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Web News for July, 2014

Great ideas: Real-time language translation is coming soon to Skype,   Skype Translator demo, Solar panel roadways, Chinese create woven battery yarn, Human heart 3D-printed w/ your own cells, Flexible wires that could double as batteries, 3D sketch pen,  ISS sends HDTV via laser beam, Use OverDrive to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your public library, Sell your old movies and video games,  Hope for shatterproof smartphone screens, EzeeCube, thanks Chuck, New tech could lead to spray-on solar cells, 7GB free online storage w/ OneDrive,  Fake skylight for windowless spaces,  Tech gift ideas,  Mini cell towers,  Camera drone follows user’s phone,  Bionic pancreas for diabetics,  High dynamic range stills from video,  A computer that learns,  Team of 3D-printing robots print large-scale structures on site,  3D laser metal printing,  E-Ink clock,  1-of-3 original Texas Instruments IC chips on sale (They misspelled Kilby’s name.),  “Smart glass” iris for phone cameras,  Find what’s slowing down your internet,  Beer-can parabolic reflector for your Wi-Fi antenna,  Useful Google services you may not know,  Drones to perch on power lines to recharge,  Instant Watermelon Slushies,  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants

Security/Privacy  issues:  Snowden says he was a spy,  New Snowden interview excerpt,  6-Part, full interview w/ Snowden,  Massive PBS story of the Snowden revelations and Bush-era precursors, thanks Bill,   Al Gore supports Snowden, on balance, thanks Rich,   Stop your apps from sending info to NSA,  Iranian hackers spied on top US officials using fake Facebook accounts,  New Heartbleed attacks routers and Android gadgets,  A site to check websites,  Russian bank hacker stole $100M,  Snowden leaks NSA facial recognition from web,  Guess what, Facebook isn’t secure.  Who knew?  Google wants every Android phone to have always-on listening,  Stop online advertisers from tracking you,  DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge offers $2M and $1M prizes,  Gameover Zeus virus,  You could be recorded on vending machine cameras,  iOS 8 adds ‘Send Last Location’ feature,  Google makes Chrome more secure than ever,  Google releases new data about how services encrypt email in transit,  Vodafone discloses disclosure,  Newly discovered OpenSSL flaw was there 16 years,  Google, Facebook, Microsoft, & Yahoo encrypting more data,  NSA can ‘turn on’ your phone remotely,  Stop photos from sharing your location,  Canon opens irista cloud photo vault,  ‘Red Button Flaw’  lets hackers take over your smart TV,  Simplelocker is new Russian ransomware,  Antidote found for Simplelocker,  Virus wipes out New Hampshire PD computers,  ‘Oleg Pliss’ ransomware hackers arrested in Russia,  P.F. Chang investigating data breach,  Hackers hit Evernote & Feedly,  Malwarebytes unleashes free anti-exploit kit,  Linux malware & antivirus,  Why you’ll keep getting hacked,  Domino’s Pizza hacked,  Satellites get permission to zoom in to 12”,  Browser trick to protect your privacy,  KL-Detector detects keyloggers,  Nokia pays blackmail to hackers,  Common home security system problems,  Data-encryption alternatives,  Chinese smartphones found w/ preinstalled spyware,  thanks Tom,  Nearly all Android devices vulnerable to rooting attack,  Hackers crash,  Biggest online currency hack ever,  Cryptowall ransomware,  Police say phone kill switches are working,  Preventing weak passwords,  Remove your past from Google search results,  Security flaw in Google Play apps,  Hackers reverse-engineer NSA spying tech supplied by Snowden,  Defending against drones,  Jeopardy-playing computer makes barbecue sauce,  Google Glass, iPhones, & others can steal your ATM PIN from 150’ away,  Malwarebytes anti-exploit program,  Paypal phishing scam

Legal Issues: Free legal forms,  Supreme Court strikes down rulings of top patent court,  Oliver on Net Neutrality (language caution), thanks Rich,  Verizon sends Cease-and-Desist letter to Netflix to stop blame game,  1st  FAA-approved  drone flies over Alaska,  Court rules warrantless cellphone tracking is illegal,  Death threats illegal on Facebook?,  DOT to regulate all GPS and nav apps,  DOT to regulate map aids in vehicles,  GPS legal questions still exist,  Police can access your connected home data,  Microsoft’s Android patents to face challenges,  US House votes to curb NSA snooping,  FCC fines Chinese company for selling jammers,  Red Hat VP analyzes Supreme Court patent ruling,  NY bans tiger selfies,  Supreme Court rules Aereo’s streaming violates copyrights

Philosophical issues:  Should your self-driving car sacrifice your life to save others?  How much is your personal data worth?  How to use aluminum foil,  Closing time for open internet (revisited), thanks Jerry,  Buying a home network router,  Be careful, one button could delete your phone contacts,  Read this before you buy a smart TV,  What an internet data center really looks like,  Speed up your computer’s startup,  In the matrix of mobile, Linux is Zion,  OpenDNS can speed your connection,  Disposable vs. rechargeable batteries,  Find recipes that fit your diet,  3 mistakes to avoid when picking your mobile data plan,  Taiwanese pop star leaks photos of iPhone 6,  Find a spammer’s email address,  Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on Aereo could change football watching, thanks Connie,  250 new emojis,  The first ever Photoshopped image,  Wacky view of Google Glass,  Classrooms need to ditch PCs, tablets,  Bad tech habits,  150,000-year-old pipes baffle scientists in China,  Use Snopes to find the truth,  Chewing gum makes you more likeable,  How Betamax lost out to VHS,  More free e-books for Kindle,  Buying a home network router,  How to daisy-chain routers,  Truth about Google & evil,  “Tell me Dave” robot learns by people talking to it,  10 Common misconceptions

Local Issues:  International calls w/o Wi-Fi,  Word Lens app translates text in photos,  Kölbi lowers internet prices for homes,  thanks Chuck,  Airlines change size limits for carry-ons, thanks Connie,  Proposed change in mobile internet rates,  Essential Costa Rica,  Phone App translates in real time

International issues:  Dragon V2 manned spacecraft,  Chinese Huawei achieves 10 Gbps Wi-Fi,  Swiss email encryption,  Morpheus lander makes 1st night landing,  FAA puts Virgin Galactic closer to commercial spaceflight,  Solar Impulse 2 makes 1st flight,  Queen of England wants to jail hackers for life,  European passengers to get high-speed in-flight internet access,  CrowdStrike accuses Chinese military unit of hacking,  China’s Anti-Windows 8 Tirade,  thanks Chuck,  Rosetta Comet chaser,  UK’s mass surveillance of social sites,  British architects select 2014 design winners

interplanetary issues: SpaceX tests 3D-printed thruster,  Wi-Fi on the moon,  Satellite aids Balkan flood relief,  SpaceX unveils its 1st manned capsule,  Kepler-10c, the planet that shouldn’t exist,  Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite turned over to operating team,  ESA developing next-gen docking ring,  NASA puts tech experiments on SpaceShipTwo,  NASA tests new EXES spectrograph,  ISS sends 1st video via laser to Earth,  Milky Way may host 100M+ planets w/ complex life,  Soccer in space,  ISS to get espresso machine,  Hubble to seek new targets for New Horizons spacecraft,  Falcon 9 launch of satellites aborts,  Orion’s maiden flight set for December,  e.DeOrbit satellite space cleaner

Geek humor & interests: B-52 gets update,  Humorous treatise on Net Neutrality (language warning),  thanks Connie,  Modern typing,  RAF recreates historic D-Day recon photo,  Oculus Rift lets grounded pilots fly again,  NASA working on warp drive,  Open wine bottle w/o corkscrew,  World naked bike ride,  Is supersonic passenger travel coming back?  EMALS replaces steam catapults on Navy carriers

Galleries: Icelandic Hymn in a train station,  Michael Jackson on beer bottles,  O. Henry Pun-Off,  Silver-haired baller shows kids a few tricks in street game,  You’ve been using aluminum foil wrong,  Launch from aircraft carrier,  Get fast food to look like the picture,  2,800 screens create digital artwork,  British architects select 2014 design winners,  Nature recordings,  Summertime songs,  Dolphins in the surf,  Review of Transformers: Age of Extinction

Hardware, General:How to organize cables,  Voice control home devices,  How to clean handheld screens,  Computex show features convertibles from Asus, HP, & Dell,  Digital LED carpet,  Turn your TV into a PC,  Starbucks to put wireless charging mats in all US stores,  Lyric thermostat tracks your GPS and adjusts temp when you head for home,  Jailbreak king releases new Android root app,  Smart cup tells you what you’re drinking,  Canonical’s orange box,  Facebook reveals open-source networking switch,  Fix your gadget’s battery life,  Voxtok music server & player,  Buying a router,  Samsung 40” UHD TV for $1k,  AllCast streams video fm Android to Amazon Fire TV

Hardware, Table computers: Ideum Platform 55 runs Android

Hardware, Smart TVs: LG sells a million webOS TVs since January

Hardware, All-in-Ones: Acer 23” Aspire,  Apple debuts new, less expensive iMac

Hardware, Laptops: 13” MacBook Pro w/ Retina display,  Asus Zenbook NX500 w/ 4K display

Hardware, Netbooks: Samsung Chromebook 2 review,  Tips for new Chromebook owners,  2014 Chromebook comparison guide

Hardware, 2-in-1s:Surface Pro 3 vs. 2013 MacBook Pro w/ Retina,  Toshiba Satellite Click,  Computex show features convertibles from Asus, HP, & Dell,  12.5” HP Pro x2 612,  Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs. Surface Pro 3,  Will’s early impressions of Surface Pro 3,  Will’s review of SP3

Hardware, Tablets: VTech tablets for children,  Samsung Galaxy Tab S,  Galaxy Tab S has AMOLED display,  Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs. iPad Air,  Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs. iPad mini w/ Retina,  Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs. Nexus 7,  Toughpad tablets

Hardware: Phablets: LG G3, LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5,  LG G3 vs. HTC One (M8),  HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s,  HTC One (E8),  Sony Xperia T3 midrange,  Peek at Apple's new, larger phone

Hardware, Smartphones: Samsung Z is Tizen-based,  Vertu Signature Touch>,  Taiwanese pop star leaks photos of iPhone 6,  Lead-up to Amazon smartphone release, thanks Helen,  Turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot,  Mozilla to offer $25 Firefox phones,  5 upcoming smartphones,  Amazon’s 3D smartphone: only on AT&T,  Amazon 3D Fire Phone,  New BlackBerry OS to come w/ Amazon app store,  Amazon Fire vs. iPhone 5s,  Amazon Fire Phone vs. HTC One (M8),  Fire Phone vs. Nexus 5,  Fire Phone vs. LG G3,  Another Fire Phone review,  Fire compared to rivals,  Should you buy a Fire Phone?  Blackberry to launch Passport phone,  Next-gen smartphones could have sensors in display glass,  Microsoft’s Nokia releases Android smartphone,  Nokia X2

Hardware, eBook Readers: Another look at Tab 4 Nook,  B & N  splits Nook to separate company

Hardware: Tiny Computers LittleBits Arduino module,  Apple iWatch due out in October,  Kairos blends mechanical & smartwatch tech,  3D Google Glass,  Smart ring for women,  Kano kit for Raspberry Pi,  Raspberry Pi portable internet radio,  10 smartwatch design contest winners,  Pebble Steel smartwatch,  Golfing watch,  Martian Notifier watch,  Android Wear watch software fm Google,  LG’s G Watch ships in early July for $229,  Samsung Gear Live runs Android Wear OS

Hardware, Game devices: Acer 4K monitor w/ Nvidia G-Sync,  Gaming All-in-Ones,  New Asus gaming laptops,  500 Linux-compatible games now in Steam,  Nintendo Mario Kart 8 (Wii U),  E3 conference reveals new game consoles,  ‘Steamboy’ handheld gaming console,  Eizo gaming monitor

Hardware, Peripherals: Bendy foam headphones,  $250 3D printer looks interesting,  Another article on $250 3D printer,  JetDrive Lite 64GB in an SD slot,  $2.5k Zeus 3D printer, scanner, and fax,  3rd-party keyboards for iPhone & iPad,  Chromecast vs. Roku Streaming Stick,  Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth speaker,  Philips Two-in-One Monitor,  Hampden speakers,  Form 1+ 3D printer,  Wearable SIM card,  World’s smallest wireless earbuds,  3D printer for kids,  Sports headphones,  Bone-conduction headphones,  Dolby Atmos sound comes to homes

Hardware, Accessories: i-Ox smartphone grip/stand,  Wireless adapter for old stereos to stream,  Wireless mailbox alert,  Apple patents smart cover that shows messages when closed,  Quick-charging battery anode,  Zolo $20 power & protection package

Hardware, Internals: Intel unveils Linux-on-Atom for autonomous cars,  ARM plans chip design center for wearables, Internet of Things,  New laptop chip needs no fan,  36-core chip takes clues from routers

Software, News & Trivia: You can now edit  MS Office files in Google Docs

Software: In the Cloud: How to set profiles on Netflix,  Weather Odds predicts changes,  Canon opens irista cloud photo vault,  Fix dead addresses,  Converting a website from PSD to WordPress>,  Text-to-speech demo,  Movie finder,  T-Mobile offers free unlimited music streaming,  Cloud-computing adoption grows, but hurdles remain,  Office Online vs. Google Apps

Software, General Tools: On-the-go driving instructions,  SigFig investment portfolio manager,  Mouse tricks,  You can be an animated avatar,  Free summer wallpapers,  Audacity audio file editor,  Great free apps,  How to wipe your gadget before giving it away,  Dots puzzle game,  Zagat restaurant finder,  Apps for road trips,  Garmin app for smartphones,  Send unlimited free text messages,  The most beautiful game,  McDonald’s fields new McD Ordering app,  Phone App translates in real time

Software, Browsers: Google Chrome overtakes IE,  Firefox 30 blocks plugins by default,  Browser review,  Mozilla puts full IDE inside Firefox,  Opera for Linux

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: Apple buys Beats for $3B,  Apple set to push into Health & Home Monitoring,  Expectations for World-Wide Development Conference 2014,  New hardware a no-show at WWDC,  Put your iPhone in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode to remove certain kinds of malware,  iPhone Photography Awards 8th annual results,  Adobe releases free Photoshop app for iPad,  Peek at Apple's new, larger phone

Software, Apple, Apps: Litely photo app,  Top video app,  Apple HomeKit controls smart household devices,  Play Marco Polo to find your phone or tablet,  BARD Mobile for audio & Braille books

Software, Apple, Operating Systems: Apple unveils iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite,  2 hr Video of OS X 10.10 Yosemite release,  Apple flattens OS X,  iOS8, dev tools, & 3rd party keyboards unveiled,  8 companies getting ‘Sherlocked’ by iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite,  iOS 8 adds ‘Send Last Location’ feature,  iOS 8 scans credit cards,  iOS 8 uses random MAC addresses while scanning for networks,  iOS 8 adds time-lapse photography,  iCloud Activation Lock works too well for resellers,  Which devices will run iOS8 & Yosemite?  Which Macs won’t get Yosemite’s coolest feature?

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: Xbox gets 45 new apps

Software, Microsoft, Apps: Little Painter,  Joulemeter calculates your PC’s energy use,  Ginger Proofreader is a better spell checker,  PDF creator,  Steam machine switches from Linux to Windows,  Free sticky notes,  Free desktop timer,  Unchecky for downloads,  DVD Flick burns DVDs,  Window-sizing tool,  Photoscape editor

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:

Windows 7:  No more IE11 updates w/o patch KB2929437

Windows 8:  China’s Anti-Windows 8 Tirade,  thanks Chuck,  Bring back the Start menu

Windows 8.1:  New taskbar features

Windows Phone 8.1:  Connect to a remote computer

Software, Google, General News & Trivia: Google will sell domains,  Truth about Google & evil

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: Google adds “Nearby” feature,  Dear Google: don’t screw up Android,  The history of Android,  Jailbreak king releases new Android root app,  Vulnerable to rooting attack,  Surprise KitKat update fixes OpenSSL vulnerability,  Android 5.0 news from Google conference,  Android L (5.0) previewed,  Google touts 1B Android users per month

Software, Google, Apps: Native Outlook web app for Android,  Find your lost phone

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: The future of HPC and the path to Exascale,  Open-source big data collaboration,  Mobile library fab lab in the Netherlands,  Linus Torvalds reads your mean Tweets,  Battle of OpenStack distros begins,  New virus targets Linux users, In the matrix of mobile, Linux is Zion,  Bruce Perens answers open-source questions, Tesla gives up patents to ‘open-source movement’, ‘Steamboy’ handheld gaming console, Mozilla’s CEO problems continue, Open source NASA connection, Facebook reveals open-source networking switch, Nest Labs buys Dropcam, Multiple monitor virtualization for GNOME boxes in the works

Software, Open-source, Apps: Git 2.0 released, OpenSSL vulnerability fixed, Tango-Studio-audio screen shots, Greatest GitHub repository of all time,  Choosing a good Linux text editor, Civilization V officially available, Linux malware & antivirus, Apps to control your phone

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1 supports legacy hardware, Distros of the past, Linux distro changes name from Isis to Freya for political reasons, Peppermint 5 OS released, Peppermint 5 screenshots, Linux 3.16 I/O schedulers tested

Ubuntu: 1st ARM 64-bit server deployed, Linux Lite 2.0 screenshots, Canonical to release Ubuntu Phone, There has never been a better time to switch to Linux, User Tips, Zorin OS 9 release candidate

Linux Mint: LM 17 ‘Qiana’ released, Xfce & KDE release candidates available

Arch Linux: Review of Antergos desktops

Debian: Elive 2.2.6 Beta screenshots, Switching back to GLIBC

Red Hat - Fedora: Red Hat launches Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, Screenshots, Matthew Miller is new project leader, Red Hat 7 released, KeePassX password manager, What’s next for Fedora?

Tizen: Samsung Model Z smartphone for Russia, Samsung pitches to Tizen Developer Conference, Smart washing machine uses Tizen, Modello User Interface running on Tizen 3.0

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