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Web News for March, 2015

Trends:  ★★ How & why Apple overtook Microsoft, thanks Helen  ★★ Could there really be an Apple car?  ★★ Samsung stutters, loses global smartphone sales lead to Apple  ★★ Microsoft smartphone sales up 28%  ★★ MS Windows 10 now has over 2 million public testers  ★★ Google chairman predicts the internet will disappear, thanks Helen  ★★ App tells parents, profs if students go to class  ★★ iPhone grabbing 50% of smartphone activations  ★★ Expedia buys Travelocity  ★★ Cisco CEO predicts hacking will increase  ★★ Bat-inspired drone can fly & crawl  ★★ iPad is 5 years old  ★★ New stuff in latest Win 10 Tech Preview  ★★ Satellites detect rapid ice loss in Arctic  ★★ Facebook went down and other logins suffered  ★★ Now you can watch NFL highlights on YouTube  ★★ Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the US  ★★  ★★ Germany tests self-driving cars on the autobahn  ★★ Superbowl lit by LEDs  ★★ Get a football-only feed on Facebook  ★★ USB/Lightning headphones enable phones without phone jacks  ★★ FCC changes broadband definition to 25 Mb/s   ★★ Cable industry incensed ★★ Netflix to launch 20 new series per year  ★★ Using a really old picture on Facebook  ★★ EBay struggles, lays off 2,400 workers  ★★ Google wants to be a wireless carrier  ★★ Another huge Comcast fail  ★★ Qantas airline to provide Gear VR headsets for 1st class passengers  ★★ The ideal female body type has changed over time  ★★ Microsoft HoloLens: An alternate-reality headset that makes you see 3D holograms  ★★ Terrorists hid messages in spam-like emails  ★★ YouTube switches from Flash to HTML5  ★★ Sell your photos online  ★★ Windows 10 coming to Raspberry Pi 2  ★★ Email is 44 years old  ★★ Apple patents a stylus  ★★ Apple patents a home-button/joystick combo  ★★ Faucet makes water look like latticework  ★★ RadioShack files for bankruptcy, Sprint to get some stores  ★★ Pirate Bay is back!  Rival site ( started by Isohunt in CR  ★★ Worm crawls out of Bette Midler’s iPhone after she dropped it in the toilet  ★★ Connected gadgets for your home  ★★ Cool car headlights  ★★ The next iPhone could take DSLR-quality photos  ★★ Google’s modular smartphone  ★★ Pilot taking a selfie causes fatal plane crash  ★★ Cisco: Mobile device use, traffic to grow rapidly  ★★ There would be no Silicon Valley without New Jersey  ★★ Museums take aim against new threat: selfie sticks  ★★ Staples to buy Office Depot for $6B  ★★ Sprint offers iPhone & iPad for $100/mo  ★★ “EcoAdvanced” batteries partially made from recycled cells  ★★ HBO sets premiere dates for J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’  ★★ Skiing robot hits the slopes  ★★ Microsoft buys Sunrise calendar app  ★★ Is Facebook edging in on YouTube’s territory?  ★★Google disabled 500M+ ads in 2014  ★★ Top selfie states  ★★ Twitter CEO on abuse  ★★ New Volvos accepting package & gas deliveries w/o you  ★★ New EM railgun for US Navy  ★★ Google Glass to be redesigned  ★★ Google patents gesture-control for cars  ★★ Wordsmith uses AI to write stories & reports  ★★ Flash back to the mid-50s  ★★ Yelp buys Eat24 µ4/3 lens support for drones  ★★ 13-year-old shot dead over a Facebook post  ★★ Apple Pay coming to Federal parks & Social Security  ★★ Funny Amazon product reviews  ★★ Volvo allows cars to share road condition info  ★★ AT&T sells 1GB service  ★★ NASA predicts devastating droughts in 2nd half of century  ★★ E-commerce goes mobile  ★★ Photoshop turns 25  ★★ Microsoft aims to kill passwords in Windows 10


Great ideas:  ★★ UAE offers $1M prize for Drones for Good  ★★ Crazy Russian lime hack  ★★ Best TV streaming devices  ★★ 1881: The year we got emojis  ★★ Kytoon, a camera-carrying kite/balloon  ★★ Probiotic treatment cures peanut allergy in children  ★★ Lasers inside computer chips  ★★ Govt site to check for recalls  ★★ Homemade cough drops  ★★ Glasses that let the legally blind see  ★★ How to make clarified butter (ghee)  ★★ Streetlight powered by sun & wind  ★★ $35 Windows PC, thanks Connie  ★★ Mouse tricks  ★★ New glass could double phone  battery life  ★★ Microbe produces bioethanol from nitrogen  ★★ New maritime monitoring system would draw on existing satellites  ★★ Best tax prep sites  ★★ Printing on wood w/ inkjet transfer  ★★ SONICable charges phones twice as fast  ★★Revolution CT” makes medical scanning cheaper & more accurate  ★★ Drone 3D-printed in 2 hours  ★★ Eye-tracking tech could spot concussions quickly  ★★ Nobel shocker: RCA had the 1st blue LED in 1972  ★★ New kind of bullet-proofing fm Sweden  ★★ How to cut a bell pepper  ★★ Submarines that dart like an octopus  ★★ New waterproof material fm U Rochester  ★★ Brain waves can say “yes” and “no”  ★★ Research finds an inner core within Earth’s inner core  ★★ New technique to double reach of fiber-optics comm  ★★ Great Arthur C. Clark 1976 interview  ★★ New steel alloy is as strong & light as titanium  ★★ New bendable film for electronics  ★★ Inventor of lithium-ion battery is developing a new tech 60% more powerful  ★★ Ultrasound tech reverses Alzheimer’s in mice  ★★ Peel a boiled egg cleanly in 3 seconds  ★★ Cellphone startups use Wi-Fi 1st, if available  ★★ Boost cell signals inside your home  ★★ Color-accurate holograms  ★★ Portland to generate electricity w/in own water pipes  ★★ Make old copper look new  ★★ Make an edible marshmallow shot glass

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Obama creates Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center  ★★ Lizard Squad hits Malaysia Airlines  ★★ Drone crashes at White House  ★★ Fake text messages stealing personal info  ★★ Zero-day exploit in Flash  ★★ Yet another exploit in Flash 3rd zero-day flaw in a month for Flash, thanks Steve  ★★ US govt secretly tracks license plates  ★★ ID thieves steal cop’s card. Big mistake.  ★★ Apple fixes 4 critical bugs in Yosemite  ★★ Dangerous Facebook scams   ★★ New Facebook attack  ★★ Yet another Facebook attack  ★★ New Facebook virus w/ a vulgar twist ★★ Worst places to use a credit card  ★★ The dark side of the internet  ★★ 2 zero-day flaws in VLC player  ★★ 19 security flaws fixed in Java  ★★ Keeping your cellphone number private  ★★ How hackers hack you  ★★ Worst passwords of 2014  ★★ Mobile apps under attack  ★★ Finally, Verizon will let you opt out of ‘Supercookies’  ★★ Verizon partners provide useless removal tools  ★★ Hackers can wirelessly unlock these high-end cars  ★★ New mobile version of Outlook for iOS scoops up personal data  ★★ IRS warns against scammers and thieves  ★★ hit by hackers that got Home Depot and Target Wall   ★★ St. Journal & Barron’s subscribers receiving fraudulent mail  ★★ Test your computer’s security  ★★ Turn an old phone into a security camera  ★★ Opt out of Google Ads  ★★ New ransomware shows up  ★★ Durak card game contains malware  ★★ Marriott hacked again  ★★ How to recognize a malware site  ★★ Canary Watch is a clever workaround legal prohibitions about warning you that the government has asked for information on you  ★★ EFF joins Canary Watch , thanks Steve  ★★ Blue Cross Blue Shield hacked  ★★Apple gadgets phishing attack  ★★ email security threatened by lack of funds  ★★ Drones are new virus target  ★★ TOS;DR a browser add-on rates websites by privacy policies  ★★ 10 worst hacks in history  ★★ Smart TVs listen to your every word  ★★ D-Link model DSL-2740R has a security problem  ★★ Guy leaks 10M usernames & passwords  ★★ had a virus  ★★ New credit cards w/ RFID are easy to hack  ★★ Twitter CFO’s account hacked  ★★ $B bank heist  ★★ NSA hides spy software on most hard drives  ★★ Windows 10 adopts FIDO standard  ★★ SSN & Name are all that’s needed to file for tax return  ★★ What you like on Facebook could affect your job search  ★★ Signs that your identity has been stolen

Legal issues:  ★★ Judge rules Dish’s ad-skipping is not a copyright violation, thanks Connie  ★★ Sheriffs want police-tracking app disabled  ★★ Flying drones in DC is illegal  ★★ Oil refineries okay to use drones now  ★★ US pays cocaine dealer $134K  ★★ Fraud investigator accused of fraud  ★★ Big shake-up in rules for telecom industry coming  ★★ Traffic signals on your windshield?  ★★ Reclassification of ISPs by FCC is expected FCC may kill state restrictions on municipal broadband  ★★ Founder of WWW backs Net Neutrality  ★★ File US Taxes for free  ★★ US NTSA  ★★ Minnesota not accepting TurboTax this year   ★★ Drone rules proposed  ★★ US to auction more than $11M in bitcoin   ★★ If you signed up for health insurance via, don’t file your taxes yet

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Larger hard drives are more reliable  ★★ Bill Gates tricks Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop water  ★★ Interactive Intent Modelling is new search engine tech  ★★ Lost data, got most of it back  ★★ Download 1000s of books   ★★ Bill Gates says about artificial intelligence, “I don’t understand why some people are not concerned.”  ★★ Pros & cons of a driverless future  ★★ Biggest innovation since iPad came from Samsung  ★★ No iPhones allowed on NFL sidelines  ★★ MIT’s “better Siri” helps you get there on time  ★★ Lessons learned fm Samsung Gear VR & Occulus Rift DK2  ★★ The millennial workforce (infographic)  ★★ The ‘Star Trek’ transporter is real … sort of  ★★ Women were key to WWII code breaking at Bletchley Park  ★★ Disposable vs. rechargeable batteries  ★★ Choosing the right data plan for your smartphone or tablet  ★★ Man 3D-printed his kidney stone and helped surgeons save his life  ★★ Which battery lasts the longest?  ★★ Watch free TED talks about everything  ★★ Disarm an attacker w/ your bare hands  ★★ Your unclaimed money could be a click away  ★★ Slow down your child’s internet, thanks Connie  ★★ Where iPad should go next: Look toward Windows 10  ★★ Tiny magnetic sensors applied to skin  ★★ Great microwave tricks  ★★ New free site for learning guitar  ★★ Useful digital tricks  ★★ attempts to keep airspace above your home drone-free  ★★ Why is Facebook kicking Native Americans off the site?  ★★ Meet the founders of Tetris  ★★ The internet could crash. We need a Plan B.  ★★ Kids have learned deafness  ★★ 100 humans volunteered to die on Mars  ★★ The 2 quietest places in the US  ★★ New face detection algorithm registers even partially hidden faces  ★★ US President can send text to everyone in the US  ★★ Should you turn your computer off at night?

Local Issues:  ★★ Word Lens translator  ★★ Getting the lowest airfare online  ★★ QCostaRica article about ransomware in Canada, thanks Helen  ★★ Students look to improve bitcoin transparency  ★★ Powerful malware group has servers in CR, thanks Helen  ★★ Airlines: When to buy, when to fly, where to look

International issues:  ★★ Smithsonian to open London gallery  ★★ Russian spies try to crash stock market  ★★ New Canadian passports fluoresce under black light   ★★ Google Wallet rolls out to UK  ★★ Kidnapped Chinese girl uses social media to find her way home  ★★ Solar Impulse 2 round-the-world route revealed  ★★ Massive worldwide layoff at IBM  ★★ McDonald’s Facebook campaign enrages Mexican tamale fans  ★★ Saddam’s hanging rope is popular  ★★ Japanese feral cat adoption plan to save Streaked Shearwaters  ★★ ‘When Time Stood Still’ a Hiroshima survivor’s story nbsp;★★ The trapdoor in Christ’s right shoulder  ★★ Samsung drops to #2 in India  ★★ Japanese banks plan to use Nao humanoid robots  ★★ China’s massive firewall is a problem for us, too  ★★ Alibab trys drone delivery service in China  ★★ Dashcam video of Taiwan plane crash

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Dawn probe data shows ancient flowing water on Vesta   ★★ Dawn probe shoots best images of Ceres yet  ★★ Rosetta reveals comet secrets  ★★ New space telescope design could be 1K x stronger than Hubble  ★★ Robotic helicopter scout for Mars rovers  ★★ Opportunity celebrates 11 years on Mars w/ panorama  ★★ Landing Milestone prizes for Moon rovers awarded  ★★ “Near miss” for asteroid w/ it’s own moon  ★★ NASA, Boeing, & SpaceX outline future of spaceflight  ★★ Hubble captures sharpest ever image of Andromeda  ★★ Partially-deployed Beagle-2 found on Mars  ★★ ESA hosting workshop on cleaning up low-Earth orbit  ★★ LightSail to be tested in May  ★★ Moisture mapper launched  ★★ Simulation of SpaceX Falcon Heavy   ★★ Falcon 9 botched landing video  ★★ Quartet of satellites map Earth’s bow-shock wave  ★★ ESA greenlights launch of unmanned IXV spaceplane  ★★ Massive ring system found orbiting distant star  ★★ Solar system found w/ 5 Earth-sized planets  ★★ New Horizons probe sends back images of Pluto and it’s moon  ★★ NASA asks for funds to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa  ★★ Hubble captures galactic collision  ★★ ESA to map photosynthetic activity  ★★ Communicating w/ ISS  ★★ DARPA’s new launch program Infrared shows Trifid Nebula in a new light  ★★ Details for Titan submarine concept  ★★ Bag of Apollo 11 artifacts found in Neil Armstrong’s closet  ★★ New Planck map  ★★ SpaceX signs landing pad agreement w/ USAF  ★★ Twinkle looks at exoplanet atmospheres   ★★ NASA testing glider-based satellite launch system  ★★ Hubble captures triple Jupiter transit  ★★ Clearest ever views of Saturn’s Titan moon  ★★ Mysterious plumes seen on Mars  ★★ Voyager is 130 AU fm our sun  ★★ Rosetta’s comet close encounter

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Alan Turing’s “hidden” manuscript heads to auction   ★★ Turing’s lost notes found in wall  ★★ B-52 gets new rotary weapons bay  ★★ How to escape duct tape  ★★ Escape duct tape behind the back  ★★ Self-balancing bottle holder  ★★ B-29 in Lake Mead may open to divers  ★★ EDSAC part fm US becomes part of reconstruction  ★★ 1-atom-thin silicene transistors may lead to faster chips  ★★ Build a $3 laser-guided blowgun  ★★ Speed up your internet for free  ★★ Pilot & wife use iPads to navigate & land plane with lost electrical power  ★★ The progress of the pixel  ★★ Dumbest app ever  ★★Google Glass may be back  ★★ How ‘Interstellar’ built a better black hole

Galleries:  ★★ Currently carving caveman  ★★ Things NHL players can do with a puck  ★★ Rescued WWII photos  ★★ Point a camera at its own monitor  ★★ Wild crosswind landings  ★★ Weather guy handles map error  ★★ Cow art  ★★ Barbershop quartet stranded on a plane  ★★ Drone footage of Auschwitz  ★★ Parody of Facebook  ★★ Aircraft ditches near Maui  ★★ Hermit crab swaps shells  ★★ Closeup of lava flowing into the sea  ★★ Epic lip-sync battle from Tonight Show  ★★ Neil Young joins impressionist Fallon on Tonight Show  ★★ Medieval helpdesk w/ English subtitles , thanks Connie  ★★ Boston Dynamics’ new DARPA robot in action  ★★ B.B. King talks about his time on the road  ★★ Jimmy Kimmel’s take on the Radio Shack bankruptcy  ★★ Pole vaulting  ★★ Why Russians use dashboard cameras  ★★ Dubai Flow Motion  ★★ iPad magician on Ellen's show

Potential Products:  ★★ Microsoft demonstrates HoloLens hologram tech  ★★ Smart scarf  ★★ Microsoft unveils next version of Office  ★★ Microsoft will have an 84” 4K HD Surface Hub “tablet” soon  ★★ Ridersmate calls for help if you dump your bike  ★★ Smart ski goggles  ★★ Smart ski helmet  ★★ X-Voice drone dances to voice commands  ★★ Smart motorcycle helmet  ★★ Smart mattresses  ★★ Apple Watch to release in April  ★★ Gas-powered phone charger  ★★ Smart home kit  ★★ Smart deadbolt  ★★ Sprayable sleep  ★★ Kodak’s 1st Android phone  ★★ Eye glasses that can be switched to sunglasses  ★★ Smart shoes  ★★ Binaural microphone for 3D audio  ★★ Smart luggage  ★★ Computer in a mouse  ★★ Smart mattress cover  ★★ ChargeTech to cut phone charge time in half  ★★ Rumors of a Microsoft smartphone-laptop hybrid  ★★ Charge phones w/ indoor light  ★★ Prototype of new 3D projection concept  ★★ New hi-res Walkman  ★★ MintBox Mini computer  ★★ Tiny 1080p camera mounts to glasses  ★★ Hand-held mount for stabilized 4K drone camera  ★★ Garmin radar for bikes  ★★ OneWeb to launch satellites to provide global high-speed internet  ★★ Flexible LEDs  ★★ Samsung set to release Galaxy S6  ★★ “Personal Robot” could bring AI to your doorstep   ★★ Smart headlights & tail lights  ★★ Selfie gadgets  ★★ Smart thermostat  ★★ Bonsai 3D-printer for kids  ★★ QindredCam lifelogging camera  ★★ Project Tango 3D mapper  ★★ CarVi adds driver-assist feedback to older cars  ★★ TactPuck to offer sensory experiences  ★★ Hyperloop takes a step closer  ★★ Phorm keyboard case for iPad  ★★ A smart microwave oven  ★★ New battery fm Tesla  ★★ E Ink bracelet  ★★ Swyp shrinks 25 credit cards into 1  ★★ Sony SmartEyeGlasses  ★★ Zrro box mimics touchscreen on TVs w/ touchpad  ★★ Neptune flips roles for smartphones & smartwatches  ★★ Beam smart projector


Hardware, General:  ★★ Should you shut down your tablet/smartphone at night?  ★★ Logitech ConferenceCam Connect  ★★ Oplink home security system review  ★★ Turn your smartphone into a TV remote control  ★★ Night-vision device for smartphone and tablet  ★★ Things you can upgrade yourself  ★★ Connected Cree LED lightbulb  ★★ Personal sound amp looks like cellphone earpiece  ★★ Great uses for an old phone or tablet  ★★ Lenovo products had Superfish adware  ★★ New Samsung gadgets may support wireless charging Make a cheap projector from an old laptop

Hardware, Table computers:  ★★ Duet runs Windows 8 & Android  ★★ Microsoft will have an 84” 4K HD Surface Hub “tablet” soon

Hardware, Video:  ★★ Curved screens?  ★★ Great Epson projectors

Hardware, All-In-Ones:   ★★ PCmag 10-best

Hardware, Desktops:  ★★ Reviews & comparisons

Hardware, Laptops:  ★★ Must-have laptop features for 2015  ★★ Best laptops of 2015 by Laptop Magazine  ★★ Razer sharpens blade w/ Nvidia GTX 970M GPU  ★★ MacBook Air 13”  ★★ MacBook Pro w/ 13” Retina Display ★★ Dell XPS 13  ★★ Asus EeeBook X205TA  ★★ Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Toshiba Chromebook 2  ★★ Dell’s new chromebooks are tougher

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ ASUS Transformer Book T200  ★★ Microsoft Surface Pro 3  ★★ Surface Pro 3 vs. 2 vs. 1  ★★ Dell Inspiron 11 3000  ★★ MS Surface Pro 3 vs. 11” MacBook Air: A closer look   ★★ MS offers trade-in deals for Surface Pro 3

Hardware, Tablets:  ★★ It’s official, the tablet market is stagnant  ★★ Durabook R11 is dust, shock, & splash-proof

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ LG G Flex2 vs. iPhone 6 Plus   ★★ LG G Flex2 vs. LG G3  ★★ LG G Flex2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4  ★★ iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPad mini 3  ★★ iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus  ★★ Phablet popularity soars  ★★ Comparison of Galaxy Notes 1-4  ★★ Why iPhone 6 Plus uses twice as much data as iPhone 6

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ ZTE Blade S6  ★★ High-end Lumia Windows smartphones coming

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ Apple Watch battery could drain in 2 hours  ★★ 3 models of Apple Watch  ★★ Apple Watch has problems w/ hairy arms & dry skin ★★ Seabear H3 dive watch has color display  ★★ Samsung Gear S review  ★★ Moto 360 vs. Samsung Gear S ★★ 1995 Apple Watch  ★★ Smart Monitor smartwatch detects and reports epileptic seizures  ★★ LG Watch Urbane  ★★ LG Urbane vs. Moto 360  ★★ LG Urbane vs. Asus ZenWatch

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ New Raspberry Pi w/ 6x performance boost  ★★ Another look at Raspberry Pi 2

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Playstation & Xbox in one laptop  ★★ Gear VR system  ★★ Soon you can play Xbox games on your Windows 10 PC  ★★ ‘Minecraft’ players create an entire country inside the game  ★★ Alienware 17 gaming laptop  ★★ HP Omen gaming laptop  ★★ Google Cardboard-based VR for G3  ★★ Nintendo 3DS XL has 3D you’ll actually use

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Bluewire Bluetooth headset can record calls  ★★ Parrot Zik 2.0 Bluetooth headphones  ★★ Performer Bluetooth headphones ★★ Super-slim FoxL Dash7 Bluetooth speaker  ★★ Floating Bluetooth speaker  ★★ Theater Box portable 360° 3D speaker  ★★ Eero home Wi-Fi  ★★ SoundGlasses make calls hands- & earphone-free  ★★ Jaasta keyboard has e-ink keys that change symbols  ★★ Epson WP-4540 prints double-sided color

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Moment iPhone case  ★★ Portable tablet table  ★★ Wristband multitool  ★★ Media Saver - Music & Video life extender  ★★ Ampere wireless charging sleeve  ★★ Digital art brush & stylus  ★★ DataVac electric duster  ★★ Trick Cover for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus  ★★ Sonos offers limited edition Play:1 Blue Note speaker  ★★ Swiveling plug strip

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 graphics card  ★★ ARM unveils new chip to be used in smartphones in 2016  ★★ How souped-up your phone will be in 2016

Software, General:  ★★ Instagram videos gain endless loops  ★★ Digital tricks you can use  ★★ Safety apps for phone or tablet

Software, News & Trivia:  ★★ Microsoft Outlook hits iOS & Android  ★★ New Samsung TVs will be able to make free wide-angle Skype calls

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Pinterest improves Guided Search  ★★ Wakerupper phones reminders  ★★ Twitter adds group-direct-messages  ★★ White Pages for who owns a phone number  ★★ GoDaddy offers email that doesn’t track you  ★★Keep your data safe in the cloud  ★★ Netflix secrets you should know  ★★ Opting out of Google’s invasive ads  ★★ Facebook adds Legacy Contact feature ★★ Flag Facebook hoaxes and getting them removed  ★★ Google Tips & Tricks  ★★ World of Solitaire  ★★ New site offers “Hidden city” fares  ★★ Shoptimate finds best prices  ★★ Policy Genius helps you find insurance  ★★ Flipboard for the web  ★★ Trivia Crack now on Facebook  ★★ ManualsOnLine  ★★ Sling TV review

Software, General Tools:  ★★ DropSend can handle 8GB files  ★★ The Waze craze  ★★ CamScanner for smartphones  ★★ Twitter app adds video capture for iOS & Android  ★★ Google Translate app for iOS & Android  ★★ Onavo Extend compresses downloads for iOS & Android  ★★ Audacity audio editor for Windows & Mac  ★★ Level Money budget tracker for iOS & Android  ★★ F.lux controls color temp on monitors for Windows & Mac  ★★ Trivia Crack game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone  ★★ Remote control a computer w/ TeamViewer for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, & Windows Phone  ★★ Turn your phone into a flashlight for iOS & Android  ★★ Essential apps for tablet or smartphone  ★★ Google Translate for iOS & Android MS  ★★ Outlook available for Android and soon for iOS  ★★ Mega Photo transformation effects for iOS & Android  ★★ Fotor edits photos on smartphone for iOS, Android, Windows Phone  ★★ Calibre eBook librarian for Windows & Mac  ★★ Vocola voice control for Windows or Mac  ★★ SOAR helps control fear of flying for iOS & Windows  ★★ Carousel photo manager for iOS & Android  ★★ Webroot Security for Android & iOS smartphones & tablets  ★★ KeePass password manager for Windows & Mac  ★★ Google Analytics adds Trash Can feature to help users recover deleted data   ★★ WPS free Office-type program for Windows & iOS  ★★ Findery is a great travel app for iOS & Android  ★★ Ardour audio editor and mixer for Linux & OS X  ★★ Cooper Hewitt typeface for OS X & Windows  ★★ VLC media player for Windows & OS X  ★★ Ebates coupons & cash back for iOS & Android  ★★ Print fm tablets & phones for iOS & Android  ★★ eVoice can add a second line to cellphones  ★★ Carbonite is good protection against ransomware  ★★ Facetune fixes people photos for iOS & Android  ★★ “Why did the chicken cross the road?” game for iOS & Android  ★★ Glo Bible study program for Windows & Mac  ★★ Hotspot Shield VPN  ★★ Fandango Movies shows previews for iOS & Android  ★★ Fotor photo editor for Mac & Windows  ★★ Audiobooks Now for iOS & Android  ★★ K9 Web Protection blocks designated websites for Windows & Mac ★★ LookFor flasher to stand out  ★★ Free Office for smartphone & tablet on iOS, Android, & Windows Phone  ★★ AbiWord: a free word processor similar to MS Word  ★★ Bitstrips make-your-own comic strips for iOS & Android  ★★ MassRoots social networking for pot smokers on Apple and Android

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Remove unwanted toolbars  ★★ Browser tips & tricks  ★★ Is my browser up to date?   ★★ Chrome Tips  ★★ Chrome offline apps  ★★ Using bookmarks  ★★ Finding online accounts  ★★ Tor is an anonymous browser  ★★ TOS;DR a browser add-on rates websites by privacy policies

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Pics of what iPhone7 will look like  ★★ Dongle for iPhone that tests for HIV & syphilis  ★★ MacBook Air falls 1000’ (in a bag) and still works

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ App tells parents, profs if students go to class  ★★ Peak app improves cognitive skills  ★★ iPhone fitness apps  ★★ KeyMe stores a key photo in the cloud and makes copies on demand  ★★ Vine Kids is a new version of Vine for kids  ★★ Interesting free apps  ★★ Tempo smart calendar  ★★ The Curious app  ★★ 100s of free documentaries  ★★ Saturday Night Live app  ★★ Currenci converts currencies  ★★ Bluethumb for art buyers

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ iOS 8 adoption rate rises to 72%

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Microsoft takes on scummy tech-support companies  ★★ Microsoft: Coming to a smartphone near you  ★★ Microsoft buying Sunrise calendar  ★★ Update Tuesday includes 55 fixes  ★★ MS interested in Android  ★★ How to set up your new Windows PC the right way  ★★ Microsoft aims to kill passwords in Windows 10

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Teracopy copies files faster  ★★ CrystalDiskInfo monitors hard drive health  ★★ Process Explorer monitors running processes  ★★ Glasswire monitors internet access  ★★ Wise Reminder  ★★ Sophos virus removal tool  ★★ Rummage document search  ★★ Diffractor tags photos w/ keywords  ★★ Patch My PC  ★★ Driver Booster 2 checks & updates drivers  ★★ Browser toolbar cleaner  ★★ Airytec shuts down computer on schedule  ★★ Tools for finding PC-performance bottlenecks  ★★ Learning about OneDrive  ★★ Random password generator  ★★ Print Queue Cleaner  ★★ Fre:ac converts music files to any format  ★★ Desktops creates 4 virtual desktops  ★★ IceCream media file converter

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Administrator or Standard: Which is safer?  ★★ MS says Win 10 will be the last OS upgrade you’ll ever need  ★★ Rescue disc

Windows 7:  ★★ How to upgrade to Win 10 fm Win 7

Windows 8:  ★★ How to upgrade to Win 10 fm Win 8

Windows 8.1:  ★★ How to upgrade to Win 10 fm Win 8.1

Windows 10:   ★★ Windows 10 Announcement  ★★ New stuff in 1/27/15 Win 10 Tech Preview  ★★ Windows Secrets take on Win 10, thanks Helen  ★★ MS previews Win 10 at Redmond  ★★ Windows 10 coming to Raspberry Pi 2  ★★ How to upgrade to Win 10 fm Win 7 or 8  ★★ What’s new in build 9926  ★★ Enabling Cortana  ★★ Cortana compared to Siri & Google Now  ★★ Win 10 Tech Preview for phones  ★★ Hands-on w/ Win 10 TP for phones

Windows Phone 8.1:  ★★ Cortana comes to Windows Phone

Windows RT:  ★★ Microsoft pulls the plug on last Win RT tablet

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Office 2016 announced  ★★ Microsoft unveils next version of Office  ★★ Office universal apps land in Windows 10 Technical Preview  ★★ New Office desktop suite  ★★ Cortana coming to Office  ★★ Office for iOS  ★★ Office 365 users can create websites w/ Wix  ★★ Office for Win 10 is as good as iPad version  ★★ Free Office for smartphone & tablet

Word:  ★★ Word for small screens preview is free

Excel:  ★★ Excel for small screens preview is free

Outlook:  ★★ What Microsoft needs to include in Outlook 2016  ★★ Business Insider endorses Outlook

PowerPoint:  ★★ Powerpoint for small screens preview is free

Software, Google, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Google launches new incentive program for bug hunters  ★★ Google pulls 3 stealthy adware-filled apps fm Play store  ★★ Copy, drag, and drop in Google spreadsheet

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Picturesque Lock Screen by Microsoft Garage

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Facebook Lite uses less data

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Paradigm shifts in software and the impact of open-source  ★★ The Open-Source Initiative  ★★ Tux, the mascot of the Linux kernel  ★★ Best-open-source-software survey results

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ The FOSS (Free Open Source Software) index  ★★ The FOSS applications directory  ★★ Audacity audio editor  ★★ Ardour digital audio workstation  ★★ Freeside billing & maintenance mgt tool

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Great bulletin board:  ★★ An intro to Linux for Windows users

Ubuntu:  ★★ Canonical Embeds Ubuntu Linux Into Devices to Secure IoT

Linux Mint:  ★★ Linux Mint 17.1 Freshens Up Linux Desktop

Arch Linux:  ★★ Arch Linux bulletin board  ★★ Build a killer customized Arch Linux installation

Debian:  ★★ Debian vs. Ubuntu

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Fedora project wiki

Korora:  ★★ Introducing Korora  ★★ Review of Korora 20

SUSE:  ★★ SUSE Linux 10

Firefox OS:  ★★ Building the future w/ Firefox OS

Tizen:  ★★ Tizen OS looks a lot like Android


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