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Web News for June, 2016

★★ Verizon & AT&T introduce new charges for cellphones  ★★ Home automation  ★★ BeeZero launches 1st zero-emission car sharing service  ★★ 1st-time-in-a-century, wild tiger numbers on the rise  ★★ Companies aiming at TV channels online, thanks Rich  ★★ Facebook's 10-year roadmap is basically lasers, bots, & VR  ★★ $20M distributed to 29 winners of Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities  ★★ The evolution of underwear  ★★ A picture of the rumored super-secret Apple car  ★★ Chatbots are becoming very popular  ★★ A Fitbit saves the life of a man  ★★ 1st 3D-printed airplane goes to work in Antarctica  ★★ NovaCast 3D-printed casts hold broken bones in place  ★★ Beverly Hills city council approves development of autonomous shuttles  ★★ Mobile commerce trends  ★★ Amazon wants to be your go-to-TV network  ★★ YouTube immerses viewers in 360-degree live video  ★★ Intel cuts 12K jobs amid PC market decline  ★★ The Woz says cyberattacks are as dangerous as the atomic bomb  ★★ San Francisco requires new buildings to be topped w/ solar panels  ★★ Buying gift cards to get much harder, thanks to criminals  ★★ 80s retro games are valuable  ★★  Only the technodazzled thought paper books would go away, thanks Connie  ★★ DOD Cyber Command to use cyberbombing against ISIS  ★★ Facebook pushes to bring free internet to all  ★★ What is a chatbot?  ★★ Be careful what you tell a chatbot  ★★ What happens in an internet minute?  ★★ Increased CO2 levels are greening the Earth  ★★ Google’s gigabit broadband comes to Nashville

Great ideas:  ★★ Best times to book hotels in Summer  ★★ Fighting the Zika virus w/ junked tires  ★★ Smart spray paint copies color photos onto walls  ★★ Ultrasound makes for palm-based computer display  ★★ Researchers create functioning beta cells, that produce insulin, fm fatty tissue  ★★ Bike backpack has its own lights, turn signals, & alarm  ★★ Precise embroidered circuits bring next-gen smart clothing closer to reality  ★★ Cheaper transparent smart skin powers itself  ★★ Toothpaste ingredient repairs teeth while you sleep  ★★ Limb reanimation cures paralysis  ★★ Tips to avoid premature digital eye-aging  ★★ The smallest engine in the world  ★★ Flexible e-skin monitors blood-oxygen levels  ★★ EPItect ear pieces work w/ a smartphone to detect epileptic seizures  ★★ Urine-powered battery  ★★ Low-energy imaging peers through steel to spot nuclear material  ★★ Meeting notes live-streamed to remote workers fm any whiteboard  ★★ Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) has a 98% prostate cancer cure rate  ★★ NASA & South Korea to study air pollution  ★★ Giant wave-riding platform puts solar power out to sea  ★★ Power-dense zinc-manganese power unit as cheap as a car battery  ★★ Compound reverses symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in fruit flies  ★★ Camless tech promises engine improvements  ★★ Great pasta dinner recipes  ★★ Crazy Russian Hacker: Car life-hacks  ★★ Ebola detector

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ FBI hacked by Advanced Persistent Threat 6  ★★ FBI story on ransomware  ★★ Password mistakes that might get you hacked  ★★ Quanta routers have security problems  ★★ Bill Gates/bot malware not fm Microsoft founder  ★★ Microsoft adopts EU Privacy Shield std  ★★ Bill Gates explains why privacy is necessary  ★★ News about the new US privacy bill  ★★ Ransomware can target backups  ★★ Free decrypter found for Petya ransomware  ★★ Jigsaw ransomware cure also found  ★★ Another ransomware fix  ★★ IRS security gaps exposed  ★★ Qbot adaptive malware  ★★ Dangers of public Wi-Fi  ★★ Malware drains $4M in 3 days  ★★ Newer cars can be hacked  ★★ Real stories of ID theft  ★★ How hospital hacks can hurt you  ★★ Delete QuickTime for Windows  ★★ Ways to keep your anonymity online ★★ Hackers ramp up ransomware attacks by encrypting your cloud storage too  ★★ FBI director tapes over his webcam for privacy  ★★ Good advice about passwords  ★★  What to do after you file your taxes  ★★ Maktub ransomware pretends to be a charity in email  ★★  Ways to avoid ransomware  ★★ 179K accounts exposed in nude-celebrity photo scandal  ★★ 60 Minutes blows the lid off smartphone security  ★★ Hackers attack weaknesses in short URLs  ★★ New phishing scam attacks Apple users  ★★ Scams to rip-off tourists  ★★ Hackers sell Netflix logins on the black market  ★★ Older Android versions do not get security updates  ★★ New 3-phase malware hacks older Android systems  ★★ Keeping your anonymity online  ★★ Make sure that new Windows  BSOD is valid before you click on the QR code  ★★ How to secure your wireless network  ★★ 60 Minutes blows lid off smartphone security  ★★ Companies getting better at stopping data breaches  ★★ One person you do not expect to steal your identity  ★★ Adobe Flash security hole  ★★  How to spot hidden cameras  ★★  Horrifying crime stats might make you change your mind about encrypted phones  ★★  Protect your Mac against the latest security threats  ★★  Cute-sounding Panda Banker malware puts your money at risk  ★★  EMV cards are safer  ★★ Facebook hacked  ★★ GozNym malware steals $4M fm bank accounts  ★★ Spotify may have been hacked  ★★ Huge Minecraft data breach  ★★ Stop carriers fm tracking your mobile browsing

Legal issues:  ★★ FBI is going after Apple again because they want to go beyond the iPhone 5C  ★★ Prominent Colombian politician denied US visa  ★★ US House Judiciary Committee passes Email Privacy Act 28-0  ★★ Panama says no evidence so far to take action against Panama Papers law firm  ★★ New this year in US expat taxes  ★★ MS sues US govt over gag orders  ★★ FAA says jail time for shooting down a drone  ★★ US man among 4 arrested for cloning credit cards in CR  ★★ Using drones, sensors, & WiFi to stop poachers  ★★ FDA guidelines for medical equipment makers to include security against malware

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Amazon Prime perks  ★★ Fun facts about the internet  ★★ Scan your bills for hidden fees  ★★ Study shows smokers earn less & are less likely to get hired  ★★ The history of the miniskirt  ★★ Dinosaurs had feathers  ★★ Smart scalpel  ★★ The fascinating history of the kazoo  ★★ Jaw-dropping aircraft designs  ★★ Ways to save money  ★★ Boeing proposed 3D-printed ice for acft certification  ★★ Stats about e-commerce consumer psychology  ★★ Scientists locate recognition of facial expressions in brain behind the ear on the right side  ★★ Psychedelic scans show effect of LSD on the brain  ★★ Heat is the best option for treating jellyfish stings  ★★ How to deal with airline overbooking  ★★  The secret of perfect pork chops  ★★  Watch out for these scams  ★★  New book series gives all Shakespeare plays a fresh design  ★★  How to be more organized  ★★ A comprehensive look at President Obama’s terms in office  ★★ 30 years after Chernobyl disaster  ★★ Check your passenger rating on Uber  ★★ Bizarre 4th state of water discovered  ★★ Ford recalls 280,000+ vehicles  ★★ A formula for judging airfare deals

Local Issues:  ★★ CR opens doors to stateless persons  ★★ San Pedro Mall to be renewed  ★★ Tuasa adds 80 new eco-efficient buses  ★★ Looking back at the CR of Juan Santamaria  ★★ Hydroponic gardening in CR  ★★ Fast food restaurants targeted by robbers  ★★ Wildfire in Escazu hills stopped by bomberos  ★★ Whirlwind raises dust in Naranjo area  ★★ Nicaragua reinforces border w/ CR to stop African migrants  ★★ CR closes border w/ Panama to Cuban & African migrants  ★★ Lionfish commission to take on the invasive species  ★★ Police discover 33 illegal landing strips in CR  ★★ Clandestine airstrips will be destroyed  ★★ Southwest Airlines opens direct flights between Liberia & California  ★★ Air France to start direct flights between Paris & San Jose in Nov  ★★ Venezuelan airline begins service to CR  ★★ Air Canada & Mexican Volaris also start service to CR   ★★ CR cancels $1.2B Chinese refinery project  ★★ Taxis protest as lawmakers present bill to legalize Uber  ★★ Uber CR drops fares 20% & some drivers not happy  ★★ Tigo to launch Tigo Play in CR  ★★ Canadian politician in hot water for spending too much time in CR  ★★ Multiplaza robbery in Escazu  ★★ Nature Air offers cheap flights in the off season  ★★ CR generated 97% of its energy fm hydro, wind, geothermal, & solar in 1Q16 ★★ Crowdfunding to orbit 1st CR satellite  ★★ Favorite photos of CR  ★★ Myths about Transitos  ★★  Daily Mail publishes video of 2015 sinking in Puntarenas  ★★  Canadian who died in San Jose hotel identified  ★★ CR among safest places to visit  ★★ AyA seeks tax cuts for water-efficient appliances, fixtures  ★★ Contract approved to expand Route 32 to Limón  ★★ Phylliss recommends a cellphone repair place  ★★  Legendary killer bull “Malacrianza” memorialized

International issues:  ★★ Japan’s southern island, Kyushu, may split  ★★ President Obama lifts many restrictions on Cuba unilaterally ★★ Nicaragua canal bogged down  ★★ Nicaraguan congress rejects attempt to block its canal  ★★ Underwater robot finds “Nessie”  ★★ African migrants in limbo between Panama & CR  ★★ Another huge Pacific earthquake sparks killer waves in Ecuador  ★★ Nicos happier to stay home: emigration down 10%  ★★ Places you can visit w/ Google Maps street view  ★★ Japanese weather problem could cause shortages of iPhones & digital cameras ★★ Panama builds shelters for stranded Cubans  ★★  Mexico legalizes possession of up to 1 oz of pot  ★★  Film crew rescues stranded man on Barranyi island  ★★ Woman electrocuted in Malaysia using her cellphone while it was charging  ★★ Google puts you on stage at the Sydney Opera House  ★★ The Kremlin’s candidate for the US Presidency  ★★ CR authorities concerned about acquisition of 50 Russian battle tanks by Nicaragua

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Inflatable room for the ISS  ★★ Kepler spacecraft in trouble  ★★ Kepler stable after rescue fm emergency mode  ★★ Falcon 9 nails barge landing as Dragon returns to space  ★★ SpaceX releases footage of Falcon 9 barge landing  ★★ SpaceX fast-tracks Mars plans & shoots for 2018 launch of unmanned lander  ★★ Webb Space Telescope comes into focus  ★★ Russian billionaire sends a fleet of tiny spacecraft to Alpha Centauri  ★★ Hawking & Zuckerberg also back Breakthrough Starshot to Alpha Centauri  ★★ NASA selects phase I of weird & wonderful 2016 Innovative Advanced Concepts  ★★ The NASA NIAC homepage  ★★ 1st evidence of an exoplanetary system was recorded in 1917  ★★ A better tool for more accurate planet hunting  ★★ NASA tests electronic sail tech  ★★ Breakthrough-Listen-Initive releases 1st observations  ★★ DARPA announces phase 2 of XS-1 spaceplane project  ★★ Cosmic spider shows clear signs of active star formation  ★★ The stuff of stars found in lunar soil fm Apollo missions  ★★ Pluto is just the beginning for New Horizons Kuiper Belt journey  ★★ Powerful portraits of Earth  ★★ Cassini detects alien dust particles  ★★ Fermi telescope helps close in on origin of gravitational waves  ★★ New Ultra-High Def (UHD) Epic Dragon camera captures stunning footage fm ISS  ★★ NASA taps Aerojet Rocketdyne for new space propulsion system  ★★ Stephen Hawking proposes laser propulsion system  ★★  China plans to send a rover to Mars around 2020  ★★ Hubble celebrates 26 years w/ Bubble Nebula images  ★★ ESA releases galactic panorama fm Herschel data  ★★ Tim Peake completes London marathon fm orbit  ★★ Saturn’s moon Titan hosts seas of liquid methane  ★★ New imaging tech provides “drone’s eye” view of Mars  ★★ Hubble discovers new moon orbiting Makemake  ★★ Primary mirror completed for James Webb Space Telescope  ★★  How galaxies evolved, a NASA animation  ★★  Rocket’s-eye view of landing at sea

Geek humor & interests:   ★★  Sometimes it just isn’t your day  ★★ Great cult sci-fi movies  ★★ 89-year-old Chuck Esterly’s comedy is great!  ★★ Philip K. Dick is coming back to television, thanks Connie  ★★ Solar Impulse 2 set to continue its round-the-world flight  ★★ Solar Impulse 2 headed for California  ★★  SI2 reaches California  ★★ How an Etch-A-Sketch works  ★★ Make a rubber-band crossbow  ★★ Everyday phrases coined by Shakespeare  ★★  George Lucas believes R2D2 narrated Star Wars  ★★ Maiden flight for Japanese X-2 stealth fighter

Galleries:  ★★ Trailer for Star Trek Beyond, thanks Connie  ★★  Trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story  ★★ A priest reacts to the Rogue One trailer  ★★ Star Wars 8 set leaks a hint  ★★ Migrating whales at Paradise Cove, thanks Tom,  ★★ A new kind of driving range  ★★ WWII kamikaze attack on destroyer USS Laffey  ★★ Coachella Valley festival pays tribute to Prince

★★ Humpback whales in Hawaii  ★★ One pilot and his favorite copilot  ★★ Battle of the Shanghai bulldozers  ★★  Magic tricks  ★★  A crazy airplane landing  ★★  New maglev speed record  ★★  Digital nomads  ★★  Pizza so good you will want to take it out to dinner  ★★  Man drops his GoPro  in a rattlesnake pit and picks it up!  ★★ Chinese kids w/ great voices  ★★ 100 years of film in 100 shots  ★★ 2016 US military photo awards  ★★ B-29 “Fifi” flies again

Potential Products:  ★★ Samsung submits patent for web-connected contact lenses  ★★ Smoovie promises super-smooth smartphone videos  ★★ Super-thin iPhone case hides extra juice  ★★ A stamp-size smart wearable w/ big potential  ★★ A smart clothes pin  ★★ Aftermaster Pro improves audio  ★★ Berkeley, Stanford, & Einhoven building devices to analyze sweat  ★★ Caged selfie drone follows faces and folds up neatly

Hardware, General:  ★★ 1st liquid plastic welder  ★★ Hope for a smartphone battery that will never die coming soon  ★★ Siemens 3D-printing spider bots  ★★ Review: Flicks portable boombox packs a projector

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Imaging drones to find landmines  ★★ Drone racing to hit ESPN this year  ★★ When drones & pork collide  ★★ Big drone for filmmakers  ★★ FAA says jail time for shooting down a drone  ★★ USN X-47B stealth drone  ★★ Slithering serpentine robot  ★★ Supermarket robot creates product maps as it takes stock  ★★ Skye inflatable drone is safe above crowds  ★★ NASA tests nationwide drone traffic control system  ★★ Underwater drone follows & films divers  ★★  Serious drone concerns  ★★ DJI Phantom to get floats  ★★ USAF drone program  ★★ Drone service delivers extra balls to wayward golfers  ★★ Colin Furze makes himself a hoverbike

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ OCF director discusses interoperability between IoT frameworks  ★★ Smart mattress notifies your phone of any activity on your bed

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Updated 12 inch MacBook  ★★ Another look at the new MacBook

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ HP Chromebook 13  ★★ Chromebooks to offer extensive support for Android apps, thanks Helen

Hardware, Ereaders:  ★★ Oasis is lightest & thinnest Kindle yet (at nearly 4X price)  ★★  Amazon Kindle page  ★★  Kindle coverage map, thanks Connie

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ iPad Pro 9.7 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ iPad Pro 9.7 review  ★★ Win 10 can take a beating & survive a dip w/ Mesa 2 ultra-rugged tablet  ★★ Comparing the 5 current iPads

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S7 tips (part 1)  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S7 tips (part 2)  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S7 tips (part 3)  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S7 tips (part 4)  ★★ HTC 10 has 3 big new features  ★★ HTC 10 looks phenomenal  ★★ Yet another HTC 10 review  ★★ HTC 10 vs. HTC One M9  ★★ HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7   ★★  Will reviews HTC 10  ★★ Chinese Meizu announces 1st deca-core smartphone  ★★ Google brings Nexus 6P to CR

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Comparing the 5 current iPhones  ★★ Add photos to your iPhone contacts list  ★★ HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s  ★★ Use your camera phone for more than selfies  ★★ Israeli-British start-up to launch Solarin, a supposedly unhackable phone, for $15K

Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Facebook builds VR camera and gives design away  ★★ Flexible sheet camera  ★★ Lensbaby’s Twist 60 lens offers vintage swirls  ★★ Portable camera parachute elevates aerial GoPro photography  ★★ Pictar makes your iPhone more like a camera  ★★ StandPLUS is not a tripod  ★★ Understanding the buttons & dials on your new camera

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ 8Mpx camera for Raspberry Pi

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ A variety of 3D goggles, thanks Juan  ★★ Tips & tricks for HTC Vive  ★★ MS stores host HTC Vive demos  ★★ Oculus Rift review  ★★ Magic Leap Augmented Reality (AR) immersive VR all around you  ★★ Top VR products in 2016

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Cocooning caterpillars inspire new 3D-printer design  ★★  WiFi Boosters  ★★ Favorite draw-bot projects fm Make  ★★ Mr. Beam 3D laser cutter  ★★ High-tech earphones under $100  ★★ Wireless peripherals can be hacked  ★★ Thunderbolt SSDs satisfy the need for speed  ★★ LG demos next-gen TV broadcast antenna  ★★ How to secure your wireless network  ★★ REF6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Projector  ★★  Router review

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Confessions of a stylus-obsessed writer  ★★ USB-C protocol update warns users of dodgy cables  ★★ Review: Joby’s new tablet tripod mount isn’t just for taking photos

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Gadgets to speed up your computer  ★★ LaCie 96TB hard drive

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Secret Facebook folder holds rejected msgs  ★★ Things not to share on Facebook  ★★ Conversational messaging w/ Zendesk & Facebook  ★★ New Facebook features released  ★★ The problem w/Trending Topics on Facebook  ★★ Facebook strategy to improve internet speed  ★★ Facebook unveils updates at F8 conference  ★★ Facebook to monitor viewing time  ★★  Facebook has a new, free group calling feature  ★★ Facebook hacked  ★★ Car scams on Craigslist  ★★ Best things to sell on Craigslist  ★★ How to remove your past fm Google search results  ★★  Google Translate does real-time voice & sign translations on mobile  ★★ What is next for social media?  ★★ Snapchat secrets revealed  ★★ Why use hashtags?  ★★ Amazon has new standalone streaming plans  ★★ Funny Twitter accounts to follow when you need a laughn  ★★ Parker’s guide to buying a new carb  ★★  Gmail hooks up w/ other email clients

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Slack messaging app for Windows, Mac, & Linux  ★★ Slack demo  ★★  Why Android Pay & Apple Pay are safer to use than most credit cards  ★★ Kindle app for desktop, tablet, or smartphone  ★★ CAPTCHA codes could be a security risk  ★★  Apps to recover deleted files  ★★  Top 10 Photoshop plugins in 2016  ★★ Make iTunes great again  ★★ New app detects body odor

Software, Browsers:  ★★ The ultimate customizable browser: Vivaldi  ★★ More about Vivaldi  ★★ Google Chrome replaces Internet Explorer as #1  ★★ Google Chrome releases massive update  ★★ Essential browser tricks  ★★ FBI exploits secret flaw in Firefox to spy on you

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ Apple gives autistic boy a voice  ★★ Add photos to your iPhone contacts list  ★★ Do not set your iPhone date to 1/1/1970!  ★★ iPhone battery life myth busted  ★★ New phishing scam attacks Apple users  ★★ Troubleshooting scary Mac problems  ★★ Apple is phasing out the iPod: What does that mean for my music collection?  ★★ Commands Siri on Apple TV will do for you  ★★ Comparing the 5 current iPads  ★★ Netspot maps wireless coverage for Windows & Mac

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ How to digitally sign documents on a Mac  ★★ MacClean3 frees up space

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MS issues 13 security patches, 6 are critical  ★★ How to see if you need a security patch  ★★ Windows Registry Server program has a security hole

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ MS Captionbot will tell you what is in your photos  ★★ Several organizing apps  ★★ PC Decrapifier

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Win 10 beats out 8.1 and closes in on Win 7  ★★ What will you do when MS kills off the free Win 10 upgrade?

Windows 7:  ★★ Some Win 7 holdouts suffer bricked ASUS motherboards thanks to update, thanks Connie

Windows 10:  ★★ 6 Win 10 features you can opt out of, thanks Chuck  ★★ MS to add a QR code to the BSOD  ★★ How to add shortcuts to the Win 10 Start menu  ★★ 1st big Win 10 update coming this summer

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ How to handle Word files that contain  ransomware

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ New HTC app declutters Lollipop & Marshmallow phones  ★★ Adding photos to Android contacts   ★★ Older Android versions do not get security updates  ★★ Only 4.6% of users running Android 6 Marshmallow

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ With LQ Mobile you can access forums directly fm your Android device

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ LinuxQuestions now accepts donations in Bitcoin  ★★ OScon: Open-source conference  ★★ Linux tips & tricks

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ F-Droid: catalog of free Open Source software  ★★ Veterondo  ★★ Gravity Defied game  ★★ ICEcons: icon pack  ★★ OpenLP

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Information technology research library  ★★ General Linux questions  ★★ Distro reviews  ★★ Linux wiki

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Fedora questions

            Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware questions

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