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Web News for December, 2015

Trends:  ★★ New Star Trek TV series is coming in 2017, thanks Connie  ★★ Facebook launches shopping feature  ★★ Finalists for National Book Awards  ★★ US dips a toe into offshore windfarms  ★★ Google photos are better than Apple’s  ★★ Mayo Clinic leads the way to protect medical records  ★★ Apple cuts phone production 10%  ★★ Netflix movie generates Oscar buzz  ★★ Twitter hires early rockstar away fm Google  ★★ Jobs replaced by technology  ★★ 3-min video about time, thanks Connie  ★★ TV buying guide, thanks Connie  ★★ Anonymous declares war on the KKK  ★★ Yahoo Mail stops users fm using ad blockers  ★★ MS upgrades Win 10 from ‘optional’ to ‘recommended’ upgrade  ★★ Toyota wants to put a tiny robot in your car’s cupholder  ★★ Interesting stuff about the future of Facebook  ★★ Fake terror alert emails used by hackers  ★★ 5 times as much Mac malware this year  ★★ Tesla car’s software helped catch the person stealing it  ★★ Malware infects police body cams  ★★ Oxford Dictionary’s word-of-the-year is an emoji  ★★ NFL stadia of the future

Great ideas:  ★★ Essential kitchen gadgets  ★★ Apps recognize trees fm pictures  ★★ Implantable LCD eye lens  ★★ Flashlight powered by body heat  ★★ WiFi hotspot in a sidewalk  ★★ New flat camera  ★★ Clean your gadgets w/ toothpaste  ★★ Soften your butter  ★★ In phone msgs, type last letter twice for contractions

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Find & disable the iPhone feature that tracks your movements, thanks Jim  ★★ Email scam targets your Apple ID  ★★ Firefox 42 brings Private Browsing tracking protection, thanks Chuck  ★★ Netgear router security hole  ★★ Yet another Flash security issue  ★★ Smartphones w/headphones attacked fm 16’ away  ★★ How the Do-not-call registry works  ★★ Flash has 69 security updates  ★★ Update Flash & Java or just get rid of them  ★★ InstaAgent app harvests passwords  ★★ Webroot security  ★★ Ezviz Mini wireless camera  ★★ Visio Smart TV reports what & when you watch  ★★ Chromecast flaws could lead to home invasion  ★★ Law enforcement can use Google Timeline to track your movements  ★★ Facebook takes steps to stop govt hacking accounts  ★★ CIA director hacked by 13-year old  ★★ Total data privacy is almost unattainable, thanks Helen  ★★ Dell acknowledges security hole  ★★ Stingrays can record your calls  ★★ FBI advice for ransomware victims (Dick doesn’t agree)  ★★ Free website host (000webhost) hacked  ★★ OmniRat & DroidJack can hijack your phone or computer  ★★ Which phone OS is hardest to hack?  ★★ ProtonMail shut down by hackers  ★★ FTC warns of chip-and-pin fraud  ★★ How to spot fake email  ★★ Malware targets Win 10 & Edge  ★★ The setup of the latest Snowden interview, thanks Bill

Legal issues:  ★★ Facebook, MS, & Google team up to fight govt snooping  ★★ Apple loses patent infringement case  ★★ Multibillion-dollar bank hack busted  ★★ FCC says user tracking by Google & Facebook is legal  ★★ Judge throws out Apple employees’ lawsuit  ★★ US drones must be registered w/ DOT soon  ★★ Court rules Google’s snippets are fair use  ★★ NYPD uses x-ray vans in drive-by scannings  ★★ Spotify drops Victory Records over royalty payments  ★★ Senate passes CISA, ignoring privacy concerns  ★★ EU votes to give Snowden asylum  ★★ Meet the judges who will rule on the appeal against net neutrality  ★★ Police can track your phone w/o a warrant in many states  ★★ What happens to retirement accounts if a spouse dies?

Philosophical issues:   ★★ Crazy Google Street View sightings  ★★ Algorithm minimizes impacts for falling robots  ★★ Fake reviews targeted by Amazon  ★★ Study finds Oswald backyard photo to be authentic  ★★ Amazon & NY Times in shouting match  ★★ Signs your computer is dying  ★★ Cyberplants  ★★ Facebook intentionally slows down on Tuesdays for employees  ★★ Google could track your mental health  ★★ Top 12 jobs robots could take over  ★★ Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?  ★★ Why buy an unlocked phone  ★★ The state of hardware 2015

Local Issues:  ★★ Drone hits small plane over Costa Rica park, thanks Connie  ★★ Smartphone travel apps  ★★ New Cuevana2 for movies & TV, thanks Mac  ★★ Getflix to watch favorite shows, thanks Steve  ★★ Tips for booking rooms online  ★★ Shop for hotel rooms  ★★ Expedia shows hidden costs of airfares  ★★ Intel expands CR operations, thanks Connie  ★★ How to rent a car in CR, thanks Connie  ★★ How much coverage does the Marchamo include?, thanks Connie  ★★ LoungeBuddy finds airport lounges  ★★ CR sets roadmap for transition to digital TV, thanks Connie

International issues:  qq UN deal opens way for satellite tracking of jets  ★★ China agrees to stop hacking the US and immediately continues hacking  ★★ John Oliver comments on Paris attacks, thanks Connie  ★★ Iran hacks white house officials  ★★ Giant lizard gives Australian man a fright

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ ESA’s Asteroid Impact Mission sets sights on laser com record  ★★ NASA tests CubeSat-based laser coms  ★★ Animated NASA Apollo photos  ★★ Lunar detour could help manned missions to Mars  ★★ ESA’s CubeSat deployed fm ISS  ★★ Common link found between young stars & black holes  ★★ NASA’s roadmap to Mars  ★★ NASA launches new Earth-viewing website  ★★ Cassini captures views of Saturn’s moon Enceladus’ north polar region  ★★ ESA names Oxia Planum as top landing site for Russo-European Mars mission  ★★ ESO finds 2 bridged stars  ★★ Finland has its own national emojis Amazing Grace in Space

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Startrek visual effects pioneer dies at 95, thanks Connie  ★★ The 1st ever ‘photoshopped’ picture  ★★ Russian Flying Fortresses  ★★ Bad NFL lip reading, thanks Connie

Galleries:  ★★ Pilot who flew in last combat mission of WWII  ★★ Coffee Shop witch, thanks Tom  ★★ Great wildlife photos  ★★ Le petit chef  ★★ Photos show how smartphones have removed us from each other  ★★ The Force Awakens full-length trailer debuts  ★★ Watch the trailer  ★★ 50s film, Fur for the Future, including parachuting beavers (8 min in)  ★★ History of mid-air refueling

Potential Products:  qq Nucleus 21st-century intercom  ★★ Powered paper airplane w/camera  ★★ Hudway Glass uses smartphone for cheap Heads-Up-Display  ★★ Lockheed Martin completes tests of laser turret  ★★ Fashionable safety smart jewelry  ★★ Smart cockroach robot  ★★ Luma mini-routers  ★★ Google’s new $85 PC stick fits in your pocket

Hardware, General:  ★★ Get your USB devices out of low gear  ★★ USB hack toasts systems  ★★ The most important differences between Macs & PCs  ★★ $16 fitness band monitors heart rate  ★★ Amazing products printed in 3D  ★★ Sentri home monitor  ★★ Fitness trackers 2015

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Drone hits small plane over Costa Rica park, thanks Connie qq Drone battles  ★★ 1st UAS to fly w/ commercial acft in UK civil airspace  ★★ Unmanned system for navy boats  ★★ DroneDefender raygun jams drone controls  ★★ NY Times guide to drones  ★★ FAA proposes drone registration  ★★ Drones could save avocados  ★★ Things to know before buying a drone  ★★ Drone organization proposes rules to FAA

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Grocery-store robot  ★★ Smart-home devices  ★★ Tesla’s autopilot for cars changes lanes and parallel parks w/ a button

Hardware, Laptops:   qq Retina MacBook Pro vs. MS Surface Book

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ MS Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book  ★★ Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro  ★★ Lenovo 900 Convertible Laptop  ★★ KomandoTab2

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Big-screen iPad review  ★★ 12.9” iPad Pro now available  ★★ Kim picks Surface Pro 4 over iPad Pro  ★★ Best tablets for kids  ★★ How dad likes his new iPad (watch to the end), thanks Mac  ★★ Which iPad should you buy?

Hardware, Phablets:  qq HTC One A9  ★★ Samsung's S6 Edge has 11 security flaws  ★★ Nexus 6P review

Hardware, Smartphones: qq Smartphone buying guide, thanks Helen  ★★ Samsung W2016 flip phone  ★★ iPhone 6s’ touch screen could be used as a scale  ★★ Motorola Droid Turbo 2 survives 70 drops on concrete  ★★ Pepsi smartphone  ★★ Siri trick to retrieve lost iPhones

Hardware, Smartwatches: qq Best smartwatches of 2015  ★★ Gear S2 review  ★★ Samsung Gear S2 vs. Huawei Watch  ★★ Smartwatch comparison guide

Hardware, Game devices:  qq 104 old games are about to work on your new Xbox One

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ B&O’s BeoPlay H7 headphones  ★★ Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones  ★★ SubPac M2 bass backpack  ★★ Epson ecotank printers  ★★ Router features to look for  ★★ Reset printers help  ★★ Don’t buy cheap, defective USB-C cables

Hardware, Accessories:  qq iPad accessories  ★★ Ladies RFID wallet

Hardware, Internals:  qq Snapdragon 820 processor improvements

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Facebook launches shopping feature  ★★ Facebook drains your iPhone battery  ★★ Interesting stuff about the future of Facebook  ★★ Facebook may change “Declined” to “Can’t Go”  ★★ Facebook scams spreading  ★★ Use Google Maps w/o cell service  ★★ Google Maps just got way better on phones  ★★ How famous websites have changed  ★★ Use Email Header Analyzer to find phishing scam sources  ★★ Skype’s new "+new" feature  ★★ YouTube’s new 360° feature fm an airliner cockpit  ★★ YouTube launches Red: no ads for monthly fee  ★★ Download free wallpapers  ★★ Free jigsaw puzzles  ★★ Android Pay vs. Apple Pay  ★★ ProtonMail encrypts sent mail in your browser  ★★ Music streamers compared  ★★ Search sites that don’t track like Google  ★★ Real or satire?  ★★ OpenSignal finds WiFi in your area  ★★ Pinterest introduces “buyable pins”  ★★ Landers ebooks  ★★ Flickr organizes your photos  ★★ CraigsList free online classifieds


Software, General Tools:  ★★ Slice app tracks packages on Android & iOS  ★★ Fresh Deck Poker for Android & iOS  ★★ Trivago hotel-price checker for Android & iOS  ★★ TinyTake captures a video of your screen for Windows & Mac  ★★ My Data Manager tracks data plan use for Android & iOS  ★★ Carbonite cloud backup for Windows & Mac  ★★ Free money-management apps  ★★ Recipe-finding apps  ★★ Xpire app makes posts self-destruct for Android & iOS  ★★ LoungeBuddy finds airport lounges  ★★ Tree-identifying apps  ★★ iTranslate for Android & iOS

Software, Browsers:  qq Firefox 42 brings Private Browsing tracking protection, thanks Chuck qq Chrome extension Dragdis saves & organizes web content  ★★ New Chrome version includes security fixes  ★★ Firefox now available on all iOS devices  ★★ Survey says Firefox is the most trustworthy browser  ★★ Essential browser tricks

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ Change this iOS 9 setting to avoid huge data bills  ★★ Low-power Mode extends iOS 9 battery life  ★★ Apple cuts phone production 10%  ★★ Apple responds to Staingate  ★★ Original Apple 1 auctioned  ★★ Taking control of iOS autocorrect  ★★ Reset your iPhone screen w/ one tap

Software, Apple, Apps:  qq All about Apple Pay  ★★ Apple Pay could soon let you send money to friends  ★★ Apps Apple won’t let you delete  ★★ 2,846 Apple apps hide a scary backdoor  ★★ Best apps for new iPad Pro

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Changes to Win 10 & OneDrive draw complaints

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ How to disable automatic mail download when opening Outlook  ★★ AntiSpy shows Win 10 privacy on 1 page  ★★ Get weather alerts in Win 10  ★★ Free Video Editor  ★★ Free Skype recorder

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Mass upgrade-loading fm Win 7 & 8 to 10, thanks Tio  ★★ Updates for all versions of Windows  ★★ A few good reasons to upgrade fm Win 7 to Win10  ★★ Pick the right user rights for Vista, Win 7, 8, & 10  ★★ Windows turns 30, a history, thanks Helen

Windows 10:  ★★ 1st major update is out  ★★ Easily control privacy settings w/ O&O ShutUp10  qq Core updates can’t be stopped, thanks Tio  ★★ Review of new security features  ★★ Best of breed backup system  ★★ A few useful tweaks  ★★ Learning to use the Recovery Drive  ★★ MS upgrades Win 10 from ‘optional’ to ‘recommended’ upgrade  ★★ Win 10 gets its 1st big update  ★★ Win 10 bumps up support call traffic

Windows 7:  ★★ Is MS snooping on Win 7?

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  qq Android 6.0 Marshmellow review  ★★ Shedun, Shuanet, & ShiftyBug are new root-access malware types

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  qq Syndicated Linux News

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:    ★★  Linux forums  ★★ Linux screencasts forum

Red Hat - Fedora:  qq Fedora 23 screencast & screenshots

Slackware Linux:  qq Slackware forum

Vinux:  ★★ Vinux project wiki  ★★ Vinux 5.0 screenshots

Puppy Linux:  ★★ Puppy Linux 6.3 screencast  ★★ Slacko Puppy 6.3.0 announcement & release notes

Lubuntu:  ★★ Lubuntu 15.10 screencast & screenshots  ★★ Wily Werewolf (Lubuntu 15.10) release notes

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