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Web News for July, 2015

Trends:  ★★ Windows 10 is not free for everyone, after all  ★★ Reasons why you should upgrade to Window 10  ★★ Teenager killed trying to retrieve cellphone  ★★ E3 gamers conference packs LA Convention Center   ★★ Sony brings games to the E3 Games Conference  ★★ Microsoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)  ★★ New car racing game fm E3  ★★ Windows 10 arrives July 29, thanks Helen  ★★ NFL to stream one game free this season  ★★ Kim comments on NFL streaming  ★★ Wanelo shopping site  ★★ Internet Trends Report  ★★ The internet: 1995 and now  ★★ Highlights fm robotics conference  ★★ HELLADS lightweight 150kW laser weapon tested  ★★ 3D-printed motorcycle  ★★ Volvo joins BMW & VW in offering smartwatch support  ★★ Summer US TV calendar  ★★ ‘LOL’ is older than you think  ★★ Netflix gets major overhaul ★★ Netflix experiments w/ ads  ★★ Netflix is top streamer  ★★ Study finds airports WAY less secure than we thought  ★★ Intel announces Thunderbolt 3 w/ USB-C connector  ★★ Chrome wins the browser wars  ★★ Enhanced Showtime streaming  ★★ ‘Give Them 20’ replaces the ‘Ice Bucket’ challenge  ★★ World’s smallest USB drive holds 128Gb  ★★ Biggest rumors before Apple’s WWDC   ★★ WWDC 1st day announcements  ★★ Apple's mistakes at WWDC  ★★ iOS 9 introduces app improvements, transit maps, & iPad multitasking   ★★ Many “new” Apple apps have been around a while ★★ Apple revamps Beats Music into Apple Music  ★★ iPhones “Now Playing” feature to turn on music when you plug in earphones   ★★ Major Apple recall  ★★ Apple Watch comes to retail stores  ★★ Google debuts Expeditions  ★★ Apple & Google battle over the ‘Internet of Things’  ★★ Turn yourself into a hologram  ★★ Google agrees to release monthly data on self-driving-car accidents  ★★ Atlanta gets 2Gb/s internet fm Comcast  ★★ Robot that can catch a fruit fly  ★★ $9 computer tops $2M on Kickstarter  ★★ New cars to have automatic breathalyzers in 5 yrs  ★★ Pizza Hut box projects video  ★★ iOS 9 will track sexual activity  ★★ South Korea wins DARPA Robotics Challenge  ★★ Amazon puts ads on shipping boxes  ★★ World’s 1st 10TB hard drive, thanks Steve  ★★ Largest waterfall in Pacific Northwest to reopen after 100 years  ★★ Walsingham resurrected  ★★ Way paved for light-based computers  ★★ NASA predicts climate change up to 2100  ★★ 3D-printing breakthrough for metal structures  ★★ CIA celebrates 1 year on Twitter  ★★ SpaceX builds inexpensive, space-based, global, high-speed internet access  ★★ New BlackBerry phones to run Android  ★★ Why merchants are skeptical of Apple Pay  ★★ 512 GB SD card  ★★ 45 Best music albums of 2015 so far  ★★ Google & Apple launch Android Auto & Carplay  ★★ Can Twitter survive?  ★★  Robots to use 3D-printing to build bridge in Amsterdam  ★★ Doctors warn against ‘the bellybutton challenge’  ★★ US Open allows cellphones for 1st time, but will banish rule-breaking phone owners  ★★ New Taco Bell emoji  ★★ Buy and sell used items  ★★ US 10$ bill to feature woman’s picture in 2020  ★★ Kangaroos are lefties  ★★ Why the internet is slowing  ★★ YouTube is taking over eyewitness news  ★★ Tiny $75 consumer camera drone  ★★ Universities ban wearable tech for finals  ★★ Microsoft builds mosquito-hunting drones  ★★ One huge thing they got wrong in ‘Jurassic World’  ★★ Twitter tests new shopping feature  ★★ Airbnb more valuable ($2B) than Marriott & Hilton  ★★ Amazon to pay authors by pages turned  ★★ Google’s News Lab  ★★ US ISPs are slowing down traffic  ★★ New, free Google music w/ ads  ★★ A real hoverboard?  ★★ Semi-finalists for Electrolux Design Lab 2015  ★★ T-Mobile phone bug hits iPhones  ★★ Researchers double capacity on fiber lines  ★★ Tiny Flashlight for Android & iOS  ★★ The 1st public cell phone call  ★★ Social networks you may not know  ★★ Tumblr embraces the GIF  ★★ Disney parks ban selfie sticks

Great ideas:  ★★ Using radar to control gadgets  ★★ Squishy wooden batteries  ★★ MIT builds 1st fermion microscope  ★★ Google’s touchscreen clothing  ★★ Nano-spirals could defeat counterfeiting  ★★ Organize your cables, cords, & wires  ★★ Study shows US could achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050  ★★ Dyson’s LED lamp to last 37 years  ★★ Fiat’s Human Parking Aid guides drivers into spaces  ★★ Learning languages (even computer languages) can hold off Alzheimer’s  ★★ Boost your WiFi signal  ★★ 3D-printed flutes  ★★ Inkless color printing  ★★ Revive a Sharpie  ★★ UT scientists discover magnetic sensor in a tiny earthworm  ★★ Twitter’s Project Lightning will track events  ★★ Lifeguards use drones to sight sharks near beaches  ★★ Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ system  ★★ The Climate Portal lets you feel the weather at your destination  ★★ Good uses for old tech  ★★ Simple travel tricks  ★★ ShotSpotter shows police where shots happened  ★★ Gmail adds ‘Undo Send’ feature  ★★ 1st installed Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) demonstrated on carrier  ★★ Human organs-on-chips wins Design of the Year 2015  ★★ Stateside discounts for seniors 50+

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ The text you never want to get on your iPhone, thanks Helen  ★★ Facebook privacy improved  ★★ Problems w/ Hola VPN, thanks Connie  ★★ Cellphone spying  ★★ Moose worm attacks routers  ★★ More security flaws in home routers  ★★ Router malware spreads to steal passwords  ★★ Macs before mid-2014 have a security flaw when waking from sleep mode  ★★ Hackers can spy on GoPro cameras  ★★ Google has a new page for privacy settings  ★★ Google keeps copies of your “OK Google” requests  ★★ Another simple text can crash your gadgets via Skype  ★★ How hackers work  ★★ US govt networks hacked  ★★ IG warned of US govt network vulnerability  ★★ Over 12M people affected in govt hack  ★★ NSA monitoring increases to catch foreign hackers  ★★ Newer rent cars store your data  ★★ Skype scam tricks you into downloading adware  ★★ Steps for secure online banking  ★★ Why you should Google yourself  ★★ Remove your past fm Google search results ★★ New LinkedIn scam  ★★ Facebook scam uses Unfriend Alert  ★★ Facebook health scam  ★★  US Army hacked  ★★ Viruses hit medical devices  ★★ WhatsApp security problems  ★★ Problem w/ Apple’s Mail client   ★★ Facebook’s Unity-Web-Player problem  ★★ Kaspersky Lab hacked, thanks Steve  ★★ Duqu 2.0 attacked Kaspersky Lab  ★★ Winery handler hacked  ★★ Security updates for Flash & Windows  ★★ Ask toolbar called ‘malware’ by Microsoft  ★★ Kaspersky says Windows phone is more secure than iPhone or Android phones  ★★ Bing to encrypt all search traffic by default  ★★ Fred’s Super Dollar stores hacked  ★★ Snowden hacked?  ★★ 600M Samsung phones vulnerable to hacking  ★★ Serious bug in Macs, iPhones, & iPads  ★★ Anonymous hits Canadian govt sites in response to anti-terrorism bill  ★★ EFF rates companies for defending user privacy  ★★ How to spot credit card skimmers  ★★ Congressional finger-pointing over security breach  ★★ Remove stuff fm Facebook  ★★ Hackerville, Romania  ★★ Dozens of top Android apps aren’t safe  ★★ New falafel hack  ★★ Google cracks down on revenge porn  ★★ Emails, passwords fm 47 government agencies leaked online  ★★ Same hackers hit National Archives, but nipped in the bud  ★★ MacKeeper hacked  ★★ Safe disposal of hard drives  ★★ Hackers attack US power grid  ★★ Dangerous flashlight apps  ★★ Webcams vulnerable to snooping

Legal issues:  ★★ New USA Freedom Act replaces Patriot Act  ★★ Supreme Court vacates conviction for Facebook treats  ★★ Blackberry wins patent infringement case about keyboards ★★ FCC removes restrictions on cable rates   ★★ Woman allowed to sue e-bay for shutting down her sale of real estate on the sun  ★★ 6th state requires warrant to search personal electronics  ★★ ACLU mobile-justice app for Android & iOS  ★★ Feds going after crowdfunding scams  ★★ 50th anniversary of Griswold vs. Connecticut  ★★ FBI investigates baseball spying  ★★ Privacy groups drop out of Dept of Commerce talks on facial recognition regs  ★★ FCC Lifeline program to subsidize internet access for low-income families has a problem  ★★ FTC acts against crowdfunding fraudster  ★★ FCC fines AT&T $100M for unlimited data policy  ★★ Problems w/ passport applications  ★★ Proposal to regulate consumer drones  ★★ Fitness watch exposes woman’s false police report  ★★ Drone owner not guilty of unlawful surveillance  ★★ Drone owner wins damages from shooter  ★★ Bouncy-ball camera helps police

Philosophical issues:  ★★ How does the BB-8 droid in the new Star Wars work?  ★★ Review of many Web Conferencing providers  ★★ Common tech myths busted, thanks Helen  ★★ Shutdown your gadgets at night?  ★★ Google conference announcements  ★★ Speed up an old PC  ★★ Turning a real stutter into comedy  ★★ Easy ways to start a blog  ★★ Edward Snowden’s latest Op-Ed piece  ★★ Consider this when picking a mobile data plan  ★★ Truth about toilet swirl - Northern Hemisphere  ★★ Truth about toilet swirl - Southern Hemisphere  ★★ The fallen of WWII  ★★ Take control of your credit-card debt  ★★ Google Im2Calories project will count calories fm photo of plate  ★★ How to spot fake product reviews  ★★ Redheads demand redress fm Apple  ★★ Defeating the Archer’s Paradox  ★★ The internet’s dark side  ★★ The reason there are so many viruses and hackers  ★★ Comparison of Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, etc. ★★ Hospital drug-pump hack  ★★ Clean up your digital footprint  ★★ Rumors that Apple may drop the iPod  ★★ Every US state has it’s own favorite food  ★★ Is avocado toast good for you?  ★★ Reasons to book directly w/ hotels ★★ The nitrate picture show  ★★ Apple Watch 2 details leaked  ★★ Buying the right drone  ★★ Review of ‘Inside Out’ movie fm Pixar  ★★ Avoid these tech rip-offs  ★★ Leap-second at end of June  ★★ Teens react to seeing cigarette commercials  ★★ The top DIY website builders  ★★ Apple backs down after Taylor Swift objects to new marketing scheme  ★★ Zookeepers have fun w/ ‘Jurassic World’  ★★ President Obama visits WTF  ★★ WTF podcast of the president’s visit (click ‘Launch Player’)  ★★ Apple App Store removes Civil War games due to Confederate flags  ★★ Apple to restore Battle of Gettysburg app  ★★ How Google Trends & News Lab could accelerate the news cycle  ★★ Lessons learned fm infrastructure failures  ★★ To fear or not to fear AI  ★★ Pope Francis says the internet undermines people’s relationships  ★★ Digital photography tips  ★★ Good Samaritan notifies hack victims  ★★ Test uses laptops in bed

Local Issues:  ★★ Little free library in Puriscal, thanks, Helen  ★★ xMax broadband network installed in Escazu, thanks Helen  ★★ Google finally makes “Undo Send” available in Costa Rica, thanks Helen  ★★ Big Facebook change not yet available in CR ★★ Flight radar tracker

International issues:  ★★ Chinese announce facial-recognition ATMs  ★★ World’s largest hotel proposed for Mecca  ★★ World Expo 2015  ★★ New rail tunnels in

England  ★★ ISIS terrorist posts a selfie: building blows up 24 hrs later  ★★ Hoverbike technology in Hungary  ★★ Mallory hoverbike at Paris Air Show  ★★ Antwerp launches ‘text-walking lanes’  ★★ Police use face-scanning & RFID wristbands at Download music festival in England  ★★ British airline Easyjet to use drones to examine aircraft surfaces  ★★ 3D projections of giant buddhist statues destroyed by Taliban in Afghanistan  ★★ Polish airline hacked: 1,400 passengers grounded  ★★ Anti-Uber riots in Paris  ★★ Parisian wins Helsinki Guggenheim contest

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Margaret Hamilton saved the 1st moon landing  ★★ Study of exoplanet orbits may narrow search for life  ★★ Images present insight into distribution of matter in our galaxy  ★★ LightSail back on line  ★★ Picture of Light Sail  ★★ Light Sail completes mission  ★★ Huge release of comet pictures ★★ Student maps plasma tubes in the sky  ★★ Cassini bids farewell to Saturn’s moon Hyperion  ★★ NASA’s 50 years of EVA  ★★ Pluto’s wobbly moons  ★★ Giant Magellan telescope funded  ★★ 1st telerobotic handshake between ISS & ESA  ★★ ESA mission to declutter low-earth orbit takes a step forward  ★★ Airbus introduces Adeline reusable-launch system to compete w/ SpaceX  ★★ NASA releases video tour of dwarf planet Ceres  ★★ Panoramic tour of ISS  ★★ SpaceX to launch 4K internet satellites  ★★ Philae lander phones home from comet  ★★ NASA plans CubeSats for Mars  ★★ MRO detects glass deposits on Mars  ★★ Ultra-HD color video from ISS  ★★ Sample ISS video in Ultra-HD  ★★ ESA test 3D-printed platinum alloy thruster  ★★ Saturn’s polar cyclones studied  ★★ Dawn finds a pyramid on Ceres  ★★ Mars Odyssey completes 60,000th orbit  ★★ US defends space assets  ★★ Rosetta mission extended by 9 months  ★★ Scott Kelley in space for 88 days, so far  ★★ SpaceX launch fails  ★★ Audi helps Google Lunar XPrize team

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ A conference call in real life  ★★ Woman throws away a $200K vintage Apple 1 computer  ★★ Solar Impulse takes off on China - Hawaii leg  ★★ Solar Impulse YouTube channel  ★★ Bad weather forces Japan landing for Solar Impulse  ★★ Solar Impulse leaves Japan for Hawaii  ★★ 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge  ★★ Interview w/ Lockheed-Martin team leader for DRC  ★★ Apple Watch magic trick  ★★ Homemade laser shotgun  ★★ Drone racing  ★★ An alternative to selfie sticks  ★★ Weird drone collection  ★★ Airbus E-Fan 2 electric jet mock up appears at Paris Air Show  ★★ Paris Air Show pictures  ★★ 4-year-old girl loves her 1st flight w/dad  ★★ ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ to debut on stage


Galleries:  ★★ RIP, Christopher Lee  ★★ Man retrieves phone dropped in water  ★★ Building the new One World Trade Center  ★★ Explosion on Jimmy Kimmel show  ★★ In WWII music soothed a savage sniper  ★★ Very talented bear  ★★ Two musical casts stranded in same airport  ★★ How the hamburger was invented  ★★ Cats play in box grid  ★★ Little girl channels Aretha Franklin  ★★ Walmart rock star  ★★ Best free movies on YouTube  ★★ Official trailer for ‘The Martian’  ★★ Rare silent footage of the real Red Baron  ★★ Pouring Coke on molten lead  ★★ Free wallpaper  ★★ Tilting the streets of San Francisco  ★★ Harmonica guns  ★★ Firemen react to drone over house fire (skip to 12 min)  ★★ Cleaning Mike Bloomfield's Telecaster guitar  ★★ Tennessee hailstorm  ★★ Cooking ribs w/o smoke or fire  ★★ Boeing 787-9 goes vertical on takeoff  ★★ Microsoft backgrounds  ★★ Art of the Storm video  ★★ Cute ultra-rare octopus  ★★ Gizmag’s top 10 pavilions at World Expo 2015  ★★ Preview of Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens  ★★ Pilot discovers a cat on his wing in flight  ★★ SNL star pranks high school for Make-a-Wish  ★★ Installing a wind turbine  ★★ F-35B makes 1st ski-jump launch  ★★ Great take of ‘Beat It’ on classical guitar  ★★ Glimpse into our past  ★★ Chilean volcano eruption

Potential Products:  ★★ A credit-card sized dumb phone  ★★ Z:ero earphones  ★★ Cheaper GoPro Hero+ LCD camera  ★★ Asus’ new ZenPad tablets  ★★ Asus AiO all-in-one w/ USB-C  ★★ Asus Transformer Book 2-in-1  ★★ Asus ZenWatch 2  ★★ M4U 4 high-end earphones  ★★ Lenovo Smart Cast projects from phone  ★★ Smart flashlight  ★★ Google Doze will increase battery life for Android gadgets  ★★ Inconspicuous smartglasses  ★★ Active Listening earbuds  ★★ Space bar w/ capacitive touch capabilities  ★★ Aguadrone fish finder  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S6 Active  ★★ Moky Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad  ★★ Door-peephole camera that transmits to Android or iOS  ★★ Holus tabletop platform simulates 3D-hologram  ★★ Samsung’s 55” smart mirror  ★★ Microsoft’s 55” Surface Hub (made in USA)  ★★ Oculus shows off new Rift headset & touch controllers  ★★ Google’s Nest to offer a new 1080p HD video camera  ★★ Roomba-like robot cleans countertops w/ UV  ★★ CulCharge keychain powerbank  ★★ Micro Drone shoots HD video stabilized by mini-robotic gimbal ★★ Microsoft Xbox One Elite controller: hands on  ★★ Instamic tiny audio recorder  ★★ Oukitel phone sports 1-week battery life  ★★ BBC develops mind-controlled TV  ★★ Kokoon sleep-tracking earphones  ★★ Cutsey Pepper robot sells out in 1 minute  ★★ Light bulbs that do weird things  ★★ Vertical record player  ★★ BlackOps tricopter is “swoopier” than quadcopters  ★★ Smart motorcycle helmet  ★★ Ford’s split view camera helps drivers see around corners  ★★ Smart contact lens  ★★ Eedu drone kit  ★★ Hadrian brick-laying robot

Hardware, General:  ★★ Will magnets harm your gadgets?  ★★ Macs before mid-2014 have a security flaw when waking from sleep mode  ★★ Essential tricks you should know  ★★ Kim’s gadget comparison charts  ★★ TieFi for dad’s necktie  ★★ Wonder-ink could print stretchy 3D

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Connected gadgets you’ll want in your home  ★★ Smart batteries for smoke detectors  ★★ Amazon Echo  ★★ Petzi Pet

Hardware, All-in-Ones:  ★★ HP Sprout desktop scans in 3D

Hardware, e-Readers:  ★★ Kindle Paperwhite w/ sharper text  ★★ More info on Paperwhite’s new font  ★★ E-reader comparisons

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ 3rd time’s the charm for MS Surface  ★★ Review of Surface Pro 3

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Full size tablet comparison chart  ★★ Mini tablet comparison chart  ★★ Galaxy S6 Active vs. iPhone 6  ★★ Tricks for tablets

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Huawei P8 Lite for $250  ★★ ZTE’s Nubia Z9  ★★ LG G4: Early impressions  ★★ LG G4: Review  ★★  HTC 24 kt phablet  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is rugged  ★★ Phablet comparison chart

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Apple releases fix for iPhone shutdown glitch  ★★ Find the Android phone for you  ★★ High-end phone comparisons  ★★ Mid-level phone comparisons  ★★ Free-with-contract phone comparisons  ★★ T-Mobile phone bug hits iPhones

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ Smartwatch comparison chart  ★★ Native apps coming for Apple Watch  ★★ What's the accessory port for on Apple Watches?  ★★ LG Watch Urbane vs. Asus ZenWatch quick look  ★★ Pebble Time: Early impressions  ★★ Pebble Time is up for pre-order  ★★ iPhone 6 low-power mode drops performance to save battery

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Axiom Audio puts Pi in wireless speaker  ★★ Intel shows interest in wearables  ★★ Lenovo Stick 300 turns HDMI TV into Windows computer

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Nvidia brings G-Sync to notebooks  ★★ Beware: viruses hidden in ‘Minecraft’ apps  ★★ Samsung Gear VR (for Galaxy S6): 4 weeks later  ★★ Microsoft releases new version of Xbox One  ★★ Extended interview w/ Oculus Rift creators  ★★ Oculus Rift hands on at E3  ★★ Biggest game announcements fm E3 2015  ★★ Nintendo at E3  ★★ StarVR at E3  ★★ Microsoft Hololens w/ Minecraft game at E3  ★★ The new Sony PS4 playstation  ★★ 5 consoles compared after E3  ★★ Xbox One ‘wins’ E3  ★★ PC gaming stays relevant at E3

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ 1.92Gb portable hard drive w/ USB 3.1  ★★ Intel announces Thunderbolt 3 w/ USB-C connector  ★★ World’s smallest USB 3 drive holds 128Gb  ★★ 200GB SD card for $240  ★★ 512 GB SD card  ★★ HEOS outdoor WiFi audio system  ★★ Sonder e-ink keyboard ★★ Torque t402v headphones  ★★ LG micro LED projector  ★★ Touchjet’s Pond interactive projector

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Portable cabinet mount for tablets & phones  ★★ Build your own phone charger  ★★ Best smartphone camera accessories  ★★ DxO One camera attaches to iPhone

Software, In the Cloud:   ★★ Facebook ‘Lite’ version  ★★ Another take on Facebook Lite ★★ Facebook to support GIFs  ★★  Instant Articles lets publishers post directly to Facebook news feed, thanks Helen ★★ Using the Facebook Activity Log  ★★ Facebook adds photo support stolen fm Snapchat  ★★ Recap Guide keeps up w/ your favorite programs on TV  ★★ How to use Google Hangouts  ★★ Google Street View goes underwater   ★★ Over 40 underwater locations added to Google Street View ★★ Google crazy tips & tricks  ★★ My80sTV  ★★ Tips on testing your internet speed  ★★ Cornell software IDs bird fm photos  ★★ Location-aware search added to Google Now  ★★ Another take on Google Now updates  ★★ Getting the best out of Google Now  ★★ Bing to encrypt all search traffic by default  ★★ Dark sky finder  ★★ PrivacyGrade for smartphone apps  ★★ Find the Android phone for you  ★★ Using Instagram to create time-lapse videos ★★ Internet Sacred Text archive  ★★ Adobe Stock photos for sale  ★★ Canva graphics program  ★★ Test your emoji IQ  ★★ Lendle lends & borrows free ebooks

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Police scanner apps for Apple & Android  ★★ SavedPlus app builds your savings account for Android & iOS  ★★ Periscope free live-TV app for Android & iOS  ★★ Facebook app for Android, Windows Phone, & iOS  ★★ Weather app makes you happy when it rains for Android, Apple Watch, & iOS  ★★ Fun quizzes to improve your grammar for Android & iOS  ★★ Free eBooks fm Project Gutenberg for Windows, Mac, Kindle, & Nook  ★★ Crazy Heliumbooth adds funny effect to short videos for Android & iOS  ★★ eBay for Android & iOS  ★★ New Google Photos for general use  ★★ MSN News app for Windows Phone, Android, & iOS  ★★ Kim Komando’s Podcasts  ★★ XnView photo organizer for Windows & Mac  ★★ CrowdFind lost & found for Android & iOS ★★ Make your apps work together w/ IFTTT for Android & iOS  ★★ Misc apps for phone or tablet  ★★ New Adobe Creative Cloud released  ★★ Free feature-packed Glo Bible program for Windows & Mac  ★★ HowAboutWe dating app for Android & iOS  ★★ MyPermissions online privacy shield for Android & iOS  ★★ Thunderbird email client gets massive upgrade  ★★ RawTherapee a free RAW photo editor for Windows & Mac  ★★ The most popular fonts of 2015  ★★ Smartphone as mobile mouse for Android & iOS  ★★ MS One Note for Windows & OS X  ★★ BoxPop chess game for Android, iOS, & Apple Watch  ★★ AroundMe app for Android & iOS  ★★ Kim’s free Independence Day wallpapers & Facebook covers for Windows & Mac ★★ Amazon Cloud Player for Android & iOS  ★★ HMA VPN  ★★ Blender free 3D graphic tool for Windows & Mac  ★★ Roamer makes low-cost international calls for Android & iOS  ★★ Facebook’s Moments app shares smartphone pictures for Android & iOS  ★★ 3D Compass + for Android & iOS  ★★ RenderMan for Windows & Mac  ★★ Pinta paint program for Windows & Mac  ★★ Sudoku for Android & iOS

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Chrome wins the browser wars  ★★ Chrome to automatically pause video ads  ★★ Pick the right browser for Windows & OSX  ★★ Chrome extension suspends inactive tabs  ★★ Adblock Plus, thanks Allan  ★★ IE9 has a security problem  ★★ Emergency Flash update

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Tips & tricks for iOS 8  ★★ What we know so far about the new OS X  ★★ Major Apple recall  ★★ Apple Watch comes to retail stores  ★★ WWDC 1st day announcements: iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, Apple Music, CarPlay  ★★ Free iOS9 upgrade will also work on older phones  ★★ iOS 9 will track sexual activity  ★★ Apple's mistakes at WWDC  ★★ PopSugar’s list of exciting iOS 9 features Apple forgot to tell you about  ★★ iOS 9 introduces app improvements, transit maps, & iPad multitasking  ★★ OS X El Capitan improves core performance  ★★ New Slide-Over feature only works on iPad Air 2  ★★ WiFi slowed by Apple’s DNS upgrade  ★★ More apps you can’t get rid of  ★★ The Life & Death of an iPhone  ★★ Will Apple change look & feel of iPhone?  ★★ T-Mobile phone bug hits iPhones  ★★ Phone updates may temporarily delete some apps

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ VoiceRecordPro  ★★ Apple revamps Beats Music into Apple Music  ★★ Apple Music has 30M+ songs  ★★ Native apps coming for Apple Watch  ★★ Many “new” Apple apps have been around a while  ★★ Simple Scale for iPhones  ★★ Many apps for Apple Watch

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Free 1st aid for Windows ills  ★★ Microsoft realigns its structure  ★★ Samsung computers turn off Windows updates  ★★ Samsung issues patch to stop turning off Windows updates

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Secunia PSI tells you when programs need updating  ★★ Mahjong for Win 8  ★★ ResophNotes handles handwritten notes  ★★ Revo uninstaller gets it all  ★★ ScreenBlur locks your computer  ★★ Quick Bridge Portable ★★ VideoGhost makes videos visible in the background  ★★ System Explorer helps Win 7  ★★ WorldClock 3.0  ★★ Picasa photo albums

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:   ★★ How to reserve your free copy of Windows 10  ★★ Free custom Windows desktop themes  ★★ Use standard (not admin) account in Windows  ★★ New Windows updates

Windows 10:  ★★ Reasons why you should upgrade to Window 10  ★★ Windows 10 is not free for everyone, after all  ★★ Windows 10 arrives July 29, thanks Helen  ★★ What you should know about the launch  ★★ Windows 10 pitch  ★★ Gizmag Win 10 announcement  ★★ Weird Win 10 message  ★★ Free preview  ★★ 7 things that won’t work after you upgrade  ★★ Win 10 comes w/ AllJoyn to work w/ internet of things  ★★ There will be no annual fee for Windows 10  ★★ Build 10130 adds improvements  ★★ Win 10 on Surface Pro 3 makes perfect sense

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Free Office 2016 preview  ★★ Limited free version of Office  ★★ MS One Note: Far more than a simple note-taker  ★★ Office webinars

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Android questions forum  ★★ Speed up an Android phone  ★★ Getting more fm Android Lollipop

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Handwriting Input reads cursive input ★★ New Google Photos for general use

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Current Linux news  ★★ Introduction to Linux is now available as a PDF

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ New Linux screenshots for all distros  ★★ Linux choice awards  ★★ Elementary OS for PCs & Macs  ★★ Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca


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