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Web News for April, 2014

Trends:  ★★ Big tech companies are becoming a good investment  ★★ Reddit tightens restrictions on nude photos  ★★ Android Auto & Apple CarPlay vie for dashboard control  ★★ Google Wallet vies w/ Apple Pay  ★★ Samsung Pay will be compatible w/ 90% of existing pay terminals  ★★ Get way faster internet  ★★ Oscar Jesus photo  ★★ Google makes a deal show Tweets in search results  ★★ Tesla gearing up for batteries for the home  ★★ Smart door lock recognizes secret knocks  ★★ World’s 1st 3D-printed jet engine  ★★ Playing flight-simulator games could land you on a watch list  ★★ Cable companies shortening movies to play more ads  ★★ Memristor could revolutionize electronics   ★★ The best time to post on Instagram   ★★ Pancake portraits using facial scanning  ★★ ISIS threatens Twitter employees  ★★ Samsung adds curved screen edges  ★★ Drones poised to help build cities  ★★ Projection mapping brings paintings to life  ★★ Royal Navy subs provide insights for Arctic science Nikon’s crazy 83X Zoom camera  ★★ Google wants to be your cellphone company  ★★ The best tech from Mobile World Congress - Day 1  ★★ Ikea to sell furniture w/ built-in wireless charging  ★★ Mozilla to bring back flip phones & sliders  ★★ Laser weapon takes out a truck  ★★ World’s 1st fully digital radio transmitter  ★★ i Ready O repurposes old iphones into vintage radios  ★★ Splash Drone: A waterproof quadcopter  ★★ How Silicon Valley shapes our future, thanks John  ★★ Google is changing how it ranks sites  ★★ HBO Now comes to Apple TV  ★★ Why John McCain doesn’t use email  ★★ Apple replaces AT&T on the Dow  ★★ Life-saving Facebook post ★★  Google unveils Dynamic-Structured-Snippets for search ads  ★★ The hunt for alphabet-letter shapes from orbit  ★★ X-Carve machines custom 3D pieces  ★★ Heart-on-a-chip beats a steady rhythm  ★★ Lyte to release Full HD video glasses  ★★ Powder-based concrete 3D printing  ★★ US wind map  ★★ Earth wind map  ★★ Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer, thanks Helen  ★★ New domain suffix: .sucks  ★★ Meerkat social network  ★★ Sotheby’s auctions to stream on eBay  ★★ Self-driving car to cross US fm California to New York  ★★ Bye bye IE, it’s been fun  ★★ Comcast Xfinity blocks HBO GO  ★★Microsoft to offer Chromebook competitor, thanks Bill  ★★ Google sponsors robot surgical assistants  ★★ Kids spend 6+ hours a day watching TV, mostly on tablets  ★★ Apple Watch shops open in Paris, Tokyo, & London,  ★★ Trevor Noah to succeed Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’  ★★ What’s new on Netflix for April  ★★ Inmate emailed himself out of prison

Great ideas:  ★★ New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function, thanks Connie  ★★ How much is your old gadget worth?  ★★ Hornbeck wins an Oscar for TI’s micromirror design  ★★ Brainflight demonstrates mind-controlled drone flight  ★★ Get rid of wrinkles w/o ironing  ★★ Check to see if you have unclaimed money ★★ Drones communicate w/ Air Traffic Control  ★★ Make bananas last longer  ★★ New BeeRaider keyboard could replace Qwerty  ★★ Buy a tower PC for $89  ★★ New electrolyte to rid lithium batteries of dendrites  ★★ Amazon shopper tips  ★★ Save money on printer ink  ★★ Save on printing w/ Ecofont Vera Sans  ★★ System scrolls text in time w/ user’s reading speed  ★★ Control your smartphone fm 7’ away  ★★ Create touchscreens w/ a printer  ★★ Senolytics: a class of drugs with potential to slow aging  ★★ Make your own fruit roll-ups  ★★ Homemade microwave popcorn trick  ★★ Non-invasive Alzheimer’s treatment restores memory using ultrasound  ★★ BBC gives away a million micro-computers to 11-year-olds  ★★ Self-cleaning paint  ★★ JAXA transmits 1.8 KW of electricity via microwave  ★★ Graphene is a 1-atom-thick super material  ★★ New Ford cars can find empty parking places  ★★ New catalyst quickly neutralizes nerve gas  ★★ CLIP “grows” 3D objects out of a pool of resin

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Protect your tax return  ★★ New way your phone can be tracked  ★★ Truth about Apple Mac security  ★★ Netgear router vulnerability  ★★ New threat at gas pumps  ★★ Stop Google fm tracking your search history  ★★ Lizard Squad hacks Lenovo  ★★ Europol shuts down Ramnit botnet  ★★ Update Firefox now  ★★ Venmo money app has security issues  ★★ Uber ride-hailing data breach  ★★ Comodo hosts PrivDog that spys on you  ★★ Credit-card breach at Natural Grocers  ★★ AVG creates glasses that stymy facial recognition software  ★★ High-quality grayscale JPEG images might host a virus  ★★ Scammers use Apple Pay to steal millions   ★★ Another Apple Pay fraud problem ★★ Major web-security bug, the FREAK flaw  ★★ IE is also vulnerable to FREAK, thanks Mac  ★★ A FREAK within the FREAK  ★★ Mandarin Oriental hotels hacked  ★★ Secrets your cellphone company doesn’t want you to know  ★★ Beware of IRS phone scam  ★★ Ransomware: pay or not?  ★★ Gazon virus offers a $200 Amazon gift card  ★★ Hackers can use Twitter to locate you w/o GPS  ★★ The dark side of the internet  ★★ Turning off ad tracking  ★★ Privacy advocate finds tracking device in his wheel well  ★★ MS Office malware is back  ★★ Man arrested at border for refusing to give up his phone password  ★★ Facebook-linked-login exploit Reconnect exposed after Facebook ignored warning  ★★ EpicScale bloatware added to recent µTorrent update  ★★ Detekt finds FinFisher & Hacking Team RCS  ★★ Golden Frog VPN in CR, thanks Helen  ★★ Lethal USB drive not to be released  ★★ Apple shares what you say to Siri w/ 3rd parties  ★★ Tails uses TOR for online anonymity for Windows & Mac  ★★ New ransomware targets gamers  ★★ Man-in-the-middle attacks on Lenovo computers, thanks Steve  ★★ Yahoo has a new password scheme  ★★ FraudFox changes digital fingerprints  ★★ New ProtonMail system gives more privacy and security, thanks Steve  ★★ About the Do-Not-Call registry  ★★ Black Box uses brute force w/ a hardware gimmick  ★★ Police license plate readers  ★★ Premera Blue Cross hacked  ★★ Hertz has hidden cameras in its rent cars  ★★ Major hotel security flaw  ★★ Phishing emails to avoid  ★★ Radio Shack sells off personal info

Legal issues:  ★★ If you didn’t file a tax return in 2011, you may be due a refund  ★★ Threatening police online could get you arrested  ★★ FCC approves new net neutrality rules, thanks Helen ★★ Internet is now a ‘public utility’  ★★ FCC passes the Open Internet Order  ★★ Ericsson tries to get iPhone sales banned in US for patent violations  ★★ New IRS Home-Office Deduction explained  ★★ Bank of America might be sued by hospital over breach  ★★ GAO finds flaws in FAA security  ★★ American employee in Abu Dhabi arrested for comments made in USA  ★★ FTC looks into “cross-device tracking” profiles  ★★ Apple patents waterproofing for digital gadgets  ★★ Wikipedia sues US govt to stop NSA monitoring  ★★ NASA/FAA project might eventually allow beyond-sight flight for drones  ★★ Facebook faces class-action fm parents who want money back  ★★ NYPD edits Wikipedia articles  ★★ FTC goes after DirecTV  ★★ Man who claimed Zuckerberg promised him ½ of Facebook rigged a gadget to fake out his GPS bracelet ★★ Hawaii wins tax case against booking sites  ★★ Amazon cleared to test delivery drones  ★★ Safari users can sue Google

Philosophical issues:  ★★ R.I.P Leonard Nimoy  ★★ Tablets can’t always replace paper, thanks Mac  ★★ Meet the folks behind the subtitles, thanks Connie  ★★ The real reason February has only 28 days  ★★ iPhone 5c explodes in guy’s pocket  ★★ Creative AI: Software writing software  ★★ Is your stateside doctor taking $$ fm pharmaceutical companies?  ★★ 70 best movies on Netflix  ★★ Robot journalists to begin covering sports  ★★ Why theaters should stop boycotting Netflix ★★ The new MacBook isn’t for musicians  ★★ Using magnetic ferro-fluid in a cool science experiment  ★★ 30 years of .com  ★★ Publish your own e-book  ★★ Human urine added to paper pyramid sends distress signal ★★ Electric vehicles could cut home air-conditioner use  ★★ MS Windows 10 is free for pirates? The bait & switch  ★★ Daily Show uses SnapStream to find material  ★★ Freeing up space on your mobile gadget

Local Issues:  ★★ Costa Rica lags behind in residential internet, thanks Helen  ★★ Google Flights is a smart way to fly  ★★ Tips for using Google Flights  ★★ Secrets to scoring the lowest airfare  ★★ Archaeological sites worth visiting in Costa Rica  ★★ Pura Vida! Southwest's first flight to Costa Rica!  ★★ Google flight search

International issues:  ★★ French interior minister asks social media giants to remove terrorist propoganda  ★★ Australian International Airshow  ★★ The 1st Google Store opens in London  Cuba approves 1st public wi-fi hub in Havana

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ MAVEN digs into Martian atmosphere  ★★ Dawn craft image of Ceres shows two white spots  ★★ More Ceres pictures fm Dawn  ★★ Dawn arrives in orbit around Ceres  ★★ Soil-moisture satellite deploys antenna successfully  ★★ Curiosity selfie on Telegraph Peak  ★★ NASA’s Crawler Transporters are 50 years old  ★★ 1st satellites w/ all-electric ion drive launched  ★★ Astronomers study medium-sized black holes  ★★ Curiosity suffers short circuit  ★★ Astronomers see supernova explosion using galaxies as lenses  ★★ US satellite explodes in orbit  ★★ NASA studies vision changes caused by microgravity  ★★ Carbon-dioxide engines may power future missions  ★★ Mars may have had more water than the Arctic Ocean  ★★ ISS astronauts use airlock to test lungs  ★★ NASA tests parachute-like space brakes  ★★ NASA test-fires massive solid-fuel booster  ★★ 3 space travelers land in Kazakhstan after 167-day mission  ★★ Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, may have vents that harbor life  ★★ NASA mission studies magnetic reconnection  ★★ A star leaving the Milky Way at record speeds  ★★ 3.2 MW laser diode array built  ★★ Next gen space cargo ships  ★★ Evidence for a wet Ganymede  ★★ Japan tests beaming solar power to Earth fm space  ★★ Stunning new view of Venus  ★★ US & Russia to launch a joint year-long mission to ISS  ★★ 50th anniversary of 1st spacewalk  ★★ NASA outlines asteroid redirect mission

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth  ★★ Kilroy was here  ★★, thanks John  ★★ Canadians are ‘Spocking’ their fivers  ★★ Solar Impulse 2 takes off fm Abu Dhabi  ★★ The AI Revolution:  The road to superintelligence, thanks Chuck

Galleries:  ★★ Flying over Earth at night  ★★ The world outside my window  ★★ Led Zeppelin on xylophones  ★★ Awesome machines  ★★ The largest submarine in the US Navy  ★★ Thai fireworks show  ★★ The majestic Clydesdales  ★★ Audition for the World Cup  ★★ Free high-quality photos fm  ★★ 2 young girls play & sing with lots of talent  ★★ Michael Jackson on beer bottles  ★★ Cute robot dances like Michael Jackson (sort of)  ★★ Ice fisherman gets a surprise  ★★ 90s TV Shows  ★★ Hermit Crabs swap shells  ★★ ‘Oldtown Funk’  ★★ Getting room service in Cupertino  ★★ The Himalayas fm 20K’  ★★ Weird Al sings a great song w/ autistic kids  ★★ ‘Now, O Now’ on the lute  ★★ MacBook comedy video  ★★ The best GIFs of 2015  ★★ 1994 Today Show discusses the internet  ★★ Impressive humanoid robot  ★★ Winnie the Pooh - A Rather Blustery Day ★★ Passing a snack in a jet fighter  ★★ Microwave fudge in 10 min  ★★ Chicago River turns green for St. Patrick’s day  ★★ Mouth music from a one-man cover band  ★★ Very unusual hummingbird, thanks Steve  ★★ Great wildlife and scenery  ★★ The Himalayas fm 20k’, thanks Connie  ★★ Blue Angels: F-18s & Bearcats  ★★ Drywall Art  ★★ Uptown Jewish Funk, thanks Connie

Potential Products:  ★★ One Education 2-in-1  ★★ 5 smartrings  ★★ Sony announces pre-order of Smart Eyeglass developer edition  ★★ Pebble Time color smartwatch w/ 7-day battery  ★★ Cool new budget smartphones  ★★ Smart liquor bottle  ★★ Runcible round phone due in late 2015  ★★ Fujitsu prototype smartphone uses iris-scanning authentication  ★★ Kyocera smartphone prototype has solar charging built into screen  ★★ Pebble Steel smartwatch  ★★ Paperspace mainframe computing  ★★ iSkin stickers glue a screen to your arm  ★★ Ford’s e-bikes connect w/ car & rider  ★★ Blackphone 2 to come out soon  ★★ TalkBand N1 Headphones w/ 4GB  ★★ Podo stick-and-shoot camera  ★★ Sony’s MESH program combines hardware tags w/ software app  ★★ PancakeBot prints out pancakes  ★★ WonderCube accessory provides charging & storage in one  ★★ New tire generates electricity  ★★ Pebble Time smartstraps  ★★ $200 Vector smartwatch claims 30-day battery life  ★★ A new 4” plastic iPhone?


Hardware, General:  ★★ Protection for smartphones and tablets  ★★ Review of Phantom 2 Vision+ drone  ★★ What is a USB-C port?  ★★ Video streaming options

Hardware, Table computers:  ★★ Ideum 4K multitouch table

Hardware, Video:  ★★ Sony PlayStation Vue

Hardware, All-In-Ones:   ★★ HP Spectre x360 notebook w/360° hinge  ★★ Samsung Ativ One 7 Curved

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Samsung Ativ Book 9 (2015) vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3  ★★ Ativ Book 9 vs. New MacBook  ★★ Ativ Book 9 (2015) is on sale now  ★★ Apple’s new MacBook  ★★ New MacBook’s logic board is smaller than Raspberry Pi  ★★ New MacBook is not fairing well  ★★ New MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ 2nd gen Chromebook Pixel unveiled  ★★ Fox News reviews Chromebook Pixel  ★★ Microsoft to offer Chromebook competitor, thanks Bill  ★★ 12” MacBook vs. 11” MacBook Air

Hardware, Tablets:  ★★ Sony Xperia Z4  ★★ Apple’s 12.9” iPad pushed back to 2H2015

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge  ★★ Another take on S6 & S6 Edge  ★★ Galaxy S6 vs. S5  ★★ Galaxy S6, S6 edge, & HTC One M9  ★★ Galaxy S6 (& edge) vs. Galaxy Note 4  ★★ HTC One M9 vs. Galaxy Note 4  ★★ Microsoft’s Lumia 640 & 640 XL

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ Smartphone comparison feature chart  ★★ OnePlus One review  ★★ Moto E brings flagship features for $150  ★★ ZTE Grand S3 uses eye scan for passcode  ★★ Blackberry Leap  ★★ 64-bit HTC One (M9) w/3 GB RAM  ★★ UhOh program for HTC One (M9)  ★★ HTC One M9 vs. M8 & M7  ★★ HTC One M9 vs. iPhone 6  ★★ HTC One (M9) launches in US  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge vs. iPhone 6

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ LG Watch Urbane drops Android Wear  ★★ Huawei’s Android Wear watch  ★★ Apple Watch very expensive  ★★ Apple Watch unveiled: $350-10K+  ★★ Apple Watch announced, $350-$12k  ★★ You have 15 min to try on the Apple Watch in the store ★★ Chinese knockoff Apple Watches for $40  ★★ Huawei watch vs. Moto 360  ★★ Motorola now lets you customize your Moto 360

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ PiJuice gives portability to Raspberry Pi  ★★ Apple TV drops to $69, gets standalone HBO

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Samsung & Oculus have new Gear VR for Galaxy S6 & S6 edge  ★★ HTC Vive VR headset  ★★ Earthlight lets you explore the exterior of ISS  ★★ VR apps for Gear VR  ★★ Mad Catz controllers  ★★ Nvidia Shield  ★★ Asus G501 gaming laptop  ★★ Magic Leap preview

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Meteor M2 multimedia speakers  ★★ 200GB microSD card  ★★ Splash Tunes Pro shower speaker  ★★ Oppo premium planar headphones  ★★ LaCie’s USB-C hard drive  ★★ Eyefi’s Mobi Pro SD card sends photos wirelessly

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Solar electronics charger  ★★ Tablet & microphone stand  ★★ FlexCharger charges 5 things at once  ★★ Cellphone wrist wallet  ★★ The scoop on HDMI cables, thanks Connie  ★★ Small wireless camera  ★★ Ikea to sell furniture w/ built-in wireless charging  ★★ Wireless call alert flashes w/ incoming call  ★★ DataVac electric duster  ★★ Bulletproof laptop bag

Software, General:  ★★ Photoshop’s 25th anniversary  ★★ Spring wallpapers and Facebook covers  ★★ Software that listens to you  ★★ How SpinRite 6 disc recovery tool works, thanks Chuck

Software, News & Trivia:  ★★ Which tech tips really work?  ★★ Zynga shuts down Cityville game  ★★ New Java release adds ads  ★★ Alibaba offers Smile-to-Pay

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Bookbub helps you find deals on ebooks  ★★ Places to buy & sell used items  ★★ Create your own website w/ GoDaddy  ★★ Google Play Music lets you store 50K songs for free  ★★ Highbrow classes via email  ★★ Kid-friendly YouTube  ★★ Facebook employees have a ‘master key’ to your account  ★★ Facebook settings you may want to change  ★★ How to be invisible on Facebook  ★★ Gmail tips & tricks  ★★ RealOrSatire?  ★★ Free search-public-records app  ★★ US Library of Congress online  ★★ How to erase your Facebook search history  ★★ New Facebook rules  ★★ OpenOffice Templates  ★★ Google adds rating questionnaire for Play Store  ★★Create printable checklists

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Stop ad tracking on Android, Windows, & Facebook  ★★ Use WhatsApp to send free text msgs for iOS, Android, Windows  ★★ Dashlane password manager for iOS or Android  ★★ hotel reservations app for iOS & Android  ★★ Yahoo News Digest for iOS & Android  ★★ OpenDNS for Windows & Mac  ★★ Amazon Audible free trial (1 mo) audio books  ★★ Dashlane password manager  ★★ Evernote for iOS, Android, & Windows  ★★ Apps for travelers  ★★ Get free eBooks  ★★ Free printer templates for Windows & Mac  ★★ Budget-maker software for iOS & Android  ★★ Games to sharpen your stock-trading skills  ★★ Instagram photo mgt app for iOS & Android  ★★ Zimbra mail tool for Windows & Mac  ★★ InstaPray prayer community for iOS & Android  ★★ 2 Magnifying apps for iOS & Android  ★★ Shoptimate helps you find the cheapest price (in USA)  ★★ Bloks game for iOS & Android  ★★ Use iOS or Android Flipboard to make your own magazine  ★★ Fix bad privacy setting w/ AVG Privacy Fix for iOS & Android  ★★ Hotel My Phone app for iOS & Android lets you access your phone’s contacts & messages fm a friend’s phone  ★★ Glo Lite Bible-study app for Windows & Mac  ★★ LibreOffice for Windows & Mac  ★★Flash player update for Windows & Mac  ★★ Cortana is coming to Apple & Android  ★★ Audubon Birds Pro for iOS & Android  ★★ CleverCards creates greeting cards for iOS & Android  ★★ KeyLemon replaces password w/ your face for Windows & Mac

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Web of Trust browser add-on indicates dangerous sites  ★★ Update Firefox now  ★★ Essential browser tips & tricks  ★★ Browser comparison

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Stop ad tracking on your iPhone  ★★ Apple Watch unveiled: $350-10K+  ★★ Apple Watch announced, $350-$12k, iOS 8.2 also, plus many new features  ★★ Apple uses sneaky chemistry to make it’s 18-karat gold have less real gold than standard 18-karat gold  ★★ New revelation about what Tim Cook offered Steve Jobs  ★★ Apple Watch shops open in Paris, Tokyo, & London  ★★ Think you know the Apple logo?, thanks Helen

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Apple Maps adds animation of famous landmarks  ★★ Be My Eyes connects readers to blind people  ★★ Roadside America, a US road-trip app  ★★ Enlight is a powerful graphics editor  ★★ Another look at Enlight

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ iOS 8.3 details adding skin tone to emojis leaked  ★★ Latest iOS update installs permanent ads for Apple Watch

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ IE is also vulnerable to FREAK, thanks Mac  ★★ Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer, thanks Helen  ★★ MS Windows 10 is free for pirates? The bait & switch

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ CrystalDiskInfo monitors your hard drives  ★★ New Windows Defender kills Superfish  ★★ KL-Detector detects key loggers  ★★ Wise PC 1stAid   ★★ ICE panoramic image stitcher  ★★File Unlocker  ★★ Last Activity View  ★★ Unchecky protects you fm accidental downloads  ★★ Diffractor labels your photos ★★ FORCEdraft helps you write  ★★ Driver Booster 2 keeps you up-to-date  ★★ Print Queue Cleaner  ★★ Anvisoft PC Plus diagnostic  ★★ doPDF creates PDFs

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Make sure you patch Windows on Patch Tuesday  ★★ New ways to get free Windows-installation-media

Windows 7:  ★★ Update problem can cause a reboot loop

Windows 8:  ★★ New solitaire version for 8 & 8.1

Windows 10:  ★★ Windows 10 in 90 seconds  ★★ Annoying Win 8 features that won’t appear in Win 10  ★★ Windows Hello replaces password w/ biometric authentication  ★★ Another look at Windows Hello

Windows for Phones:  ★★ Exploring Win 10 TP for phones

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ MS Office 365 now free to students

Word:  ★★ Start page numbers on page 2, thanks Jerry

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Ver 5.1 supports multiple SIMs, HD voice, & better device protection

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ 1Tap Cleaner clears cache, search history, & call logs

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Feedback to Windows Secrets about Linux article

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