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Web News for April, 2017

Trends: Trends indicate the way things are moving in the Web News lately and, more generally, how things are changing in our world.
Poll reveals fear of travel in self-driving cars  ★★ Evolution of tech company logos  ★★ Snap, Inc (parent of Snapchat) goes public  ★★ Police using ShotSpotter to find and identify shots fired  ★★ Backscattering tech creates ‘singing posters’  ★★ Chevrolet offers unlimited $20/mo data plan w/ its cars  ★★ Uber is suffering lots of problems  ★★ Can Uber be saved fm itself?  ★★ Wendy’s unleashes 1K robots to counter high labor costs  ★★ New brain disorders born out of digital age   ★★ Pres Trump’s military build-up threatens to gut the US Coast Guard  ★★ Russia expands its Information War to Europe  ★★ Verizon introduces 5G service, may go to test markets by 2017  ★★ eBay hot sellers  ★★ Average life expectancy on the rise, but US lags behind  ★★ Qantas puts premium seats in new premium economy cabin  ★★ Tesla to begin selling solar roof tiles this year, thanks Connie  ★★ Personal audio hotspots  ★★ California high school makes $24M fm Snapchat IPO  ★★ NBC invested $500M in Snapchat IPO  ★★ New stuff at Mobile World Congress (MWC)  ★★ Mardi Gras in New Orleans  ★★ A look at majorities around the world  ★★ The battle for the future of NBC  ★★ Being asked to host the Oscars isn’t all it’s cracked up to be  ★★ Oscar-winning movies on Netflix  ★★ Guide to sexting goes viral after police share it  ★★ Chevy OnStar plan now provides unlimited data  ★★ Unlimited data plans - Broken iPhone screen warranty change - Google’s RCS Android Messages (like iMessage)  ★★ World w/o Wi-Fi looks possible as unlimited data plans rise   ★★ Tech Tent: Meeting the mobile world  ★★ Why the future of advertising is open  ★★ Apple’s futuristic new campus nears completion  ★★ Has Pres Trump already wiped out ISIS?  ★★ GoPro’s share price crashes  ★★ Waze, et al prompt cities to game the algorithms  ★★ China developing stealth drones  ★★ Has WikiLeaks joined the Trump administration?  ★★ Wikipedia deems the Daily Mail too unreliable to use as a citation  ★★ How chatbots get their personalities

Great Ideas, Computers: Great Ideas is where new discoveries or developments go, in this case about computers.
★★ Artificial synapse bridges gap to brainier computers  ★★ How IBM’s storage breakthrough could change the future  ★★ Google makes objects in videos searchable  ★★ Games & stickers to make texting better

Great Ideas, Electronics:  ★★ How fast charging works in a smartphone  ★★ Silicon sawdust may be recycled into Lithium-ion batteries  ★★ Single-atom magnet paves the way for denser storage devices

Great Ideas, Food:  ★★ Make your own cereal bars  ★★ People try Japanese candy  ★★ Wolfgang Puck’s cabernet-braised short ribs  ★★ Excess sugar linked to Alzheimer’s in new study  ★★ French-toast roll ups  ★★ Juicy steak w/ colorful vegetables  ★★ Upping energy w/ B vitamins  ★★ Creating a broccoli for all seasons  ★★ We waste ⅕ of our food  ★★ Easy beef w/ broccoli  ★★ Egg fusion  ★★ The bittersweet history of chocolate

Great Ideas, Home:  ★★ Gadgets that will make your older car like new  ★★ Upgrade your old car w/ new tech  ★★ Gadgets for your dog  ★★ DIY rotating cooking-utensil storage rack  ★★ Open a wine bottle w/o a corkscrew  ★★ Fantom wallet  ★★ Useful tech hacks

Great Ideas, Medical:  ★★ Light-based pain relief goes green  ★★ Killing cancer by clogging its garbage-disposal system  ★★ Stem cells make potential drug side effects personal  ★★ New method measures cellular stiffness to predict cancer risk  ★★ Fiber optic probe beats biopsy   ★★ Wireless armband may fight migraines  ★★ Iron nanoparticles could bring organs back from deep freeze  ★★ Portable ECG, CardioSense, measures mechanical heart function & arterial elasticity  ★★ California releases cellphone radiation exposure info  ★★ Unlocking healing secrets of Komodo-dragon blood  ★★ Transparent heating pad could allow users to see if skin is turning red  ★★ Appetite-suppressing mechanism discovered in your bones  ★★ Our brains may be 100X more powerful than believed  ★★ Jet-spray pill replaces the needle  ★★ Drug tag-team clobbers antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Great Ideas, Safety:  ★★ How to escape fm zip ties w/ only shoelaces  ★★ How FaceTime saved a man’s life

Great Ideas, Science:  ★★ Tooth-inspired tech could make for tougher planes  ★★ New process takes the heat off of ceramics production  ★★ Fitbit-like trackers reveal sleeping patterns of wild elephants  ★★ Controversy over possibly the world’s earliest fossils, or were they geophysical products?  ★★ New hope for controlling sea-lamprey populations  ★★ Blind termites hear killer ants coming millimeters away  ★★ Time crystals, a rule-bending new form of matter  ★★ Biologists study Top Gun of the fly world

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Privacy settings improving in Windows 10  ★★ iPhone apps that leave you vulnerable to ID theft & hacks  ★★ Leaked keys for hundreds of Android apps  ★★ Windows malware now targeting Macs  ★★ New ransomware attacking Macs  ★★ Yahoo warns customers of MORE hacked accounts  ★★ Google Chrome scam: fake pop-up warning  ★★ Emotional Facebook posts may be scams, experts warn  ★★ Facebook customer service phone number scam  ★★ Facebook “reported as violating terms-of-service” scam   ★★ “Amen” scam on Facebook  ★★ Hackers steal messages fm smart toys  ★★ Security concerns for travelers  ★★ Fake traffic-violation msg has malware  ★★ Your air-gap computer’s blinking LED lights may put you at risk of hacks  ★★ How to disable your webcam  ★★ Google Chrome security changes for Mac users  ★★ Netflix phishing scam  ★★ Turn your webcam into a surveillance cam  ★★ Fake Pornhub app is ransomware  ★★ What is like-farming?  ★★ Another like-farming scam   ★★ Secure Android phone offers confidential & casual modes  ★★ Failing to secure DNS is savage ignorance  ★★ Soon you can buy gadgets that self-destruct when stolen  ★★ Turn OFF the Frequent Locations feature on your phone  ★★ Negligent driving scam  ★★ Take care of your microchip credit card  ★★ Opt out of most popular people search sites  ★★ WikiLeaks publishes massive archive of CIA hacking tools  ★★ What the WikiLeaks CIA hack means to you  ★★  Apple, Samsung, & Microsoft react to WikiLeaks dump  ★★ WikiLeaks vows to help fix security flaws  ★★ Stop your smart TV fm spying on you  ★★ Apple responds to CIA hacks - update iPhones & iPads now  ★★  Free background check online  ★★ Talk Talk customers targeted by huge fraud network in India  ★★ Secure your Instagram account  ★★ River City Media is a spam operation  ★★ Things you do that put your finances at risk  ★★ Data breach at Veriphone, world’s largest payment system manufacturer  ★★ What to do before selling your Apple gadget  ★★ Staying secure on public WiFi  ★★ Secure your webcam & microphone fm hackers  ★★ Free disposable email addresses fm  ★★ Always wiggle the card reader on an ATM  ★★ Be careful not to leave your info in a rented car’s memory

Legal issues:   ★★ Pres Trump’s war against the state  ★★ Hawaii sues to block Pres Trump’s travel ban  ★★ There is no such thing as absolute privacy in the US  ★★ Amazon argues Alexa data in murder case is protected by 1st amendment  ★★ Alexa outage causes problems  ★★ Man arrested for cyber attacks on 911 call centers  ★★ Facebook fends off lawsuit by changing practices  ★★ Uber used secret tool to deceive authorities   ★★ Life & death on the Mexican border  ★★ CR legislators get green light to revive corporations tax  ★★ Veteran OIJ agent arrested for helping narco traffickers  ★★ Is US govt “forced fingerprinting” legal or privacy violation?  ★★ Republican led FCC halts new data security rules  ★★ CR court dismissed Uber complaint that taxi law created a monopoly  ★★ Court declares new CR tax on corporations is legal  ★★ Tor-related child porn case dropped to prevent FBI disclosure  ★★ Who stole Erica Morini’s $3.5M Stradivarius violin?  ★★ CR wins international arbitration against Zeta Gas  ★★ Nicaragua eliminates tax on Colombian imports  ★★ FBI allegedly paid Geek Squad techs as confidential human sources in child porn case  ★★ Copyright troll pleads guilty in porn-fraud case  ★★ Liquid marijuana seized in Orotina arrest  ★★ Freight truck robberies increasing in CR  ★★ Manuel Noriega, the biggest drug bust in history

Philosophical issues:  ★★ US Marines accused of sharing nude photos of female colleagues  ★★ How do ATMs work?  ★★ How do Bitcoins work?  ★★ A typo caused Amazon’s huge outage that cost companies > $150M  ★★ Yahoo’s board is not paying CEO’s 2016 bonus because of hacking incidents  ★★ Tech myths exposed  ★★ Michael Anton is Pres Trump’s apologist  ★★ VP Mike Pence used personal email for state business - and was hacked  ★★ Noises that can help you sleep  ★★ Download 50K free books  ★★ Useful tech hacks  ★★ Mammoths suffered genomic meltdown  ★★ 1st catalog of 208 human-caused minerals makes case for new epoch  ★★ Small changes to airline routes could have big climate impact  ★★ Interesting discoveries about sleep  ★★ Amazon vs. Walmart: who’s cheaper?  ★★ Foxconn’s broken promises cast doubt on Pres Trump’s jobs plan  ★★ Geraldo Rivera: The man & the show  ★★ Where static comes from  ★★ Should robots have rights?  ★★ Girl Scout’s honesty boosts cookie sales  ★★ How tech has improved BBC’s documentaries  ★★ You’re a completely different at 14 and 77, study finds  ★★ The bow-tied bard of Fox News populism  ★★ Do our memories make us who we are?  ★★ Fm MWC 2017: 5G - who wants it, who’ll pay?  ★★ Find hidden charges on your cellphone bill  ★★ Fight bad spending habits  ★★ US Marines accused of sharing nude photos of female colleagues  ★★ Your personality can change depending on the language you speak  ★★ The Hutchinson family: a history of American protest music  ★★ John Oliver takes on the Trump era in a Rolling Stone interview  ★★ Shootout over the US Army’s pick of Sig Sauer P320 to replace the M9 Beretta  ★★ Now that Bitcoins are worth more than their weight in gold, is it time for central banks to make their own?   ★★ The history of the 50-state US flag  ★★ How the CIA forgot the art of spying  ★★ How did we get to 11M unauthorized immigrants?  ★★  Goofy police officer keeps school safe while spreading joy  ★★ What is Purim?  ★★ How braille was invented  ★★ Is Richard Simmons missing?  ★★ The man who wants to unmake the West   ★★ How late-night TV reacted to Pres Trump

Local Issues:  ★★ Relaxed citizenship rules for 65+ year-olds, thanks Dan fm Casa Canada  ★★ Celebrating National Boyero (Oxcart) Day  ★★ CR mobile phone operators have 1 minute to answer customer-service calls  ★★ Court declares new CR tax on corporations is legal  ★★ The alternative fact of the La Platina bridge repair  ★★ The never-ending story of the repair of the La Platina bridge  ★★ Liberia’s annual festival  ★★ CR is prepared for seasonally harsh weather  ★★ US volunteer specialists perform spine surgeries on CR children  ★★ 7th annual Envision festival photos  ★★ Grecia rises to end violence against women  ★★ CR & Nicaragua agree to cooperate more to fight organized crime & drug trafficking  ★★ Taxi drivers ready to battle it out w/ Uber drivers  ★★ CR builds convention center  ★★ US tourist hit and run by Presidency Ministry car  ★★ CR evaluates lifting ban on Mexican avocados  ★★ Mexico takes CR avocado ban to World Trade Organization  ★★ CR has the slowest mobile internet on the planet  ★★ Australia balks on taking Central American refugees fm CR after Pres Trump balks on Obama deal to take refugees fm Manus Island & Nauru  ★★ Tico Times sits down with rep of Dalai Lama during his visit to CR  ★★ Caliche’s Wishbone in Jacó is a seafood paradise  ★★ You don’t want to be called, “the mother of Tarzan” in CR  ★★ Worry in CR that politicians will copy Pres Trump’s “fake news” approach  ★★ The national day of the Oxcart (Boyero) Parade  ★★ Bus routes to UCR fm Escazu & Santa Ana  ★★ Top 10 exotic animals of CR  ★★ CR welcomes 1st IVF baby after 16-year ban  ★★ Thousands of acres of forested ecosystems have been cleared in CR to provide cropland for pineapples

International issues:  ★★ Mexican Senator claims 214k acres considered as US since 19th century actually belongs to Mexico   ★★ finds cheap flights  ★★ US Attorney General Jeff Sessions met w/ Russians twice but did not disclose in confirmation hearing  ★★ Sessions removed himself fm FBI investigation of Russian interference w/ US election  ★★ Colombia’s FARC rebels begin disarming  ★★ Taiwan to conduct military training in South China Sea  ★★ Modest gains seen in Syrian peace talks  ★★ Pres Trump drops Iraq fm travel ban  ★★ Pres Trump & Secs of State and Homeland Security give Mexico different messages  ★★ Kenya claims to have killed 57 al Shabaab militants  ★★ India to host Dalai Lama, despite Chinese objections  ★★ India conducts world’s largest elections  ★★ Syria & Russia recapture Palmyra fm rebels  ★★ Major Colombian drug trafficker detained in Nicaragua  ★★ US deports Perra Loca back to Columbia after serving 5-year sentence for money laundering  ★★ The Lettuce Ladies promote “Go Vegan” in Cuba  ★★ Cuban baseball player admits eating a page of his fake passport to enter the US  ★★ Pres Trump inherited a secret cyberwar against North Korean missiles  ★★ The many myths of Vladimir Putin  ★★ EU court says member states don’t have to issue humanitarian visas  ★★ US deploys anti-missile system to S. Korea after defiant N. Korea’s latest test  ★★ Iraqi forces recapture govt offices in Mosul fm ISIS  ★★ Syrian army captures water station supplying Aleppo fm ISIS  ★★ FBI director asks Justice Dept to reject Pres Trump’s assertion that Pres Obama ordered tapping of Trump’s phones  ★★ Pres Trump removed Iraq from travel ban and reinstated 60K existing visas  ★★ Congress delayed, suspended, or reversed 90+ regulations in 1st 90 days of Pres Trump’s presidency  ★★ IS gunmen dressed as medics kill 30 in Kabul  ★★ North Korea doesn’t trust China  ★★ Ex-Panama ruler Noriega suffers brain hemorrhage  ★★ Chinese mistake satire on Pres Trump as real news  ★★  British House of Lords defies PM Theresa May on Brexit  ★★ Israel bars foreign critics fm entering the country  ★★ Is North Korea practicing for nuclear war?

★★ Pres Trump ramps-up bombing in Yemen, signalling more aggressive use of military  ★★ Former Trump national security advisor under fire for lobbying before election day  ★★ Yazidi teeagers captured by IS & trained to kill  ★★ Sex workers replace police in Nicaragua

Planetary issues & beyond:  ★★ What could life be like in the TRAPPIST-1 system?  ★★ What will James Webb Space Telescope reveal about newly discovered exoplanets?  ★★ SpaceX to fly passengers around the moon  ★★ Virgin Galactic spins off Virgin Orbit to launch satellites  ★★ MAVEN Mars orbiter dodges Phobos  ★★ Quartz at the core of Earth’s magnetic field paradox  ★★ Solar telescope recovered after a year on ice  ★★ Jeff Bezos’s plan to set up Amazon-like deliveries to the moon  ★★ Apollo 11 command module Columbia to tour the US  ★★ Neural nets focus in on old data  ★★ NASA launches Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit  ★★ Salt-spewing cryovolcano may be at center of Ceres’ brightest spot  ★★ Galactic dust discovery lets us look back through space & time  ★★ Radiation study points to leukemia risk for Mars explorers  ★★ NASA finds missing spacecraft on the moon w/ new radar fm earth  ★★ Oculus Rift can now take you to the ISS  ★★ Mars potato study sprouts promising early results

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ What it takes to keep a B-29 Superfortress flying   ★★ 2017 Australian International Air Show features F-35  ★★ Bell FCX-001 helicopter unveiled at Heli-Expo 2017  ★★ Boeing 737 MAX 9 makes its debut  ★★ Short basketball player is on his way to making history  ★★ State trooper’s public service announcement  ★★ The history of the umbrella gun

Galleries:  ★★ A lizard that waves hello  ★★ Flying birds create a spectacle  ★★ Controversial live stream of birth of baby giraffe  ★★ Sloth searches for a soul mate   ★★ Bus driver helps a little girl  ★★ Cheetah matchmakers in action  ★★ Adventures in Antarctica  ★★ Buzzer-beater basketball bucket   ★★ Disney’s most memorable songs  ★★ Youngest spelling bee champ ever  ★★ Cute puppy enjoys big slide  ★★ The ultimate 2017 Spring movie guide

Potential Products:  ★★ 10 Simple product ideas that made billion$  ★★ Desktop tube amp looks & plays well  ★★ Kuri robot nanny keeps an eye on your home  ★★ New tech products launching in 2017

Hardware, General:  ★★ Tech hacks  ★★ Hack your TV remote to control lights  ★★ Life hacks for your gadgets  ★★ Favio’s computer repair  ★★ How IBM’s storage breakthrough could change the future  ★★ Things your Chromecast can do

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ DJI Mavic fits in your pocket  ★★ Review: Premium Byrd drone  ★★ SOAPdrones variable-pitch quadcopter uses petrol power for heavy-lifting endurance  ★★ Roborace Robocar robot race car  ★★ Peeping Tom uses drone to spy on unsuspecting people  ★★ Handle research robot   ★★ China developing stealth drones  ★★ Flippy robot kitchen assistant  ★★ Teaching robots how to trust

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ Examples of IoT in use today  ★★ IoT devices, applications, & examples  ★★ Awair Glow: smart plug that tracks air quality

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Best laptops of 2017  ★★ DIY 3-screen laptop  ★★ Lenovo Legion Y520  ★★ Indian voters don’t want free laptops  ★★ Best gaming laptops for 2017  ★★ Techradar’s best laptop deals in March, 2017

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Google’s Chromebook Pixel lives on, but you can’t buy one   ★★ Amazon sells Dell Inspiron 17” & 15” netbooks  ★★ Samsung Chromebook+

Hardware, Ereaders:  ★★ Best Ereaders for 2017  ★★ Ereader News Today  ★★ Free Kindle books & tips  ★★ Places to get free Kindle books

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ MS Surface Pro 5 to launch this Spring w/ Kaby Lake processor & stylus  ★★ MS Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book to get updates  ★★ Lenovo showcases new Windows 10 pkgs: the Yoga 720 and the Flex 5  ★★ Lenova Yoga 910 reviews  ★★ HP’s Elite X3 is a 3-in-1  ★★ HP Spectre x360  ★★ Dell Inspiron 7579  ★★ RCA Galileo Pro 11.5” 32GB 2-in-1 tablet

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Best computers of 2017  ★★ Dell Inspiron I3650 tower w/12GB RAM, 1TB HD  ★★ Lenovo 90F tower w/ 8GB RAM, 1TB HD  ★★ Asus M32CD tower w/8GB RAM, 1TB HD  ★★ Refurb Compaq 6305 Pro Desktop w/ 8GB RAM, 2TB HD

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Turn your tablet into a 2nd monitor  ★★ Apple iPad mini 2 7.9” w/ 32/64/or 128 GB RAM, WiFi  ★★ Apple iPad Air 9.7” w/ 16GB RAM, F&B cam, WiFi, Refurb  ★★ Apple iPad Pro 9.7” w/ 32GB RAM, 6.1mm thin, F&B HD cam, Retina display, 4 spkr audio, fingerprint sensor, & pencil, WiFi  ★★ Samsung tablets

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ California releases cellphone radiation exposure info ★★ Best smartphones of MWC (so far)  ★★ Fix sluggish iPhones  ★★ iPhone7: what Apple doesn’t want you to know  ★★ iPhone power tips  ★★ iPhone’s magnifying glass mode  ★★ For iPhone 8: Lightning connector OUT, USB-C IN  ★★ iPhone 8: Will keep Lightning connector after all  ★★ The real reason Apple wants to kill the headphone jack ★★ iPhone 8 to feature “revolutionary” new camera  ★★ New rumor suggests there’s no iPhone 8  ★★ New iPhone8 delays reveal Apple’s risky decision  ★★ Moto G5+ vs. OnePlus 3T  ★★ LG G6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge  ★★ LG G6 vs. LG V20  ★★ Google Assistant starts rolling out to recent Android phones  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ info leaked  ★★ More Galaxy S8 leaks  ★★ RAM & smartphone performance  ★★ Moving your phone to another carrier  ★★ Apps to tune up your smartphone   ★★ Bittium secure Android phone offers confidential & casual modes  ★★ Ultra-secure Blackphone  ★★ Turing Phone’s ultra-secure status questioned  ★★ Sonim XP7 Public Safety phone  ★★ Motorola’s LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE handheld  ★★ Turn OFF the Frequent Locations feature  ★★ Phone projects that will save you money   ★★ Android’s secret menu for customizing a phone’s user interface  ★★ What to do before selling your Apple gadget

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ LG Watch Style review: Compact & compromised   ★★ LG Watch Style vs. Huawei Watch  ★★ LG Watch Sport review: the best standalone smartwatch  ★★ Huawei Watch 2 vs. Samsung Gear S3

Hardware, Smart Cameras:  ★★ Insta360Air unlocks bizzarre & awesome effects  ★★ Sigma gets Arty w/ 3 new high-end lenses  ★★ Samsung cameras  ★★ Why are cameras smart?  ★★ NVIDIA Jetson TX2: made for robots, drones, & smart cameras  ★★ Smart cameras help in solving crimes

Hardware, Smart TVs:  ★★ Things you didn’t know your smart TV can do  ★★ Smart internet-ready LED TVs at Best Buy  ★★ Smart TVs converge computers & flatscreen TVs

Hardware, Wearables:  ★★ Definition of wearables (see also Smartwatches, above)  ★★ Wearable motion sensors  ★★ Wearable gyroscopes  ★★ Wearable computers  ★★ Augmented Reality (AR) headsets (see also VR, below)

Hardware, Smart Cars:  ★★ The future is now  ★★ Smart cars are skimpy on fuel, but are they safe?  ★★ Suspicious Smart-for-2 engine fires lead to NHTSA investigation  ★★ The future of cars is smart, not autonomous  ★★ Ford to pour $1.8B into smart cars for China  ★★ Israel has become a smart car hub

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless out for $10  ★★ Raspberry PIXEL is Pi-Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Robo Recall for Oculus Rift  ★★ Nintendo Switch gaming console  ★★ Nintendo Switch vs. 3DS XL  ★★ Nintendo Switch: a parent’s view

Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR):  ★★ High-end VR just got cheaper: Oculus gives Rift & Touch a permanent price cut  ★★ Facebook spurs acquired Oculus but will it make VR widespread?  ★★ Room scale vs. standing VR  ★★ Qualcomm makes VR push to assist developers & manufacturers  ★★ VR’s potential for magic gets real  ★★ Facebook 360 brings its immersive videos to Gear VR

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ Router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi  ★★ Find & fix dead spots in your home WiFi   ★★ Black market Kodi boxes   ★★ Best routers for 2017  ★★ Soundshield helmet features a set of removable Bluetooth headphones  ★★ Extending the life of your printer

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ iPhone accessories  ★★ Gladiator flashlight   ★★ Buy computer accessories in CR at the PC Doctor in Real Cariari Mall  ★★ Or buy them online at Amazon  ★★ Or at Best Buy  ★★ Or Newegg  ★★ Or Walmart

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Sony’s speedy SD cards are almost as fast as currently possible  ★★ Samsung 15TB SSD  ★★ NGD NVMe 24TB SSD  ★★ Seagate 60TB SSD next year  ★★ Intel Core i5 vs. Core i7

Software, Artificial Intelligence (AI):  ★★ Stephen Hawking warns AI could be disastrous for humanity  ★★ AI neural nets focus in on old space data   ★★ Google Home provides crazy answers due to Featured Snippets feature  ★★ How worried should we be about artificial intelligence?  ★★ Google AI helps in diagnosing cancer  ★★ Facebook is using AI to identify suicidal thoughts, but it’s not enough

Software, In the Cloud:  ★★ How to stop some Facebook annoyances  ★★ BBC alerted Facebook to child porn. Then Facebook called the cops on BBC  ★★ Who’s policing Facebook’s secret groups?  ★★ Block annoying people on Facebook w/o getting caught   ★★ Emotional Facebook posts may be scams, experts warn  ★★ Facebook customer service phone number scam  ★★ Facebook “reported as violating terms-of-service” scam  ★★ What is like-farming on Facebook?  ★★ Another like-farming scam  ★★ Facebook annoyances & how to fix them  ★★ YouTube TV service opens at  $35/mo  ★★ YouTube tricks   ★★ Twitter trying to detect & curb abuse in real time  ★★ Twitter using timeouts to punish abusers  ★★ Study reveals 48M Twitter accounts are actually bots  ★★ Snapchat is gaining popularity w/ parents  ★★ Gmail doubles received attachments size limit  ★★ How to delete your Gmail account  ★★ Handy Google Chrome extensions  ★★ Google Drive adds great new features  ★★ Netflix improves mobile streaming: better, faster, stronger, & cheaper  ★★ Netflix takes requests  ★★ GlobalXplorer makes satellite images available  ★★ online grammar checker  ★★ Sporcle trivia & quiz games   ★★ Secure your Instagram account  ★★ Use Pushbullet to connect your devices  ★★ Little-known Amazon Prime perks

Software, General Tools:  ★★ Free logins to bypass mandatory registrations on websites  ★★ Great apps to tune up your smartphone  ★★ Free software fm NASA  ★★ Smartify app identifies art  ★★ Free Amazon apps for Microsoft, Google, & Apple   ★★ Magisto video editor for Android & iOS  ★★ HomeBank personal accounting for Windows, Linux, & OS X  ★★ MS Translator app for Windows, Android, & iOS

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Get Google Chrome on your mobile gadget  ★★ Google Chrome security changes for Mac users  ★★ Handy Google Chrome extensions  ★★ Hidden Chrome features  ★★ The Dolphin browser for Android & iOS

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:   ★★ Apple responds to CIA hacks - update iPhones & iPads now  ★★ Google Chrome security changes for Mac users  ★★ iPhone tricks for fantastic photos  ★★ Apple’s futuristic new campus nears completion  ★★ Apple’s strangest patents  ★★ What to do before selling your Apple gadget   ★★ The real reason Apple wants to kill the headphone jack   ★★ The future of Apple’s Macintosh

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ Kindle eBooks 5.8  ★★ Audible audio books 2.20  ★★ Marvel Comics 3.9.6  ★★ Tips & Tricks 10.2.0  ★★ iBookLight 8.0  ★★ Secrets for iPad 10.2.0  ★★ Photoshop Creative Magazine 5.1  ★★ A Charlie Brown Christmas  ★★ MS Excel 1.30  ★★ MS PowerPoint 1.30  ★★ MS Word 1.30

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ Radical overhaul of macOS for 2017  ★★ How to update a Macbook Pro  ★★ Apple Loop

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ MS’s latest patch still leaves millions vulnerable  ★★ MS Surface Pro 5 to launch this Spring   ★★ Project Scorpio, a new 4k console for Xbox  ★★ Thumper game is coming to Xbox One

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ StaffHub manages group schedules  ★★ MasterSeeker does blazingly fast file searches  ★★ MS Playable Ads let you try Windows 10 titles w/o downloading anything

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ Optimize your PC for max hard drive performance

Windows 10:  ★★ Windows 10 Creator’s Update Version 1703 due soon, thanks Ken  ★★ Features removed in Win 10 Creators Update   ★★ Win 10 to offer update “snoozes”  ★★ Win 10 power tips   ★★ Privacy settings improving in Win 10  ★★ New Win 10 features  ★★ Ways to make Win 10 better  ★★ Optimize Win 10 for longer battery life  ★★ Fix the most annoying things in Win 10

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Office alternatives  ★★ Office for Mac  ★★ PowerPoint’s latest innovations: Designer, Morph, & Zoom

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Secure Android phone offers confidential & casual modes  ★★ Google’s response to CIA hacks may not apply to all Android users  ★★ Android’s secret menu for customizing a phone’s user interface

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ Google’s response to CIA hacks may not apply to all Chrome users

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ Google Apps is now G Suite  ★★ G Suite features

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Why Dell’s gamble on Linux laptops has paid off  ★★ Open-source news roundup  ★★ LinuxQuestions Members Choice Award winners

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ Games for Linux that everyone must try once  ★★ GNU ddrescue - the best damaged drive rescue  ★★ The Linux Find command: everyting you need to know

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ How to install Debian, Ubuntu, or Kali Linux on your Chromebook  ★★ Gentoo-based exGent Linux OS launches

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