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Web News for July, 2017

Tech News: Tech News trends in various formats. Podcasts (Audio) Video: 7-10-17

Printed News Sources: ★★ General Info ★★ 1 World Nations Online ★★ al Jazeera ★★ AP ★★ BBC ★★ Christian Science Monitor ★★ The CostaRican Times ★★ The Daily Mail (UK) ★★ Dallas News ★★ Escazu News ★★ FtW Star-Telegram ★★ Google News ★★ Japan Times ★★ The Jerusalem Post ★★ MSNBC ★★ New York Times ★★ New York Times: The Daily ★★ npr ★★ The Palestine Chronicle ★★ Pew Research ★★ Reuters ★★ UK Telegraph ★★ USA Today ★★ Wall St Journal ★★ Wikinews ★★ Zero Hedge

Rest In Peace: Famous people and friends who have died this year. ★★ Celebrity deaths in 2017 ★★ Lola Albright (Peter Gunn) ★★ Gregg Allman (Allman Bros Band) ★★ Walter Becker (Steely Dan) ★★ Chuck Berry (Maybellene) ★★ Michael Bond CBE (Paddington Bear) ★★ Powers Boothe (Philip Marlowe) ★★ Jimmy Breslin (newspaper columnist) ★★ Chelsea Brown (Laugh-In) ★★ Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy) ★★ Eugene Cernan (Astronaut) ★★ Mike Connors (Mannix) ★★ Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) ★★ Miguel Ferrer (Robocop) ★★ J. Geils (Blues band) ★★ Dick Gregory (Comedian) ★★ Barbara Hale (Perry Mason) ★★ Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) ★★ John Heard (Home Alone) ★★ Linda Hopkins (Blues singer) ★★ John Hurt (Elephant Man) ★★ Al Jarreau (Jazz and R&B singer) ★★ Martin Landau (Mission Impossible) ★★ Bruce Langhorne (Tambourine Man) ★★ Jerry Lewis (The Nutty Professor) ★★ Dina Merrill (Operation Petticoat) ★★ Mary Tyler Moore (MTM Show) ★★ Sir Roger Moore (James Bond) ★★ Erin Moran (Happy Days) ★★ Jeanne Moreau (My Friends' Talent) ★★ Charlie Murphy (Chappelle's Show) ★★ Robert Osborn (Turner Classic Movies) ★★ Bill Paxton (Apollo 13) ★★ Tom Petty (& the Heartbreakers) ★★ Don Rickles (Comedian) ★★ David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank) ★★ Sam Shepard (The Right Stuff) ★★ Roger Smith (Mister Roberts) ★★ Jay Thomas (Murphy Brown) ★★ Butch Trucks (Allman Bros Band) ★★ Adam West (Batman) ★★ Mary White (PC Club)

Great Ideas, Computers: ★★ Make a wearable computer using a Raspberry Pi

Great Ideas is where new developments & discoveries go, in this case about computers or software.
New products, research, or developments in Electronics Great Ideas, Electronics: ★★ New Electronics mag now available in digital form

New recipes, tools, & appliances associated w/ food Great Ideas, Food: ★★ Scientifically enhance your grill game ★★ Caldosa, A new homegrown CR dish ★★ Bacon cheddar ranch pinwheels

Great Ideas, Home: ★★ All good sunglasses have these 5 things ★★ Find the best music, movie, & TV recommendations ★★ Photographing water drops ★★ Best robotic vacuums
Things or ideas for your house, your car, your pets, or even your pocket

Great Ideas, Medical: ★★ Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea is a huge problem
The latest medical research, methods, drugs, or treatments
Ideas or stories about how to stay safe
Great Ideas, Safety: ★★ Traction tires for better grip on the road
Scientific discoveries, research results, new tech, how our world works; new products & techniques that may be on the way
Great Ideas, Science: ★★ Electrified droplets create mini Saturn planets ★★ What is ice VII, and why are scientists making it? ★★ Chinese scientists use 2 spookily entangled photons to essentially transport a 3rd one 300 miles fm earth to space

Articles about matters involving law enforcement, patents, or law makers around the world. Legal Issues: ★★ CR Corporation back taxes due August 31st ★★ European courts can hear vaccine lawsuits now ★★ Man arrested by OIJ for threat of attack (in Arabic) on Ariana Grande concert, thanks Tom

International Issues are items about countries outside of CR or the USA. International Issues: ★★ The mystery behind Greece's temples ★★ Pakistan can't afford China's friendship ★★ What Poland wants fm Pres Trump ★★ Israel's program to get rid of African refugees ★★ The world is less stable than it looks ★★ Kremlin courts young voters ★★ EU is alive & well for now ★★ Rehab of Eritrea ★★ Saudi-Iran war comes to Washington ★★ After 64 yrs, CIA releases details of Iranian Coup ★★ Mosul back in Iraqi hands ★★ Pres Merkel satisfied w/ G20 outcome ★★ FP Editor's Roundtable ★★ US carrier group leads biggest yet drills w/ India & Japan ★★ Venezuela opposition leader moved to house arrest ★★ Rio's Valongo slave warf becomes Unesco heritage site ★★ UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia ruled lawful ★★ 4 Saudis sentenced to death in Yemen for 2014 beheadings ★★ The Dutch Trumpfilter, thanks Frans ★★ Trump-Putin Syria ceasefire focus on Iranian proxies ★★ Pres Trump attends Bastille Day festivities in Paris ★★ Iran nuclear deal has been a blessing for Israel ★★ Turkey's purge & Erdogan's private army ★★ Russian tributes to US soap opera ★★ Magnitsky death exposed Russian injustice ★★ The harsh reality of being African in India ★★ Shaman masters of Inner Mongolia have returned ★★ African comedy in Rwanda ★★ Pres Trump knew of his campaign's contact w/ Russian agents, but how complicit was he?
Links about astronomy, findings, subspace activities, & space agencies.

Planetary Issues (and beyond): ★★ NASA Juno spacecraft peers into Jupiter's Great Red Spot(GRS) ★★ Jupiter's GRS gets its 1st-ever close up ★★ Can you pull something out of a black hole? ★★ Stunning view of Aurora Borealis fm space ★★ Aurora Australis (the Southern Lights) are cool, as well ★★ Speediest Milky Way stars came fm the Large Magellanic Cloud ★★ Solar eclipses that changed science ★★ Black holes found orbiting each other ★★ NASA finds evidence of Lava Waterfalls on Mars ★★ NASA makes plans to put nuc reactors on Mars to power a colony ★★ Could you live on Mars? ★★ NASA tests engine that will take us to Mars ★★ Happy aphelion day! ★★ Young, dead galaxy puzzles astronomers ★★ Russians to launch CubeSat Mayak to be brighter than ISS in orbit ★★ New Kuiper Belt Object found (maybe) ★★ Great apps for star-watching parties ★★ Asteroid Apophis will pass w/in 20k miles of Earth in 2029 ★★ Hottest planet in the universe found ★★ Futuristic NASA ship could reach edge of solar system ★★ 6 weirdly gripping space stories ★★ 2 galaxies almost collide ★★ Astronomers find smallest star yet ★★ Moon Express plans to build a fleet of robotic lunar landers to mine the moon ★★ The moon may be hiding more water that we thought ★★ How NASA broadcast Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon ★★ Sunspot AR2665 is 19 times bigger than Earth ★★ Electric propulsion system tested by NASA ★★ 5 years of Curiosity on Mars, a van Karmin lecture (1hr 34min) ★★ Space surgery ★★ SpaceX & Boeing to launch astronauts next year ★★ Armstrong FRC adds videos to YouTube ★★ SpaceX honors 15-year-old killed in accident ★★ NASA posts 100s of videos on YouTube ★★ NASA awarded a contract to build the Dream Chaser cargo vehicle to service the ISS ★★ Scientists differ over possibility of 39-day Earth-to-Mars trip w/ VASIMR plasma engine ★★ NASA releases video of New Horizons flyover of Pluto & it's moon, Charon ★★ Eclipse phenomena best seen w/ a camera ★★ JAXA's adorable camera drone on the ISS ★★ Indian astronomers discover new Saraswati supercluster ★★ What's so awesome about solar eclipses? ★★ Great astronomy pictures fm Insight ★★ Jupiter is so big it doesn't orbit the sun ★★ The most surreal landscapes on Earth ★★ New gen of giant rockets in the wings
Photos of the Week: ★★ The Atlantic: 7/1-7/7  7/8-7/14   7/15-7/21   7/22-7/28

Potential Products: ★★ Best new phones coming out in 2017 & 2018 Items described on the WWW that aren't yet available for purchase are previewed here.

Hardware, General: General articles about hardware that don't fit into any of the specific categories listed below. ★★ Find a fitness tracker ★★ Kitty Hawk manned hovercraft ★★ Henry Ford's Historic Model T, thanks Tom

Hardware, Drones: Pilotless vehicles from airborne rotor-wing types to cars, robots, or submersibles ★★ Amazon seeks to use delivery drones as marketing snoops

Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT): Computing devices in everyday objects that receive information from the internet. ★★ New IoT award winners

Hardware, Laptops: Portable computers with a hinged-lid screen that would fit in your lap. ★★ Best new laptops coming in 2017

Hardware, Netbooks:A small laptop designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications. ★★ Best Chromebooks & Netbooks of 2017

Hardware, eReaders:A handheld device on which electronic versions of books, magazines, etc. can be read. ★★PC Mag picks best eReaders of 2017

Hardware, 2-in-1s:A portable computer that shares characteristics of both tablets and laptops. ★★ TechRadar picks best 2-in-1 laptops

Hardware, Desktops & Towers:Nonportable computers that usually have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Central Processing Unit. ★★ Towers fm Amazon

Hardware, Tablets:General-purpose flat computers with a touchscreen and sometimes a stylus. ★★ Best tablets for 2017

Hardware, Smartphones: Mobile-phone-based computers have a touchscreen, operating system, internet access, and the ability to run applications. ★★  
★★ What experts said about the 1st iPhone ★★ iPhone 8 may start at $1,200

Hardware, Smartwatches:Mobile digital watch devices with a touchscreen, usually with a connection to a smartphone. ★★ 2017 Smartwatch comparison guide

Hardware, Smart Cameras: Digital vision systems that can capture images, extract information, generate event descriptions, and make decisions. ★★ Proshot HDX lens makes smartphone photos like the prosMobile digital watch devices with a touchscreen, usually with a connection to a smartphone. ★★ Read your camera's histogram ★★ How to photograph pets ★★ Photo prep tips for beginners

Hardware, Smart TVs: Internet-connected,storage-aware, digital computer TVs specialized for entertainment. ★★ The best smart TVs

Hardware, Wearables: Some body-borne computers, like Google Glass & EyeTaps, process input to the wearer, while others, like Fitbits & the Intel Curie, monitor the body's output. ★★ Computers you can wear

Hardware, Smart Cars: Autos with advanced electronics and microprocessors used throughout the engine, drive train, and brakes. Some also have GPS, night vision, assisted parking, web & email access, voice control, & distance management. Some even drive themselves. ★★ 2-seat smart cars compared

Hardware Tiny computers: From PCs-on-a-stick to playing-card-deck sized computers. The most popular is the Raspberry Pi 3. ★★ The PC goes ultraportable

Hardware, Game Devices: Video-game consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo lead this category. ★★ Best video-game consoles of 2017

Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR): Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games. ★★  Hunt aliens w/Wesley Snipes in VR
Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games. ★★ Facebook lowers Oculus Rift prices a 2nd time Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games. ★★ Why VR isn't catching on

Hardware, Peripherals: These gadgets attach to computers to amplify their usefulness (e.g., monitors, keyboards, & mice to scanners, speakers, and cameras); peripherals provide input & output. ★★ Peripherals defined ★★ Ultra-comfortable BTH20 bluetooth headphones ★★ HyperX Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse review ★★ Best multiroom wireless speaker system ★★ Brinno TLC120 Time-lapse camera ★★ Eero WiFi beacon

Hardware, Accessories: Telephone, computer, or general accessories (e.g., cases or attachments). ★★ Batteries, cases, UPS, skins, etc.

Hardware, Internals:  Things that go inside the computer go here, e.g., disc drives, memory boards, even SD cards. ★★ Internal computer hardware

Hardware/Software: Artificial Intelligence (AI): Computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence (e.g., visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, etc.) ★★  Tmall Genie smart hub speaker fm Alibaba ★★ AI system identifies objects over long distance ★★ Alexa helps catch a thief

Software, In the cloud: Programs that run on the internet through a user's browser, e.g., Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, or Google Calendar ★★ Amazon Prime discounts ★★ Ways to search the WWW w/o Google tracking you ★★ Lock down your Facebook acct ★★ Netflix is beating Hulu, Amazon, & YouTube in screen-time battle

Programs & apps that run on many OperatingSystems (e.g., Windows, Android, iOS & OS X). Software, General Tools: ★★  Dashlane free password manager ★★ Great apps for star-watching parties ★★ Free alternatives to Word, Photoshop, etc. ★★ Adobe Flash to be retired

Software, Browsers: Programs that present content from the WWW (e.g., Google Chrome). ★★ Internet browser help & information

Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: Stories about things going on at Apple Computers. ★★ What experts said about the 1st iPhone ★★ Apple iTunes's share of video sales & rentals falls to Amazon & Comcast ★★ iPhone 8 may start at $1,200   ★★ iPhone tricks you should try

Software, Apple, Apps: Interesting apps that run on Apple computers (under iOS or OS X). ★★ New App Store coming this Fall

Software, Apple Operating Systems: Interesting apps that run on Apple computers (under iOS or OS X). ★★
iOS10.2 tips & tricks

Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: News items about things going on at Microsoft. ★★  Bill Gates brain booster

Software, Microsoft, Apps: Stories about Microsoft apps being released, recalled, or features and capabilities ★★ Microsoft Store has free & paid apps

Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: Stories about current or upcoming Microsoft OS features, releases, rumors, capabilities, or recalls. ★★ The history of MS Windows ★★ BSOD on Win10 after lock for 30+ minutes

Software, Microsoft, Office: Items about any of the MS Office family members: Access, Character Map, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Picture Manager, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Word, as well as their online counterparts. ★★ MS Paint is here to stay

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: News, releases, recalls, information & speculation about the Android OS. ★★  Hidden Android tips & tricks

Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS: Info fm the web about Google's OS that powers it's Chromebooks. Chrome OS is in it's 57th release. ★★ The history of Chrome OS

Software Google, Apps: The latest information about Google apps, the Google Play store, Android apps, and G Suite. ★★ Google's search page is about to change forever for mobile users
Information about the world of Open-source software packages. This includes, not only Linux, but Business Intelligence software, MySQL, replacements for Windows XP and more.
Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: ★★ Linux newbie forum ★★ Linux laptop & netbook forum ★★ Linux mobile forum ★★ Linux runs on 99% of top 500 supercomputers ★★ Linux PowerPC Notebook Project ★★ Mageia 6 is now available ★★ Try Linux fm Scratch 8.0 in Live Session ★★ Gratipay: An open-source startup helping open-source projects
There are many useful apps available in Open Source. Search for Open Source Software to see many listed.
Software, Open-source, Apps: ★★ Linux games forum ★★ Linux software forum
Linux is a prominent example of free and open source software. It's a Unix-like operating system released under the GNU General Public License.
Software, Open-source, Operating Systems: ★★ Linux distributions forum ★★ Top 10 examples of open-source software ★★ Bash it Out!: Strengthen your knowledge of Bash

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