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Web News for May, 2014

Trends: San Francisco resident posts Texting While In Traffic (TWIT) photos, Some make it to billboards, Facebook's photo-sharing service reaches 200M users, Awkward family photos site, End of XP spurs PC sales, Facebook's drone & laser plane for universal internet access, Amazon considers ad-supported streaming media, Intel invests $740M in Cloudera, Industrial Internet Consortium forms, Xprize calls for AI TED talk, 3D-printed skull implanted into woman’s head, T-Mobile dumps BlackBerry, Apple lets parents get refunds for in-app purchases, iPhone 6 goes to production in May, NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander retires, Gmail’s 10th birthday, Suggested likeness of iPhone 6, New USB cable types are coming, Computers teaching computers, Samsung smart-home service, NASA cuts ties w/ Russia, Google to go wireless in some cities, MS to make Windows free to phone & tablet makers, LinuxCon NA 2014 comes to Chicago, Wikipedia unveils font redesign, Camera catches USPS faulty delivery, Twitter shares down 30%, Woman dies in car crash while posting to Facebook, Google deletes fictitious town, Landline phones replaced by wireless ones, Netflix 4K streaming video is available for newest TVs, Google adds slots in the Google Glass Explorer program, [already filled], The Vatican’s precious manuscripts go online


Great ideas: Garamond is the most efficient font for printing, Simple binder-clip tricks,  Full-ceiling light panel, Using Sleep instead of Shutdown w/ Windows,  thanks Connie, 3D-chocolate-printing for $99, How to clean a keyboard, Glasses that read to you, Apple to use speed sensors to stop texting while driving


Security/Privacy  issues: Yet another IRS scam, Snowden damage will be felt for decades, Risky places to swipe your debit card, LinkedIn warns against Sell Hack, thanks Steve, Dropbox blocks sharing of copyrighted file, Android “pileup” malware, A new way to hack Find My iPhone, Yahoo finally gets encryption, CryptoDefense: The new supervirus of death, New hacker threat can change controls on ATMs, 5-year-old finds security hole in Xbox, Stopping cellphone spying, Microsoft backs down on privacy issue, Woman finds her Facebook photos in prostitution ads, Security flaw affects every version of Internet Explorer, ‘Heartbleed’ bug gets worse, The man behind ‘Heartbleed’ admits his mistake, Google adds protection for apps, Students hack to change grades, TOR isn’t anonymous after all


Legal issues: 6th grader wins $70k damages for school forcing her to give up her Facebook password, Turkey bans YouTube to hide corruption, Banks sue Target for failing to detect attack, Fandango & Credit Karma settle w/ FTC over data leaks, Apple patents app that makes texting while walking safer, Judge blocks add-on phone keyboard pending trial, FCC approves more bandwidth for Wi-Fi & wireless broadband, Backup cams to be required on all vehicles in the USA, Supreme Court gets another chance to fix the software patent problem, Google trying to trademark the word “glass”, Supreme Court to examine privacy to stop police search of phones, Owner tweets Apple CEO to recover stolen laptop


Philosophical issues: Comcast gets in trouble for erroneously telling customers they can’t use their own modems, Improve your TV’s picture, DNA “mug shots”, “Neurons that fire together wire together”, An easy way to peel apples, Kim’s opinion on shutting your computer down at night, Major quantum breakthrough could lead to ultrafast computers and unbreakable encryption, Israeli students spoof Waze app w/ fake traffic jam, Army examining next-gen simulations, Kim recommends, Will Cortana smack down Siri? In-vehicle systems, the next frontier, Why Facebook ditched big pictures again, Sony Vaio Fit 11A laptop catches fire, Who REALLY invented the internet? Aging faces from a single photo


International issues: London Science Museum host “3D Printing the Future”, Flux Innovation Lounge in London, Israeli solar plant is 100% self-cleaning, NSA records every call, text, and email in Iraq, US created a ‘Cuban Twitter’, Turkish court strikes down Twitter ban, Transatlantic cables to bypass NSA spying


Interplanetary issues & beyond: Newly discovered dwarf planet expands our solar system, Testing ESA’s ExoMars rover, Chariklo, the 1st ringed minor planet, NASA cuts ties w/ Russia


Geek humor & interests: StratoBus seeks to occupy midpoint between airship and satellite, Lyrics Freak, The story of the light sabre, Aerobatics demo, Best April Fools 2014 gags


Galleries: Talented 8-year-old guitarist, Free songs, Meteorite almost hits skydiver, Spectacular time-lapse video features northern lights, Tech-support sketch from ‚The IT Crowd‚


Hardware, General: Samsung offers LED “Smart Bulb”, Smart doormat proposed, Panasonic introduces wearable 4K camcorder, Amazon’s Fire TV streaming box competes w/ Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, Will’s review of Fire TV, thanks Steve, Comparison of streaming video gadgets, New USB cable types are coming, Wocket smart wallet, 3D-printed UAV


Hardware, Laptops:  Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme


Hardware, Tablets: Samsung’s 1st premium mini-tablet, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, mid-range Galaxy Tab 4 series, Sony Digital Paper, Another look at Digital Paper, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro


Hardware, Phablets: Will’s early impressions of 2014 HTC One M8, Follow-on review of HTC One M8, 2014 HTC One vs 2013 HTC One, HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 to release in September, iPhone 6 goes to production in May, Suggested likeness of iPhone 6, More iPhone 6 info


Hardware, Smartphones: Myths & tricks


Hardware, Tiny computers: Intel’s SD-card-sized Edison computer will be slightly larger, Cogito smartwatches, 2nd gen MinnowBoard, Another look at MinnowBoard, Google adds slots in the Google Glass Explorer program, [already filled]


Hardware, Peripherals: 3D-chocolate-printing for $99, Kinect 2 Windows support coming soon, Pocket-sized printer on KickStarter


Software, General: Kim’s DNS advice


Software, In the Cloud: Kim’s cool sites, Pinterest, a virtual pin board, Facebook problems you should fix, In Chrome, stop autoplay of Facebook videos


Software, General Tools: Birdwatching app ($10), AceMoney Lite budgeting SW, Kim’s apps for phone or tablet, Organize your photos, Ways to recover files from a dead or dying computer, Apps to tune-up your phone, Photoshop Touch


Software, Browsers: Security flaw affects every version of Internet Explorer


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: MS Office for iPad is here, Apple lets parents get refunds for in-app purchases, A new way to hack Find My iPhone, Owner tweets Apple CEO to recover stolen laptop


Software, Apple, Operating Systems: iOS 8 to launch June 2


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: MS releases code to .Net Foundation


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: MS to make Windows free to phone & tablet makers


Windows XP: End of XP spurs PC sales, IE fix won’t cover XP, Behind the famous XP wallpaper


Windows 8.1: The start menu is coming back!, About the coming update, More about the 8.1 update, Update 1 features, Win 8.1 will be more like Win 7


Software, Microsoft, Office: Office for iPad is here, A better deal for Office 365


Software, Google, General News & Trivia: Google to go wireless in some cities, Google stock split


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: “Pileup” malware can exploit Android upgrades, Intel modifies Android to make it ready for 64-bit chips


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: Arguing that Windows is better than Linux makes you look silly, ACM’s ed group open-source workshop notes, Google Glass moves w/ speed thanks to open-source, 2014 People’s Choice award voting, Experience w/ 4K video in Linux, What is open-source software? Questions about Free Intro to Linux course answered, LinuxCon NA 2014 comes to Chicago


Software, Open-source, Apps: Checking DNS propagation in Linux

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Xen Virtualization has many new features coming, Linux 3.14 Kernel released, Old x86 Platforms removed from Linux 3.15


Ubuntu: Linux 3.14 won’t make it into Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Canonical shuts down Ubuntu One

Red Hat - Fedora: Earnings up and new beta 3.4, Recovering deleted files or crashed drives


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