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Web News for February, 2015

Trends:   ★★ 1956 Picture loading world’s 1st hard drive (5MB fm IBM) --> 5MB Hard
Drive  ★★ MS to offer free 1-year upgrade to Windows 10, thanks Helen  ★★ Humanity’s hard drives could be full by 2020   ★★ Business-card hard drive can hold 1TB  ★★ Mark Zuckerberg tried to torpedo ‘The Social Network’ movie  ★★ Amazon reveals what sold this Christmas   ★★ “The Interview” illegally downloaded 750K times in 20 hours   ★★ Top social news of 2014   ★★ Texting acronyms   ★★ Biggest tech flubs of 2014  ★★ Microsoft takes on tech-support scammers  ★★ Doctors warn against blood-pressure-monitoring apps  ★★ 2014 was a good year for drones  ★★ Unmanned helicopter operates fm destroyer   ★★ 10 GBPS internet happening in Minneapolis suburb  ★★ Abusers using spyware to track partners  ★★ Top tech trends expected in 2015  ★★ The most anticipated innovations for 2015  ★★ Time Warner Cable is new least-popular cable company  ★★ The most popular word of 2014 isn’t even a word  ★★ NYC to allow paying parking tickets w/ Apple Pay  ★★ Palm might be about to make a comeback  ★★ TCL to give Palm a new lease on life  ★★ British police arrest Lizard Squad member  ★★ Lizard Squad gets hacked  ★★ Preview of Consumer Electronics Show 2015  ★★ Canadian airline adopts real-time flight tracking  ★★ 3D-printing breakthroughs of 2014  ★★ Kodak wants to reinvent itself as an Android brand  ★★ Microsoft, Facebook, & Apple take on Google  ★★ Samsung owners happier w/ their phones than Apple owners  ★★ Google plans to take over Boulder  ★★ Teaching robots via Youtube  ★★ Facebook changes coming in 2015  ★★ Tips & tricks for Windows 10 Tech Preview  ★★ Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution  ★★Audi drives itself fm San Fran to Vegas  ★★ International Consumer Electronics Show preview  ★★ Celebs who use flip phones  ★★ June 30th has an extra second this year  ★★ Dish network will stream ESPN & CNN  ★★ Apple patents flexible phone design  ★★ NASA to launch climate studies  ★★Drones popular at CES  ★★ US cable speeds to get much faster  ★★ Google wants to bring Wi-Fi to the world  ★★ Top-viewed Wikipedia page for every day of 2014  ★★ Bill drops uTorrent in favor of Deluge  ★★ A very expensive mistake in an Uber car  ★★ 3D-print a chocolate Ford Mustang  ★★ Seattle football fans set off earthquake sensor  ★★ Robot winner of Last Gadget Standing prize at CES 2015  ★★ CNN can now use drones in newsgathering  ★★ Facebook to notify you of local Amber Alerts  ★★ Anonymous attacks militant Islamists  ★★ The best of CES 2015  ★★ Apple gets camera patent  ★★ Bitcoin falls 83%  ★★ Craziest gadgets from CES 2015  ★★ Samsung tries to buy BlackBerry  ★★ How much tech can you take? thanks Steve  ★★ New Atlanta stadium is something to see  ★★ Google Glass sales stopped

Great ideas:  ★★ Use your car to sharpen your knife  ★★ Why you should eject before you unplug a flash drive  ★★ RRAM could mean TB phones  ★★ History online  ★★ Game conquers fear of flying  ★★ Vinegar life hacks  ★★ Harman breaks car audio into individual zones  ★★ Cooking bacon w/ water  ★★ Bill Gates drinks water made from human waste  ★★ Find free air for your tires in the USA  ★★ GrillBot cleans your BBQ grill  ★★ Cook pasta faster & better  ★★ Great kitchen gadgets  ★★ Blocking the EP2 protein could prevent & even cure Alzheimer’s, thanks Connie  ★★ Experimental hard drive based on quantum entanglement


Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Top privacy tips of 2014  ★★ Stay up-to-date w/ privacy policies  ★★ Facebook photo privacy  ★★ London scientists develop ‘one-click’ encryption for internet  ★★ Stop Facebook from tracking you  ★★ ISIS may be getting into hacking  ★★ ISIS hacks US military Twitter feed ★★ A photo of your thumb can bypass Apple Touch ID  ★★ Protect yourself fm this guy  ★★ Chick-fil-A data breach  ★★ Cybersecurity threats for the new year  ★★ Details Facebook asks for that you shouldn’t give  ★★ Senate asks feds about fake cell towers collecting smartphone data  ★★ iCloud  is wide-open to iDict  ★★ More parking lots hit by Target hackers  ★★ Use your browser to find old online accounts & passwords  ★★ Free tool to scan URLs for malware, thanks Chuck  ★★ Hackers for hire  ★★ 3 worst places to swipe a debit card  ★★ Google exposes zero-day exploit in Windows 8  ★★ SnoopSnitch for Android phones  ★★ Before you let people borrow your iPhone or iPad  ★★ Sony used BlackBerries after getting hacked  ★★ CyberGhost free VPN  ★★ Things you MUST photograph when traveling  ★★ Moonpig hack exposes 3M credit cards  ★★ What is a belfie?  ★★ For the super paranoid: Hackers could spy on your laptop even if not connected to web  ★★ Privacy grades for apps  ★★ Browser privacy addons  ★★ Google ends critical security updates for 1B Android users  ★★ ASUS router security flaw  ★★ US military feed attacked by IS sympathizers  ★★ Using credit cards online  ★★ Admin or standard: which Windows account is safer?  ★★ New Mac virus uses Thunderbolt port  ★★ Update Flash to fix security flaws  ★★ Affordable-Care-Act Phishing Campaign  ★★ Thieves steal air miles on United & American airlines  ★★ Morgan-Stanley data theft  ★★ US & GB govts want backdoors  ★★ Google outs 2 more Windows bugs  ★★ New police radar can ‘see’ inside homes


Legal issues:  ★★ FAA spreads new drone-flying rules  ★★ ‘Know before you fly’ rules  ★★ Microsoft & Google argue that Marriott blocking of private Wi-Fi violates FCC rules  ★★ Austin, TX gets really serious about “hands-free” driving, thanks Connie  ★★ Various states have new tech laws  ★★ Man sued for using “Hidden cities” to save money on airline tickets  ★★ Man raises $33K to fight United Airlines suit ★★ Microsoft takes on tech-support scammers  ★★ Apple sued over 16GB iPhones  ★★ FCC to vote on Net Neutrality  ★★ FAA clears 2 more drone operators  ★★ IRS rules Bitcoin is property, not currency; tax headache  ★★ US lawmakers push bill to permanently ban internet access taxes  ★★ 2020 census could count you online  ★★ Data broker sold loan info to scammers  ★★ FCC hints that it might reclassify internet service as a utility after all  ★★ Man arrested for refusing to hand over camera to police  ★★ Gogo gets FCC approval for faster Wi-Fi on aircraft


Philosophical issues:  ★★ Using touch screens changes your brain  ★★ Picking your mobile data plan  ★★ Our night sky: So where is everybody?  ★★ Helen reviews “A Nobody in a Somebody World”  ★★ Astronaut Chris Hadfield's guide to optimism  ★★ Writing advice fm the pros  ★★ The internet could be our greatest threat  ★★ Ways to get free HDTV, movies, sports & more  ★★ The 'Bletchleyettes' of Bletchley Park  ★★ Hard drives aren’t permanent  ★★ Top money tips of 2014  ★★ Obama previews cybersecurity plans for State-Of-The-Union speech  ★★ Obama releases two proposals  ★★ President calls for faster, cheaper internet ★★New law of superconductivity discovered  ★★ Get an annual credit report (VPN needed)  ★★ Save money on printer ink  ★★ Why old iPods are valuable  ★★Boeing discovers “The customer is always right.”  ★★ Should you shutdown your computer at night?  ★★ Should you shutdown your phone or tablet?  ★★ Project Blue Book archive


Local Issues:  ★★ CR to enforce taxes on rental houses  ★★ The Escazu News  ★★ Ways life in CR has been transformed and you didn’t even notice, thanks Connie  ★★ CR falls from Top Ethical Destinations list again  ★★ Tico Times calendar of local happenings  ★★ Netflix is testing VPN blockers   ★★ A local article about VPN blocking  ★★ Another story about Netflix cracking down on VPNs  ★★ More info on Netflix cracking down  ★★ Costa Rican climate is diverse, thanks Connie  ★★ Big drop in fuel prices expected for mid-January, thanks Connie  ★★ Southwest Airlines files applications to serve Costa Rica fm Houston  ★★ Online jobs that pay well


International issues:  ★★ North Korea loses internet for 2nd time  ★★ Japanese ‘lucky bags’  ★★ Wanda E-Commerce is a Chinese powerhouse  ★★ 871 Chinese firms at CES  ★★ FBI confirms that North Korea hit Sony  ★★Google auto insurance comparison for UK  ★★ Chinese Police catch man w/ 94 phones strapped to his body  ★★ UK PM opposes encrypted message apps  ★★ Islamic hackers hit 19k French sites  ★★ US & UK simulate cyberwar


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ NASA renderings of cloud city on Venus   ★★ NASA approves 1st milestone for Crew Dragon spacecraft  ★★ Growing lettuce on Mars   ★★ Dawn spacecraft approaches dwarf-planet Ceres  ★★ 1st look at Earth fm space in 2015  ★★ NASA working to fix Opportunity’s memory  ★★ SpaceX CRS-5 mission scrubbed again  ★★ CRS-5 successfully launched, but plan to recover 1st stage failed ★★ ESA tests force-reflecting joystick on ISS  ★★ NASA test fires SLS engine  ★★ NASA tests VolcanoBot1  ★★ Kepler exoplanet tally passes 1,000  ★★ Ending US dependence on Russia by 2017  ★★ New NGTS telescope looks for exoplanets  ★★ Suspected ammonia leak on ISS


Geek humor & interests:  ★★ KC-46A tanker program makes 1st test flight  ★★ Ehang Ghost Drone follows user  ★★ Can I stream it?  ★★ Man gets high with helium  ★★ Tiny military drones mimic insects  ★★ Shatner’s tricycle


Galleries:  ★★ Free songs from Amazon   ★★ Jetliners in formation  ★★ The scientific way to cut a cake  ★★ The true story of Bugs Bunny  ★★ TIE fighter crash caught on dash cam  ★★ Make a carrot into a flute  ★★ A water sprinkler in -57° temp  ★★ Ultimate pool trick-shot dudes  ★★ Goshawk flies through woods  ★★ 747 lands w/ gear failure  ★★ Comedy singer does 19 divas  ★★ Manila fireworks show on New Year’s Eve  ★★ Push ups at Walt Disney World  ★★ Changing a light bulb at 1,500 ft  ★★ A guy stacks rocks for 7 minutes  ★★ Northern Lights in 4K rez  ★★ Valhalla naked skiing preview  ★★ Projections in the forest  ★★ Killer whales at play  ★★ Watch an F/A-18C go supersonic  ★★ Building a Boeing  ★★ How to coil a cable  ★★ 15 B-52s in 2009 Minimum Interval Take-Off (MITO) exercise  ★★ USAF acft in service fm 1947  ★★ Patrick Stewart plays annoying people on a plane Simon’s hungry cat, thanks Connie  ★★ Black Sails meets metal, thanks Connie


Potential Products:  ★★ New Nintendo console is in the works  ★★ New gadgets on the way  ★★ Kodak getting into Android smartphone game  ★★ Apple pen  ★★ Windows 10 to replace IE w/ new browser  ★★ 360-degree speakers  ★★ LG 34” 21:9 ultrawide gaming monitor w/ AMD FreeSync  ★★ CHIPS all-in-one headphones  ★★ Bulletproof hat  ★★ Drone to deliver life-rings to swimmers in distress  ★★ Sharp reveals new displays  ★★ Dish announces Sling TV at CES  ★★ Sony Walkman at CES  ★★ Range of Sony UHD TVs at CES  ★★ A phone w/ screens on both sides  ★★Panasonic unveils 4K Blu-Ray player prototype  ★★ E Ink plans to create dynamic walls  ★★ Google Cast for audio  ★★ 3D-printed lawnmower  ★★ Martian voice-controlled smartwatches  ★★ Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip to offer 1 teraflop power  ★★ Miyo DAC promises world-class sound  ★★ Samsung’s bendable Youm phone  ★★ Dish launches "4K Joey", 1st 4K-TV cable box  ★★ Panasonic Lumix travel cameras  ★★ Asus ZenFone 2 64-bit value phone  ★★ Turntable w/ Bluetooth  ★★ QBee Connected Home solution  ★★ House temperature dependent on car location  ★★Windows Surface Mini coming this Fall  ★★ Primo 3 headphones  ★★ Google to give Puerto Rico trial run at Project Ara smartphone   ★★ Solar-powered chip reminds you to shut your house windows  ★★ Apple patents pop-out joystick


Hardware, General:  ★★ Make your own AA batteries  ★★ Carmakers take a hint from tablets  ★★ GizMag reviews 2014 mobiles & wearables  ★★ Your tablet as a 2nd monitor  ★★ More tips & tricks for Google Chromecast   ★★ Zano palm-sized drone  ★★ Solving UEFI boot & startup problems  ★★ ZTE projector w/ hotspot Hideous gadgets from CES  ★★ Small jump battery for your car  ★★ Smart umbrella  ★★ Boost your Wi-Fi net


Hardware, Video:  ★★ Sony Bravia is super thin  ★★ SnapCam HD wearable camera  ★★ LG 4K OLED TV lineup  ★★ Samsung 4K SUHD TVs promise superior color & brightness


Hardware, All-In-Ones:   ★★ Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved All-In-One at CES


Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Thinkpad X1 Carbon  ★★ Samsung ATIV Book 9 thin-and-light laptop  ★★ Dell slims down Alienware 15 & 17, refreshes XPS 13  ★★ MacBook Air get an overhaul  ★★ Dell updates Inspirons w/ 4K displays  ★★ Ativ Book 9 vs. 11” MacBook Air


Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Samsung Ativ Book 9 at CES


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Microsoft releases new ad for Surface Pro 3  ★★ Toshiba Portégé Z20t w/ 17 hr battery  ★★ Jide Remix hands on


Hardware, Tablets:  ★★ Quick-start guide to a new tablet  ★★ New uses for a tablet  ★★ Leaked image of iPad Air Plus  ★★ Toshiba Encore 2 Windows 8 write-on tablets


Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ LG G Flex 2 phone at CES


Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ Is Apple’s 16GB iPhone really a scam?  ★★Extend smartphone battery life  ★★ Saygus V2  ★★ $6K Lamborghini phone  ★★ Lenovo 64-bit smartphones at CES  ★★ MS Nokia offers internet-ready $29 smartphone to other continents


Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ e-Strap makes ordinary watches smart  ★★ Another look at e-Strap ★★ Echo Fit smartwatch launched at CES  ★★ Try out Apple Watch online  ★★ Spur puts a smartphone on your wrist  ★★ 3 new Garmin watches at CES  ★★ Alcatel Onetouch smartwatch


Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Intel Compute Stick  ★★ Connected Cycle smart pedal  ★★ ODG smartglasses  ★★ HP Stream Mini Desktop & Pavilion Mini Desktop


Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Samsung Gear VR vs. Oculus Rift DK2  ★★ Wikipad Gamevice for iPad  ★★ Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9 controller


Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Moto Hint reinvents the Bluetooth headset  ★★ Business-card hard drive can hold 1TB  ★★ Samsung 1TB SSD  ★★ Toshiba NFC-enabled SD card  ★★ Netatmo camera recognizes household members  ★★ Primera Trio small & light printer  ★★ 3Doodler 3D-printing pen  ★★ Pocket-sized Polaroid Zip printer  ★★ 3D Printer can blend plastics & electronics  ★★ TextBlade portable keyboard


Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Tiny tower of power at CES  ★★ Bandstand charger for Apple Watch


Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Seagate slims world’s thinnest portable HDD

Software, General:  ★★ Webroot security software ★★ Google Earth


Software, News & Trivia:  ★★ Sling TV to offer new live TV service, thanks Ken


Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Facebook tips & tricks  ★★ New Facebook covers for 2015  ★★Delete old Facebook posts   ★★ Facebook cheat sheat  ★★ Amazon Family Library link for sharing  ★★ More than 2K old computer games free  ★★ Google Translate to take on Skype w/ real-time translation of speech  ★★ Google Translate also does street signs


Software, General Tools:  ★★ 2 Cars game  ★★ Humin contacts organizer  ★★ Lightworks video editor  ★★ EssentialPIM info manager  ★★ Whichbook  ★★ Calltag   ★★ Check to see if an image was Photoshopped  ★★ Trivia Crack game for Apple & Android  ★★ Gogobot for iOS & Android  ★★ Free Kindle app for Windows & Mac  ★★ Zimbra is a powerful, free mail tool  ★★ Great apps for tablets  ★★ Speed up your internet for Windows & Mac  ★★ Budgeting & finance software  ★★ My Permissions for iOS & Android  ★★ Shoptimate compares prices online  ★★ PastBook photo albums  ★★ Genius Scan for Android & iOS  ★★ Facebook Messenger for iOS & Android  ★★ Calibre online librarian for Windows & Mac  ★★ WPS Office for Windows & iOS


Software, Browsers:  ★★ Replacement for IE may be ‘300 times better’  ★★ Win 10’s Spartan browser will pack Cortana’s smarts  ★★ Is Win 10 the end of IE?  ★★ Browser privacy addons  ★★ How to use bookmarks


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Is Apple’s 16GB iPhone really a scam?  ★★ A photo of your thumb can bypass Apple Touch ID  ★★ Apple patents flexible phone design  ★★ New Mac virus uses Thunderbolt port  ★★ New case could double phone signal strength  ★★ Apple is already testing iOS 9  ★★ Secrets for better iOS photos


Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ NYC to allow paying parking tickets w/ Apple Pay  ★★ Safe iPad browser MetaCert


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Microsoft kills free Advanced Security Notifications


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ CCleaner  ★★ Unchecky stops tricky add-ons  ★★ Free XnView photo editor  ★★ Glasswire monitors program use of internet  ★★ Last activity view  ★★ Paint.NET is a great photo editor  ★★ Driver Booster 2 updates drivers  ★★ Print Queue Cleaner


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Start the new year w/ a clean Windows PC  ★★ Google outs 2 more Windows bugs

Windows 7:  ★★ Win 7 reaches extended-support phase, thanks Helen  ★★ Insomnia keeps Win 7 awake, thanks Bill

Windows 8:  ★★ Win 8 backup/restore system

Windows 10:  ★★ Windows 10 to replace IE w/ new browser  ★★ Tips & tricks for Windows 10 Tech Preview  ★★ New login and lock-screen design  ★★ Users want desktop apps in Win 10 Windows Store  ★★ Jumpstart   ★★ MS to offer free 1-year upgrade to Windows 10, thanks Helen


Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Office apps coming to Windows phone


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Check My Android app, thanks Bill  ★★ Google ends critical security updates for 1B Android users

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ SnoopSnitch for Android phones  ★★ What your Android apps know about you

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