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Web News for January, 2016

Trends:  ★★ Adobe starting to kill Flash  ★★ MS is bringing Cortana to iPhones  ★★ SeekingAlpha Trending Articles, thanks Juan  ★★ Amazon launches video subscription platform, thanks Juan  ★★ Amazon Prime offers premium networks including Showtime and Starz, thanks Connie  ★★ Hacked medical devices may be the biggest threat in 2016  ★★ New movies & shows on Amazon Prime  ★★ Cybercriminals will target Apple in 2016, say experts  ★★ Google’s most popular search terms of 2015  ★★ Verizon 5G network would be as fast as Google fiber 1Gbps internet service: report  ★★ Books vs. e-books: The science behind the best way to read  ★★ Roborace is coming  ★★ Banks are moving to ‘.bank’ instead of ‘.com’  ★★ Millennials get scammed more than any other group  ★★ Study shows brand loyalty is alive & well  ★★ Google to replace Google Glass with Project Aura  ★★ NY Times’ 100 notable books of 2015  ★★ 10 famous websites back in the day  ★★ Tattoos can have circuits & batteries w/ Tech Tats ★★ Driverless cars starting to talk and show signs  ★★ “Social seating” on airline flights  ★★ Amazon may launch its own air-freight service  ★★ Several big companies have trouble keeping up with the holiday web traffic  ★★ Rolling Stone’s 50 best albums of 2015  ★★ Worldwide internet speeds  ★★ Facebook still dominates social logins  ★★ Facebook could be making you miserable  ★★ NSF-funded Gabriel project guides users w/ voice  ★★ Landline use is WAY down  ★★ 2015 retail recap  ★★ SSD prices are dropping  ★★ Google makes massive renewable energy buy  ★★ T-Mobile adds new streaming services  ★★ Golf robots gather balls on the range and mow the grass  ★★ Bots are scalping the best products  ★★ Smartphone growth slows WAY down  ★★ Yahoo blocks email if you use adblockers  ★★ AT&T expands ultra-fast fiber internet to 38 new US cities  ★★ New tire transmits road conditions to driver  ★★ Verizon to come out with ‘toll-free’ data  ★★ 21% of people are on the internet ALL the time  ★★ The web’s “cruft” problem  ★★ Cord cutting spreads from TV to internet service, thanks Connie  ★★ How comedy soared in 2015  ★★ New Star Wars toys  ★★ Mark Zuckerberg takes paternity leave  ★★ Tech is shaping the future of marketing  ★★ Robot highlights fm iREX 2015  ★★ McGill scientists study metals as an alternative to fossile fuels  ★★ 3D animation puts words in celebrities’ mouths  ★★ Apple may buy GoPro  ★★ USAF enlisted personnel can now be drone pilots  ★★ Smallest color picture ever printed fits inside a human hair  ★★ Schools starting to ban ALL watches during tests  ★★ Flipboard’s 2015 in review  ★★ Most-searched terms on Google for 2015  ★★ 2016 prediction: 3.2 billion (44% of world’s population) will access internet and 2 billion will use mobile devices to connect  ★★ The 1st website went online 25 years ago  ★★ Rumored streaming of Beatles catalog  ★★ The Beatles let it stream  ★★ Higher-than-expected methane emissions in Arctic winter  ★★ Notable medical findings of 2015  ★★ Weirdest political stories of 2015 (not presidential)  ★★ Oddest inventions of 2015  ★★ Google is working on a chatbot app  ★★ Netflix gets HTML5 support  ★★ Have you tried buttered coffee?


Great ideas:  ★★ Nanoparticles could clean up oil sands pollution  ★★ Kinect-style sensors for cheaper medical imaging  ★★ 1st functional vocal cord tissue grown in lab  ★★ Gifts for grandparents  ★★ Other things you can do w/ kitchen appliances  ★★ The world’s brightest flashlight  ★★ Tips for better smartphone pictures  ★★ How to record your phone screen  ★★ New process produces hydrogen fm methane w/o emitting CO2  ★★ Researchers create sodium battery that could replace lithium ones  ★★ KickSoul lets users control devices w/ their feet  ★★ New material soaks up oil spills  ★★ Inkjet-printed security holograms  ★★ How to fix a sticking door  ★★ Holograms you can touch created in Japan  ★★ Buying lightbulbs  ★★ Q-carbon forms diamonds when melted  ★★ Tiny computers make smart batteries that last longer  ★★ Get ready for LiFi, a tech 100 times faster than WiFi  ★★ Exploding nanobubbles attack cancer cells from the inside out  ★★ Hyperloop Tech starts testing 700 mph transport system  ★★ Methylene blue reversed aging effects  ★★ Urine-powered socks powered transmitter  ★★ New production process could slash diesel CO2 emissions  ★★ Salt-impregnated asphalt de-ices itself  ★★ Cost-saving inventions  ★★ Foolproof scrambled eggs  ★★ Touchscreen gloves  ★★ 100% recyclable polymer points to pollution-free plastics  ★★ Enhance your WiFi router signal w/ an empty beer can  ★★ Gecko-inspired adhesive tape


Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Enabling two-factor authentication  ★★ Dell PCs have a built-in security flaw  ★★ Stop stores fm tracking your movements  ★★ ModPOS fm Eastern Europe hits shoppers  ★★ Target’s ‘Wish List’ app leaks info  ★★ MacKeeper leaks 13 million Mac owner’ data  ★★ Hack a Linux computer by hitting <backspace> 28 times  ★★ Ex-husband uses LifeLock to track ex-wife’s spending  ★★ Spotting credit-card skimmers  ★★ Google and your right to be forgotten  ★★ Don’t take that viral Facebook quiz!  ★★ Beware the Facebook friend request scam  ★★ Hide relationship changes on FB  ★★ Keep photo albums private on FB  ★★ Malware hidden in ‘free stuff’ in FB posts  ★★ Vizio TVs capture “non-personally identifiable” data that includes your IP address  ★★ VTech toy maker hacked  ★★ Suspect in VTech case arrested in UK  ★★ FBI says Mr. Grey stole 1.2 billion login creds  ★★ How to tell if your Netflix has been hacked  ★★ DHS offers security assessments to critical infrastructure  ★★ Watch out for “porch pirates”  ★★ Black Atlas botnet targets payment cards  ★★ Older routers may have a security problem  ★★ Police can track your cellphone movements via Google Maps timeline  ★★ Privacy gadgets  ★★ Malvertising puts malware in ads  ★★ IRS tracks your phone w/ StingRays  ★★ Spotting scam LinkedIn requests  ★★ Canary security camera  ★★ Amazon phishing email  ★★ Hide behind a VPN to protect yourself from online spies  ★★ Security bugs in major PC brands  ★★ ‘Nemesis’ malware is hard to spot and remove  ★★ 16 major companies hacked via CardCrypt vulnerability  ★★ Guy used Instagram to steal underwear fm young women  ★★ What to do with your printer before you sell it  ★★ ‘State-sponsored attack’ expected to hit Twitter  ★★ 13 million Mac users hit by data breach  ★★ Safeway stores in Colorado & California found to have skimmers  ★★ Fake PayPal email  ★★ Fake Kroger coupon on Facebook  ★★ Fake invoice email contains Nemucod Trojan  ★★ Watch out for malware in Bible apps  ★★ Hackers hit US infrastructure  ★★ Hello Kitty breach  ★★ Juniper Network hack discovered  ★★ Microsoft cracks down on adware  ★★ Cordless cameras fm light sockets  ★★ Hyatt hacked  ★★ Livestream hacked  ★★ Top Security/Privacy tips of 2015  ★★ Experts predict rise in Apple malware  ★★ ‘Roll jam’ device steals electronic car keys  ★★ Tips for extra home security


Legal issues:  ★★ Why you can’t rent ‘Star Wars’ films online  ★★ FAA announces drone registration rules  ★★ FAA drone registration site  ★★ FAA drone checklist  ★★ What if you don’t register your drone?, thanks Connie  ★★ Volkswagen proposes fixes for diesel cheat  ★★ USA Freedom Act cuts off NSA warrantless data collection  ★★ Teachers are furious over copyright violations on Udemy training site  ★★ IRS tracks your phone w/ StingRays  ★★ Yahoo’s “change-in-control” clause  ★★ Task force to recommend drone regs  ★★ Production of traditional incandescent light bulbs is now banned  ★★ US govt announces drone registration for hobbyist drones  ★★ California drafts rules for autonomous cars  ★★ Hornet system aims to sting noisy drivers  ★★ FAA says drone list will be only available in house, but DOT says otherwise  ★★ Russian man sues creators of “Fallout 4” game for ruining his life


Philosophical issues:  ★★ Historical myths you may still believe  ★★ Where’s my memory?  ★★ Zuckerbergs pledge 99% of Facebook shares to philanthropy  ★★  Why 2015 was a breakthrough year in AI, thanks Chris  ★★ How to take great photos  ★★ Housepainting tips  ★★ A survey of Jackson Pollock’s work  ★★ Why you shouldn’t carry your phone in your back pocket  ★★ Why Trump can’t shut down the internet  ★★ Google blamed for making children suspicious of Father Christmas  ★★ Making sure robots are safe  ★★ What you should know before buying an all-electric car  ★★ When to buy or not buy an extended warranty  ★★ Why didn’t Europeans get plagues from Native Americans?  ★★ MIT study asserts there is little risk of Earth’s geomagnetic field flipping in the near future  ★★ Unique perspective of modern world after 44 years in prison  ★★ Longreads’ best stories of 2015  ★★ WhatsApp blocks Telegram for links to ISIS  ★★ EM doomsday weapons could (maybe) destroy us  ★★ Councilwoman proposes using license-plate readers to keep people away from areas frequented by prostitutes  ★★ Fan edits band’s Wikipedia page to get backstage  ★★ Why it’s not faster to fly west than east  ★★ Paris cafe hit by terrorists reopens after 3 weeks  ★★ How to buy a new TV  ★★ Apple may be building a smaller phone again  ★★ Things that can interfere with your WiFi  ★★ Star Wars 7 fan explains who Rey is  ★★ Vatican newspaper gives Star Wars 7 a bad review  ★★ Tech toys  ★★ How Jefferson & other founding fathers defended Muslim rights  ★★ Who built Stonehenge? Big-time meat eaters  ★★ New Banksy wall painting in Calais shows Steve Jobs  ★★ The truth about extended warranties  ★★ Now there's a pro-ISIS propaganda app  ★★ Notable lives lost in 2015  ★★ Outlet stores aren’t as good a deal as you think  ★★ The history of “Kilroy was here”  ★★ Baking a crispy honey-glazed ham  ★★ Photographing fireworks  ★★ Fish oil converts fat-storing cells to fat-burners  ★★ Applying Star Wars lessons to business management ★★ Wired’s 2016 predictions  ★★ Oxford team develops software to predict drug resistance  ★★ Computer glitch frees 3,200 prisoners early  ★★ Facebook helps identify Egyptian artifact  ★★ Items to buy after Christmas  ★★ Using electromagnets to track finger tips in 3D  ★★ Crazy Russian hacker puts a bandaid on difficult places  ★★ Top money tips of 2015  ★★ Champagne pronunciation guide


Local Issues:  ★★ The winners & losers of Costa Rica in 2015  ★★ Google maps of CR for iOS and Android, thanks Juan  ★★ Which airlines have the best in-flight WiFi?  ★★ In CR, Baby Jesus is more popular than Santa Claus, thanks Connie  ★★ Making tamales in CR  ★★ A year after work was to start, there’s little sign of a Nicaraguan canal, thanks Connie  ★★ Tech-packing tricks to simplify getting through airport security  ★★ Bullfights - CR style  ★★ Tools to get you through the airport  ★★ Zapote festivities, traditional tope, and other happenings around CR  ★★ San Jose’s tope takes spectators on a colorful ride  ★★ CR street musician makes steel guitar fm skate board  ★★ Tico Times travel stories  ★★ Drake Bay ‘bug lady’ leads great nature tours


International issues:  ★★ Police in U.K. arrest man in connection with massive hack against toymaker VTech  ★★ China to build world’s largest Hadron Collider  ★★ Insurance against cyberbullying now available in UK & Ireland  ★★ Amsterdam hotel provides free WiFi to the whole city  ★★ Volvo to bring hybrid buses to India  ★★ Thailand’s airlines downgraded over safety concerns  ★★ Crazy Boeing 777 landing in Frankfurt  ★★ Tokyo has a ‘drone squad’ for capturing rogue quadcopters  ★★ Satellite data shows climate change warming lakes  ★★ Children of Cuban revolution recall "Pedro Pan" exodus to US  ★★ President Obama makes no apologies for fighting ISIL 'within American values’  ★★ An underground town in Australia  ★★ Brave Muslims shielded Christians during terrorist attack in Kenya  ★★ Pope Francis asks Central America to help resolve Cuban humanitarian drama


Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ VISTA telescope helps pinpoint first massive galaxies  ★★ ESA selects FLEX plant health tracker as 8th Earth Explorer  ★★ Phobos could become a ring around Mars  ★★ 1st commercial launch for Japan’s H-IIA  ★★ A day in the life of Pluto & Charon  ★★ Most-detailed-ever pictures of Pluto  ★★ New Pluto images show intricate pit pattern  ★★ 1st reusable rocket touchdown  ★★ “Cheshire Cat” galaxy cluster  ★★ Habitable planet found 14 light years away  ★★ Scientists capture a black hole swallowing a star  ★★ NASA satellite captures Earth fm 1 million miles out  ★★ Akatsuki probe enters orbit around Venus  ★★ Private Cygnus module to carry supplies to ISS, collect trash fm ISS, and burn up w/ trash in reentry  ★★ Cygnus docks w/ ISS  ★★ Ultra faint galaxy detected  ★★ New space race launched w/ Google’s XPRIZE  ★★ NASA’s Juno spacecraft will involve public in explortrash ation  ★★ NASA simulates space weather around Pluto  ★★ SpaceX Falcon 9 static test  ★★ Video of 1st vertical landing of SpaceX Falcon 9 1st stage  ★★ SpaceX pictures  ★★ More SpaceX landing photos  ★★ New studies of dwarf-planet Ceres’ white spots  ★★ Japanese Hyabusa2 slingshots to asteroid encounter  ★★ Cassini spacecraft prepares for final flyby of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus  ★★ ESA’s Euclid dark-matter mission passes preliminary design review  ★★ Our solar system, to scale  ★★ Critical design review completed for Kennedy Space Flight Center overhaul  ★★ Massive storm raging on distant star  ★★ Cassini image captures Saturn’s Enceladus moon passing in front of Tethys  ★★ French rocket to lift James Webb Space Telescope in 2018  ★★ Data fm falling satellite help improve orbital decay predictions  ★★ ALMA spots huge planets forming around young stars  ★★ New ESA website dedicated to sharing Rosetta images  ★★ Boeing awarded 2nd human spaceflight mission  ★★ US restarts production of Plutonium-238 to fuel space missions  ★★ Mars lander launch delayed  ★★ Dawn delivers its closest-ever view of Ceres


Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Scientists create electronic circuits in living roses  ★★ How to build a real lightsaber  ★★ Google made a comm badge  ★★ Google gets into Star Wars  ★★ Buying your 1st laser cutter  ★★ 1st Boeing 737 MAX 8 begins flight tests  ★★ Pouring molten aluminum into water balz  ★★ Project Fi now available on tablets  ★★ J.J. Abrams loved the Star Wars 8 script so much he regrets not directing it


Galleries:  ★★ Tattoos that move  ★★ Kids re-enact the 1st Thanksgiving  ★★ Canadian brothers free bald eagle caught in a trap  ★★ Puppy’s 1st taste of peanut butter  ★★ Little-known tech facts  ★★ Little-known tech facts 2  ★★ How to calm a crying baby  ★★ Drummer duel  ★★ Wild Scotland  ★★ Visiting the St. Louis city museum  ★★ Carrie Fisher on Good Morning America  ★★ Darth Vader’s job interview w/ Ft. Worth PD  ★★ Great is Thy faithfulness on The Voice  ★★ Mt. Etna erupts  ★★ Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens trailer  ★★ SW7: The Force Awakens official teaser  ★★ SW7 gets good reviews  ★★ The Guardian reviews SW7  ★★ Short BB-8 video  ★★ Much longer BB-8 & creator video  ★★ Version 2 of longer BB-8 video  ★★ How BB-8 works  ★★ Tech review of BB-8  ★★ Everything we know about Star Wars 8  ★★ Celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday  ★★ The Mona Lisa you know isn’t the original Mona Lisa  ★★ Hallelujah on violin  ★★ Dog runs around w/ a pool on it’s head  ★★ Listen to hundreds of great audiobooks for free  ★★ Mary did you know?  ★★ What is El Niño?  ★★ Dick Van Dyke’s 90th birthday sing-along  ★★ 2015’s most stunning photos from drones  ★★ Comedy Wildlife Photo awards  ★★ Great yo-yo routine  ★★ A lobster-diving dog  ★★ Child w/ perfect pitch  ★★ The First Noel a cappella  ★★ Stained-glass cookies  ★★ Classic Mr. Bean turkey sketch  ★★ Bacon & eggs breakfast pizza


Potential Products:  ★★ Future USS Zumwalt conducting sea trials  ★★ Graphene membrane could produce more sensitive condenser microphones  ★★ Multilingual robot could guide you through airports  ★★ Israeli startup turning food scraps into cooking gas  ★★ Stretchable rubber keyboard  ★★ New Bowley lock promised high security at a low price  ★★ Earin earbuds  ★★ Walli smart wallet  ★★ Cast Hub livestreams video  ★★ Lumu Power turns iPhone into light meter  ★★ Mantis drone claw  ★★ nOb offers precision control  ★★ HTC Vive launch reset to 4/2016  ★★ Multipurpose Symbisa sensor for IoT projects  ★★ Smart Band-Aids  ★★ ONAGOfly drone is small, cheap, w/ video, obstacle avoidance, and Follow Me mode  ★★ Zenmuse XT drone adds FLIR capability  ★★ Sol Republic Relays wireless sport bluetooth headphones  ★★ Chinese Oukitel phone to hold a charge for 2 weeks  ★★ Hyundai tests 2 Tucson Fuel Cell cars on Nevada roads  ★★ Ekster wallet w/ alarm & wireless tracker  ★★ Kuna Systems smart camera w/ 16 lenses  ★★ High-tech friendship bracelet  ★★ Goldfinger smart glove  ★★ Pavilion wireless speakers  ★★ Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner  ★★ Ford & Google team up on driverless car project  ★★ A wearable scooter  ★★ MIT creating ‘X-ray vision’


Hardware, General:  ★★ 2015 DSLR camera comparison guide  ★★ Best mirrorless cameras for beginners (2015)  ★★ Kim’s comparison charts for tablets, phablets, phones, eReaders, streaming services,  watches, games, & cloud storage  ★★ Amazon pulls hoverboards from its site after fire reports  ★★ Clever uses for dashcams  ★★ Great wearable tech   ★★ Mobile device of the year  ★★ Kim’s top 10 tech gifts of 2015  ★★ Best set-top boxes & streamers of 2015  ★★ Holiday light hacks  ★★ Desktop, laptop, or tablet: which is better?  ★★ Circle device gives parents control over kids internet access  ★★ Make your own socks to pause your Netflix show when you fall asleep  ★★ LaserPipe robot welds pipes fm inside  ★★ Great gadgets for left-handers  ★★ Google’s new quantum computer could launch an AI arms race


Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Drone School 1: Choosing a beginner quadcopter  ★★ DS 2: Know your transmitter  ★★ DS 3: Your 1st quadcopter flight  ★★ DS 4: Orientation & precision exercises  ★★ First-Person View (FPV) quadcopter simulator demo  ★★ R2D2 drone flying  ★★ Amazon’s new delivery drone  ★★ Amazon Prime Air demo  ★★ Consumer drone comparisons  ★★ Drone regulation so far  ★★ FAA announces drone registration rules  ★★ What if you don’t register your drone?, thanks Connie  ★★ List of drones needing to be registered  ★★ Tally of ‘close encounters’ between drones & planes  ★★ Drone avoids objects at 30 mph  ★★ Things to know before buying a drone  ★★ DJI agricultural drone sprayer  ★★ Drone attachment scans disaster zones for breathing & heartbeats  ★★ Drone & unmanned helicopter fight fires  ★★ Ideas that moved drones forward in 2015  ★★ Drone-like human-carrying multicopter  ★★ Corpus Christi police use drone w/FLIR to catch bad guys  ★★ Possible use of hydrogen fuel cells for drones  ★★ Drone buying guide  ★★ Tokyo has a ‘drone squad’ for capturing rogue quadcopters  ★★ Northrop Grumman set to develop Tern drone for DARPA  ★★ Kestrel inspires drone that climbs w/o power  ★★ US govt announces drone registration for hobbyist drones  ★★ $30 micro drone  ★★ 2015’s most stunning photos from drones  ★★ FAA says drone list will be only available in house, but DOT says otherwise  ★★ Maker Shed drone catalog  ★★ 45K drones registered already  ★★ How dangerous are drones?


Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ IOT explained  ★★ Nyrius smart outlet  ★★ WiFi-enabled sous vide cooker  ★★ Bluetooth padlock  ★★ Ford Sync gets update to include Siri  ★★ A good introduction to IoT  ★★ Smart onboard diagnostics for your car


Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Know a laptop’s specs before you buy one


Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ iPad Pro review  ★★ 2015 2-in-1 comparison guide


Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Things you didn’t know your tablet could do  ★★ Comparing the iPads now available  ★★ Unboxing the KomandoTab 2  ★★ Great tablet tasks  ★★ Get your tablet to speak to you


Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ The next iPhone may not have a headphone jack, using Lightning insteadb  ★★ Samsung is expected to steal 3D Touch feature fm Apple


Hardware, Smartphones:   ★★ Get rid of default iPhone apps  ★★ 2015 Smartphone Comparison Guide  ★★ Smartphone guide now updated & improved  ★★ Why you shouldn’t carry your phone in your back pocket  ★★ CAT S40 is a rugged Android phone for the field  ★★ How to speed up your iPhone


Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ Smartwatch comparison chart ★★ Apple Watch criticized  ★★ Apple watch sometimes causes wrist rashes  ★★ Best Buy cuts Apple Watch price by $100  ★★ Google patents a blood-sucking smartwatch  ★★ Fossil Q Founder early impressions  ★★ Fossil Q Founder review


Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Poco camera built around Raspberry Pi  ★★ Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino  ★★ Pi zero for $5  ★★ Make a radio station w/ Pi Zero  ★★  Volkswagen gives workers Google Glass in Wolfsburg


Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Samsung Gear VR review  ★★ Sony to support PS4 remote play on PC & Mac  ★★ Tech toys for 2015  ★★ Gamevice review: The best iOS game controller comes to iPhone  ★★ 77k Steam accounts hacked every month  ★★ Best Gear VR games & apps in the Oculus store  ★★ Tips & tricks for Gear VR  ★★ VR games for 2016  ★★ Russian man sues creators of “Fallout 4” game for ruining his life  ★★ Amazon’s year-end sale has great gaming deals


Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ 3D-printer buyer’s guide  ★★ How to clean earbuds  ★★ Router features for better WiFi  ★★ JBL Everest 700 Elite wireless headphones  ★★ Siri has learned new tricks for Apple TV  ★★ Fluance SXBP speakers: surround sound for $150  ★★ Hifiman Edition X headphones  ★★ New iPhone earphones use Lightning connector and cost as much as the phone  ★★ Universal Remote Pro  ★★ Audiofly AF240 headphones  ★★ SoundBrake mutes headphones when loud sounds are detected  ★★ High-end Sennheiser headphones  ★★ New Chromecast has some fun new games


Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Apple releases $99 case for iPhone 6 & 6s that extends battery life to 24 hours  ★★ Portable chargers that extend your battery life


Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Use CarGurus to shop for cars  ★★ Turn off autoplay on Twitter  ★★ How to navigate Twitter  ★★ See only what you want to see on Facebook  ★★ The difference between a friend and a follower on FB  ★★ Your Facebook ‘Year in Review’ should have fewer bad memories  ★★ Facebook shortcuts  ★★ Facebook news-headlines app  ★★ Take a profile video on Facebook  ★★ Never get another Candy Crush request on Facebook  ★★ Keep up with trends on Facebook  ★★ Hide a FB post from specific people  ★★ Hide relationship changes on FB  ★★ Keep photo albums private on FB  ★★ Manage your FB notifications  ★★ FB tests real-time comment notification  ★★ Get alerts when someone tries to login to your FB account   ★★ Another dumb FB hoax  ★★ FB kills Riff, Rooms, & Slingshot  ★★ Add a bio to your FB page  ★★ FB search trick  ★★ Archive your FB data  ★★ Create a Star Wars FB profile  ★★ Facebook Live video streaming service  ★★ Star Wars stickers for FB Messenger  ★★ Google’s most popular search terms of 2015  ★★ Historic Aerials shows satellite images of the past  ★★ Fox & Crow drawing game  ★★ Mike’s Radio World accesses 5K+ radio stations (UK, Aus, NZ)  ★★ Icebox Radio Theatre  ★★ Radio Sparx royalty-free music radio  ★★ Product manuals online  ★★ Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for $5 for 1st year, $60 after that  ★★ Amazon cloud deal changes  ★★ Typing-speed test site  ★★ Mathway helps with math problems  ★★ Ancestry is killing Family Tree Maker  ★★ Can Google beat Pinterest?  ★★ Paribus finds refunds if you paid too much  ★★ New features on  ★★ Free alternatives to Netflix to stream TV show & movies  ★★ Printable coloring pages  ★★ Dark site finder  ★★ Selling on Amazon w/ Shopify  ★★ The ultimate guide to car maintenance  ★★ Take an eye exam at home w/ Opternative  ★★ Everyone can learn programming with Hour of Code  ★★ My Fridge Food finds recipes for what you have in your fridge  ★★ Expensify for online expense reports  ★★ Shoeboxed to scan & organize receipts & business cards  ★★ Wave for accounting & invoicing  ★★ Test your reflexes w/ the Emergency Stop game  ★★ ePrintable calendars  ★★ New on Netflix in January


Software, General Tools:  ★★ Google maps of CR for iOS and Android, thanks Juan  ★★ Use PhoneTrans to upload phone files to PC or Mac  ★★ HERE app offers voice navigation, maps, and schedules for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps to navigate crowded airports  ★★ Making Windows & Marshmallow work together  ★★ Helpful shopping apps  ★★ Texas Hold’em Poker Free for Android & iOS  ★★ Simpler Contacts for Android & iOS  ★★ Skyscanner finds cheap flights for Android & iOS  ★★ Slow Down game for Android & iOS  ★★ Skull & crossbones bug in Gmail  ★★ Free fonts for Windows & Mac  ★★ PicsArt free drawing tool for Windows, Android, & iOS  ★★ Adobe Lightroom photo editor for Android & Apple  ★★ Zigzag game for Android & iOS  ★★ ReadyForZero debt managing app for Android & iOS  ★★ Primer tutorial on marketing strategies for Android & iOS  ★★ Hop Hop Hop game for Android & iOS  ★★ Winter wallpaper for Windows & Mac  ★★ Seeking Alpha for real-time stock alerts for Android & iOS  ★★ ShopAdvisor for Windows & iOS  ★★ CyberGhost VPN for Windows & Mac  ★★ Tools to beat writer’s block  ★★ VSCOcam photo app for Android & iOS  ★★ SnapSeed photo app for Windows & Mac  ★★ Cam Me app for Android & iOS  ★★ CamFind searches by picture for Android & iOS  ★★ WeVideo apps for Android, iOS, & on the web  ★★ 3 ways to share files too large to email  ★★ YouTube Music app for Android & iOS  ★★ Change your phone’s ringtone  ★★ Just Color Picker for Windows & Mac


Software, Browsers:  ★★ Chrome offers Data Saver feature  ★★ Put your Google tools in a sidebar  ★★ Force Block Chrome extension stops Star Wars spoilers  ★★ MS Edge compared w/ other browsers


Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Secret iPhone map tracks your every move  ★★ MacKeeper leaks 13 million Mac owner’ data  ★★ Cybercriminals will target Apple in 2016, say experts  ★★ Change Siri’s accent  ★★ Great holiday questions for Siri  ★★ MS is bringing Cortana to iPhones  ★★ Podiobooks has free audio books for Windows & Mac  ★★ Speed up your iPhone w/o shutting down  ★★ Best Buy cuts Apple Watch price by $100  ★★ It’s time to update every Apple gadget you own  ★★ How to speed up your iPhone  ★★ Apple sends spammy ads to owners of older iPhones  ★★ How to get Siri to speak to you  ★★ Get Siri to flip a coin  ★★ 13 million Mac users hit by data breach  ★★ Great new iOS 9 features  ★★ Tim Cook defends Apple’s tax-payment policy and other issues  ★★ Experts predict rise in Apple malware   ★★ What is a ‘read receipt’?


Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Get rid of default iPhone apps  ★★ Smile Software offers Apple apps  ★★ Apple’s choice for best apps of 2015  ★★ Gizmag’s best iOS apps of 2015  ★★ Mashable’s 100 best iPhone apps of all time  ★★ Best apps for your new iPhone or iPad  ★★ Magnifying Glass w/ Light  ★★ WakesApp sends reminders to coworkers  ★★ Obscura photo app  ★★ Color Pop Effects: Black & white splash photo editing app  ★★ Cool new Apple tricks


Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Pushy Win 10 message  ★★ Important new updates are out  ★★ Cortana to extend to Office  ★★ Windows Secrets lounge


Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Z-Opener unpacks files  ★★ URL gatherer  ★★ Treesize shows fat folders  ★★ Use Shutter Lite to program events  ★★ Download an offline dictionary  ★★ Add Social Share to your PowerPoint presentation to get feedback on Facebook  ★★ Journaley online journal app  ★★ iHeartRadio streams 1000s of radio stations  ★★ Handle adds to-do lists and due-dates to Gmail  ★★ InstaNote captures audio meeting notes  ★★ NexusFont customizes fonts  ★★ Music Collection creates a detailed & sortable archive  ★★ Domino Solitaire  ★★ Cash and the City budget creator  ★★ Windows Live Mail update  ★★ Poki for Pocket reading lists  ★★ JPEG Lossless Rotator turns photos  ★★ TeraCopy is a great file copier  ★★ DigiLibraries offers 20K free eBooks


Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★

Windows 10:  ★★ MS gets trickier w/ Win 10 message  ★★ Android-AppComparison app finds similar apps in Windows Store  ★★ Edge browser may be getting extensions soon  ★★ Great apps for your Win 10 tablet  ★★ Options for controlling updates  ★★ Win 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586.36  ★★ How to install the Insider Hub  ★★ Controlling updates  ★★ On Android, you can’t activate Cortana with, “Hey, Cortana” any more


Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Add Social Share to your PowerPoint presentation to get feedback on Facebook  ★★ Win 10 update deletes user Word customization


Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Get Apple music on an Android phone  ★★ Android questions forum


Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Magnificent Magnifier HD  ★★ Google is working on a chatbot app  ★★ Facebook Live is opening up to everyone  ★★ Best Android apps & games of 2015


Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ 2015 Members Choice Award Categories  ★★ LQ 2015 Members Choice Award winners  ★★ Screencasts Forum added to LQ  ★★ LQ featured in Linux Journal  ★★ LXer, the Linux News aggregation


Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ Centos Linux 7 installation tutorial


Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Hack a Linux computer by hitting <backspace> 28 times


Just starting out:  ★★ Newbie forum  ★★ Software forum  ★★ Hardware forum   ★★ Laptop & Netbook forum ★★ Distros  ★★ Desktops forum


Ubuntu:  ★★ UbuCon Summit Conference  ★★ Official UbuCon site  ★★ 14th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE)


Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ How to install Fedora with no CD or DVD  ★★ How to burn downloaded Fedora 3 DVD iso onto DVD


Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware Wiki  ★★ Revised Slackware Book project  ★★ Official Slackware forum  ★★ So, you want to be a Slacker!

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