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Web News for March, 2016

Trends:  ★★ Gravitational waves discovered: ripples in spacetime, thanks Connie  ★★ More news about gravitational waves  ★★ Ways your future car will stay connected  ★★ New incandescent lightbulbs are as efficient as LEDs  ★★ Uber helicopter taxis  ★★ Netflix price increase  ★★ New car tech  ★★ 2015 smashed 2014's global temperature record  ★★ DARPA looks to revolutionize neural interface implants  ★★ Amazon Dash allows devices to order their own supplies at the touch of a button  ★★ Lithium-ion battery warms itself in cold weather to maintain performance  ★★ 3D-printer robot to mend damaged road surfaces  ★★ Space-based laser communications  ★★ Study breaks down humanity's contribution to climate change  ★★ Audi gears up Brussels plant for production of its first electric SUV  ★★ 3D-printed engine combustor withstands hypersonic flight testing  ★★ Brand new Political Ad TV Archive aims to take the lies out of campaign ads  ★★ No card required: Eye scanners coming soon to your ATM  ★★ These 38 airlines have the lowest airline-safety ratings  ★★ Review: The X-Files is back, but the fight for the future is over  ★★ How Larry Page's obsessions became Google's business  ★★ Why is love going online?  ★★ Bulletproof baseball cap & T-shirt  ★★  GM announces Maven car sharing service  ★★ Twitter's darkest hour is now  ★★ All-day breakfast at McDonald's  ★★ Most exciting books coming in 2016  ★★ The hippest hotelier in Texas  ★★ Facebook profits more than doubled last year  ★★ Google wipes Glass from the internet  ★★ Oracle is killing off Java  ★★ Starry system to provide broadband internet without cables or contracts  ★★ A panhandler who accepts credit cards  ★★ Companies combine to build smaller electric motors for cars  ★★ Non-swiping ATMs proposed  ★★ Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba sets record for Singles Day shopping event  ★★ US military creating cyborg soldier tech  ★★ What it's like to commute in a Tesla  ★★ Amazon's delivery drone  ★★ New emoji candidates  ★★ Circuit City is coming back  ★★ President Obama visits mosque  ★★ Brace yourself for a cyber-tsunami  ★★ California gets EV charging stations w/ dynamic pricing  ★★ Dutch driverless shuttle 1st to hit public roads  ★★ USPS rate hikes affect purchases  ★★ GE phasing out CFL bulbs in favor of LEDs  ★★ Dutch police training eagles to take out drones  ★★ White House seeks nearly $1.2B for drug prevention, treatment, & overdose response  ★★ MS locates data center on ocean bottom for cooling  ★★ Social media can disturb sleep patterns  ★★ Top 10 Super-Bowl ads of all time  ★★ New AI allows videogame characters to learn from each other  ★★ Google rolls out free GB fiber to public housing  ★★ Super-Bowl babies  ★★ Websites tracking user experience  ★★ Watching TV football in VR  ★★ Crunchies: Tech's annual awards show  ★★ Earning a living in the 21st century  ★★ German luggage tag lets travelers check-in bags fm home  ★★ The age of indie fitness apps is over  ★★ MTV News is finally getting serious about the internet  ★★ Future internet could be 50k times faster  ★★ Apple co-founder Woz is bringing the US an even nerdier Comic Con  ★★ Pure graphene successfully interfaced w/ neurons  ★★ Thermal imaging can tell if you're in love  ★★ Scientists use laser to “weld” neurons together  ★★ Video games are helping our veterans  ★★ EMV chips prevents thieves using your card, so stealing your info and opening up new accounts in your name is up 113%  ★★ Gene editing: The next frontier in US abortion wars  ★★ Side-gigging is more than a fad  ★★ Newsweek ends print run, moves online  ★★ Scientists say warming oceans are turning sea stars to goo and killing lobsters  ★★ The most expensive scenes in silent-film history  ★★ App makers are pioneering gender-fluid design  ★★ Digitally weary users switch to dumb phones, thanks Helen

Great ideas:  ★★  Periodic Table Battleship game  ★★ Painless electrical zaps may replace anesthesia needles  ★★ Electrically-trained muscle cells get damaged hearts pumping  ★★ Dissolvable sensors could soon be used to monitor your brain  ★★ Quantum dots may help against antibiotic-resistant bacteria  ★★ NutriRay3D counts calories on your plate  ★★ Season your grill so foods won't stick  ★★ Blocking key protein puts the brakes on leukaemia  ★★ Beetles inspire ice resistant aircraft surfaces  ★★ Clemson University lights up w/ Power over the Internet  ★★ Devices you can control w/ your thoughts  ★★ Use olive oil to remove labels  ★★ FAA tests snow-melting conductive concrete  ★★ LED lamp uses a candle for power  ★★ Lithium-oxygen clears the way for boosted batteries   ★★ Sodium-ion batteries rely on salt water and using them desalinates it  ★★ Bosch claims 7% fuel savings w/ vibrating gas pedal  ★★ Sweat-sensing wristband monitors your health  ★★ Tips to help you read more  ★★ Graphene optical lens a billionth of a meter thick breaks the diffraction limit  ★★ DNA analysis may provide early warning of breast cancer  ★★ Cheaper, longer-lasting solar cells on the way  ★★ An advance in soft gripping  ★★ A green process for extracting gold, using table vinegar  ★★ Transparent safety truck shows road-ahead video on its tailgate  ★★ Clearing out damaged cells in mice extends lifespan by up to 35%  ★★ Mass-transit apps for the US  ★★ High-tech ways to bring families together  ★★ Kisameet clay, used by indigenous people in British Columbia, found to kill 16 dangerous bacteria  ★★ Laser-based glucose monitoring for diabetics w/o sticks  ★★ Converting airborne carbon dioxide into methanol  ★★ Genomic signature could lead to new early-detection cancer test  ★★ Easyjet to trial hybrid airplane tech using energy captured by braking when landing  ★★ A great chocolate cake recipe  ★★ Energy-harvesting shoes may charge mobile devices soon  ★★ Why airliners have oval windows  ★★ Growing nanowire lasers directly on silicon  ★★ Improved (centimeter-accurate) GPS could boost self-driving cars & other tech  ★★ Ultra-thin, flat lenses for phones & cameras  ★★ New material could fend off Moore's Law for a while  ★★ How Shyp is shaking up shipping  ★★ 3D-printed ear, bone, & muscle structures come to life after implantation in mice  ★★ Colorless ink produces multiple colors when printed  ★★ Ultra-fast wireless broadband on the horizon fm Starry  ★★ Micro-supercapacitors store energy inside a chip  ★★ Mitsubishi aerial display projects images into mid-air

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Skype to begin hiding your IP address by default  ★★ Fake Facebook emails contain malware  ★★ See all the companies tracking you on Facebook - and block them  ★★ Hackers could trick Amazon into giving up YOUR personal info  ★★ Lenovo's awful hard-coded password  ★★ Health insurer's hard drives went missing  ★★ Wendy's investigates credit card breaches  ★★ PayPal fixes Java deserialization problem  ★★ Shodan searches for vulnerable webcams Never share these things on social media  ★★ Social media red flags  ★★ Hackers can hijack cars using malware hidden in songs  ★★ How to beat ransomware  ★★ Tax season raises ID theft rates 47%  ★★ Malwarebytes fixing bug causing vulnerability  ★★ Google's tracking you in a new way  ★★ Flaw in some iPhones & iPads could allow bypassing lock screen  ★★ EBay has a severe security bug  ★★ site exposed voter data fm all parties  ★★ Card skimmers discovered inside Safeway stores  ★★ How to stop the hacking of your Instagram account  ★★ Moving away fm the Administrator account  could eliminate 86% of Windows security threats  ★★ Facebook scam offers free McDonald's for life  ★★ Google Safe Browsing  ★★ 'unhackable' RFID chip for credit cards  ★★ Burglars use caller-ID-spoofing to get a family out ot their house, then burglarized them  ★★ T9000 malware  ★★ Locksmiths can be scammers  ★★ Hackers leak DHS & FBI staff directories, DOJ may be next  ★★ Cyberstalkers can peek through your webcam  ★★ New way to steal card info at ATMs  ★★ Stolen Social Security numbers used in automated attack on IRS  ★★ Your Netflix CR password could sell for < $1, thanks Helen  ★★ Thieves can open most home safes in < 10 seconds  ★★ New Bluetooth feature could create a security problem  ★★ Are fingerprint sensors really secure?  ★★ Smart home devices may be used to spy on you  ★★ Security bug found in glibc, thanks Steve  ★★ Hollywood hospital pays $3.6M to get records back  ★★ New malware attacks phones with a simple message  ★★ New Nigerian prince scam involves an astronaut  ★★ How to tell if your Netflix account has been hacked  ★★ Home security cameras may be spying on you  ★★ Staying safe on the internet  ★★ Facebook's new privacy reminder

Legal issues:  ★★ Get a free refund on Amazon for your hoverboard before it explodes  ★★ Revealed in Oracle-Google trial: Google paid Apple $1B in 2014 to keep Google Search in iOS  ★★ Put digital privacy rights in your will  ★★ Food-poisoning attorney reveals 6 foods he refuses to eat  ★★ New US law may make it possible for DeLorean to make cars again  ★★ Gringo in CR jail complains  ★★ Senate criticizes president for treatment of child border-crossers  ★★ T-Mobile's Binge On service challenged on net neutrality grounds  ★★ Frustrated computer user snaps, pulls gun on repair tech  ★★ Popular apps that violate your privacy  ★★ Mexico arrests Sinaloa drug cartel members on US border  ★★ IRS computer crash could delay tax refunds  ★★ USDOT reports on DSRC for connected vehicles  ★★ US officially recognizes Google computers as car drivers  ★★ US Supreme Court puts President Obama's emissions-reduction plan on hold  ★★ President Obama quiets despair over Supreme Court hold  ★★ CR charges members of alleged organ-trafficking ring  ★★ FBI creates video game The Slippery Slope to Violent Extremism  ★★ Policeman jumps onto moving semi-truck to save unconscious driver  ★★ US govt tells Apple to unlock terrorist iPhone, thanks Chris  ★★ Apple says, "No way!", thanks Steve  ★★ Man sues Google for sending him reminders after he opted out  ★★ Tax season is here  ★★ CR court convicts US investor of fraud  ★★ FCC rules to unlock the box for cable TV, thanks Connie  ★★ iBlueButton keeps your medical records secure, for a price

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Tech resolutions everyone should make  ★★ Newly discovered prime number has 22M digits  ★★ Replace broken dinnerware  ★★ New AI algorithm learns complex visual concepts quickly  ★★ Inside NASA's plan to radically redesign how we fly  ★★ A fork that zaps your tongue to change the taste of food  ★★ What's your threat score?  ★★ How waving inflatable tube men got their start  ★★ Bible Hub  ★★ The NSA is the best hacker in the world  ★★ What really happened to the Patriots' Surface tablets?  ★★ President Obama on Iowa  ★★ Find-your-phone apps aren't always spot-on  ★★ Political Ad TV Archive  ★★ Statistically, humanity is almost certainly responsible for global warming  ★★ Veteran accuses the Wounded Warrior Project of wasting millions  ★★ Zuckerberg posts a picture of his closet  ★★ CIA declassifies its real-life “X-Files”  ★★ How much are you worth to Facebook?  ★★ Rumor that new iPhone could have wireless charging  ★★ Tech myths  ★★ A lemon-tea concoction to beat your cold  ★★ Google's AI beats European Go champion  ★★ How Trump did it  ★★ Bill Gates used to memorize employees' license plate numbers  ★★ Bernie Sanders, high-school track star  ★★ Choosing the right size TV for your room  ★★ Elon Musk cancels Tesla car order fm a complaining customer  ★★ Schools & companies starting to require fitness-monitoring data  ★★ Unusual tech gadgets  ★★ “Fatty” foods that can help you get a flat stomach  ★★ Tarantula named after Johnny Cash  ★★ Moving away fm the Administrator account  could eliminate 86% of Windows security threats  ★★ Watch out for old Wal-Mart goods for sale on Amazon  ★★ Secrets of water skipping revealed  ★★ Gravitational waves: Are scientists about to open a new window on the universe?  ★★ Sites that make traveling easier  ★★ Stretchable polymer reverts to original shape when heated  ★★ New facial-scanning tech monitors audience reaction to TV shows  ★★ How driverless cars will transform the world  ★★ Confessions of airport employees  ★★ Women & guns in the US  ★★ President Obama looks back at 2 terms  ★★ Get the internet performance you're paying for  ★★ Your old USB drive can fight North Korean brainwashing  ★★ The Koch brothers' dirty war on solar power  ★★ Star Wars is more complex than we think  ★★ Study of cat communication  ★★ Could human-robot marriages be in our future?  ★★ How Tabasco sauce is made  ★★ How to make chocolate trouffles  ★★ W is Back: 6 quotes fm George W. Bush on the campaign trail for Jeb  ★★ Will humanoid robots build tomorrow's aircraft?  ★★ Pope Francis visits Mexico-US border, decries migrant tragedy  ★★ Everyday mistakes that put your finances at risk

Local Issues:  ★★ CR considers legalizing marijuana for medical use  ★★ Canadian mining company sues CR for $300M  ★★ Cahuita is beautiful, but watch out for the raccoons  ★★ New route to Chirripo puts tiny San Jeronimo on the map  ★★ Chirripo reservations online starting in May  ★★ Renting in San Jose: Historic barrios Amon & Otoya beckon  ★★ Why CR was once again omitted from the list of 10 best ethical destinations  ★★ Arts spotlight: Costa Rican actress Marian Li  ★★ Nago de Nicoya receives UNESCO silver medal  ★★ CR to host UN meeting on space tech  ★★ National Surf Circuit kicked off at Playa Cocles  ★★ Latin America's unlikely, honest voice for democracy  ★★ 13 candidates for San Jose mayor's seat  ★★ The 'Intel effect' dropped exports by 15%  ★★ Intel trades 1,500 blue-collar jobs into 2,000+ white-collar jobs  ★★ 1st Zika virus case in CR  ★★ CR president shunes Uber   ★★ Taxi driver chains herself in front of president's house to protest Uber  ★★ Uber gets $200M for international expansion: CR govt is worried  ★★ Most Ticos don't vote in municipal elections  ★★ CR National Culture Award winners  ★★ Where to go for rock climbing in CR  ★★ CR animator Julian Gallese  ★★ New construction in CR grew 14% in 2015  ★★ Liberty Reserve founder pleads guilty to money laundering charges  ★★ Is there a landslide risk for Tres Rios?  ★★ Costa Rica & Nicaragua added to Zika travel warning list  ★★ Britons abroad: Don't miss out on your right to vote in the EU referendum  ★★ Intel addresses high-tech gender gap in CR  ★★ CR's Supreme Court strikes down president’s decree legalizing In-Vitro-Fertilization  ★★ Warner Rojas can't stop climbing  ★★ Johnny Araya will be San Jose mayor again  ★★ How to power your home in CR  ★★ QCostaRica's laugh of the day, thanks Helen ★★ 1st Cuban airlift fm CR direct to Mexico (on US doorstep) takes off amid controversy over airfare  ★★ Solar vs. hydro: How to power your CR home  ★★ Heavy winds turn deadly as fallen tree kills Guanacaste driver  ★★ Mora residents battle to stop a landfill from being built in their backyard  ★★ CR says it will support new shark protections despite agreements w/ fishermen  ★★ CR taxi drivers looking for a geek to block the Uber app  ★★ IBM's Watson tech comes to CR, thanks Helen  ★★ CR seeks to boost electric, hybrid cars  ★★ Arrachache, or how to eat like an Inca in CR

International issues:  ★★ Mexico City changes its name  ★★ 2 ex-soldiers tried in Guatemala for sex slavery & murder  ★★ Bacardi fires latest salvo in Havana Club rum battle w/ Cuba  ★★ China's experimental fusion reactor maintains hydrogen plasma for 102 seconds  ★★ Unarmed Iranian drone overflys US carrier in international waters  ★★ Travel tips and vacation options  ★★ US restores regular flights to Cuba  ★★ China's Golden Generation in Vancouver  ★★ Guatemala examines use of rape as a weapon of war  ★★ Book review: The Battle for Paradise  ★★ Why President Obama is going to Cuba

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Detailed seafloor gravity map  ★★ Brightest galaxy ever discovered may be tearing itself apart  ★★ Undetected 9th planet may be in the Kuiper Belt  ★★ Lockheed-Martin SPIDER project shrinks telescope by factor of 10 to 100  ★★ Blue Origin's New Shepard booster returns to space after powered landing  ★★ SpaceX Crew Dragon hovers on tails of fire  ★★ Crew Dragon parachute test  ★★ NASA showcases Trumpler 14 star cluster  ★★ Planet discovered 1 trillion kilometers from its sun w/ 900,000-year orbit  ★★ 2 autonomous Canadian satellites carried out 1st orbital maneuver  ★★  Cassini prepares for dramatic mission climax  ★★ Astronomers generate image equivalent to telescope 63K miles wide  ★★ Giant gas cloud headed for Milky Way galaxy at 700K mph  ★★ Water pingpong in space  ★★ NASA's most detailed flyover of Ceres  ★★ Fungi on ISS survive in Mars-like conditions  ★★ NASA is developing a photonics modem using lasers  ★★ 2nd Orion arrives at Kennedy Space Center  ★★ NASA's Juno spacecraft completes Jupiter-rendezvous burn  ★★ Astronomers use Cassini spacecraft to weigh Saturn's B ring  ★★ Construction completed on primary mirror for James Webb Space Telescope  ★★ Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell dies at 85  ★★ New Horizons sheds light on Pluto's floating hills  ★★ German study using ESA data concludes there are no giant caverns inside Rosetta comet  ★★ Tour Mars w/ interactive video  ★★ Hidden galaxies discovered behind the Milky Way  ★★ Feeding habits of young stars   ★★ More news about gravitational waves  ★★ Likelihood of contacting Philae Lander on comet 67P is getting close to zero  ★★ NASA begins mock-up of Space Launch System (SLS) core stage  ★★ Britain's OS map of Mars  ★★ Large swath of Pluto mapped  ★★ NASA releases stunning year-long solar time-lapse video  ★★ Lightening viewed fm space  ★★ Another super-earth planet found

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Video crash course in beginner electronics  ★★ The Onion sold to Univision  ★★ An AI that handles passive-aggressive emails w/ witty put-downs  ★★ Smart dog on a snowy morning  ★★ 737 MAX makes maiden test flight  ★★ Data transferred at 1.125TB/sec  ★★ BB-8 (fm Star Wars 7) creator makes plans for a full-scale replica freely available  ★★ Funny iphone autocorrection

Galleries:  ★★ Bruce Springsteen covers Rebel, Rebel in tribute to David Bowie  ★★ Eagles' guitarist Glenn Frey remembered in this live performance of Hotel California   ★★ Star Wars 7 actor does SNL sketch (VPN required)  ★★ Paint on a drill bit in super slow-mo  ★★ Ana Yang and her bubbles  ★★ Thousands came out to honor this fallen police dog  ★★ Tank demonstrates the difference between high and low speed ditch crossings  ★★ The Sundance Film Festival  ★★ Images from the east-coast blizzard  ★★ Super Bowl Ads (Some require VPN)  ★★ This panda is LOVING his snow day  ★★ Vin Diesel sells action figures in 1994  ★★ NFL 2016 bad lip reading  ★★ Adele's mega-hit Hello mixed w/ Mozart on cello  ★★ Make delicious ribs in a slow cooker  ★★ Making lasagna out of Taco Bell food  ★★ Budweiser's Clydesdales  ★★ Budweiser's Clydesdales 2  ★★ Football humor: Fictitious touchdown celebrations  ★★ Herding sheep

Potential Products:  ★★ Braille tablets  ★★ ODG smartglasses  ★★ ARQ electronic tambarine  ★★ High-tech earbuds for concerts ★★ Akai Pro wireless turntable  ★★ Mitsubishi SeaAeriel seawater antenna  ★★ MuConnect magnetic-connection charger for iPhones & Android  ★★ Here Active Listening earbuds  ★★ E3 streaming speaker  ★★ Smart soccer ball  ★★ Smart steering-wheel cover fm Radiomize  ★★ Mobile & VR gear expected in early 2016  ★★ Talk about iPhone 7 includes too thin for connectors & screens on both sides  ★★ Rook drone to fly around your home controlled fm anywhere  ★★ New LG X-cam & X-screen phones

Hardware, General:  ★★ Build your own inductive phone charger  ★★ Fix dead spots in your home WiFi  ★★ Your next computer could cost less than $10  ★★ TV buying guide  ★★ Another TV buying guide   ★★ Improve TV picture quality  ★★ Maker's guide to boards  ★★ Overhyped tech features  ★★ An actual, working, air guitar  ★★ Kim's gadget comparison page  ★★ Insane spy gadgets  ★★ Cambits system builds cameras fm high-tech blocks  ★★ Signs your computer is dying

★★ Reduce monitor eye strain

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Route-planning software guides autonomous drones  ★★ World-changing drones we already have  ★★ Drone insurance  ★★ FAROS flying, wall-climbing, quadcopter finds the source of fires  ★★ Autonomous helicopter and robot to explore dangerous terrain  ★★ Winged drone nails first autonomous landing on a moving vehicle  ★★ Loon Copter drone flies, floats, and dives underwater  ★★ World-changing tech at our feet  ★★ Micro Drone 3.0  ★★ Parrot AR drone 2.0  ★★ Drone Racing League kicks off in Miami Dolphins' home stadium  ★★ Will Drone Racing League be the next NASCAR?   ★★ Another take on the Drone Racing League ★★ Gimball crash-proof drone  ★★ Amazon delivery drone in action  ★★ Dutch police training eagles to take out drones  ★★ Axis Drones Vidius is a tiny eye in the sky  ★★ Swarming robot boats  ★★ Drone scouts the route for Antarctic icebreaker  ★★ DEDAVE underwater drone  ★★ Multispectral crop monitoring sensor can be retrofitted to existing drones  ★★ Drone flight powered by lightweight hydrogen-producing pellets  ★★ Golfing robot makes impressive shot  ★★ Drones could follow trails to find lost hikers  ★★ Rwanda to deliver meds w/ drones  ★★ Botvac D80 robot vacuum  ★★ Elbit Skylark 3 drone ups range to 100 km  ★★ DARPA fully-loaded drone autonomously navigates an indoor maze at 45 mph  ★★ Chinese quadcopter drone folds into an egg shape  ★★ ACTUV sub hunter drone ready for sea trials  ★★ Dronebox autonomous drone landing platform  ★★ Police eagles take down drones in Holland  ★★ Self-parking chairs and cars  ★★ US Army tests tech to 3D-print mission-specific drones on demand  ★★ DARPA's Fast Lightweight Autonomy drone  ★★ Boeing's Phantom Eye

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Smartphone-controlled Nao+ headlamp  ★★ An 'Internet of Drones' could be next-gen air traffic control  ★★ BMW Labs portal goes live to connect drivers to the IoT  ★★ Could your thermostat leak your home location online?  ★★ Volvo to replace car keys w/ smartphone controls

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs. MS Surface Pro 4  ★★ Galaxy TabPro S vs. MS Surface Book

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ HP Sprout Pro is different  ★★ How to fix most PC problems

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs. Apple iPad Pro  ★★ Does your tablet actually have the storage space you expected?

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ The best smartphones (or phablets) available right now

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Your iPhone 6s can do some pretty cool things with the Facebook app now  ★★ Free up iPhone 6s storage space  ★★ What we know so far about the new mini-iPhone  ★★ Apps that drain your phone's battery  ★★ Don't sleep w/ your cellphone  ★★ Ways to charge your phone faster  ★★ Apple's Trade Up w/ Installments plan  ★★ Free up more space on your smartphone, thanks Helen

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Garmin golfing gadget

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ State-of-the-game virtual reality  ★★ Job Simulator sandbox for VR games  ★★ The most anticipated games of 2016  ★★ MSI eye-tracking gaming laptop  ★★ Oculus Rift + PC bundles  ★★ Fabulous Beasts  ★★ Stormfall Age of War  ★★ The best new Gear VR apps & games  ★★ O.A.D. wins Linux MCA open-source game of the year  ★★ Hidden Mac games

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Portable smartphone speaker  ★★ iLoud Micro Monitors  ★★ Turcom Cyberview Mini camera  ★★ Discov3ry Paste Extruder lets 3D-Printers print with food  ★★ Music Wrap Bluetooth headphones worn on your neck  ★★ An intro to virtual reality  ★★ Sentio headphones  ★★ Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printer  ★★ iClever keyboard unfolds for touch typing  ★★ High-end routers  ★★ Sharing hi-rez audio  ★★ Apple recalls iPad USB-C cables

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Solartab solar charger  ★★ Ye-T Warmpad turns laptop chargers into foot warmers  ★★ Why your laptop charger gets so hot  ★★ Modern backpack seamlessly integrates tech  ★★ Fitbit Alta adds more style  ★★ BearTek II gloves control wireless devices  ★★ Carry-on bags for techie travelers

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Tricks to save your battery

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Facebook Sports Stadium  ★★ 'Like-farming' on Facebook  ★★ How to use the new Facebook live video  ★★ Facebook celebrates 'Friends Day'  ★★ Facebook Messenger chess game  ★★ Facebook & the new colonialism  ★★ How to log out of Facebook remotely  ★★ Facebook gives away ad credits for 'counter speech' anti-terrorist posts  ★★ Facebook sales scams  ★★ Stop these Facebook annoyances  ★★ Fun things Google can do  ★★ Google Street View lets you explore the tallest mountain in Western Europe  ★★ Places you can't see in Google Maps  ★★ Google Safe Browsing  ★★ Google search tricks  ★★ Using Google for food comparisons, tip calculations, checking flight status, getting sunrise & set times, as a timer, & number pronunciation  ★★ Skype finally hides your IP address  ★★ Use Google Maps like a master  ★★ Install apps from a Google search  ★★ Cute little things Google does   ★★ Google's tracking you in a new way  ★★ Google Street View is having problems  ★★ New to Netflix in Feb  ★★ A bit of Netflix history  ★★ Twitter's darkest hour is now  ★★ Social media red flags  ★★ Zrankings for the best ski resorts in North America  ★★ New emoji candidates  ★★  Find out if your car has been recalled  ★★ Look smarter on LinkedIn  ★★ The family dinner project  ★★ 50+ free fonts to download  ★★ Ways to use Pinterest  ★★ Download 50K free books  ★★ Color-vision testing  ★★ Sites to watch live TV  ★★ Use FilmSomniac to track movies & shows you've watched  ★★ Gmail's recent update and its impact on marketing  ★★ Gmail's new unsubscribe button  ★★ Now you can run Windows 95 inside a browser window  ★★ Twitter changes its timeline format  ★★ Twitter's new timeline is all about the algorithms  ★★ How to turn off the Chosen Tweets feature  ★★ Free stuff on the internet  ★★ Pictures fm the 10 most popular Instagram accounts  ★★ Instagram finally supports multiple accounts  ★★ Skype now supports video chats w/ up to 25 people at a time  ★★ Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and messaging app, thanks Steve

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS & Android secures your mobile WiFi devices  ★★ f.lux shifts screen tint fm blue to red at night for Windows & Mac  ★★ The new, improved Outlook for Android & iOS  ★★ Intel fixes vulnerability in Driver Update Utility  ★★ Google Play had twice as many app downloads last year as Apple, but Apple made 75% more revenue than Google  ★★ Betty Crocker cookbook w/ 15K recipes on Android & iOS  ★★ Zedge personalizes wallpaper & ringtones for Android & iOS  ★★ Get ready for streaming video on Spotify  ★★ Prism reminds you when bills are due for Windows & Android  ★★ Scanbot scanner for Android & iOS  ★★ 2016 digital video toolbox  ★★ Lesser-known apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Android & iOS apps for your car  ★★ Links that will crash your Android or iOS phone  ★★ Mvelopes budgeting app for Android and iOS  ★★ iBlueButton, My Medical, & MyChart medical apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Oracle is killing off Java  ★★ Use Countable for Android & iOS to share your opinions w/ Congress  ★★ Low-tech activities getting high-tech makeovers  ★★ Apps for artists  ★★ FileThis organizes your bills for Android & iOS  ★★ Language & translation apps  ★★ Sports apps  ★★ Room For More offers 1GB free online storage for Android & iOS  ★★ A number of US Tax Return Prep apps  ★★ Recent News AI suggests news based on your interests, for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps that plan multipoint routes for Android & iOS   ★★ Games for Android & iOS  ★★ Visually stunning games for Android & iOS  ★★ Fitness apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Apps that drain your phone's battery  ★★ Free games

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Chrome & Firefox switch to Brotli compression for speed increase  ★★ Return of the browser wars  ★★ Safari auto-suggest feature caused crashes  ★★ Self-destructing tabs limit distractions  ★★ Chrome now warns against 'http' sites  ★★ MS Edge browser InPrivate Mode doesn't fully cover your tracks  ★★ Browser search tricks  ★★ Firefox wins Linux MCA for browser of the year  ★★ How to get back to a closed webpage for Windows & Mac

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ 'Siri, can you beatbox for me?'  ★★ Apple Night Shift for iOS 9.3 shifts screen tint fm blue to red  ★★ Night Shift demo  ★★ New security updates for all Apples  ★★ Find your iPhone when it's on silent  ★★ Best things about working for Apple  ★★ Apple recalls AC wall-plug adapter for some Macs & iPads  ★★ Incredible evolution of the Macintosh  ★★ Why your iPhone battery dies when it's cold out  ★★ Apple to roll out new iPhone & iPad March 15th  ★★ Flaw in some iPhones & iPads could allow bypassing lock screen  ★★ How to wipe your Apple gadget  ★★ Apple begins program to accept broken iPhones as credit toward a new phone  ★★ iPhone 6 w/ iOS 9 may get error 53 when repaired by 3rd parties, bricking the phone  ★★ The quickest way to return a call on your iPhone  ★★ Setting this date on your iPhone or iPad will kill it  ★★ Apple recalls iPad USB-C cables  ★★ The most important Apple exec you've never met  ★★ iPhone emoticon keyboard

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Churchill's solitaire by Donald Rumsfeld  ★★ Best free iPhone apps for business  ★★ Find & play hidden games on any Mac  ★★ NetSpot makes a map of the WiFi coverage in any area

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MS voluntary recall for Surface Pro chargers  ★★ Add flair to your PC

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ CropiPic crops pictures to fit your gadget  ★★ HeatMapper finds WiFi signals  ★★ StumbleUpon  ★★ Evernote2OneNote converter  ★★ PIPEffects photo editing  ★★ WifiHistoryView tracks who's using your WiFi  ★★ Virtual Router Manager turns your laptop into a hotspot

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ 1500 Windows 3.1 programs and games free in your browser

Windows 10:  ★★ A Simple fix for Windows 10's blurry fonts  ★★ Play Win 7 games on Win 10  ★★ Windows 10 tricks  ★★ Win 10 may ship w/ bloatware  ★★ MS reveals more about Win 10 updates  ★★ Report of Win 10 excessive tracking taken down  ★★ Win 10 update resets default programs to MS products

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ How to save data on your Android device  ★★ Android update fixes 7 critical flaws  ★★ Live Screen - screen mirroring  ★★ Android Wear update to turn Huawei watch into a speakerphone  ★★ Android wins Mobile distribution of the year  ★★ Android questions

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Gmail's recent update and its impact on marketing

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ New Linux flaw hits millions of Android gadgets too  ★★ What is the funniest comment you've ever seen in source code?  ★★ Linux for newbies  ★★ Linux software forum  ★★ Gaming in Linux  ★★ General Linux questions  ★★ 2015 Members Choice Results are in

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ LibreOffice is winner of office suite of the year ★★ Nagios Core wins network monitoring app of the year  ★★ VLC wins video media player of the year

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:

Linux Mint:  ★★ Winner of Desktop distribution of the year

Debian:  ★★ Winner of Server distribution of the year

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