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Web News for February, 2017

Trends:  ★★ US police clamp down on drone-coverage of protests, thanks Connie  ★★ 2017 changes in Social Security  ★★ House takes 1st step to repeal Obamacare  ★★ 2017 Golden Globes speeches  ★★ TV news report audio causes Echo devices to order unwanted products  ★★ Twitter is toast  ★★ Earth’s climate continues to warm up  ★★ Next generation of self-driving cars  ★★ 1st solar-panel-paved road opens in France  ★★ DVD sales outpaced for 1st time by streaming video in 2016  ★★ Methbots cheat companies out of ad revenue  ★★ Amazon grabs most of the online holiday sales  ★★ How Apple alienated Mac loyalists  ★★ Management ideas that mattered most in 2016  ★★ US economy grew at fastest pace in 2 years in 3rd qtr  ★★ Dell Tech #1 of storage, #2 of servers, & #3 of PCs after merger  ★★ How Indiana’s school voucher program soared and what it says about Trump era education  ★★ US Supreme Court takes conservative turn in 2017  ★★ How Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party became a hit show  ★★ Echo Dot stole the show this Christmas  ★★ Global cheetah numbers plummet toward extinction  ★★ The year in robots  ★★ VR’s 2016 year in review  ★★ Flooding, ashfall, & strong winds top CR’s natural disaster list in 2016  ★★ A brief history of food emoji  ★★ 2016: The year in cartoons  ★★ Foreign Policy’s favorite stories of 2016  ★★ The stories you missed in 2016  ★★ The year 2016 in photos  ★★ TV & movie highlights of 2016  ★★ Ways politics could change in 2017  ★★ Behind-the-scenes story of covering the Trump campaign  ★★ 4 ways a Trump presidency could turn out  ★★ Confirmation hearings started  ★★ Jared Kushner: the young Trump  ★★ New dietary guidelines  ★★ Safest airlines for 2016  ★★ Top tech products that vanished in 2016  ★★ More vanished products  ★★ Biggest tech wins of 2016  ★★ Hits & misses of mobile tech in 2016  ★★ 2016 mobile tech trends w/ staying power  ★★ Amazon proposes drone-dropping airships  ★★ Volvo looks to install Skype in its cars   ★★ What each state Googled more than any other state in 2016  ★★ Tesla auto-pilot predicts & avoids crashes  ★★ Cars & robots expected at CES 2017  ★★ Google’s 2016  ★★ Amazon Go replaces supermarket cashiers  ★★ Ford unveils self-driving hybrid car at CES  ★★ CES 2017 wrap up  ★★ Cool new stuff at CES 2017  ★★ Carbonite adds local-disc backup option  ★★ Crime-prediction software joins Dubai police  ★★ Republicans weaken Office of Congressional Ethics  ★★ House GOP ends efforts to gut Ethics Office  ★★ Why social media use could decline  ★★ Biggest state political battles of 2016  ★★ Best comics of 2016  ★★ Scientists make predictions for 2017  ★★ Hollywood studios work to gain a foothold in VR  ★★ Low-cost airlines push down regional fares  ★★ Cost of solar energy continues to fall  ★★ Uber aggregates trip data  ★★ IBM’s 5 tech advancements expected in next 5 years  ★★ Yahoo is being sold off in pieces  ★★ The rise of ad blockers   ★★ Most valuable scientific documents of 2016  ★★ Retail trends for 2017  ★★ Netflix now more popular than adult entertainment in hotel rooms  ★★ Verizon & AT&T raising prices  ★★ Dutch passenger trains run on 100% wind energy  ★★ Donald Trump’s power broker  ★★ The return of civil disobedience  ★★ Dutch electric fishing trawler  ★★ Music’s weird cassette-tape revival  ★★ Luxury solar yacht  ★★ Digitally rendered characters of dead actors in Rogue One  ★★ Chinese exports drop w/ fears of Trump trade war  ★★ President Obama’s last press conference  ★★ President Trump’s inauguration  ★★ Women march in protest to President Trump  

★★ President Trump tweets too much

Famous Fatalities of 2016:  ★★ Muhammad Ali  ★★ David Bowie  ★★ Carrie Fisher  ★★ Carrie Fisher history  ★★ Juan Gabriel (singer, songwriter)  ★★ Merle Haggard  ★★ Harambe killing  ★★ Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch)  ★★ Gordie Howe (Canadian hockey player)  ★★ Gwen Ifill (PBS NewHour)  ★★ Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird)  ★★ George Michael (singer, songwriter), mourned by Tica  ★★ Arnold Palmer  ★★ Prince  ★★ Princess Leia’s eulogy, thanks Connie  ★★ Debbie Reynolds  ★★ Bright Lights, the final curtain for Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher  ★★ Alan Rickman   ★★ Vera Rubin, “mother” of dark matter  ★★ Craig Sager (CNN reporter)  ★★ Abe Vigoda (in Barney Miller)  ★★ Elie Wiesel (Nobel-winner, author)  ★★ Gene Wilder

Great Ideas, Computers:  ★★ The ethics of digitally resurrecting actors  ★★ Is ISP-level website blocking the right approach to combat piracy?  ★★ Wrist-worn fingerprint scanner controls devices  ★★ Tips for handling your Gmail inbox  ★★ Touchscreen devices could get power fm touches  ★★ is an alternative to Snopes, thanks Joan

Great Ideas, Electronics:  ★★ Super-thin electrical wires made from diamond bits  ★★ Flexible transistors

Great Ideas, Food:  ★★ Hanukkah brisket recipes  ★★ Spice up your eggnog  ★★ Prime rib w/ garlic butter  ★★ Bad eating habits can hurt your brain, not just your waistline  ★★ Cinnamon roll pancakes  ★★ Chicken fajita rice bake  ★★ Classic pot of chili  ★★ Salmon, Chicken, Shrimp, Ribs  ★★ Caribbean classic jerk chicken  ★★ Grilled-cheese sandwich  ★★ Healthy breakfast recipes  ★★ Eggs & potato hash  ★★ Things you can cut w/ an egg slicer  ★★ Japanese pancakes

Great Ideas, Home:  ★★ What are vampire electronics?  ★★ Turning up the dialog on your TV  ★★ LG’s floating speaker charges w/o missing a beat  ★★ How to photograph burning candles  ★★ Samsung VR7000 robot vacuum takes order via Amazon Echo  ★★ Blink adds outdoor camera & sensors to home security  ★★ Samsung’s 4-in-1 washer-dryer  ★★ Time-management tips  ★★ The vertical farm  ★★ LG’s InstaView fridge display   ★★ Samsung 2nd gen Family Hub smart fridge  ★★ Mykie: a personal assistant for the kitchen  ★★ Mattel’s Aristotle smart assistant for kids  

Great Ideas, Medical:  ★★ Via DNA editing, researchers hope to alter genetic destiny & eliminate diseases  ★★ Using sound to see inside living cells  ★★ Using sound to detect unsound brains  ★★ Laser therapy blasts early-stage prostate cancer  ★★ Ebola vaccine proves 100% effective in final trials  ★★ New wolverine-inspired material can self-heal   ★★ Nanodiscs in potential cancer vaccine target tumors  ★★ New coatings for dental implants  ★★ Gene therapy’s most promising year  ★★ Online health tests  ★★ Scientists identify unique breathprint for 17 diseases  ★★ Artists may unknowingly paint a picture of cognitive decline  ★★ Omega-3’s could stop the wheeze  ★★ Portable vision testing kit puts an eye doctor in your smartphone  ★★ Solar cells under the skin can power pacemakers  ★★ Scar-free wound healing  ★★ SmartUV camera sees under skin  ★★ Salt treatment kills viruses trapped in surgical masks  ★★ Plaque-busting plants take on Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s  ★★ Apnea app uses smartphone mic  ★★ Doppel wearable helps control heart rate  ★★ Online hearing test  ★★ SmartCane device  ★★ 20¢ whirligig blood centrifuge competes w/ lab versions costing $1000s  ★★ ActivArmor support device replaces casts & braces

Great Ideas, Safety:  ★★ Study finds hands-free calls are just as distracting for drivers  ★★ Great survival hacks

Great Ideas, Science:  ★★ The biological clock hidden in animal’s teeth  ★★ Robust new whale tracker  ★★ 2016 in science  ★★ Bat friend or bat foe?  ★★ Brain study examines why it’s so hard to change political beliefs  ★★ The story of snowflakes  ★★ 2016’s accidental discoveries  ★★ New 3D graphene is 10X stronger than steel  ★★ For faster reflexes, learn to play music  ★★ Harnessing E.coli w/ robots to produce a key amino acid  ★★ Subdermal compass implant

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Win10’s Privacy Dashboard  ★★ Security terms you should know  ★★ 2017 will be a year of hacking  ★★ Pope Francis put a sticker over his phone camera  ★★ Do you cover your webcam?, thanks Helen  ★★ B&N 7” Nook included ADUPS spying malware  ★★ US House reps bothered by Stingrays  ★★ How to wipe data fm old hard drives  ★★ New Android trojan, the Switcher  ★★ InterContinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn +) breached  ★★ Data breaches of 2016  ★★ Security terms you need to know  ★★ How to lock down your FB account  ★★ Alexa & Google Home are always listening  ★★ How to delete Alexa logs  ★★ How to use WiFi safely  ★★ New bug can crash your iPhone w/ a single text  ★★ Protect your phone fm spyware  ★★ Another year of hacking expected in 2017  ★★ Hitman text msg scam  ★★ Spot credit-card skimmers  ★★ Germany searches for hackers who shut down website search for Berlin attack witnesses  ★★ The latest WhatsApp scam  ★★ Another WhatsApp scam  ★★ Flocker malware hits home TV models   ★★ Keepsafe offers fingerprint security for Android gadgets  ★★ New routers defend smart homes against hacks, thanks Connie  ★★ Wikileaks proposal draws storm of protest  ★★ Fake Super Mario Run is malware  ★★ Boost your safety online  ★★ Public WiFi is more dangerous than you think  ★★ PayPal & Amazon phishing scams  ★★ Watch out for “Assessment document” scam  ★★ FTC warns about D-Link routers  ★★ Another iPhone lock screen hack  ★★ Scam claims WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger will start charging  ★★ Scam claims fm Netflix w/ fake login screen  ★★ Common Cybercrimes  ★★ Phishing attack w/ subject line, “Your Banking Assets Are Blocked.  ★★ Corrupt Excel files can be a threat  ★★ New gmail phishing attack fools even savvy users, thanks Connie  ★★ Samsung SmartCams can be hacked  ★★ Chrome browser hacked by HoeflerText request  ★★ Some emoji strings are crashing iPhones   ★★ Browser autofill feature hacked  ★★ has privacy issues  ★★ With Satan, malware becomes a pyramid service  ★★ How to protect your digital privacy, thanks Connie

Legal issues:  ★★ Arizona’s governor welcomes Uber’s driverless-car test after California’s snub  ★★ CR drug police destroy 206k+ marijuana plants  ★★ Almost half of CR residents want bullfighting banned  ★★ CR Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock asks PriceSmart to recall a 21- ton batch of Tilapia  ★★ Tico Times also covered the tilapia story  ★★ FAA criticized for oversight as millions of drones are unregistered  ★★ Israeli solder convicted over Hebron death  ★★ Star Trek fan film challenges copyright laws  ★★ How much can police find out fm a murderer’s Echo?  ★★ Black Panther Albert Woodfox released after longest isolation ever  ★★ Woman sues Google, Yahoo, & Bing over explicit video  ★★ 772K vehicles recalled for faulty airbags  ★★ CR courts don’t tolerate offensive language on Facebook  ★★ President Trump scales back Obamacare (Policy experts explain Obamacare changes),  freezes all new regulations, swears in Defense & Homeland Security picks, gives press a rough 1st day, advances a new foreign policy   ★★ What President Trump wants to do  ★★ New US immigration ban

Philosophical issues:  ★★ What Auld Lang Syne means  ★★ Mann promotes Inbox Zero, deal with all inbox items quickly  ★★ George Michael: 6 songs that defined his life  ★★ Your social media addiction is giving you depression  ★★ Tips for taking good photos  ★★ Becoming citizen Obama  ★★ Jennifer Lawrence, start w/o a script  ★★ The fallacy of wine-food pairing  ★★ Hollywood & hacking: the full story  ★★ Nestle chairman argues for a new kind of diet  ★★ President Obama’s last act in the Israeli drama may be his best  ★★ President Obama’s farewell address  ★★ President-elect Trump tweets, “After Jan 20th things will be different at the UN”  ★★ Fact check:  Mr. Trump’s 1st news conference since the election  ★★ The end of the end of the cold war  ★★ How to photograph fireworks  ★★ What was Hillary’s real downfall?  ★★ Inuit may have a genetic advantage in dealing w/ cold  ★★ What makes a planet a planet?  ★★ 10 CEOs share their interview questions for new hires  ★★ How Samsung can rebound fm the Note 7 debacle  ★★ Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?  ★★ The math & magic of Muqarnas ceilings  ★★ How to make a digital scrapbook  ★★ Should we bioengineer animals to live in our damaged world?  ★★ Newsweek INT. is a weekly news website  ★★ Hitler’s Mein Kampf a bestseller again in Germany  ★★ What Apple should do to bounce back in 2017  ★★ Snopes accused of being “an unfit arbiter of the truth”  ★★ Megyn Kelly jumps fm Fox News to NBC  ★★ Could 3k ride-sharing cars replace 14k NY cabs?  ★★ Bernie printed out Trump tweet & brought it to the Senate floor, thanks Connie  ★★ Trump’s threats against the US intelligence community are a serious threat to US security  ★★ Trump the brawler & Pence the cajoler   ★★ Former Sec-Def Bill Perry wonders why we aren’t terrified  ★★ Violence caused by internet addiction  ★★ What lies have been written about you online?  ★★ Bible Hub has multiple versions of the Bible  ★★ The couple who saved China’s ancient architectural treasures  ★★ Why doctors don’t seek mental health care for themselves  ★★ Comics you might read  ★★ Computer sees history by reading 35M news stories  ★★ Michelle Obama’s legacy  ★★ Top risks to the world in 2017  ★★ Peter Thiel, Trump’s tech pal, explains himself  ★★ Why it’s hard to train someone to make an ethical decision  ★★ Take this emoji test  ★★ EU to debate robot legal rights, mandatory “kill switches”  ★★ Trump’s cabinet picks break w/ him on 10 major issues  ★★ The Bush sisters wrote the Obama girls a letter  ★★ Fake news story about Michelle Obama’s mom  ★★ How Jyn Erso got her name in Rogue One  ★★ Advice to photographers about kit  ★★ Things you may not know about Barack Obama  ★★ The letters presidents leave their successors

Local Issues:  ★★ CR applauds Obama policy change on Cuban migrants  ★★ 2017 Holidays in CR  ★★ Transitos confiscate license plates of vehicles w/o 2017 Marchamo  ★★ Most Ticos still prefer pulperías over grocery stores  ★★ Bollywood arrives in CR  ★★ Poorest in USA die younger than poorest in CR  ★★ Dairy war heats up in CR  ★★ Turrialba volcano-cam captures meteor fireball over CR  ★★ Great 1-day getaways in CR  ★★ 5 good restaurants in Flamingo & Potrero  ★★ Q Costa Rica’s predictions for 2017  ★★ CR closes 2016 w/ the lowest poverty rate in 7 yrs  ★★ 2016 is CR’s most violent year on record  ★★ Why air travel in Latin America is so expensive  ★★ Zapote bullfights  ★★ Best Tico Times stories of 2016  ★★ Weirdest CR news stories of 2016  ★★ The best solution to a cracked windshield in CR  ★★ New 2017 toll rates for Route 27   ★★ IMF urges CR to adopt a Value Added Tax  ★★ Manuel Antonio beach crowd detains 3 suspects in attempted robbery  ★★ Turrialba volcano increases activity  ★★ Turrialba’s big weekend   ★★ Nonlethal bullfights are controversial in CR  ★★ Air Canada opens twice-weekly, non-stop service between Montreal & San José  ★★ Bus passenger fatally shoots armed robber  ★★ INS robbed in San Juan de Tibás.  ★★ Low Southwest fares to Liberia & San José w/ advance purchase   ★★ Regulator approves hike in gas prices  ★★ 2017 International Design Festival in CR  ★★ Cuban migrants found travelling hidden in truck between gas cylinders  ★★ No injuries in Santa Ana bus fire  ★★ CR ranked #4 best place to retire in 2017  ★★ CR ranked #2 for low-cost, high-quality healthcare in 2017  ★★ CR to add 1k new police officers  ★★ KFC expands & gets a facelift in CR   ★★ Rio Virilla bridge lanes closed until mid Feb 17  ★★ More info on Rio Virilla (Platina) bridge closure  ★★ In a decade CR could have more visitors/year than inhabitants  ★★ President Solís comments on border security  ★★ What is Rezo del Niño?  ★★ Texas doctor says CR health-care system beats the US  ★★ Is CR really the world’s happiest place?  ★★ New Hard Rock Hotel coming to Guanacaste  ★★ US supports air-surveillance in CR  ★★ How the Trump Era will affect life negatively in CR  ★★ What does Que Chapa mean in CR?

International issues:  ★★ Score cheap flights w/ these tricks  ★★ Cubans on road to US distraught about newly closed border  ★★ Cuba finds Obama’s migration decision positive  ★★ US expels 35 Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations  ★★ Putin’s masterstroke of non-retaliation  ★★ Putin’s real long game  ★★ Gorbachev talks about the collapse of the USSR  ★★ What Russian millennials think of the new Russia  ★★ Italian mafia hunter targeted in an attempted smear  ★★ US companies want to play China’s game: they just can’t win it  ★★ What’s new and not new in the UN resolution on Israeli settlements  ★★ Old website for CR embassy in China hacked by Kaputskiy  ★★ Maduro plans to stay in power in Venezuela w/o elections  ★★ Japanese Dentsu chief resigns after overworked employee commits suicide, thanks Connie  ★★ Japanese PM to visit Pearl Harbor w/ President Obama  ★★ Reactions to Sec-of-State John Kerry’s speech about the 2-state solution  ★★ Kerry’s mission to save diplomacy  ★★ England criticises Kerry’s comments  ★★ Kurdish-Arab force closes in on Islamic State’s capitol in Syria  ★★ Greenberg’s scathing critique of Obama’s presidency  ★★ Outgoing UN leader eyes South Korea’s presidency  ★★ DR Congo floods leave 50 dead  ★★ Body found in burnt-out car in Rio ‘believed to be Greek ambassador’  ★★ Asia in 3 minutes  ★★ Russian flights to Egypt resuming  ★★ Inside an ISIS bunker  ★★ Airlines w/ the lowest safety ratings  ★★ Uber’s food delivery to debut in Argentina in 2017  ★★ Why flights take longer these days  ★★ Venezuela owns Citgo in the USA  ★★ Venezuela withholds materials to control newspapers  ★★ Colombia kidnappings down 92% since 2000, police say  ★★ Cuban opposition leader says Trump is good for Cuba  ★★ Canada declares high-speed internet a basic service  ★★ Inmates escape in Brazil during deadly jail riot  ★★ N. Korea claims to have nukes that can reach US  ★★ Online stalking on social media becomes illegal in Japan  ★★ US identifies agents behind Russian hack in elections  ★★ Vladimir Putin: the troublemaker  ★★ Trump says Toyota will face hefty tariffs on cars made in Mexico  ★★ 89 dead in Brazilian prison riots  ★★ 70% of east Mosul retaken fm Islamic State  ★★ Worst flooding on German NE coast since 2006  ★★ Iraq reduces oil output after OPEC decision  ★★ Russian airstrikes against ISIS help Turkey  ★★ Ivory Coast PM resigns  ★★ Ghana has a new president  ★★ Is Canada the world’s 1st ‘postnational’ country?  ★★ A picture tour of London’s great pubs  ★★ Cuba to export coal to USA, 1st in 60 years  ★★ In Nicaragua, President & VP are husband & wife  ★★ Russia says US troops in Poland are a threat  ★★ Israel uncovers Hamas hacking soldiers’ phones by posing as women online  ★★ Congressional hearing on Russian hacking  ★★ Devastation of Mesopotamia site in Iraq  ★★ China approaches ballpoint success  ★★ Joe Biden awarded Medal of Freedom  [Longer version]  ★★ US to lift Sudan sanctions  ★★ Peru & Colombia join w/ Mexico after row w/ US President

Interplanetary issues & beyond:  ★★ The year 2016 in space  ★★ The year ahead in space  ★★ Space news coming in 2017  ★★ Moon & Mars in China’s 5-year space plan  ★★ How Scott Kelly’s year in space may have changed his body  ★★ Movie myths about space  ★★ SpaceX moves past explosion with new launch plans, thanks Connie  ★★ SpaceX Falcon9 cleared for flight  ★★ Hubble gazes at a cosmic megamaser   ★★ Hubble chases a small stellar galaxy in the Hunting Dog constellation  ★★ Hubble participates in SMIDGE  ★★ Hubble has a Pinterest account  ★★ NASA’s out-of-this-world igloo could work on Mars  ★★ The International Space Station (ISS) has cameras on all the time  ★★ Dextre robot installs new batteries on ISS  ★★ China claims to have warp drive  ★★ Source of Fast Radio Burst 2.5B light-years fm Earth   ★★ 13K potentially lethal near-Earth asteroids  ★★ Mars-eye view of Earth & Moon  ★★ Hubble charts path of Voyager probes out of solar system  ★★ Earth-like planets may not be very Earth-like  ★★ Pluto’s moon helps shield it fm solar wind, helping to keep it’s atmosphere  ★★ Chile’s Very Large Telescope gets a tuneup for Alpha Centauri exploration  ★★ NASA’s Psyche & Lucy missions to visit metal & Trojan asteroids  ★★ Free Mars posters fm NASA  ★★ Rocket Crafters granted patent for 3D-printed fuel

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ DARPA’s ALIAS aircraft automation program spreads its wings  ★★ 1st production-configuration Scorpion flies  ★★ M-345 Italian jet trainer makes maiden flight  ★★ World’s largest airplanes  ★★ Star Wars: Episode VIII is already in the can  ★★ The last minute of 2016 was 61 seconds long  ★★ Britain approves funding to develop laser weapon  ★★ Lucas museum finds new home in LA  ★★ The real reason the Titanic sank  ★★ Kulula-Air tries not to take itself too seriously  ★★ Kulula-Air pre-flight announcement  ★★ Guy-fm-my-high-school nominated for 4 Oscars, thanks Connie

Galleries:  ★★ Junior firefighter was on 2nd base when umpire had a heart attack  ★★ The White House: 2016 in photos  ★★ An analysis of Love Actually  ★★ Liam Neeson tanks mall-Santa audition  ★★ Free images  ★★ New Netflix shows for 2017  ★★ Dolphin impressed by gymnast’s routine  ★★ Future-focused films for 2017  ★★ Auld Lang Syne from It's a Wonderful Life  ★★ Viral videos fm 2016  ★★ Star Wars Rogue One commercial  ★★ Car covered entirely in ice  ★★ Panda plays w/ snowman  ★★ Not your day?  ★★ SW Florida Eagle cam  ★★ New Zealand caves w/ 30k glowworms  ★★ Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers (1941)  ★★ Photos fm the George Eastman Museum  ★★ Stallone daughters & other secrets of Miss Golden Globe  ★★ How wolves can change the course of rivers  ★★ Great time-lapse videos

Potential Products:  ★★ Samsung shows off smart tags for toys and 2 skin-care devices at CES 2017  ★★ Imagine the future of smart buildings  ★★ Airborne Wireless Network proposes using commercial aircraft as internet nodes  ★★ Smart bed adjusts for comfort and nudges snorers  ★★ QuirkLogic’s Eink Quilla whiteboard  ★★ Audi taps Nvidia’s know-how to deliver autonomous vehicles by 2020  ★★ Computer-equipped bikes  ★★ Vudu7 V bike computer  ★★ Ara smart toothbrush   ★★ Smart curtain rod  ★★ Siri for Photoshop?  ★★ Smart hairbrush hears sounds of mistreatment

Hardware, General:  ★★ New WiGig standard next year  ★★ 2016’s coolest tech toys  ★★ Coolest tech products fm CES 2017  ★★ Free frozen bolts, nuts, & screws  ★★ Augmented-Reality (AR) glasses fm Lenovo  ★★ Dell’s digital art Canvas at CES  ★★ New Atlas picks best of CES 2017   ★★ Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle follows you around  ★★ Is it cheaper to upgrade or replace an older computer?

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ US police clamp down on drone-coverage of protests, thanks Connie  ★★ How Israel took a toy and made it a high-tech weapon  ★★ Drones steer elephants away fm danger  ★★ Drone air-traffic-control system being developed in Singapore  ★★ Make’s 2016 guide to drones  ★★ Death Star drone  ★★ ISIL using drones w/bombs in Iraq  ★★ Submersible drone finds fish w/ sonar  ★★ DJI unveils CrystalSky drone monitor at CES  ★★ GoPro’s Karma drone set for 2017 relaunch  ★★ Vanilla drone 56-hour flt sets class record  ★★ Panasonic’s autonomous car cabin  ★★ High-speed racing drone comes ready-to-fly  ★★ Nimbus 195 drone is so tough you can drive over it  ★★ Super Hornets drop world’s largest swarm of micro-drones  ★★ PowerRay fishfinder  ★★ Fixed-wing drone lands like a bird  ★★ Lily drone shuts down

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Credit-card-sized Intel brain for IoT devices  ★★ Unexpected Amazon Alexa abilities  ★★ Alexa coming to new Fords  ★★ New ways to stream TV  ★★ Lenovo Smart Assistant has better speakers  ★★ Aura uses disruption of wireless signals to detect movement  ★★ Opn smart cocktail system  ★★ TV news report audio causes Echo devices to order unwanted products  ★★ Yet another accidental purchase w/ Alexa  ★★ Comparison of Amazon Echo vs. Google Home  ★★ LG shows 4 robot-assistants at CES

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Consumer Reports pans the MacBook Pro over battery life  ★★ Razer laptop prototype sprouts 2 extra screens  ★★ Hands-on w/ 2017 laptops  ★★ LG Gram light & capable laptop  ★★ Samsung embarks on its 1st gaming laptop, the Odyssey

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Best netbooks of 2017  ★★ Samsung Pro & Plus Chromebooks

Hardware, Ereaders:  ★★ Ereader reviews fm digitaltrends  ★★ eBook reader reviews fm PC Mag  ★★ Best eBook readers of 2017  ★★ Ereader reviews by c|net  ★★ Find & download free eBooks

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Hands-on w/ Samsung’s Chromebook 2-in-1  ★★ Dell Latitude 7285 comes w/ wireless charging  ★★ Samsung Chromebook Pro & Plus vs. MS Surface Pro 4

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Dell refurbished desktops

Hardware, Tablets:  ★★ Tablets fm Best Buy

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ iPhone turns 10  ★★ Will iPhone 8 be next?  ★★ 1st Alexa-equipped smartphone unveiled by Huawei  ★★ Rumors of top-tier iPhone Ferrari  ★★ 2017’s most anticipated smartphones  ★★ New bug can crash your iPhone w/ a single text  ★★ Some emojis are crashing iPhones  ★★ What does a $20k smartphone look like?  ★★ Best smartphone tech coming in 2017  ★★ Comparison of phone cameras  ★★ Honor 6X dual lens for portraits   ★★ Hands-on w/ ZTE Blade 8 Pro  ★★ Surprising things you can do w/ your smartphone   ★★ Another iPhone lock screen hack  ★★ HTC phablet has AI  ★★ Graphene sticker promises up to 20% more phone battery life  ★★ Asus ZenFone AR is compatible w/ AR & VR headsets  ★★ Molecular-sensing smartphone analyzes the world around us  ★★ Uses for your smartphone’s camera  ★★ Emergency apps

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ Upcoming smartwatches for 2017  ★★ PowerWatch runs on body heat

Hardware, Smart Cameras:  ★★ Interesting camera hacks  ★★ Netgear baby-monitoring cameras  ★★ Polaroid Pop camera w/ 20MP sensor  ★★ Panasonic Lumix GH5  ★★ Ricoh brings live-streaming to its 360° camera lineup   ★★ Samsung SmartCams can be hacked

Hardware, Smart TVs:  ★★ Lesser-known things smart TVs can do  ★★ Nano Cells color LG’s new Super UHD TVs  ★★ LG’s new 4K TVs are very thin  ★★ LG offers 10 OLED TVs  ★★ CES 2017 debuts Samsung’s next premium TV  ★★ Samsung offers QLED TVs  ★★ Sony Bravia OLED TV makes the screen the speaker   ★★ Sony speakerless 4K TV  ★★ Favorite TVs of CES 2017

Hardware, Wearables:  ★★ Tiny tracker-ring monitors activity, sleep, & heart rate   ★★ New radiation-tracking wearable  ★★ Samsung’s Welt smart belt  ★★ Basslet wearable subwoofer thumps your wrist  ★★ Wireless wearable breast pump  ★★ Doppel wearable helps control heart rate  ★★ Radar chest strap helps guide the blind  ★★ Impact-monitoring mouthguard detects concussion in real-time

Hardware, Smart Cars:  ★★ Google introduces next gen of self-driving cars  ★★ Smart cars are looking more ordinary  ★★ Microsoft-led team demos connected-car experience at CES

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Mini PC invasion  ★★ Onion Omega2   ★★ Raspberry Pi 3 review

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ VR disappoints at CES  ★★ Superhot for Oculus Rift turns you into Neo fm The Matrix  ★★ Why Google Daydream might beat Gear VR in 2017  ★★ How to find older games  ★★ Using a PlayStation 4 controller w/ Windows  ★★ Kim helps dad build a gaming PC  ★★ How to use an Xbox One controller on a Mac  ★★ The most anticipated games of 2017  ★★ Haptic boots for VR avatars  ★★ HTC’s ViveTracker  ★★ Lenovo’s VR headset is cheaper & more comfortable  ★★ MergeVR HoloCube interactive holotoy  ★★ Super Retro Boy resurects Game Boy  ★★ KwikVR’s wireless adapter untethers HTC Vive & Oculus Rift  ★★ 3D audio w/ Ossic X headphones  ★★ Monopoly Token Madness Vote  ★★ Set up your Google Daydream View VR headset  ★★ Set up your Samsung Gear VR  ★★ Classic games now on smartphones  ★★ Nintendo Switch console  ★★ c|net review of Nintendo Switch

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ LG’s floating speaker charges w/o missing a beat  ★★ LG Tone Studio: a Bluetooth surround-sound-system in a neckband  ★★ Samsung boosts audio quality w/ CES trio  ★★ Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot monitor  ★★ Magnetic USB-C adapter provides power, data, & video   ★★ A router that keeps hackers at bay  ★★ Hypervsn 3D display  ★★ QuietOn’s active-noise-cancelling earplugs  ★★ DataTraveler 2 TB thumb drive  ★★ Desktop 3D printer is (mostly) 3D-printed itself & runs on batteries  ★★ Making your printer last  ★★ FRESHeBUDS Pro magnetized Bluetooth wireless earbuds  ★★ Why your WiFi might be slow

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ Zendure A8 QC power bank  ★★ AirBar enables touch input on a MacBook Air

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ How to wipe your hard drive  ★★ In most cases, Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are better than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), thanks Connie

Software, Artificial Intelligence (AI):  ★★ AI may replace cashiers & drivers eventually  ★★ NVIDIA AI car demonstration  ★★ CR grad student works to resolve issues in AI  ★★ Toyota explores AI w/ Concept-i  ★★ AI startups to watch in 2017  ★★ Bonjour: smart alarm clock w/ AI   ★★ Can IBM’s Watson do it all?

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ Details  Facebook (FB) asks for that you shouldn’t give  ★★ FB fine print  ★★ How to lock down your FB account  ★★ FB secrets  ★★ FB testing ads for its News Feed  ★★ FB is starting its own journalism project  ★★ FB Live is getting even better  ★★ CR courts don’t tolerate offensive language on FB  ★★ Finding deals on  ★★ How to shop Etsy   ★★ stickK helps you achieve your New Year’s resolutions  ★★ How to delete your Twitter account  ★★ Twitter CEO considers implementing an edit function  ★★ GetNotify notifies you when recipient reads your email  ★★ How to delete your Gmail account  ★★ How to delete your LinkedIn profile  ★★ Online health tests  ★★ Where to go if you forget your Hotmail password, thanks Helen  ★★ Instagram beginners guide  ★★ Use to mask your email address  ★★ Facts about the internet

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Sir David Attenborough’s Story of Life for Android & iOS  ★★ Google Earth for Windows & Mac  ★★ File movers AirMore for Android

& AirDrop for Mac & iOS  ★★ MS Translator for Windows, Android, iOS  ★★ Artisto video & photo editor for Android & iOS  ★★ Best apps & games for a new phone, tablet, VR or gaming console  ★★ Great photo apps for Android & iOS  ★★ Budgeting & finance software  ★★ CCleaner is a good cleanup tool for Windows & Mac  ★★ EarthCam streams video fm around the world for Android & iOS  ★★ Budgeting & finance software collection  ★★ Which cars have Apple Carplay & Android Auto?  ★★ Easy ways to backup your smartphone   ★★ Best free Photoshop alternatives  ★★ Memrise helps you learn languages  ★★ Keepsafe offers fingerprint security for Android gadgets  ★★ LMMS music production program for Windows, Linux, & Mac  ★★ Turn your smartphone or tablet into an instrument tuner  ★★ Texting tips used by the pros  ★★ Bible Hub has multiple versions of the Bible  ★★ In the USA: Android vs. iOS  ★★ Pixlr Desktop photo editor for Windows & Mac  ★★ Access desktop fm phone or tablet w/ Splashtop Personal   ★★ Backing up your Android or iPhone  ★★ Google’s Toontastic 3D makes animations for Android & iOS9+  ★★ Emergency apps for Android & iOS

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Free extensions for MS Edge  ★★ Bookmark Checker for Chrome browser  ★★ Chrome browser hacked by HoeflerText request  ★★ Browser autofill feature hacked  ★★ CCleaner cleans up browser cookies

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ iPhone turns 10  ★★ What Apple should do to bounce back in 2017  ★★ Making more space on your iPhone   ★★ Another iPhone lock screen hack  ★★ Apple’s accessibility options  ★★ AirBar enables touch input on a MacBook Air  ★★ Tricks to make iPhone & iPad easier to use

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Find My iPhone also finds iPads   ★★ How to use an Xbox One controller on a Mac  ★★ Get rid of spam in iCal & iCloud  ★★ Best iOS apps of 2016

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ iOS10 tricks for iPhone & iPad  ★★ Best iOS 10.2 hidden tips & tricks

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MSFT news on Twitter  ★★ MS critical patch has updates for Windows, Office, & more

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ EPIM Today personal info manager  ★★ Shutter Lite will turn OFF your computer after a set time  ★★ Wireless Network Watcher  ★★ WirelessKeyView   ★★ LicenseCrawler records your product keys  ★★ Screenshot Captor is best-in-class for grabbing, manipulating, annotating, & sharing screenshots  ★★ Ninite offers downloads for Windows  ★★ GetFolderSize utility  ★★ Windows Reliability Monitor  ★★ Free tools for Windows

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ The history of Windows

Windows 10:  ★★ Using offline maps   ★★ MS makes significant Win10 design changes  ★★ Win10’s Privacy Dashboard   ★★ Best way to set up a Win10 machine  ★★ Win10 insider preview Build 15002 brings big changes

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ The history of MS Office   ★★ StaffHub app for Office 365

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Hidden tips & tricks

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ Chrome OS review

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Inkitt - free books & novels

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Open Source Initiative

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ F-Droid: a free & open-source for Android  ★★ Open-source tools

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ OS resources  

Fedora:  ★★ Fedora documentation  ★★ Relationship w/ Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Slackware Linux:  ★★ 14.2 review - Last of the Unices

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