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Web News for December, 2014


Note:  The ++ symbols seen in the entries below are an attempt to make it easier to distinguish links, one from another.  Thanks to Bill for this concept.

Trends:  ++ uncensored social media site, thanks Steve  ++ Army’s new pocket drone  ++ Broadcast TV to be gone by 2030  ++ Sony’s new movies leaked online  ++ Sony leak may be payback for TV comedy skit  ++ Facebook to filter out unpaid ads from posts  ++ iPhone6 may be killing iPad  ++ E-commerce growing faster than offline stores  ++ Commercial drones to be piloted by licensed pilots  ++ Big data isn’t automatically great  ++ 3B people using internet by year-end  ++ Apple doubles to $700B in 3 years  ++ Changes coming in money mgt  ++ Huskers dismiss coach Bo Pelini,  thanks Randy  ++ Tumble is the new Facebook  ++ Energy-positive building design  ++ Texting acronyms for parents  ++ Comparison of US mobile carrier plans  ++ Hire a handyman on Amazon  ++ Craigslist hit in major cyberattack  ++ BlackBerry offers to pay $550 to trade your iPhone for a BlackBerry Passport ++ Go pro developing camera drone  ++ Google Glass used by BMW to improve quality control

Great ideas:  ++ The plus (+) sign and international calls, thanks Bill  ++ How to etch metal surfaces  ++ Plans to commercialize 3D concrete printing  ++ Plan V lets you charge your phone w/ a 9V battery  ++ Shatner on frying a turkey  ++  Revive dead ball-point pens (Crazy Russian Hacker)  ++ Samsung eye-tracking tech lets disabled users browse the web

Security/Privacy  issues:  ++ Semantec discovers spy code on networks, thanks Steve  ++ Best secure messaging tools ranked, thanks Steve  ++ Why you must update Flash  ++ Budget tablets may come w/ malware  ++ Essential security software for tablet and phone  ++ Did Apple drop the ball on Masque Attack?  ++ Avast conflicts with Windows 8 updates  ++ Google Takeout reveals how much info Google has about you  ++ Uber’s Android app caught reporting data w/o permission  ++ Picking your next antimalware tool  ++ Real World Protection Test - Oct 2014  ++ SEA attacks more news sites  ++ Twitter now tracks every app on your smartphone  ++ Avoid these online shopping scams

Legal issues:  ++ The internet’s own boy: Aaron Swartz, thanks Tom  ++ Dubai has world’s fastest Police cars, thanks Tom  ++ Verizon bullies FCC w/ lawsuit threats  ++ Do online death threats count as free speech?  ++ DHS to erase project Einstein records

Philosophical issues:  ++ Give up your PC and use a tablet  ++ Neighbors trying to erase “Hollywood” sign from maps  ++ Dangerous apps your kids are using  ++ Free credit report  ++ The real story of US colonization  ++ Truth about extended warranties  ++ Shopping tips for Amazon users

Local Issues:  ++ Google Translate

International issues:  ++ Take a virtual vacation  ++ Can the EU break up Google?

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ++ Exposed DNA active after space flight  ++ Converting human waste to rocket fuel  ++ 1st object 3D-printed in space aboard ISS  ++ Andy is Carnegie Mellon’s entry for the Google Lunar XPrize  ++ ESA’s Venus Express gets one last boost of life  ++ Plasmasphere found to protect Earth from killer electrons

Geek humor & interests:  ++ Pathetic tech myths, thanks Steve  ++ Actual exchanges between pilots and control towers, thanks Connie  ++ For those who remember Hollywood Squares  ++ How to whistle w/ your fingers  ++ NASA requests comment on airship challenge  ++ Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft concept aims to quietly rule the skies

Galleries:  ++ Elizabethan super heroes, thanks Connie,  ++ Star Wars: Episode VII - "The Force Awakens" teaser, thanks Connie  ++ USAF band Christmas flash mob  ++ Free audiobooks  ++ Fake chef cooks on TV  ++ “Mary did you Know?”  ++ Semi tractor-trailer rig jumps over moving race car  ++ Netflix movies while they last  ++ Metallic “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”  ++ Holland’s tallest church video

Potential Products:  ++ Trunkster luggage sports rolltop door, USB charger, scale, & GPS  ++ Cubic mixes Siri, Google Now, and Samantha

Hardware, General:  ++ Amazon’s Echo personal assistant  ++ Wireless Christmas tree lights  ++Smart water valve  ++ Floating generator powered by waves

Hardware, Smart TVs:  ++  Google Nexus Player set-top box reviewed

Hardware, Tablets:  ++ 5 Windows 8.1 tablets under $200  ++ Key Ingredient recipe tablet  ++ Best kids’ tablets buying guide

Hardware, Smartphones:  ++ iPhone6S to shoot like a DSLR  ++ Amazon offloading Fire Phone stock w/ $199 off-contract price

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ++ Moto 360 vs. LG G Watch R  ++ LG G Watch R vs.  ++ Asus ZenWatch pictures Will reviews LG Watch R  ++ Sony sponsors e-paper dumbwatch

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ++ MeeGoPad T01 - Windows 8 PC on a stick

Hardware, Peripherals:  ++ Flow picks up where the mouse leaves off

Hardware, Accessories:  ++ NVC case brings infrared night vision to iPhone 6


Software, In the Cloud:  ++ Free TV theme songs  ++ Vine gets pushy  ++ Google News  ++ Skype video chat and free calls

Software, General Tools:  ++ Easy way to share your print photos  ++ Skip waiting on hold  ++ Record sleep talk  ++ Augmented reality app  ++ Measure object size w/smartphone camera  ++ Track your sleep patterns  ++ Share a tablet & keep your privacy  ++ 10 apps for tablet or phone  ++ Free VPN - CyberGhost  ++ Thuuz sports app  ++ Apps for finding best prices ++ Slickdeals app finds prices  ++ Google Takeout reveals how much info Google has about you  ++ Phone as magnifier

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ++ Did Apple drop the ball on Masque Attack?

Software, Apple, Apps:  ++ Signal private phone calls  ++ Great Apple apps

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ++ Avast conflicts with Windows 8 updates

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ++ LastActivityView for Windows ++ Cortana predicts football results  ++ Speed up your startup  ++ Should I delete it?

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:

Windows 10:  ++ How to safely test-drive Win 10 -- step by step  ++ Why you should join Win10’s tech-preview process

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ++ Get Office free on your tablet or phone

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ++ Android 5.0 Lollipop hidden features  ++ Lollipop review  ++ The new look of Android  ++ GizMag reviews Lollipop

Software, Google, Apps:  ++ Redphone private calls  ++ Great Android apps

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