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Web News for September, 2016

Trends:  ★★ SETI is investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal fm deep space, thanks Connie  ★★ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child released  ★★ Amazon drone delivery trials begin in UK  ★★ Melting ice sheets is changing how the Earth rotates  ★★ Nintendo stock surges 71% after Pokémon Go release  ★★ Baton Rouge attack deepens anguish for police  ★★ Cybercrime overtakes traditional crime in UK  ★★ Hottest 6 months on record   ★★ Port of LA to open world’s 1st off-grid terminal  ★★ Mitsubishi uses smartphones w/desktops to provide virtual test drives  ★★ Innovations pushing human performance  ★★ Emmy-nominated shows on Netflix  ★★ How Donald Trump became the US’s Hugo Chávez  ★★ Chatbots are dominating social media  ★★ Using your spiralizer  ★★ World’s largest miniature railroad  ★★ Product repairs get tougher in the age of obsolescence  ★★ China, not Silicon Valley, is cutting edge in mobile tech  ★★ Apple replaces pistol emoji w/ a water gun in iOS10  ★★ Instagram allows users to filter their input streams  ★★ US to create nationwide network of car charging stations  ★★ Verizon buys Yahoo  ★★ Pinterest introduces “Buyable Pins” on the web  ★★ PayPal & Visa enter partnership  ★★ Spotify selling demographics to 3rd parties  ★★ Fiat Chrysler recalls 400k vehicles w/ wiring issue  ★★ New light rendering tech ups realism of CGI  ★★ Computer animation in the 70s  ★★ Luca, the ancestor of all living things, came from a deep sea vent 4 billion years ago  ★★ Rosé gummy bears have a huge waiting list, but you can make them yourself  ★★ Israeli start-up to culture chicken meat from cells  ★★ Tesla Model S was autodriving public beta 9 MPH above speed limit in fatal accident with tractor-trailer  ★★ Big bru-ha-ha over “TPP”  ★★ Mercedes Rescue-Assist app helps 1st responders to crashes  ★★ US steps against cyberattacks  ★★ Will dating join the on-demand economy?  ★★ Smart bricks make smart walls  ★★ Smart buoy listens to whales in NYC  ★★ GPS TrackR is the size of a 25˘ piece, thanks Juan


★★ Ken’s new tiny computer, thanks Ken  ★★ Panics about naked-women photos shaped the web as we know it, thanks Connie  ★★ Pizza ATM to serve up pies on college campus  ★★ VR is seeping into the real world  ★★ Laptop pioneer, John Ellenby, dies, thanks Connie

Great ideas:  ★★ Recommended VPNs, thanks Connie  ★★ How to make fizzy fruit  ★★ How to remove a stuck ring from a swollen finger  ★★ Lightweight metal foam turns armor-piercing bullets into dust  ★★ New sensor measures acft velocity by bouncing laser off air molecules  ★★ Stephen Hawking says smart pill doubles IQ  ★★ Elon Musk takes “smart drugs”, too  ★★ Bio-robotic sea crawlers  ★★ Harpoon to replace heart surgery  ★★ Faster treatment of OCD  ★★ Smart sutures send status reports  ★★ Robot gives massages  ★★ Put an end to texting while driving  ★★ Capture & share your travel experiences w/ TravelPod  ★★ High capacity, low cost flow battery  ★★ Injured penguin able to walk w/ 3D-printed boot  ★★ Vinegar hacks  ★★ Make money at home deal that actually pays  ★★ Electric car could cover 11K km on equivalent of 1L of gas  ★★ Other things you can clean in your dishwasher  ★★ Organize your condiments  ★★ Breakfast recipes  ★★ Magical cup will not tip over  ★★ New benefits for Amazon Prime members  ★★ How tennis balls are made  ★★ New alloy 4X as tough as titanium  ★★ How to save text messages  ★★ Quick-fire technique keeps milk good in fridge 7 weeks  ★★ Glassless 3D movie viewing  ★★ Microneedle painlessly monitors levels w/o need to draw blood  ★★ Rideable luggage  ★★ Nonprofit is teaching girls in Afghanistan to code  ★★ Freiburg U’s neural net paints smooth-moving art  ★★ Embryonic stem cells reversing aging in adults  ★★ Sell your photography online  ★★ New airport scanner speeds up process  ★★ Solar cell sucks up CO2 and spits out hydrocarbon fuels  ★★ Nanocrystals speed up WiFi LEDs  ★★ AI helps 1st responders

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Hackers putting malware in legit PayPal emails  ★★ KeySniffer listens in on wireless keyboards  ★★ Managing app permissions  ★★ New phishing scams  ★★ Stop harassing calls & texts  ★★ Smartphone feature keeps track of your movement  ★★ Fake ransomware ripoff  ★★ Craigslist scams  ★★ Datadog breach detected  ★★ Stolen health records offered for sale on the Dark Web  ★★ Norton & Semantic hacked  ★★ CiCi’s Pizza hacked  ★★ New "Delilah" Trojan spies on & blackmails victims  ★★ Mistakes to avoid when downloading files  ★★ Win 10 security updates  ★★ Set privacy in Google searches  ★★ Google adds Multi-Factor Access (MFA) to logins   ★★ Google now stops robocalls & spam calls  ★★ Lock down Facebook for max security  ★★ Weird new ways websites are spying on you  ★★ Samsung Note 7 has an iris scanner  ★★ Social Security now requiring text-enabled cellphone number for MFA  ★★ Don’t use defaults in your router  ★★ Host for Warframe was attacked  ★★ "Amazon" phishing email offers to refund double charge  ★★ Java security update available  ★★ Steps to take after a break-in  ★★ LastPass password manager has a security hole  ★★ Motorola stops monthly security updates  ★★ Using patterns for passwords on smartphones  ★★ How to scan for viruses  ★★ Android bug fear in 900M phones, thanks Steve  ★★ Hackers hit Apple Bonjour & Handoff  ★★ Security tips for public Wi-Fi  ★★ Chip-equipped cards can be hacked  ★★ New Android alerts  ★★ Video jacking fm charging stations  ★★ Hotel chains breached

Legal issues:  ★★ Comments on law enforcement in CR  ★★ US govt sued for using old computers  ★★ NY governor bars sex offenders fm playing Pokémon Go  ★★ Disney theme parks patent foot recognition tech  ★★ Halifax police issue surprises to drivers on a hot day  ★★ New CR deputy minister of transport hints at legalization of Uber ★★ 1st person officially not male or female can’t get id  ★★ Woman trying to run for president in 1872 was jailed

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Fears you need to stop letting dictate your travels  ★★ What podcasts are and why you’ll love them  ★★ The story behind the DeLorean  ★★ Mike & Molly cancelled because actress lost weight  ★★ Sheep View 360 spoofs Google Street View  ★★ Fact-checking Hillary’s acceptance speech  ★★ Trump’s ghostwriter tells all  ★★ NBC interview w/ Trump’s ghostwriter, thanks Connie  ★★ How the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge unfolded  ★★ New York Times’ Rukmini Callimachi on ISIS  ★★ Famous scientist explains the whole history of the universe in 8 minutes  ★★ Do you need a digital detox?  ★★ Skydiving w/o a parachute  ★★ Princeton is building a better selfie  ★★ Comic-Con TV shows of interest  ★★ Things you can buy better online  ★★ DeepMind AI slashes cooling costs at Google data centers  ★★ What I learned from my son who wouldn’t speak, thanks Connie  ★★ How to deal with downed power lines  ★★ Secret places Google Earth doesn’t want you to see  ★★  “I was an ISIS jihadist - until they arrested & tortured me”  ★★ Things to know about Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate  ★★ What is American Cheese anyway?  ★★ Mistakes to avoid while traveling  ★★ Screen generation: Are we going blind?  ★★ Fake boarding pass app gets hacker into fancy airline lounges  ★★ Things you can safely buy online  ★★ Why do cats like catnip?  ★★ Leonardo da Vinci understood the laws of friction almost 200 years before they were formalized  ★★ Michael Jordan speaks out against shootings of African-Americans and police  ★★ A robot that draws portraits  ★★ Vintage Tomorrows, the golden age of steampunk  ★★ Water tunnels discovered beneath Mayan tomb  ★★ Michelle Obama’s speech for the ages  ★★ Can an app really teach mindfulness?  ★★ Brain stimulation makes us more susceptible to hypnosis  ★★ Could passports go paperless?  ★★ To be a better leader, learn this FBI hostage-negotiation tactic  ★★ How John Hinckley lives now

Local Issues:  ★★ Guns N’Roses coming to CR 11/26/16  ★★ New Deputy Minister of transport under fire  ★★ Surprising facts about CR  ★★ Tips to thrive as an expat in CR  ★★ After legalization, 1 clinic signs up to offer IVF  ★★ Leilani McGonagle & Anthony Fillingim win CR national championships in women’s & men’s open surfing categories  ★★ CR cartoonist Luis Demetrio Calvo  ★★ “Romeros” cautioned to carry facemasks  ★★ Why we moved to CR  ★★ Urban train left w/o conductor  ★★ Panama lets them pass, Nicaragua blocks them, CR has to feed them  ★★ New venomous snake discovered in CR  ★★ CR & China reaffirm ties  ★★ 7 US presidents have visited CR  ★★ CR companies announce 900 job openings to interpreters, business administration, & information tech  ★★ Gas tax and import tax revenues slow CR’s interest in public transportation  ★★ CR hopes to capitalize on FTA w/ Columbia  ★★ CR ₡ dips against US $  ★★ New cases of Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue detected  ★★ CR chosen again as Happiest Country in the World  ★★ Gas prices drop ₡13/litre in CR  ★★ 22 gas stations fined for overcharging  ★★ Shootout in Limon dental office leaves 2 dead, policeman wounded  ★★ Surfer loses leg in crocodile attack  ★★ Head of traffic police blames crafty drivers for congestion  ★★ Young Tico scientists have an excellent adventure  ★★ CR supreme court bans use of CR symbols in liquor ads  ★★ Turrialba volcano is at it again  ★★ New tallest building will be 150 metres in San José  ★★ Escazu News in English  ★★ Guanacaste celebrates 192 years as part of CR  ★★ The University of Peace  ★★ CR exports up 7% in 2016  ★★ CR gets tough on animal cruelty  ★★ The most dangerous roads in CR  ★★ Ticos & Ticas are mid-table in average height  ★★ You know you’re becoming a local in CR when…  ★★ Earthquakes & eruptions simulated in Cartago  ★★ 1st baby of African migrants born on CR soil  ★★ CR partners w/ US to protect Central American refugees  ★★ British couple turns to internet to fund their move to CR  ★★ San José to get 95 new security cameras

International issues:  ★★ Cuba admits problems fm reduced supply of Venezuelan oil  ★★ My Venezuela nightmare: A 30-day hunt for food in a starving land  ★★ Striking truckers block roads in Colombia  ★★ US issues security warning for Colombia  ★★ Guatemala hotel tycoon busted for tax evasion  ★★ How Facetime saved the Turkish President from a coup  ★★ Cuba says ‘normal’ migration ties impossible w/o US policy changes  ★★ Venezuelans returning fm Colombia due to high prices  ★★ 70 Costa Ricans delayed 2 days in Cuba by flight delays  ★★ Opera web browser bought by Chinese tech group  ★★ Tire imports and exports in Central America  ★★ Madrid cathedral built by 1 man over 53 years  ★★ It’s “Colombia”, not “Columbia”!

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ SETI is investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal fm deep space, thanks Connie  ★★ Saturn’s moon Titan could have the right chemistry for life  ★★ Canyons flooded w/ liquid methane on Titan  ★★ Square Kilometer Array exposes 1,300 new galaxies while ź completed  ★★ Mars 2020 rover enters 4th phase  ★★ How JPL is using VR to design Mars 2020 rover  ★★ ExoMars uses new nav tech to tack for Mars  ★★ What Juno will teach us about Jupiter  ★★ Reproductions of Apollo 11 flight plans  ★★ SpaceX gets 2nd order for Crew Dragon mission  ★★ Falcon 9 nails another landing  ★★ Exposure to deep-space radiation may be killing Apollo-era astronauts  ★★ Comets may be leftover fm solar system formation and not cosmic collisions  ★★ 40th anniversary of Viking landing on Mars  ★★ Curiosity can now pick its own laser targets  ★★ Kepler Space Telescope discovers 100+ exoplanets, 2 possibly habitable  ★★ John Glenn’s checklist for sale  ★★ South Pole turned into giant neutrino detector  ★★ View of Earth every 2 hours fm 1M miles away  ★★ 1st commercial mission to the moon approved for Moon Express  ★★ Gravitational waves to crack neutron star mystery  ★★ Weird things about our solar system  ★★ Ideas sought to launch ISS marketplace  ★★ Vibrating boots to help astronauts keep their footing  ★★  Michigan U examines ESA data to clock the Milky Way’s “halo”  ★★ ESA’s Philae lander shuts down  ★★ Dwarf planet Ceres is apparently erasing its craters  ★★ High-flying turntable heading for atmospheric performance  ★★ Superluminous supernova  ★★ White dwarf blasts beam at red dwarf companion  ★★ Space station concepts from the 70s  ★★ Chandra readings cause astronomers to question our understanding of star magnetic fields  ★★ 1st private landing on asteroid planned

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Silliest online questions ever  ★★ Paramount confirms Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pine for Star Trek Beyond  ★★ How Kirk & Spock’s relationship held Star Trek together  ★★ 1st production e-Go aircraft sold  ★★ Highlights fm 2016 Farnborough air show  ★★ The pilots who make it rain  ★★ Solar Impulse 2 takes off for Abu Dhabi, the end of the line  ★★ SI2 completes circumnavigation  ★★ Auditions for young Han Solo on Konan  ★★ China’s world’s largest seaplane  ★★ Elvis Presley’s man-cave

Galleries:  ★★ Recent online hoaxes  ★★ Time-lapse video fm a storm chaser  ★★ A wild camel ride  ★★ Krazy Russian car hacks  ★★ Amateur horn players serenade John Williams w/ Star Wars theme  ★★ WWII WASP program photos  ★★ Michael J. Fox plays Johnny Be Goode at recent Coldplay concert  ★★ Birds getting their groove on  ★★ How to save text messages forever  ★★ Cape Coral, Fla from space  ★★ Travel down the River Thames fm Heathrow Airport to London City Airport  ★★ The Joker’s evolution  ★★ This couple can dance  ★★ Mary Rose museum reopens  ★★ What happens when you leave your computer on overnight, thanks Helen  ★★ WWII Archive photos

Potential Products:  ★★ Golf-cart jetpack  ★★ World’s smallest 360° camera  ★★ New dry combat submersible  ★★ Makuake Blincam  ★★ Marlin smart earphone for swimmers uses bone conduction  ★★ Smart box delivery to car trunks  ★★ Transparent screen displays “holograms”  ★★ SymGym uses resistance training to control video games

Hardware, General:  ★★ How to extend your WiFi range  ★★ 21st century’s most innovative mobile & gaming gear  ★★ Audio cassettes used in analog synth  ★★ Gorilla Glass 5 can survive a 5’ fall  ★★ Sony Bravia Z series TVs  ★★ Inkjet-printed solar cells

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Teal is fastest drone at 85 mph  ★★ Battling w/ iconic Star Wars drones  ★★ Drone racing kit offers real world & virtual thrills  ★★ Drone swarm control  ★★ Make’s 2016 guide to drones  ★★ DJI’s 1st drone arena  ★★ New drone w/ superzoom can spot you a mile away  ★★ A drone that seeks and destroys land mines  ★★ Robots demolish UK power station following death of 4 workers  ★★ BratWurst Bot serves up brats in Berlin ★★ Amazon proposes using lamp posts as drone docking stations  ★★ Google’s internet-broadcasting Aquila will stay aloft for 90 days  ★★ 7-Eleven deploys donut delivery drones  ★★ DIY drone & quadcopter projects  ★★ Amazon drone delivery trials begin in UK  ★★ Israeli AirMule  ★★ France’s Lehmann Aviation produces modular drones  ★★ US Army using wire-tethered drones for unlimited flight time  ★★ Sea Hunter unmanned sub chaser completes 1st sea trials  ★★ SeaCharger solar-powered sea-drone makes California to Hawaii unmanned  ★★ Drug-delivering microrobots swim closer to reality  ★★ Lockheed-Martin Spider bot plugs holes in blimps

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Ring smart doorbell  ★★ Obi robot arm feeds disabled diners  ★★ Josh app to add skills & voices to Amazon Echo  ★★ Mercedes-Benz shows off self-driving bus  ★★ Do smart devices mean dumb security? thanks Steve  ★★ Dirk, a life-like homeless robot  ★★ How to make a foamie  ★★ Things you can control w/ your phone  ★★ Logitech Pop smart home control

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Best laptops you can buy in 2016  ★★ Superbook gives Android smartphones a laptop form factor  ★★ Xiaomi Notebook Air

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Best business Chromebooks & Netbooks of 2016

Hardware, Ereaders:  ★★ Best eReaders of 2016

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Best 2-in-1 laptops of 2016  ★★ Surface Pro 3 weak battery life fix in the works

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Best desktops of 2016  ★★ Tower reviews, ratings, & pricing

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Best tablets of 2016  ★★ New iPads announced

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ iPhone 7 to launch 9/16/16  ★★ Leaked photos of iPhone 7  ★★ More iPhone 7 rumors & photos  ★★ Can Galaxy S7 survive 2.5 hours under water?  ★★ Moto Z & Moto Z Force review  ★★ What the newest Samsung phone has that the iPhone doesn’t  ★★ Samsung Note 7 has an iris scanner  ★★ Cyclist falls and iPhone 6 explodes

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ Great Android phones for under $200  ★★ Is now the time to upgrade an iPhone?

Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Best smartwatches of 2016

Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Getting out of Auto: Understanding ISO on your digital camera  ★★ Review of Case Remote Air wireless trigger  ★★ See in the dark using thermal maps

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Raspberry Pi in an Altoids can

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ The worst gaming controllers of all time  ★★ Lenovo & Google Tango hit AR jackpot w/ Pokémon Go  ★★ Tricks to become a Pokémon Go master  ★★ Watch out for fake Pokémon Go  ★★ Microsoft’s slimmed-down Xbox One S  ★★ HTC Vive adds lightsaber to Star Wars’ Trials on Tatooine  ★★ HTC Vive adds 2 VR titles to bundle  ★★ Nvidia eye-tracking system renders only on focused area  ★★ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070: the new VR sweet spot  ★★ Sonic the Hedgehog gets new MegaDrive console  ★★ Russia’s answer to Pokémon Go  ★★ Z 3-D mouse

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Picking the best printer  ★★ Amazon patents noise-cancelling headphones that know your name  ★★ UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker review  ★★ Sennheiser brings “Surround Dongle” to new gaming headset

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Tesla Gigafactory makes batteries  ★★ Nvidia GeForce GTX1080: a ferocious graphics card  ★★ 15TB drive sells for $10K  ★★ Seagate’s 60TB SSD

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Lock down your Facebook account   ★★ Tweak Facebook for max security  ★★ How to see & erase your Facebook search history  ★★ Things to watch out for in Facebook quizzes  ★★ ‘GizMag’ is now ‘New Atlas’  ★★ Verizon suspends unlimited-search accounts that consume “extraordinary amounts of data"  ★★ Free Ebooks

Software, General Tools:  ★★ 82 critical Adobe updates  ★★ Wallpaper for Windows & Mac fm Vladstudio ★★ Scribus PDF creator for Windows & Mac  ★★ Take long screenshots for Android & iOS  ★★ Photo-editing apps  ★★ Travel Map apps that beat Google Maps  ★★ New Android & iOS apps make your smartphone photos pop  ★★ Apps every smartphone & tablet owner needs  ★★ Best weather apps  ★★ Bots and the future of hiring  ★★ Java security update available for Windows & Mac  ★★ Free Bible app  ★★ Google Duo app for video calls, thanks Steve

Software, Browsers:   ★★ Opera web browser bought by Chinese tech group  ★★ Firefox will block “certain Flash content”  ★★ Google blocks background Flash content  ★★ How to filter Google searches  ★★ MS Edge security fixes

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ 1st 2018 iPhone rumor is already out  ★★ Get rid of duplicate iPhone contacts  ★★ Troubleshooting secrets for Macs  ★★ Take control of iOS autocorrect  ★★ Great new iOS 10 features  ★★ Apple replaces pistol emoji w/ a water gun in iOS10  ★★ Big bug fixes for Apple users

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Use Cheatsheet to remember stuff  ★★ Turn your iPad or iPhone into a handheld TV

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MS’s uncertain Skype strategy  ★★ Disabling Window Auto-Tuning

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ FileSeek fast file search  ★★ AutoHotkey  ★★ FileSeek  ★★ Backup your Gmail account

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:

Windows 10:  ★★ TPM 2.0 now required for Win 10 ★★ Anniversary update  ★★ Free upgrade to 10 continued for anyone requiring assistive tech  ★★ Change the initial display in File Explorer  ★★ Win 10 security updates  ★★ Helpful tweaks  ★★ Win 10 secrets  ★★ Change Win 10 default apps  ★★ New keyboard shortcuts

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Secret Android options  ★★ New Android alerts

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:

            Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slack is on the move

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