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Web News for February, 2016

Trends:  ★★ Bill Gates’ good-news stories of 2015  ★★ A 2016 TV Preview  ★★ Last year in review  ★★ Comcast turns on 1st consumer gigabit cable modem in Philadelphia  ★★ Key facts about the 2016 White House race ★★ Republicans use “dog-whistle politics” showing the President w/ very dark skin in ads  ★★ Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Jan 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas  ★★ IBM CEO keynotes CES  ★★ Other CES keynotes  ★★ Full CES schedule  ★★ CES news releases   ★★ What to expect at CES (explodes Potential Products category)  ★★ Best of CES 2016 fm Mashable  ★★ Coolest things seen at CES  ★★ More pictures fm CES  ★★ NYC replaces payphones w/ gigabyte WiFi hotspots  ★★ Standout science & tech in 2015  ★★ Smart TV makers including antimalware now  ★★ List of new Netflix 2016 content  ★★ Fox’s Bordertown is a ripped-from-the-headlines satire  ★★ Most people want their car to connect to the Web  ★★ Web success predictions for the new year  ★★ Windows 10 budges a bit as masses cling to Windows 7  ★★ Brazil heads for worst recession since 1901  ★★ New 3D-printing tech creates stronger ceramics  ★★ Toyota joins w/ Ford to plan new SmartDeviceLink standard  ★★ Volvo & MS to KITT out cars w/ remote voice control  ★★ Ford wants to put your home in the driver’s seat  ★★ Volkswagen’s new microbus is electric  ★★ App use is growing  ★★ Gadgets fm previous years at CES that didn’t pan out  ★★ Gadgets seen at CES on Tuesday  ★★ The best of CES 2016  ★★ 3D-printed (driveable) cars  ★★ Where space exploration is taking us in 2016  ★★ 1st std production cars given green light for autonomous driving in Nevada  ★★ Electric cars starting to go mainstream  ★★ ISIS is working to build driverless-car bomb deliverers  ★★ Code-A-Pillar teaches preschoolers how to code, thanks Connie  ★★ NY medical marijuana program begins  ★★ Robot pets  ★★ Tech trends for 2016  ★★ US says manatees should lose endangered-species status  ★★ Lenovo drops Motorola brand  ★★ NYC public library releases tons of pictures online  ★★ President Obama takes on the gun lobby  ★★ Apple’s OS X & iOS had the most security vulnerabilities in 2015  ★★ AT&T brings back unlimited data, for a price  ★★ Make’s most popular content for 2015  ★★ Here are the cars that are getting Apple CarPlay  ★★ Text of President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address  ★★ Careers that tech will destroy  ★★ Al Jazeera America news channel to close up shop  ★★ Netflix is making it a lot harder to access another country’s catalog of movies, thanks Juan  ★★ The BBC’s take on the Netflix news  ★★ GM says the 1st self-driving cars will be sold to taxi-like services  ★★ Biggest snubs & surprises for Oscars 2016  ★★ Marine Gen. John Kelly steps down as chief of US Southern Command  ★★ US to invest nearly $4B in driverless cars  ★★ The future of tech & higher education  ★★ Glow-in-the-dark blacklight hair  ★★ Wearable electronics studied in Japan, thanks Chris  ★★ Fitbit knockoffs  ★★ Blockchain tech, thanks Steve  ★★ Google’s quantum computer is 100M times faster than a PC, thanks Chris  ★★ Google search trends for 2015  ★★ US issues travel warning for pregnant women over Zika virus  ★★ Your next PC might only work with Windows 10  ★★ Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dies at 67  ★★ NYTimes endorsed Hillary for the Democratic nomination

Great ideas:  ★★ Another 272 words reply to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address  ★★ Inventions that improved the world in 2015 (part 2)  ★★ Clean a keyboard w/ a Post-It note  ★★ Color-changing cake frosting  ★★ Mossberg’s tech wish list for 2016  ★★ Flu’s cell-hijacking tactics exposed  ★★ Segway makes robotic helper you can ride  ★★ The best way to defrost your car windows  ★★ Fire-resistant concrete  ★★ Coded-Hemodynamic-Imaging System monitors upper-body blood flow w/o contact  ★★ Cancer-imaging video pill  ★★ Tech products to help you when you’re drunk  ★★ “Light recycling” tech could save incandescent bulbs  ★★ Mobile EEG cap  ★★ Smarter activity tracker detects cheating  ★★ Smart battery prevents overheating  ★★ BeastCam gets quick 3D scans of live critters  ★★ Smart intestinal-gas-sensing capsule   ★★ New tech boosts 3D printing of metal objects  ★★ Spermbots help weak swimmers along to boost fertility  ★★ Cloaking chemo in bubbles destroys cancer w/ 1/50th of a regular dose  ★★ Polymer nano-shell treatment orders bones to repair themselves  ★★ The marvels of coconut oil  ★★ Make your own bagels  ★★ Is Blockchain the most important IT invention of our age?, thanks Chris  ★★ Steps to reduce eye strain fm computer monitors  ★★ Weak electrical field found to carry information around the brain

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Win 10 privacy fixes, thanks Helen  ★★  No more security updates for Windows 8  ★★ PC Mag VPN comparison, thanks Connie   ★★ Experts VPN comparison, thanks Connie   ★★ Tom’s Hardware VPN comparison, thanks Connie  ★★ Voter registration database leaked  ★★ SlemBunk trojan uses fake apps to replace good ones  ★★ More about SlemBunk  ★★ CleverLoop home security system  ★★ New Flash bug has Adobe telling you to stop using Flash  ★★ Voter registrations leaked  ★★ AVG AntiVirus bug fixed  ★★ 3 biggest security threats of 2016  ★★ Hackers can use accelerometers & gyroscopes to capture smartwatch password entries  ★★ Microsoft (MS) now identifies state-sponsored hacks  ★★ 1000s of MS accounts hacked by China  ★★ The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide, thanks Chuck  ★★ U of Connecticut hacked  ★★ Smart TV makers including antimalware now  ★★ How to spot credit card skimmers  ★★ Comcast’s home security system has a serious flaw  ★★ Android bug looks like Stagefright  ★★ Time-Warner Cable possibly breached  ★★ Steps to secure your smartphone or tablet  ★★ Top online scams  ★★ How to create & remember strong passwords  ★★ Smart TV security  ★★ Indiana hospital data breach  ★★ BB-8 app could be hacked  ★★ Security bug in Trend Micro’s password manager is being fixed  ★★ Killers found more than 100+ victims on Craigslist  ★★ Hyatt hotels hacked  ★★ TaxAct hacked  ★★ Protect your privacy when filing taxes online  ★★ Do you have a lame internet password?, thanks Helen  ★★ Teenager hacked Director of National Intelligence  ★★ See what Facebook knows about you  ★★ Password manager LastPass can be vulnerable to phishing attempts  ★★ How to see what Facebook knows about you

Legal issues:  ★★ Bill Cosby charged w/ felony aggravated indecent assault  ★★ President Obama tackles ‘unfinished business’ of gun violence  ★★ President to unveil unilateral steps to control guns  ★★ US deporting Central American illegals  ★★ Luminosity fined $2M by FTC for deceptive advertising of Brain Games & Brain Training  ★★ Who owns Antarctica?  ★★ Spotify hit by new $200M copyright suit  ★★ US Supreme court refuses to overturn appeal ruling that Homeland Security can legally shut down cellphone service in a local area  ★★ New trial in killing of CR sea turtle conservationist  ★★ File taxes online for free  ★★ Judge rules doing this one thing on Facebook can violate a restraining order

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Motivational quotes to start the year off right  ★★ BBC’s reading list to expand your mind  ★★ Stay organized in 2016  ★★ Difference between Green Onions, Chives, & Scallions, thanks Connie  ★★ New technique tested for hiding images in inkjet pictures  ★★ Anne Frank’s diary goes online despite rights dispute  ★★ Money tips for 2016  ★★ How HDMI works  ★★ How to make Nutella  ★★ Hidden meanings in company logos  ★★ Tips for using Uber  ★★ Zuckerberg wants to build Jarvis, the AI butler fm Iron Man  ★★ Anonymous vows to free convict from Netflix’s Making a Murder   ★★ Don’t ask for spam  ★★ 4 new elements fill 7th row of Periodic Table  ★★ Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon or her next big problem?  ★★ The triumph of email  ★★ Evernote’s 5% problem  ★★ Melania Trump’s American dream  ★★ What would The Munsters opening look like in color?  ★★ Top ways to stay motivated  ★★ Attempts at Gun-Safety-Tech solutions  ★★ Build a calendar w/ Monthly.js  ★★ Rick Wakeman’s piano tribute to David Bowie  ★★ App release notes are getting stupid  ★★ Millennials are changing the English language  ★★ One car myth that won’t go away

Local Issues:  ★★ 49 businesses sued for trademark infringement for “Chifrijo”   ★★ CR’s biggest crime stories of 2015  ★★ The story of La Negrita  ★★ Tico Times’ top CR travel stories of 2015  ★★ Flight Search for the cheapest flights  ★★ CR business stories of 2015  ★★ Uber struggles in CR  ★★ BCR opens 1st 5 banks exclusively for women  ★★ Millionth tourist of 2015 enters CR  ★★ San José leads the region in 4-of-12 categories of the world’s most competitive cities of 2015  ★★ CR’s 2015 in arts & culture  ★★ Celebrating CR memes  ★★ Port of Limón designated as a cruise-origination point  ★★ New law for dealing w/ minor car accidents in CR w/o transitos, thanks Connie  ★★ Poor in CR live longer than poor in USA  ★★ Motorcycle deaths in CR skyrocketed in 2015  ★★ Climate change in Monteverde cloud forest  ★★ CR registers negative inflation in 2015  ★★ Uber launches van service in CR  ★★ Why should people visit Liberia - why not?  ★★ Illegal logging in CR  ★★ Upbeat economic projections for CR  ★★ Did you make the Palmares Festival?  ★★ Learn more about the Corcovado National Park  ★★ TEDxPuraVida talks  ★★ The CostaRican Times takes notice of Netflix’s VPN ban, thanks Connie  ★★ 2.6M visitors came to CR in 2015  ★★ Best of Palamares Tope 2016  ★★ An afternoon at the Parque Francia  ★★ 6 local fruits  ★★ La Cruz de Caravaca: A signpost from the past  ★★ CR real estate guide for foreign buyers

International issues:  ★★ Overlooked international stories of 2015  ★★ Central American countries allow Cuban migrants to bypass Nicaragua enroute to US, thanks Connie  ★★ HondaJet begins shipping light jets  ★★ New Year’s Eve around the world  ★★ Mexico mayor assassinated one day after taking office  ★★ Mexico’s rising homicide rate  ★★ Argentina’s new govt renews claims to Falkland Islands ★★ Sandworm gang infects 3 substations in Ukraine and shuts them down  ★★ Why is North Korea’s ‘hydrogen bomb’ test such a big deal?  ★★ Germany houses refugees in eastern ghost towns  ★★ Sean Penn in trouble over interview w/ ‘El Chapo’  ★★ China’s slowdown casts long shadow across the world  ★★ Renewal in Panama  ★★ Dubai’s Mall of the World undergoes redesign  ★★ US Peace Corps suspends El Salvador program as violence surges  ★★ Comedian takes office as Guatemala’s president  ★★ Indigenous & Afro-Caribbeans forced to negotiate over Nicaraguan Canal  ★★ The changing face of Saudi women  ★★ Israeli Air Force Tactical deployment  ★★ Why US companies feel unwelcome in China

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ NASA reaches new heights in 2015  ★★ What’s next for outer space?  ★★ ExoMars mission ships orbiter and lander to Baikonur launch platform  ★★ NASA’s Mars 2030 VR software puts you there  ★★ Falcon 9 rocket ready to go again after landing on pad  ★★ Recovered Falcon 9 rocket is in great shape  ★★ Landed Falcon 9 booster completes static test fire  ★★ Cassini snaps image of Saturnian moons Enceladus, Rhea, & Atlas  ★★ Where space exploration is taking us in 2016  ★★ NuSTAR finds X-ray binaries in Androdeda galaxy  ★★ Last attempt to revive Philae after bad comet landing  ★★ International LOFAR telescope expands into Ireland  ★★ Selected images taken from Hubble  ★★ NASA’s Dawn spacecraft provides high-res views of Cere’s craters  ★★ NASA adds Dream Chaser to next round of ISS cargo missions  ★★ NASA probe Juno became the solar-powered craft most distant fm Earth while still 6 months fm Jupiter  ★★ Rosetta confirms presence of water ice deposits on comet 67P  ★★ China to land on the dark side of the moon in 2018  ★★ NASA Ames & the ISS  ★★ The Martian launches onto DVD & Blu-Ray  ★★ Jason-3 launches to monitor global sea-level rise  ★★ Green pea galaxy provides insights to early universe evolution  ★★ 5 naked-eye planets visible this month  ★★ Panel finds NASA not ready to go to Mars  ★★ GRAVITY instrument probes environments around black holes  ★★ NASA creates a Planetary Defense Office

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Is virtual reality the big thing, again?

★★ Password skit that’s a modern “Who’s on first?”  ★★ The new rules of English grammar  ★★ Universe2go review  ★★ Tim Conway’s elephant story on Carol Burnett, thanks Connie  ★★ Review of best science-fiction novels

Galleries:  ★★ Walking on a clear frozen lake  ★★ Must-listen podcasts for 2016  ★★ The lunch lady’s secret talent  ★★ Sounds of a world-champion whistler  ★★ Face-swapping software demo  ★★ John Dowland plays The Frog Galliard  ★★ Dinner for One  ★★ Free alternatives to Netflix  ★★ Cook chicken-fried steak w/ potato waffles & gravy  ★★ A beautiful cave in Viet Nam  ★★ Detective adopts hard-luck kids  ★★ Toddler tries bacon for the 1st time  ★★ New Year’s fireworks over Lima  ★★ Hammer tricks  ★★ Nat Geo’s 2015 Photo Contest Winners  ★★ Nat Geo’s 1st Place 2015 winner  ★★ Free wallpaper  ★★ Why you can’t trust a man w/ the luggage  ★★ Making prize-winning chili  ★★ Apollo moon mission photos  ★★ Homemade model jet plane  ★★ What a 13K cubic-ft/sec flood looks like  ★★ Fashion drawings of Salvador Dali  ★★ A cappella group sings in a bathroom  ★★ 2-sec impressions of celebrities  ★★ Most anticipated rap albums of 2016  ★★ The Martian launches onto DVD & Blu-Ray  ★★ Photos of Rio Celeste  ★★ Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2  ★★ Let the Wookie win, thanks Connie  ★★ If men courted women like birds do, thanks Connie  ★★ Texas Big Horn Sheep in Big Bend, thanks Connie  ★★ Rick & the Lancaster Bomber  ★★ Google ‘street viewed’ world’s largest model railway  ★★ The Great Flydini

Potential Products:  ★★ Mokacam will be the world’s smallest 4K action camera  ★★ BMW to show Vision Car at CES w/ AirTouch interface ★★ BMW shows helmet HUD at CES  ★★ i-Blades smartphone case offers 10X battery life & 1 TB memory boost  ★★ Samsung to show Welt smartbelt, Rink controller for VR headsets, and TipTalk earbud-like device at CES  ★★ AirBar gives PCs touch screens  ★★ Rubber lasers  ★★ Everykey uses a physical Bluetooth key to unlock IoT devices  ★★ VertiGo wall-climbing robot  ★★ GM & Lyft plan to develop autonoous ride-sharing vehicles  ★★ Apple CarPlay & Android Auto coming to Ford vehicles  ★★ Every new Ford will have Android Auto by 2017  ★★ Oculus Touch controllers for Rift to launch in mid/late 2016  ★★ A new WiFi standard in 2018  ★★ Samsung HW-K950 speakers add Atmos vertical sound  ★★ iPhone 7 rumors of a better battery  ★★ BoomStick enhances sound on earbuds & earphones  ★★ Volvo tests Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 AI computer  ★★ Movi camera quasi multi-cam  ★★ Lenovo’s Yoga mouse doubles as a remote control  ★★ Figment VR phone case for iPhone 6  ★★ Digitsole smartshoe  ★★ Sleep Number’s smartbed  ★★ Lenovo Ideacentre 610S smartprojector  ★★ Optinvent’s hybrid headphones w/ display  ★★ Withings Thermo smart-thermometer  ★★ Mio’s Slice activity tracker  ★★ Altec Lansing wireless Freedom earbuds  ★★ Cassia Bluetooth Hub  ★★ MS partners w/ Harman to make smart car apps  ★★ Dockable Harman speaker for in & out of the car  ★★ Misfit’s Ray fitness tracker  ★★ Driver monitoring system  ★★ Panasonic Technics SL-1200 turntable  ★★ New sensor enables robots to scan suspicious luggage  ★★ Withings Go activity tracker w/ e-ink display  ★★ Parrot Disco drone has fixed-wings  ★★ HTC Vive Pre VR display  ★★ Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1  ★★ Garmin Varia Vision adds smarts to cycling glasses  ★★ Huawei brings new phones, smartwatches, & a tablet to CES  ★★ Vuze flying saucer camera shoots 3D-VR  ★★ Cassia Hub extends Bluetooth range to 1,000 ft  ★★ Inflate your hoodie to rest your head  ★★ Cool new TV can be rolled into a tube  ★★ Coolest things seen so far at CES  ★★ Vehicle-to-everything (V2E) tech allows cars to communicate with their environment  ★★ Flir expands thermal camera range  ★★ Black & Decker launches Bluetooth-connected battery  ★★ Earphones w/ smart external-sound filtering  ★★ Fitbit adds smartwatch features w/ new Blaze  ★★ Small 65W multi-directional speaker Archt Mini  ★★ No-PIN automated teller w/ iris scanner  ★★ BRG helmet w/ 360° camera  ★★ Casio Android Wear WSD-F10 rugged smartwatch  ★★ VW’s e-Golf Touch w/ gesture control  ★★ Kia Drive Wise for autonomous driving  ★★ Cota wireless phone charger  ★★ Polaroid 3D printer  ★★ Hercules WAE oceanproof speaker  ★★ Avegant Glyph headworn personal theater  ★★ VTOL Kestrel drone morphs into fixed-wing after takeoff  ★★ Audi’s virtual dashboard  ★★ Custom 3D-printed insoles  ★★ Kodak Super 8 movie camera in analog/digital form ★★ Teslasuit offers full-body haptics to VR users  ★★ Zeiss high-performance iPhone lenses  ★★ Smart suitcase follows you around  ★★ Robots take over CES  ★★ Some of the drones shown at CES  ★★ Smartwatch projects movies on a wall  ★★ Samsung modular display screens  ★★ Smart rug alsrm clock  ★★ VR exercise bike  ★★ Mcor full-color 3D paper printer  ★★ BeoSound 35 music system  ★★ Playstation VR: a midrange alternative  ★★ Airbus Counter-UAV System detects and shuts down drones  ★★ Smart fishing rods  ★★ Smart earbuds  ★★ Kiba horseshoe-shaped camera records & edits home videos  ★★ Will gives Here earbuds a great review  ★★ P5 digital headphones  ★★ Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell put to work in satellite research  ★★ Shower head changes colors to highlight water wastage  ★★ Mö car is powered by pedals and/or sun-charged batteries  ★★ Portable Bluetooth orilamp

Hardware, General:  ★★ Hidden doors & compartments  ★★ Digital sundial  ★★ Panasonic ZS100 camera has a 1” sensor & 4K skills  ★★ Double 2 telepresence robot  ★★ Tips to save money on printing  ★★ Foscam security cameras  ★★ New Sony action camera  ★★ Fujifilm’s new X-series flagship  ★★ Ripple Maker paints pictures in your coffee

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ DARPA approves ship-based Tern drone for prototyping  ★★ How dangerous are drones anyway?  ★★ Drone maker DJI launches new software to enforce no-fly zones  ★★ New tiny Axis Vidius drone  ★★ Do’s & Don’ts for the new drone pilot  ★★ Range extender keeps QR X900 hexacopter airborne for more than an hour  ★★ Passenger-carrying drone  ★★ Drone predictions for 2016  ★★ Typhoon H hexacopter features folding landing gear & swivelling 4K camera  ★★ Michigan Tech develops drone-hunting drone with capture net using robotic falconry  ★★ Intelligent Energy unveils a fuel cell/battery extender for drones  ★★ Hurricane-inspecting Coyote drone  ★★ B4UFLY: FAA’s new app for legal drone use  ★★ 100 drones fly in formation  ★★ 100-drone synchronized airshow  ★★ Underwater drone REMUS SharkCam  ★★ ProDrone Byrd carries an Ultimate Flying Platform holding a standard DLSR camera  ★★ Google’s Project Wing  ★★ Can you shoot at drones flying over your land?  ★★ ProHawk drone emits predator cries to scare away birds  ★★ The Lily throw-and-shoot camera

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Noke smartlock  ★★ LG SmartThinQ hub  ★★ Smart TV makers including antimalware now  ★★ Wearable health tech  ★★ Gourmia kitchen robot  ★★ Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has internal cameras  ★★ Smart motorcycle headlight  ★★ Smart home gadgets at CES  ★★ IoT gadgets for 2016  ★★ New IoT solutions that may surprise you  ★★ More IoT gadgets  ★★ Fantastic Fitbit tricks  ★★ How your future car will stay connected  ★★ Smart guns  ★★ A range of smart gadgets  ★★ Sevenhugs remote offers point-n-click control of smart homes

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Carbon-fiber Lenovo Yoga 900S

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: hands on

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Compulab Airtop silent desktop PC

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Phablets ruled the holidays

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Lost your cellphone? Call it fm the Web  ★★ Uses for an old smartphone  ★★ New iPhone feature added almost $2K to family cell-phone bill  ★★ Some iPhones have a bug that makes you think your low battery is full  ★★ New, smaller iPhone might not be so great   ★★ Backup your phone

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Raspberry Pi or Arduino?  ★★ New, redesigned Google Glass  ★★ Dongle PCs: Intel’s Core M-based Compute Stick

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ MS may release a smaller, cheaper Xbox  ★★ New way to play Jenga  ★★ Maingear’s AIO gaming PC  ★★ SteelSeries puts an OLED display on a gaming mouse  ★★ Razer’s Stealth laptop is both ultrabook & gaming PC  ★★ VR could be the future of sports training  ★★ Why Oculus Rift is still the best VR headset  ★★ Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive  ★★ Lucky’s Tale, the Super Mario Bros. of VR

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Crossfade headphones offer wired or wireless audio  ★★ Lenovo’s Yoga mouse doubles as a remote control  ★★ New Sony turntable allows hi-res digital recording  ★★ Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin wireless speaker

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ i-Blades smart cases

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Best practices for Twitter  ★★ Can Twitter hold on?  ★★ SaneBox manages your email inbox  ★★ FaceBook to offer multiple feeds  ★★ What not to share on Facebook  ★★ Open Culture offers free courses online  ★★ Call your phone fm the internet  ★★ A Disney dating site  ★★ One third of pirate sites give you viruses  ★★ AutoTEMPEST helps you find your perfect car  ★★ Showstopping websites  ★★ finds a station playing your song  ★★ Google Translate goofs  ★★ Facebook Messenger hits 800M users  ★★ Malware apps kicked off Google Play  ★★ Facebook Messenger bots increasing  ★★ My70sTV lets you watch old shows  ★★ TinEye finds copies of your image online  ★★ Snapchat 101: How to use the most confusing social network  ★★ What happens when you have 8M Instagram followers & you post a photo  ★★ 180K works of art  ★★ Netflix tricks  ★★ Netflix hidden genre categories  ★★ FileThis keeps track of all your bills fm your PC

Software, General Tools:  ★★ PhotoDirector edits photos (saturation, tone adjustments, air brushing, red-eye & object removal) for Android & iOS  ★★ Truecaller number manager for Google, Window, & Apple  ★★ Action Movie FX for Windows, Android, & iOS  ★★ ModiFace visualization tech  ★★ Need a Budget helps you balance your books for Windows & Mac  ★★ Apps for losing weight  ★★ DailyArt delivers details about art for Android & iOS  ★★ iHoroscope for Android & iOS  ★★ Budgeting & finance software  ★★ Turn your tablet into a 2nd monitor w/ Duet for Windows & Mac  ★★ Urban Engines for US transit maps for Android & iOS  ★★ WifiMapper finds free hotspots for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps to stop smoking  ★★ Share files too large to email  ★★ Self-improvement apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Gimp free replacement for Photoshop for Windows & Mac  ★★ Sitata Travel Safe for Android & iOS  ★★ Macrium Reflect imaging tool  ★★ Apps for Android & iOS to help you find a new hobby  ★★ Upwords (Scrabble-esque) game for Android & iOS  ★★ Helpful computer organization tips  ★★ Vintage Scene adds old-timey effects to your photos for Android & iOS  ★★ Battery Doctor shows when to charge and stop charging; how much juice each app is taking; and how much you can save by switching to Bluetooth or WiFi for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps that take the hassle out of traveling for Android & iOS  ★★ HBO NOW for Android & iOS  ★★ Weather Underground provides detailed weather report for Android & iOS  ★★ Comparison of digital photo host sites  ★★ WhatsApp ends subscription fees  ★★ Quick Editor captures, edits, and shares images for Windows & Mac  ★★ web game comes to Android & Apple gadgets  ★★ Ways to cut down on spam email

Software, Browsers:  ★★ MS ends support for IE 8, 9, & 10

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ Clever iPhone & iPad tricks  ★★ Rumors that iPhone8 may have OLED screen  ★★ New iPhone feature added almost $2K to family cell-phone bill  ★★ How to use iOS short names  ★★ Apple’s OS X & iOS had the most security vulnerabilities in 2015  ★★ How to turn OFF iOS message preview  ★★ Remove icons fm your iPhone or iPad home screen  ★★ Mac bug could expose the last thing you saw online  ★★ iOS 9 to introduce NightShift to soothe your eyes w/ blue light reduction  ★★ Free up iPhone 6s storage space  ★★ Gatekeeper still lets malware in

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Location-based reminders for iPhone  ★★ MS Selfie  ★★ How to make a Mac talk  ★★ Auto correct feature funnies  ★★ ChaeatSheet shows Mac shortcuts  ★★ for Mac OS X & iTunes for iPhone & tablets  ★★ Peach app is a cross between Twitter & instant messaging  ★★ Adobe Slate for iOS

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MS ends support for IE 8, 9, & 10  ★★ Annual PC cleaning advice  ★★ Changes in Windows Secrets newsletter  ★★ Penton’s SuperSite for Windows  ★★ MS making own no-contract SIM card for Windows phones  ★★ Get help fm Cortana  ★★ MS fixes 6 critical flaws. Update now.

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Balabolka reads written words  ★★ Book Creator creates eBooks  ★★ Free printable calendars  ★★ Magistro turns stills & videos into a movie  ★★ Win 10 Spy Disabler  ★★ Dozens of free apps  ★★ WindowPager provides virtual desktops  ★★ Free wallpapers  ★★ Online to-do list  ★★ Backup your Android or iOS smartphone to your PC w/ Apowersoft  ★★ Use Font Candy to add captions to your photos  ★★ PhotoSpills creates collages  ★★ 123D Sculpt+ creates and prints 3D images  ★★ Digsby sends & receives messages fm all your accounts

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★

Windows 8: ★★  No more security updates for Windows 8

Windows 10:  ★★ Win 10 privacy fixes, thanks Helen  ★★ Windows 10 budges a bit as masses cling to Windows 7  ★★ What MS learned fm tracking Win 10  ★★ Helpful Win 10 shortcuts  ★★ Tips for Win 10  ★★ Win 10 tricks you need to know, thanks Helen  ★★ Your next PC might only work with Windows 10

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Google Maps new Driving Mode for Android  ★★ Android Forums

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ Chrome OS Questions forum

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Best free photo editing apps for Android devices  ★★ Get a free Chromecast for using Android Pay

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, & Subaru back Automotive-Grade Linux  ★★ What are your 2016 tech predictions?  ★★ 2015 LinuxQuestions Members Choice Awards

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