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Web News for May*, 2017

* = This month marks a change in the way Web News is handled. In the past, the May News would be accumulated all through the month of May and published on June 1st.  To make the news more timely, beginning with this month, the May News page will be published on May 1st and updated online throughout the month. Both versions of the May News will be online, for this month only: the old way (with the name Links201705.php) containing news from April and the new way (with the name Links201705b.php [this page]) containing news from May.

Trends:rends indicate the way things are moving in the Web News lately and, more generally, how things are changing in our world. ★★  Toshiba may be on its last leg  ★★  The story of the 1st viral video meme   ★★   Hacker leaks Orange is the New Black to Pirate Bay  ★★   Teens take a break fm social media  ★★  Amazon 1Q sales up 23% & Amazon Prime up 49%    ★★  Twitter sees its 1st revenue decline as advertising falls away  ★★  Cable cutting leads ESPN to massive layoffs   ★★  The age of flying cars is here, thanks Connie  ★★  Another look at the flying car  ★★  SpaceX is getting into the spy-satellite game  ★★   Peggy Whitson breaks the record for most cumulative time in space w/ 534 days, 2 hours, & 49 minutes  ★★  VW roadmap to more fuel efficient vehicles  ★★  Elon Musk's Boring Company attacks gridlock traffic   ★★  Apple has more cash than UK & Canada combined  ★★  Facebook targets emotionally vulnerable & insecure youth   ★★  More European arrivals for Central America  ★★  United Airlines will no longer allow passengers on board to be displaced by crew   ★★   Dutch architects adorn building's facade w/ emoji   ★★   Canada's seniors outnumber its children for 1st time in survey history   ★★   World's largest X-ray laser lights up for 1st time  ★★   Shrinking demand for tablets  ★★   China's 1st civilian airliner takes flight  ★★   Guardians of the Galaxy - 2 dominates w/ $140M   ★★   Wireless phone take over in the US   ★★   Why 95% of your driving won't be in your own car by 2030   ★★  Researchers say the average smartphone owner launches 10 apps per day   ★★   Things we don't do anymore because of technology   ★★   Alexa gets a screen: Amazon's 'Knight' touchscreen gadget leaked  ★★ Massive "click farm" scam uncovered  ★★ The internet in 1994  ★★ HPE's "The Machine" prototype sports 160TB of shared memory  ★★ Top announcements fm Google's 2017 I/O Conference  ★★ Google Lens puts AI to work identifying the world around you  ★★  Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV  ★★ Now is a good time to buy a PC monitor  ★★ IBM reveals prototype of its 1st commercial quantum computer processor  ★★ Apple is working on 5G tech  ★★ $1K in Netflix 15 years ago now worth $140K  ★★ Apple is 40% more valuable than the city of Chicago  ★★ Are we giving robots guns now?  ★★ Bitcoin values drop 19%  ★★ MegaHD will drastically improve screens on everything fm phones to TVs  ★★  T-Mobile Digits offers one phone number for all customer's devices  ★★ After United debacle, other airlines rush to make policy changes   ★★ What's in & out of Netflix in June

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Rest In Peace:  ★★  Celebrity deaths in 2017   ★★  Lola Albright (Peter Gunn)  ★★  Gregg Allman (Allman Bros Band)    ★★ Chuck Berry (Maybellene)  ★★ Powers Boothe (Philip Marlowe)   ★★  Chelsea Brown (Laugh-In) ★★  Eugene Cernan (Astronaut)  ★★  Mike Connors (Mannix)   ★★ Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)   ★★ Dina Merrill (Operation Petticoat)    ★★  Miguel Ferrer (Robocop)  ★★  J. Geils (Blues band)   ★★ Barbara Hale (Perry Mason)  ★★  Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica)  ★★  Linda Hopkins (Blues singer)   ★★  John Hurt (Elephant Man)  ★★  Bruce Langhorne (Tambourine Man)    ★★  Mary Tyler Moore (MTM Show)    ★★  Sir Roger Moore (James Bond)  ★★  Erin Moran  (Happy Days)  ★★  Charlie Murphy (Chappelle's Show)  ★★ Robert Osborn (Turner Classic Movies)  ★★  Bill Paxton (Apollo 13)   ★★  Don Rickles (comedian)   ★★  David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank)   ★★  Butch Trucks (Allman Bros)   ★★ Mary White (PC Club) Famous people who have died this year.

Great Ideas, Computers:  ★★  Tricks to cut down on smartphone data usage  ★★ Siri saves man's life after house explosion  ★★ How to clean old, yellowed plastic on retro computers Great Ideas is where new discoveries or developments go, in this case about computers or software.

Great Ideas, Safety:  ★★  Electronics-equipped cane has GPS & panic button   ★★  Smart exoskeleton anticipates falls to keep the elderly on their feet Ideas or stories about how to stay safe

Security/Privacy Issues:  ★★  Google is recording everything you say, thanks Steve  ★★  Windows Shadow Brokers leaks fixed in new release, thanks Connie   ★★  What you’re agreeing to by signing Smart TV’s privacy policy, thanks Connie   ★★  Cybercriminals using CIA hacking tools   ★★  HealthNow Networks breached   ★★  MS Word bug found      ★★  Hackers hit   ★★  Fake Google Maps entries hit emergency help services   ★★  Facebook & Google recovering fm $100M email scam     ★★   BBC exposes flaws in nomx,  'world's most secure' email service    ★★  Uber app has been spying on users & lying about it for years    ★★  Now you can REALLY delete Uber fm your phone    ★★  Gannett newspapers hacked    ★★  Some IBM thumb drives shipped w/ malware   ★★   Dok campaign hitting Macs w/ download  ★★  How to pick a VPN ★★  How to erase your Google search history  ★★ Google may be tracking your offline shopping habits    ★★   Google Docs hit by phishing scam   ★★   Criminals using SIM card swaps to steal your money   ★★   Fidget spinners are a scam   ★★   Vulnerability found in apps that create open ports (see list)  ★★   ISIS to jihadists: Use fake apartment, job, Craiglist ads to lure hostage/murder victims   ★★ What is ransomware & how to protect yourself   ★★ WannaCry ransomware hits 230K computers in 150 countries  ★★ European authorities warn not to pay ransom   ★★  MS criticizes NSA over WannaCry virus  ★★  Kill switch accidentally found to keep WannaCry from spreading   ★★  Who is really to blame for the WannaCry Ransomware?  ★★ Adylkuzz could be worse than WannaCry   ★★  Another hacked NSA tool, EsteemAudit, threatens Windows XP & 2003  ★★  New ransomware variants emerging  ★★  Hackers claim to have stolen Disney's upcoming movie  ★★  Recent attacks point to frequent culprit: N. Korea  ★★  560M passwords leaked online  ★★  Brooks Bros data breach  ★★  Bypass & reset the password on every OS  ★★  The US is not ready for a cyber Pearl Harbor  ★★  How people are getting scammed online  ★★  Galaxy S8 iris scanner is easily bypassed  ★★  Hackers targeting gun owners  ★★ Hackers can use subtitles to control your PC  ★★  WiFi can now be used to photograph inside your home  ★★  Fake "ransomeware blocking app" scam  ★★  Ways to test your computer's security  ★★  Hackers can hide cyber attacks in social media posts  ★★  Chipotle Mexican Grill hacked  ★★  How to turn OFF your phone's tracking you  ★★  8k hackable bugs found in pacemakers  ★★  "Judy" malware found in 41 apps in the Google Play Store  ★★  Scams to look out for
Reports of data breaches, scams, malware, threats to privacy as well as how to avoid them and other dangers online, at your ATM, or anywhere

Philosophical Issues:   ★★  Is time travel possible, according to science?   ★★  How will religion survive the discovery of alien life?    ★★  Books for fans of dystopia   ★★  SciFi, Fantasy, & Horror books   ★★  If sci-fi film plots turn real, avoid Chicago   ★★  Zero Gravity: the ultimate experience   ★★  Einstein's theory of gravity is proven correct by gravitational waves   ★★   Is Hulu's new Live TV service worth it?   ★★   Why Hillary lost   ★★ Why the 21st century will be the best one ever for astrophysics   ★★ The 1st radio commercial was for Wheaties  ★★ What will Earth look like in 500 years?   ★★  What will Earth look like in 5K years?  ★★  Booking a cruise online  ★★  When the Space Shuttle didn't come home  ★★  What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like  ★★  Wise quotes fm Winston Churchill  ★★  Inside look at Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News  ★★  MP3 isn't dead  ★★  Martin Luther was the Donald Trump of 1517  ★★  Why Mark Zuckergerg turned down Harvard's acceptance  ★★  The disappearing computer:  ambient computing, the dark side, & the bottom line  ★★  Why Google is suddenly obsessed w/ your photos  ★★  What animals taught me about being human   ★★  Concern that Pres Trump may roll back the Obama rapprochement w/ Cuba   ★★  Prince William on mental health & his mother's death
This is a catch-all category that includes matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, wisdom, and language. Many entries are opinions or arguments that reflect our world.

Local Issues:   ★★  La Platiina bridges reopens!  ★★  Costa Rican landscapes  ★★  Windows Shadow Brokers leaks fixed in new release, thanks Connie   ★★  What you’re agreeing to by signing Smart TV’s privacy policy, thanks Connie   ★★  No more access between Los Laureles and Multiplaza   ★★  San Antonio de Escazu water shortage   ★★  San Rafael, Ciudad Colón & Santa Ana water shortages   ★★   Movistar CR offers free music & video   ★★ San Jose airport & airline information   ★★  Monteverde: You can get there fm here, but you'll need some pura vida, thanks Connie   ★★  Commission for Competition opposes fixing of grain prices in CR   ★★  CR $ exchange rate continues to rise     ★★  Banco Central proposes change in method for calculating exchange rate    ★★  Pres Solís gives State pf the Nation speech   ★★  CR rules of the road (somewhat), thanks Connie    ★★   13-month widening of bridge over the Virilla River in Santa Ana started  ★★  Updated rules for CR Citizenship for 65+ years of age  ★★   Great apps for CR   ★★   Palo Verde National Park    ★★   Escazú adds 2 Municipal Police Traffic Officers  ★★  Escazú council recognizes Municipal Police   ★★  San José fm the ISS   ★★ CR to unveil its 1st hydrogen-powered bus   ★★ Corcovado National Park has new policies about food & lodging in Sirena   ★★ Underground adventure awaits at Barra Honda caves  ★★ Escazu council approves ₡3B Olympic Village & 60 rented security cameras  ★★ CR govt to expell the "bad guys"  ★★  6 mo detention for Lebanese criminal  ★★  The history of the telephone in CR  ★★  Unions demonstrate in San José against 1% increase in SS deductions  ★★  Escazu News celebrates 20 years of service  ★★  Rain causes landslides in Viejo Arenal, Tilaran  ★★  Latam announces 3 weekly flights fm SJO to Lima, Peru

Local Issues are items about Costa Rica
Issues involving the United States of America.
USA Issues:  ★★  FCC Chairman supports "an open & free internet for the 21st century" ★★  The worst mistake of PresThanks, Helen Trump's 1st 100 days   ★★  The end of foreign aid as we know it   ★★  The once unthinkable is now the unremarkable  ★★  Woodward & Bernstein advise Pres Trump that the media isn't fake news  ★★   Rev. William Barber II "Reverend Resistance" is taking the fight to the White House  ★★  Congress funds govt through Sept w/o Mexico wall  ★★  Climate-change protesters march in DC  ★★  Sebastian Gorka leaves White House amid accusations of links to far-right  ★★  Senate Intel Committee visits CIA headquarters  ★★  2  former weapons-systems officers, the last fliers to be shot down in Vietnam, will fly again  ★★  US House passes Health Care Bill to slash Obama Care   ★★ Pres Trump boasts that his impeachment will get highest ratings yet  Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) to expire in Sept 2017  ★★ Will US intelligence partners trust Pres Trump anymore?  ★★ US laptop ban may be expanded to flights fm Europe  ★★ Ticketmaster offers Virtual Venue to see the view from where your tickets will be  ★★  Deployed  sailor gets a touching surprise  ★★  Former FBI Director Mueller named Special Council to lead Trump-Russia probe  ★★  Pres Trump's reaction to naming of Special Council  ★★ House majority leader to collegues in 2016: "I think Putin pays Trump", thanks Connie   ★★  Trump team plans retaliation for classified-leak allegations  ★★ FBI counterintelligence agents don't forgive or forget  ★★  Inside Russia's social media war on the USA, thanks Connie  ★★  66 programs to be purged in Pres Trump's 1st budget  ★★  John Kerry slams Pres Trump in Harvard commencement speech  ★★  T-Mobile Digits offers one phone number for all customer's devices  ★★  White House Communications Director Dubke resigns amid tensions   ★★  Pres Trump fails to appoint scientific advisors   ★★  4 Senators to watch in the Trump-Russia Investigation

International Issues:  ★★  Vulture Stone fm Turkey confirms com  ★★  Inside Russia's social media war on the USA, thanks Connie   ★★  Google give Cubans a much faster internet   ★★   Maduro welcomes papal interest in Venezuela  ★★   Austrailian backpackers kidnapped in Guatemala live to tell their story   ★★  Sec of State Tillerson invited African Union chair to meet and then backed out  ★★  Pres Trump invites Philippines Pres Duterte to the White House  ★★   Pope Francis preaches tolerance at mass in Cairo  ★★  Tunisia kills militant Islamist commander  ★★  France kills 20+ Islamist militants on Mali, Burkina border  ★★  Mexico's congress passed a bill to legalize marijuana for medical & scientific use  ★★  China takes on Wikipedia w/ it's own online encyclopedia  ★★  China deports American woman convicted on spying charge  ★★  Thousands of Russians protest, asking Putin not to run again  ★★  Former Italian prime minister regains leadership of governing party  ★★  Turkish govt expands crackdown on dissent & free expression  ★★  Iranian TV executive, criticized for spreading propaganda against Islam, gunned down in Istanbul  ★★  Dubai introduces its own Arabic font lauding free expression, which it doesn't permit  ★★  Brits to fine social media firms, especially YouTube, over extremist content  ★★  Venezuela is heading for a Soviet-style collapse  ★★  Arab prince stands up to Pres Trump ★★   Meet the people powering US - China relations  ★★  Saudi Arabia now controls the largest oil refinery in North America  ★★  Putin's secret weapon in Syria: Chechens  ★★  Potential new president for Afghanistan  ★★  Ivanka Trump makes foreign-policy debut   ★★   London's controversial Garden Bridge cancelled   ★★   Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements   ★★   US State Dept approves sale of 12 light attack helicoptors to Kenya   ★★   The Vatican establishes full Kremlin White Housediplomatic relations w/ Myanmar   ★★   New air-pollution crisis hits Beijing   ★★   Pres Trump vows to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace  ★★  Panama Canal expansion fuels Miami growth  ★★   Super luxe Shika-shima train debuts in Japan  ★★   China's 1st civilian airliner takes flight  ★★   Pres Trump's 1st  trip abroad plans to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, & the Vatican  ★★  Iraqi army frees Musheirefa (NW of Mosul) fm ISIS   ★★  Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation    ★★  Inside Russia's social media war on the USA, thanks Connie  ★★  N. Korea tests missile that left & reentered Earth's atmosphere  ★★  Dozens of shops lost to blaze in traditional Nicaraguan market  ★★  1000s protest in Moscow against housing resettlement plan  ★★  Italy rescues 484 migrants fm Mediterranean as calls mount to secure southern Libya  ★★  Cholera death toll in Yemen reaches 180+  ★★  Edouard Philippe is new PM of France  ★★  Reducing tensions between Russia & NATO  ★★  Pres Trump revealed highly classified info to Russians  ★★  Russia denies that Pres Trump shared classified info  ★★  Russian oligarch sues AP for libel over reporting of relationship w/ Pres Trump's campaign mgr  ★★  Ivory Coast soldiers accept deal to end mutiny over pay  ★★  Mexican drug-trade reporter killed  ★★  Extreme rains in Colombia leave 24K dead or homeless  ★★  China condemns N. Korea & UN vows sanctions for latest missile test  ★★  17 dead & 57 missing in New Guinea jailbreak  ★★  Dutch spy chief warns 'serious digital sabotage' imminent  ★★  US will renegotiate NAFTA, talks could begin in August  ★★  At odds w/ Pres Trump, UN envoy travels to Middle East to highlight needs of Syrian refugees  ★★  Dangerous lives of undercover ISIS informants  ★★  Trump advisor blocked G-7 migration proposal  ★★  China continues to extend military power over the South China Sea  ★★  US meets w/ Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, & El Salvador to improve security  ★★  ISIL car bombs near Baghdad ice cream shop kills 27

International Issues are items about countries outside of CR or the USA.
Planetary Issues & Beyond ★★  SpaceX is getting into the spy-satellite game   ★★  SpaceX delivers pkg to space & lands back on Earth  ★★  Great photo of a sunset arrival of Cygnus at the ISS  ★★   What's the largest a planet can be?   ★★  IC1101 is the largest known galaxy  ★★   Peggy Whitson breaks the record for most cumulative time in space w/ 534 days, 2 hours, & 49 minutes  ★★  Life could jump between TRAPPIST-1's planets in decades  ★★  Galaxies appear to be full of fuzzy, excited dark matter  ★★  Lego replica of Saturn V rocket ★★   Wave twice the size of the Milky Way found sweeping through the Perseus cluster   ★★   Building brick created w/ moondust & concentrated sunlight   ★★   ESO releases 1.6 gigapixel VISTA image of the Small Magellanic Cloud    ★★   NASA's video of Cassini's plunge toward Saturn's equator  ★★   When will the 1st star go dark?  ★★  Hubble's Frontier Fields program looks at galaxy cluster Abell 370 that's 6B light-years away  ★★  Time-lapse videos fm ISS  ★★  Capital Cities fm ISS   ★★  Spectacular new Crab Nebula images  ★★  More stunning photos of Jupiter released by NASA   ★★  NASA pushes back 1st Orion manned mission  ★★  New Fast Radio Burst (FRB) detected  ★★  Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) captures flashes going into space fm Earth  ★★  Have astronomers found evidence of parallel universes?  ★★  Black hole or supernova explosion found  ★★  Mars 2020 rover imagined  ★★  How we define distance in an expanding universe  ★★  NASA makes emergency spacewalk to repair ISS  ★★  Comet-strike on Earth in 11,000BC that sparked rise of civilizations  ★★  Gravitational lens reveals images of Type 1a supernova  ★★  NASA’s Image & video library  ★★  Announcement of NASA image library  ★★  What does the far side of Earth's moon look like?  ★★  Astronaut worries about using ISS loo  ★★  Black hole formed w/o supernova stage  ★★  Juno science dump reveals "a whole new Jupiter"  ★★  Electron reaches space, but not orbit  ★★  3rd  way to form black holes observed  ★★  NASA testing inflatable habitat's radiation levels  ★★  Physicists probe the center of our galaxy to find the 5th  force of nature

Galleries:  ★★  Watch colorful ink moving in water   ★★    Fiery plane crash caught on dash cam  ★★  Dubai World Record Eagle Flight   ★★   Rare WWII Photos  ★★  Blade Runner 2049 trailer & comments  ★★  Valerian and the city of 1000 planets  trailer  ★★  Costa Rican landscapes

        Photos of the Week: 
★★  FB 5.4.17  ★★ FP 5.5.17   ★★ FP 5.12.17
  ★★ FP 5.19.17 Galleries are usually pictures or videos found on the WWW.

Potential Products:  ★★ New technologies that'll change everything  ★★ New MacBooks & iPads expected  ★★ Amazon unveils new touchscreen Echo Show Items described on the WWW that aren't yet available for purchase.

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT):  ★★  IoT overview Computing devices in everyday objects that send and receive information from the internet.

Hardware, Laptops:  ★★  MS stuns fans w/ new Surface Laptop  ★★   Surface Laptop aimed at education market  ★★  Specs comparison: Surface Laptop vs. MacBooks  ★★   MS Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro 4   ★★   MS Surface Laptop vs. 12" MacBook   ★★ Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon  ★★ Next-gen laptop materials  ★★ Acer announces new laptops Portable computers with a hinged-lid screen that would fit in your lap.

Hardware, Netbooks:  ★★ Best Chromebooks & Netbooks for 2017  ★★ Update your Chromebook on a mobile network A small laptop designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications.

Hardware, 2-in-1s:  ★★  MS Surface Book   ★★  MS Surface Pro 4 A portable computer that shares characteristics of both tablets and laptops.