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Web News for June, 2014


Trends:  Google Now personal assistant,  Is Google Now handy or scary?  Android Silver to help Google regain control of Android,  By year’s end 60% of world population still won’t have internet access,  US Navy launching its own e-reader,  Twitter share price plummets again,  Alibaba IPO could raise $15B,  ‘Game of Thrones’ sets new piracy record: 200k at once,  Owner uses ‘Find my phone’ app to confront thief and recover phone (not recommended),  Gates sells 8M shares of Microsoft: is no longer biggest shareholder,  Target CEO resigns over massive data breach,  Get the best airfare online,  Secret code hidden in many films & TV shows,  National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite,  New York to transform pay phones into hotspots,  Netflix raises video subscription rates by $1 for new customers,  Politicians can now accept bitcoins,  Level 3 accuses 5 ISPs of holding web speed hostage,  AT&T proposal would strip the president of priority in a crisis,  Do-it-yourselfers inspire hardware renaissance in Silicon Valley,  Nokia earmarks $100M for connected vehicles,  Alibaba is going public,  Netflix flattens its logo,  Sprint slows down internet for its biggest users,  Google Docs & Google Sheets improved, a BlackBerry Classic is in the works,  Big-screen smartphones account for a third of market,  ‘Killer robots’ to be debated at UN,  Apple to unveil iPhone6 in August, earlier than expected,  ‘Swatting’ - teen busted for dangerous hoaxes,  AT&T to buy DirecTV for $50B,  Twitter adds a ‘mute’ option,  Big-screen phone shipments soar,  Could Google skew election results?  IBM facing rocky time,  Nielsen’s to include mobile in TV ratings,  Ads coming to your smart fridge,  thanks Tio,  Best tech minds flocking to hardware,  Amazon pressures book publisher with dirty moves,  Google plans to spend $30B of foreign earnings on acquisitions,  VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is coming,  Cox plans Gigabit internet speeds in 3 cities,  Leak claims Windows 9 coming in 2015 w/ lots of fixes,  Google leapfrogs Apple as world’s biggest brand,  Minnesota is 1st to mandate smartphone ‘kill switch’,  Memorial Day wallpapers,  Pew Research predicts the ‘Internet of Things’,  People are switching to tablets,  9/11 museum opens,  Researchers warn recording every moment reduces memories,  Google to build nationwide Wi-Fi network,  AT&T and DirecTV commit to net neutrality for 3 years,  The NFL could sink the AT&T-DirecTV merger,   YouTube to pay $1B for Twitch: 4th largest source of internet traffic,  Verizon cuts back on new fiber optic services,  Sprint to pay $7.5M in Do-Not-Call settlement,  Jetpack buzzes Ronald Reagan building,  3 more cities get Gb internet


Great ideas:  Convert carbon dioxide into kerosene,  How to record music from Youtube,  Sony develops tech for 185TB cassette tape,  Smart harnesses turn dogs into reconnaissance systems,  Studies w/ mice show infusion of young blood leads to cognitive improvements in older mice,  Bracelets + Google Glass form virtual keyboard on any surface,  Air-purifying billboard,  Touchless toilet flusher,  Invisible health-info tattoo,  Dual-lens camera promises better smartphone photos,  Old phones can help stop illegal rainforest loggers,  Electronic cuff in neck to keep blood pressure in check,  Google poised to produce 3D imaging tablet,  Use PayPal to buy Google apps,  Create invitations online for free,  Best websites for bloggers,  MIT developing glasses-free 3D projector,  Dual carbon battery charges 20 times faster than Li-ion,  New app for Google Chromecast sends all your videos to the big screen,  3D-printed Braille phone,  Electric road charges moving buses,  Object detection software to improve driving safety,  Structural supercapacitors could make batteries and power cords obsolete

Security/Privacy  issues:  Facebook offers new privacy feature,  Emergency Flash patch for Windows,  Internet Explorer security fix,  Clandestine Fox hits XP hard,  Use Digital Shadow to find out what Facebook knows about you,  Covert Redirect threatens Facebook and Google users,  5 fixes to Facebook problems,  Lock down your Facebook profile,  Critical steps for online banking,  Carhacking w/ cheap digital gadgets to steal cars,  Apple phones leave email attachments open to snoops,  Siri will let anyone into your iPhone,  Al Jazeera claims to have NSA - Google emails showing cooperation,  Ways to make a hacker’s life harder,  Text alerts for debit cards,  TrafficLight browser security system,  True stories of identity theft,  Keeping hackers out of your Facebook account,  ‘Rotbrow’ malware in browser add-on ‘Browser Protector’,  Stolen phone captures selfie of thief,  Bitly (URL shortener) hacked,  Microsoft report compares OS vulnerability,  Smart TVs could be listening to conversations,  Snowden-made video teaches email encryption,  Ads coming to your smart fridge,  thanks Tio,  Dangerous hacker email from Google,  Dangerous phone tech support scam,  Which companies protect your privacy from the feds,  eBay finally admits massive cyber attack,  Microsoft fights off FBI request for customer data,  2010 NSA operation put surveillance tools in international routers,  See hidden passwords in any browser,  New Koler ransomware for Android,  NSA is recording all cellphone calls in the Bahamas,  97 hackers arrested for spying on 500k users w/ Blackshades,  AVG Secure Search,  Detect and remove a virus,  Security’s future belongs to Open Source,  Hackers break into utility control system,  Hacking your banking app,  Cryptocat encrypts Facebook messages,  New ransomware hits Macs




Legal issues:  The one thing you need to understand about net neutrality, thanks Rich,   Audio equipment confiscated for noise abatement,  Getting sued over an Amazon product review,  Man sues for the right to marry his computer,  FCC asks for delay on new net neutrality rules,  Internet heavyweights urge FCC to support net neutrality,  Google, Microsoft, & Facebook team up to fight FCC,  US domain deregulation could cause ‘splinternet’,  Snapchat settles w/ FTC charges,  Appeals court revives Oracle-Google copyright battle,  Court approves FCC plan to subsidize rural broadband,  Minnesota is 1st to mandate smartphone ‘kill switch’,  FCC pans net neutrality,  European court rules a “right to be forgotten” exists,  Ending the embedded Linux patent war,  Woman sues over 2009 faulty electronic license-plate reader,  Why Amazon is within its rights to remove access to your Kindle books, thanks Connie,  Suit alleges Apple interferes w/ texts to people who switch to Android,  US brings charges against Chinese military hackers,  US takes steps to bar Chinese hackers from hacker conference in Las Vegas,  Sprint to pay $7.5M in Do-Not-Call settlement,  California regulates autonomous vehicle testing


Philosophical issues:  US nuclear missiles are still run by 8” floppies,  Almost every country will have armed drones within 10 years,  NSA sends out encoded tweet w/ recruiting message,  May the 4th be with you, Star Wars fans,  How to etch on metal cheaply,  Are anti-virus products doomed to failure?  Are bitcoins a terrorist threat?  Treatis on net neutrality,  FCC revises fast lane plan,  Misunderstood computer terms explained,  Apple & Microsoft combo good for users,  Teaching robots morality,  Japan explores space-based solar farm,  Comcast wants cord cutters to pay extra,  Old CDs are dying:  How to save them,  Study links cellphone use to brain cancer,  Save money on printer ink


Local Issues:  How to beat roaming fees traveling abroad,  Get refunds for messed-up flights


International issues:  Typo lands Turkish journalist in jail,  Russia issues ‘Bloggers Law’,  Immigration policies tighten w/ access to your digital devices,  Samsung may soon launch Tizen phones in Russia & India,  Russia will shut down US GPS stations,  Mobile money services across Africa & Middle East,  Amazing Google Earth Discoveries,  Poland experiments w/ finger vein recognition,  Australia demoes world’s fastest network 450 Mbps,  Twitter censors users at request of foreign governments,  China bans Windows 8 on government computers,  Russian search engine to compete w/ Google,  Police in Dubai using Google Glass,  Chinese maglev train could hit 1,800 mph


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  3D view of NASA’s new spacesuit design (big file),  Astronomers determine length of day on exoplanet Beta Pictoris b,  Jupiter’s moon Ganymede may have layers of ice & water,  Astronomers examine dwarf galaxy Segue 1 for clues about early universe,  Ham video broadcasts fm ISS,  Present theory of star cluster formation challenged by data,  Sun’s sibling could help us understand how life got started,  Crowd-funded project to reboot 1070s NASA satellite,  Venus Express to plunge into atmosphere,  Japanese sports drink to land on the moon in 2015,  Jupiter’s Great Red Spot shrinks,  Very-Large-Telescope solves magnetar mystery,  HDEV experiment shows detailed earth views,  CryoSat data shows that Antarctica's ice sheet is shirinking faster,  NASA announces space apps winners,  SpaceX Dragon returns w/ ISS science samples,  New Mars lander for 2016,  NASA’s Earth Day selfie,  Black hole doughnut theory cast into doubt,  NASA orbiter discovers new Martian crater,  Giant exoplanet GU Psc b discovered orbiting small star


Geek humor & interests:  New element is 40% heavier than lead,  Flying dune buggy,  Black Knight Transformer autonomous vehicle drives & flies,  Brain games,  Moth joke on Conan,  Matchstick model of ISS,  Making a REAL grilled cheese sandwich,  Track imaging satellites,  Krautscape racing game now on Linux,  Writers of the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ series finale look back, 20 years later, thanks Connie,  Sites to borrow free e-books,  23 Cool tech facts, thanks Helen


Galleries: 4-month time lapse of global earthquakes,  Live stream from ISS,  Fly-along w/ the USAF Thunderbirds,  Air-to-air dogfighting,  Cows make a great musical audience,  Interesting iPhone photos,  Adoro Te - Gregorian Chant,  Free e-books & audiobooks,  Ultra-HD 4K Machu Picchu,  Big Red Bow - the Millennium Falcon,  Three musical strangers make it happen,  Michael Jackson homage (skip to 1:10),  The world’s biggest fountain,  Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ballroom Effects,  Famous photos from a different angle,  thanks Connie


Hardware, General:  Computers for less than $100,  Do these tech tips really work?  Boost your Wi-Fi,  Dimenco 39" glasses-free 3D 4K TV,  Neil Young offers iPod challenger,  Make your own HDTV antenna,  One remote to control them all,  Signs your computer is failing,  Garmin camera w/ Wi-Fi & GPS,  Fujitsu offers business users 10 new devices,  Smart lighter tracks smokers’ activity,  Otto camera captures animated GIFs and synchs them to your phone,  Microsoft axes Surface Mini,  Quadrotor gets autonomous nav w/ Google’s Project Tango,  Smart surveillance camera


Hardware, Table computers:  GameChanger table-top screen


Hardware, All-In-Ones:   Acer 23” Aspire touchscreen


Hardware, Desktops:   iMac vs. 20mm anti-tank rifle


Hardware, Laptops:   2014 MacBook Air vs. iPad Air,  11” MacBook Air review,   $170 ArcBook w/ touch, Wi-Fi, & Office,  Rumor of 12” MacBook,  11” MacBook Air vs. Surface Pro 3


Hardware, Netbooks:  Lenovo N20 & N20P Chromebooks, thanks Chuck,  More on N20 & N20P, thanks Chuck,  More on N20P hinge,  Asus C200 & C300,  Google & Intel team up for Chromebooks


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  MacBook Air vs. Surface Pro 2,  iPad vs. Surface Pro 2,  Surface Pro 3 arrives,  Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface Pro 2,  Surface Pro 3 announcement,  Surface Pro 3 vs. iPad Air


Hardware, Tablets:  Rumors of Microsoft mini-tablet,  LG adds 3 new tablets,  Chinese Xiaomi’s Mi Pad,  Lenovo ThinkPad 10,  Galaxy Tab 4 Education,  Entegra CrossfirePro,  Dell Venu 11 Pro


Hardware, Phablets:  Blu Life Pure XL,  More leaked dummy photos of iPhone 6


Hardware, Smartphones:  iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S5,  LG details F70 4G LTE,  Motorola Moto E,  Moto E vs. Moto G,  Chinese Vivo Xshot,  LG G3 superphone coming,  HTC One mini vs. HTC One (M8),  HTC One mini review,  Samsung says 11 million Galaxy S5s sold since launch,  TiniTell wrist phone for kids to call parents,  Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (M8),  Samsung to unveil smartwatchphone not tethered to smartphone,  How to replace broken iPhone screen


Hardware, Tiny computers:  Toq watch supports voice dictation,  Set up a wireless access point w/ Raspberry Pi,  GertDuino for Raspberry Pi explained,  Arduino for Raspberry Pi at Maker Faire,  Google Glass available for purchase,  Google Glass keyboard,  Modillion smartstrap for dumb watches,  Samsung ships more than half a million Galaxy Gear watches in Q1 2014


Hardware, Game devices:  MS to sell Xbox One w/o Kinect and drop paid-only access to entertainment apps,  Gaming laptops MSI GT70 Dominator Pro vs. Asus ROG G750JZ


Hardware, Peripherals:  How to buy your next wireless router, thanks Connie,  Sony develops tech for 185TB cassette tape,  3D printer produces makeup,  Box turns phones into universal remotes,  World’s cheapest 3D printer under $200,  iStick provides Lightning-to-USB flash drive,  3D fruit printer


Hardware, Accessories:  Smart Tech Case for portable devices,  Modular cases for iPhones,  Wireless charging for phones,  Thin keyboard for iPad Air,  Roku streaming stick,  360° video camera,  Camp stove that charges phones & tablets,  Pocket-sized Jumpr can jump start your car, charge your phone,  QuickCircle case for G3 smartphone,  Phone stand suspends your device in mid-air


Hardware, Internals:  World’s 1st 4TB 2.5” solid-state drive,  New i3 processor boosts Chrome systems


Software, General:  Simple steps to a faster computer startup,  Beginners guide to BitTorrents


Software, News & Trivia:  HomeChat controls smart appliances remotely


Software, In the Cloud:  Google Flight Search,  See if your favorite movies and TV are streaming online,  Get the best airfare online,  Print Friendly or create PDF,  Gmail tests new look,  Amazon Cloud Player app,  Speech recognition website,  TV shows added to Popcorn Time streaming service,  Google+ makes gorgeous slideshows,  YouTube’s weird Webdriver Torso channel,  Google brings animation support to Chrome w/ WebP image format,  Review of Backblaze backup service


Software, General Tools:  Free Wi-Fi finder,  Your free credit score w/ no tracking,  Personal information organizer for phones,  Free voice calls and text messages from phones,  Kelley Blue Book for cars,  Read Kindle books on your PC or Mac,  Download Photoshop Touch for $10,  New Google Maps features,  Control your computer remotely,  Medscape for iOS & Android,  Malwarebytes,  Vocabulary game,  Stop advertisers from tracking your phone,  Hushmail free encrypted email,  Amazon Cloud Player app,  Kim’s apps for tablet or phone,  Genealogy program,  Pushbullet shares links, pictures, and files,  Favorite software of the image-editing crowd,  Free downloads for photos,  Send text msgs fm your computer,  Evernote sends msgs,  Finance app,  How to download YouTube videos & music,  All about facial recognition,  Free E-book librarian,  Print smartphone & tablet photos,  See top news stories of the day,  Weather app for your phone


Software, Browsers:  Browser tips & tricks,  Internet Explorer security fix,  Bringing back Firefox’s old look,  How to use bookmarks,  Mozilla to enable HTML5 DRM in Firefox


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Apple to unveil iPhone6 in August, earlier than expected,  Google leapfrogs Apple as world’s biggest brand,  Bid on a piece of Apple history,  Apple buys Linux ‘Mac lookalike’ and kills it,  Facts about Apple stores,  New SD card allows easy MacBook storage expansion,  New ransomware hits Macs


Software, Apple, Apps:  Match-the-Dots game,  More tips for iPad users,  Vhoto extracts still from video


Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS8 brings side-by-side apps to iPad,  OS X Mavericks update includes security fixes & one killer feature


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Leak claims Widows 9 coming in 2015 w/ lots of fixes


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Recuva restores deleted files,  PC Decrapifier,  SpaceSniffer shows storage map


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Emergency Flash patch for Windows,  Windows tips & tricks,  How to update

Windows XP:  A security flaw that can’t be fixed,  What ‘end of life’ means for XP,  How to get security updates until April, 2009, thanks Ed

Windows 7:  File-sharing strategies for Win 7 & Win 8

Windows 8:  China bans Windows 8 on government computers,  Try out Win 8’s user interface for free

Windows 8.1:  Updates will stop unless you keep up

Windows Phone 8.1:  Getting started,  Getting the most battery life


Software, Microsoft, Office, Outlook:  Outlook just got WAY better


Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Google Docs & Google Sheets improved,  Google Tips & Tricks


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Android Silver to help Google regain control of Android,  KitKat sees surge in market share,  Trick for faster internet on Chrome for Android,  thanks Connie


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   New i3 processor boosts Chrome systems,  Chrome OS updated w/ app folders & reworked window controls


Software, Google, Apps:  Google Now personal assistant,  Basic Android tips,  Boomerang sends delayed gmail,   Gmail Android app hits 1B downloads


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  oRouter secures internet connections,  Tech giants agree to fund OpenSSL,  Linux inventor receives IEEE Pioneer Award,  US UAVs migrate to Linux,  Atom goes open-source,  LinuxFest Northwest,  HP to invest $1B+ in open source cloud computing,  Munich migrates 15k PCs to Linux,  Linus Torvalds introduces Massive Open Online Course,  BattleBlock Theater Comedy Performer on Steam for Linux,  5-year-old Linux Kernel bug fixed,  OpenStack Summit Atlanta,  Dual-boot Ubuntu & Android comes closer w Ubuntu dual-boot installer,  Brian Lunduke’s “Linux sucks” video,  Security’s future belongs to Open Source,  Interview with Linux inventor,  Steam’s in-home streaming now available to everyone,  How to sort and remove duplicate photos in Linux,  From foe to friend: my journey with Linux,  Leaders of Fedora, Ubuntu, and Gluster are leaving


Software, Open-source, Apps:  BFS Scheduler updated for Linux 3.14,  Krautscape racing game now on Linux,  AV Linux collection of multimedia packages,  Tux3 file system criticized,  SCROT allows SCReen shOT from command line,  Steam in-home streaming beams content to any room


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  OpenMandriva Phosphorus,  Growing role of UEFI Secure Boot in Linux Distros,  KDE’s gamble on new interface4MLinux 8.2 Screenshot Tour,  CoreOS distro lands on Google Cloud Platform,

Ubuntu:  Ubuntu for Android is dead,  Dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 w/ Windows 8.1,  OpenStack deployments are up,  Ubuntu Kylin competes w/ XP in China,  Ubuntu Deepin desktop released in China,  Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr:  Video and screenshots

Linux Mint:  Mint 17 is the best Linux desktop yet,  Mint 17 picture gallery

Debian:  German release of Univention,  RoboLinux 7.5.2 features VirtualBox to run Windows as a “guest” OS

Red Hat - Fedora:  ManageIQ cloud management software,  Server working group report,  New version of OpenShift,  Fedora news


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