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Web News for September, 2015

Trends:  ★★ E-ink based traffic signs  ★★ Open letter petitions UN to ban weaponized AI  ★★ BMW & Audi are putting tablets in the backseat now  ★★ Vizio goes public  ★★ 14M users of Windows 10 on 1st day  ★★ Windows 10: Should privacy problems worry me?, thanks Bill  ★★ Man finds iPhone still working after 9,300’ drop fm plane  ★★ Read the New Yorker on FlipBoard  ★★ Updating to Win 10: A mixed experience ★★ Apple to patch “privilege escalation” bug in OS X  ★★ Diver finds $1M treasure  ★★ Now you can bundle TV w/ cell service  ★★ Hitchhiking robot makes it across Canada & Europe, but is destroyed in Philly  ★★ Apple is working on a service to transcribe voicemail  ★★ Flight attendants use Facebook to strike back against rude passengers  ★★ Intel & Micron announce 1000X faster memory  ★★ 88K Android tablets recalled after batteries in 4 explode in flames  ★★ Amazon picks up Top Gear’s Clarkson & company for 2016  after firing by BBC  ★★ Ex-Apple employees rail against Steve Jobs in new documentary trailer  ★★ Amazon’s dash buttons are convenient, but dangerous  ★★ NFL’s Surface tablets to get big upgrade for 2015 season  ★★ British Movietone newsreel archive  ★★ Google is deleting inactive accounts  ★★ Yahoo suggests video texting w/ Livetext app  ★★ New limits on Amazon Prime account sharing  ★★ Hackers using Flash for malvertising  ★★ Microsoft at Gamescom 2015  ★★ Windows Secrets reviews Windows 10  ★★ Nobel laureate challenges global warming concern, thanks Bill  ★★ Google becomes Alphabet and parents itself, thanks Helen  ★★ What Google’s revamp means for customers  ★★ Oops, the name Alphabet is taken by others  ★★ More info about Alphabet  ★★ NFL to put Next Gen Stats RFID chips in players’ shoulder pads  ★★ San Antonio, TX to get Google Fiber  ★★ Verizon wants to use color lasers to make internet 1,000 times faster  ★★ Market thinks HTC collapsed and Android is in trouble  ★★ So what does it all mean?  ★★ Vertical videos are now acceptable  ★★ Streaming is killing the CD/DVD market  ★★ Apple to reveal iPhone 6s on September 9  ★★ LOL isn’t funny any more  ★★ Lost-and-found goes high tech  ★★ Apple is building a self-driving car  ★★ Cord-cutting is accelerating  ★★ Cyberflashers  ★★ Tablet shipments fall as giant smartphones rise  ★★ The book, Ghost Fleet, about WW3  ★★ What is Sway?   ★★ The flash storage revolution is here, thanks Mac  ★★ Immortus solar car to have unlimited range on sunny days  ★★ Samsung Pay comes to US  ★★ Siri & a butt dial save a man’s life  ★★ Intel developer conference kicks off in San Francisco  ★★ Apple stores demote the iconic iPod  ★★ Samsung offers iPhone uses a 1-month trial for $1  ★★ Apple to reveal Apple TV  ★★ Samsung unveils 16 TB SSD at Flash Memory Summit  ★★ The scary future of warfare revealed in Ghost Fleet  ★★ Realistic animation of skin  ★★ Autonomous ship to cross Atlantic crewless  ★★ 3D-printed violin  ★★ Android Marshmallow is in the works  ★★ VHS vs. Beta: Why the better product lost  ★★ Comedy wildlife photography awards 2015: best so far  ★★ New Lexus GS can read road signs & avoid obstacles  ★★ A robot that walks like the Terminator  ★★ A nearly fully-formed human brain grown in Ohio State lab  ★★ Uber can now run errands and bring food  ★★ Windows 95 launched 20 years ago  ★★ Big things coming fm Microsoft in Oct  ★★ How hurricane forecasts have improved since Katrina  ★★ NASA debunks rumors of asteroid strike near Puerto Rico in 2nd half of September  ★★ Google is easing up on bloatware  ★★ Stateside cellphone freebies  ★★ Google adds Tweets to desktop search results  ★★ Comcast is installing super-fast, super-expensive fiber networks  ★★ Boundaries shift on rude smartphone use  ★★ AT&T injects ads via hotspots  ★★ Faster internet at higher prices coming to airliners

Great ideas:  ★★ Fly-Bag could contain explosions in airline luggage  ★★ Morphing tire concept  ★★ Nanoscale device emits light like an object 10K bigger  ★★ Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation gets paralyzed legs moving voluntarily  ★★ The correct way to use zip-close bags  ★★ Ebola vaccine 100% effective in field trials  ★★ Flying car  ★★ Make a quick fruit salad  ★★ Clean stuck-on food from pans  ★★ iSkin touch-sensitive control panel  ★★ Near-live feed from E/V Nautilus w/ Dr. Robert Ballard and the Corps of Exploration  ★★ The Dolmio Pepper Hacker, thanks Mac  ★★ How to prolong lithium-based batteries, thanks Tom  ★★ Sleeping on your side cuts risk of neurological disorders  ★★ Printable solid-state battery  ★★ Wearable displays coming  ★★ Inflatable space elevator patented  ★★ New tech could date fingerprints  ★★ UK to try in-road wireless charging for electric vehicles  ★★ Blackadder could be back, thanks Connie  ★★ Edible coating more than doubles strawberry shelf life  ★★ JFK airport monitoring passengers’ phones to provide wait times  ★★ Smart light lets you control your environment  ★★ Google is working on diabetes-sensing bandages  ★★ DIY smartphone speakers  ★★ A child’s GPS voice for school zones  ★★ New quantum energy transport could revolutionize sunlight-to-energy conversion  ★★ Possible new helium sources  ★★ Hot bath makes tomatoes taste better  ★★ Digital pen technique can diagnose dementia faster & earlier  ★★ Staying awake w/o caffeine  ★★ Walking robot built almost completely out of paper  ★★ New tech to end police chases

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ The security tango, thanks Chuck  ★★ Why you should test your router, thanks Helen  ★★ Planned Parenthood hacked  ★★ Canada hacked  ★★ Virus-protection ideas  ★★ StageFright Android bug is scary  ★★ Google fixes Stagefright for Nexus phones  ★★ Stagefright gets worse  ★★ Motorola issues patch for Stagefright  ★★ 1st Android patch fails, 2nd issued  ★★ Certifigate is worse than Stagefright  ★★ How to bypass another Android attacker  ★★ ‘Rowhammer’ bug attacks Intel DRAM chips  ★★ Bogus Win 10 email has ransomware  ★★ Turn your old phone into a security camera  ★★ The Sony hack, part 1, thanks Bill  ★★ The Sony hack, part 2  ★★ Chinese hack United Airlines  ★★ MS Edge uses Flash, which is dangerous  ★★ Another major hack using Flash  ★★ Fix on the way for new OS X virus  ★★ 2 Major Mac viruses: Thunderstrike 2 worm & Privilege escalation  ★★ Privilege escalation hits Android phones  ★★ Websites can now track you by your battery-charge state  ★★ Same radio that caused 1.4M Chryslers to be recalled was used by other manufacturers  ★★ Digital Attack Map  ★★ Cellphones can hack nearby offline computers  ★★ Big increase in card skimming at ATMs  ★★ Google, Samsung to issue monthly Android security fixes  ★★ $32 hacker gadget opens almost any car or garage door  ★★ OnStar hacked  ★★ Android phones at risk fm remote-support apps  ★★ Ransomware masquerades as Win 10 upgrade  ★★ New camera could see through your clothes  ★★ Mac Thunderstrike 2 firmware worm spreads w/o network  ★★ Mac bug gave hackers total control, fixed in new OS X  ★★ Criminals are learning to hack your webcam on YouTube  ★★ Firefox exploit allows files to be stolen, thanks Tom  ★★ Masque attacks against iPhones  ★★ Russia apparently hacked Joint Chiefs of Staff  ★★ Facebook security tips  ★★ Should fingerprints replace passwords?  ★★ Researcher alleges hacking Facebook accounts via phone numbers  ★★ China apparently hacked American Airlines & Sabre reservation system  ★★ Rootkit vulnerability found in Intel & AMD chips  ★★ Medical Informatics Engineering hacked  ★★ Donald Trump hacked  ★★ Security pro hacked airports easily  ★★ World's riskiest travel stops for mobile devices, thanks Helen ★★ ISIS release info for 1,400 Americans to “act & kill”  ★★ Malware hidden in Facebook comments  ★★ Beware of ‘Grandma malware’  ★★ Computer security secrets  ★★ hacked ★★ Mac security bug affects all versions of Yosemite  ★★ Serious security flaw in keyless cars  ★★ Spotify explains it’s invasive privacy policy  ★★ Ashley Madison hackers go public w/ an interview  ★★ Samsung smart fridge reveals your Google creds  ★★ Hacker heels  ★★ Stop Facebook from tracking you

Legal issues:  ★★ Kentucky man convicted of Criminal Mischief after shooting down a drone over his property  ★★ President Obama signs executive order to build world’s fastest computer  ★★ Facebook patent suggests lenders consider who your friends are  ★★ 1st FDA-approved 3-D printed drug  ★★ Woman gets six years in jail for $400K Facebook IRS scam  ★★ Hackers busted for $100M insider-trading scheme  ★★ Kerry reopens US Embassy in Havana  ★★ Snowden commits yet another felony  ★★ FDA approves Addyl, 1st drug to boost female libido  ★★ Now you can rate the TSA on Yelp  ★★ Sneaky counterfeit trick makes $50 out of $10  ★★ Free legal information  ★★ Facebook spam king gets 3 years  ★★ San Jose, CA may put license-plate readers on garbage trucks

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Things that are better bought online  ★★ Anonymous accuses police of killing Sandra Bland and staging a suicide  ★★ Study shows RF fm cellphones can cause cancer  ★★ Dr. Seuss was a man of perfection & hope  ★★ Creating blog graphics for non-designers  ★★ Why does calling iPhones sometimes yield, “Slide to answer” and other times, “Accept/Decline”?  ★★ The White House’s alpha geeks  ★★ How do fireflies glow?  ★★ Explore philosophy w/ free courses  ★★ 10 important lists to keep  ★★ Crazy Russian rubber-band life hacks  ★★ Secret basement in NYC was critical to WWII effort  ★★ 2016 Election Central  ★★ Does the iWatch measure up to Steve Job’s standards?  ★★ World’s smallest functional circular saw  ★★ Care and feeding of Lithium batteries, thanks Helen  ★★ 50 great Robin Williams quotes on the anniversary of his death  ★★ The universe is past it’s peak  ★★ Millennials aren’t that different  ★★ Everything you need to know about Google’s new CEO  ★★ President Obama’s letter about the Voting Rights Act  ★★ Cutting meat across the grain works better than with the grain  ★★ Help translate the ancient text on this sword  ★★ Visual content drives social media growth  ★★ How the hallway scene from ‘Inception’ was filmed  ★★ FAA ERAM system glitch cancels and grounds flights  ★★ Can self-driving cars really replace human drivers?  ★★ Facebook is bringing back blogging  ★★ Which is better: cloud backup or cloud storage?  ★★ Your state’s unofficial emoji  ★★ Why is the internet slow & costly in the US?  ★★ How traditional websites could become obsolete by 2020  ★★ How to buy and sell items online  ★★ DNA would be the best hard drive ever  ★★ Documentaries that will teach you about business  ★★ Live forever in Eter9 AI?  ★★ 7 summer reads for the curious mind  ★★ Hydrogen-powered iPhones?  ★★ What if you could see WiFi?  ★★ How big a blue whale’s heart is  ★★ Black holes ‘are not the eternal prisons’ we once thought -- Stephen Hawking  ★★ Return to New Orleans a decade after Katrina  ★★ Life in Antarctica

Local Issues:  ★★ A local review of Win 10, thanks Helen  ★★ Airlines cutting out the middleman  ★★ CoCoCo computer catalog now online  ★★ See Google Translate’s version of La Bamba  ★★ Getting the lowest airfare online  ★★ Airport tech hacks  ★★ How to survive the middle seat on the plane  ★★ Well-known expat murdered and dumped near Circunvalación  ★★ Tools to get you through the airport faster  ★★ Futbol goalie gives his all

International issues:   ★★ Google’s Project Loon to bring internet access to Sri Lanka  ★★ Facebook builds its 1st Aquilla internet-beaming drone  ★★ Japan builds world’s-record laser  ★★ Audi to turn on OLED taillights at Frankfurt Motor Show  ★★ Russian fake brides scammed ISIS for thousands of dollars  ★★ British Museum transports visitors to Bronze Age w/ virtual reality  ★★ China hacks private email accounts of high-level US executive branch officials  ★★ Microsoft co-founder recovers bell from HMS Hood  ★★ Maker Faire Tokyo 2015  ★★ Why ISIS is so good at social media  ★★ Secret places on Google earth  ★★ Israeli firm claims battery changing breakthrough  ★★ Emirates Airline to initiate route Dubai - Panama City  ★★ India’s Cochin Intn’l to become world’s 1st completely solar-powered airport  ★★ New monkey species found in Peru  ★★ 3 Americans and a Briton get France’s highest honor for stopping a terrorist attack  ★★ Google Street View car trashed by vandals in Spanish tomato fight

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Pluto has an atmosphere  ★★ SLS completes critical design review  ★★ ALMA provides detailed look at the early universe  ★★ ISS Panoramic Tour ★★ Mars orbiter prepares for InSight arrival next year  ★★ New map highlights features on Ceres  ★★ New high-res camera headed for ISS  ★★ Alka-Seltzer is weird in space  ★★ Sloan survey finds 30% of stars moved to new orbit  ★★ Earth’s magnetic field may be 4.2 billion years old  ★★ Philae lander found grains of organic matter on Comet 67P  ★★ Smithsonian partners w/ Kickstarter to preserve and display Armstrong’s 1st moonwalk suit  ★★ Spitzer Space Telescope confirms nearest rocky planet  ★★ Red arcs discovered on Saturnian moon Tethys  ★★ DSCOVR captures moon transit of Earth  ★★ Scramjet to blast Australia into space  ★★ Curiosity’s 3rd anniversary on Mars  ★★ ISS Astronauts chow down on 1st space harvest  ★★ NASA provides 3D view of Ceres’ lone mountain  ★★ NASA’s new 3D Mars rover simulator  ★★ Perseid meteor shower 2015  ★★ More Perseid photos  ★★ 40 maps that explain outer space  ★★ Comet 67P & Rosetta make their closest pass to the sun (perihelion)  ★★ The biggest thing in the universe  ★★ Gecko-inspired astronaut anchors  ★★ NASA issues boarding call to take your name to Mars  ★★ NASA engineer becomes astronaut on 15th try  ★★ NASA begins assembly of next-gen hurricane-observing microsatellites  ★★ Designing a rover to hunt for water on Mars  ★★ Images of Saturnian Moon Dione  ★★ Danish company wants to orbit a human

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Boeing 777 dances in crosswind landing  ★★ Star Wars: The Force Awakens info  ★★ Podcast interview w/ P. W. Singer, author of Ghost Fleet  ★★ Bugatti 100P replica makes its 1st flight in Tulsa  ★★ Jay Leno’s Garage  ★★ Springsteen on making Born to Run

Galleries:  ★★ Some good books from 2015  ★★ French cyclist lifts car out of bike lane  ★★ Flight 1549 ditching in Hudson River in 2009  ★★ Why Spam is popular in Hawaii  ★★ The Pacific Clipper - The long way home  ★★ Great traffic circle shot fm Phantom 3 drone  ★★ 1,000-person rock band plays Foo Fighters’ Learn to Fly  ★★ Man attempts to preserve quiet places in Olympic National Park  ★★ Bird’s eye view of Kagoshima, Japan  ★★ Barbershop quartet’s finale  ★★ Red hot nickel ball meets floral foam  ★★ Amazon fulfillment center operation  ★★ Jon Stewart’s greatest takedowns  ★★ The Ocean, by National Geographic  ★★ Recorder player goes wild  ★★ Diving w/ orcas  ★★ Microburst storm in time-lapse  ★★ Autistix Rock Band  ★★ A politician w/ a sense of humor  ★★ 164 people break record for skydiving formations heads down  ★★ What's a Chapman Stick?  ★★ Great New Zealand & Australia video  ★★ World’s largest treehouse  ★★ Groom and pals dance for his bride  ★★ Ultra-slow-motion bullet firing  ★★ Man leads goose to water  ★★ Funniest flight attendant safety demo  ★★ Sky pool 10 stories in the air  ★★ Daredevil jumps 193’  ★★ Acrobatic illusions  ★★ Rocket II Trike on Jay Leno’s Garage  ★★ Mesmerizing infinity train  ★★ Nine drummers, one song  ★★ Instagram Photos  ★★ Watermelon sculptures  ★★ Lightning strikes airliner on the ground  ★★ Alaskan Grizzly Bear rolls down a mountain in Denali National Park

Potential Products:  ★★ X-Pro ear plugs  ★★ TrackerPad GPS stickers ★★ Turn Macbook USB-C port into multiple formats  ★★ Samsung’s newest monitor hosts wireless phone charging  ★★ Tactical Assault Commander 4 game console  ★★ Leaked photos of iPhone6S  ★★ Sneak peek of new iPads and iPhones coming this year  ★★ Foldup drone fits in your pocket  ★★ Rumors of new Apple TV coming soon  ★★ Bevel turns smartphones & tablets into 3D cameras  ★★ Braille smartwatch  ★★ Turn any TV into a smart touchscreen w/ TouchJet WAVE  ★★ Samsung Unpacked to feature Galaxy Note 5  ★★ Zuk phone has USB-C & fingerprint sensor at a tempting price  ★★ Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 phone  ★★ Phone charger uses 2 AA batteries  ★★ Samsung is working on a tablet w/ a massive 18.4” screen  ★★ Samsung to offer slide-on keyboard  ★★ Small Bluetooth device gives your phone a 2nd number  ★★ Boeing patents a drone that turns into a submarine  ★★ AfterShokz bone-conduction headphones  ★★ Ring video doorbell brings the peephole to your smartphone  ★★ 360° camera finally available  ★★ Google’s Project Ara modular phones delayed  ★★ Thumb ring quickly diagnoses STDs  ★★ Wireless headphones also work as walkie-talkies  ★★ Yamaha MusicCast multi-room music streaming  ★★ LG G Pad tablet has 10.1” screen  ★★ 1st Fully-flexible touchscreen wristband slated for 2016 launch  ★★ Ohm smart battery for cars  ★★ Orée Stylograph pen takes notes while you take notes  ★★ Flexible white LEDs  ★★ Archos budget Windows 10 phone  ★★ LG rollup keyboard  ★★ John Sculley is back w/ Obi Worldphones

Hardware, General:  ★★ Gadget comparison charts  ★★ Nano HiFi Bluetooth boombox  ★★ New Apple TV arriving in Sept  ★★ 6th Gen iPod Touch vs. PS Vita  ★★ White laser demonstrated  ★★ Common iPhone problems & how to fix them  ★★ Israeli firm claims battery changing breakthrough  ★★ Google makes a router  ★★ Ferro-fluid clock

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ A regular drone rotor could cut your throat  ★★ Kentucky man convicted of Criminal Mischief after shooting down a drone over his property  ★★ Review of Phantom 3 Pro  ★★ Phantom 3 Standard  ★★ Great traffic circle shot fm Phantom 3 drone  ★★ Drones transport blood samples  ★★ Drone drops contraband into prison yard  ★★ Police arrest 2 in plot to drop drugs & porn into prison  ★★ Drones interfering w/ emergency responders  ★★ Hacking drone now available  ★★ Fisherman hooks drone  ★★ Eagle takes down a drone  ★★ Approved commercial drone ops tops 1,000 in USA  ★★ Bears hate drones, too  ★★ Lloyd’s of London cites 5 factors that may ground drone economy  ★★ Anti-drone ammo  ★★ Don’t shoot drones:  take a picture and call the police  ★★ Aerosense drones sport Sony cameras  ★★ VTOL airplane drone  ★★ Drones to track radio-tagged wildlife  ★★ North Dakota is 1st state to allow armed police drones  ★★ Boeing develops anti-drone laser

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ 3 major smart-home hubs are vulnerable to hackers  ★★ Knocki detects knocks & executes functions  ★★ A very different view of IoT, thanks Bill  ★★ Futuristic IoT gadgets you’ll want in your home  ★★ Smart lantern

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ MacBook buying guide  ★★ Best laptops for under $500  ★★ Lenovo Service Engine cause problems

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Acer's Aspire One Cloudbook w/ Windows 10 for $169

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Kurio Smart tablet is like a Surface for kids  ★★ Microsoft cuts Surface Pro 3 prices by as much as $150

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Sneak peek of new iPads & iPhones  ★★ Getac explosion-proof tablet  ★★ LeapFrog Epic Android tablet for kids

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Chinese OnePlus 2 for $329  ★★ $329 OnePlus 2 phone is an iPhone killer  ★★ Philosophy of OnePlus2  ★★ OnePlus2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6  ★★ Galaxy Note 5 expected this month  ★★ Galaxy Note 5 head of its class  ★★ Samsung announces Note 5 & S6 Edge+  ★★ Don’t put the Note 5 S-Pen in backwards!  ★★ Note 5 vs. Note 4  ★★ Hands-on: Galaxy S6 Edge+   ★★ Galaxy S6 edge+ vs. S6 edge  ★★ Hands-on: Galaxy Note 5  ★★ Note 5 early impressions  ★★ Note 5 vs. Nexus 6  ★★ Note 5 vs. S6 Edge+  ★★ Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6  ★★ Gizmag looks at new Note & Edge  ★★ Kim looks also  ★★ Motorola launches Moto G & X  ★★ Moto X makes Apple & Samsung look bad  ★★ Moto X Style vs. 2014 Moto X  ★★ Moto X Style vs. OnePlus 2  ★★ Moto X vs. HTC One M9  ★★ Moto X Style vs. iPhone 6+  ★★ Galaxy Note 5 vs. iPhone 6+  ★★ Moto X Style vs. Samsung Galaxy S6  ★★ Moto X Style vs. LG G4  ★★ Moto X Style vs. Nexus 6  ★★ OnePlus 2 vs. OnePlus One  ★★ OnePlus 2 vs. Nexus 6  ★★ Moto X Play vs. Moto G  ★★ OnePlus 2 vs. iPhone6+  ★★ iPhone 6s to defeat BendGate  ★★ Leaked video of iPhone 6S  ★★ Camera problems on iPhone 6+

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ LG’s smart/flip phone, the LG Gentle  ★★ LG Wine Smart flip phone  ★★ Sony Xperia M5 w/ Clear Image Zoom  ★★ BlackBerry’s Venice Android phone w/ sliding keyboard  ★★ Charge your phone faster

Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Garmin vivoactive GPS  ★★ Helvetica 1  ★★ Microsoft Outlook for iOS puts your inbox & calendar on your wrist  ★★ Samsung has a new watch  ★★ Samsung Gear S2 watch is gorgeous

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Time magazine tries every VR headset out there  ★★ External 2TB HDD for Xbox One  ★★ Key features of XBox One Elite contoller  ★★ Games that would be a perfect fit for HoloLens  ★★ 10 of the biggest games due out before the end of 2015  ★★ Battlecade

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Freak3D portable 3D printer  ★★ Ultimate-Ears-Roll waterproof speaker  ★★ Hi-Res T20 in-ear headphones review  ★★ Epson supertank printers  ★★ Ecoxgear HD solar & powerbank speakers  ★★ Best headphones under $100  ★★ Trinity Audio Delta IEMs  ★★ iShower2 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker  ★★ Voice Bridge sends landline calls to smartphones

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ GoPro accessories  ★★ Phone-charging jeans

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Intel & Micron announce 1000X faster memory  ★★ Samsung unveils 16 TB SSD at Flash Memory Summit

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ How much internet speed do I need?  ★★ Yahoo launches Livetext  ★★ 2015 US state sales-tax holidays  ★★ Facebook tips & tricks  ★★ Details you shouldn’t give Facebook  ★★ Google Sheets  ★★ The rise & fall of Google+  ★★ TubeChop excerpts clips from YouTube videos  ★★ Twitter's Periscope free live-video broadcasting app  ★★ Google Translate app  ★★ Facebook image size guide 2015  ★★ Get more out of Netflix  ★★ Tip-of-my-tongue helps remember the word  ★★ Sites to help you track your money  ★★ Numbeo database about cities & countries worldwide  ★★ OEDb offers 250+ killer digital libraries and archives  ★★ Internet health test  ★★ Facebook banned the Avatar family  ★★ Google Shopping tool  ★★ Free legal information  ★★ Facebook to allow GIF ads  ★★ Your life on earth fm the BBC  ★★ 800notes tells you who owns that 800 number  ★★ shopping site

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Free ebooks for Android, iOS, Apple Watch  ★★ TubeMate can download from YouTube to Android devices, thanks Gillian  ★★ Hotspot Shield VPN for Android & iOS  ★★ 4 Pics 1 Word game for Android & iOS  ★★ game for Android & iOS  ★★ Kodi media-streaming powerhouse for Windows & Mac  ★★ BMW traffic-light-timing app  ★★ Back-to-school apps that might help everyone  ★★ Funny-or-Die weather app for Android, iOS, & Apple Watch  ★★ Prey tracks down your stolen laptop for Windows & Mac  ★★ Google Calendar for Android & iOS  ★★ Lifecake photo manager for Android & iOS  ★★ Blinklist book summarizer for Android, Kindle, & iOS  ★★ Flyp collects multiple numbers to one phone for Android & iOS  ★★ Microsoft Sway presentation tool for Windows 10 & iOS  ★★ How to build a presentation in Sway  ★★ eBay app for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps to get stuff done at home  ★★ Scrabble for Android or iOS  ★★ Free photo editors  ★★ RadioTunes plays radio via the web for Android & iOS  ★★ Patches released for many Windows & Adobe products ★★ Evernote for Windows, Android, iOS, Apple Watch  ★★ Microsoft Sway for Windows 10 & iOS  ★★ Over 1000 fonts for Windows & Mac  ★★ Telegram Desktop email client  ★★ Print Hammermill for Android & iOS  ★★ Hooks generates alerts for happenings of interest for Android, iOS, & Apple Watch  ★★ Bandwidth monitoring tools  ★★ VM OS Parallels 11 supports Windows 10 w/ always-on Cortana and El Capitan for Macs  ★★ Put your OS on a thumb drive  ★★ Disneyland app for Android & iOS  ★★ Switch Audio File Converter for Windows, Mac, & Android  ★★ Claim It to get free stuff for Android & iOS  ★★ Emoji mosaic tool  ★★ Tango messaging app for Android, Blackberry, Kindle, & iOS ★★ Timestamp Camera for Android & iOS  ★★ TunnelBear VPN for Windows, Android, Mac, Chrome, & iOS

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Firefox is free for PC or Mac  ★★ Firefox exploit allows files to be stolen, thanks Tom  ★★ Firefox 40 fixes 14 security issues  ★★ Chrome extensions to improve your life  ★★ Microsoft releases fix for critical Internet Explorer bug  ★★ MS Edge lets you annotate the screen

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★  Man finds iPhone still working after 9,300’ drop fm plane  ★★ Why does calling iPhones sometimes yield, “Slide to answer” and other times, “Accept/Decline”?   ★★ Fix on the way for new OS X virus  ★★ 2 Major Mac viruses: Thunderstrike 2 worm & Privilege escalation  ★★ Apple Music has 11M trial subscribers  ★★ Metropolitan Museum of Art for Windows & Mac  ★★ iPhone 6s  rumor roundup  ★★ iCloud Voicemail set for 2016  ★★ iPhone 6s to defeat BendGate  ★★ Apple is building a self-driving car  ★★ Apple rumored to be developing a heads-up display (HUD)  ★★ Apple makes last updates for Yosemite & iOS 8 before El Capitan & iOS 9 are released  ★★ Is an ‘iPad Pro’ on deck?  ★★ Apple stores demote the iconic iPod  ★★ Man uses AirDrop to send nude photos of himself  ★★ How strong is your iPhone's cell signal?  ★★ Why MacBooks are displayed at a 76° angle in the store

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Facebook Apple app  ★★ Track your iPhone’s data usage in real time  ★★ Where in the world you can use Apple Pay  ★★ German iPad app visualizes overlapping signals in specific area

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Will updating Windows get easier?   ★★ MS Edge uses Flash, which is dangerous  ★★ Big things coming fm Microsoft in Oct  ★★ Security patch for QuickTime for Windows

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Windows Live Essentials  ★★ Audio volume slider  ★★ Pop Peeper manages multiple email accounts  ★★ Artha Portable thesaurus  ★★ Win 10 Solitaire has ads unless you pay  ★★ Dead Pixel Tester for your monitor  ★★ ResophNotes notepad  ★★ Improve your typing skills  ★★ Mouse Without Borders lets you share one keyboard & mouse across multiple computers  ★★ AIMP converts CDs or computer audio to digital files  ★★ Penguins for your screen  ★★ MediaMonkey organizes and plays  ★★ Always-on-Top  ★★ Use Printstation to print multiple pictures on one page  ★★ Windows Hello can recognize the difference between identical twins  ★★ Hacking Team malware detection utility  ★★ BATExpert knows the precise status of your Windows laptop battery

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Secrets to make you like Win 10  ★★ Questions everyone is asking about Win 10  ★★ Win 10’s virtual assistant Cortana  ★★ Windows Secrets reviews Windows 10  ★★ Sony warns against Win10  ★★ Apple issues QuickTime patch for Windows  ★★ Backup before upgrading to Win 10

Windows 10:   ★★ Windows 10: Should privacy problems worry me?, thanks Bill  ★★ Quick & flawless upgrade  ★★ Is Win 10 right for you and your PC?  ★★ Download site for Win 10  ★★ 14M users of Windows 10 on 1st day  ★★ Everything you need to know about Win 10  ★★ Win 10 secrets  ★★ Updating to Win 10: A mixed experience ★★ Win 10 rolls out to 190 countries  ★★ Stop Win 10 Wi-Fi Sense fm sharing internet access  ★★ Going back to 7 or 8.1 isn’t perfect after Win 10 install  ★★ The story of Win 10 fm inside Microsoft  ★★ Win 10 uses your bandwidth (by default) to distribute updates to others  ★★ Win 10 gets 3 security patches already  ★★ Getting started with the new Windows  ★★ GodMode for Win 10  ★★ Win 10 progress report  ★★ Win 10 update on 64-bit computers w/ certain Nvidia drivers causes endless reboots  ★★ Tips & Tricks for Win 10  ★★ Some users report streaming video issues w/ Win 10  ★★ The most embarrassing Win 10 upgrade feature ever  ★★ Important questions answered  ★★ Win 10 can detect & disable pirated software  ★★ Win 10 uses a lot of RAM  ★★ Fixing audio issues in Win 10  ★★ Turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot  ★★ Speed up Win 10 startup, thanks Helen  ★★ Windows Secrets can't seem to get Win 10 going

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Powerpoint is free for Android  ★★ Excel is free for Android  ★★ Word is free for Android  ★★ Free Office templates for Windows & Mac

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Certifi-gate exploit detector   ★★ Android Marshmallow is in the works  ★★ Android Wear update coming soon  ★★ Task Hijacking risk  ★★ Cortana is coming to Android

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Google Drive’s MS Office plug-in  ★★ Android Kindle Unlimited App

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ People interviewed by  ★★ Screencasts Forum added to LQ

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Distros of the year: Linux Mint, Slackware, Ubuntu

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Red Hat forum

Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware forum

Linux Mint:  ★★ Preserve your old computer w/ Linux Mint  ★★ Linux Mint forum

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