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Web News for November, 2015


Trends:  ★★ Apple’s 2015 announcements  ★★ Everything Apple announced in 9/2015  ★★ Fall movie previews for 2015  ★★ Seniors get mentally younger by using computers  ★★ NASA warns of rising oceans  ★★ Sprint offers DirecTV customers free year of service  ★★ Ashley-Madison CEO steps down  ★★ Neilsen is tracking 1,000 internet shows  ★★ shopping site opens  ★★ Gaming apps drop 30% while social & entertainment apps increase dramatically  ★★ AI algorithm can copy any artist  ★★ Vinyl records, iPods, and VHS tapes are selling big on eBay  ★★ Electric car sets new record at 240 mph  ★★ Mr. Roge rs comes to Netflix< /a>  ★★ Many Netflix movies are going to Epix entertainment network  ★★ Google has a new logo  ★★ Hotels hit back at discount travel sites  ★★ IFA 2015 in Berlin  ★★ Digital Trends at IFA  ★★ Social media personalities  ★★ Kim’s Happening Now page  ★★ Apple talks to Hollywood about producing original content  ★★ Someone rented this guy’s house out on Airbnb  ★★ Two NFL games will stream for free this year  ★★ 3D printer extrudes molten glass  ★★ Google Knowledge Graph rolls out  ★★ Apple TV may be revolutionary  ★★ Verizon to begin testing 5G in 2016  ★★ Voice Typing for Google Docs  ★★ The downfall of Kinect  ★★ A bloody railroad strike paved the way for Labor Day  ★★ Video comments on Fall movie previews  ★★ Colbert is coming to the Late Show  ★★ Best moments of Colbert premier  ★★ Major trends covered at IFA 2015  ★★ T-Mobile undercuts Apple’s iPhone upgrade plan  ★★ Stanford attracts economists fm leading schools  ★★ Army helmets could soon feature bone-conduction comms  ★★ Cupertino shopping center to get world’s largest green roof  ★★ 1K Mb/s comes to Irvine, Louisville, & San Diego via Google Fiber  ★★ Barnes & Noble is in trouble  ★★ Companies that are disrupting the web with new ideas  ★★ Anti-counterfeiting 3D barcodes  ★★ Microsoft gets a little pushy about Win 10  ★★ Super Mario Bros turns 30  ★★ Google’s great new Project Fi  ★★  iOS 9 released  ★★ Sharp sells world’s 1st 8K TV  ★★ Samsung joins the club proposing a worldwide satellite network for universal web access  ★★ Is Evernote a, “dead unicorn”?  ★★ Watch TV online w/o cable, thanks Connie


Great ideas:  ★★ Tiny solar cells could soon charge electric vehicles while on the road  ★★ Ultra-low-power magnetic communication through the human body  ★★ How to skin a watermelon  ★★ Revive your wet phone  ★★ Using forks to cool a laptop prone to overheating  ★★ How to cook bacon  ★★ Solar-charging transparent batteries  ★★ High-efficiency, semi-transparent perovskite/graphite solar cells  ★★ Solar-power system combines photovoltaic w/ pyroelectric tech  ★★ High-tech football helmets let doctors see a concussion  ★★ Luke Skywalker hand for real  ★★ Power company to rent space for solar panels


Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Apple issues patch for iPhones & iPads to kill Ins0mnia  ★★ Some phone brands still waiting for Stagefright patch  ★★ Google is torpedoing Apple’s new strong security measures  ★★ Pass code mistake for phones & tablets  ★★ KeyRaider hacks 250K iPhones  ★★ Merit Health system breached  ★★ Wikipedia sock puppets  ★★ Iranian hackers are tricky  ★★ BrokenChain steals Mac passwords  ★★ Malware app blackmails you for watching porn and locks your gadget  ★★ Luggage w/ zippers is ridiculously easy to break into w/o a trace  ★★ PrivacyGrade rates the privacy of smartphone apps  ★★ Facebook friend request scam  ★★ Should the US strike back at Chinese hackers?  ★★ Major security hole found in Seagate external hard drives  ★★ Surveillance babyseat  ★★ Your fingerprints are about to reveal a lot more about you  ★★ Kaspersky Lab and FireEye antivirus programs have vulnerabilities  ★★ Common problems w/ home-security systems  ★★ WhatsApp has a huge security flaw  < /span>★★ School deploys safety system against attackers  ★★ 3D-printers can now make TSA master luggage keys  ★★ Android releases 1st monthly security update  ★★ It is easy to rob a hotel safe  ★★ Facebook scams abound  ★★ NY BlueCross / BlueShield data breach  ★★ Apps that scored badly on PrivacyGrade  ★★ Apps to hide photos, videos, & files  ★★ Serious security bug in Yahoo Messenger  ★★ Will the new iPhone violate your privacy?  ★★ Researchers show that app can steal passwords via the motion of your smartwatch  ★★ These apps are among the worst at protecting privacy, thanks Helen  ★★ Easy way to bypass lockscreen in Lollipop  ★★ iOS 9 fixes security flaw  ★★ The great online poker scam  ★★ Russian hackers use monkey videos  ★★ Chrome: “Your connection is not private” msg  ★★ Candy Crush & others infected w/ dangerous trojans, thanks Tom


Legal issues:  ★★ Virginia teen gets 11 years in prison for helping ISIS  ★★ Google applies for pothole-tracker patent  ★★ North Dakota police can now use tasers, pepper spray, and sound cannons from drones  ★★ President Obama settles the controversy over Mt. Denali  ★★ FAA to require testing effects of drones sucked into jet engines  ★★ California legislature passes strict drone bill  ★★ Gov. Brown vetoes the California drone bill  ★★ Justice Dept memo requires feds to get a warrant to use StingRays in most cases  ★★ Stats on crime in CR, thanks Connie  ★★ Teacher arrested for crashing his drone at the US Open  ★★ Police raid man’s house after neighbor hijacked his WiFi  ★★ New DoE site rates colleges  ★★ FBI investigates more fiber-optic cable cuts  ★★ US Court of Appeals allows Prince vs. dancing baby to go to trial  ★★ The video Prince is suing over


Philosophical issues:  ★★ Common tech myths  ★★ Cyborg implants  ★★ Where did Siri come from?  ★★ Crazy Russian Hacker duct tape  ★★ AMOLED vs. IPS displays  ★★ Where does “OK” come from?  ★★ Common tech myths  ★★ Try Googling “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious”  ★★ Social driving experiment, thanks Connie  ★★ Details of Amazon Prime deliveries  ★★ 87-year-old is famous on the internet  ★★ Legion of tech volunteers leads a charge for Bernie Sanders  ★★ NASA gives The Martian movie two thumbs up  ★★ Future tech that will change the world in your lifetime  ★★ MIT examines cleansing effect of rain on our atmosphere  ★★ John McAfee creates the ‘Cyber Party’ and runs for president  ★★ Blitz chess  ★★ Bones in African cave may change human evolution story  ★★ John McAfee’s bizarre campaign ad  ★★ Science knowledge quiz  ★★ Elon Musk’s plan to nuke Mars  ★★ What firefighters did when they found a lost phone in a river  ★★ Status of beaming energy down fm space


Local Issues:   ★★ No need to stop for red lights between 10 PM & 5 AM in CR; also right-turn-on-red-after-stop is legal anytime unless prohibited by a sign  ★★ Air Panama begins flights between San José and Bocas del Toro, Panama  for $99 each way, thanks Connie Microsoft is installing Windows 10 privacy issues on Win 7 & 8  ★★ Firemen in San José dance Thriller, stopping traffic, thanks Connie  ★★ Newcomer’s guide to “Tico-Mex” cuisine  ★★ Work-at-home jobs  ★★ Cruises were available last month from Limon, let’s hope for more, thanks Connie  ★★ Make free calls over WiFi  ★★ An app to brush your teeth the right way, thanks Helen


International issues:  ★★ Drone strike kills top ISS hacker  ★★ Autonomous e-bike concept shown at Eurobike  ★★ Snowden inadvertently helped Putin’s internet crackdown  ★★ What happens to former ISIS fighters?  ★★ Maps of world perspectives  ★★ Which countries welcome Syrian refugees and which don’t  ★★ President Obama approves 10,000 Syrian refugees to come to the US  ★★ Jordan is key to end Syria crisis  ★★ The CIA’s greatest basketball coach  ★★ How Britain came to revere Elizabeth II  ★★ China tells US to stop ‘groundless’ hacking accusations  ★★ Google matches refugee-crisis donations


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ NASA tests Orion parachutes  ★★ Space elevators are possible, but very expensive  ★★ Curiosity rover takes a great selfie  ★★ NASA tests 3D-printed turbopump  ★★ Planetoid a billion miles beyond Pluto selected as next destination for New Horizons  ★★ New Horizons begins massive downlink  ★★ NASA is working on a magnetic ‘tractor beam’  ★★ Boeing christens the Starliner  ★★ Hopping-cube robot to explore asteroids & comets  ★★ Glass for sipping whisky in space  ★★ One year Mars mission simulation in Hawaii  ★★ Doubts about Mars valley formation theory  ★★ Robots to act as go-betweens for ISS crews  ★★ Astronaut drives rover from orbit  ★★ Hi-res images of Occator crater on Ceres  ★★ New Pluto images show geological diversity  ★★ Cassini spacecraft took great picture of Saturn’s moon Dione  ★★ 1st all-electric propulsion satellite goes on line  ★★ ESA’s Mars Express craft captures stunning image of Martian landscape  ★★ SpaceX sh ows off Crew Dragon interior ★★ Tidally locked exoplanets more habitable than previously thought  ★★ Mars shelter could be 3D-printed fm local substrata  ★★ Blue Origin to move to Canaveral  ★★ Tech from The Martian that NASA really uses  ★★ Earth’s space junk hits critical density


Geek humor & interests:  ★★ If my nose was running money  ★★ Strandbeests on the beach  ★★ Upload your own perspective to Google Street View  ★★ Weatherman nails difficult word


Galleries:  ★★ Alaska Fish & Game trooper has a huge bear sit next to him for a while  ★★ Restored Vietnam-era jets at Oshkosh  ★★ Ladybug opens wings  ★★ The Navy does Frankie Valli  ★★ Pilotless QF-16s  ★★ Making ice-cream bread  ★★ Great moon-rise time lapse  ★★ Dodge Ram truck takes on a tree  ★★ Diver’s encounter w/ a friendly seal  ★★ History of the guitar solo  ★★ Marmot sound on video  ★★ The History of Animation  ★★ Robots to party with  ★★ Actor nails Hank Williams in movie about his life  ★★ Amira Willighagen is 9 years old, but what a voice! thanks Tom  ★★ Caterpillar transforms into a Monarch butterfly  ★★ Great Galapagos Islands photos on the anniversary of Darwin’s voyage  ★★ Miss Colorado shows true talent  ★★ Netflix releases Fall lineup trailers


Potential Products:  ★★ Testing of Facebook M digital assistant announced  ★★ Erida Gen.B drone  ★★ Huawei watch  ★★ Moto 360 2nd gen hands on  ★★ Moto 360 watch this year vs. last year  ★★ Panasonic’s 1st OLED TV  ★★ Lenovo Vibe smartphone  ★★ Huawei’s Mate S smartphone  ★★ Force Touch for Huawei Mate S  ★★ Sony Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone  ★★ Tesla to make an affordable ‘Model 3’ electric car  ★★ Earbuds by Doppler Labs  ★★ Neato robot vacuum cleaner  ★★ Lenovo Miix 700 is a less-expensive Surface  ★★ New Asus router coming soon  ★★ Smart cocktail stirrer  ★★ Samsung 4K Blu-ray player  ★★ HandyCase lets fingers control screens on the backside  ★★ The O warns you if you leave something behind  ★★ Batband bone-conduction headphones  ★★ Will Li-Fi replace Wi-Fi?  ★★ 50” 4K display screen for wall art  ★★ Snapdragon charger works 38% faster  ★★ Samsung introduces Foldable Valley phone


Hardware, General:  ★★ Clever ways to reuse wine corks  ★★ Bamboo Spark pen creates digital copy of written notes with ordinary paper  ★★ Ricoh Theta S records spherical video  ★★ Super-cheap PCs that actually work  ★★ Google Loon Balloon lands in someone’s yard  ★★ Dead batteries bounce


Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Why airline pilots aren’t worried about drones  ★★ Drone spys man atop 200’ windmill  ★★ The easiest way to get a drone license  ★★ Drones help defend Machu Picchu from vandals  ★★ North Dakota police can now use tasers, pepper spray, and sound cannons from drones  ★★ DARPA to supplement multi-role aircraft w/ drones  ★★ Drone fishing  ★★ 54-rotor, human carrying drone  ★★ Intelligent flight modes added to Phantom 3  ★★ Guide on Buying the Right Drone  ★★ Snap drone held together magnetically  ★★ ProDrone’s Byrd  ★★ US & UK to develop tracking system for drones


Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Apple’s Homekit  ★★ Apple TV 4 is coming  ★★ Nest’s 3rd-gen smart thermostat


Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Percieved heating problem w/ dual monitors  ★★ Best budget laptops for 2015


Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Acer Chromebook R11


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3  ★★ iPad Pro is remarkably similar to Surface Pro 3


Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Acer Revo Build


Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Amazon is making a $50 Android tablet  ★★ Amazon selling 6-packs of $50 tablet  ★★ iPad mini gets a big update


Hardware, Phablets:   ★★ Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Moto X Style  ★★ Galaxy S6 edge+ review  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ vs. iPhone 6+  ★★ Huawei Mate S hands on  ★★ iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S6  ★★ Apple unveils 2015 iPhones  ★★ iPhone 6s+ vs. Galaxy Note 5


Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Leaked images of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 phone  ★★ The Chromebook of smartphones?  ★★ ZTE penetrates the US cheap phone market  ★★ Sony’s flagship Xperia Z5 ★★ Get the best deal on your iPhone trade-in  ★★ Turn your old phone into a security camera  ★★ Asus ZenFone 2, thanks Helen  ★★ Amazon stops offering the Fire phone  ★★ Smartphone comparison charts updated  ★★ Best budget smartphones


Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Samsung Gear S2 borrows circular icons fm Apple Watch  ★★ Another look at Gear S2  ★★ Gear S2 hands on  ★★ Best Buy ramps up Apple Watch rollout after strong early sales  ★★ Apple Watch takes lead in ‘smart wearables’  ★★ Apple Watch gets OS 2 update  ★★ Moto 360L is larger  ★★ Huawei Watch vs. Moto 360  ★★ Gear S2 vs. Moto 360  ★★ Huawei watch hands on  ★★ Smartwatch comparison chart ★★ LG makes 23-karate gold Watch Urbane  ★★ New Android Wear watches will work w/ iPhones  ★★ Asus ZenWatch 2 hands on  ★★ TomTom Spark fitness tracking watch


Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Raspberry Pi is part of a mousetrap, the RaspiTrap  ★★ Touchscreen display for Raspberry Pi


Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Acer’s Predator 8  ★★ Predators ship in 15” & 17”  ★★ Apple TV said to focus on games  ★★ SteelSeries game controller for Apple TV  ★★ Pokémon Go  ★★ Super Mario Bros turns 30  ★★ Sony’s Project Morpheus headset renamed Playstation VR


Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ 2nd gen q-Jay earphones  ★★ Wireless Bluetooth earbuds  ★★ Review of Google OnHub router  ★★ AT-LP5 turntable  ★★ B&O Play speakers  ★★ Xtreme & Flip3 water-resistant portable Bluetooth speakers  ★★ XYZ handheld 3D scanner  ★★ V-Moda crossfade wireless headphones


Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ MiWorld iPhone chargers recalled  ★★ Olloclip lens takes macro shots w/ iPhone 6  ★★ Steel-covered Lightning cable  ★★ 4-Port USB3 hub  ★★ Camera attachment turns an iPhone into a photo beast


Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Intel introduces 6th Gen Core & Xeon w/ 2.5X faster performance, 30X better graphics, and 3X battery life  ★★ Seagate announces 2TB, 2.5” HDD that is only 7mm thick  ★★ Intel’s Skylake chip could make your phone as powerful as a laptop


Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Free stock videos  ★★ RadioTunes streams free radio music  ★★ Facebook funeral scam  ★★ Back up Gmail to offline storage  ★★ Nuzzel selects news that’s important to you  ★★ QR Code generator for WiFi passwords  ★★ GCF Learn Free tutorials  ★★ New Dropbox sharing features  ★★ Hulu offers ad-free streaming for a price  ★★ How Google has evolved  ★★ Inspirograph makes cool designs  ★★ USA Today online  ★★ Pandora plays music you like  ★★ Picking the right streaming service  ★★ TransferCar to get free cars & RVs to drive  ★★ Reaction time benchmark  ★★ Crossword puzzle maker  ★★ Craigslist search words to find the best deals  ★★ A ‘Dislike’ button comes to Facebook  ★★ Dislike button will not be what you think  ★★ More Facebook tips & tricks  ★★ Twitter introduces Highlights  ★★ Special Facebook fonts


Software, General Tools:  ★★ Google Translate for Android & iOS  ★★ 1000+ free solitaire games for Windows & Mac  ★★ Amazon Prime app for Android & iOS  ★★ Amazon Prime app supports offline viewing  ★★ OpenSignal finds hotspots for Android & iOS  ★★ New Google Street View app for Android & iO S  ★★ Desktop rotator for Windows & Mac  ★★ 8-ball pool for Android & iOS  ★★ NFL app for Android & iOS  ★★ Airfarewatchdog for Android & iOS  ★★ XnView photo manager for Windows & Linux  ★★ Clarify puts 600+ dictionaries at your service for Windows, Android, iOS, & Mac  ★★ Pinball games for Android & iOS  ★★ Simply Hired job-hunting app for Android & iOS  ★★ Slack for team communications on many platforms  ★★ Thunderbird email client for Windows & Mac  ★★ Easy Duplicate Finder for Windows & Mac, thanks Helen  ★★ DropShots p hoto manager for Windows & Mac, thanks Helen


Software, Browsers:  ★★ Google Chrome gets much faster on 9/1/15  ★★ Chrome to pause Flash commercials  ★★ Google promotes Chrome 45 to stable channel for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux  ★★ How Chrome is faster now  ★★ New Chrome fixes a major problem  ★★ Comparison of Edge to other browsers  ★★ Where to find Favorites in Edge browser  ★★ Microsoft released proof-of-concept browser  ★★ Chrome nears 30% user share as it assimilates declines by IE & Firefox  ★★ Chrome Dev experiments w/ muting background tabs  ★★ Honey browser extension hunts down coupon codes  ★★ Firefox fixes severe vulnerabilities  ★★ Chrome: “Your connection is not private” msg


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★  iOS 9 released  ★★ Troubles w/ iOS 9  ★★ Top 20 best questions to ask Siri  ★★ iPad tricks  ★★ Apple talks to Hollywood about producing original content  ★★ Apple TV may be revolutionary  ★★ Apple TV review< /span>  ★★ Apple prepares for biggest launch in its history  ★★ Apple’s “Campus 2” update   ★★ iPhone trade-in deals  ★★ Apple is doing things it executives said it never would  ★★ Great Apple tricks  ★★ Apple’s 2015 announcements  ★★ Kim reviews new Apple releases fm her new studio  ★★ Why you shouldn’t get the 16GB iPhone 6s  ★★ El Capitan OS for Macs to release Sept 30th  ★★ The New Yorker’s take on Apple’s new releases  ★★ Top 20 best questions to ask Siri  ★★ Apple to allow users to delete some unwanted apps  ★★ New features tucked away in iOS 9  ★★ Apple delays major Watch update


Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Hitlist finds travel discounts  ★★ ebay app for iPhone & iPad  ★★ The Game-of-Thrones app  ★★ Apple Watch app Airstrip monitors heart rate & can send it to a doctor


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Microsoft is installing Windows 10 privacy issues on Win 7 & 8  ★★ Sorting through the changes in Windows licensing  ★★ Microsoft considers multibillion-dollar revamp of its Redmond campus  ★★ Microsoft will unveil new phones & a new tablet in October


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ AndyRoid puts Android games on bigger screens  ★★ UpSafe Gmail backup  ★★ Organize Windows folders into a neat stack  ★★ photo editor  ★★ K-ML mailing list and newsletter manager  ★★ ResophNotes  ★★ ebay app for Windows, PC & mobile  ★★ Wi-Fi Inspector finds hotspots  ★★ Patch My PC scans & updates your computer  ★★ Reimage PC Repair Online app  ★★ Direct Folders help you organize


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★

Windows 10:  ★★ Windows 10 is quietly killing it  ★★ Win 10 keyboard shortcuts  ★★ How to clean-install a Win 10 upgrade  ★★ All of Win 10’s Backup & Recovery tools, thanks Helen


Windows 7:  ★★ EnhanceMySe7en app tweaks & maintains Win 7


Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Office is free for your smartphone & tablet  ★★ Hackers are still attacking unpatched computers through MS Word


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Install Android OS on computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)   ★★ Easy way to bypass lockscreen in Lollipop


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ The difference between Chrome & Chromium


Software, Google, Apps:   ★★ Voice Typing for Google Docs  ★★ ebay app for Android  ★★ WiFi Finder locates hotspots  ★★ Google overhauls Wallet app & introduces Android Pay  ★★ Google’s great new Project Fi


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Linux turned 24 on 8/25  ★★ Screencasts Forum added to LinuxQuestions  ★★ Linux Forums has a lot of info

★★ Quote of the day:  “Linux is to Windows as Bach is to Bieber.” -- mattallmill


Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ How to set up Doom


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Linux Distro Forum has it all

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ All the latest issues

Slackware Linux:  ★★ So you want to be a Slacker

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