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Web News for November, 2014

Trends:  Windows 10 unveiled,  New movie tech for cell phones, thanks Chuck,  Netflix to challenge theater-first release policy,  EBay to spin off PayPal into separate company,  Twitter suspends pro-ISIS accounts,  Ello challenges Facebook,  43% of companies had a data breach in the past year,  Apple shares rise,  Google’s self-driving cars permitted to drive in California,  Robot ships,  3D-printer operates in zero-G,  HP buys Eucalyptus,  Get an iPhone 6 now… fast,  Nigerian scammers hit online sellers, T-Mobile offers new Wi-Fi calling feature,  Apple haters gang up to bully new iPhone6,  Leaked memo says Microsoft is ending Nokia & Windows Phone brands,  iPod Classic discontinued,  ISIS threatens families of US military personnel,  Facebook promises to change research policy,  Apple has problems w/ iOS 8 & iPhone 6,  Fired employees going postal,  Radio Shack in trouble,  Apple working on Shellshock fix,  Blackberry recovering as losses tumble,  Mitnick switches back to black hat,  AG Eric Holder to step down,  Facebook to test internet-beaming drones in 2015,  iPhone 6 Plus has a serious bending problem,  Sony’s creating goggles that mimic the movie ‘Inception’,  New online trend: Stealing baby photos,  Courts using Facebook to serve legal papers,  Mobile wallets taking off,  Talking to your car while driving,  New Facebook competitor is private & ad free,  Verizon ditches unpopular “throttling” policy,  Finance companies use ‘starter interrupters’ to shut down for late payments,  Rumored new iPad,  Passenger shuts down airport while captured by his screen,  Mobile phones outnumber people, but ½ of population doesn’t own one,  HP splits off printer and PC business,  Skype adds Qik competitor to Snapchat,  Social networks kids use,  CBS debuts new streaming service,  Latest Android release is Lollipop,  Apple reduces prices of older tablets,  Microsoft CEO humbled by political gaf,  Apple hires Steven Colbert as “security czar”,  Places that offer free Wi-Fi in the US,  Google Street View hikes the trails of California state parks,  Desktop OS market share, thanks Chuck,  Netflix speed ratings by ISP,  Mobile payments soar,  Untraceable gun anyone can make at home,  Kickstarter router scam,  As iPhone gets bigger in size and sales, iPad keeps slumping,  Amazon Fire TV stick joins the club, thanks Steve

Great ideas:  Apple Pay is a new way to check out with iPhone 6,  How Apple Pay works,  1st flexible graphene-based display created,  Projected capacitive touch tables,  Make a tribute video,  MIT improves all liquid battery,  Dancing traffic light,  thanks Tom,  Apple is “world’s most phished brand”,  Zero-commission stock trading app,  Murata’s robotic cheerleaders combine state-of-the-art w/ Force 9 cuteness,  Blue LED wins Nobel Prize, makes white LED source possible,  Ebola-fighting robot,  3D printing enables customized knee replacements,  upper-jaw prosthetic,  Lenovo’s ‘Watchband’ hinge for laptops,  Brain-computer interface enables stroke suffer to communicate,  Feather & bowling ball dropped in vacuum, thanks Connie

Security/Privacy issues:  Malvertizing: targets Win XP via Google ads,  New wave of Walmart phishing scams,  Most Wanted Terrorist runs ISIS social media,  eBay hacked again,  iPhone strong privacy frustrates FBI & NSA,  iPhone6 tracks your every move,  FBI warns that hackers are targeting medical records,  Bash bug becomes Shellshock,  How Shellshock works,  What Shellshock means to you & me,  Apple issues OS X update to protect against Shellshock,  School district caught snooping,  Creepy park benches,  What to do if you’re hacked,  Tips for securing data in the cloud,  Why the US needs better privacy laws,  Simple steps to detect & remove a virus,  Facebook is working on making your posts disappear,  TripAdvisor subsidiary hacked,  Home Depot hackers go on spending spree,  Almost half of all companies had a data breach in the last year,  Local sheriff busted invading personal privacy,  Phishing email almost fooled experts,  Google ads spread malware,  Critical vulnerabilities found in,  Apps to encrypt text messages & mobile calls,  Viruses target Jimmy Kimmel searches,  BERserk security flaw,  Google chairman predicts end of internet unless governments reform surveillance practices,  Apple update fixes 144 security flaws,  FBI asks for backdoor access,  POODLE exploit,  Kmart’s payment server hacked,  How creeps can stalk you online,  Adobe eBook reader tracks your reading habits,  Top 10 Flashlight apps are malware, thanks Tom, New virus targets smartphones,  New TVs are invasive, thanks Steve,  Banks that issue Smart Cards, thanks Bill,  Serious security flaw in OS X Yosemite ‘Rootpipe’, thanks Steve,  Verizon inserts Perma-cookies, thanks Connie

Legal issues:  Google changes stance on net neutrality,  Marriott fined $600k for jamming guest’s Wi-Fi,  US green lights Hollywood studios to use drones,  Find local court information,  Courts using Facebook to serve legal papers,  Twitter sues US govt over 1st amendment rights,  President Obama makes strong statement for net neutrality, thanks Rich,  Apple might fine supplier $50M for every secret it leaks,  Parents responsible for kids’ Facebook posts,  Justice Dept takes down Russian cybercrime kingpin,  Fed-backed Twitter study draws fire,  FBI cites cases to support encryption worries,  Police tech can identify your face,  New patent suits down 40%,  Google - Oracle copyright battles goes to Supreme Court

Philosophical issues:  How Google works,  Facebook’s Atlas partners w/ Kenshoo to optimize search campaigns,  Live for the moment or record it?,  How iPhone apps could impact your insurance,  Texting w/ Google Glass no safer than w/ smartphone,  Even Apple didn’t want my iPhone 6 Plus,  How to watch NFL games online,  Signs your computer is dying,  New Artificial Intelligence program learns like a child,  Sites to borrow free e-books,  Learn all about Ancient Rome,  How to fix an unstable computer,  How to clean TV, tablet, & computer screens,  Passenger Wi-Fi could disable world’s most popular airliner,  Why we should all use Snapchat,  Should you shut down your smartphone or tablet at night?  Speed up your internet for free,  Computer tricks you should know

Local Issues:  Map of Canton Mora, thanks Connie,  Best way to board an airplane,  How to pack your suitcase

International issues:  Crazy internet statistics, thanks Chuck,  Londoners don’t read small print,  Coke machines to serve as Wi-Fi hotspots in South Africa,  DHL delivery-by-drone project in Germany,  Dallas - Houston bullet train proposed, thanks Connie,  HMS Artful completes maiden dive,  3D-printed gun maker in Japan sentenced to 2 years in prison

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  SpaceX launches 4th commercial mission to ISS,  MAVEN spacecraft prepares for orbital insertion around Mars,  Future skintight space suits,  Rosetta maps comet’s surface,  Rosetta’s Alice instrument reveals comet is blacker than charcoal,  Orion spacecraft crew capsule completed,  India’s MOM orbits Mars on 1st attempt,  Space elevator project,  NASA finds clear skies on exoplanet 120 LY fm Earth,  GRAIL mission solves mystery of the Man in the Moon,  New map shows more detail of Earth’s ocean floor,  India & US team up for Mars exploration & Earth-observing,  MIT questions feasibility of Mars One mission,  Ice discovered on Mercury,  X-37B spaceplane lands after 674 days in orbit,  Astronomers use astro-comb to seek Earth-like exoplanets,  MAVEN provides 1st look at Martian upper atmosphere,  NuSTAR telescope discovers brightest recorded pulsar

Geek humor & interests:  Stephen King and JJ Abrams team up for a Hulu miniseries about the Kennedy assassination,  New record for highest paper airplane flight,  Bill & Ted plan new adventure,  Extreme fix for iPhone 6’s major design flaw,  Zepher UAV continues to break records,  Small UAV coalition,  Trailer for long-lost Steve Jobs interview,  Harry Potter movies spin off new trilogy,  HMS Ocean’s all-in-one computer system,  Paper-airplane machine gun

Galleries:  Crazy billiards shots,  Funny IKEA commercial,  Clever life hacks,  Sierra Nevada cracks,  Streisand’s duet w/ Billy Joel,  Cirque du Soleil uses drones,  Camera falls from sky,  In-flight engine failure,  Aurora substorm,  Close-up of volcanic eruption,  Amazon posts racism warning about classic Tom & Jerry,  OSU band celebrates Wizard of Oz,  Hoover Dam from 500’,  Free stock photos,  Bored kid to rock star at basketball game,  US Marines vs. South Korea in drum battle,  Hawk attacks drone,  Empire strikes back, uncut,  Stix by RicKy Syers,  A Marionette in Manhatten, thanks Tom,  Reddit colorized history, thanks Tom,  Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and 30 superstars perform "God Only Knows" ,  New movie trailers

Potential Products:  Windows 10 to ship mid-2015,  27” iMac w/ 5K Retina display rumored for Fall,  Apple Watch to ship by Valentine’s Day,  Samsung’s 1st Tizen smartphone,  Sony SmartEyeglass,  MakerMex 3D-printer,  MICA smart bracelet,  Garmin vivosmart bracelet,  LG has new 3G smartwatch in the works,  LG F60 smartphone provides LTE on a budget,  Motorola Nexus phablet to have 5.92” screen,  MIT hull-clinging robots to bust smugglers,  Rumored new iPad,  Plastc pay card w/ e-ink touch screen,  4.6 Gbps Wi-Fi tech,  Modular smartwatch will run Tizen on Edison,  MasterCard is making a new kind of credit card,  Pioneer rear-view mirror,  Gesture-control app for mobile devices,  Motorola Droid TurboFast-charging battery pack,  Potential car products,  Amazing gadgets,  Microsoft smartwatch

Hardware, General:  How to backup and delete your current iPhone,  D-Link gadgets for the smart home,  How to pick your new iPhone,  How to extend your wireless network,  GoodSpeed Global Wi-Fi Device, thanks Chuck,  Nexus Player, When Google Nexus devices connect to PCs, PCs can’t see files, thanks Bill,  Small Compact Camera Comparisons,  Save money on printer ink

Hardware, Smart TVs:  $23K 85” BeoVision Avant 4K TV,  4K TVs getting cheaper,  US launch for Panasonic flagship 4K TVs

Hardware, Desktops:  Apple 27” iMac

Hardware, Laptops:   The perfect laptop for < $1k

Hardware, Netbooks:  Samsung Chromebook 2

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro,  Yoga 3 Pro vs. 2014 Retina MacBook Pro,  9” Nexus 9 Android,  Microsoft may ditch its Surface tablets

Hardware, Tablets:  Rumored new iPad,  iPad Air 2 photos leaked,  Essential tablet tricks,  Apple iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 released early,  The official iPad announcement,  Apple reduces prices of older tablets,  iPad Mini 3 is a let-down,  iPad Air 2 up close,  iPad Air 2 vs. iPad mini 3,  Touch ID for Air 2 & mini 3,  iPad vs. Nexus,  Hidden SIM in iPad Air 2,  iPad generational comparisons,  Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 series

Hardware, Phablets:  iPhone6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 3,  iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy S5,  iPhone6 Plus: Early impressions,  iPhone6 Plus review,  iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 6, 5s, and 5c,   Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Galaxy S5,  Galaxy Note 4 vs. Moto X (2014),  LG G3 vs. Moto X,  Nexus 6,  Another look at Nexus 6,  Nexus 6 vs. Nexus 5,  Nexus 6 vs. Galaxy S5

Hardware, Smartphones:  Great phones < $300,  Blackberry Passport,  Blackberry Passport to cost $600,  Passport first impressions,  Passport review,  iPhone strong privacy frustrates FBI & NSA,  Stress test results for smartphones,  Samsung Galaxy Alpha,  iPhone 6: Early impressions,  iPhone 6: Almost perfect,  iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5  Amazon Fire Phone crashes and burns,  Kyocera Hydro Life is waterproof,  Moto G (2014) review,  Vertu Aster luxury phone,  Google Nexus 6,  Switch fm iPhone to Android?

Hardware, Smartwatches:  Apple Watch follows in Android’s footsteps,  Apple Watch vs. Moto 360,  Apple Watch vs. Samsung Gear S,  Best Buy sells Moto 360 w/ grey strap,  Epic Signature Edition provides full cellphone functionality on your wrist,  Sony Smartwatch 3,  Windows 95 on Android Wear

Hardware, eBook Readers:  There’s more to E Ink than e-Readers

Hardware, Tiny computers:  DAQRI industrial smart helmet,  3.8M Raspberry Pies sold,  Ubi always-on connected computer breaks out of beta

Hardware, Game devices:  Microsoft revives Xbox 360 w/ new blue console

Hardware, Peripherals:  Wireless photo & document scanner,  Tanglefree zipper earbuds,  Mo-Fi headphones,  EdgeRouter Lite,  Zeiss VR One headset

Hardware, Accessories:  Power sharing micro-USB cable,  Thanko Thumb Extender,  Crash Guard allows iPhone to survive 24’ drop,  Loads of iPad cases

Software, General:  New Google Glass apps

Software, In the Cloud:  How to clean up your Facebook news feed,  Facebook settings you might want to change,  Facebook privacy checks,  Facebook tips & tricks,  Flip & rotate your videos online,  Netflix removes titles as licenses expire,  Netflix spoiler site,  Comparison of streaming services,  3-D creation site,  Facebook adds Safety Check,  Netflix shares fall 21%,  Get HBO w/o a cable subscription,  Free printable stuff,  eBay secrets to get the best deal,  Stop Google from tracking your search history,  Ello, the anti-Facebook,  Best sites w/ printable grocery coupons

Software, General Tools:  Dandy dozen of free programs, thanks Chuck & Ed,  Handy Boot CD for troubleshooting,  TinyLetter for online newsletters,  Background checks,,  Find anyone online,  Simple, accurate, easy-to-read, weather app for Android & iPhone,  New keyboard apps for phone or tablet,  Lock, protect & find your phone/tablet,  Hundreds of free fonts,  Use your laptop as a monitor,  Zimbra is a free alternative to Outlook,  Collection of apps for tablet or smartphone,  Malwarebytes is good virus protection,  Print from tablet or phone,  TDSSKiller kills rootkits,  Hangouts app

Software, Browsers:  Privacy add-ons for your browser,  New Firefox update,  Things you might not know your browser could do

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  New iCloud hack,  iTunes ‘gift’ with a hidden ‘gotcha’,  iPhone6 bend test,  iPhone 6 Plus dropped from 12k ft,  Apple to hold launch event 10/16,  Apple revenue surges on huge iPhone 6 sales

Software, Apple, Apps:  iOS update problem,  Pocket Drive for iPhones & iPads,  What to expect from Apple Pay,  Fast-paced word game for tablet or phone,  15k free recipes,  iTunes updated

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  iOS8 adoption already at 30%,  iOS 8 adopted more slowly after buggy start,  OS X 10.10 Yosemite in the works,  Serious security flaw in OS X Yosemite ‘Rootpipe’, thanks Steve

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Windows maintenance challenge -- Part 1,  Windows maintenance challenge -- Part 2,  Enhance Windows’ online security w/ EMET 5

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  Free computer forensics software, DVD Flick,  MooO Connection Watcher shows internet activity,  Find free old black- and-white movies,  Libreoffice,  100 Free fonts,  Powerful, free MS security tool,  Eraser wipes all traces of deleted files,  MoboRobo manages phones fm PC desktop, WPS Office free,  Powerful free security tool,  Free classic games,  MS Xim for photos,  Print queue cleaner

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:   Windows Secrets for October

Windows 10:  Windows 10 unveiled,  Win 10 tech preview,  How to install Win 10 tech preview,  MS unveils preview of a new Windows,  Why you should join Win10’s tech-preview,  How to safely test-drive Win10,  The decision to skip Windows 9

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Latest Android release is Lollipop,  All current Nexuses will get Lollipop,  Sony confirms Lollipop for Xperia Z range,  Lollipop Easter egg

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:   A few Android apps are now available for Chromebook

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  New video series teaches kids about Linux,  Top open-source cloud projects,  LibreOffice cash-for-code strategy tests open-source ethic,  Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole,  Assorted command line hacks,  11 Smart eyewear devices running on Android or Linux,  LinuxCon & CloudOpen Europe - Day 1,  Best Linus Torvald quotes fm LinuxCon Europe 2014

Software, Open-source, Apps:  Netflix is finally coming to Linux,  Mailpile enters beta,  Scribus makes cards, calendars, invitations

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  Migrating from Windows 7 to Ubuntu,  Best distro, 2014

Ubuntu:  Touch OS released,  How to make Lubuntu 14.04 look like Win XP,  Play Linux gaming OS,  Things to do after installing Ubuntu,  Ubuntu 14.10 Beta screenshots,  Ubuntu turns 10

Debian:   Switching back to GNOME as default desktop

Red Hat - Fedora:   Alpha version of Fedora 21 released

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