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Web News for June, 2015

Trends:  ★★ Drone vandalism begins   ★★ Drones help out in Nepal  ★★ Jurassic World brings back Jurassic Park T-Rex  ★★ Sprint customers get free Wi-Fi at 35 airports  ★★ Amazon Prime members get free Wi-Fi on some JetBlue flights ★★ Apple sell-off wipes out entire year of stock profits  ★★ Microsoft forecasts 1B Win 10 computers  ★★ Edge.jpgMS Edge replaces IE  ★★ Twitter shares plunge  ★★ LinkedIn shares also post losses ★★ Bundling comes to web TV  ★★ YouNow live-streaming app  ★★ Great battery breakthroughs  ★★ Comcast now has more internet than cable customers  ★★ Tablet sales, shipments decline  ★★ NASA tests 10-engine tilt-wing model  ★★ Tesla’s new Powerwall  ★★ New domain for tech industry  ★★ Apple pressures music execs to stop free streaming  ★★ Where no iPad has gone before  ★★ Google adds Voice Actions to “Ok, Google”  ★★ Other companies offer to gold plate your Apple Watch for much less  ★★ Large Hadron Collider is back  ★★ Air traffic mapped from space  ★★ B4UFLY to give yes or no for drone flights  ★★ Unbelievable perks for flying 1st class  ★★ Car manufacturers creating Apple Watch apps  ★★ Paradise Valley, Az installs cactus cameras  ★★ Tesla’s battery grabbed $800M in 1st week  ★★ Self-driving semis  ★★ Microsoft releases Surface 3  ★★ Google gets more search requests from smartphones than PCs  ★★ Amazon to try it’s drone delivery system  ★★ Amazon drones will deliver to wherever you are  ★★ Apple to use ResearchKit to collect DNA  ★★ New words added to dictionary  ★★ What popular gadgets looked like 10 years ago  ★★ New, controversial, emojis  ★★ New Indiana Jones movie on the way  ★★ NASA alien-hunting tech rescues earthquake victims  ★★ Verizon buys AOL  ★★ More on the AOL buyout  ★★ Google’s thin content war rages on  ★★ Place a food order from Google’s search results  ★★ The next iPhone could be a huge upgrade  ★★ A $9 computer, really?  ★★ Skype translator finally happens   ★★ ‘Instant Articles’ on Facebook  ★★ GE fires up fully 3D-printed jet engine  ★★ Windows 10 versions  ★★ The Muppets are back!  ★★ Walmart is taking on Amazon  ★★ We’re running out of IP addresses  ★★ The internet of things  ★★ Archdiocese of San Francisco partners w/ Evergive  ★★ How Amazon Dash affects marketing  ★★ What is “Knolling”?  ★★ Game-changer for woodworkers  ★★ 3D-printed wearables  ★★ Injured turtle returns to sea w/ 3D-printed beak  ★★ Category Designs of the Year announced  ★★ Apple buys Coherent Navigation for precise GPS  ★★ Google Tone uses sound to transmit data  ★★ President Obama gets on Twitter  ★★ Miniature drone cicadas  ★★ Spotify rolls out massive changes to music service  ★★ Supermarket guides shoppers to discounts  ★★ ATMs less safe than ever  ★★ ‘Planetary alignment’ lie on Facebook  ★★ High-tech hotels  ★★ “Suggested Tiles” coming to Firefox  ★★ Diet Pepsi switches from aspartame to Splenda  ★★ KFC provides tray liner keyboard to protect phones from grease  ★★ iPhone 5C stops shotgun blast; saves man’s life  ★★ CryoSat detects heavy Antarctic ice loss  ★★ Declining value of US newspapers  ★★ New hoverboard record  ★★ Ballistic wallpaper  ★★ Drone navigation via visual landmarks  ★★ Time-Warner trying to merge w/ Charter Communications  ★★ USAF confirms EMP weapon  ★★ Periscope is shaking up the news media  ★★ Google used to be BackRub (and others)  ★★ Personal tricopter  ★★ Robotic cheetah leaps obstacles  ★★ Google conference 2015 in San Francisco  ★★ Google launches free unlimited photo storage  ★★ Google previews new Android version  ★★ Man shoots down drone

Great ideas:  ★★ Unlock your creative genius  ★★ Useful mouse tricks  ★★ Excellent strawberry trick  ★★ USB-C is the cable of the future  ★★ Rehab robot guides recovery  ★★ Smartphone attachment converts it to a powerful microscope  ★★ Simple ice cream sandwiches  ★★ Kinect hacked to help w/ Parkinson’s  ★★ 3D bioprinting of living tissues  ★★ GPS-enabled VR headset  ★★ Revive a dead Sharpie  ★★ The amazing da Vinci surgery robot   ★★ Researchers use memristors to build 1st electronic memory cell  ★★ Cool pizza box  ★★ Funny WiFi names  ★★ MicroTug robots  ★★ Vortex bladeless turbines  ★★ Another step toward photonic computers  ★★ Self-healing concrete  ★★ Make your own Nutella   ★★ Energy-generating rubber  ★★ Grow an avocado tree from a seed  ★★ Audi claims 1st gasoline made from plants  ★★ Smartphones could harvest own radio waves for power  ★★ The Nikonos project lends cameras  ★★ Publish your own eBook   ★★ Wooden biodegradable computer chips

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Privacy suggestions  ★★ ProtonMail uses password protection  ★★ Online pharmacy issues  ★★ White House’s unclassified system hacked  ★★ Tool to remove results fm Google searches  ★★ Dangerous phone tech-support scam  ★★ ID thieves rip off troops for $20M  ★★ Using credit cards online  ★★ Google offers help for password protection  ★★ Cloud-storage concerns  ★★ Rombertik virus spreading fast  ★★ Ad injectors  ★★ The #1 mistake hackers look for  ★★ Free Android apps help track you  ★★ Privacy Monitor from LifeLock  ★★ Ransomware: pay or not?  ★★ Hard Rock Hotel hacked  ★★ Caution about Mother’s Day Facebook post  ★★ Facebook settings you should change  ★★ OS X security problems  ★★ 80% fall for phishing scams  ★★ VENOM is a new bug taking over the internet  ★★ Windows has 3 new flaws being fixed by update  ★★ Starbucks accounts breached  ★★ Firefox breached; update available  ★★ How to defend yourself fm ransomware, thanks Helen  ★★ Hacker app searches for nude images  ★★ Anonymous hacks thousands of home routers  ★★ Concerns over Apple Watch’s lack of theft protection  ★★ Bogus travel scams  ★★ Starbucks hacked?  ★★ Chinese hackers hit Penn State University  ★★ Federal Reserve DNS server hacked  ★★ Boeing denies hacker’s claim of airliner control  ★★ Possible router problem  ★★ CareFirst hacked Adult-dating site hacked  ★★ The sweetheart scam  ★★ How to spot a malware site  ★★ Do-Not-Call registry  ★★ 2-factor authentication  ★★ Android factory reset doesn’t erase everything  ★★ IRS hacked  ★★ Russians blamed for IRS hack ★★ iOS bug causes Messages to crash  ★★ Ransomware now attacks phones & tablets

Legal issues:  ★★ Law enforcement using “StingRays”  ★★ Facebook likes are officially protected free speech  ★★ Las Vegas isn’t actually Las Vegas  ★★ FAA studies drone use beyond line-of-sight  ★★ FAA Pathfinder Program tests commercial  use of unmanned acft ★★ Details of Amazon’s proposed delivery drones released by Patent Office  ★★ Appeals court rules that Patriot Act doesn’t authorize collection of metadata  ★★ 4 Hostages rescued thanks to Pizza Hut app  ★★ US House passes HUGE change to Patriot Act  ★★ Any company can copy iPhone’s look & feel  ★★ PayPal tricked customers  ★★ US wants to control exports of spyware or network surveillance hardware  ★★ Google awarded patent for getting search results within a conversation  ★★ Patriot Act is expiring  ★★ FCC cracking down on telemarketers

Philosophical issues:  ★★ BlackBerry could help Apple w/ security  ★★ Prepare to travel w/ these tips  ★★ Pass on your passwords  ★★ Digital TVs need tweaking when you get them home  ★★ Google out-politiced by LinkedIn  ★★ People problems w/ driverless cars  ★★ A simple Tweet outed police surveillance  ★★ Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9   ★★ The wisdom of these tech tips  ★★ Detractor registers  ★★ How to watch TV & movies on the internet  ★★ How free mobile games make a ton of money  ★★ ‘Game of Thrones’ lines up w/ ‘War of the Roses’  ★★ Apple won’t always rule, thanks Helen  ★★ Google reveals 11 accidents in 6 years for self-driving cars  ★★ Google’s prototype car to hit the road this summer  ★★ RIP, B.B. King  ★★ A great barn-find of cars  ★★ Where did <Ctrl-Alt-Del> come from?  ★★ Why Apple cancelled its 4K TV  ★★ How dogs “see” with their noses, thanks Connie   ★★ RipOff charities  ★★ How a packet sniffer works  ★★ Small company forced out of business w/ smear tactics  ★★ Why sitting all day is bad for you  ★★ Unlikely new official Scrabble words  ★★ Optimize Netflix experience  ★★ Customer criticized after helping Starbucks save tons of money  ★★ Researchers discover fountain of youth  ★★ How the internet works  ★★ Men race to delete Hinge dating accounts after site shows relationship status

Local Issues:  ★★ Find cheap airline fares  ★★ Turrialba Volcano eruption video, thanks Connie  ★★ The Cartago earthquake of 1910  ★★ Freeloaders are abusing flight rules  ★★ Skypicker has 90% discounts on airfare

International issues:  ★★ Islamic State attacks Dallas  ★★ China imposes smartwatch and wearable-tech ban for army  ★★ Chinese hackers hit Penn State University  ★★ Top 10 countries by internet speed  ★★ Chemistry of Amazon mapped  ★★ Chinese starship Enterprise building  ★★ Lenovo Tech World in Beijing

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Orion capsule swaps glass windows for plastic  ★★ SpaceX Falcon9 lands on barge, then topples over  ★★ New Cannae Drive may propel spacecraft w/ microwaves  ★★ Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launches 1st test  ★★ NASA’s MESSENGER impacts Mercury  ★★ 1st 3D image of Pillars of Creation  ★★ 1st color image of Pluto  ★★ Oldest galaxy on record discovered  ★★ Should we terraform Mars?  ★★ NASA introduces traffic control for Mars orbiters  ★★ Mercury’s magnetic field almost 4B years old  ★★ The 1st space espresso  ★★ Successful test of new Launch Abort System  ★★ X-37B to carry material testing into orbit  ★★ Failed resupply craft burns up over ocean  ★★ Loss of resupply delays astronaut return  ★★ New tech simulates gravity in a space suit  ★★ NASA seeks ideas for sustaining Mars colony  ★★ Weather forecasts for planets outside our solar system  ★★ NASA’s 3D-printed Habitat Challenge  ★★ NASA releases its software catalog  ★★ NASA completes data collection for Soil Moisture study  ★★ Solar sail launched w/ X-37B  ★★ Problem w/ LightSail  ★★ ESA’s Mars Express orbiter detects supervolcano  ★★ SpaceX tests emergency escape system  ★★ NASA chooses toolkit for Europa mission  ★★ WISE finds brightest galaxy (300 trillion stars) 12.5B LY away  ★★ Curiosity takes a detour  ★★ Boeing gets 1st commercial manned-space-mission contract  ★★ NASA tests InSight Mars lander  ★★ ISS remodeled to accommodate commercial spacecraft

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ An old lady’s prayer  ★★ Conan’s Apple Watch Hand  ★★ Ellen’s emoji bit  ★★ What if everything was bundled like cable?  ★★ New Steve Jobs movie  ★★ Apple Watch on Conan’s show  ★★ Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary  ★★ Pac-Man Doodle  ★★ New helicopter design  ★★ Elephant selfie  ★★ 16 years of aging in 3.5 minutes  ★★ Dan Rather explains internet slang

Galleries:  ★★ Small robots that move cars  ★★ Moto does triple back-flip  ★★ New bullet swerves to hit target  ★★ “Under the Tread” - Making 1934 Brunswick tires, thanks Bill  ★★ Old movies about cars, thanks Bill  ★★ A really fast drone  ★★ Bets you’ll never lose  ★★ Portable-apple cutting trick  ★★ Policeman & criminal become friends  ★★ Homemade ketchup  ★★ Favorites currently streaming on Netflix  ★★ Great a cappella medley  ★★ Color footage from 1945 Berlin  ★★ Young boy does excellent Bruce Lee imitation  ★★ How the Tesla Model S is made  ★★ Spielberg brings ‘Minority Report’ to TV series  ★★ Father of Marine goes to Afghanistan after son’s death  ★★ White-knuckle ambulance ride  ★★ Disney recycled cartoon scenes  ★★ Yaka Mein, the secret soup of New Orleans  ★★ Serious storm footage  ★★ iPhone illusion  ★★ Hide something in plain sight  ★★ Conan on Letterman ★★ The last song on ‘Letterman’  ★★ Paul Shaffer interview about Letterman  ★★ Industrial Light & Magic celebrates 40 years  ★★ Batkid stars in own movie  ★★ Letterman’s final top-10 list  ★★ VR Van Gogh video  ★★ A look inside the oldest structures in Antarctica  ★★ Johnny Carson sketch predicted the future of dating sites  ★★ Elephant fixes water-pressure problem  ★★ Man buys & flies a Harrier jump jet  ★★ Replica of revolutionary French warship Hermione   ★★ Johnny Carson’s best interviews

Potential Products:  ★★ Eyes-free texting for drivers  ★★ LCD shutters for windows  ★★ Roomba designer to offer 6-rotor drone  ★★ Transparent aluminum is on the way  ★★ Smart stool  ★★ Smart trash can  ★★ Smart strap charges iWatch  ★★ iFetch for large dogs  ★★ Oculus Rift consumer version 1Q16  ★★ $9 tiny computer  ★★ Smart coffee-bean roaster  ★★ Smart cane for the blind  ★★ Smartphone microscope lens  ★★ QromaScan digitizes photos w/ tags  ★★ GrillTimer watch  ★★ Nuimo all-in-one Bluetooth controller  ★★ Re-Vault watch has 128GB hard drive  ★★ Credit-card-sized Light Phone  ★★ Portable fold-up 3D printer   ★★ Phree smartpen isn’t free  ★★ Fragrant alarm clock

Hardware, General:  ★★ Zmart remote control plugs into Apple & Android devices   ★★ Apple partners w/ IBM to make an iPad for seniors  ★★ SSDs can lose data if power is lost   ★★ Do you need a mouse for your phone?   ★★ Weirdest new drones ★★ A fresh look at Google Glass  ★★ Action cam w/ smartwatch remote  ★★ Long-range 3D camera

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ 2015 MacBook Pro w/ Retina display: 15” vs. 13”  ★★ Another MacBook Pro review  ★★ Kim’s advice on buying a laptop  ★★ Lenovo Z51 sports 3D camera

Hardware: 2-in-1s:   ★★ Microsoft Surface 3 first look , ★★ MS Surface 3 review

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Kim’s comparison of full-size tablets


Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ LG-G4 w/ leather back & curved screen  ★★ LG-G4 vs. LG-G3  ★★ LG-G4 vs. iPhone 6+  ★★ G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge  ★★ $150 Mlais M52 Red Note  ★★ LG G4 vs Nexus 6  ★★ LG4 vs. HTC One M9  ★★ LG G4 midrange variants  ★★ Asus Zenfone 2 for $199 unlocked  ★★ Oppo’s R7 & R7+ pair slick looks w/ mid-range specs

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ iPhones getting an update  ★★ The next iPhone could be a huge upgrade  ★★ Smartphone comparison guide  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6: a closer look  ★★ Will recommends these Android phones  ★★ Kyocera waterproof phone  ★★ ‘Iron Man’ smartphone  ★★ A mouse for your phone

Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Apple Watch costs $84 to make, sells for $350  ★★ Apple Watch is easy to steal  ★★ Apple Watch launch isn’t a hit  ★★ LG Watch Urbane early impressions  ★★ LG Watch Urbane review  ★★ Apple Watch vs. Moto 360 quick look  ★★ Car manufacturers creating Apple Watch apps  ★★ LG Watch Urbane vs. Apple Watch up close  ★★ LG Watch Urbane vs. Moto 360 quick look

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Feelreal VR mask & helmet  ★★ Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6  ★★ Another look at VR for Galaxy S6  ★★ Duke & Microsoft reduce bandwidth requirement for games  ★★ Google Cardboard 2 hands on  ★★ Cardboard 2 virtual field trip

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ USB-C the cable of the future  ★★ Kilburn Bluetooth speaker  ★★ T20 in-ear headphones  ★★ Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones  ★★ Sennheiser audiophile headphones  ★★ Polaroid Zip portable printer  ★★ Plug-in Bluetooth for headphones  ★★ Save money on printer ink  ★★ LG Display’s OLED TV magnetic wallpaper  ★★ E-Ink display for Raspberry Pi  ★★ Lenovo Cast

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Solar phone charger  ★★ Charger uses “wasted RF signals”  ★★ ExoMount Touch universal smartphone mount  ★★ Side-socket Swivel Outlets  ★★ Klyp+ case turns iPhone 6 into a more serious camera  ★★ Leather smartphone cases  ★★ Screen protector adds Android-style back button to iPhone 6 & 6+

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Prices to come down on SSDs

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Use BookMooch to trade books  ★★ Z-Type game  ★★ Nutrition info for restaurants & foods  ★★ Dropbox switches to Ireland for expats  ★★ Auto Driveaway will relocate your car Watch vintage cartoons   ★★ OldVersion has free copies of old software  ★★ Find free movies & TV shows online  ★★ TVN Weather tracks tornadoes  ★★ Facebook’s Instant Articles  ★★ Great guide to emojis  ★★ Creating time-lapse videos on Instagram  ★★ Generate a random passphrase  ★★ CourseHorse teaches you things online  ★★ online-meeting tool  ★★ MakerSpace for folks who like to make things

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Great free software to replace costly standards  ★★ HONK auto-assistance app for USA  ★★ TrueCaller helps prevent spam calls on Android, iOS, & Windows phones  ★★ Zimbra email for Windows & Mac  ★★ Free eBooks fm NASA for Windows & Mac  ★★ BigOven w/ 350k free recipes for Android, iOS, & Windows Phone  ★★ RunPee finds places in movies when you can dash to the bathroom for iOS, Android, & Windows Phone  ★★ US campsite & RV park database & maps for Android & iOS  ★★ Allergy Alert pollen forecasts for iOS & Android  ★★ Fix-it-yourself app for iOS & Android  ★★ Apps to track receipts for Android, iOS, & Windows Phone  ★★ Keep all contacts in 1 place for Android & iOS  ★★ Free Memorial Day art for Windows & Mac  ★★ 10 killer apps  ★★ Photoshop Express for Android & iOS  ★★ Open Culture offers free ebooks for Windows, Mac, iOS, Kindle, & Android  ★★ Use Connect to manage contacts geographically for Android & iOS  ★★ Ocenaudio editor for Windows & Mac  ★★ Foursquare searches for best places for Windows, Android, & iOS  ★★ TunnelBear VPN for Windows, Android, Mac, & iOS  ★★ Vyclone combines & edits videos for Windows Phone, Android, & iOS  ★★ Adobe Fill & Sign DC for Android & iOS  ★★ Scribus PDF creator for Windows & Mac   ★★ USDA FoodKeeper app for Android & iOS  ★★ HowAboutWe dating site for Android & iOS  ★★ iAnnotate edits PDFs for Android & iOS  ★★ Sync photos, video, & music between gadgets for Windows & Mac  ★★ Battery Doctor for Android & iOS  ★★ Flightradar24 for Android & iOS

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Edge.jpgMS Edge replaces IE  ★★ Removing unwanted toolbars  ★★ OneTab manages overcrowded tabs for Chrome & Firefox  ★★ Get critical Safari update  ★★ HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox, Chrome, or Opera  ★★ Browser tips  ★★ Update Adobe Flash for Windows & OS X  ★★ “Suggested Tiles” coming to Firefox  ★★ The Great Suspender puts inactive Chrome tabs to sleep

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Apple sell-off wipes out entire year of stock profits  ★★ Other companies offer to gold plate your Apple Watch for much less  ★★ What Mac to buy in 2015  ★★ How to stop an iMessage before it finishes sending  ★★ Apple updates 15” Retina MacBook Pro & Retina iMac   ★★ Apple working on significant iPad updates  ★★ Apple appoints Chief Design Officer  ★★ iOS bug causes Messages to crash

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ "Assistive Touch" shortcut to common iPhone functions  ★★ Create time-lapse videos on Instagram for iOS  ★★ iPhone wallpapers

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Microsoft forecasts 1B Win 10 computers  ★★ Project Spartan becomes Microsoft Edge  ★★ Microsoft stock is up  ★★ Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions  ★★ Can Windows ever be cool again?  ★★ Testing file & image backups  ★★ Cortana coming to iPhone & Android

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Glassware tracks internet use  ★★ LastActivityView troubleshooter   ★★ BulkCrapUninstaller  ★★ Autoruns speeds up your startup  ★★ ZoneAlarm firewall   ★★ PCtransfer moves files  ★★ Full Wipe securely clears storage  ★★ Photoshop examples  ★★ Easily download & install your favorite programs w/ Ninite  ★★ Softpedia Mirror via System Explorer diagnostic  ★★ KL-Detector detects key-logging  ★★ Use Picasa to organize & share your photos  ★★ IObit Unlocker releases stuck files

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Activate Windows’ master admin account  ★★ Upgrading Windows: An ever-more-complex decision

Windows 10:  ★★ Update Tuesday may be history  ★★ Win10 features & release date  ★★ Windows Secrets on Win10 build 10074, thanks Helen  ★★ Win10 Build Conference in 9 minutes  ★★ Windows 10 versions  ★★ Games that will install w/ Win 10  ★★ Windows Store in Win 10 for phones  ★★ No Win 10 for “Non-Genuine” Windows  ★★ Windows Secrets reviews Build 10122, thanks Helen

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Office 2016 preview available for download

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Android Auto  ★★ Google previews new Android version  ★★ Project Brillo OS for IoT is stripped-down Android

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Live broadcasting app Periscope

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★

Ubuntu:  ★★ A more stable future for Ubuntu  ★★ Linux for Windows users: installing Ubuntu

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Ver 6.7 enters Beta  ★★ Fedora News

Slackware Linux:  ★★ The Slackware Store  ★★ Ver 14.1 screenshots

PCLinuxOS:  ★★ VLC comes to PCLinuxOS  ★★ Kernel 3.19.4 lands  ★★ Slimjet Browser updated


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