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Web News for August, 2014

Trends:  Lifelike robots working at Tokyo museum,  YouTube has 60fps videos now,  Plasma TVs are just about dead,  Google bans porn from online ads,  Google lunar Xprize,  Amazingly fast Wi-Fi,  Publish your own e-book,  Autonomous truck tested in Germany,  TSA can make you leave gadgets behind that won’t turn on,  YouTube shames ISPs,  Time4Popcorn now available via Chromecast,  More tablets will sell than PCs in 2015,  4-in-10 US households use cell phones only,  Samsung concerned over profit drop,  Future internet may be less free & open, thanks Joan,  Linux poetry contest winner,  Apple’s eBay store sells refurbished phones,  New hardware reads minds,  iPhone6 will have a very strong screen,  Chromecast has a great new trick: Cast Screen,  Bell Labs breaks record w/ 10 Gbps over copper wires,  3D-printed food,  Call girl charged in Google exec’s death,  How Google Glass is changing the world, thanks Helen,  Sotheby’s & eBay to launch virtual auction house,  Google Glass head moves to Amazon,  Virtual windshield for cars,  Drones as photo light sources,  A living copy of Van Gogh’s ear,  Washington Post defends it’s story on the NSA,  Israel shoots down Hamas drone,  Nickel-coated iPads cause skin rashes,  The world’s tallest flagpole,  Amazon is developing the ‘Netflix for books’,  German NSA committee switches to typewriters,  Apple is working on fuel cells to extend battery life,  iPhone6 ‘Air’ battery to be 2mm thick,  Google+ ends ‘real name’ policy,  IBM to sell iPhones & iPads,  FBI warns driverless cars could be lethal weapons,  With battery-powered trousers, you could walk on walls,  Massive Microsoft job cuts could hit 18k,  Tiny squishy robots

Great ideas:  Water-based organic batteries,  peel a bucket-full of potatoes in >1 minute,  Boston’s solar-powered benches charge your phone,  FIDELYS smartwatch to use iris identification,  Recycle water bottles into 3D-printed objects,  Spray-on waterproof coating,  Ecofont Vera Sans saves ink,  High-tech, affordable, stylish hearing aids in the future,  Apple patents method for creating all-glass iPhones & iPads,  How to fold a fitted sheet,  New design for microwave oven,  Flexible, transparent OLED panels,  When Google Now misunderstands, just say, “No, I said …”,  Nano-pixels hold potential for displays,  Corn-on-the-cob w/o the mess


Security/Privacy  issues:  Skimmers steal from ATM customers in CR, thanks Joan,  Montana health dept hacked,  Paypal phishing scam,  Android phones can listen almost all the time,  Viruses hidden in text messages,  Android KeyStore security flaw,  NSA’s new boss,  Russian hackers hit US power grid,  4 countries not spied on by NSA,  Google to be sued over ‘snooping’,  Newer Android phones leak your GPS location,  How to tell if someone is lying in an email,  Secure your smartphone or tablet,  Card skimmers (mostly in the States),  NSA can legally spy on 193 countries,  Watch for “cramming” on your phone bill,  Word and Excel viruses,  Why you have to turn on your phone at security,  Send msgs that disappear after reading,  Avast says personal data can be recovered fm “wiped” Android phones,  Fake piracy warning emails contain a trojan,  Stealing info fm your old phone, even if it’s wiped,  Big surprise: NSA targets Muslims,  Chinese hackers crack federal employee database,  Remove information fm Google,  Google Drive leaks some private documents,  Downloading Tor could put you on an NSA watch-list,  Hackers put key-loggers on public hotel computers,  Russian hackers hit CNET for 1M usernames, email addresses, & passwords,  Free scanner for Gameover Zeus virus,  Advantages of weak passwords,  Russian malware infiltrates Nasdaq stock exchange,  Privacy Badger blocks spying ads & invisible trackers, thanks Joan


Legal issues:  Facebook battles for user privacy,  Amazon vows to fight FTC on kids' in-app purchases,  FTC hits T-Mobile for bogus fees, T-Mobile hits back,  Man trys to join al Qaeda via Facebook, get 13 years in jail,  San Francisco parking app refuses shut-down order,  IRS denies non-profit status for open-source organization,  Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) changes its position on FCC attempts to preserve net neutrality,  Police dogs that sniff out computer data,  FAA may lift ban on commercial drones,  Hacker jailed after refusing to give password to police,  Aereo tries again after Supreme Court rules against it,  FTC sues Amazon after kids buy $Ms of unauthorized purchases,  FCC extends deadline for comments on Net Neutrality due to huge traffic,  Manuel Noriega sues ‘Call of Duty’ game makers


Philosophical issues:  Uses for old tech,  HDD vs. SSD comparison,  Netflix drops 79 movies, adds 45 new ones,  Google Maps fun new trivia game:  ‘Smarty Pins’,  How to grill beer-can chicken,  How to buy a printer,  Tips on tipping,  Interview w/ Google founders,  How to make homemade ice cream,  Girls’ skills needed in tech,  Jurassic Park Facebook joke,  Library-of-Congress highlights,  DARPA creates smart bullets,  Nazi sub found off Texas coast,  Kim Komando on Pinterest,  The future of Linux & Intel


Local Issues:  Boeing increases carry-on capacity w/ new bins,  Skimmers steal from ATM customers in CR


International issues:  U.A.E. tops list of credit-card hacks,  Chinese internet-addiction boot camps,  City of Munich switches to Ubuntu,  Yo app saves Israelis fm rocket fire,  Japanese politician accused of misusing public funds,  1000 years of European border changes,  MH17 Ukraine crash:  protecting airliners from missiles,  Russia building cool trams for 2018 World Cup


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  Send selfies to Mars,  NASA tests Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator,  Galactic pyrotechnics in nearby galaxy,  Cassini to begin grand finale next year,  Quadcopter dropship tested for Mars,  Determining age of stars w/ sound waves,  See the night stars anywhere on Earth,  Engine failure foils ISEE-3 recovery effort,  Supermoon photos,  UK announces potential spaceport sites,  DARPA announces phase 1 of XS-1 spaceplane program


Geek humor & interests:  50 essential science-fiction books, thanks Connie,  Poll of best Sci-Fi,  Lasting effects from WWI,  Airbus patents windowless cockpit,  Autonomous vehicles join US Army,  Games for the brain,  F-35s grounded,  US Marines test robotic mule,  Autonomous unmanned anti-submarine vessel


Galleries:  Marine lands plane on carrier with gear malfunction,  Best wildlife photos,  Fun impressions,  Declaration of Independence,  Surprising facts about the Declaration,  Flying through fireworks,  The science of fireworks,  F16 buzzes air show crowd,  Wall of dust swallows Phoenix,  Remote island in Thailand,  Futuristic plane divides in flight,  Yorkshire advice for Tour de France,  Whirlwind virtual tour of Barcelona,  Soccer-playing turtle drives dog crazy,  Johnny Carson introduces a new sponsor,  Time-lapse of every nuclear blast location,  24 Hrs of North Atlantic air traffic,  Winners of drone photography competition,  Parking attendant crashes Lamborghini,  Photos of largest waves on Earth,  Blue Angel surprise


Hardware, General:  Now Chromecast can use ultrasonic w/ phones,  Smart propane tank,  Smart lightbulb,  Smart luggage that can weigh itself and transmit its location is in development,  Airliners nearly collide on airport,  Sand-based lithium-ion battery anode improvement,  TransWall display is transparent and double-sided,  Projector robot computer that moves


Hardware, Tablets:  LeapPad3 for kids,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4,  2014 high-end tablet comparison


Hardware, Phablets:  Sony Xperia C3


Hardware, Smartphones:  Blackphone is on sale now,  iPhone 6 photos show curved glass,  Unlock Moto X w/ wearable button,  Samsung Galaxy S5 mini,  S5 mini vs. S5,  BlackBerry Passport,  Why the BB Passport is square,  Tips to improve battery life on your phone, thanks Helen


Hardware, Smartwatches:  Samsung Gear Live vs. LG G Watch,  LG G Watch early impressions,  Will reviews Gear Live,  Gear Live vs. Pebble Steel,  Gear Live vs. Gear 2,  Motorola Moto 360,  Microsoft is entering the smartwatch wars,  FIDELYS smartwatch to use iris identification,  Will reviews Android Wear


Hardware, Tiny computers:  Smart propane tank,  HummingBoard family,  Redesign for barebones Raspberry Pi,  New Raspberry Pi has 4 USB ports,  2nd gen Galileo hacker SBC


Hardware, Peripherals:  PocketScan wireless scanner,  Odin pocket projector,  Keyboard that splits in two,  Layered-paper 3D printers,  Myo armband replaces mouse


Hardware, Accessories:  PocketPlug charger for iPhone 5 & 5s,  Laptop flip case,  Anemometer accessory for smartphones,  Accessories case,  Tuna Knobs for capacitive touchscreens,  Video cables explained


Software, General:  Scribble maps,  Smart and safe ways to save $ on prescription drugs,  Record & edit audio,  Free printable templates for business cards, etc.,  Multilingual news reader,  UpTo Calendar


Software, News & Trivia:  Google Play Services 5.0 released, thanks Bill,  Flash update plugs security exploit,  Editorial about Windows vs. Google & Apple


Software, In the Cloud:  Dropbox stores your photos,  Store your music in the cloud,  Use HelloFax to send faxes,  How to use Gmail tabs,  Infinit cloud storage,  Amazon Instant Video,  Chromville app coloring book for tablets


Software, General Tools:  Watch Over Me tracks you when you want it,  Photosnack creates slideshows,  Fireworks Arcade app,  Roman Empire travel calculator,  Guess the Emoji game,  Fathom helps you plan trips


Software, Browsers:  Browser tool helps you speed read,  Is Firefox in a fix?,  Google Chrome could be draining your laptop battery


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  Tips & tricks for iPad


Software, Apple, Apps:  Important security updates for Mac, Safari, iOS, & Apple TV,  Siri to get smarter,  Facetune for selfies,  Send gifs to friends


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Free Microsoft ebooks


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  PC Refresh tutorial,  Fix blurry photos,  MS solitaire collection,  Greenshot screen capture,  Free photo organizer


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Windows 9 release date, news, & rumors

Windows 7:  Win7 has gained fm XP EOS

Windows 8:  Win 8 is better than Win 7,  thanks Chuck


Software, Microsoft, Office:  Free Office guides,  Word and Excel viruses


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Android KeyStore security flaw,  Android tips & tricks


Software, Google, Apps:  LokLok leaves messages on your lock-screen,  Security apps


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) hits the road,  Managing passwords in open-source,  Linux is not dead on the desktop,  Linux support for Chrome Remote Desktop


Software, Open-source, Apps:  Chumby returns as Blue Octy,  OpenShot video editor,  Motion app for surveillance cameras,  Basic Python tutorial for Raspberry Pi,  25 best open-source apps for small business


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Why XFCE is the best Linux desktop

Ubuntu:  The Chrome remote desktop sharing feature

Linux Mint:  Manual disk partitioning guide,  Cinnamon 2.2 screenshots,  Qiana ISO updated for Cinnamon and MATE editions

Debian:  HandyLinux 1.6 screenshots

Red Hat - Fedora:  Red Hat releases OpenStack Platform 5,  Configuring default gateway on RedHat

Tizen:  Samsung’s Tizen phone delayed again

OpenWRT:  Barrier Breaker gets IPv6 support

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