob,  Hypnotic sand-art video ("Dance on the Circle"),  3 crazies jump from World Trade Center


Hardware, General:  NFC-enabled gesture-control glove,  Boost your Wi-Fi w/ household objects,  Smart toothbrush,  Simple steps to burn data & music CDs,  pCell mobile network provides full-speed date to unlimited users,  Dish Super Joey records 8 TV shows at once,  The new wireless USB,  Volvo uses facial recognition to help tired drivers,  Samsung views businesses of the future,  Victory against all odds


Hardware, Desktops:  Intel’s NUC has the potential to be a PC game changer,  NanoPC-T1,  Mac Pro gets 128GB memory upgrade option,  Intel is reinventing the desktop PC


Hardware, Laptops:   Aorus X7 vs. Razer Blade Pro,  Alienware 17 vs. MSI GT70 20D,  Updated Blade laptop has 3200 x 1800 multitouch display,  MSI’s GE Apache & GT Dominator,  MSI’s GS70 Stealth & GS60 Ghost,   ASUS G750 w/ 800M graphics,  Toshiba Satellite P50t w/4K display,  Rumors of all-new 12†MacBook


Hardware, Netbooks:  Samsung updates Chrome OS offerings w/ Chromebook 2


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+,  MS Surface 2,  Surface 2 w/ 4G LTE,  Surface Power Cover,  MS Surface Pro 2


Hardware, Tablets:  Sony Xperia Z2 is waterproof,  Android beats iOS as top tablet OS,  Tips & tricks for new iPad users,  iPad 4 replaces iPad 2,  Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1


Hardware, Phablets:  Huawei MediaPad X1,  Elife S5.5 released at MWC,  Nokia Lumia 1520,  Samsung Galaxy S5 v. Galaxy Note 3,  Galaxy S5 vs. Moto X,  Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One,  HTC One M8 hands on,  another M8 review,  Chinese Oppo Find 7 is 1st to take 50MP photos


Hardware, Smartphones:  How to take a smartphone screen-shot,  Project Tango 3-D sensing Android phone,  Project Tango 3D phone fm Google,  Galaxy S5 w/ smart-wear additions,  Galaxy S5 has fingerprint scanner & heart-rate sensor,  A new $25 smartphone,  The 1st Ubuntu phones,  Blackphone puts privacy & security 1st,  3 new phones in the Nokia X line,  Russian YotaPhone2,  Sony Xperia Z2,  Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S4,  Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s,  Galaxy S5 vs. Nexus 5,  Boeing Black spy phone,  Scam makes ‘new’ iPhones from old parts,  How to take better smartphone photos,  Squeeze more life from a dying phone battery,  Huawei working on dual Windows-Android phone


Hardware, Tiny computers:  Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Neo ditch Android for Tizen,  Garmin fÄ“nix 2,  Ibis dual-face smartwatch,  Raspberry Pi’s 2nd birthday,  Smart ring controls devices, makes electronic payments,  Samsung’s smartwatches,  Modular smartwatch,  Could BLOCKS be the future of smartwatches?  Google Glass could boost ATM security,  GPS watch track kid’s locations,  Gear 2 vs. Pebble Steel smartwatches,  Epson smartglasses,  Tizen wearable SDK released,  Wearable tech show,  Android Wear, Google Now on your wrist,  LG smartwatch uses Android Wear platform,  The Rufus Cuff,  Motorola’s 1st Android smartwatch,  HeadWatch pulls out fm wrist to plug in your ear,  Google addresses myths about Glass,  Google Glass gets Ray-Ban & Oakley eyewear


Hardware, Game devices:  PS4 vs. Xbox One, Will looks closer,  Xbox One almost catches PS4 in Feb,  Nerf blaster w/ camera & screen,  Skirmos laser-tag display,  iOS & Android games could soon run on Xbox Live,  Amazon set-top box and controller,  ASUS G750 w/ 800M graphics,  Sony Project Morpheus,  MSI’s GS70 Stealth & GS60 Ghost


Hardware, Peripherals:  3D-printing robot creates freestanding metal structures,  3D-printer creates in a cubic meter,  Bluetooth speaker guide,  5TB external hard drives,  128GB microSDXC card,  Atmos 3D-sound system,  Roar portable Bluetooth speaker,  AllSee prototype detects gestures while in your pocket,  Soap router has a touchscreen,  Emergency mobile network fm backpack router,  Roku responds to Chromecast w/ a purple streaming stick,  More on Roku streaming stick, thanks Steve,  Earphones for DJs,  Cone speaker with memory,  Wireless outdoor speaker,  Speaker that looks like wall art,  Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2,  Neil Young conceives PonoMusic,  Sony wireless speaker,  Musaic wireless speaker


Hardware, Accessories:  iPhone case tracks health vitals,  iPhone case holds GoPro camera,  Binocular adapter for phone cameras,  Lupo item tracker,  Apogee Duet audio for Macs,  MacBook case that looks like a book,  Lifeproof case for iPad mini,  Buffalo Grid solar phone charger


Hardware, Internals:  Broadcom chip doubles mobile Wi-Fi speeds,  Intel poised to join upcoming Galaxy S5 family,  Freescale’s Internet-of-things chip cut down to size,  New NVIDIA notebook GPUs,  Intel announces new chips


Software, General:  Audio Aware app mutes headphones for horns & sirens,  Use ‘Mini’ Metro to design subway maps,  GPS-based Yik Yak app causing problems in middle- and high-schools,  Facebook’s DeepFace approaches human levels of facial recognition,  Adobe stock peaks as subscription price rises,  Game review: Titanfall


Software, News & Trivia:  Dell, NetSuite partner up,  Ford drops Microsoft, will use BlackBerry OS,  Smart dns proxy (mentioned in our meeting),  efax (mentioned in our meeting),  Adobe garners cloud momentum,  Calibre gets even better w/ new release,  Apple possibly considering an iTunes app for Android,  Google speeds WebP format, brings animation support to Chrome


Software, In the Cloud:  Entitled to government benefits?  Amazon Prime vs. Netflix,  How to clear your Facebook search history,  Cloud storage comparison guide,  How to manage Facebook sharing,  MS to bring social, machine learning tech to Office 365,  Password strength tester,  Choosing a cloud-services provider,  Social networks you may not know about,  Explore the universe w/ Chromoscope,  Google Street View scenes get artistic makeover,  Kim recommends 5 sharing sites,  Add-ons now available in Google Docs and Sheets,  Amazon Prime fee jumps by $20,  How to avoid the Amazon Prime increase for 1 more year,  Amazon launches AppStream for apps in the cloud,  Facebook adds video ads,  Google Street View adds Colorado River & Grand Canyon,  Google cuts storage price,  Hashtag search engine


Software, General Tools:  Camera360 to manage, share, edit, & store phone photos,  Find similar or opposite words at WordHippo,  A free media-streaming powerhouse,  How to obliterate sensitive data from your hard drive,  thanks Chuck,  Reward Summit helps you choose the best credit card for every purchase,  Museum of London's Street Museum photo app,  Next game from Ridiculous Fishing,  A way to print efficiently & save money,  Photoshop Touch for phones,  Hipmunk travel planner,  The Spritz speed reader,  Alternatives to Facebook Messenger for desktop,  Searchlet uses multiple sources,  Find out who’s using your Wi-Fi,  Replacements, Ltd. can replace broken or missing tableware,  Book a doctor’s appointment,  Zimbra, a free alternative to MS Outlook,  Free Wi-Fi finder,  Avia app allows streaming fm Kindle Fire HDX to Chromecast, etc.,  Free photo editor,  Have your phone read you the news,  Remove chromatic aberration w/ Adobe Lightroom 5,  Wine expert for phones,  Business card designer,  Clean up your photo archive,  Hemingway helps you write,  Emergency response app,  VLC, a free media player that plays most everything,  GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop,  Any.Do is a great to-do list,  US Census Bureau’s Data Visualization Gallery,  Zagat app finds restaurants,  Kim’s recommended apps,  Globr chat tool removes language barrier,  Thyme kitchen timer for multiple dishes,  Convert your music files to any format


Software, Browsers:  Browser tips & tricks,  Mozilla gives up on Metro Firefox,  Firefox adds support for OS X Notification Center,  Firefox 28 update summary,  Google Now notifications rolled out to Chrome browser


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Apple mobile devices at risk of hacking,  thanks Bill,  Apple Gotofail bug: simple mistake or NSA conspiracy?  Apple releases ‘gotofail’ patch for Macs,  New bust of Steve Jobs for Cupertino HQ,  Scam makes ‘new’ iPhones from old parts,  Feature film shot entirely on the iPhone,  Million dollar iPhones,  Apple moves into car stereos,  Apple drops 30-day-return policy for iPhones down to 14 days,  Tips & tricks for new iPad users,  Mac Pro gets 128GB memory upgrade option,  A cheaper iPhone 5C,  iPhone 6 may include weather sensors,  MS Office comes to iPad,  iPad 2 replaced by $400 4th-gen model,  Apple negotiates w/Comcast for streaming fast lane


Software, Apple, Apps:  SellSimple helps you sell on multiple sites at once,  CamMe app for selfies,  AceMoney Lite,  Venmo finance app,  RoadNinja interstate hwy pit stops,  Threes, a new game,  Staying politically savvy,  Tickle your way out of a bad date,  BBC launches revamped iPlayer,  United Air Lines offers in-flight movies for Apple devices,  SocialRadar app,  Hush silences Mac Notification Center for a while


Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  OS X Mavericks is free for Macs,  Apple abandons Snow Leopard,  Android beats iOS as top tablet OS,  CarPlay puts iOS in your vehicle,  iOS 7.1 released,  Users disappointed w/ IOS 7.1


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  MS hardware chief changes roles,  MS goes all in on Titanfall,  Sorting out the revolution in PC backups, part 1,  part2,  MS considers offering a free version of Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 users,  Cortana is MS’s rival to Siri & Google Now,  Leaked video of Cortana,  Steve Ballmer gives advice to Oxford students,  Ex Microsoft staffer arrested,  MS touts study about cost of pirated software,  Microsoft revises privacy policy


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  AceMoney Lite,  Windows Error Lookup Tool,  Geek uninstaller,  Sophos virus removal tool,  Bible study program,  Rather a cool way to block annoying content,  CloneSpy deletes duplicate or empty files,  Free desktop timer,  How to run Android OS in a virtual PC under Windows, thanks Helen,  Erase data securely,  Startup Delayer avoids logjam at boot time,  Use Cold Turkey to block distracting sites for a while


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Microsoft to cut Windows prices 70%,  Free tools to make Windows better

Windows XP:  Survey says 11% of XP users will switch to Linux,  Kim’s recommendation,  Yet another appeal from Kim,   What does ‘end of life’ mean?,  Brian’s recommendation,  ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XP,  MS offers $100 discount to drop XP

Windows 8.1:  Update 1 leaks early fm RTM release

Windows Phone 8:  Hello, MS-Android. Good-bye Windows Phone


Software, Microsoft, Office:  Free online MS Office,  MS to bring social, machine learning tech to Office 365,  MS Office comes to iPad

Word:  Select all text with the same formatting,  Word 2010 exploit allows rtf attacks

Excel:  Free templates

Outlook:  Zimbra, a free alternative to MS Outlook

PowerPoint:  Free templates


Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google blocking Asus’s Android-Windows Duet,  Add-ons now available in Google Docs and Sheets,  Fun & crazy Google tips & tricks


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Hello, MS-Android. Good-bye Windows Phone,  Android beats iOS as top tablet OS,  Basic tips & tricks,  Skype for Android promises battery savings,  Android-x86 might make a good Linux desktop alternative


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   Wine support unlikely,  Samsung updates Chrome OS offerings w/ Chromebook 2,  Google won’t enable Chrome video acceleration because of Linux GPU bugs


Software, Google, Apps:  Android Device Manager lets you locate, reset your PIN, or erase all data,  AirDroid device manager,  Venmo finance app,  RoadNinja interstate hwy pit stops,  Samsung milks classic radio


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Survey says 11% of XP users will switch to Linux,  A take on Linux advocacy,  Parsix 6.0 Screenshots,  Jolla announces Sailfish OS 1.0,  MakerBot’s 3D-printers run on Linux,  Bug hunting w/ Linux,  1.3% of Steam gamers are on Linux,  Plans for open-source Raspberry Pi graphics driver,  3 events that moved Linux forward,  Linux companies never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,  Crypto bug leaves Linux open to eavesdropping,  Google won’t enable Chrome video acceleration because of Linux GPU bugs,  Using the cd command,  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Intro to Linux,  Mozilla mothballs Metro version of Firefox,  Free Bash guide for beginners, begins offering Linux games,  Two more distros and a wi-fi solution,  Decking out Linux for the senior set,  Windigo trojan attacks UNIX servers,  10k Linux servers hit by Windigo,  25k Linux/UNIX servers infected by Windigo,  Why open-source will change networking,  Android-x86 might make a good Linux desktop alternative,  ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XP,  Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems,  Does the display server matter?  Open-source roundup for 24-Mar-14


Software, Open-source, Apps:  Using spycams w/ Linux, part 1,  Using spycams w/ Linux, part 2,  NeonView image viewer,  12 free open-source games,  KDE’s next-gen Semantic Search,  KDE ships 4.13 beta 3  A memory comparison of light Linux desktops, part 1,  part 2,  part3,  Music Player Daemon (MPD),  Catalyst 14.3 beta driver fixes,  Gmusicbrowser 1.1.12 overview,  Oculus Rift development kit,  GNU Compiler Collection 4.9,  30+ FPS games for Linux,  GNOME 3.12 desktop released,  The battle over hypervisor VMS,  Star Conflict game


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  A comparision,  How to disable Network Manager,  How to install LTSI-3.10 Kernel on Raspberry Pi & MinnowBoard,  Best Linux distros to replace Windows XP?  Linux 3.15 reduces suspend and resume times

Ubuntu:  Ubuntu 14.04 will let users switch from global menus to local ones,  The 1st Ubuntu phones,  More on Ubuntu phones,  12.04 vs. 14.04 LTS benchmarks on EC2 cloud,  Ubuntu 14.04 named, “Trusty Tahrâ€,  Mir display server not ready for prime time,  Pre-order Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu 14.04,  New email app in the works,  Windows 8 update deletes dual-boot w/ Xubuntu

Debian:  Experimental port to OpenRISC,  Linux Mint Debian Edition,  Debian 8 “Jessie†Alpha 1 released

Red Hat - Fedora:  Microsoft .NET apps in OpenShift cloud,  What’s happening w/ Fedora

Firefox OS:  FOS expands to higher-performance devices and entry-level phones,  Firefox OS frequently-asked questions (FAQs),  3 reference platforms

Tizen:  What is Tizen?  3 Samsung Gear smartwatches use Tizen,  Tizen SDK released

Calculate Linux:  Distro 13.11.1 released

GoboLinux: 015 Beta released

Makulu Linux:  Version 5 released

Black Lab Linux:  4.2.5 released

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