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Web News for May, 2017

Trends:  ★★ For the 1st time, Android is more popular than Windows  ★★ Google Keep, a great note-taking app  ★★ Solar & wind power surge w/ reduced costs  ★★ Facebook tools target revenge porn  ★★ MS drops support for Vista  ★★ The rise of the digital nomad  ★★ 3 Ways IoT is Shaping Consumer Behaviour  ★★ Pirelli develops smart tires  ★★ Amazon is growing revenue & killing jobs  ★★ Very few are wearing wearables  ★★ Former NSA/CIA director says millennials are making it difficult for security agencies  ★★ Snap Inc. in financial troubles  ★★ iPhone blows up in owner’s hands at repair shop  ★★ Artega’s 1,020 hp all-electric hypercar  ★★ Ultrafast-laser pulses shine the way toward lightwave electronics  ★★ Google’s Project Sunroof highlights huge solar potential of US homes  ★★ Uber’s automated cars need your assistance after 1 mile  ★★ BioArt: 3D-printed faces reconstructed fm DNA samples  ★★ Bad news: Coral bleaching returns to the Great Barrier Reef  ★★ IRS contractors to begin calling about unpaid taxes  ★★ 23rd Century CO2 levels could surpass the age of the dinosaurs  ★★  1-in-5 videos on Facebook are live videos  ★★ The face of Latin-American migration is changing  ★★ Seoul’s Lotte World Tower elevator is world’s fastest to 1820’   ★★ Sugarcane could soon be an even more valuable source of biofuel  ★★ Hyperloop One floats potential routes for 1st US system  ★★ YouTube TV has promise, but it’s not worth $35/mo  ★★ Thousands wait for April the giraffe to deliver her baby  ★★ Retail stores closing faster than ever  ★★ Reebok is making shoes out of corn  ★★ Adidas taps new method to take 3D-printed shoes mainstream  ★★ Climate change may give air travellers a bumpier ride  ★★ Hon Hai bids $30B for Toshiba  ★★ Toshiba may be going under  ★★ Intel execs threatened  ★★ Record Q1 $8.8B profits for 2017 expected by Samsung  ★★ Feb-17 IC sales up 16.5%  ★★ E-commerce trends  ★★ Tech companies fund initiative to help fight fake news  ★★ In flight cell phone calls won’t be allowed in US any time soon  ★★ Teens don’t see a need for cable or satellite TV subscriptions  ★★ Is Russia trying to take over US Energy infrastructure?  ★★ Causes for the retail meltdown of 2017  ★★ Fedex is using autonomous robots to replace mailroom clerks  ★★ Social media usage over a lifetime  ★★ The photos fm Pres Trump’s administration are a huge break from Pres Obama’s  ★★ The future of online selling  ★★ Smart TV security flaws  ★★ Face hacking: Facial projection mapping

Notable Deaths in 2017:  ★★ Celebrity deaths in 2017  ★★ Lola Albright  ★★ Chuck Berry  ★★ Mike Connors  ★★ Miguel Ferrer  ★★ Barbara Hale  ★★ Richard Hatch  ★★ John Hurt  ★★ Mary Tyler Moore  ★★ Bill Paxton  ★★ Don Rickles

Great Ideas, Computers:  ★★ Felt-pen-like tool uses 3D Chemical-Melting-Finishing (3D-CMF) to smooth 3D-printed objects  ★★ Tim Berners-Lee, father of the internet, wins $1M Turing Award fm ACM  ★★ Tech tips for pro travelers  ★★ Smartphone screen material heals scratches  ★★ Ways to add Bluetooth to your car  ★★ Motorized screen holder rotates to make document reading easier  ★★ Finding the flow creates a new way to 3D-print metal

Great Ideas, Electronics:  ★★ Touch-sensitive fibers put new twist on controlling electronic devices  ★★ Electronics Weekly   ★★ Seaweed provides naturally-hollow carbon for Li-ion batteries  ★★ Sony updates its Digital Paper tablet

Great Ideas, Food:  ★★ Great food documentaries  ★★ Lab-grown chicken meat now possible (w/o chickens)  ★★ Fruits & veggies w/ the most pesticides  ★★ Shamrock cinnamon roll treat  ★★ Passover recipes for a super seder  ★★ New food safety test droplets detect E. coli  ★★ Chocolate donut bites  ★★ Scrumptious apple-ring pancakes   ★★ Make pickled eggs in every natural color & flavor  ★★ Sweet & delectable slow-cooker ham  ★★ YouTube cooking channels  ★★ Grilled Greek chicken  ★★ Study may explain how artificial sweeteners actually make you gain weight  ★★ Graphene membrane separates the salt fm seawater  ★★ Man recreates meals fm movies & TV  ★★ Edible art: Who says you shouldn’t play w/ your food?  ★★ Kosher food modernizes for Passover to lure foodies

Great Ideas, Home:  ★★ Perk promises precise coffee brewing in the home   ★★ The Sound Table supplies mood music while you dine  ★★ Tesla quietly reveals unassuming new solar panels  ★★ Why have a smart mirror in your home?  ★★ Belt-driven bamboo turntable spins vinyl   ★★ Honda’s Miimo robotic lawn mower heads stateside  ★★ Unique pool lets you swim in mid-air

Great Ideas, Medical:  ★★ Hand-mounted exoskeleton helps surgeons grip and use haptic feedback to feel  ★★ Nanowire retinal implant could restore sight w/ better resolution  ★★ New diagnostic tool could identify autism w/ simple blood test  ★★ Whole-body vibration could mimic effects of exercise  ★★ Electric spinal stimulation helps paraplegic man regain control of legs  ★★ Stem-cell-infused mesh regrows torn rotator cuffs  ★★ Reprogramming the immune system to reverse paralysis in mice  ★★ Brain-zapping wearable boosts survival rates for cancer patients  ★★ FDA approves home genetic tests for Alzheimer’s & other diseases  ★★ Gluten intolerance may be caused by a common virus  ★★ Nerve implant delivers its own anti-rejection doses  ★★ Bee venom used to bring medicine through the blood-brain barrier  ★★ Urine samples could spare the needle in detecting prostate cancer  ★★ PneuChair is an compressed-air-powered wheelchair  ★★ Ford investigates causes of car sickness  ★★ Toyota’s robotic brace

Great Ideas, Safety:  ★★ Funny car-accident pictures  ★★ NOAA’s satellites reduce death toll fm hurricanes  ★★ Toddler rescues his twin fm fallen furniture

Great Ideas, Science:  ★★ Century-old rotorsail design gets modern makeover  ★★ NASA study finds that biofueled acft can reduce emissions 50-70%  ★★ “Feces of youth” extends fish lifespan by 37%  ★★ Self-healing waterproof coating  ★★ Fossilized mammalian red blood cells discovered in amber  ★★ Artificial evolution aims to create life out of nonliving matter  ★★ Octopus evolution is even stranger than we thought  ★★ Human meat isn’t very nutritionally valuable  ★★ Gene mutation may be a cause of insomnia  ★★ Study shows short- and long-term memories form simultaneously  ★★ Transgenic rice uses weed gene to combat drought effects  ★★ New species of tyrannosaur found  ★★ Bionic leaf turns sunlight and bacteria into fertilizer factories  ★★ Study locates source of dreams and defines dreams as a form consciousness that occurs during sleep  ★★ Iron particles & magnetism get soft-bodied robots moving

Security/Privacy  issues:  ★★ Mac malware skyrockets by 744%  ★★ Gmail phishing scam gets smarter  ★★ Private browsing isn’t really private  ★★ How to spot a malicious website  ★★ Cyber bait-&-switch scams  ★★ Secure your home’s WiFi  ★★ Apple Family Sharing can bite you  ★★ Dun & Bradstreet’s NetProspex service leaked online  ★★ Hackers exploit end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp  ★★ Send encrypted messages on Android phones  ★★ Can you find this ATM spy cam?  ★★ Hackers can control an ATM with a $15 tool  ★★ Fake ad for CNN Nutrition  ★★ Nextdoor has privacy problems  ★★ CIA developed tools to spy on Macs, thanks Helen  ★★ CIA cracks encryption of WhatsApp & Signal, thanks Juan  ★★ Facebook Messenger scams  ★★ 300M Apple users at risk fm Turkish Crime Family  ★★ Nest Cam & Dropcam vulnerabilities  ★★ Ways to hide your online identity, thanks Tio  ★★ Advantages of using phone tracking apps  ★★ Block spam texts & msgs on your phone  ★★ Win 10 privacy settings  ★★ Secret govt database of faces that could ID you in a crowd  ★★ N. Korean hackers steal $81M fm Bangladesh account at Federal Reserve in NY  ★★ Best Buy’s Geek Squad accused of helping the FBI  ★★ Some Android phones w/ Broadcom WiFi chip can be hacked  ★★ LastPass password manager has a flaw in its browser plugins  ★★ The most sophisticated mobile attack so far  ★★ How to detect a virus on your iPhone or iPad  ★★ Symptoms of an infected phone or tablet  ★★ Detecting viruses on phones or tablets  ★★ Dangerous Facebook scams  ★★ Search the web w/o Google tracking you  ★★ Turn your webcam into a surveillance cam  ★★ Things to know about the Do-Not-Call Registry  ★★ How Google tracks your movements, thanks Sandra  ★★ Oregon man wants part of his past deleted online  ★★ Workplace surveillance increasing  ★★ Block spam texts & msgs on your phone  ★★ Find the exact location of any phone  ★★ Free background check online   ★★ Malware found in emailed Word doc  ★★ How to find someone’s social media accounts  ★★ Gamestop credit card breach  ★★ Watch out for keyloggers in phishing emails  ★★ Hackers putting fake deals on  ★★ Bogus Google Maps listings scam 1000s  ★★ How to hide your caller ID  ★★ WikiLeaks Vault 7 data dump used by hackers to infiltrate targets worldwide  ★★ HealthNow Networks breached   ★★ Massive medical records breach deleted  ★★ How & why to delete your web cookies  ★★ Nintendo Switch scams  ★★ Air travelers targeted in new phishing attack  ★★ How to defend against ransomware  ★★ Android phones are top targets for malware  ★★ Ways to hack-proof your smartphone

Legal issues:  ★★ CR sues Nicaragua for $6.7M for environmental damage to protected wetland  ★★ 2 Russian spies among 4 indicted by DOJ over theft of Yahoo accounts  ★★ searches US public records, thanks Mary  ★★ Hawaii court stops Pres Trump’s 2nd travel ban  ★★ CR Atty General rules decree restricting import of new cars is unconstitutional  ★★ Canada reviews threats that prompted US, UK carry-on ban  ★★ Congress approves bill to wipe out FCC’s landmark internet privacy protections, thanks Connie  ★★ Only 17 CR cantons enforced dry law during Holy Week  ★★ 25-year-old Swede arrested twice in same day in CR  ★★ Salvadoran man deported fm US suspected in San José murder  ★★ New CR corporate tax law explained  ★★ Twitter sues US govt over demands to release anti-Trump account details  ★★ Ways to save on preparing your US income taxes  ★★ Social media sites could owe you money  ★★ Marines demoted in Facebook porn scandal  ★★ Australians begins legal action against Apple refusing to repair iPad & iPhones previously serviced by 3rd parties  ★★ USDL says Google pays women less than men  ★★ Canadian accused of hacking emails for Russians, US seeks to seize his assets  ★★ Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump damages over ‘escort’ allegation  ★★ Passenger removed fm United Airlines flight  ★★ Former foreign-policy adviser to then-candidate Trump slapped w/ FISA warrant  ★★ Prisoners in Ohio hid computers filled w/ porn & info about making explosives

Philosophical issues:  ★★ Tim Berners-Lee (TimBL) invented the WWW  ★★ Berners-Lee slams US/UK govt anti-encryption moves  ★★ 3 challenges for the web, thanks Gillian  ★★ Immigration crackdown may lead to higher tuitions  ★★ The evolution of banana production  ★★ How your car’s engine works  ★★ Classified-US-nuclear-test films saved for posterity  ★★ Is a new Middle East war on Israel’s horizon?  ★★ What will the Trump presidency mean for Israel?  ★★ White House allegations that Britain’s GCHQ helped Pres Obama spy on candidate Trump stopped  ★★ The making of Islamophobia Inc.  ★★ Early green dyes contained arsenic  ★★ Why can’t we put our smartphones down?  ★★ Radio Garden for world broadcasts  ★★ The most intelligent presidents in US history  ★★ Celebrities you didn’t know have pilot licences  ★★ The most common jobs held by US presidents  ★★ Protest music helped save 20th-century USA. Are today’s pop artists up to it?  ★★ Why the movie business is in big trouble  ★★ People’s perception of the countries of the world  ★★ Kaspersky’s weird futuristic visions  ★★ What Pres Trump calls strength, China calls stupidity  ★★ Prince’s 1st wife writes a loving memoir  ★★ Julia, the 1st autistic muppet  ★★ Yoga w/ marijuana  ★★ Band plays typewriters instead of instruments  ★★ The war in Syria, explained  ★★ The hater’s goodbye to Tony Romo  ★★ Ways to find unclaimed money  ★★ Move aside, Castro: Cubans want capitalism  ★★ Venezuela: what’s next?  ★★ Unprofessional email habits  ★★ Get the lowest airfare online  ★★ Chinese blame the US for the United Airlines incident  ★★ AI identifies the main arcs in storytelling  ★★ What is Zoroastrianism?  ★★ Books the Canadian Prime Minister likes  ★★ The history of US protest music  ★★ How technology has failed to improve your airline experience  ★★ Uber tracked  competing Lyft drivers & prices and drivers working for both  ★★ A guide to this Spring’s best art shows  ★★ Really funny books

Local Issues:  ★★ CR computer engineer awarded a Pulitzer Prize  ★★ A fabulous & juicy hamburger in Sabana Oeste  ★★ Juan introduces a 100-yr-old watercolorist  ★★ The end to San Jose’s traffic nightmare is near  ★★ Air France increases frequency of direct flights to CR  ★★ IHOP looking for CR partners  ★★ Legislators approve the Corporations Tax  ★★ Prospects for financial companies in CR  ★★ President Solis in Washington to express concern about effects of possible deportations  ★★ La Platina bridge reopening  ★★ CR is giving away its fishing wealth  ★★ Full-moon cabalgata  ★★ Lindora-Santa Ana highway expansion gets green light, thanks Helen  ★★ Best internet service for Netflix viewing in CR, thanks Connie  ★★ Subway proposed for San José ★★ Guana beer fm Hojancha  ★★ Quema de Juda (the night before Easter)  ★★  Hiking at Tres Cruces  ★★ CRGAR is 1st bilingual national real estate association in CR  ★★ Hospira pharmaceutical company moving to CR fm DR  ★★ CR’s Power & Light company (CNFL) requests rate increases  ★★ Payless closures in the US don’t affect CR  ★★ Platina Bridge repairs delayed again, CR shocked   ★★ Pavas train derailment sends 4 to hospital  ★★ Drone provides a look inside Turrialba’s active crater  ★★ Is CR a health-care haven?  ★★ Poas volcano erupting again, but not closing the airport  ★★ Lava bag on the rise in Poas volcano  ★★ Poas eruption causes temporary closure of national park  ★★ Increase in emanation forces closure of Poas park  ★★ Visitors fm Colombia must show Yellow Fever vaccination to enter CR  ★★ How to cook like a Tico  ★★ Are electric bikes the solution for San José traffic congestion?  ★★ Arenal is where the gods would live  ★★ CR looks to reactivate deportation of Cubans  ★★ Catholics still a majority in CR, but losing ground  ★★ 1000s of dead fish found in Caribbean rivers  ★★ Sexual harassment on a CR bus  ★★ Crypto-Judaism in CR #1  ★★ Crypto-Judaism in CR #2   ★★ Crypto-Judaism in CR #3  ★★ Little-known facts about Jewish pirates  ★★ More Ticos than ever are travelling abroad  ★★ 4 Tollways waive fees for Holy Week  ★★ Good Friday & Easter Day parades in San José  ★★ Arenal, a young volcano only 5K years old  ★★ A close encounter of the slothful kind

USA Issues:  ★★ President hits Syrian airbase w missiles in response to chem weapons attack  ★★ Details of the decision and execution of the strike  ★★ US’s allies praise Syrian strike  ★★ US says photos show airstrike in Syria didn’t hit a mosque, Syrians disagree  ★★ US missile strike destroyed ⅕ of Syria’s warplane fleet ★★ Trump strategist Steve Bannon removed fm National Security Council ★★ States that have the fastest & slowest internet  ★★ White House seeks to cut billions in funding for UN  ★★ Pres Trump’s top China expert has little China experience  ★★ US to UN Rights Council, “reform or we’re leaving”  ★★ US Congress criticises Pres Trump’s deep cuts in diplomatic & foreign aid programs  ★★ President eyes $1B in cuts to UN peacekeeping  ★★ Democrats need a strong alternative to Pres Trump’s Economic Nationalism  ★★ Pres Trump’s budget blueprint: Pulling up the diplomatic drawbridge  ★★ Pres Trump’s 1st budget proposal increases military & border security funding while gutting diplomacy, foreign aid, scientific research, & most of federal govt  ★★ Pres Trump gets off to a rocky start w/ German chancellor  ★★ The colorful history of the St. Patrick’s Day parade  ★★ Pres Trump reinstates policy of no $US for international abortions  ★★ The $multibillion US spy agency you've never heard of, the NGA  ★★ President threatens congress w/ Obamacare  ★★ Pro-settlement hardliner Friedman confirmed as US envoy to Israel  ★★ US to cut funding for UN population fund   ★★ Blackwater founder held secret meeting to create Trump-Putin back channel  ★★ White House allegedly squelched testimony fm former acting Atty General Sally Yates  ★★ Is the Paris Climate Agreement dead?  ★★ Will the US leave Afghanistan?  ★★ The Russia scandal reaches the Trump family  ★★ The president’s strategy for destroying the Islamic State  ★★ The US needs a Cyber Academy in addition to Army, Navy, & Air Force academies  ★★ CNN had a problem: Donald Trump solved it  ★★ Notes fm a firebombing  ★★ Bertha bores below Seattle  ★★ President’s son-in-law failed to mention mtgs w/ Russians on security clearance application  ★★ Bannon & Kushner battle for President’s heart & mind  ★★ Neil Gorsuch confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court justice  ★★ How Gorsuch can transform the Supreme Court  ★★ Gorsuch to have immediate impact on Supreme Court  ★★ Bill O’Reilly under fire again  ★★ Pres Trump’s war room is not in the White House sometimes  ★★ Uncomfortable talks are expected at Trump & Xi meetings  ★★ House Intel Committee Chair Nunes steps aside fm Russia probe  ★★ White House chief strategist Steve Bannon removed fm NSC  ★★ Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice denies leaking names of Trump officials  ★★ The failed mission to save the filibuster  ★★ Whole Foods under pressure fm activist investor  ★★ Alabama governor resigns after pleading guilty to failing to report a major campaign contribution and converting campaign funds for personal use   ★★ NATO chief meets w/ Pres Trump in the White House  ★★ US Atty Gen Sessions unveils tough new federal rules to clamp down on undocumented immigrants & to deter others from entering the US  ★★ Montenegro has US green-light to join NATO

International issues:  ★★ Europe is still a superpower  ★★ Syrian AF cuts off water to millions  ★★ Somali pirates release hijacked ship & crew w/o ransom  ★★ Ethiopia trash-dump landslide death toll rises to 115  ★★ Mexican migrants head to Canada  ★★ US-Mexican relations are suffering  ★★ China pledges firm response if Japan enters the South China Sea international waters  ★★ Vietnam called for a halt in advertising on social media  ★★ Interpol issues red notice for 4 N. Koreans wanted for assassination of  half-brother of N. Korean leader  ★★ Letter bomb explodes in French IMF office  ★★ Israel strikes Gaza after rocket fired  ★★ Mass grave found in Venezuela prison  ★★ Guatemala fire killed 40 girls  ★★ Israel shoots down Syrian SAM   ★★ 42 Somali refugees killed in an attack by a possibly-Saudi-Apache helicopter off Yemen coast  ★★ EU authorities demand changes fm Facebook, Google, & Twitter  ★★ Russia denies involvement in Yahoo hack  ★★ Dozens of rights activists killed in Colombia in 2016  ★★ Al Qaeda is swallowing the Syrian opposition  ★★ Chechnya’s Lost Boys  ★★ The complicated life of Georgia’s philosopher president  ★★ British PM refuses Scottish referendum, while Brexit is happening  ★★ Saudi Arabia & China sign deals worth up to $65B  ★★ Panama toughens immigration policies to prevent permanent tourists  ★★ Syrian aircraft pound rebel-held eastern Damascus  ★★ S. African students march for access to internet and other things  ★★ World’s largest democracy is becoming a Hindu nation  ★★ UK triggers 2-year Brexit process  ★★ Several Peruvian cities are under water  ★★ French newspaper sites ties between presidential candidate and Russia  ★★ CIA found that Russia helped elect Pres. Trump  ★★ Syrian rebels launch new assaults on Damascus  ★★ Florida family of missing FBI agent sues Iran  ★★ Narco-state meets Iran-backed terrorism in Venezuela  ★★ S. Koreans raised capsized ferry  ★★ Pres Putin calls for war against terrorists  ★★ 290 dead in Colombian mudslides  ★★ Taiwan to build 8 submarines  ★★ Germany approves bill curbing online hate crimes & fake news  ★★ Russia sharply criticised in UN over chemical weapons deaths in Syria  ★★ Botswana hit by 6.5 earthquake  ★★ Pink Star diamond sold for record $71M in Hong Kong  ★★ Why Hong Kong skyscrapers have holes in them   ★★ EU ambassador denounced Israel’s West Bank demolitions policy  ★★ Putin critic killed in Ukraine  ★★ Suspected suicide bombing on Russian metro train  ★★ Somali pirates hijack Indian ship  ★★ Somali security forces rescued Indian ship, but hijackers took 9-of-11 crew when they fled ashore  ★★ UK formally triggers article 50 to begin brexit  ★★ China & EU reaffirm climate pledges after Pres Trump backs away  ★★ The most hated man in Russia, Dmitry Medvedev  ★★ What are the 5 Eyes of intelligence?  ★★ Portraits fm Tashkent, Uzbekistan  ★★ US in talks w/ Japan to prevent China fm acquiring Westinghouse  ★★ UN denied access to South Sudan massacre site  ★★ Timeline of the Syrian civil war & US response  ★★ US Sec State threatens preemptive action against N. Korean nuclear program  ★★ US Sec State says military action against N. Korea is “on the table”  ★★ How Xi Jinping became a powerful Chinese leader  ★★ N. Korea test-fires missile ahead of Trump-Xi summit   ★★ US moves naval strike group towards N. Korea after nuke tests  ★★ Japanese warships to join US naval strike group near N. Korea  ★★ China warns N. Korea to "avoid making mistakes at this time."  ★★ Man arrested in Stockholm for hijacking beer truck and crashing it into dept store, killing 4 & injuring 15  ★★ 200+ die in Colombian landslide  ★★ Political woes in Venezuela  ★★ Amazon Web Services opens office in Bogotá   ★★ Is Putin building a base in Nicaragua to spy on US citizens?  ★★ ISIS Palm-Sunday church bombings in Egypt  ★★ Somalia’s new army chief survives car bomb attack  ★★ Russian hacker arrested in Barcelona  ★★ How Sally Bedell broke into Buckingham Palace   ★★ West African migrants being sold in Libyan slave markets  ★★ China draft cyber law mandates security assessment for outbound data  ★★ 8 killed in attack on Philippine resort island  ★★ French migrant camp housing 1,500 destroyed by fire during Afgan-Kurd fight  ★★ Suspected ISIS militants arrested in Kuwait & the Philippines for planning to bomb US forces and a Shiite Muslim meeting hall  ★★ Takeaways fm the G7 Summit  ★★ The holocaust-denying, Vichy-celebrating heart of the National Front in France  ★★ Europe & US move to fight Russian hybrid warfare (e.g., use of politics, diplomacy, media, & cyberspace to destabilize opponents)  ★★ Court of Human Rights rules against Russia in 2004 massacre  ★★ US drops the Mother of All Bombs on IS in Afghanistan  ★★ Boko Haram coerced 117 children in Africa into suicide attacks since 2014  ★★ ISIS destroying historic sites & artifacts 1000s of years old in Iraq & Syria

Planetary issues & beyond:  ★★ New definition would add 102 planets to our solar system  ★★ Pres Trump wants to kill popular NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission  ★★ New NASA radar technique finds lost lunar spacecraft  ★★ Fast Radio Bursts (FSBs) in 2001 detected, thanks Connie  ★★ CR picosatellite to deploy next year, thanks Connie  ★★ NASA astronauts lose key piece of ISS shield, but workaround found, thanks Connie  ★★ Wheatland Reservoir, Wyoming fm space  ★★ Grand Turk Island fm space  ★★ Russian shelterbelts protect crops  ★★ Naples & Mt. Vesuvius at night  ★★ Australian flood waters reach Lake Eyre  ★★ Preparations to snap 1st-ever image of a black hole’s event horizon  ★★ Lockheed Martin plans manned Mars base camp for 2028  ★★ Orbital ATK announces next-gen launch system for USAF  ★★  Factories of the future could float in space  ★★ A peek at Blue Origin & Boeing space capsules  ★★ Photographing a black hole  ★★ Asteroids in Mars orbit are the remains of a destroyed planet  ★★ Large asteroid approaches Earth, but not closely  ★★ New Hubble image captures Jupiter’s red spot & turbulent atmosphere ★★ Photos of Jupiter fm NASA spacecraft  ★★ Atmosphere detected on Gliese exoplanet  ★★ Another story about Gliese exoplanet  ★★ Sci-fi thriller about how climate change could transform Earth  ★★ Amazing images fm 1st moon landing  ★★ NASA’s Operation IceBridge  ★★ 33rd annual Space Symposium  ★★ Volunteers find new system of 4 super-Earths  ★★ Steamy hot atmosphere detected around Venus-like planet GJ 1132b  ★★ Hubble finds the most distant galaxy ever  ★★ Single-stage, reusable rocket envisioned for Earth to orbit   ★★ Dark-matter web that connects galaxies  ★★ Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) formed to promote “creative independence in space”  ★★ 3D-printing tools fm lunar & Martian dust  ★★ SOFIA, NASA’s flying telescope on a 747  ★★ Saturn’s moon Enceladus may be a candy store for microbes

Geek humor & interests:  ★★ Professor pranks his class  ★★ Google bots - the meaning of life, thanks Alfonso  ★★ When the 1% sent it’s kids to war  ★★ The Millionaires’ Unit: US Naval Aviators in the First World War  ★★ Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner makes 1st test flight  ★★ Boeing 737 Max 9 makes 1st flight  ★★ DARPA ‘s VTOL X-plane completes flight testing  ★★ Unmanned F-16 demos combat capabilities  ★★ Record-setting electric plane tows glider  ★★ Volocopter 2 air taxi uses swappable batteries to stay on the move  ★★ Sea monsters: the new age of the aircraft carrier  ★★ Supercarrier USS Gerald R Ford starts sea trials  ★★ Funny basketball fails  ★★ Great magic tricks revealed

Galleries:  ★★ Romancing the Wind   ★★ 10 yrs of Budweiser commercials, thanks Tom  ★★ The real story behind An American Girl in Italy  ★★ Samuel Jackson acts out his film career, thanks Connie  ★★ This week in world photos 3/17/17  ★★ This week in world photos 3/24/17  ★★ Man bikes down mountain at 141 mph  ★★ Amazon perks you may not be using  ★★ Social Security cards explained  ★★ Cute Panda cubs  ★★ Cute white tiger cubs  ★★ Man flies w/ jet suit  ★★ Unmelting candy   ★★ Cats ring bells for treats  ★★ Girl sings Hallelujah into a well  ★★ Ventriloquists swap voices  ★★ Epic pingpong trick shots  ★★ Little girl surprises Pope Francis

 ★★ FlipBoard’s Pictures of the Week:  3.30.17  4.7.17

Potential Products:  ★★ Samsung to reveal a FOLDING phone

Hardware, General:  ★★ Woman’s headphones explode mid-flight  ★★ Steve Jobs’ Apple 1 to sell for $318K  ★★ Black-market Kodi boxes offer unlimited movies  ★★ Amazon bans Kodi boxes  ★★ Festo’s OctopusGripper object grabber

Hardware, Drones:  ★★ The indestructible drone is flexible  ★★ Yamaha’s Water Strider drone is ready to spray herbicide fm its hull  ★★ OutoBot robot paints & washes buildings, but doesn't do windows  ★★ Robot hawk scares birds away from airports & crops, thanks Connie  ★★ Drone provides a look inside Turrialba’s active crater  ★★ Yuneec adds livestreaming to Breeze drone   ★★ Honda’s Miimo robotic lawn mower heads stateside  ★★ Drones cleared to carry lab samples between Swiss hospitals

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★ 3 Ways IoT is Shaping Consumer Behaviour, thanks Chris  ★★ The Sound Table supplies mood music while you dine  ★★ Sally the Salad Robot creates 1000s of different salad combinations on demand  ★★ Making IoT devices secure

Hardware, Laptops:   ★★ Best laptops of 2017  ★★ Most laptops offer only ½ of battery life claimed by manufacturers

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Best Chromebooks & Netbooks of 2017

Hardware, eReaders:  ★★ Best eReaders of 2017, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, Kindle eBooks  ★★ eReader buying guide   ★★ Kindle Paperwhite vs. Nook GlowLight Plus  ★★  ★★ BookBub free eBooks

Hardware: 2-in-1s:  ★★ Samsung Galaxy Book vs. Apple iPad Pro

Hardware: Desktops & Towers:  ★★ Apple Mac Pro gets a boost, before overhaul next year  ★★ Fix common PC problems

Hardware, Tablets:   ★★ Comparing the 4 iPads you can buy today  ★★ Apple iPad (2017) review  ★★ Another review of iPad (2017)  ★★ 1st impressions of iPad (2017)

Hardware, Smartphones:  ★★ Man nearly electrocuted while charging his phone  ★★ More iPhone 8 rumors  ★★ iPhone8 launch date pushed back  ★★ iPhone blows up in owner’s hands at repair shop   ★★ Send encrypted messages on Android phones  ★★ Moto G5+ vs. iPhone SE   ★★ LG G6 coming to US around 3/30/17 at $650  ★★ Smartphone battery myths, thanks Helen  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs. iPhone 7+  ★★ S8 & S8+ vs. LG G6  ★★ S8 & S8+ vs. Moto Z  ★★ Display Mate give Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display a record-high A+ rank  ★★ Smartphone screen material heals scratches  ★★ Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ vs. OnePlus 3T   ★★ Galaxy S8+ vs. Google Pixel XL  ★★ Galaxy S8’s facial recognition sensor fails in a major way  ★★ The best cheap smartphones  ★★ Are cellphones dangerous to your health?  ★★ Huawei P10 review  ★★ Ways to hack-proof your smartphone

Hardware, Smartwatches:  ★★ Best smartwatches for 2017 by PCAdvisor   ★★ Hysek Colossal watch is both mechanical & digital  ★★ ZTE Quartz smartwatch merges cellular connectivity w/ sub-$200 pricing

Hardware, Smart Cameras:  ★★ Understanding metering modes on your camera  ★★ Canon PowerShot SX730 puts a big zoom in your pocket  ★★ Magic Lantern unlocks 4K RAW video on the Canon 5D MkIII  ★★ Get great aquarium pictures  ★★ Capture hair, fur, & other complex outlines  ★★ Boxfish high res, 360° underwater video camera  ★★ Nikon commemorates a century w/ cameras, lenses, & crystal  ★★ Nikon D7500 taps APS-C features

Hardware, Smart TVs:  ★★ Terms to know when shopping for a smart TV  ★★ Smart TV security flaws

Hardware, Wearables:  ★★ c|net’s Best wearable tech of 2017  ★★ Fitbit Alta HR review

Hardware, Smart Cars:  ★★ Intel bets big on self-driving cars  ★★ Daimler turns to Bosch to deliver self-driving cars sooner  ★★ Cadillac inches closer to semi-automatic using Super Cruise  ★★ Honda starts Clarity family w/ hybrid & electric models

Hardware, Tiny computers:  ★★ The mini-PC invasion  ★★ Jumpstart Raspberry Pi & Arduino projects w/ Cayenne  ★★ Browse anonymously w/ a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR router  ★★ Microcontroller comparison

Hardware, Game devices:  ★★ Energizer XBOX ONE 2X Smart Charger recalled   ★★ Project Scorpio: Microsoft serves up specs for souped-up Xbox One   ★★ Video games we can’t wait to play  ★★ Nintendo Switch’s region-free eShops  ★★ Nintendo Switch: Is the new gaming console worth it?  ★★ Nintendo Switch scams

Hardware, Virtual Reality:  ★★ Nintendo Switch offers a blueprint for mass-consumer VR  ★★ Review: Nintendo Switch feels like the successor the Wii deserves  ★★ $15 Google Cardboard  ★★ What’s the difference between VR & AR?  ★★ Batman Arkham VR comes to Oculus Rift & HTC Vive  ★★ Oculus Medium sculpting app update adds reference images, etc.  ★★ 2017 Gear vs. Google Daydream View  ★★ MindMaze Mask insert streams real-time player facial expressions to VR avatar

Hardware, Peripherals:  ★★ 12-hour battery pack for Nintendo Switch  ★★ Linksys EA8300 router has new features  ★★ 3D printing & fabrication    ★★ DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/Tor router  ★★ Bluetooth earbuds designed to stay put under any helmet  ★★ WiFi range extenders  ★★ Why does my WiFi keep dropping?  ★★ Kove Computer wireless speaker  ★★ WiFi boosters

Hardware, Accessories:  ★★ The strangest phone cases ever  ★★ DIY gadgets for smartphone accessories  ★★ Cobattery iPhone case sports swappable batteries

Hardware, Internals:  ★★ Working hard drive captured in slow motion  ★★ Toshiba’s 8TB HDD  ★★ 2 broadband 6GHz power amplifier modules fm Analog Devices  ★★ Japanese govt jittery about Toshiba tech going abroad  ★★ Infineon’s 5th gen CoolSET fly-back controller

Software, Artificial Intelligence (AI):  ★★ Alexa getting integrated into odd things  ★★ Helpful Alexa commands  ★★ How to manage Amazon Echo recordings   ★★ Adobe developing AI to turn selfies into self-portraits  ★★ Samsung’s Siri will be called Bixby  ★★ Facebook’s virtual assistant M is back  ★★ Google may combine Google Home & its WiFi router into 1 smart hub  ★★ VW invests $180M in Beijing AI start-up Mobvoi  ★★ What is Cloud Speech API, thanks Alfonso  ★★ How to build a smart RasPi bot w/ Cloud Vision & Cloud Speech API, thanks Alfonso

Software, In the Cloud: ★★ How to beat Facebook addiction  ★★  1-in-5 videos on Facebook are live videos  ★★ Facebook is testing a rocket icon for an Alternate News Feed  ★★ Facebook tools target revenge porn  ★★ Tips to make Facebook better  ★★ Facebook tips & tricks  ★★ Facebook scrutinized after not removing flagged child porn & terrorist content  ★★ Access Netflix’s secret categories  ★★ alternativeTo finds alternatives to expensive software  ★★ Netflix competitors available  ★★ G Suite: Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar  ★★ Pakistan asks Facebook & Twitter to identify blasphemers  ★★ Twitter goes to a wedding  ★★ Twitter explores subscription-based option  ★★ Amazon price tracker  ★★ Amazon Prime perks you may not be using  ★★ New Amazon Prime streaming option for NFL Thursday night  ★★ Useful Google features  ★★ Google Maps tricks  ★★ Google Keep, a great note-taking app  ★★ Google AutoDraw pairs machine learning w/ drawings library  ★★ Instagram facts  ★★ Zoho Writer document editor  ★★ How do YouTube ads work?  ★★ Make your own website  ★★ After the Deadline; an online spelling, grammar, and style checker  ★★ Burger King ad on Wikipedia sabotaged

Software, General Tools:  ★★ BricSys forum for BricsCAD   ★★ Down to Lunch finds US restaurants for Android & iOS  ★★ U Messenger lets you delete msgs from someone else’s phone, that you sent! (for Android & iOS)  ★★ ShopBolt online shopping for Android & iOS  ★★ Transfer albums to your PC  ★★ Zoho Writer for Android & iOS  ★★ Measure objects w/ EasyMeasure for Android & iOS  ★★ Magisto video editor for Android & iOS  ★★ WeVideo video editor for Android & iOS  ★★ Enlight photo editor for Android & iOS  ★★ Google adds icons below searchbar to speed searches for Android & iOS  ★★ Polarr free photo editor for most platforms  ★★ PrinterShare lets you share your printer and print fm any application, for Windows, Android, & iOS  ★★ Apps to save on gas

Software, Browsers:  ★★ Browsers compared  ★★ XnViewMP - a cross-platform browser  ★★ XnView forum  ★★ ScaleUP extension for Chrome browser can speed up page loading using in-flight WiFi  ★★ Latest Chrome update patches 9 high-severity bugs  ★★ Tor browser

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia:  ★★ iPhone blows up in owner’s hands at repair shop   ★★ Apple design details you’ve overlooked  ★★ Favorite iPhone tricks  ★★ Apple on hiring spree for London-based graphics team  ★★ Apple has a team working on diabetes treatment sensors

Software, Apple, Apps:  ★★ BricsCAD V17 for Mac  ★★ Free Uptime app for iOS lets friends watch YouTube together over the internet   ★★ Overcast podcast player  ★★ Photo apps for iPhone or iPad  ★★ Clips fm Apple edits & shares videos  ★★ Getting started w/ Clips  ★★ Workflow automation app

Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  ★★ iOS11 to require 64-bit software  ★★ New hidden features in iOS 10.3  ★★ iOS Night Shift will use warmer colors at night

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Download XPExplorer’s Windows 10 DPI Fix

Software, Microsoft, Apps:  ★★ What is MS Sway?  ★★ Get the most out of Win 10 File Explorer

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems:  ★★ MS drops support for Vista  ★★  MS is dropping support for Win 7 & 8  ★★ MS blocks updates for older Windows versions on newer hardware, thanks Connie

Windows 10:  ★★ Huge Win 10 update rolls out new tools  ★★ Watch Netflix offline w/ Win 10  ★★ Windows security fixes  ★★ Ways to make Win 10 better   ★★ Win 10 privacy settings  ★★ Win 10 data tracking  ★★ Simple fix for Win 10 fonts getting blurry when enlarged  ★★ Win 10 Creators Update  ★★ NYTimes review of Win 10 Creators Update, thanks Helen

Software, Microsoft, Office:  ★★ Malware found in emailed Word doc

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android:  ★★ Send encrypted messages on Android phones  ★★ How to detect Android viruses

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS:  ★★ This setting makes Chrome OS feel like more than a browser  ★★ Tips for using a Chromebook  ★★ Chrome Unboxed newsletter

Software, Google, Apps:  ★★ G Suite: Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar  ★★ Podcast & Radio Addict

Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia:  ★★ Is there a file-access-history in Linux?  ★★ Georgia Tech finds subtle Linux vulnerability

Software, Open-source, Apps:  ★★ FreeCAD open-source parametric 3D modeler  ★★ Evernote client NixNote 2 for Ubuntu 16.04

Software, Open-source, Operating Systems:  ★★ Fedora vs. Ubuntu  ★★ Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu

Red Hat - Fedora:  ★★ Relationship between Fedora & Red Hat

Slackware Linux:  ★★ How to properly set up Slackware Linux   ★★ Optimizing Slackware Linux’s fonts

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