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Web News for April, 2016

Trends:  ★★ Augmented Reality (AR) technology, thanks Chris  ★★ Terrorist victims side w/ FBI in fight over Apple's encrypted phones  ★★ Bill Gates backs FBI over Apple's encrypted phones  ★★ IRS warns scams & malware up 400%  ★★ Men talking on cellphones while charging double risk of low sperm count  ★★ Most common online-shopping grievances  ★★ President Obama seeks $1.9B to combat Zika virus  ★★ Visa in-car app payment tech  ★★ LiFi is 100x faster than WiFi  ★★ Helium dreams: A new generation of airships  ★★ Mastercard will soon let you make payments w/ a selfie  ★★ Best of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016  ★★ Google Fiber is heading to San Francisco  ★★ Workplace trends for 2016  ★★ Refurbished Solar Impulse 2 returns to the skies  ★★ US Army researchers patent limited-range bullet  ★★ Tech companies help to fight ISIS  ★★ NASA is funding development of a low-boom supersonic passenger jet  ★★ Special AI report, part 1  ★★ The state of social selling  ★★ The fuel station of the future  ★★ Pentagon asks hackers to test its cyber defences  ★★ NSA warns cyberwar in US is inevitable  ★★ Tech trends 2016  ★★ Google launches Project Fi $20/mo phone service  ★★ ClearXchange will speed up funds transfers  ★★ Ad blocking app downloads are growing fast  ★★ US 7-year bull market: Can it last?  ★★ Huge AI milestone: DeepMind defeats legendary Go player Lee Se-dol  ★★ It is no fluke: 4-1 series Go win over world' best  ★★ 3D printing is shaking up high-end dining  ★★ Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for phones  ★★ The more tattoos you get, the stronger your immune system  ★★ What is Generation Z?  ★★ Amazon Echo may be the Next-Big-Thing  ★★ Church collection plates going digital  ★★ February broke the global temperature record, for the 3rd month in a row  ★★ Michelle Obama: How the 1st Lady mastered social media  ★★ Why Facebook may be putting national security at risk (They say it's to protect you.)  ★★ The reason Apple computers aren't nearly as secure as you think  ★★ Popular Mac malware myth busted  ★★ New Pure Storage refrigerator-size device holds 16 petabytes, but it is still not enough  ★★ Typosquatting turns typos into a serious threat  ★★ How email has changed since 1984  ★★ Vaccine against dengue virus is 100% effective  ★★ Another political killing in Honduras  ★★ Google scales down new digs at Mountain View  ★★ The Economist rates Trump presidency among its top 10 global risks  ★★ Humanoid robots  ★★ Pope Francis is using social media  ★★ Emotional technology  ★★ Pope Francis gains 1M Instagram followers in <12 hours  ★★ Some Apple engineers vow to quit before helping the FBI  ★★ 2015 was a record year for CR tourism  ★★ Body Hacking, thanks Chuck  ★★ All-electric double-decker buses in London  ★★ 20 carmakers commit to automatic emergency braking as standard  ★★ Apple reveals new products  ★★ Apple' big reveal  ★★ Cookie Monster stars in Apple ad

Great ideas:  ★★ Magic “Wanda” securely connects devices to WiFi w/ a wave  ★★ Cheap green battery runs on rotten apples  ★★ Eternal data storage demonstrated in nanostructured glass  ★★ Creating fuel fm CO2 & water  ★★ New battery can fully charge a dead phone in 15 min  ★★ Bat's immunity hold clues to tackle infectious disease  ★★ Shrimp-shell film doubles food shelf life  ★★ eTwinster torque-vectoring electric drive system tested  ★★ Passive WiFi more energy efficient that conventional WiFi  ★★ Ordinary skin cells turned into brain-tumor predators  ★★ Garlic cheese balls  ★★ Thinnest, lightest solar cells ever made  ★★ Molecule-blocking drug opens new path to pain relief ★★ Liquid metal runs through flexible circuits  ★★ The nation's time lord  ★★ Spherical tires take autonomous cars sideways  ★★ Triple entanglement for quantum cryptography  ★★ Simple money-saving inventions  ★★ 1st bionic fingertip implant delivers sensational results  ★★ Study finds white bread & rice increase risk of lung cancer by 49%  ★★ Miniature fuel cell keeps drones up for an hour and phones charged for a week  ★★ Lockheed uses microscopic drops of water to chill chips from the inside  ★★ Lab-grown eye tissue restores vision in a rabbit  ★★ Meta-skin could lead to invisibility cloak  ★★ Bacterium found that eats plastic  ★★ Hyperion laser communications  ★★ Clean your keyboard w/ a Post-It Note  ★★ It is nice that... Clement Gicquel portfolio  ★★ A phone-charging hydroelectric plant that fits in your backpack  ★★ Could a pill prevent cavities?  ★★ New cataracts treatment restores infant vision using stem cells  ★★ New chip paves the way for optical quantum tech in laptops & smartphones  ★★ Stripping donor hearts and repopulating them with recipient-derived stem cells  ★★ One of the most ice-repellent coatings ever made  ★★ Cool tips for working w/ hot glue  ★★ Cyborg cardiac patch offers alternative to heart transplants  ★★ Self-focusing contacts inspired by a fish  ★★ Osteoporosis reversed in mice w/ stem cells  ★★ Slippery substance-secreting SLUGs to stop ice buildup  ★★ FingerIO moves fingers off the screen  ★★ The science of crying  ★★  Metamaterial alters size, volume, & shape on command

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ What happened after Ashley Madison was hacked, thanks Chris  ★★ More scams to get your money  ★★ Always shred your old boarding passes  ★★ Reporter hacked on airline flight, thanks Helen  ★★ Acecard Android trojan has more than 10 versions  ★★ Kid-monitoring site breached  ★★ MouseJack virus hacks wireless devices  ★★ Best-selling electric car hacked  ★★ Risky things that put your financial life at risk  ★★ Scary tax scams  ★★ Facebook scam costs a man $50K  ★★ Private browsing isn't as private as you think  ★★ Questions to ask before you click on ANY link  ★★ Be careful clicking Like on Facebook  ★★ Facebook is watching and tracking you more than you realize  ★★ Snapchat hacked  ★★ Privacy or Security? NSA' role in the USA  ★★ Major security flaws at hospitals  ★★ IRS hacked again  ★★ The scariest smartphone hacks  ★★ Current Facebook scams  ★★ Eavesdropping on 3D printers to steal sensitive designs  ★★ Bank plan to stop $8B in credit-card theft infringes on privacy  ★★ Handling security threats fm IoT devices  ★★ MS Word Intruder exploit tool  ★★ KeRanger ransomware hits Macs  ★★ FTC warns don't change password until needed and then make it completely different  ★★ Seagate hacked  ★★ Home Depot is giving customers $19.5M after 2014 data breach  ★★ MS releases critical security patches  ★★ Hackers get past fingerprint recognition in just 15 minutes  ★★ Amazon phishing scam is spreading to the USA  ★★ Thief steals 1 hospital laptop, endangers 206K people  ★★ Update your Samsung Update Tool to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks  ★★ Spelling error costs hackers a $1B score  ★★ How to get your name out of search databases  ★★ What are SuperCookies?  ★★ DDOS attacks are more damaging than ever before  ★★ Watch out for Locky RSA 2048  ★★ Victim of identity theft wrongfully arrested  ★★ Android has a major security problem, but users like it that way  ★★ Why you should doodle your password  ★★ Key things to prevent car theft in newer cars  ★★ Bank tellers can be thieves  ★★ US-China deal may cause out-of-work hackers to hack on their own  ★★ Most-trusted websites spreading ransomware  ★★ Updated ransomware cannot be cracked  ★★ Fake MS tech support calls  ★★ National hacker competition  ★★ American Express hides breach for 2 years  ★★ FBI warns of security flaws in high-tech cars  ★★ Kim explains why she backs Apple over the FBI  ★★ Stop Google fm knowing every move you make  ★★ Setting an expiration date for sharing in Google Docs  ★★ Hackers snap up expired domains to plant malware  ★★ How the Spy-Level security in your iPhone works  ★★ Apple policy on bugs explains why hackers help FBI instead, thanks Bill  ★★ Eye scanners coming to ATMs

Legal issues:  ★★ President Obama speaks out on appointing new Supreme Court justice  ★★ President Obama chooses Merrick Garland for Supreme Court  ★★ How the Oklahoma City bombing shaped Merrick Garland  ★★ Court rules Canadians can grow their own medical pot  ★★ Court rules filming cops is NOT a 1st amendment right  ★★ Famous inventions that were actually stolen  ★★ USA requiring US passports for domestic flights  ★★ Ruling on ICE spectrum allocations not due until 2017  ★★ Why FATCA letters are being sent fm US banks  ★★ Robber gets surprise visit from cop who catches him in the act  ★★ Proposed law in CR caps housing rent increases at 10%  ★★ Texting-while-walking banned in NJ town  ★★ Apple gets new encryption patent  ★★ Effort to overturn CR trawling ban fails

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Tech rip-offs to avoid  ★★ 106-year-old meets President Obama, dances like a schoolgirl  ★★ Secrets to flying comfortably in economy class  ★★ United Airlines considers early retirement of 747s  ★★ Man shot trying to retrieve his stolen iPhone  ★★ Crazy Russian Hacker (CRH) fork life hacks  ★★ CRH: What happens if you put marshmallow in a vacuum?  ★★ Fact-checking the 10th GOP debate  ★★ Marine recipe for SOS (creamed ground beef)  ★★ What is inside a Lava Lamp?  ★★ Ford camouflages prototype cars to make them difficult to photograph  ★★ Author finds $150K prize in her junk email -- and it was real  ★★ Spinach-stuffed mushrooms  ★★ Social-media tricks to market your website  ★★ Boeing creates self-cleaning, germ-zapping lav for airliners  ★★ What dyslexics see when they read  ★★ Moments fm the Internet Road Trip national tour  ★★ Nancy Reagan: Her solo role  ★★ Hamish Bowles remembering Nancy Reagan  ★★ Stories of scamming the scammers  ★★ Make money w/ your phone or tablet  ★★ Who was the 5th Beatle?  ★★ Inside the AI revolution: A special report, pt. 2  ★★ From pinup to muse: Pamela Anderson opens a new chapter  ★★ Finding more time in a day  ★★ John Oliver opines about Apple encryption, thanks Bill  ★★ The curse of bad doors  ★★ The unlikely history of the waterbed  ★★ Why your microwave has a turntable  ★★ Man recites 70K digits of Pi fm memory in 9 hours  ★★ Cybersecurity report card: How 6 presidential candidates stack up  ★★ Protecting the power grid  ★★ Elon Musk proposes a hyperloop  ★★ Highlights of the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards ★★ Highlights fm SXSW 2016  ★★ How Donald Trump lives, fm his longtime butler  ★★ How far back can you go before English sounds foreign?  ★★ How to find a missing person  ★★ Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies at 74  ★★ Bernie Sanders pledging to reverse CAFTA worries CR businesses  ★★ Fukushima 5 years on  ★★ Predictions Steve Jobs totally nailed  ★★ 19 of the most heavily guarded places on Earth

Local Issues:  ★★ Top airlines for in-flight WiFi  ★★ Uvita locals protest against Envision Festival in Puntarenas  ★★ President Solis promises Platina Bridge fixed in 1 year  ★★ Dengue & chikungunya cases in CR up by 600%  ★★ duoLingo offers free language learning, thanks Helen  ★★ 'Culture of violence' behind CR' jump in homicides  ★★ New CR-Panama bridge starts in June  ★★ India donates IT center to CR  ★★ 2 Downtown San Jose districts worst for crime  ★★ Iron Maiden rocks El Salvador w/ nod to slain archbishop  ★★ Iron Maiden arrives in CR  ★★ Iron Maiden blows CR away  ★★ Squatters in Palmar Sur  ★★ CR aerospace cluster  ★★ Nicaraguan border crossing at Las Tabillas  ★★ CR police air surveillance unit  ★★ Bagaces - Liberia road opens  ★★ CR schools using Duolingo, thanks Connie  ★★ Human Rights court case against CR for not allowing IVF  ★★ CR woman in final 12 for Mrs. World  ★★ CR President Solis will not seek re-election  ★★ CR moves to set prison sentences for animal cruelty  ★★ CR Supreme Court upholds hospital dress code  ★★ Judges fm 1st Jairo Mora murder trial are under investigation  ★★ CR ranked 4th in healthiest, most comfortable retirement destinations by International Living magazine  ★★ CableTica offers up to 100Mbps internet in Cartago  ★★ Buzzard crashes into CR rescue helicopter  ★★ Answers to the expat questions you've been afraid to ask  ★★ US man killed in CR was target of real estate scam  ★★ CR craft-beer festival  ★★ IHOP may come to CR  ★★ Transitos ask drivers to stop warning other drivers of radar traps  ★★ CR is 14th happiest country in the world  ★★ Claro, Moviestar, & Kolbi ask permission to charge for downloads  ★★ CR craft beer festival report  ★★ US art director Carl Sprague lectures at International Design Festival in CR  ★★ Resplendent-Quetzal quest in CR  ★★ Preventive detention extended for suspect in killing of Florida aid worker in CR  ★★ Project Irazu to build 1st CR satellite  ★★ Companies in Alajuela, Heredia hold best prospects for employment in CR in 2nd quarter  ★★ Rincon de la Vieja volcano explodes vapor & ash  ★★ Another explosion fm Rincon de la Vieja  ★★ CR labor minister resigns over hiring of family member  ★★ Liberia airport announces $10M terminal expansion plan  ★★ CR to host World Surf League at Esterillos Este  ★★ The Orotina fruits fair  ★★ Man builds elaborate subterranean home in CR  ★★ Be careful w/ sarcasm in CR  ★★ You can now use Whatsapp to contact Moviestar  ★★ Latin American media highlight President Obama visit to Cuba  ★★ A detailed comparison of cellphone service operators in Costa Rica (2012), thanks Ken  ★★ CR Association of Journalists criticizes CR TV for their news content  ★★ Jailed sex-tourist Cuba Dave claims he is a political prisoner  ★★ CR-to-El-Salvador ferry ready to start

International issues:  ★★ Nicaraguan inter-ocean-canal studies make progress  ★★ Mysterious Nazi submarine from WWII discovered in Great Lakes  ★★ Brewing anger in Nicaragua: Ortega vs. the Contras  ★★ Nicaragua parols 8K convicts  ★★ Chinese put kabosh on weird architecture  ★★ Inside President Obama' attempt to bring tech companies into the fight against ISIS  ★★ Nature Air promotes new Nicaragua flights  ★★ Thames Water building largest floating solar array in Europe  ★★ Venezuelans march over US extension of declaration of unusual & extraordinary threat status  ★★ 1st heart transplant in Panama stable  ★★ Ramadan for Curious George  ★★ Canada refuses CR family residency because son has Down Syndrome  ★★ Canada may allow residency if family pays for Down-related expenses  ★★ Colombian taxi drivers protest against Uber  ★★ CR taxi drivers protest Uber presence at job fair  ★★ British codebreakers show Eisenhower letter on their success  ★★ Nicaraguan comedian who trashes Ticos barred fm entering CR  ★★ President Obama promises human rights talks w/ Castro  ★★ Crowds protest against Brazil President Dilma Rousseff  ★★ English Royal Navy conducts Unmanned Warrior to showcase air, surface, & subsurface vehicles & sensors  ★★ US President visits Cuba  ★★ Presidents Obama & Castro hail a “new day” for US - Cuba relations

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ 5th-dimensional black hole could break general relativity  ★★ NASA wants to revive X-planes  ★★ NASA building WFIRST telescope w/ view 100x Hubble   ★★ Virgin Galactic builds VSS Unity to replace lost SpaceShip Two  ★★ ESA releases Mars images fm Mars Express orbiter  ★★ Subsurface ocean may have caused fracturing on surface of Pluto's Moon Charon  ★★ New Horizons reveals methane snow-capped mountains on Pluto  ★★ The wonders of Pluto revealed  ★★ Deke Slayton II released fm ISS to burn up trash  ★★ New photo of Andromeda Galaxy, closest spiral galaxy to Milky Way  ★★ What it' like to come back from space  ★★ NASA declassifies Apollo 10 space music  ★★ NASA simulates emergency aboard Orion spacecraft  ★★ Gravitational-wave black holes may have formed inside a single titanic star  ★★ Striking submillimeter image reveals Milky Way in unprecedented detail  ★★ Solar sails to help keep pole-sitting satellites in place  ★★ Using general relativity to magnify the cosmos  ★★ How Scott Kelly' nearly a year in space may have changed his body  ★★ Orion ESM solar array readied for Moon mission  ★★ SES-9 mission successful, but Falcon 9 landed hard on the droneship due to lack of fuel  ★★ The search for intelligent life in the stars  ★★ Why the human body is not ready for a trip to Mars  ★★ How the ISS works  ★★ Dawn spacecraft zooms in on Ceres mountain  ★★ Dawn marks 1-year anniversary orbiting Ceres  ★★ Hubble provides fresh insights into standard-candle supernovae  ★★ 2nd mirror installed in James Webb Space Telescope frame  ★★ The dark secret of Mercury  ★★ A preview of the beautiful way our sun will die  ★★ NASA sets new launch date for Mars InSight mission  ★★ Simulated Martian & lunar soils sprout their first crops  ★★ ExoMars 2016 is on its way to the red planet  ★★ ExoMars 2016 phones home on way to Mars  ★★ Satellite data could help in spotting shipwrecks  ★★ Project Irazu to build 1st CR satellite  ★★ NASA studies fire in space  ★★ Fractured comet makes near-earth pass  ★★ ESA tests 3D-printed antenna  ★★ New class of enormous spiral galaxies discovered

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Funny man plays tricks on scammer trying to sell him gold  ★★ What is a Hurdy Gurdy?  ★★ Bitchin Betty retires  ★★ Morgan Freeman narrates a clip of men w/ selfie sticks  ★★ 3D-printed latticed shoe midsole ★★ Revival of Marvel's black-superhero series, Black Panther

Galleries:  ★★ A tour of the new One World Observatory in NYC  ★★ 3 Carrier Groups plus the USS New York, go Navy!, thanks Diane  ★★ Train strikes truck  ★★ A brief history of Oscar hosts  ★★ Inside Guantanamo Bay Prison  ★★ Inside the Army's spectacular hidden treasure room  ★★ Making snow art w/ snowshoes  ★★ Amazing photos fm Scott Kelly during his year in space  ★★ Fixing & flying a wrecked DC-3 out of Antarctica  ★★ Dog freaks out over 4-legged robot  ★★ Figure skating in heaven  ★★ Pinwheel fireworks in slow motion  ★★ Solar eclipse fm an airplane  ★★ Golden Eagle sky-dancing  ★★ Cute toddler belts out Queen song, but wants no help from mom  ★★ Man hatches chick fm egg bought in grocery store  ★★ A close-up look at Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua  ★★ Breathtaking time-lapse video  ★★ Steve Martin explains the true meaning of friendship  ★★ Secret doomsday vault to save the planet  ★★ How the amazing Kiss Cam works  ★★ Check out the WaterCar Panther

Potential Products:  ★★ A laptop w/ the heart of a smartphone  ★★ Foodini machine 3D-prints food, thanks Chris  ★★ Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses  ★★ Kyocera' solar-powered phone display  ★★ Self-calibrating Ossic X headphones envelop users w/ 3D audio  ★★ Verizon tests 5G mobile data for planned 2017 launch  ★★ Moodbox intelligent speaker  ★★ Cicret bracelet makes your skin a touchscreen  ★★ Monument personal cloud  ★★ McDonalds Happy Goggles  ★★ Samsung 15TB SSD  ★★ Device turns a stick of butter into buttery spray  ★★ Sugarlock lets you edit your actioncam footage on a TV  ★★ Smart eyeglasses that adjust by monitoring your pupils  ★★ eBay hot sellers you may have around  ★★ Boeing unveils game-changing autonomous submarine Echo Voyager  ★★ Firefly Communicator  ★★ SPUD unfolding monitor  ★★ Smart umbrella

Hardware, General:  ★★ Pioneer XDP-100R-S hi-res audio pocket player  ★★ Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 is a pocket computer that connects to your TV, thanks Helen  ★★ How to switch fm Android to Apple  ★★ How to switch fm iOS to Android  ★★ Gadgets for techies  ★★ Great DVRs recommended  ★★ Hardware comparison charts  ★★ DARPA looks to head off threats fm off-the-shelf tech  ★★ Smart paddle coaches kayakers  ★★ iRobot Braava jet mopping robot

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Ocuair drone flies across English Channel in 72 min  ★★ Infrared Sentry drone stays hot on the trail of missing hikers  ★★ 100 drones in nighttime show sets world record  ★★ FAA working on new tech to detect drones flying in sensitive airspace  ★★ Long-endurance Predator drone  ★★ DJI's Phantom 4 has new features  ★★ Hubsan FPV X4 Plus mini drone  ★★ Shoulder-mounted SkyWall launches nets at illegal drones  ★★ 15-year-old pilot claims $250K in 1st World Drone Prix, the richest event in drone racing  ★★ Tiny SKEYE nano drone w/ camera for $50  ★★ Scanse Sweep provides 360°LiDAR to drones & robots  ★★ Amphibious drone hides underwater until go-time  ★★ Quadcopter drone w/ HD camera for $120

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Volvo adds Spotify to stream audio  ★★ How safe is smart-home technology?  ★★ Boston Dynamics Atlas robot struts its stuff ★★ More strenuous Atlas testing  ★★ Australia deploys shark-spotting drones to watch over beaches  ★★ Echo Dot & Tap host Amazon' Alexa digital assistant  ★★ Handling security threats fm IoT devices

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Huawei MateBook arrives at MWC to take on the Surface

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Handy iPad tricks

Hardware, Phablets:    ★★ Sony shows off next-gen Xperia phones at MWC  ★★ Samsung S7 & S7 edge hands-on  ★★ S7 & S7 edge bring back water resistance & microSD  ★★ S7 vs. S7 edge  ★★ S7 vs. S6  ★★ LG G5 is 1st modular flagship phone  ★★ Modular LG G5  ★★ Lenovo' Vibe K5+ is a bargain ★★ Galaxy S7, LG G5, & Sony Xperia X compared  ★★ S7 vs. LG G5  ★★ S7 vs. iPhone 6s  ★★ S7 edge vs. iPhone 6s+  ★★ S7 edge vs. S6 edge+  ★★ LG G5 vs. iPhone 6s+  ★★ S7 edge vs. Nexus 6P  ★★ iPhone7 rumors

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Add thermal imaging to your smartphone  ★★ When you should (and shouldn't) use your phone's High Dynamic Range setting  ★★ Tips & myths about extending smartphone battery life  ★★ Apps that drain your phone's battery fast  ★★ DIY fixes for scratched phone screens  ★★ Drastically reduce your smartphone data use  ★★ Wicked-awesome iPhone gadgets  ★★ iPhone owners baffled by ghostly messages fm the past  ★★ Make a Samsung smartphone great by switching out its apps  ★★ 4” iPhone SE coming out  ★★ Free apps to tune up your smartphone  ★★ Is it better to buy or lease a phone?  ★★ New 4” iPhone SE & 9.7” iPad Pro

Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Victorinox & Acer team up on Swiss Army smartwatch  ★★ AliveCor Kardia Band sensor & app for Apple Watch is an EKG to monitor your heartbeat

Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Samsung Gear 360 degree video cam  ★★ 4K Ricoh WG-M2 goes wider than avg actioncams  ★★ Nikon DL premium compact trio are all about their lenses  ★★ Sigma's sd Quattro mirrorless cameras  ★★ Canon EOS Rebel T6  ★★ Pentax K-1 at Photography Show 2016

Hardware, Smart Cars:  ★★ Self-driving Fords are keeping their cool in the snow

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Garmin's vivoactive HR and vivofit 3 get a makeover  ★★ Raspberry Pi 3 B comes w/ 10X processing, WiFi, & Bluetooth  ★★ Raspberry Pi founder talks about the new Pi 3  ★★ Another look at the new Raspberry Pi 3  ★★ Odroid C2 is faster than a Pi 3  ★★ Pi projects to celebrate Raspberry Pi' 4th birthday  ★★ Endless Mobile reveals 3 models  ★★ BLE mini Bluetooth 4.0 interface - iOS or Android

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Guide for beginners to buy a VR headset  ★★ HTC Vive game console up for preorder  ★★ Hover Junkers game for HTC Vive is like being in a real gunfight  ★★ HTC Vive adds lightsaber battle and stunning demos  ★★ LG 360 VR compact & lightweight headset  ★★ Galaxy S7 could be nearly as important for VR as Oculus Rift  ★★ Father.IO turns the world into a laser tag playground  ★★ View-Master VR-for-kids review  ★★ Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive  ★★ Newest Gear VR games  ★★ How far are PC-based VR headsets behind Gear VR?  ★★ Oculus gets social w/ the Gear VR  ★★ Hands-on w/ many of the best Rift games  ★★ PlayStation VR review  ★★ The best VR headset at GDC  ★★ Make' comparison of VR headsets

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Sonorous II & III headphones  ★★ AIAIAI' Tma-2 modular earphones  ★★ How to repair a broken keyboard key  ★★ Clip-on Mighty makes for smartphone-free Spotify listening  ★★ Aero earphones  ★★ SoundBoks speakers  ★★ Vie Shair headphones use air frames for comfort  ★★ Miyo DAC/amp turns up the heat on handy hi-res music listening  ★★ Review: Nyne Rock portable Bluetooth boombox  ★★  Review: u-Jays on-ear headphones offer easy repair & upgrade  ★★ Portable Cobble micro audio amp caters to iOS audiophiles  ★★ How to set up your wireless network  ★★ Best TVs this year

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Youmo modular power strip allows more sockets to be added  ★★ MOS Pack charging backpack  ★★ Zus smart car charger

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Your SSD can have problems

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ How to get back to a closed web page  ★★ Export all of your LinkedIn connections to a spreadsheet  ★★ Netlix changes it' method of finding what to show you on it' home page  ★★ 2 new Facebook features  ★★ Totally redesigned Facebook Like buttons  ★★ Facebook is mapping every house in 20 countries ★★ Essential Facebook settings to change  ★★ Facebook bumps up ratings for live videos that are actually live  ★★ Fake website trick on Facebook  ★★ Facebook add more emojis, including Donald Trump  ★★ Facebook to swap faces on photos w/ MSQRD app  ★★ What happens to my Facebook page when I die?  ★★ See who is ignoring your Facebook friend invites  ★★ Sites help get your garden ready  ★★ Using Chrome browser + Google Docs for voice dictation  ★★ Google products you may not know existed  ★★ Gmail has a new way to send links  ★★ Unsubscribe button added to Gmail ★★ Google adds an expiration date for sharing  ★★ Destinations on Google presents flight & hotel data  ★★ Fun things Google can do   ★★ Stop Google fm knowing every move you make  ★★ Forebears tracks origin & distribution of surnames  ★★ Tinder swipes for the 10 sexiest professions for men & women  ★★ Great Netflix tricks  ★★ Great YouTube tricks  ★★  ★★ Basic Instagram best practices  ★★ How to tell when people like or comment on your instagram posts  ★★ Instagram is changing the order in which you see posts  ★★ Yelp for people is controversial  ★★ 100M reviews at Yelp  ★★ Avoid scams on Craigslist  ★★ Cloud myths debunked  ★★ Free things on the internet  ★★ Finding missing people  ★★ Best internet & streaming options for TV & movies  ★★ Twitter at 10: A history

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Apps to help you buy and sell things on your phone  ★★ Telegram for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, & iPad  ★★ Telegram app is shaking up Iran' elections  ★★ Create your own high-tech scrapbook  ★★ Sites that make it easy to read free eBooks  ★★ Other places to find eBooks  ★★ Racing games for Android & iOS ★★  UberEATS app for Android & Apple  ★★ Apps to earn extra cash  ★★ Apps to get the best musical experience  ★★ Alarm-clock apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Managing your Domain Name Server (DNS)  ★★ Adobe Flash issues 18 security patches  ★★ Apps for the US Presidential elections  ★★ More apps for the US Presidential elections  ★★ Lesser-known, helpful apps  ★★ Google is phasing out Picasa   ★★ Get your tablet to speak to you  ★★ Free apps for Android & iPhone relationships  ★★ Emotit For President and Heystax for Google Play & iTunes read faces to determine preferences for presidents & partners  ★★ Edit your videos like a pro  ★★ New app helps Alzheimer patients  ★★ Tweak & edit your videos  ★★ How the Wingdings font came about  ★★ Apps to keep your home in shape

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Turn OFF Google Chrome's desktop notifications  ★★ Shut down Google Chrome in the background  ★★ Opera says it is 45% faster than Chrome  ★★ Pick the right browser for you  ★★ Video on picking the right browser  ★★ Add an emoji keyboard to Chrome  ★★ Personalize your web browsing  ★★

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ CEO Tim Cook spoke about the state of Apple  ★★ Apple shocks everyone w/ next gen iPad & accessories  ★★ 3 New iOS 9 features  ★★ iPhone owners baffled by ghostly messages fm the past  ★★ How to manage devices for Apple Music  ★★ iPhone 7 rumors  ★★ Speed up your iPhone by holding down the Home button  ★★ Master your iOS keyboard  ★★ Self-installing Apple malware  ★★ Add missing album art in iTunes  ★★ Apple policy on bugs explains why hackers help FBI instead, thanks Bill  ★★ Apple scrambles to fix encryption flaw  ★★ Apple reveals new products  ★★ Apple' big reveal

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Play a song on your Mac w/o iTunes  ★★ Play YouTube in the background on iOS

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Task Manager secrets  ★★ MS releases critical security patches  ★★ MS apologizes for sexist Xbox party  ★★ Folder secrets for Windows

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ MS apps for Android  ★★ MS apps for iPhone, iPad, & Mac  ★★ Virtual Router - WiFi hotspot for Win 8 & Win 7

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ 5 critical patches released last month

Windows 10:  ★★ Win 10 lockscreen ads & how to stop them  ★★ Win 10 tweaks  ★★ Ways to make Win 10 better  ★★ Win 10 Redstone release may be delayed  ★★ Restore Hibernate mode in Win 10  ★★ Virtual Router Manager (WiFi hotspot) for Win 10 ★★ MS reportedly installing Win 10 w/o consent - again, thanks Chuck  ★★ How to say NO to Windows 10, thanks Tio

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ MS Office Mobile is free  ★★ Building & delivering  a flawless PowerPoint presentation  ★★ MS Word Intruder exploit tool  ★★ Word hacks  ★★ Excel hacks

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ New features announced in Android N developer preview  ★★

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ Chrome OS grows up  ★★ Neverware CloudReady works on a wide range of hardware, even Apple

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Free & open-source Android apps  ★★ Google photos  ★★ Setting an expiration date for sharing in Google Docs

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Linux gaming forum  ★★ Not your average Linux forum  ★★ Linux Newbie forum  ★★ Announcing SQL Server on Linux

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ Top open-source apps  ★★ Check out LibreOffice

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Debian vs. Ubuntu  ★★ Mobile Linux  ★★ Linux Distro Forum

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Red Hat Forum

Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware Forum

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