Web News 11/2016

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Web News for November, 2016

Trends:  ★★ How the NFL cheats: spy games  ★★ New tech aids victims of Manhattan bombing ★★ Security cameras that identify suspicious frames  ★★ Retailers replacing employees w/ tech  ★★ 15th anniversary of 9/11 last month  ★★ How Donald Trump talked about the 9/11 attacks then & now  ★★ 9/11 kids to terrorists: ‘You lose’  ★★ LGBT group embraces guns after Orlando  ★★ Movies for this Fall  ★★ How to watch NFL games online  ★★ WWII WASP finally receives proper burial  ★★ The evolution of Virtual Reality  ★★ Galaxy Note 7 charging prohibited on flights in US  ★★ We’ve wiped out 10% of Earth’s wilderness in 25 years  ★★ Men who put phones in pants pockets have lower sperm count  ★★ Electric bus covers 600 miles on single charge  ★★ Apps to make a positive impact  ★★ Internet access reaches 43% of homes in Latin America  ★★ 2016 Search marketing trends  ★★ Use your smartphone as your hotel-room key  ★★ Game time for Twitter  ★★ Princeton tops list of 2017 US News best colleges  ★★ Autonomous Ubers hit the road in Pittsburgh  ★★ Mobile app advertising increases 54%  ★★ What it feels like to ride in a self-driving Uber car  ★★ The definitive history of social media  ★★ GM commits to use only renewable energy by 2050  ★★ How political parties got their colors  ★★ How the Republican party went fm Lincoln to Trump  ★★ The bigger the marine animal, the greater the risk of extinction  ★★ Virgin Atlantic tests low-carbon jet fuel  ★★ Solar-powered helicopter successfully lifts its pilot  ★★ The growing rivalry between Google & IBM  ★★ Emmys 2016: What you didn’t see on TV  ★★ A history of axed Apple hardware  ★★ China is building the world’s highest bridge  ★★ White House policy puts US on the road to a self-driving future  ★★ The blogging boom  ★★ 3% of US adults own 50% of guns  ★★ Emmy award winners  ★★ Amazon skews prices upward for non-Prime members  ★★ Using premium gas provides no advantage over regular in most cars  ★★ Looking back at Angelina & Brad in pictures  ★★ Hydrogen-fueled cars  ★★ Self-lacing sneakers  ★★ Debate over the future of US public radio  ★★ Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels  ★★ The US Supreme Court after Scalia  ★★ Arnold Palmer dies at 87  ★★ Shimon Peres dies at 93  ★★ Shipping rates to rise ★★ Axial stack batteries could make electric airliners possible  ★★ Blackberry outsources hardware manufacturing  ★★ WattUp charges wirelessly fm 15’ away  ★★ Americas declared 1st region to eliminate measles  ★★ Self-charging fish tags  ★★ Complaints against police plummet in presence of body cams  ★★ Text msgs outnumber voice calls on smartphones  ★★ The untold story of Facebook Live w/ Ricky Gervais  ★★ The new Google Assistant  ★★ Health insurance providers are subsidizing Apple Watches for clients  ★★ The man who broke the music business  ★★ Will iPhone 8 be a complete overhaul?  ★★ Climate change is challenging avocados

Great Ideas, Computers:  ★★ Is it cheaper to upgrade or replace an older computer?  ★★ Apple makes it easy to upgrade to iPhone 7  ★★ Troubleshooting computer startup problems  ★★ 3D-printable camera  ★★ Where you put your hand effects phone signal  ★★ AT&T testing way to deliver high-speed WiFi over power lines  ★★ New approach boosts app speeds by 9.5%  ★★ Body-based transmission system keeps passwords secure

Great Ideas, Electronics:  ★★ Body-heat-harvesting wearable UPS  ★★ Helmet-mounted HUD  ★★ Truck-mounted electronic billboards  ★★ Mirror dongle sends info to display  ★★ Charge phones w/ fire  ★★ How to read your car’s Electronic Data Recorder (EDR)  ★★ New LiDAR sensor packs more channels for higher res  ★★ How to turn a red light green  ★★ Waze bluetooth beacons installed in tunnels  ★★ Snapchat to offer camera sunglasses

Great Ideas, Food:  ★★ 5 layers of breakfast  ★★ Ways to make Rotini pasta  ★★ 100 years of sandwiches  ★★ How to pickle anything  ★★ Have an impact on plastic pollution  ★★ Ford harnesses AC condensation to let you drink & drive  ★★ New sensor chip gives quick analysis of drinking water  ★★ Cheesy hash browns w/ chives  ★★ Chicken stuffed w/ jalapeño dip  ★★ Great mac & cheese  ★★ The best old-fashioned ice cream  ★★ A great breakfast burrito (+ extra drama)  ★★ Great pear recipes  ★★ Making homemade cheese  ★★ Carbonate your fruit w/ Alka-Seltzer tablets  ★★ Pumpkin-pie-spice milkshake  ★★ Things you might not know about patacones  ★★ Easy-to-make brownies  ★★ Ramen noodles turn 45  ★★ Unconventional pancake recipes  ★★ French toast w/ creamy filling  ★★ Tasty entrees: Mac & Cheese, Chili-glazed Salmon, Cajun BBQ Ribs, & Teriyaki Chicken  ★★ Rosh Hashanah recipes  ★★ Appetizer combines onion rings & mozzarella sticks

Great Ideas, Home:  ★★ Tap makes more mist, less wasted water  ★★ Smart wall clock presents notifications at a glance  ★★ Amazon lets BMW owners control their cars from their couches  ★★ Get the internet performance you’re paying for  ★★ Samsung uses a new turbine for vacuum cleaners to avoid hair tangles  ★★ Awesome car hacks  ★★ Kello smart alarm clock  ★★ Get the home of the future

Great Ideas, Medical:  ★★ Placing a finger over a smartphone flash could reveal low red-blood-cell count  ★★ Compulsive drinking in rats stopped cold  ★★ Robot gives surgeons steady hand in eye surgery  ★★ Brain imaging helps control emotions w/ amygdala feedback  ★★ Wearable hydration monitor  ★★ Insulin in snail venom is 3X faster acting  ★★ Painless light pulses replace harsh shocks to restore heart rhythms  ★★ CR’s Caja plans to use drones to deliver medicine to remote indigenous communities  ★★ Genetic matching technique means no rejection for transplanted cells  ★★ Simpler test for asthma scans saliva  ★★ Next-gen surgical dressing for battlefield wounds  ★★ UN convenes meeting on antibiotic resistance  ★★ Portable kit w/ freeze-dried vaccines  ★★ Roller coasters can help pass kidney stones  ★★ Using tech to communicate w/ the hard of hearing  ★★ Mobile breath analyzer  ★★ Cancer cells’ stealth mechanism uncovered  ★★ Camera-loaded catheter streams live fm inside arteries & removes plaque at same time  ★★ FDA clears 1st-ever artificial pancreas for automated insulin delivery  ★★ AMA guides US cities to lower color

temps in street lights  ★★ Research shows you have a “2nd brain” in your stomach

Great Ideas, Safety:  ★★ Samsung replaced Galaxy Note 7s because 1 in 42k could cause a fire  ★★ A Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge burns owner  ★★ What makes Lithium-Ion batteries explode  ★★ Chart shows how far you can drive after the gas-warning light comes on  ★★ Woman reunites w/ hero who saved her fm drowning  ★★ Tesla fixes remote-hacking vulnerability  ★★ Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

Great Ideas, Science:  ★★ Superhydrophobic coating could waterproof your phone forever  ★★ Attention-grabbing moments may help cement memories  ★★ Skeletons contained bubonic-plague DNA  ★★ Terahertz radiation reads through closed books  ★★ Power-generating fabric harvests fm sunlight & wearer’s movement  ★★ Criminals might soon be identified by a single strand of hair  ★★ Freshwater stingray munches food like a goat  ★★ Radar tech pierces the powder to reveal avalanche innards  ★★ Self-contained artificial photosynthesis  ★★ Why tardigrades can live 30 years in a freezer & survive in space  ★★ Acoustic holograms  ★★ Archaeologists find stone toilet that desecrated massive shrine  ★★ Jedi scientists freeze light in midair

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Simple hack bypasses iPhone passcode security  ★★ Cry ransomware ★★ CryLocker  ★★ RAA ransomware can work offline  ★★ Fake overlay screens  ★★ Details you shouldn’t share w/ Facebook  ★★ New Mac virus lets hackers spy & take screenshots  ★★ New USB hack can take over locked Windows computers  ★★ Simple security settings  ★★ Common smartphone security risks  ★★ Scammers stealing PayPal passwords  ★★ Google to mark all HTTP (as opposed to HTTPS) sites as non-secure  ★★ See if you’ve been hacked  ★★ CallJam is a fraudulent premium dialer that makes 900-number calls  ★★ Creating hack-proof passwords  ★★ 500M Yahoo accounts compromised  ★★ Yahoo users must take steps to protect their data  ★★ More details on Yahoo breach  ★★ Guy uses Facebook to track down scammer  ★★ How to tell if your smartphone has been hacked  ★★ Pixelated images can now be unblurred  ★★ FBI director admits he tapes over his phone camera  ★★ New periscope skimmers are undetectable in ATMs  ★★ ATM scams to watch out for  ★★ More hacked apps: Embassy, Europe News, & Russian News   ★★ USB Killer destroys PCs  ★★ Malware in fake Pokémon Go app  ★★ Facebook “like-farming” scam  ★★ Scams about Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt divorce  ★★ Help take down a ransomware network  ★★ Mamba encrypts entire hard drives  ★★ If you use Google Allo, use Incognito Mode  ★★ When should you wipe, shred, delete, erase, or reset?  ★★ MarsJoke ransomware gives you 96 hours to pay or else  ★★ Police surveillance: The US city that beat Big Brother  ★★ Facebook’s tracking practices exposed  ★★ White House teams up w/ companies in “Lock down your login campaign”  ★★ Tails secures by routing through Tor network  ★★ Hackers targeting frequent-flyer miles  ★★ Block your cellphone number fm caller ID  ★★ Habits that improve your online security  ★★ Facebook collects data fm WhatsApp  ★★ Internet-connected cars collect data & send it to manufacturer  ★★ Signs of a Craigslist scam  ★★ Critical Facebook flaw puts users at risk of phishing attacks

Legal issues:  ★★ High court reverses moratorium on pineapple growing in Los Chiles  ★★ Is linking illegal?  ★★ Parents sued by teen daughter over embarrassing Facebook photos  ★★ Police raid NJ house after neighbor steals WiFi & distributes child porn  ★★ Chrysler recalls 1.9M vehicles for air-bag defect that causes  failure to deploy  ★★ Search histories can be used in court   ★★ FBI rule change would expand surveillance authority ★★ FCC investigates Verizon Wireless billing  ★★ New Jersey fried-chicken-store operator suspected in bombings  ★★ CR Supreme Court rules prison sentences in animal welfare bill unconstitutional  ★★ US House passes bill to condition loans to Nicaragua on political changes  ★★ Roger Ailes of Fox News sued for sexual harassment  ★★ New sales tax laws  ★★ FCC rules in favor of online privacy, thanks Connie  ★★ What FBI files say about Hillary’s email server

Philosophical issues:  ★★ What is the Archer’s Paradox?  ★★ Hillary Clinton’s ‘Invisible guiding hand’  ★★ How to save money scheduling flights  ★★ NTSB is not happy about smears in Sully movie  ★★ How Arianna Huffington lost her newsroom  ★★ BBC memories of N. Korean defector  ★★ Yes, we can build industry in space and we should start now  ★★ Secrets of great communicators  ★★ The biggest problems facing science  ★★ How Big Sugar enlisted Harvard scientists to influence how we eat  ★★ The day I became a US citizen  ★★ The TV interview that haunts Hillary  ★★ 911 services can be brought down by hacked smartphones  ★★ Sites that give away freebies  ★★ Sites for classic-car lovers  ★★ Questions you’ve always wanted to ask your airline pilot  ★★ Are you getting ripped off when you shop online?  ★★ Are you addicted to Facebook?  ★★ How airlines decide what fare you pay  ★★ Why do we like hot peppers?  ★★ The science of the seemingly impossible  ★★ Are we a simulation?  ★★Things to bring and not to bring on international flights  ★★ Ethical guidelines for robot design fm British Standards Institution  ★★ Great photos in US debate history  ★★ Why are windows rounded on airliners?  ★★ World’s oldest computer music recording restored  ★★ How to stream live video underwater  ★★ US Museum of Natural History has 144M items  ★★ Famous inventions that were actually stolen  ★★ Bizarre crowdfunding campaigns

Local Issues:  ★★ Construction to begin soon to curb heavy traffic on Circunvalación  ★★ Photos of the rainy season in Jacó  ★★ A Costa Rican aerialist  ★★ Documentary features former CR 1st lady  ★★ Amazon CR to hire 1,500 employees  ★★ Increase in CR crime rate is drug-related  ★★ Favorite places in CR  ★★ Is CR Office-space nearing saturation?  ★★ CR auto-parts market  ★★ CR hosts Life Sciences forum  ★★ Humor Tico style  ★★ 24 of 81 municipalities say, “No!” to Independence-day alcohol ban  ★★ Annual Whale & Dolphin Festival in Uvita  ★★ Agencies say Kivú, the lion, needs better digs  ★★  Crazy (35) Ciudad Colón brewery now open to the public on Thursday nights  ★★ 3 US helicopters flew over CR w/ permission fm Director of Civil Aviation, but not technically legal  ★★ Proposed bill would ban hydroelectric projects & extraction of minerals for 25 years in the Naranjo River basin  ★★ UN Committee on Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights reviews CR  ★★ Shopping at Pricesmart  ★★ Sea turtle beaches in CR  ★★ Sea Shepherd ordered to stop protecting sea turtles in CR  ★★ Turrialba, the volcano that keeps on ticking  ★★ Woman pulled off a flight in error because of a legal mistake  ★★ Reventazon Dam, the largest of it’s kind in the region, is completed near Siquirres  ★★ Eruption of Turrialba Volcano closes airport  ★★ Favorite places in CR  ★★ Turrialba Volcano spews ash & vapor  ★★ Isla de Chira in the Gulf of Nicoya  ★★ CR president Solís advocates for migrants in UN  ★★ 100+ migrants a day enter CR, 85% are Haitians  ★★ Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates  ★★ Uber drivers protest new company rule requiring them to carry cash  ★★ CR relocates migrants camped out at Nicaragua border  ★★ MDs back down fm mandatory medical fees for now  ★★ US man shot & killed outside a Jacó club  ★★ Excessive bureaucracy costs CR its competitiveness  ★★ Hacienda plans to rebate 1% point of sales tax when using plastic  ★★ Oktober beerfest in CR  ★★ CR’s elite police (OIJ) in action  ★★ 1 of the world’s greatest treasures (the Treasure of Lima) believed buried on Cocos Island

International issues:  ★★ London’s salute to the 1960s  ★★ China to build enormous particle accelerator  ★★ Cuba says US blockade violates international law  ★★ Cuba tests Claro connection to outside world  ★★ Nicaragua’s Ortega calls for unity in Central America  ★★ Russia’s role in US elections  ★★ Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Venezuela  ★★ US sentences former Honduran president’s son for drug trafficking  ★★ Best month to visit by country  ★★ 88-year-old retiree lives on cruise ship Crystal Serenity   ★★ Is Nicaragua the new CR? ★★ Business above politics btwn CR & Nicaragua  ★★ Australia will take refugees fm CR  ★★ Historic Columbia peace deal signed  ★★ Cuba, USA seek to boost bilateral cooperation

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Cassini reveals Titan’s dunes & mountains  ★★ “Galactic fossil” could connect Milky Way’s past & present  ★★ Biggest surprises fm living in simulated Martian habitat for a year  ★★ OSIRIS-REx on its way to asteroid rendezvous  ★★ Another look at OSIRIS mission  ★★ Hitler’s Acid might lie at the heart of gas-giant planets  ★★ Rosetta set on collision course w/ Comet 67P  ★★ Curiosity reveals Mars’ beautiful buttes  ★★ Bezos unveils New Glenn rocket  ★★ Dueling supermassive black holes  ★★ New Horizon’s data keeps uncovering surprises on Pluto and its moon  ★★ ESA’s Gaia satellite provides data for new Milky Way catalog  ★★ New study favors violent mashup-Moon theory  ★★ Hubble witnesses death throes of ancient Comet 332P  ★★ Kennedy Space Center offers a HoloLens guided tour of Mars  ★★ Weird things humans have smuggled into space  ★★ China’s race to space domination  ★★ Solid-state chemistry clouding up Titan’s dry atmosphere  ★★ Facts & a question about Jupiter’s moon Europa  ★★ Europa plumes seem to be showering its surface w/ water  ★★ Saturn fm above  ★★ Earth’s largest radio telescope switched ON in China  ★★ Elon Musk’s plan for moving to Mars  ★★ ESA experiment to prevent “sick” spaceships  ★★ Mercury joins Earth in tectonically active club  ★★ Rosetta intentionally crashed into comet 67P  ★★ Rosetta’s greatest moments  ★★ Whatever happened to the object that created our moon?

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Star Trek: 50 years of boldly going  ★★ A look at the 1st Star Trek episode  ★★ 50 things that happened because of Star Trek  ★★ The Enterprise nebulae  ★★ Hydrogen-fuel-cell 4-seater plane takes to the air  ★★ New-tech destroyer sails fm Maine to San Diego  ★★ Getting Sphero’s BB-8 droid rolling w/ motion-controlling Force Band ★★ Virgin Galactic airborne after 2-year hiatus  ★★ Keeping South Park cool  ★★ Random fascinating facts  ★★ US Army developing new hand grenade  ★★ USAF announces B-21 Raider long-range bomber  ★★ President Obama’s hilarious final White House correspondents’ dinner speech  ★★ Radical, extreme Russian aircraft  ★★ Siri sings Johnny B. Goode  ★★ Great ads fm the VW beetle’s golden age  ★★ Why did Leia & Han Solo split up?  ★★ Book-lover websites  ★★ Hydrogen-fuel-cell 4-seater plane takes to the air

Galleries:  ★★ NASA’s weightlessness-simulating lab  ★★ Ladybug takes flight in slow motion  ★★ US Capitol dome renovated  ★★ The magic behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens  ★★ Musicians take street performance to a new level  ★★ Drivers rescue woman fm burning car  ★★ Apple’s launch-event recap video  ★★

Little girl channels Aretha Franklin  ★★ Rubik’s cube trickster  ★★ Find the dog  ★★ Marching drum corps  ★★ Combining milk, paint, soap, & oil to make art  ★★ Triple-spiral domino masterpiece  ★★ Goose follows man everywhere  ★★ Crazy driving by a pro  ★★ Smithsonian opens African-American museum in DC  ★★ Cute puppy enjoys big slide  ★★ Characters surprisingly based on real people  ★★ How far back can you go before English sounds foreign?  ★★ This time-lapse video is a work of art  ★★ Capt. Sully’s best Tom Hanks impressions ★★ How ants survive the winter  ★★ How historically accurate is Master & Commander?  ★★ Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?  ★★ Bruce Springsteen’s enthralling new memoir  ★★ Slow-motion fireworks pinwheel  ★★ Sparrowhawks fly low, but fast

Potential Products:  ★★ Neptune Duo: a wrist phone

Hardware, General:  ★★ Bluetooth LED smart bulb  ★★ Troubleshooting computer-startup problems

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ UPS tests delivery drones  ★★ DARPA wants drones to track drones in cities  ★★ S.L.A.M.dunk kit for drone developers  ★★ Robots to move safely, but efficiently  ★★ Drone racing in Chile  ★★ Volvo’s autonomous truck drives through a dark mine  ★★ Mercedes-Benz Vision Van launches drones for last-mile delivery  ★★ New sport: drone surfing  ★★ Grasping drone brings new meaning to “armed aircraft”  ★★ Google’s drones to deliver Chipotle burritos  ★★ 1st self-driving car produced for Volvo’s public trial  ★★ Cormorant unmanned VTOL expands flight envelope  ★★ xCraft’s 100-mph drone  ★★ Atlas robot is nimble  ★★ Nautical garbage-gobbling drone  ★★ Dutch police’s drone-hunting eagles are ready to rip  ★★ CR’s Caja plans to use drones to deliver medicine to remote indigenous communities  ★★ A vision for autonomous transportation future  ★★ CCROV aquatic drone sends back 4K video  ★★ GoPro’s flat folding Karma drone  ★★ NVIDIA leads the driverless-car revolution  ★★ deftAcopter rises like a chopper and flies w/wings ★★ Autonomous boats in Amsterdam’s canals  ★★ Nissan pickup comes w/ a drone  ★★ Crash-friendly Lego drones  ★★ Golfer knocks drone out of the sky  ★★ Pouncer drone delivers relief supplies  ★★ DJI’s folding Mavic Pro drone  ★★ Unmanned boat gets unmanned sub to launch unmanned aircraft  ★★ Amazing drone video reel  ★★ Peer-to-peer Pegasus drone allows pilots to take deliveries in own hands

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Echo Dot replaces Amazon Echo  ★★ We need to save the internet fm the Internet of things, thanks Steve

Hardware, Phablets:  ★★ Great iPhone shortcuts  ★★ How to make an iPhone last longer  ★★ Samsung replaces Galaxy Note 7  ★★ Report claims new iPhone 7s are ‘hissing’  ★★ iPhone7 launch  ★★ iPhone 7 issues  ★★ Verizon customers having iPhone 7 issues  ★★ iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7  ★★ Apple tees up the future w/ iPhone 7  ★★ iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s  ★★ Apple makes it easy to upgrade to iPhone 7  ★★ iPhone 7 vs. HTC 10  ★★ New Atlas iPhone7 review  ★★ iPhone 7+ vs. Galaxy Note 7  ★★ iPhone 7+ vs. Galaxy S7 edge  ★★ iPhone 7+ vs. OnePlus 3  ★★ iPhone 7+ vs. Nexus 6P  ★★ iPhone7+ vs. Moto Z  ★★ Tim Cook shows off iPhone 7+ camera  ★★ Will reviews iPhone 7+  ★★ Will iPhone 8 be a complete overhaul?  ★★ Huawei’s Honor 8 review: champagne specs on a beer budget  ★★ Google unveils Pixel & Pixel XL  ★★ Pixel review

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ MS unveils new $37 smartphone ★★ Smartphone comparisons  ★★ Lease or buy your next smartphone?  ★★ Samsung’s fix for exploding smartphones  ★★ Surprising things your smartphone can do  ★★ Comparing the 5 current iPhones: 7+ vs. 7, 6s+, 6s, & SE

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ 2016 smartwatch comparison guide  ★★ Apple Watch 1 review: fewer features, but better value  ★★ Apple Watch 2 follows familiar path  ★★ Apple Watch series 2 vs. series 1  ★★ Apple Watch 2 vs. Samsung Gear S3  ★★ Apple Watch 2 review

Hardware, Smart Cameras:  ★★ The best of Photokina 2016  ★★ Sony’s shake-killing action cams  ★★ Sony’s alpha series has 42 MP flagship  ★★ Sony’s A99 Mark II  ★★ Canon EOS 5D Mark IV  ★★ Canon 5D Mark IV vs. Mark III  ★★ Canon EOS M5  ★★ Miops Mobile triggers your camera w/ smartphone smarts  ★★ Leica creates an instant icon w/ the Sofort  ★★ Instant impressions of the Leica Sofort  ★★ Olympus OM-D-E-M1 MkII is a DSLR killer  ★★ Nikon adds 2 new models to KeyMission actioncam family  ★★ 2 new GoPro Hero5 cameras  ★★ Fujifilm GFX 50S mirrorless medium format camera  ★★ Panasonic GH5 & other cameras  ★★ Polaroid’s Snap Touch w/touch screen  ★★ RaceRender adds telemetry data to 360fly videos  ★★ Surprisingly small Hasselblad X1D  ★★ YI Tech’s budget M1

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Raspberry Pi 3 Complete LCD display kit  ★★ Raspberry Pi 3, Model B  ★★ 10 Pi projects to celebrate 10 million Pis sold

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ PlayStation Neo turns Pro  ★★ Screen-free critter catching w/ Pokémon Go+  ★★ The evolution of Virtual Reality  ★★ MSI backpack PC  ★★ Games to celebrate 20 years of Nintendo’s N64  ★★ Newest games in Gear VR library

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Apple AirPods  ★★ Pick the best printer for you  ★★ Sony MP-CL1A pico projector  ★★ High-end Monolith headphones w/ lower price  ★★ Gadget turns almost anything into a speaker  ★★ SanDisk 2GB SD card  ★★ 6th gen Makerbot 3D printers are quieter & faster  ★★ Keeping your router up-to-date  ★★ Roku streaming players improve

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Stilla Motion detector guards your goods  ★★ Amazon Fire TV changes  ★★ HorseCom’s music headset for stressed horses  ★★ Fuze case for iPhone 7 packs headphone jack inside

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ The untold story of Facebook Live w/ Ricky Gervais  ★★ Shocking Facebook confessions  ★★ Facebook redesigns News Feed  ★★ Details you shouldn’t share w/ Facebook  ★★ Facebook collects data fm WhatsApp  ★★ Facebook 9/11 blunder  ★★ Facebook “like-farming” scam  ★★ Facebook’s tracking practices exposed  ★★ Critical Facebook flaw puts users at risk of phishing attacks  ★★ New Google search functions  ★★ Health tests you can take online  ★★ Use faxZERO to send a fax for free  ★★ Instagram provides a way to block obnoxious comments  ★★ Free user manuals & guides available online  ★★ PrintWhatYouLike.com skips the ads  ★★ Google Trips  ★★ Paid ways to watch NFL games w/o cable  ★★ Keep up with an NFL game for free  ★★ Amazon Prints offers photos at 9¢ each  ★★ Similarities & differences btwn Snapchat & Instagram   ★★ Signs of a Craigslist scam

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Casino games for tablet & smartphone  ★★ Disk Drill recovers lost files for Windows & Mac ★★ Apps to make free calls over WiFi  ★★ Free solitaire games  ★★ Free casino games  ★★ More great apps  ★★ Apps to make commutes worthwhile ★★ Doorman makes US deliveries on your schedule for Android & iOS  ★★ An easy way to share photos for Android & iOS  ★★ Surprising things your smartphone can do  ★★ CleverLoop makes smoke detectors smart w/ an old smartphone for Android & iOS  ★★ Turn your smartphone into a smart remote for Android & iOS  ★★ Fing free network analyzer & tool

Software, Browsers:  ★★ MS Edge compared to others

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ New iOS 10 options  ★★ iOS10: All the new features  ★★ iOS 10 review: Flight of features, pinch of progress  ★★ iOS 10 finally lets users delete stock Apple apps  ★★ Apple’s launch-event recap video  ★★ New Mac virus lets hackers spy & take screenshots  ★★ Emoji guide for iOS 10  ★★ Free iPhone 7 deals: what’s the catch?  ★★ A history of axed Apple hardware  ★★ macOS Sierra replaces OS X  ★★ Change folder icons w/ MacOS Sierra  ★★ Should you upgrade to MacOS Sierra?  ★★ macOS Sierra review  ★★ Will iPhone 8 be a complete overhaul?  ★★ Verizon customers having iPhone 7 issues

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Inappropriate content hidden in iOS 10 Messages app

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ Use AIMP to convert your CD collection into digital songs on your computer  ★★ MediaMonkey can sort & tag your media files  ★★ IObit Uninstaller 5  ★★ Patch My PC keeps your computer up to date  ★★ Paint.Net is a great photo editor

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ MS Sept security bulletins, including 7 critical

Windows 7:   ★★ Launchy helps you launch apps for Win 7 or Vista

Windows 10:  ★★ Rumors about next Win 10 update  ★★ Tricks to speed up Win10 startups

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Best Android shortcuts

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Waze app adds “where to park” feature  ★★ Google Trips on Android & iOS  ★★ If you use Google Allo, use Incognito Mode  ★★ The new Google Assistant

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Linux Containers Forum

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