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Web News for September, 2014

Trends:  HBO breaks out of cable TV, thanks Connie,  Sick ID thieves using credit cards fm Flight 17,  Russians modify Flight 17 Wikipedia page,  Amazon launches KindleUnlimited,  Logos that contain hidden messages,  Microsoft is building AI that can recognize everything,  Digital Trends talks about Net Neutrality, teenage sex, &  problems w/ HTC One M7,  Local gigabit networks becoming common in US, thanks Connie,  What you need to know about 802.11ac Wi-Fi,  Why we’re moving to the IPv6 network protocol,  Creepiest internet-related happenings,  NFL players to use tablets during games,  Users in LA called police when Facebook was down,  Radio Shack is in financial trouble,  Twitter share prices soar,  Security company finds flaw in Tails, Snowden’s favorite OS,  Google Maps now provides an Explore button,  Why a restaurant was getting bad reviews,  Smart pepper spray takes a photo of assailant and sends it to authorities,  Gold nanomotors clocked at 150k RPM,  Amazon buys Twitch,  Wikipedia bans House of Representatives anonymous editing,  USA leads in spam production,  Simpsons World comes to the internet,  New Facebook “saved items list”,  Camera-studded dome used to reconstruct 3D motion,  Thunderbird 31.0 released,  Sony gives up on e-readers,  TechDirt seeks crowd funding to support Net Neutrality,  Smartphone under pillow leads to fire,  Apple buys Swell to kill it,  Mozilla has a new CEO,  Google offers $1M prize to shrink power inverters,  26-year-old speed record for electric cars shattered,  Facebook app separates Messenger to separate app,  Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5B,  Amazon’s 3D-printing workshop,  Netflix caves and pays for faster internet,  Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Apple obsession,  Google, Amazon founders lose billions,  Man kills iPhone thief after using ‘Find my iPhone’,  Danish researchers reach 43 Tbps data transfer,  Cadillacs to get wireless phone charging,  Union Street Guest House fines patrons $500 for bad reviews, USGH owner says it was a joke,  Web speed doubled for free in certain cities,  Robots use Wi-Fi to look through walls,  Heads-up-display (HUD) for any car,  Facebook scam offers to change header color,  Wi-Fi speed listings for hotels,  Visio recalls 245k TVs,  White-hat hacker out-hacks a black-hat,  ‘Patch Tuesday’ becomes ‘Update Tuesday’,  Amazon viciously undercuts Square & PayPal,  US Govt allows 2x hi-res satellites, Google plans to capitalize,  ‘Street view’ goes undersea to map reefs, wonders,  Tom Hanks writes iPad app,  Apple targets health care,  Netflix adds stand-up comedy specials,  Text-neck crisis,  YouTube to start charging,  Sprint offering more data for less,  Ferguson police get chest cams,  New tech lets parents set controls for teen drivers,  T-Mobile offers 2GB talk, text, & data for $45/mo,  Google Glass update

Great ideas:  Don’t post selfies in stolen clothes,  3 Ways to lower your cellphone bill,  Google Street View cars can smell gas leaks,  “Air waveguides” send optical data through the air,  How to hard cook eggs w/o boiling,  New type of fibre can download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds,  Self-cooling solar cells,  USB-sized gadget detects date-rape drugs,  Screens that eliminate your need for glasses,  New technique suggested to replace TCP/IP,  Students develop drone to locate survivors via mobile phones,  How to store condiments in your fridge,  Ultrapak charges batteries 8 times faster,  Cool things to do with vodka,  How to scoop rock-hard ice cream,  Solid-state batteries promise longer life,  Thumb-drive lock,  India takes innovative step to stop public urination,  Transparent solar collectors may replace windows,  Best way to cut up a watermelon


Security/Privacy  issues:  Terrorists switch from Twitter to Diaspora,  Malwarebytes takes top honors in malware removal,  Gameover Zeus detector,  New text message scam,  How to fight credit-card skimmers,  Zombie Zero targets devices in the factory,  Heartbleed lives on,  Chromecast hack,  Cisco router security hole,  miniLock simple encryption, thanks Steve,  3 Ways to send anonymous email,  Indian “Bladabindi” virus attacks Windows,  Virus fakes E-ZPass email,  Most likely superhero searches that lead to viruses,  Hackers can exploit USB to steal data, thanks Frans,  Firefox wins Naked Security poll,  The Onion Router (TOR),  NSA has access to your iPhone & iPad,  Hackers hit StubHub,  Hackers hit Wall Street Journal,  Hackers hit Goodwill Industries,  Attackers fm Taiwan & South Korea send email w/ infected attachments,  How to do a free background check online,  How to get on a watch list,  Canvas fingerprinting can identify your computer,  New Facebook virus,  How to wipe your hard drive, tablet, or phone,  Spam email phishing attack fakes purchase confirmation,  Android phone virus pretends to be Flash Player app,  It’s easy to steal a copy of your keys in the USA,  FakeID Android virus runs in versions older than KitKat,  More info about FakeID,  Android ‘drive-by download’ attacks,  Comodo Firewall,  Think W3 slapped for security lapse,  Jimmy John’s gets hacked,  Scammers ‘cram’ your phone bill w/ fake charges,  CIA admits hacking US Senate computers,  A 2-step plan to stop hackers,  thanks Helen,  Problems w/ anti-virus programs,  Botnets come to smartphones,  Tiny cameras, big crimes:  peeping toms go high-tech,  Provider of US govt background checks hacked,  Russians hack 1.2 billion users,  How to respond to the Russian hack,  Remote mgt software hack,  Dropcam is vulnerable to hacks,  Don’t open email fm Green Whick Attorneys,  Using privacy mode w/ your browser,  Botnets can make your computer send email,  Sandboxie browser protection for Windows,  How to avoid sneaky ‘Media Player’ malware,  Security pros create a Cryptolocker master key,  Ways to get a private, disposable phone number,  Some spying you just can’t stop,  How to detect and remove a virus,  ‘Heart App’ virus spreads via text msgs,  ‘FinFisher’ malware from Gamma Group,  Hacker cat cracks Wi-Fi,  Android Device Manager tracks lost phones,  See how websites use your personal info,  Microsoft & Adobe release 24 updates to fix security flaws,  NSA cracks widely-used cellphone encryption,  Researchers find major risk for Apple gadgets,  Snowden reveals project MonsterMind,  How to take back your digital privacy, thanks Steve,  White House website includes tracker that conflicts w/ its privacy policy, thanks Steve,  White hat hacks 30,000 computers in an hour,  Hackers hit Russian PM,  “Poisoned Hurricane” used legit domains to attack US & Asia companies,  Hackers can use YouTube to hit you,  More grocery stores hacked,  White hats hack many apps,  Fake Flash Player update malware,  White hats discover traffic lights open to exploitation,  TSA’s X-ray scanners are easy to fool,  Some card skimmers are impossibly thin,  Any cellphone can be easily tracked,  NRC hacked,  New hacking trick can put large malware on your computer,  Apple malware hits 75k iPhones,  Sony hit by cyberattack and bomb threat,  New hack works on 92% of Gmail accounts


Legal issues:  Unlocking cellphones is legal again,  Kim’s take on legalizing unlocking,  NY judge rules emails are the same as hard drives,  Where you can’t fly drones,   US House approves limits on NSA phone spying,  Lawsuit breaks new ground on the General Public License (GPL) and software licensing issues,  Woman sues Facebook for doctored fake-nude photos,  FCC embroiled in choosing company to route all calls,  FCC tangles w/ Verizon over net slowdown for selected group,  Can you get arrested for filming an arrest?  Monkey selfie could cost photographer his livelihood,  Ruling allows recording of police in homes,  U.S. Digital Service formed,  NYPD denies request for counterterrorism reports,  FAA attempts make rules stricter for model aircraft and commercial drones,  Cameras may flag you as a terrorist if you look stressed out,  Examples of companies suing for bad reviews,  Net neutrality fight goes to round two


Philosophical issues:  Word Crimes from Weird Al,  Security risks posed by smart meters,  Ways to save money on tech,  Ways to speed up an old PC,  Everything about 3D printing,  Story behind Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s success,  NSA’s patents are terrifying & confusing,  Why eject before removing USB sticks,  Pope Francis talks about web-addiction,  Should you always shut down your computer at night?  Why do we have blood types?  New Snowden interview makes new claims and draws conclusions,  Things that eat up your data space,  Pros & cons of security cameras,  US cellphone service very expensive,  Amazing gadgets in your future,  Smartphones could be banned on flights,  Comedian plays awesome prank on people taking selfies,  Which new Netflix ideas would you like to see?  You don’t read as well w/ an e-reader,  Brazilian prosecutor seeks to remove “Secret” to stop cyberbullying and harassment,  Uber adds delivery of small items to their service,  Uber causes strangers to climb into your car,  Forget passwords: The future of logging in


Local Issues:  Digital folding luggage scale,  Sat and Sun are cheapest days to buy airline tickets now,  DFW airport gets DART-rail,  Passport app lets you skip the customs line at US airports,  Credit cards best for travel & money exchange tips


International issues:  Sick ID thieves using credit cards fm Flight 17,  Russians modify Flight 17 Wikipedia page,  Flight 17 missile came from pro-Russian groups,  Russia passes draconian law for internet use,  Hackers attacked Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’,  Ferrari designer unveils plans for luxury Japanese cruise train,  Canada accuses China of state-sponsored hacking,  Anonymous attacks Israel,  Israel tapped US Sec of State’s phone,  Chinese company copies iPhone look,  India takes innovative step to stop public urination,  1st Firefox OS smartphones available in India


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ESA prepares ixv spaceplane for maiden flight,  ESA to record destruction of spaceship from the inside,  Fastest machine ever flown within Earth’s atmosphere (Mach 6.47) to be auctioned,  NASA seeks commercial satellites to talk to Mars,  NASA begins to plan successor to Hubble and James Web telescopes,  Newly discovered planet takes 704 days to orbit its parent,  SpaceX develops soft landing for used boosters,  Project Tango smartphones prepare to explore the ISS,  Moon pits discovered that could be useful,  Venus Express gets new mission,  NASA prepares Mars orbiters for comet close encounter,  Rosetta spacecraft approaches comet 67P,  Unmanned cargo mission heads for ISS,  New space drive generates thrust w/o propellant,  MIT to make oxygen on Mars,  Opportunity rover sets off-world driving record,  NASA releases 3D-printable spacecraft models,  WorldView-3 satellite can count chickens on a farm,  Early look at XS-1 Spaceplane design


Geek humor & interests:  Taranis UCAV flies in full stealth mode,  Infrared pocket thermometer,  Pocket-sized drone in development for soldiers,  Predator B ER can fly 35-hour missions,  Great gadgets for Christmas,  Goodyear’s Wingfoot One


Galleries:  Consolidated PBY,  Giant German water park,  Space sounds,  25 of the most creative sculptures from around the world, thanks Maya & Martha,  The saluting boy on Omaha beach,  Motorcycle rider survives 40’ fall (skip 1st 2:25),  How things were in the 50-80s,  Rachael Thompson brings X-Factor judges to their feet,  Highlights from Oshkosh Air Show 2014,  Image gallery from Oshkosh 2014,  Wounded vets to fly to South Pole,  Man loads digger in truck w/o a ramp,  1st 10 min of Spider-Man 2,  Aerial photography fm WWI shows massive devastation, thanks Connie,  Steve'n'Seagulls take on AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’,  WWII vs. 2014 views (click & drag horizontally on pictures),  Comedy about publishing ads,  When it’s not your time to go,  Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos,  Free Kindle books,  Visit Paris from your easy chair,  free audio books fm Open Culture,  The scene from “Guardians of the Galaxy” that everyone’s talking about (spoiler alert),  Bill Gates takes ice-bucket challenge,  Laura surprises George W. w/ ice-bucket challenge,  Top government officials scramble to pull ice-bucket challenge videos


Potential Products:  TouchPico projector & Android PC,  Fitle 3D avatar of you for trying on clothes,  Turn your camera into a Kinect


Hardware, General:  Hearing aid disguised as a cell phone earpiece,  Flexible TV screen,  LG’s curved 4K OLED TVs hit the market,  Comparison of gadgets for streaming media,  ‘Smart gun’ push may shift to police market,  Home automation systems for < $300,  Pick the right memory card,  New reversible USB Type-C connector,  Sony’s perfume-bottle camera


Hardware, Table computers:  Will revisits iPad Air after 9 months


Hardware, Desktops:  Acer Chromebox CX1,  Shuttle DSA2LS


Hardware, Laptops:   Keep your laptop cool,  MacBooks just got better and cheaper,  Another take on MacBook speed bump,  2014 Retina MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air,  MSI WS60 high-end pro


Hardware, Netbooks:  Chromebooks emerge as major new Linux force,  More about Chromebooks,  Acer Chromebook 13


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  2014 Windows 2-in-1 comparison guide


Hardware, Tablets:  Tricks tablet users should know,  The biggest Android tablets money can buy,  Microsoft slashes Surface 2 prices


Hardware, Phablets:  2014 Phablet comparison guide,  LG G3 review,  Tips & tricks for the LG G3,  Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3:  A closer look,  HTC Desire 816,  Galaxy Note 4 rumors


Hardware, Smartphones:  2014 Smartphone comparison guide,  Kim’s comparison chart,  Early thoughts on Amazon Fire,  Followup review of Amazon Fire,  Win 8.1 Nokia Lumia 530 phone sells for $114,  Indestructible phone for $125 w/ T-Mobile,  iPhone 6 debuts Sept 9?,  Last-minute screen snafu could delay the iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 speculations,  Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro,  Snowden leaks spur new crop of secure phones,  More leaked photos of iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 may have new USB cable,  Ways the Fire Phone could burn brighter,  Walmart slashes prices on current iPhones,  Things you didn’t know your phone could do,  Tips & tricks for HTC One (M8)


Hardware, Smartwatches:  LG G Watch,  Timex Ironman lets you leave your smartphone at home,  LG G Watch R


Hardware, Tiny computers:  Genie Smart Lock,  Raspberry Pi add-on board controls entire buildings


Hardware, Game devices: Nvidia’s Shield tablet puts gaming 1st


Hardware, Peripherals:  Tailored, 3D-printed, wireless earphones,  Asus Wave 2 802.11ac router,  Snaptrax cap allows voice control of smartphone via Bluetooth,  Tangle-free earbuds w/mic,  Combination mouse & scanner,  Use the USB port on your router to share a hard drive,  New Pioneer earbuds & headphones


Hardware, Accessories:  Cellphone wrist wallet,  Batteries that recharge in 15 min,  Rugged smartphone cases


Hardware, Internals:  SanDisk SSD offers low price and high volume, thanks Tio


Software, General:  Password Manager,  Research-backed workout program,  Free background music for home movies,  Gramps, a genealogy research program,  An app that claims to repel mosquitoes,  CyberGhost VPN,  Evernote vs. OneNote:  Two excellent note-takers,  Audacity crash course


Software, News & Trivia:  Skype kills third-party IM client support,  Should Google be afraid of an Apple resurgence?,  Finding the best deals on apps,  Bing can now answer questions in addition to searching,  New app could massively extend battery life,  New game (Swing Copter) from Flappy Bird creator,  Beware of fake versions


Software, In the Cloud:  Print Friendly & PDF,  Firefox wins Naked Security poll,  Use Broadcastify to listen to (mostly US) radio streams,  Find a grave,  Look up owners of phone numbers,  Cool unknown Google features,  Secret Facebook button may be hiding hundreds of unread messages,  Top 10 Facebook scams,  Anyone can take over your Instagram account in seconds,  DigiSigner lets you sign up to 10 documents a month for free,  Social networks that kids use,  Facebook tips & tricks,  Gmail adds tool to get spam out of your inbox,  The new Facebook Messenger app,  This message will self-destruct,  Using Gmail’s tabs,  Amazon Prime,  Finding unclaimed money,  Brainy Quotes,  How to delete your Facebook history,  Stop Facebook’s annoying auto-playing videos,  Local crime maps,  Netflix secrets that affect video quality,  Don’t SHARE IMMEDIATELY on Facebook,  Desktop Wallpaper Tool,  Pixir-o-matic site makes photos look vintage,  Facebook strikes back against ‘click bait’


Software, General Tools:  miniLock simple encryption, thanks Steve,  Atlanta’s Civil War battle sites have a mobile app,  Best of old-time radio,  Tools to organize your photos,  Minecraft game,  Superimpose photos,  WiFi hunting tool, thanks Chuck,  Free solitaire games,  Free calls government can’t track,  Launch Center Pro,  New Foursquare app,  TunnelBear VPN app,  Simple Scale uses tablet or phone as a digital scale,  Image and clone hard drives w/ Clonezilla,  Get maps w/o an internet connection,  Wipeout app,  Hours Time Tracking app,  Ocenaudio editor,  Temporary phone numbers,  DVD ripper and video converter,  Family Feud app,  All-in-one security app,  Free slot-machine games for tablet or phone,  Gimp photo editor,  Bitstrip comics editor,  WeatherSpark weather graphs and maps,  Install or update Adobe Flash player,  Kitestring security checkins,  KeePass password manager,  Use your smartphone as a magnifying glass,  Manage multiple email accounts online,  FastRawViewer for RAW photo files


Software, Browsers:  Firefox fixes a number of bugs,  Browsers rated for security flaws,  Sandboxie browser protection for Windows,  Problems with Firefox synching,  IE update includes critical security feature,  Apple releases critical security update for Safari,  Google to add malicious-download notifications to Chrome,  Buttons black out w/ Firefox,  thanks Chuck,  Privacy add-ons for your browser


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  NSA has access to your iPhone & iPad,  Apple orders 70 - 80M new iPhones,  Modbook Pro X turns a Retina MacBook into a convertible 2-in-1,  Why surveillance companies hate the iPhone,  Apple releases critical security update for Safari


Software, Apple, Apps:  Speak 42 languages w/ iPhone or iPad,  CaseCam (case + app) lets you get in your own iPhone photos,  Screens lets you access your home computer from your tablet or phone,  Photographing paper documents,  Grocery list manager,  free NIV Bible app,  4 Apps to make you say, “Wow!”,  Are apps draining your iPhone battery? thanks Steve,  Stargaze w/ Sky Guide,  Sleep Cycle Alarm,  


Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS 8 info


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  What is the hiberfil.sys file?,  A few glitches w/ July Windows/Office updates,  Don’t forget Patch Tuesday,  MS will end support for ALL old versions of Internet Explorer on 1/12/16,  MS software turns shaky amateur movies into sleek hyperlapse footage,  The maintenance challenge, Part 1,  Windows update causes Blue Screen of Death sometimes


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Folder Size utility,  HomeBank,  Primero free Outlook-like app,  Secure data removal and eraser tool,  Recover deleted files,  UltraDefrag,  Fix a stuck printer in 30 seconds,  Everything search program,  Autoruns speeds up your startup,  Secunia update monitor for Windows,  Sync between your PC and portable devices,  Erase unwanted programs,  MS Mahjong,  Award-winning free PDF reader,  Free Windows graphing calculator


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  Leaked Windows 9 screenshots

Windows XP:  Exploit  allows hacker escalation to Admin privileges

Windows 7:  System explorer

Windows 8:  Underused tools hiding in Win 7 & Win 8

Windows 8.1:  Much ado about almost nothing

Windows 9:  Will ditch something you hate, add something you want,  Win 9 preview may be available in Sept,  Windows 9 video

Windows Phone 8.1:  What to expect from Update 1


Software, Microsoft, Office:  free alternative WPS Office

Excel:  Password protect your Excel document,  Free Excel templates


Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  Ambient noise comes to Google Maps


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  FakeID Android virus runs in versions older than KitKat,  More info about FakeID


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   Google shows off new Chrome OS look,  Chromebooks emerge as major new Linux force


Software, Google, Apps:  Sleep as Android


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Personal tour of the Linus Torvalds workspace,  How to use the awk command,  Thunderbird 31.0 released,  How to fix a mangled partition table,  Best SysAdmin quotes,  SysAdmin gallery,  Open source love at 1st commit,  How to access command cheat sheets from the command line,  LibreOffice 4.3 upgrades spreadsheets, adds 3D models,  Good reasons to learn Linux,  6 Raspberry Pi-like clones and extensions,  How to choose the best Linux desktop,  Elementary OS “Freya” beta released,  The complete beginner’s guide to Linux,  How to encrypt email in Linux,  LinuxCon & CloudOpen,  Keynote videos,  Munich considers switching back to Windows & Office, A newbie’s getting started guide to Linux


Software, Open-source, Apps:  Off Grid: a satirical privacy game,  Useful online tools for Linux,  Tools for data journalism,  Comparison of Linux text editors, GitBook editor,  Darksiders 2 confirmed for Linux,  LibreOffice 4.3,  Nagiosgraph system, network, & infrastructure monitoring app,  vi editor improved


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  6 Lightweight distros for x86 and ARM,  Linux kernel 3.16 released,  Easiest-to-use modern distros,  Torvalds releases Linux 3.17-rc2 on Linux 23rd anniversary

Ubuntu:  Ubuntu 14.04 review,  Configure network printer & scanner

Linux Mint:  LM17 Cinnamon - The ultimate Win 7 replacement

Debian:  Debian shares a bed with Android in upcoming distro VolksPC,  Set up a network printer and scanner server

Red Hat - Fedora:  Use RAID mirror to speed things up

UberStudent:  Socrates (distro for learning & teaching) screenshots

PCLinuxOS:  An easy transition from Windows

Zorin OS:  Version 9 is Linux for Windows users,  Take the tour,  Screenshot tour

Netrunner:  Netrunner 14 - KDE for the everyday Linux user

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