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Web News for August, 2015

Trends:   NASA finds “Earth 2.0”  •• Advances in PC monitors  •• Selfie drones  •• Sprint throttles ‘unlimited’ data plan after threshold  •• Facebook gets new logo  •• NPR's picks for best Summer TV series  •• Aetna to buy Humana  •• New Steve Jobs movie takes more realistic look  •• Fox News asks, “Is Windows 10 right for you?”  •• Forecast predicts decline of car ownership  •• Chevy to provide AC vent for smartphones  •• Apple testing 12" iPad Pro  •• Windows 10 on an old PC: How low can you go?, thanks Juan  •• Bridge-mounted wind turbines  •• Honda sets fuel efficiency record  •• New pilotless aeroplane completes flight tests in the US  •• Stock market hit by glitch  •• Ford recalls 433K cars for software update  •• Doctors make virtual house calls  •• PC shipments plunge while Apple surges  •• Things you can control w/ your phone  •• New Google Glass on the way  •• Reddit CEO resigns  •• World’s smallest bible  •• 3D-printed super car  •• U-of-M to test 3D-printed autonomous cars  •• Marketing automation revolution  •• Software glitch takes NYSE down for 3.5 hours  •• Comic-Con opens in San Diego  •• The 1st thermostat you can control w/ Siri  •• A look inside Google’s self-driving car  •• ‘Pepper’ robot pays attention, gives small talk, and dances  •• Pay for things w/ a selfie  •• Floating city-states  •• Electric aircraft crosses channel  •• Surgical team simulates zero-gravity surgery  •• Amazon & Walmart face off in online discounting  •• Firefox blocks Flash  •• Google slips, Facebook grows in display advertising  •• Facebook is testing a human version of Siri  •• CERN collider discovers new class of particle  •• Titanium trisulfide could change computing  •• Netflix booms while profits drop  •• HP to ship Windows 10 PCs on 7/28, thanks Connie  •• 1st FAA-approved drone-delivery service  •• Self-driving car rear-ended  •• YouTube's 5 biggest stars  •• AT&T buys DirecTV  •• Amazon is now bigger than Wal-Mart  •• Palm-sized HD projector  •• Disneyland turns 60  •• Hulu may go ad-free w/ pricier new tier  •• New Horizons photos spur new calls to make Pluto a planet again  •• 1st drone delivery to rural medical cl inic in Virginia  •• Detroit’s Park Ave Hotel demolition filmed by drone  •• New videos coming to Amazon Prime in August  •• You can watch all regular season NFL games on XBox & Apple TV now, but not live  •• 2016 presidential race emerging as 1st Uber election  •• Twitch switches from Flash to HTML5 in future updates  •• Thread Screen displays  •• Google Nearline off ers near-infinite free cloud storage to businesses  •• Amazon unveils flight plan for delivery drones  •• 15% of Americans will not go online  •• Bing tests native ads  •• Alaska Airlines tries accepting fingerprints to board flights  •• Yahoo CEO resigns  •• $75K reward offered for who flew drones over wildfires  •• Yelp shares plunge, CEO steps down

Great ideas:  •• Railroad crossings added to Google Maps  •• 3D fingerprint scanning for smartphones  •• Save your phone from the ravages of summer  •• Tips on photographing fireworks w/ a phone  •• Things you can control w/ a smartphone  •• Make your own car-key hider  •• LG’s AIT touch panels  •• Electricity fm tidal waves  •• UTA finds a way to store energy fm PEC cells  •• Canadian team gets 2,098 MPG  •• Bing’s new maps tool offers predictive traffic tech  •• LED bulbs create wireless networks  •• Self-healing airplane wings  •• Samsung is working on an 11K smartphone screen  •• Another take on the 11K screen  •• Interesting way to take pictures proposed for Google Glass  •• Using UHF channels for super Wi-Fi  •• ConnectHome to provide $10/mo internet access to US low-income families  •• 11 Ingredients you shouldn’t refrigerate  •• How to unsend an email  •• Seaweed that tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale  •• Nanocellulose (i.e., wood) computer chips  •• Massless particle discovered at Princeton  •• Galvanizing the search for extraterrestrial life  •• A flying car that could be practical  •• ‘Impossible’ drive works & could get to Moon in 4 hours

Security/Privacy  issues:  •• 100s of online stores have a security bug  •• Secure online banking  •• Apple rolls out security patches  •• Update Adobe Flash  •• Yet another Flash bug  •• Trump hotels hacked  •• The NSA’s tracking database  •• Win 10 will automatically share your WiFi w/ friends  •• Security bugs in iPhones, iPads, & Macs  •• Phony tech support call  •• Norse map shows hacking attacks in progress  •• Major spying contractor hacked  •• Persistent surveillance systems  •• New trojan uses browser plug-ins  •• Another Flash bug  •• Tools for foiling malicious links & files  •• Over 21M affected by 2nd OPM breach  •• Fake Adobe Flash patches  •• Cowboy Adventure & Jump Chess games contained Facebook malware  •• Stop Google using your name in ads  •• Cyber Caliphate attacks are Russian, not ISIS  •• New Java has a security flaw  •• A radio commercial that turns off iPhones  •• Wipe your Facebook search history  •• Google Photos continues saving photos after you delete it  •• Create a strong security question  •• Printers & copiers store your personal data  •• iScam ransomware hits iPhones & iPads  •• New Apple ad system to base offers on your bank account balance  •• Dangerous security myths •• Twitter adds security w/ account-monitoring Dashboard  •• CVS & Walmart Canada hacked  •• Chrysler recalls 1.4M vehicles due to hacking  •• Hackers remotely take over Jeep Cherokee  •• Smartwatches have security flaws  •• Hackers remotely kill a jeep on the highway  •• Why wireless is better for home security  •• Fake airline ticket scam on Facebook  •• UCLA hospital hacked  •• Antivirus testing  •• Google Chrome patch fixes 43 security flaws  •• Simple Mac bug gives hackers full access to your computer  •• Anonymous hacks US Census Bureau  ••  4 new security bugs discovered in Internet Explorer  •• Stagefright bug in Android lets a text message take over your phone  •• Google Maps tracks your location


Legal issues:  •• Police warn against ‘faux gun’ cell-phone case  •• Vandals cut San Francisco fiber for 11th time in a year  •• Apple loses appeal on eBook antitrust suit  •• Whole Foods admits to systematic overcharging  •• Ex-FTC advisor dings Google for slanting search results  •• Revenge porn hacker gets 7 years  •• NYC pushes Google Maps to avoid left turns in the city  •• Former Attorney General hints Snowden could get a deal  •• Woman changes her name to match her Facebook account  •• 1st FAA-approved drone-delivery service  •• FTC warns of online hotel scams  •• Write to your Congressmen  •• Honda files patents for new fuel-injected 2-stroke engine  •• Facebook loses appeal, must turn over incriminating photos  •• California authorizing rescuers to shoot down drones


Philosophical issues:  •• The psychology of Facebook  •• How a bunch of space geeks at NASA won over the internet  •• Those dang kids & their videos  •• The real Confederate flags  •• Google apologizes for Photos app identifying black couple as gorillas  •• Google apologizes for putting Nazi camps in Ingress game  •• Will WiFi change how airlines entertain us?  •• Reddit moderators shut down parts of site over employee’s dismissal  •• HEXACO Personality Inventory  •• Common mouse tricks  •• Make the most of LinkedIn  •• World’s tallest cow  •• Post-retirement jobs  •• Kim’s advice on whether you should upgrade to Windows 10  •• Where is Google taking us?  •• Hibernating bears could hold key to long-distance space travel  •• Microsoft’s Nokia purchase was a bust  •• Apple taxes Spotify customers  •• Apple plans to break records w/ iPhone 6s  •• DIY projects for gadgets  •• Are online-reputation programs worth it?  •• BlackBerry-Android match considered  •• Play a laser-etched tortilla like a record  •• Mapping the US by property value  •• Family road-trip games  •• Could human bodies stop aging someday?  •• Everything about reading on screens  •• Q&A w/ Jimmy Carter  •• Elon Musk recommends 9 books  •• United Airlines’ bug bounty program  •• Places where important things happened  •• Are system/Registry cleaners worthwhile?  •• Clyde Tombaugh’s children interviewed after Pluto flyby  •• 50-million-year-old worm sample found in Antarctica •• Why some people get grumpy when they’re hungry, thanks Connie  •• Crazy Russian Hacker hanger tricks   •• Hacker sponge tricks  •• Simple tricks for better smartphone photos  •• Being president turns your hair gray  •• Free report shows your auto & personal insurance claims  •• Top TED talks  •• Email: Drop the junk; keep your contacts  •• Could “Vote by Smartphone” work?  •• Will cash disappear?  •• The race to build the perfect camera  •• Digital equivalent of Pearl Harbor  •• Why Windows 10 is free for a year


Local Issues:  •• Tricks for scoring cheap flights  •• Using GPS in CR, thanks Connie  •• Google Flights saves on airfare  •• Roamer offers low-cost phone calls abroad


International issues:  •• JetBlue launches direct New-York-to-Cuba flights  •• London to get world’s first zero-emission double-decker bus  •• Greeks isolated by their default  •• 1000s flock to Faceglória, a ‘Christian Facebook’ fm Brazil  •• Mt. Fuji hosts free WiFi  •• T-Mobile expands coverage to Mexico & Canada  •• Radical music movement in Haiti  •• China builds a Facebook fm hacked info  •• China discovers winged, feathered ‘dragon’ dinosaur  •• The plan to beat ISIS using internet trolls ••  A new perspective on China  •• New Japanese hotel has robot staff & no room keys


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  •• Extreme zooms of earth’s moon  •• NASA unveils 1st plane to fly on Mars  •• Progress 60 makes it to orbit to resupply ISS •• Russian Progress makes it to ISS w/ 3 tons of cargo  •• Pluto probe finds puzzling spots along equator  •• New Horizons snaps Pluto shots  •• NH contains CD w/ 430k names •• NH go for Pluto flyby (w/ discoverer’s ashes aboard)  •• NH flyby  •• More NH pics  •• How Pluto got its name  •• Pluto images  •• Contact reestablished w/ NH  •• Rosetta finds active sinkholes on 67P  •• World asteroid day  •• See asteroids in the night sky  •• Germany to track space junk  •• ISS saved by Progress 60 resupply  •• Opportunity’s rovings on Mars  •• ESA uses cosmic lens to explore distant black hole  •• NASA selects astronauts for 1st US commercial launch in Boeing CST-100  •• ISS crew takes cover fm passing debris  •• New Horizons photos spur new calls to make Pluto a planet again  •• New Pluto mysteries revealed  •• GoreSat  •• DSCOVR satellite yields great Earth views  •• Jupiter’s twin orbits distant star  •• Dawn to move to lowest orbit of Ceres  •• Galvanizing the search for extraterrestrial life  ••  Tour of Imhotep region of 67P  •• NASA finds “Earth 2.0”  ••  NASA looks into windbots to explore Jupiter’s skies  •• Soyuz docks w/ ISS w/ slow-deploying panel  •• ‘Impossible’ drive works & could get to Moon in 4 hours

Geek humor & interests:   •• Robot cockroach slips past obstacles  •• Crow rides Bald Eagle in flight  •• F-35 fails against F-16 fighter  •• Solar Impulse 2 makes it to Hawaii  •• Pics of Solar Impulse 2 landing in Hawaii  •• Solar Impulse 2 stuck in Hawaii for 2-3 weeks  •• Next leg for Solar Impulse 2 pushed back to 4/2016  •• Elektra One Solar crosses Alps  •• Grateful Dead’s long strange trip ends  •• Win 8 MS Mahjong game  •• 18 robots fight to the death  •• Spitfire sells for almost $4 million  •• 99 greatest dance albums  •• Bugatti’s dream plane recreated  •• Enigma code machine sells for $232K  •• How to draw Disney’s Pluto using the planet  •• Are we there, yet?


Galleries:  •• Queen’s Guard pulls a bayonet on a cheeky tourist  •• Star Wars news roundup  •• Inside a fireworks show w/ a drone  •• Great Japanese fireworks  •• Ladder tricks  •• US challenges Japan to giant robot battle  •• Homeless piano man  •• Shout TV is a good source, thanks Connie  •• Army uniforms parade  •• Etch A Sketch portrait man  •• Jack Sparrow visits children’s hospital  •• Trick pool shots  •• 2nd base runner saves umpire fm heart attack  •• Comic-Con trailer roundup  •• Behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens  •• Best pictures of Pluto  •• Claw machines really are rigged  •• Blue Angels buzz Florida beach  •• The Amazing iPad Magician, thanks Tom  •• Chinese fireworks  •• North & South Pole video  •• Lost in the 50s tonight, thanks Ken  •• Hammerhead fin cam  •• Taps every evening  •• morgueFile images  •• Edge of Stability storm footage  •• Great Facebook movie, thanks Connie  •• Little German girl helping mother, thanks Juan  •• What makes Looney Tunes so funny?  •• 1st look at the new Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get?  •• GoPro on a model train?  •• Magical Iceland  •• Talented girl sings Dolly’s “I Will Always Love You”  •• History of the universe in 8 minutes  •• 3 generations answer, “What did you do for fun as a kid?”  •• Time-lapse of 2-week-long storm chase  •• Bystander rescues dog at Hawaii’s China Walls  •• Amsterdam museum site features priceless art works


Potential Products:  •• LG’s hexagonal battery  •• Chevy to offer AC for phones in new cars  •• Add side screens to your laptop  •• Olioclip Studio iPhone case  •• Bluetooth Star-Trek communicator  •• Tiny Bluetooth in-ear headset  •• Huge dustup w/ Kickstarter over in-ear headset  •• Samsung working on a flip-phone  •• Apple CarPlay is coming  •• Self-contained fingerprint ID system  •• Super-8-like case uses an iPhone 6 instead of film  •• Charge your phone w/ a candle  •• The last iPod Touch  •• Mercedes E-class has much automation  •• Full-speed portable laptop charging  •• Tiny Jide Android computer  •• Palm-sized HD projector  •• Nikola power-from-WiFi  •• Ubik Uno phone sports 64-bit octa-core processor

Hardware, General:  •• Apple replaces battery that won’t hold 80% of original charge  •• 1st all-new GoPro in 9 years is WAY smaller  •• Meet GoPro Hero4 Session  •• Gadget comparison charts  •• Apple iPod Touch, a phone-less phone  •• iPod Touch 6th vs. 5th generation  •• iPod Touch 6th Gen review


Hardware, Drones:  •• New hydrofoil drone takes to water  •• Personal helicopter works like a drone  •• Agricultural use of drones is taking off  •• KittyHawk “heavy lift” quadcopter  •• Gaming drones for the office  •• FAA approves 500 companies for drone use  •• Drone photography contest  •• Swiss test drone mail carriers  •• Awesome flying R2-D2 drone  •• USAF offers retention bonus to drone pilots  •• 1st drone racing national championship  •• Australian wins 1st international drone race  •• Parrot Bebop drone  •• Drones prevent firefighters fm saving cars  •• $75K reward offered for who flew drones over wildfires  •• 1st drone delivery to rural medical clinic in Virginia  •• Drone film festival  •• Handgun drone attracts FAA investigation  •• Sony joins with ZMP to launch drone company Aerosense Inc.  •• Drones ai d ailing chimpanzees  •• California authorizing rescuers to shoot down drones  •• Drone rescues drone  •• Amazon unveils flight plan for delivery drones  ••  NASA predicts everyone will eventually have a drone


Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  •• Target opens store for smart-home gadgets in San Francisco  •• Smart steering-wheel detects driver drowsiness  •• HUD in driver’s visor  •• Carnegie Mellon to form “living lab” of IoT  •• Apple pulls Google Nest from shelves


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  •• Gizmag’s wish list for Surface Pro 4


Hardware, Tablets:   •• Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. Apple iPad Air 2  •• 6th gen iPod Touch vs. iPad mini 3


Hardware, Phablets:  •• HTC One M9 review  •• Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. S6 Active  •• Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9  •• Leaked pictures of Galaxy S6 Edge+  •• ZTE Axon for $450 unlocked  •• Commodore PET phone  •• Huawei P8 lite review


Hardware, Smartphones: •• Photos of iPhone6S leaked  ••  Nexus 5 review  •• HTC updates Desire line  •• A phone for musicians


Hardware, Smartwatches: •• Apple Watch is tanking  •• Pebble Time vs. Moto 360  •• Pebble Time vs LG Watch Urbane  •• 2015 Comparison guide  •• Smartwatches have security flaws


Hardware, Tiny computers:  •• BBC unveils design for micro:bit computer  •• Hacker Bundle for Raspberry Pi


Hardware, Game devices:  •• Companies w/ most exciting video games  •• Cowboy Adventure & Jump Chess games contained Facebook malware  •• Deep space exploration game  •• Blek is an elegant game for Android & iOS  •• Angry Birds 2


Hardware, Peripherals:  •• New Logitech mouse review  •• Cobblestone  for WiFi-powered audio  •• GoPro Hero4 Session  •• Comparison of GoPro models  •• Ethernet adapter for Chromecast  •• Audio-Technica headphones review  •• Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker  •• BTunes Bluetoothifies headphones  •• Phiaton BT 100 NC earphones  •• Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse


Hardware, Accessories:  •• Google Cardboard review  •• Wireless device-charger  •• iPhone6 screen repair kit  •• ChargeLight flashlight & charger  •• CellPhone wrist wallet  •• iOnBoost battery backup for your car


Hardware, Internals:  •• Samsung boosts SSD to 2TB  •• New IBM chip is fastest by far


Software, In the Cloud:  •• Google Earth View  •• Google Sheets  •• Peer-to-peer funds transfer on Facebook  •• Makerbook collection of free resources  •• Check if a website is up  •• YouTube secrets  •• Cloud storage vs. cloud backup  •• Facebook adds new video button  •• Awesome Google features  •• Facebook gives users more control of news feed  •• Facebook tips & tricks  •• Get the best deal w/ PriceZombie  •• Flip text upside down  •• DropEvent photo galleries  •• Summer wallpaper  •• Clipping Magic removes backgrounds from images  •• Use ViewPure to watch YouTube videos w/o comments or ads  •• PDFzorro editor  •• Twitter adds security w/ account-monitoring Dashboard  •• PQDT Open reads open access dissertations & theses  •• Get more fm Twitter  •• Using Google Forms  •• Blitzortung lightning map  •• Streaming TV packages  •• Yahoo Livetext


Software, General Tools:  •• Transitioning to a new email address  •• Use Android apps on your PC for Windows & Mac  •• FileExplorer Free syncs media across devices for Android & iOS  •• Funny weather app for Android, iOS, & Apple Watch  •• eBay app for Android & iOS  •• Kodi home theater app for Windows & Mac  •• Calculator+ Free for Android & iOS  •• Prey phone/tablet tracker for Android & iOS  •• How to print fm smartphone or tablet  •• Translate voice, encrypt calls, and more  •• TuneIn Radio for Android & iOS  •• Crowdfind app is a lost-and-found for Android & iOS  •• XnView free & easy photo mgt for Windows & Mac  •• Classic card games for Android & iOS  •• Logical ‘If This Then That’ app for Android & iOS  •• Rainlender desktop calendar for Windows & Mac •• Honk, the Uber of tow trucks, for Android & iOS  •• You-Need-A-Budget app for Android & iOS  •• VLC music player for Windows & Mac  •• Microsoft, Flash, & Java updates need your attention  •• Download almost 500 Microsoft pubs for Windows & Mac  •• Mobile Mouse for Android & iOS  •• Viber free phone calls  •• News360 personalized new for Android & iOS  •• The official Star Wars app for Android & iOS  •• Sync all of your music w/ one app for Android & iOS  •• Blender free 3D-graphics tool for Windows & Mac  •• Police scanner app for Android & iOS  •• Keyboard shortcuts for Windows & Mac  •• 3D Compass for Android & iOS •• Fictionary keeps track of characters in ebooks for Kindle & Nook  •• Shake on - shake off flashlight app for Android & iOS  •• Pixar’s RenderMan 3D software free for Windows & Mac


Software, Browsers:  •• Microsoft Edge doesn’t support Java  •• Google Chrome patch fixes 43 security flaws  ••  4 new security bugs discovered in Internet Explorer


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   •• Pinterest’s buyable pins arrive on iOS  •• Apple Music & iOS 8.4 now available  •• Apple automatically charges for Apple Music after trial runs out  •• Tips for mastering Apple Music  •• Ask Siri to divide zero by zero  •• Test out new Apple OSes  •• The 1st thermostat you can control w/ Siri  •• iOS9 beta coming this Fall  •• A radio commercial that turns off iPhones  •• Have Siri call the person you’re typing a reply to, thanks Connie  •• Don’t tell Siri to, “Charge my phone to 100%”  •• How to get iOS9 before it’s released  •• Apple has money, why is stock tanking?


Software, Apple, Apps:  •• Special apps for 4th of July  •• Simple Scale weighs things


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  •• Windows 10 rollout will start on July 29, but not for all  •• Fox News asks, “Is Windows 10 right for you?”   •• Windows 10 on an old PC: How low can you go?, thanks Juan  •• You may have to wait for Win 10  •• Windows 10 box design revealed  •• Don’t lose your product keys  •• Great backgrounds for Windows  •• Are system/Registry cleaners worthwhile?   Software, Microsoft, Apps:  •• Windows Secrets’ Best Utilities  •• ResophNotes keeps your ideas  •• SearchMyFiles detects duplicates  •• Macrorit Disk Scanner finds bad sectors  •• FastStone Photo Resizer edits in batch  •• Free Screen Reader (text to speech)  •• Remove unwanted toolbars  •• QuickBridgePortable teaches you how to play  •• Bring Win 7 gadgets back to Win 8 & Win 10  •• Full Wipe securely erases hard drives  •• VideoGhost let you watch videos while doing other work  •• Search for files & folders  •• Windows shutdown scheduler  •• NetWorx tracks up & down network speeds  •• EarthTime global clock  •• Image Composite Editor  •• Detailed diagnostic program  •• Work Time Monitor keeps track of time online  •• Tools for foiling malicious links & files  •• TeraCopy fast file copier


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  •• How Microsoft plans to release Win 10 updates  •• Will updating get easier?  •• Free desktop themes •• No automatic updates?, update now


Windows XP:   •• Security Essentials updates stopped


Windows 10:  •• Win 10 will automatically share your WiFi w/ friends  •• Win 10 boxes  •• HP to ship Windows 10 PCs on 7/28, thanks Connie  •• Final countdown for the Win 10 release  •• Windows 10 Q&A, thanks Helen  •• Win 10 to only permit installations of paid apps on 10 devices  •• Win 10 Gam e Bar lets you record your screen


Software, Microsoft, Office:  •• Google adds new tool for Office users


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  •• PC Club adds Android page (in members-only section)


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ••


Software, Google, Apps:  •• Save space on your gadgets  •• With Elixir you can make widgets for your Android phone


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  •• LinuxQuestions turns 15  •• What uncommon devices or places run Linux?  •• LQ interviews long-time Mozilla veteran Gervase Markham  •• Where Linux users come for help  •• Interview w/ Roberto Galoppini of Sourceforge


Software, Open-source, Apps:  •• Distro center for downloads


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  •• Free Introduction to Linux - A Hands On Guide”  •• What are the differences between Mandriva, Mageia, and PCLinux OS?

Linux Mint:  •• Linux Mint Rebecca

Red Hat - Fedora:  •• Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Slackware Linux:  •• Slackware documentation project  •• Slackware installation

4MLinux:  •• 4MLinux 13.1 Beta released  •• Guides for installing & using 4MLinux  •• 4MLinux Forum

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