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Web News for December, 2016

Trends:  ★★ Skip the security line at airports  ★★ President Obama shares a very early draft of his memoirs  ★★ California approves unmanned autonomous vehicle testing  ★★ Bees ruled as endangered for 1st time in US  ★★ Live updates fm World Maker Faire 2016  ★★ President Obama’s plan to normalize relations w/ Cuba  ★★ Facebook’s new Marketplace release is a catastrophe, corrections imminent  ★★ Google unveils new products  ★★ Panasonic transparent OLED TVs  flexible batteries  ★★ Robots take center stage at CEATEC Japan 2016  ★★ Panasonic uses human touch to transfer data at CEATEC  ★★ Web retailers charge different prices for different customers  ★★ The evolution of e-commerce  ★★ MS HoloLens could power tanks on a battlefield  ★★ Samsung’s stock hits an all-time high despite Galaxy Note 7 problems  ★★ You can now buy Marty-McFly self-lacing sneakers fm Nike  ★★ Robots making pizzas  ★★ Top tech billionaires

Great Ideas, Computers:  ★★ What can you expect from a scanner?  ★★ Embedding ball bearings into 3D-printed objects for balance  ★★ Can a 4G hotspot replace high-speed internet?  ★★ Creating custom text replacements  ★★ Changing your DNS could get you faster internet speeds

Great Ideas, Electronics:  ★★ Philips & Dubai unveil most efficient LED bulb  ★★ Google warns 3rd-party quick-charger makers about using USB-C ports

Great Ideas, Food:  ★★ Creamy baked egg dip  ★★ Fork life hacks  ★★ Festive brunch recipes

Great Ideas, Home:  ★★ Nissan created a self driving chair  ★★ Use vinegar to get spiders out of your house  ★★ Magic trick for a baby

Great Ideas, Medical:  ★★ Local plants that may support diabetes treatment  ★★ Robotic surgery tool provides haptic feedback  ★★ If you’re feeling ashamed, try cooling off  ★★ “Kick & kill” HIV cure showing promise  ★★ IBM’s Watson lends hospital staff a helping hand  ★★ Infrared tooth-cam may catch cavities earlier  ★★ Veteran receives life-changing double arm transplant  ★★ Health tests you can take online  ★★ Brain implant enables paralyzed woman to communicate by thought  ★★ Too much space travel is hazardous for your eyeballs, thanks Connie

Great Ideas, Science:  ★★ Nobel prizes in science  ★★ Bees can learn to pull strings for food  ★★ Science experiments you can try  ★★ DIY smartphone microscope plays Pac-Man w/ microbes  ★★ LED foil made for water purification

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Protect yourself because LinkedIn is making big changes, thanks Helen  ★★ Mac webcam’s new undetectable hack  ★★ Take control of Google’s interest-based ads  ★★ Use *67 to block Caller ID (in USA) ★★ Tax Dept may access personal data of telecom users in CR ★★ Yahoo data breach could impact billions  ★★ How to manage your privacy on the web  ★★ Animas OneTouch Ping Infusion Pump could be hacked  ★★ Instagram “Ugly List” scam  ★★ Hackers infecting printers, DVRs, & webcams  ★★ How to use a VPN on a public network  ★★ The Consumer Reports digital-privacy tuneup  ★★ Common security risks for smartphones  ★★ Kaspersky offers free decryption tool for MarsJoke ransomware  ★★ Facebook Messenger’s essential privacy setting  ★★ Surveillance self-defense  ★★ Spotify opening links to malware  ★★ Billions lost to Business-Email-Compromise since 2015  ★★ Stolen car recovered thanks to Facebook post  ★★ Avoiding infected apps  ★★ Amazon Alexa & Google Home are always listening  ★★ 5$ ‘Poison Tap’ hacks locked computers, thanks Chris

Legal issues:  ★★ Phones set up for stalled air travelers in CR

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Great websites for book lovers  ★★ The Anthropocene epoch: dawn of human-influenced age  ★★ Does human lifespan have a limit?  ★★ The Woz advises against crowdfunding  ★★ Imagining a cashless world  ★★ What to do if you have an aging computer  ★★ Fake-news writer blames himself for Trump victory

Local Issues:  ★★ Drug-related shooting in Limon kills & wounds bystanders  ★★ 2 local pizza chains compete w/ the big guys ★★ Public Security minister says he’ll resign if not given more funds for policing  ★★ Historical sites in Guanacaste  ★★ Vehicle restriction will not be extended beyond downtown San José  ★★ Dengue-virus vaccine approved in CR  ★★ Website to check “Exit Restrictions” ordered  ★★ CR ran on 100% renewable energy to create electricity for 76 consecutive days  ★★ Woman wins ₡210M in lottery  ★★ Executive aviation in CR  ★★ 215 motorcycles a day are registered in CR  ★★ Dos Pinos acquires candy maker Gallito  ★★ CR votes to ratify Paris agreement on climate change  ★★ Santa Rosa National Park provides data on climate change  ★★ New book about Point West, a Contra airstrip in Guanacaste used by Oliver North to oppose Sandinistas in Nicaragua  ★★ Turrialba volcano pictures  ★★ Electronic banking takes force in CR  ★★ Free WiFi in parks & town squares project to begin next year  ★★ Solis & Varela meet to discuss migrant crisis in CR & Panama  ★★ CAJA to stop printing social security slips next year, thanks Connie

International issues:  ★★ Fidel Castro dies at 90  ★★ Venice is ‘on the verge of collapse’  ★★ CR, Ecuador, & Columbia create reserves for ocean life  ★★ Venezuelan girl appeals for help, thanks Tom  ★★ Newport St. Gallery, in south London, wins RIBA Stirling prize for architecture  ★★ Colombian president wins 2016 Nobel Peace Prize  ★★ New Zealand’s big bore just drilled a $billion tunnel  ★★ Panama flies 200+ Cuban migrants to Mexico  ★★ The world’s toughest buildings

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ Great places to live on Mars  ★★ SpaceX gets back in the saddle  ★★ Dips in light fm star could be caused by transit of planetary collision debris  ★★ The human body isn’t ready for a trip to Mars  ★★ Shepard rocket survives in-flight capsule escape test  ★★ Hubble reveals Mars-sized plasma balls shooting fm dying star  ★★ Distant star is the roundest object in the universe  ★★ NASA examines possibilities for an EM drive, thanks Connie

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Morgan Freeman adds narration to a clip of men w/ selfie sticks  ★★ Pug saves family fm house fire disaster  ★★ TV blooper reel  ★★ The president’s planes are old, but replacement is still years away  ★★ AI-enabled chess set moves virtual opponents on a real board

Galleries:  ★★ Great stills fm Russia, et al  ★★ Stunning drone photos capture the new 7 wonders of the world  ★★ The world’s most beautiful landscapes  ★★ Photos fm AirPano’s drones  ★★ Skydivers create the ultimate swing set  ★★ Backstage look at the Beatles on tour  ★★ Pinwheel fireworks in slow motion  ★★ Highlights fm Austin City Limits Festival  ★★ 14 new movies reviewed  ★★ Awesome pictures - (click on SHOW MORE at the bottom)  ★★ Juan’s warm-up exercise

Potential Products:  ★★ goTenna Mesh extends networking  ★★ Nerf-like missile allows you to throw GoPro cameras like a dart

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ Toyota offers Kirobo Mini companion robot  ★★ Minitaur quadruped robot  ★★ Google teaches robots to teach each other  ★★ What 2M miles of autonomous driving has taught Google  ★★ SenseFly gives its eBee drone bigger wings  ★★ Compact drone uses snap-open wings  ★★ Disney beach bot etches pictures in the sand  ★★ DJI Mavic Pro review: a new dimension  ★★ DJI Inspire 2: Pro-grade cinematography  ★★ Intel Shooting Star drones create flying Christmas tree at Disney World

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ MacBook Pro review: the air apparent

Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ iPhone 7 explodes  ★★ Huawei Honor 8 vs. OnePlus 3  ★★ Blackberry will no longer make its own phones  ★★ Google’s announcement of Pixel phones  ★★ Additional info about the Pixel  ★★ Even more about the Pixels  ★★ OnePlus 3T vs. Google Pixel XL

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ 3rd-party apps for Apple Watch

Hardware, Smart Cameras:  ★★ Sony’s A6500 & RX100 V are very speedy  ★★ Triple-header lens offers 3X the creative effects  ★★ PanoMoments bring movement to 360° photos

Hardware, Smart Cars:  ★★ Daimler bends headlamp beams w/ smart pixels

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ HATs take your Raspberry Pi Zero project to the next level

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Best new Oculus Rift games  ★★ Google’s Daydream View VR headset  ★★ Oculus snags exclusive Blade Runner content  ★★ Facebook CEO demos live social VR at Oculus Connect 2016  ★★ Oculus CEO shows where the Rift is heading next

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Review of Logitech K780 wireless keyboard  ★★ Why you need to check for updates for your router  ★★ Boosting cell signals inside your house  ★★ Chromecast Ultra can handle 4K rez  ★★ iLDock connects headphones to iPhone 7  ★★ Aura frame displays photos fm user’s phone

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Mophie’s latest cases bring Moto Z-style magnets & modularity to the iPhone 7  ★★ Apple is now officially a dongle company, thanks

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Delete online accounts easily w/ Account Killer  ★★ Take control of Google’s interest-based ads  ★★ What Facebook thinks you like  ★★ Facebook’s new Marketplace release is a catastrophe, corrections imminent  ★★ Facebook Messenger’s essential privacy setting  ★★ Facebook Live lets you broadcast like a pro  ★★ Stolen car recovered thanks to Facebook post  ★★ Protect yourself because LinkedIn is making big changes, thanks Helen

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Doorman delivery service app for Android & iOS  ★★ Great mobile apps to earn extra money

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Is your browser safe against tracking?

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ New features in iOS 10  ★★ Workarounds for iOS 10 problems  ★★ Apple is now officially a dongle company, thanks Bill  ★★ Scented candle gives that new Mac smell  ★★ 100s of fake retail & product apps in Apple’s App Store, thanks Helen

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Sketch digital designer  ★★ Hidden features in macOS Sierra you may have missed, thanks Juan

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Living the USB-C #donglelife

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ TwistedBrush creates digital paintings  ★★ Malicious Software Removal Tool  ★★ FreeCommander is like File Explorer, but perhaps better  ★★ Paint.NET is a great free photo editor

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Naming schemes for hosts  ★★ Interviews w/ Open-source heavy hitters

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ Linux games forum

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?  ★★ Learn the DD command

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Fedora version history, Fedora gallery of screenshots

            Slackware Linux:  ★★ Slackware 14.2 review  ★★ Reddit review of Slackware 14.2 ★★  This is my Slackware desktop

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