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Web News for January, 2015

Trends:  ★★ Flicker can sell your Creative Commons photos with no profit to you  ★★ President to pay for 50,000 police body cameras  ★★ Microsoft replaces Clip Art w/ Bing Image Search  ★★ Fewer people than ever are watching TV   ★★ Fraunhofer developing flying inventory robots  ★★ Google Contributor offers a way to buy out of ads  ★★ Google Fiber wants to wrap the world  ★★ Google’s replacement for CAPTCHA   ★★ myPORT app unlocks doors and calls elevators  ★★ Russia & China have the best hackers  ★★ Iranian cyber-terror grows  ★★ iPhone6 nabs 41% share of phablet sales  ★★ Bigger iPad next Spring?  ★★ Chromebook beats iPad in classr★★ms  ★★ Microsoft buys Acompli email app   ★★ Obama removes weird symbols fm back of phones  ★★ Firefox switches to Yah★★ for searches  ★★ Apple deleted non-iTunes songs from people’s iPods  ★★ Mobile trends for 2015  ★★ Iowa permits driver’s license on smartphone  ★★ Maybe digital licenses aren't so great after all  ★★ Fort Bliss to host airbase for drones  ★★ Radio Shack in big trouble  ★★ Instagram passes Twitter  ★★ Used iPod Classics selling for 4X original price  ★★ Unbundled HBO coming in April  ★★ HBO Go subscriptions  ★★ Carnival Cruise Line is making internet speeds 10x faster  ★★ US Navy deploys laser weapon  ★★ Mobile trends to watch  ★★ New 8TB hard drive for $260  ★★ Google is leaving Russia  ★★ Zuckerberg considers ‘Dislike’ button for Facebook  ★★ Bitcoin sputters as adoption stalls  ★★ MS to spill Win 10 beans 1/21/15  ★★ Instagram hits 300M members  ★★ Sony suspends filming after hacks  ★★ Computer science is becoming a required course  ★★ Men more likely to purchase on mobile devices  ★★ Top 10 search terms for 2014  ★★ Comcast unblocks HBO Go & Showtime Anytime on Roku  ★★ Watch Hulu on Android for free  ★★ Autonomous sub explores depths  ★★ Special jeans prevent digital pickpocketing  ★★ Leather-clad phones  ★★ Apple supply chain prepares for ultra-thin MacBook Air  ★★ Rice U develops one-atom-thick CCD  ★★ Internet addiction at 8% in USA 10.9% in Middle East  ★★ Apple releases rare security patch  ★★ T-Mobile is tech company of the year  ★★ Google’s 1st self-driving car  ★★ Hoover lets vacuum owners 3D print accessories

Great ideas:  ★★ New holographic objects can be seen and felt  ★★ Rewritable paper  ★★ New space telescopes may be sprayed from a can  ★★ Electronic implants treat and dissolve  ★★ Articulated pipe inspection robot uses propellers to push itself through pipes  ★★ CUP camera captures 100B frames/sec  ★★ Boeing 787 makes world’s first “green-diesel”-powered flight  ★★ Free books from Microsoft  ★★ Stop car windows from fogging up  ★★ Virtual store in Korea, thanks Mac  ★★ Moving trash can catches your throw, thanks Mac   ★★ Adapted Wii games aid in stroke victim rehab  ★★ C★★l gift-wrapping trick  ★★ New YouTube feature makes GIFs out of videos  ★★ Life-changing surgeries made possible by 3D-printing  ★★ With SwapaDVD, you can post, loan out, and borrow DVDs online for 49¢ each  ★★ Digital tricks you can use  ★★ Aim side mirrors properly  ★★ Mind-controlled robotic arm  ★★ 3D-printed tumor replicas to help fight cancer  ★★ Ambulance drones, thanks Randy  ★★ Tablets before bed can ruin your sleep  ★★ New drone shoots aerial & underwater video  ★★ 3D-printed leg is affordable & beautiful

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Massive Iranian cyber attack  ★★ Sony hack WAY worse than we knew   ★★ Antivirus wouldn’t have stopped Sony hack  ★★ Sony launches massive cyberattack against download sites  ★★ Hackers threaten to bomb theaters that show Sony film   ★★ Sony to release “The Interview” after all  ★★ Google’s new Captcha system uses one-click authentication  ★★ Secure your Wi-Fi  ★★ FBI warns of coordinated cyberattacks on businesses   ★★ Payment card breach at bebe  ★★ Facebook copyright notice hoax  ★★ Facebook gun pics hoax  ★★ Online shopping scams  ★★ Check your box for govt surveillance software  ★★ Watch your home while you’re away  ★★ Online stores w/ bad web security  ★★ Anti-keylogger software  ★★ NSA uses AURORAGOLD to find security vulnerabilities  ★★ ‘Red October’ and ‘Inception’ malware  ★★ Phishing scam fools 94% of security pros  ★★ Fake confirmation emails contain nasty malware  ★★ How businesses fail to protect customer info  ★★ ATM wiretapping  ★★ Remove yourself fm online directories  ★★ Block harassing calls & texts  ★★ Scan for govt spyware  ★★ DETEKT scans for FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS  ★★ Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption, thanks Steve  ★★ RevSlider hits WordPress sites  ★★ Delta posts boarding passes in the open  ★★ Data breach at airport parking  ★★ Defying Feds, MS tries to keep user data private  ★★ Important Apple security patch  ★★ Your car’s ‘black box’ and how to keep it private

Legal issues:  ★★ Supreme Court to decide if Facebook death threats are legal  ★★ FCC pushes for “lock/wipe/restore” on all smartphones by 2Q2015  ★★ Personal body cameras  ★★ US House passes increased surveillance bill  ★★ FAA grants approval to 4 more companies for commercial drone use  ★★ Police use illegal webcam  ★★ Jury throws out iTunes’ $1B suit against Apple  ★★ Wife gets jail time for using child porn to frame husband

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Researchers replicate key step in photosynthesis  ★★ World’s oldest computer may be 205BC Babylonian model  ★★ Woz discusses the origins of Apple  ★★ How to spot fake product reviews  ★★ Web knowledge quiz   ★★ When to use JPG, GIF, & PNG files  ★★ What’s the point of a curved TV?  ★★ Windows PCs vs. Macs  ★★ Your cellphone has a hold on you  ★★ Eccentric habits of the tech elite  ★★ Battery myths debunked  ★★ A Name-the-Country game  ★★ Reasons to keep your landline  ★★ Are you sitting too much?  ★★ Reasons to keep your landline  ★★ Disable autoplay in browsers

Local Issues:  ★★ Fugu expandable luggage  ★★ New bus tour for San José, thanks Randy  ★★ Southwest Airlines to fly Houston to San José nonstop, thanks Randy  ★★ “Save the Americans” Costa Rica ad campaign  ★★ An ad for Puriscal (where Dick lives)  ★★ Travel secrets you should know  ★★ booking rooms online  ★★ Get cheaper airline rates by changing your location  ★★ Currency exchange rates  ★★ CAJA rules wives apply separately  ★★ The Blue Morpho butterfly has no blue pigment, thanks, Juan

International issues:  ★★ Russia, Turkey lead global decline in internet freedom  ★★ 148-fl★★r tower in Dubai has the world’s tallest observation deck  ★★ Google is leaving Russia  ★★ Apple shuts down sales in Russia  ★★ Spanish news sites tank after demanding privacy fm Google ★★ Map of lightning strikes  ★★ China developed heat ray that US tested & rejected  ★★ Codes to dial out of a country  ★★ Codes to dial into a country  ★★ Hackers attack North Korea  ★★ South Korean nuclear reactor blueprints leaked after cyberattack  ★★ US considers adding N. Korea to terror list  ★★ US asks China to rein in Korean Hackers  ★★ Madrid upgrades to smart lights

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Ground-based telescopes back in the hunt for exoplanets  ★★ Orion is go for launch  ★★ Orion splashdown  ★★ Orion could take us to Mars  ★★ ESA using lasers to make Space Data Highway  ★★ NASA unveils new countdown clock  ★★ JAXA launches Hayabusa 2 to study and bomb an asteroid  ★★ SpaceX drone ships will retrieve reusable rockets  ★★ Private Lunar Mission One to plant time capsule on the m★★n  ★★ ESO greenlights Extremely Large Telescope in Chile  ★★ New Horizons probe wakes up near Pluto  ★★ Best view yet of dwarf planet Ceres  ★★ Rosetta sheds light on origin of Earth’s oceans  ★★ ESA tests new docking technology  ★★ NASA releases stunning maps of Saturn’s m★★ns  ★★ Mercury meteor showers  ★★ SpaceX attempts to land Falcon 9 on floating barge  ★★ Earth’s most abundant mineral named Bridgemanite  ★★ ESA’s Venus Express mission ends w/ fuel exhausted  ★★ Breathing on Mars  ★★ Curiosity finds active organic chemistry on Mars  ★★ Voyager 1 rides interstellar tsunami  ★★ Extended Kepler telescope finds new exoplanet 180 light years distant

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Why Jackie Chan is the master of action comedy  ★★ President Obama fills in for Stephen Colbert  ★★ Names of new characters in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” revealed  ★★ Uncommon photography tips

Galleries:  ★★ “The Force Awakens” teaser released  ★★ Dads’ Christmas dance routine  ★★ World’s tallest roller coaster (500’) in Orlando in 2017  ★★ Neighborh★★d Christmas light show  ★★ Great photos on US Dept of Interior’s Instagram  ★★ Jetman flies in formation w/ aerobatics champ  ★★ Sugar Plum Fairy a cappella  ★★ X PlusOne drone can tip to flying wing  ★★ Hotel California ukulele duet

Potential Products:  ★★ Sinclair Vega console  ★★ Apple patents active fall protection for iPhones  ★★ 64GB Wrist file storage  ★★ World’s safest electrical outlet  ★★ Proposed lunar elevator  ★★ iPhone 6S and A9 processor news  ★★ X PlusOne drone tips to flying wing  ★★ LG 4K TV w/ quantum dots  ★★ Self-parking car  ★★ Sony clips computer on regular glasses  ★★ Cadillac to replace rear-view mirror w/ HD video feed  ★★ Kipstr wristband records movies if you fall asleep

Hardware, General:  ★★ Orbitkey replaces keyrings  ★★ Boost your Wi-Fi network  ★★ Stream video fm computer to TV  ★★ Essential keyboard shortcuts  ★★ Useful mouse tricks  ★★ Amazon Fire TV Stick review, thanks Steve  ★★ Ulock wireless bike lock  ★★ Solving UEFI b★★t and startup problems  ★★ Windows PCs vs. Macs  ★★ Cool mouse tricks  ★★ Great gadgets under $100  ★★ How to clean your screen

Hardware, Smart TVs:  ★★ Best Buy smart TVs

Hardware, All-In-Ones:   ★★ All-in-ones w/ Intel inside  ★★ Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro  ★★ Dell Inspirons

Hardware, Desktops:  ★★ Nextag desktop sales

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Recall of Lenovo laptops for hot cables

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Chromebooks take on cheap Windows laptops  ★★ HP’s new Chromebook 14 offers high-res & touch display

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ 2-in-1s w/ Intel inside

Hardware, Tablets:  ★★ LeapPad 3 kid’s tablet reviewed  ★★ Amazon Fire HD 6 review  ★★ Tablet comparison chart

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ iPhone6 nabs 41% share of phablet sales  ★★ Google Nexus 6 review  ★★ Nexus 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus  ★★ Vivo X5Max takes thinnest-phone crown  ★★ Galaxy Note 4 vs. Google Nexus 6 quick look  ★★ Ruggedized Gladius 5  ★★ Galaxy Note Edge

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ Wristband projects a smartphone on your skin  ★★ Moto X (2014) vs. Droid Turbo: Up close  ★★ Top 5 smartphones of 2014  ★★ Blackberry working w/ Boeing to create phone that self-destructs w/ tampering  ★★ Steps to keep your smartphone secure

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ 2014 Smartwatch comparison guide  ★★ Kim’s smartwatch comparison chart

Hardware, ebook Readers:  ★★ 2015 best ebook Readers

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ HeadFoams Pro  ★★ Make earbuds out of bullet shells  ★★ Gramofon Wi-Fi music player review  ★★ Audio-Technica hi-res earphones  ★★ Oculus Rift goes mobile  ★★ Samsung Gear VR headset  ★★ Samsung 34” curved monitor

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ iPhone battery and speaker case

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ New 8TB hard drive for $260

Software, General:  ★★ BPG image format offers jpg quality at half the file size  ★★ Solving UEFI boot & startup problems

Software, News & Trivia:  ★★ Aussie stores ban Grand Theft Auto V for violence against women

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Clean up your Facebook history  ★★ Lock down your Facebook profile  ★★ Clear your Facebook search history  ★★ Facebook’s AI will spot embarrassing photos  ★★ Facebook unveils Graph Search updates  ★★ Facebook may be hiding unread messages  ★★ Personalize Facebook  ★★ Get today’s front pages  ★★ Online photo editors  ★★ Google searching tricks  ★★ Crazy Google tips & tricks  ★★ Bing’s new Fact Answers  ★★ Helpful Netflix secrets  ★★ Online file format converter

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Test your internet speed  ★★ Use AccountKiller to close old accounts  ★★ Organize with Cozi  ★★ GIMP is a free Photoshop  challenger  ★★ Use Heirloom to save your print photos  ★★ SwiftKey typing app  ★★ Interactive Bible software  ★★ CyberGhost free VPN  ★★ An app for the worst time to check Facebook  ★★ Use Wire to make online calls  ★★ New golf game  ★★ AVG Secure Search  ★★ Google app controls Nest thermostats  ★★ Scan to find the best price  ★★ Shazam recognizes songs  ★★ LibreOffice  ★★, thanks Juan Use  ★★ Google Maps offline, thanks Bill

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Useful browser tricks

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Woz discusses the origins of Apple  ★★ Apple deleted non-iTunes songs from people’s iPods  ★★ Apple supply chain prepares for ultra-thin MacBook Air  ★★ Apple releases rare security patch

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ True or False Quiz Battle trivia game  ★★ Sortpad photo organizer for iPhones  ★★ Clips video editor

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ Apple leak shows new iOS version soon

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Updates for Windows, IE, and Office  ★★ MS offers 100 free albums

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Icecream Slideshow Maker  ★★ Remove duplicate files  ★★ PrintEco removes ads fm printouts  ★★ Screen recorder  ★★ Ninite downloads and installs programs  ★★ Sophos virus removal  ★★ Print queue cleaner  ★★ Recuva recovers deleted files

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ 

Windows XP:  ★★ MS options for XP users

Vista:  ★★ Free upgrade to Vista from XP Home

Windows 8.1:  ★★ Skype translates English - Spanish in real time

Windows 10:  ★★ MS to spill Win 10 beans 1/21/15

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Get MS Office free on your tablet or phone

Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Custom Google Maps

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Google Play store

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Demystifying regular expressions  ★★ Linux for Web Developers

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ Columnize converts lists to columns

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ A newbie’s getting started guide to Linux

Ubuntu:  ★★ A complete beginner’s manual for Ubuntu 10.04

Linux Mint:  ★★ “Rebecca” MATE Ver 17.1  ★★ Version 17.1 OEM images available

Arch Linux:  ★★ A simple, lightweight distro

Debian:  ★★ Getting started w/ Debian

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Why do I need a subscription?

Korora:  ★★ The Korora project

SUSE:  ★★ OpenSUSE 13.2 is out

Tizen:  ★★ Tizen 2.3 SDK released

Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware Linux essentials

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