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Web News for April, 2018

News Pages: News fm around the world in Audio, Video, or Printed Form is provided by the links shown. Audio: ★★ Podcasts ★★ NPR Radio ★★ BBC Radio ★★ Kim Komando
Video: ★★ BBC World News      AP reports on fake news in Not-Real News

Printed News Sources: ★★ General Info ★★ 1 World Nations Online ★★ al Jazeera ★★ AP ★★ BBC ★★ Christian Science Monitor ★★ The CostaRican Times ★★ The Daily Mail (UK) ★★ Dallas News ★★ Escazu News ★★ FtW Star-Telegram ★★ Google News ★★ Japan Times ★★ The Jerusalem Post ★★ MSNBC ★★ New York Times ★★ New York Times: The Daily ★★ npr ★★ The Palestine Chronicle ★★ Pew Research ★★ Reuters ★★ UK Telegraph ★★ USA Today ★★ Wall St Journal ★★ Wikinews ★★ Zero Hedge

Historical News: ★★ The world’s 1st photograph (1896) ★★ Hedy Lamarr was a 1st-class inventor, creating a visionary device that led to Wi-Fi & GPS (1941) ★★ The Norwegian Spruce Old Tjikko is 9,550 years old ★★ Marilyn Monroe was sewn into her dress for JFK (1962) ★★ Shocking revelation that the CIA once kidnapped a Soviet space probe (Luna 3), studied it for a night, & returned it without anyone realizing (1960) ★★ The House of the Rising Sun began in 16th century bawdy houses ★★ Where did all of the thousands of Enigma machines end up after the end of WW2? ★★ 1966 DC-9 twinjet, with a 52-year history, is likely the oldest operating airliner in the world ★★ How the US Wildcat stood up against the fearsome Japanese Zero during World War II ★★ Some of the most dangerous spy-plane missions in US history ★★ The Nazi battleship Tirpiz used a tree-damaging fog to conceal itself ★★ More details about the Tirpiz ★★ Blanch Blackwell & Ian Fleming: a subtle love affair w/ both married to others ★★ This weird World War II vehicle could kill just about any Axis-power tank ★★ Thanks to Jeff Bezos, 2 Apollo 11 booster rockets were retrieved 2 miles deep in the Atlantic in 2013 ★★ It didn’t end well when Lana Turner’s gangster boyfriend pulled a gun on Sean Connery ★★ The Flight of the Crow: the greatest escape story never told ★★ The little-known battle led by Australians which turned the tide of World War I ★★ The secret history of Israel's war against Hitler's scientists ★★ Legendary Japanese holdout in the Philippines surrenders 29 years after Japan capitulated in WWII ★★ Why do pilots & others say "Roger" to acknowledge transmissions?

Rest In Peace: Famous people and friends who have died this year. ★★ Lassie Lou Ahern ★★ Marty Allen ★★ John Perry Barlow ★★ Joseph Brennan, PC Club member ★★ Bill Burkette ★★ Reg E. Cathey ★★ Celebrity deaths in 2018 ★★ Emma Chambers ★★ "Fast" Eddie Clarke ★★ John Coleman ★★ Vic Damone ★★ Dr. Robert Durnin, PC Club member ★★ Bradford Dillman ★★ Dennis Edwards ★★ Nanette Fabray ★★ Jessica Falkholt ★★ Naomi Parker Fraley ★★ John Gavin ★★ Hubert de Givenchy ★★ Rev. Billy Graham ★★ Dan Gurney ★★ Stephen Hawking ★★ Keith Jackson ★★ Steve Jobs ★★ Mickey Jones ★★ Margot Kidder ★★ Denise LaSalle ★★ Dr. William Lukensmeyer, PC Club member ★★ John Mahoney ★★ Dorothy Malone ★★ Winnie Mandela ★★ John McCain ★★ Jill Messick ★★ Peter Miles ★★ Mac Miller ★★ Dolores O'Riordan ★★ Jean Porter ★★ Ronnie Prophet ★★ Burt Reynolds ★★ Donnelly Rhodes ★★ Jim Rodford ★★ Mark Salling ★★ Connie Sawyer ★★ Allison Shearmur ★★ Simon Shelton ★★ Daryle Singletary ★★ Jon Paul Steuer ★★ David Ogden Stiers ★★ Ray Thomas ★★ Doreen Tracey ★★ Jerry Van Dyke ★★ Mort Walker ★★ Peter Wyngarde ★★ John Young

Great Ideas is where new developments & discoveries go, in this case about computers or software. Great Ideas, Computers: ★★ Computer home-based business ideas

New products, research, or developments in Electronics Great Ideas, Electronics: ★★ Passive radar a boost for defence

Things or ideas for your house, your car, your pets, or even your pocketGreat Ideas, Home: ★★ Around the house ★★ Signia has a new primax hearing system that disappears behind or inside your ear

The latest medical research, methods, drugs, or treatments Great Ideas, Medical: ★★ New medical innovations ★★ UN aims to eliminate yellow fever epidemics in Africa by 2026 ★★ The hospital of the future may be a tiny, high-tech medical kit

Ideas or stories about how to stay safe Great Ideas, Safety: ★★ Safety tips from Canada

Scientific discoveries, research results, new tech, how our world works; new products & techniques that may be on the way Great Ideas, Science: ★★ Footprints put people on Canada’s west coast 13,000 years ago ★★ Why the ocean is blue

This is a catch-all category that includes matters such as existance, knowledge, values, reason, mind, wisdom, and language. Many entries are opinions or arguments that reflect our world. Philosophical Issues: ★★ Cyndy & Bill Vorih moved back to Connecticut ★★ What's the world's oldest known company? ★★ Habits that can lower your self-esteem ★★ Warren Buffett says you should ask this 1 question to become the best version of yourself ★★ Is Jackie Chan actually good at martial arts, or are his moves just flashy for movies? ★★ New books you'll want to read this April ★★ Can you explain John 1:1? ★★ Skills that will make you more successful over time ★★ WWII’s most bizarre POW camp ★★ Some good sites fm which to download free pdf books ★★ Books to celebrate spring ★★ The biggest animals of all time? ★★ What would happen if a grain of sand hit the Earth's atmosphere at 99.9% of the speed of light? ★★ Who really invented the first heavier-than-air craft? ★★ The nicest thing to happen to someone in airline travel ★★ Best compliments for women ★★ You cannot escape poop bacteria ★★ Dozens of key positions in the State Dept. remain unfilled ★★ Yes, humans are still evolving ★★ Why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms ★★ Journalist recommends Associated Press for news ★★ Things to do as a passenger on a long haul flight ★★ What is the coolest line a pilot has said to controllers or passengers? ★★ What would happen if a bullet was shot in outer space? ★★ Some good life lessons ★★ Can you reject a meal on an airplane? ★★ Why is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier guarded all the time? ★★ Can airline officials recognize a fake password or visa?

Issues involving the United States of America. USA Issues: ★★ Why do both liberals & conservatives claim mainstream media is biased? ★★ Pres Trump threatens to stop NAFTA if Mexico doesn't “stop the big drug and people flows.” ★★ Pres Trump signs proclamation for deployment of National Guard troops along the border w/ Mexico ★★ EPA seeks to roll back Obama-era emission rules: California balks ★★ Sinclair Broadcast Group criticized for pro-Trump bias ★★ The annual White House easter-egg roll ★★ Disgruntled woman shoots 3 outside YouTube HQ ★★ Pres Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill despite veto threat on Twitter ★★ Dropbox shares soar as much as 48% in market debut ★★ Elon Musk deletes SpaceX & Tesla pages fm Facebook ★★ Pres Trump blasts Comey after book revelations ★★ Pres Trump pardons Lewis 'Scooter' Libby ★★ Michael Cohen (Pres Trump's attorney) is under criminal investigation ★★ Australian muslim activist denied entry into the USA ★★ Pres Trump vetoes Russian sanctions announced by US ambassador to the UN ★★ $43K phone booth EPA Admin Pruitt installed in his office violated federal spending laws ★★ 38 US ambassadorships remain empty ★★ Patriot missiles are made in America & fail everywhere ★★ The next America-class amphibious assault ship will almost be in a class of its own ★★ The stealthy USS Zumwalt destroyer is getting a wider mission envelope: exploring new ammunition & preparing to fire its 1st missiles ★★ Woman arrested for assaulting air marshalls & disrupting a Delta flight from London to Salt Lake City ★★ Wisconsin woman body slams suspect who was viciously attacking police officers ★★ This Video Of Melania Trump & The Obamas At Barbara Bush's Funeral Says So Much ★★ The USS Helena, a WWII cruiser, was found in the New Georgia Sound off the Solomon Islands ★★ The sinking of the El Faro was the worst US maritime disaster in three decades ★★ Head of Mgt-&-Budget tells bankers if they make more campaign donations, watchdog group might go away

★★ Southwest-Airlines plane's engine explodes: 1 passenger died ★★ Woman sucked out of Southwest plane window was wearing her seatbelt ★★ Passenger tells why Jennifer Riordan couldn’t be saved ★★ Southwest pilot talks w/ Air Traffic Control (ATC) during incident ★★ Many passengers did not have both nose & mouth covered by their oxygen masks during the rapid descent ★★ An airline pilot explains how the Southwest engine failed ★★ Former US Navy F/A-18 pilot hailed as hero in Southwest 737 accident as investigation into the cause continues ★★ Passenger partly sucked out of jet window identified as bank executive ★★ Firefighter who tried to save woman sucked through Southwest plane window speaks out ★★ NTSB investigators found a major clue to what may have caused Southwest jet's engine failure ★★ 'We all feel we were simply doing our jobs. Our hearts are heavy.' say pilots & crew. ★★ How could a passenger get sucked out of a plane? Has it happened before? ★★ 'The pilot who saved that Southwest flight is a badass' ★★ The Southwest engine that exploded is one of the safest & most popular in the world, analyst says ★★ Here’s what could happen next for the passengers of Southwest 1380 ★★ Passenger next to Southwest Airlines flight victim Jennifer Riordan recalls horrific ordeal ★★ Southwest's apology to passengers on Flight 1380 is brilliant & it's not just the cash ★★ A slightly longer version of Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults's radio coms w/ ATC ★★ Sully weighs in on Captain Shults’s heroic landing of Flight 1380 ★★ Here's what happened on the fatal Southwest Airlines flight ★★ Passengers tell of effort to save woman after Southwest engine explosion ★★ Husband of Southwest explosion victim speaks out about her loss. ★★ Southwest engine maker wanted inspections before tragedy ★★ Southwest 1380 pilots steered a well-timed descent ★★ Molly Ringwald thanks Southwest Airlines for emergency landing: 'My father's life was saved'

★★ What happens if a large aircraft emergency lands on a small airstrip with no damage but the runway is not long enough for a take off? ★★ What are the darkest secrets about airlines that passengers don't know? ★★ What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty? ★★ The best place to be sitting if your plane is about to crash ★★ What do pilots do to entertain themselves on a long flight? ★★ What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty? ★★ F/A-18F pilot rattling off his launch checklist ★★ How long before takeoff do commercial pilots board their aircraft? ★★ What is the coolest line a pilot has said to the passengers? ★★ Man on American flight tasered & arrested by police after allegedly touching another passenger inappropriately ★★ Do you wait for others to leave first before you disembark an airplane? ★★ Why do planes avoid flying over the North & South Poles? ★★ If a plane crash is imminent, are the passengers informed? ★★ F-35 challenges in Pacific deployment get classified ★★ The B-52 bomber will outlive all of us ★★ Will the new Air-Force-One be a B-21 stealth bomber? ★★ Boeing's new 737MAX, the 'game-changing' aircraft, is joining Ryanair's fleet ★★ How airlines are affected by the Rolls-Royce engine trouble on the Boeing 787 ★★ Woman dies aboard Alaska Airlines flight ★★ What is the coolest feature you have seen in a plane? ★★ Alaska Airlines makes emergency landing after engine put into idle mid-flight

International Issues are items about countries outside CR or the USA.International Issues: ★★ Global issues to watch in 2018 ★★  President Macron of France lays out a new national strategy for artificial intelligence in his country ★★ 1 US soldier & 1 British soldier killed in Syria 2 hours after Pres Trump agreed to withdraw US troops soon. ★★ Russia escalates spy row with new expulsions ★★ Israeli military kills 15 Palestinians in confrontations on Gaza border ★★ China says it will impose tariffs on 128 U.S. exports ★★ The world's most impressive hotels ★★ Why is Denmark so perfect? ★★ Airbus’s new plane could make it much cheaper to fly to Europe ★★ The best time to buy an international plane ticket ★★ Why has GEO news been taken off air in Pakistan? ★★ Virtual tour of the Machu Picchu sanctuary in Peru ★★ Switzerland is an oasis for legal cannabis, but without the high ★★ Extremist slain, 3 dead after rampage in southern France ★★ China’s response to Pres Trump’s tariffs is muted so far ★★ Top 25 militaries in the world for 2018 ★★ 10 biggest navies in the world for 2018 ★★ Ancient Saudi ruins to open up to tourism ★★ Syrians react to unprecedented joint airstrikes by the US, France & Britain against Syria ★★ Russia says chemical attack in Syria was faked ★★ VP Pence represents the US at the Summit of the Americas in Lima ★★ What's it like to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina? ★★ Mali militants attack bases disguised as UN peacekeepers ★★ Israel destroys 'longest and deepest' Gaza tunnel ★★ Lula lost, but Brazil’s democracy has won ★★ Bomb blast at packed Somalia stadium kills 5 football fans ★★ Russia to block Telegram app over encryption ★★ 1 Palestinian killed, 700 injured in Gaza on 3rd Friday of protests ★★ Malawi cholera death toll rises to 30 after heavy rainfall hits capital ★★ Taliban insurgents overran government headquarters in Afghanistan ★★ Chemical-arms watchdog confirmed Britain’s findings on identity of nerve agent used against former Russian spy in London. ★★ Yemen's Houthi rebels fire ballistic missile at Saudi capital ★★ Saudi Arabia & France conclude 19 draft contracts worth $18bn ★★ British media regulator finds Fox News in breach of impartiality rules ★★ Russia is trying to save its only aircraft carrier ★★ The best news websites in Russia ★★ China's 1st nuclear-powered carrier will represent China on global missions in the late 2020s ★★ Embattled Japanese PM Shinzo Abe faces challenges abroad & protests at home ★★ Canada sends home families of diplomats in Cuba after cases of new type of mysterious brain injury ★★ Chemical-weapons experts blocked from Syrian attack site ★★ China’s latest Taiwan-Strait drill is a bout of sabre-rattling ★★ Saudi Arabia brings back movie theaters ★★ Merkel now talks of Ukraine’s interests as Russia’s $12B gas pipeline seeks to bypass Kiev ★★ French Pres Macron needs to attack Syria ★★ 27 die, 10 injured in India when school bus plunges into gorge ★★ 5 rangers & their driver were killed in an ambush at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo ★★ Canadian coroner misidentified 2 young victims of a bus crash that killed 15 in Saskatchewan ★★ US State Department okays license for submarine tech sales to Taiwan ★★ US Ambassador summoned to explain after diplomatic car kills motorcyclist in Pakistan ★★ Miguel Díaz-Canel elected president of Cuba, succeeding Raúl Castro ★★ U-Boat rumoured to have helped Nazis escape to Argentina is discovered off the coast of Denmark ★★ Malindo Airlines 737 skids off the runway in Kathmandu, Nepal ★★ How Venezuela has resorted to importing oil as its core industry faces collapse ★★ Chinese navy challenges Australian warships in the South China Sea ★★ The new SPEAR-3 missile can strike any target on land or at sea ★★ Weapons that make it clear Israel still dominates the Middle-Eastern sky ★★ Natalie Portman decides to skip Israeli ceremony due to Netanyahu speech ★★ Places with the bluest water in the world ★★ Why Syria Should Fear Israel's F-35I fighter ★★ Top-Secret X-37B Space Plane spotted by observer in the Netherlands ★★ WOW Air is selling $69 flights from the US to Europe — but there's a catch ★★ Russia widens EW war, ‘disabling’ EC-130s or AC-130s in Syria ★★ Russia says it will send S-300 missiles to Syria to bolster defenses after US missile strikes ★★ Gunfire heard at Saudi royal palace in Riyadh as rumors of attempted coup mount ★★ Scientists believe they just discovered the largest known child sacrifice in human history in Peru ★★ ANZAC Day (Apr 25) celebrates Australian & New Zealand veterans

Photos of the Week:  The Atlantic: ★★ 3/27 ★★ 4/6 ★★ 4/13 ★★ 4/20 ★★ 4/27
     Foreign Policy (FP): ★★ 3/30 ★★ 4/6 ★★ 4/13 ★★ 4/20 ★★ 4/27

Items described on the WWW that aren't yet available for purchase are previewed here. Potential Products: ★★ Rachio 3 + Wireless Flow Meter

General articles about hardware that don't fit into any of the specific categories listed below. Hardware, General: ★★ General Tools

Pilotless vehicles from airborne rotor-wing types to cars, robots, or submersibles Hardware, Drones: ★★ Selfie quadcopter conquers CR

Computing devices in everyday objects that receive information from the internet. Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT): ★★ Smart energy & resource-savings products ★★ Beachbot: An adorable robot to etch massive pictures onto the beach

Portable computers with a hinged-lid screen that would fit in your lap. Hardware, Laptops: ★★ Best Laptops of 2018

A small laptop designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications. Hardware, Netbooks: ★★ The best Chromebooks to buy in 2018

Hardware, Ereaders:A handheld device on which electronic versions of books, magazines, etc. can be read. ★★The best E-Readers to buy in 2018

Hardware, 2-in-1s:A portable computer that shares characteristics of both tablets and laptops. ★★ Best 2-in-1 laptop 2018: the best convertible laptops ranked

Hardware, Desktops & Towers:Nonportable computers that usually have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Central Processing Unit. ★★ Best computer 2018: the best PCs we've tested

General-purpose flat computers with a touchscreen and sometimes a stylus. Hardware, Tablets: ★★ Best tablets 2018
Mobile-phone-based computers have a touchscreen, operating system, internet access, and the ability to run applications.
Hardware, Smartphones: ★★  Most Anticipated Phones of 2018 ★★ Take your phone to another carrier & save money ★★ Hidden tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do ★★ Why did Apple remove the Home button?
Mobile digital watch devices with a touchscreen, usually with a connection to a smartphone.
Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ The top smartwatches you can buy in 2018
Digital vision systems that can capture images, extract information, generate event descriptions, and make decisions.
Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Best Home Security Cameras for 2018
Internet-connected,storage-aware, digital computer TVs specialized for entertainment.
Hardware, Smart TVs: ★★ Best TVs 2018 ★★ What is an IPTV provider?
Some body-borne computers, like Google Glass & EyeTaps, process input to the wearer, while others, like Fitbits & the Intel Curie, monitor the body's output.
Hardware, Wearables: ★★ Definition ★★ Best Wearable Tech for 2018
Autos with advanced electronics and microprocessors used throughout the engine, drive train, and brakes. Some also have GPS, night vision, assisted parking, web & email access, voice control, & distance management. Some even drive themselves.
Hardware, Smart Cars: ★★ Intelligent-vehicle tech ★★ The handbook of intelligent vehicles ★★ The Snazziest Cars of CES 2018 ★★
From PCs-on-a-stick to playing-card-deck sized computers. The most popular is the Raspberry Pi 3.
Hardware Tiny computers: ★★ Best Mini PCs 2018 ★★ Neptune: An almost-crazy idea for upending the smartphone
Video-game consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo lead this category.
Hardware, Game Devices: ★★  Best current gaming consoles for 2018
Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games.
Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR): ★★  Virtual reality trends to watch for in 2018
These gadgets attach to computers to amplify their usefulness (e.g., monitors, keyboards, & mice to scanners, speakers, and cameras); peripherals provide input or output.
Hardware, Peripherals: ★★ What are peripherals? ★★ Best LCDs & Peripherals ★★ Bluetooth Smart Connect ★★ All-in-one scanner & mouse
Telephone, computer, or general accessories (e.g., paper, cases, tripods or other attachments).
Hardware, Accessories: ★★ Best computer accessories
Things that go inside the computer go here, e.g., disc drives, memory boards, even SD cards.
Hardware, Internals:  ★★  Popular in components
Computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence (e.g., visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, etc.)
Hardware/Software: Artificial Intelligence (AI): ★★  President Macron of France lays out a new national strategy for artificial intelligence in his country
Programs that run on the internet through a user's browser, e.g., Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, or Google Calendar
Software, In the cloud: ★★ How to select multiple messages quickly in Gmail ★★ Snapchat throws shade at Facebook with Russian bot filter ★★ The new Gmail can send self-destructing emails, thanks Connie
Programs & apps that run on many OperatingSystems (e.g., Windows, Android, iOS & OS X).
Software, General Tools: ★★ Compare general-purpose CAD software ★★ Top FREE Antivirus Software of 2018, thanks Helen ★★ designmodo's Free fonts you should try in 2018 ★★ Calibre acts as an e-library manager, thanks Bill ★★ Pick a better smartphone photo editing app ★★ Check out all the advertisers targeting you on Facebook
Programs that present content from the WWW (e.g., Google Chrome).
Software, Browsers: ★★ Web browsers for Windows
Stories about things going on at Apple Computers.
Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: ★★  Intel shares see biggest drop in 2 years after reports Apple will ditch Mac chips
Interesting apps that run on Apple computers (under iOS or OS X).
Software, Apple, Apps: ★★  Photos for iOS
Operating Systems that run on Apple devices.
Software, Apple Operating Systems: ★★  OS X news ★★ iOS 11 news
News items about things going on at Microsoft.
Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: ★★  Microsoft News ★★ Download Microsoft Software ★★ Windows gets bumped down a notch at Microsoft.
Stories about Microsoft apps being released, recalled, or features and capabilities
Software, Microsoft, Apps: ★★  Windows 10 apps ★★ iHeartRadio
Stories about current or upcoming Microsoft OS features, releases, rumors, capabilities, or recalls.
Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: ★★ Download Microsoft Windows ★★ Windows Home Page ★★ How to take a screenshot in Windows
Items about any of the MS Office family members: Access, Character Map, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Picture Manager, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Word, as well as their online counterparts.
Software, Microsoft, Office: ★★ Download Microsoft Office ★★ Office 365 — see how much has changed
News, releases, recalls, information & speculation about the Android OS.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: ★★  Check for software updates in apps, games, & Phone OS ★★ Hidden Android settings you should know about
Info fm the web about Google's OS that powers it's Chromebooks. Chrome OS is in it's 57th release.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS: ★★ Chrome Unboxed
The latest information about Google apps, the Google Play store, Android apps, and G Suite.
Software Google, Apps: ★★ The best of Google for your phone & tablet.

Information about the world of Open-source software packages. This includes, not only Linux, but Business Intelligence software, MySQL, replacements for Windows XP and more.Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: ★★ Linux newbie forum ★★ Linux laptop & netbook forum ★★ Linux mobile forum
There are many useful apps available in Open Source. Search for Open Source Software to see many listed.
Software, Open-source, Apps: ★★ Linux games forum ★★ Linux software forum
Linux is a prominent example of free and open source software. It's a Unix-like operating system released under the GNU General Public License.
Software, Open-source, Operating Systems: ★★ Linux distributions forum ★★ Top 10 examples of open-source software

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