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Web News for October, 2014

Trends:  6M HP laptop power cords recalled,  Seagate ships 8 TB hard drives,  Feds creating database to track “Hate Speech” on Twitter,  Google Glass app detects human emotions,  Boy kicked out of preschool over mom’s post,  Google reveals self-flying-vehicle delivery project,  3D-printed castle,  Wanted fugitive does the Ice-bucket challenge,  Android phone explodes in man’s pocket,  Cyborg drone moths,  “The Blacklist” comes to Netflix,  Florida college library has only e-books,  Google’s Quantum AI team,  Eva Longoria claims Apple ‘Genius’ is stalking her,  Headphone wearer killed by train,  Smart chopsticks,  Dallas Cowboys are most popular NFL team on Facebook,  American computer whiz running ISIS’s social media,  Amazon cuts price of Fire Phone weeks after launch,  Twitter launches platform for real-time commerce,  1B ALS bucket-views,  Coffee shop bans tech, business booms,  iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event,  iPhone 6 announcement live blog,  Self-driving Cadillac,  Audience-controlled movies,  Internet slowdown on 9/10/14,  Microsoft may be buying Minecraft,  iPhone 6 supports NFC mobile payments,  Instagram role-playing w/ stolen baby photosKickstarter’s new rules,  Apple sells 10M iPhone 6s in 1st 3 days

Great ideas:  How to peel a pineapple,  Clear solar panels replace window glass,  Robot raptors scare away nuisance birds,  Fake TV makes it look like you’re home,  Make a secret USB drive

Security/Privacy  issues:  The latest phishing scam to hit your email inbox,  Dairy Queen hacked,  Kim’s data breach collection,  JPMorgan Chase hacked,  Netcore routers have unfixable security hole,  ‘One-Day-Wonder’ websites can be dangerous,  Russian malware targets would-be hackers,  Oil companies hacked,  Homeland Security hacked,  Watch out for fake cell towers,  Heat gives away your PIN code,  Home Depot hacked,  New fallout fm ‘CyberVor’ hacks,  WPS on routers is dangerous,  ‘IRS’ phone scam,  Quantum-based encryption,  Retooled Windows virus hits Macs,  Turn your webcam into a surveillance cam,  Thieves favorite phones to steal in the UK,  New ransomware replaces GameOver Zeus,  How much Google knows about you,  New phishing attack targets browser tabs, thanks Steve,  How to delete your Google location history, thanks Steve,  Russians hack millions of Gmail passwords,  Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones & iPads for police,  Tips for securing your data in the cloud, thanks Steve,  Shellshock bug is a new Bash vulnerability, thanks Steve

Legal issues:  Google pays out $19M in settlement w/ FTC,  Police use chat rooms to brag about seizing money from drivers

Philosophical issues:  Facebook mobile app to get search feature,  Microsoft to kill Microsoft Messenger on Halloween,  New panoramic screening tech to debut with The Maze Runner in September,  How police body cameras work,  Group planned internet slowdown to fight net neutrality battle, thanks Steve,  Disposable vs. rechargeable batteries,  Is MSG really bad for you?,  ISIS laptop instructions for bubonic weapons,  Saving money on tech,  Why we need better privacy laws,  The real tallest-mountain-on-Earth,  Create funny animations to share on social media,  What color is your terminal background?  Microsoft spends $400M on Surface Pro 2s for NFL and announcers call them, “iPad-like tools”,  Steve Jobs inspired Apple’s healthcare interest,  Apple’s new Cupertino campus,  iPhone is like the Predator,  A critique of the handling of the  9/11 attack,  thanks Steve,  25th anniversary of portable Mac

Local Issues:  How to avoid hotel fees,  Traveling w/ your gadget,  Google makes travel cheaper than ever,  No building permits at municipalities w/o water certification,  Your location history fm Google, thanks Steve

International issues:  Polite drivers in Japan,  Free culture event in Pakistan,  Russia sells Vietnam submarines,  Smartphone makers dial up growth in India,  World’s 1st 110” curved UHD TV unveiled in Europe

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  New Horizons passes Neptune on way to Pluto,  Rosetta scopes out landing site on comet ,  NASA’s “swarmies” robot explorers,  Space Launch System (SLS) passes design review,  Microsatellite can move errant orbiters,  Space whisky experiment,  Laniakea Supercluster identified as Milky Way’s home,  Asteroid comes close to Earth,  Highlights of dangers facing Rosetta and Philae,  Hubble helps find hidden supernova companion

Geek humor & interests:  Make the perfect paper airplane,  New batmobile fully revealed,  IRIS+ personal drone has “Follow me” function

Galleries:  Billy Crystal’s Emmys tribute to Robin Williams,  Battlestar Galactica - One More Episode, thanks Connie,  How to eat sushi,  Panama Canal time lapse (no sound),  NASA launch view from the SRB,  Jet skier canyon footage on Lake Powell,  Admiral shares lessons from SEAL training w/ UT grads,  Cloud swallows Kansas City,  Ram kills drone,  The center of a tornado,  Funny IKEA commercial,  Eye-opening coffee tricks,  Mrs. Olson’s success story,  The birth of Charlie Brown,  Fly w/ the Blue Angels,  Spot-on Michael Jackson cover,  Ohio State marching band tribute to TV Land,  Intense volcano eruption,  Free wallpaper, Exciting F-35 carrier takeoff,  Coincidences linking Doctor Who and Outlander, thanks Connie

Potential Products:  Revocharge wireless magnetic charging,  Larger iPads,  Drones coming to Disney World?  Apple’s iWatch,  FIXD engine monitor,  HTC Desire 510 phone,  Aura H20 waterproof e-reader,  Standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One,  Verve 2 brings tiny computers to the masses,  Verizon VoLTE,  Zen smart thermostat,  Smart ring to deliver smartphone alerts,  GM to offer connected car in 2016,  Preview of MPEG-H audio system,  Les Paul Reference-Series speakers,  Caterpillar S50 smartphone,  Light-detector peeks below clothing,  Apple Watch is the long-rumored iWatch,  Apple Watch to ship in early 2015

Hardware, General:  Ways to extend your wireless network,  Seagate ships 8 TB hard drives,  All about Ultra HD 4K resolution,  Crazy gadgets,  Sony’s Lifelog camera,  Sony Walkman A17,  TiVo Mega can record 3 yrs of TV

Hardware, Desktops:  Lenovo Horizon 2s

Hardware, Laptops:   Acer convertible Aspire R-series,  ASUS $199 laptop,  Lenovo 17.3” touchscreen gaming laptop

Hardware, Netbooks:  Toshiba adds 1080p display & Skullcandy audio to Chromebook 2

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  HP Envy x2

Hardware, Tablets:  Best budget tablets,  Acer releases 3 new tablets,  Best Android tablets,  Toshiba Encore 2,  Asus Memo Pad 7

Hardware, Phablets:  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Note 3,  Galaxy Note 4 vs. LG G3,  Lenovo Vibe Z2,  Huawei Ascend P7 w/ sapphire glass display,  Galaxy Note 4 vs. HTC One (M8),  iPhone 6 Plus,  iPhone 6 supports NFC mobile payments

Hardware, Smartphones:  Photo tricks for smartphones,  LG G3 Stylus,  HTC One (M7) 18 months old,  New Samsung Note sports a stock ticker,  Acer Liquid Z500,  Galaxy Note Edge,  Galaxy Note 4 hands on,  3 new ZTE phones,  Amazon cuts price of Fire Phone weeks after launch,  Best iPhone 6 alternatives,  Moto X upgraded & upsized,  Moto X vs. Galaxy S5,  Galaxy Note 4 vs. Nexus 5

Hardware, Smartwatches:  LG G Watch R,  Hands-on w/ LG G Watch R,  Samsung’s Gear S w/ 3G,  Extension of Gear S review,  Tizen-based Gear S throws a curve,  Gear S vs. Moto 360,  G Watch R vs. Gear S,  Samsung Gear 2 Neo,  Comparing 6 Gear models,  Asus ZenWatch,  Hands-on w/ ZenWatch,  Moto 360 hands on,  New iWatch details confirmed,  Moto 360 sells out despite tough reviews,  Hands-on w/ Sony SmartWatch 3,  Moto 360 vs. LG G Watch R,  Apple Watch review

Hardware, Tiny computers:  $99 Parallella Supercomputer,  Creator CI20,  Android hardhat (Daqri smart helmet) provides hands-free for blue-collar workers,  Control servos w/ a Raspberry Pi

Hardware, Game devices:  Weird-looking Area-51 box,  PS4 & Xbox One updates,  Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL,  Lenovo 17.3” touchscreen gaming laptop,  Modern game consoles are indebted to Sega Dreamcast

Hardware, Peripherals:  Mo-Fi powered headphones,  The fastest router ever,  Logitech K480 keyboard,  Samsung Curved Soundbar,  Moto Hint tiny earpieces,  Wireless speaker rocks Berlin,  Sound Blaster X7

Hardware, Accessories:  GoPro Fetch camera harness for dogs,  Smartphone lens attachments,  Phorce Pro laptop bag w/ rechargeable battery,  3Doodler adds foot pedal and stand,  Cell-phone 2-pocket wrist wallet

Software, General:  All about Digital Rights Management

Software, News & Trivia:  Wordpress 4.0 “Benny” released

Software, In the Cloud:  Facebook emoticons,  Facebook settings you might want to change,, thanks Steve,  Netflix secrets,  Internet speed test,  New Netflix feature,  SlideShare,  KeepVid downloads videos,  Stop Facebook’s auto-playing videos,  New iCloud features,  Ways to keep your data safe in the cloud,  Create a GIF from a YouTube video,  Facebook privacy tool,  Polarr photo retouching,  thanks Helen,  Archive of book images,  Tips for securing your data in the cloud, thanks Steve

Software, General Tools:  Take 360-degree photos w/ Photo Sphere,  Diagnostic & configuration tools,  DuckDuckGo searches privately,  SoftPerfect Wi-Fi guard,  Wunderlist: To-Do & Tasks,  CyberGhost VPN,  MagicPlan draws floor plans,  PodioBooks free serialized audio books,  KenKen puzzles,  Yahoo Finance app helps research and keep track of stocks,  Skitch photo markup tool,  Delete your conversations from other people’s phones,  DFW airport app,  Befunky photo editor,  thanks Helen  Pixlr Mobile photo editor,  thanks Helen,  PicMonkey photo editor, thanks Helen,  Fotor photo editor, thanks Helen

Software, Browsers:  Pushbullet shares browser info between devices,  Firefox 33 beta shows promise,  Google, browsers, & DRM

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  iPhone 6 release date confirmed,  Control your phone in a new way,  iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event

Software, Apple, Apps:  Moleskine Livescribe notebooks,  Hyperlapse from Instagram creates time-lapse videos,  Scribus desktop publishing,  80 Days game

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  The Windows maintenance challenge - Part 2

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Shutdown Timer,,  LastActivityView,  StickyTiles,  PrintEco efficient & thrifty printing,  Vistumbler lets you see all Wi-Fi connections around you,  GeekUninstaller removes associate files and registry entries

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  

Windows XP:  Unofficial SP 4,  MS warns against using hack to get security updates

Windows Phone 8.1:  Introducing Windows Phone 8.1

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  The trouble w/ Android

Software, Google, Apps:  Gimp 2.8.14 released,  Pocket Lock locks your phone in your pocket or purse,  Krita photo editor,  Netflix streaming client,  Must-have apps for Android Wear,  Bigger buttons & fonts on your smartphone,  PasswordBox

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  Recap of LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America,  Kernel developer arrested for protesting Ukraine invasion,  Answers to most frequently asked Linux questions,  Running your business on Linux,  Top takeaways fm LinuxCon,  Is it time to split Linux distros into desktop vs. server?  Q&A w/ Linus Torvalds at DebConf14 (1 hour+)

Software, Open-source, Apps:  Linux Performance Tools,  Apache Hadoop moves to Git

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Create a cloud-based encrypted file system on Linux

Ubuntu:  Ver 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) beta-1 released,  VLC media manager

Linux Mint:  Convert MP3 to WAV and vice versa

Debian:  OwnCloud7 installation & configuration

Red Hat - Fedora:  CTO resigns,  Next-gen partition manager,  Security Advisory

Tizen: SDK updated for Gear S

Docker:  Rising among distros

Black Lab Linux:  Ver 5.1 released

Tails:  Tails 1.1.1 Screenshots

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