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Web News for May, 2018

Trends: Trends indicate the way things are moving in the Web News lately and, more generally, how things are changing in our world. ★★ Google Trends ★★ What is the most popular news source in the world? ★★ The experimental engine that uses gas & diesel ★★ The full moon is in Scorpio & astrologers are stirred up ★★ Is Fox News turning on Donald Trump? ★★ Why are propeller aircraft still so common? ★★ Singapore Airlines announces 19-hour direct flights to New York, a new record ★★ Australian national carrier Qantas orders 6 more Dreamliner planes from Boeing to replace the last of its aging jumbo jets ★★ Boeing gains an edge as Airbus struggles with engine issues ★★ British Airways & Virgin planes warned to stay within an hour of an airport over safety fears for their Rolls-Royce engines ★★ Indian company is building e-motorcycles & e-rickshaws ★★ The best day to book air-travel tickets is now Sunday ★★ Best Buy has a new logo ★★ The best new buildings fm around the world ★★ Elegant timber knife wouldn't cut it in the kitchen, wood it? ★★ 1 of the more fanciful aspects of Uber's already pretty fanciful flying taxi service is the concept of Skyports ★★ Video tour of British online supermarket Ocado's Andover highly-automated-fulfillment center ★★ Volvo's electric garbage truck to clean up in Germany next year ★★ Rollux luggage goes from carry-on to check-in size & back ★★ UPS announces upcoming arrival of electric delivery trucks ★★ 1 of the world's largest legal marijuana producers operates out of a once-abandoned Hershey's factory ★★ These celebrity couples have big age differences between them ★★ Burt Reynolds’ life uncovered ★★ Silicon Valley is targeting finance as the next industry ripe for disruption.

News Pages: News fm around the world in Audio, Video, or Printed Form is provided by the links shown. Audio: ★★ Kim's Podcasts ★★ NPR Radio ★★ BBC Radio
Video: ★★ BBC World News      AP reports on fake news in Not-Real News ★★ Eflip - news sites on the web

Printed News Sources: ★★ General Info ★★ 1 World Nations Online ★★ al Jazeera ★★ AP ★★ BBC ★★ Christian Science Monitor ★★ The CostaRican Times ★★ The Daily Mail (UK) ★★ Dallas News ★★ Escazu News ★★ FtW Star-Telegram ★★ Google News ★★ Japan Times ★★ The Jerusalem Post ★★ MSNBC ★★ New York Times ★★ New York Times: The Daily ★★ npr ★★ The Palestine Chronicle ★★ Pew Research ★★ Reuters ★★ UK Telegraph ★★ USA Today ★★ Wall St Journal ★★ Wikinews ★★ Zero Hedge

Historical News: ★★ The oldest living World War II veteran in the USA ★★ What happened to Dr. Mengele after WWII? ★★ Prolific Jewish writer kept a secret diary during the Nazi occupation of France ★★ A mother's letter written moments before her death at Auschwitz ★★ Actually, 5 US planes got airborne during the Pearl Harbor attack ★★ DNA analysis of the Denisovan species shows they mingled with humans at different times ★★ 100 Years Ago: France in the final year of WW I ★★ Navy Seals may have left an airman behind in Afghanistan ★★ The Vindolanda tablets are among the oldest surviving Roman handwritten documents in Britain ★★ What 1 airliner experienced trying to enter the USA on 9/11/2001 ★★ The Reinhard-Heydrich (the Butcher of Prague) Terror Memorial ★★ The Burlington Bunker was an urban fortress of 35-acres 120' beneath the town of Corsham, ±100 miles W of London ★★ The Drakelow Tunnels below a park in Worchestershire are 3.5 miles of tunnels built in 1941 ★★ The battle of the Coral Sea in WWII ★★ The history of Mother’s Day: How an antiwar protest became a commercial holiday ★★ The real family that inspired Little Women

Rest In Peace: Famous people and friends who have died this year. ★★ Lassie Lou Ahern ★★ Marty Allen ★★ John Perry Barlow ★★ Joseph Brennan, PC Club member ★★ Bill Burkette ★★ Reg E. Cathey ★★ Celebrity deaths in 2018 ★★ Emma Chambers ★★ "Fast" Eddie Clarke ★★ John Coleman ★★ Vic Damone ★★ Dr. Robert Durnin, PC Club member ★★ Bradford Dillman ★★ Dennis Edwards ★★ Nanette Fabray ★★ Jessica Falkholt ★★ Naomi Parker Fraley ★★ John Gavin ★★ Hubert de Givenchy ★★ Rev. Billy Graham ★★ Dan Gurney ★★ Stephen Hawking ★★ Keith Jackson ★★ Steve Jobs ★★ Mickey Jones ★★ Margot Kidder ★★ Denise LaSalle ★★ Dr. William Lukensmeyer, PC Club member ★★ John Mahoney ★★ Dorothy Malone ★★ Winnie Mandela ★★ John McCain ★★ Jill Messick ★★ Peter Miles ★★ Mac Miller ★★ Dolores O'Riordan ★★ Jean Porter ★★ Ronnie Prophet ★★ Burt Reynolds ★★ Donnelly Rhodes ★★ Jim Rodford ★★ Mark Salling ★★ Connie Sawyer ★★ Allison Shearmur ★★ Simon Shelton ★★ Daryle Singletary ★★ Jon Paul Steuer ★★ David Ogden Stiers ★★ Ray Thomas ★★ Doreen Tracey ★★ Jerry Van Dyke ★★ Mort Walker ★★ Peter Wyngarde ★★ John Young

News items concerning topics of interest; in this case about computer hardware or software.Computer News: ★★ 20 great uses for an old Android device

Articles about matters involving courts, trials, law enforcement, patents, or law makers around the world. Legal Issues: ★★ Legal Issues in the News ★★ Judge appoints a Special Master in Michael Cohen's case ★★ Stormy Daniels' lawyer predicts Pres Trump won't see his 1st term through ★★ Jessica Drake backs Stormy Daniels’ most chilling claim ★★ FBI raided Manafort over files involving any of the attendees of 2016 Trump-Tower meeting w/ Russians, Mueller confirms ★★ How much trouble is Michael Cohen in? ★★ Do pilots get time off after emergency landings? ★★ New evidence that Pres Trump obstructed justice in the House Intelligence Committee’s Minority Report ★★ If you hold an economy ticket seat, but occupy a vacant business class seat after take-off & refuse to return to your allocated economy seat, what can the crew really do? ★★ Exchange btwn Pres Trump's lawyers & Michael Cohen's lawyers highlights their increasingly divergent interests ★★ Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Pres Trump ★★ A very creative arrest at a McDonalds drive-through ★★ If pulled over a concealed-carry pistol on me, what should I do? ★★ Pres Trump's lawyer knifes Steve Banon on his way out the door ★★ A federal judge in Manafort's case made a bizarre comment about Mueller that left experts baffled ★★ If you buy an airline ticket 7 days in advance, you can cancel it w/in 24 hours of purchase ★★ Transporting Firearms through Canada & in Alaska ★★ What happens to the evidence if Pres Trump goes on a firing spree? ★★ Pres Trump is bracing for a subpoena from Mueller ★★ If a policeman wants to pull me over, but I enter my driveway, open my garage, drive into it, & close the garage, what will happen? ★★ Why Mueller will not charge Pres Trump ★★ Attorney Alan Dershowitz says Pres Trump’s lawyers are playing into special counsel Robert Mueller’s hands ★★ Do mall cops have any authority to stop me in the parking lot or can I just drive away? ★★ Nixon-White-House counsel says it could be obstruction if Trump team leaked Mueller questions ★★ Police in a Pennsylvania town stopped & seized a military tractor trailer hauling an M1 Abrams tank ★★ Mueller refuses to let Pres Trump send in written answers to interview questions ★★ What NY AG Eric Schneiderman's resignation could mean for Pres Trump, Weinstein, & Manafort ★★ New York woman used obituaries to rob families during funerals ★★ Pres Trump has a new, aggressive approach to Mueller's probe ★★ Parking warden sparks fury for giving fire engine ticket ★★ In Death Row, Michelle Lyons recalls 280 executions—And a life marred by trauma ★★ 4 women accuse NY AG of physical abuse ★★ Starting in 2020, solar panels will be required on all new California houses ★★ 14-year-old in custody after shooting at a California high school ★★ In Silicon Valley, it's hard to find jurors for Apple v. Samsung patent trial

This is a catch-all category that includes matters such as existance, knowledge, values, reason, mind, wisdom, and language. Many entries are opinions or arguments that reflect our world. Philosophical Issues: ★★ PC Club members-only chat room on Facebook ★★ What was the strangest request heard at McDonald's? ★★ Where do you get your news? ★★ Modern IQ ranges for various occupations ★★ How to speak Airline: a glossary for travelers ★★ What kind of tricks are used by some restaurants? ★★ Is Reddit a reliable news source? ★★ Yet another tale about seating squabbles on a commercial flight ★★ Things you can do that will get you kicked off an airplane ★★ Why are car crashes reported as news? ★★ If an engine fails on a large commercial airliner and the pilot accidentally kills the operational engine instead of the faulty one, can it recover? ★★ Mental habits that might make you successful ★★ How to make close friends: surprising secrets fm research ★★ Books world-famous CEOs think everyone should read in their lifetime ★★ Does the Internet mean the death of newspapers? ★★ Why one of the Navy's slowest & weakest ships is the most important vessel in the fleet ★★ What would TSA do if it caused an airline passenger to miss a flight? ★★ Stop overthinking in a relationship ★★ Is the “Chuck Yeager voice” something they teach in flight school? ★★ What are some hacks to get free (or low cost) airplane seat & hotel upgrades when traveling? ★★ If you're holding a gun, what's the best way to put it down so you don't get shot by the police? ★★ Why do I have to remain seated with my seatbelt securely fastened, after the airplane has landed? ★★ What would happen if a Russian military plane that's dangerously low on fuel, asked for permission to land on an American aircraft carrier? ★★ ¼ of millennials are looking to date someone significantly older than them ★★ How to survive the emergency landing of a flight ★★ What do police officers think of fire fighters? ★★ Air-travel tips ★★ The perk of buying books at the airport (save your receipt) ★★ What you should wear if you're hoping a for a 1st Class seating upgrade ★★ What Is Spacetime? ★★ What should flight crew do if hijackers kill passengers to get into cockpit?

Local Issues are items about Costa Rica. Local Issues: ★★ Recycling in Santa Ana ★★ Bus schedules for Santa Ana ★★ Star Box online shopping & shipping, thanks Jean ★★ CR doctors can now register deaths online, shortening the procedure, thanks Helen

Issues involving the United States of America. USA Issues: ★★ Pres Trump tweets another cryptic threat to James Comey ★★ What is the most satisfying arrest you ever made as a police officer? ★★ The US Navy is looking for a new littoral guided-missile frigate ★★ Former Afghan Air Force pilot Niloofar Rahmani granted asylum in the USA ★★ US Marines are buying their new rifles at half price after lawmakers threw a tantrum over the original cost ★★ Being a CIA agent is not what it looks like in the movies ★★ Southwest 737 that suffered engine failure fatal to 1 passenger is flown fm Philadelphia to a Boeing facility in Washington state. ★★ The Blown Engine on Southwest Flight 1380 Suffered "Tooth Decay" ★★ Redskins cheerleaders say they were forced to pose nude & serve as escorts for male sponsors of the team ★★ Pentagon announces 3 bases that will host USA’s newest warplane, the B-21 "Raider" stealth bomber by 2025 ★★ AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapon glide bomb ★★ What does the Secret Service think of presidents? ★★ Lockheed Martin is developing lasers for naval ships to blast incoming missiles ★★ Drone-sploding baby missile weighs 5 lbs ★★ Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced the press corps after Rudy Giuliani blew a huge hole in the administration’s narrative ★★ WH press sec said that the bombshell interview Rudy Giuliani gave this week left her in an “untenable position.” ★★ What NOT to do when visiting the USA ★★ How does the president get from the White House to Air Force One? ★★ After pulling a car over, why do police officers touch the tail light of the car as they are walking up? ★★ JetBlue Flight 1052 was traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tampa, Florida & diverted to Fort Lauderdale ★★ What does "speed monitored by aircraft" on signs mean? ★★ Rick Santorum says that Former-Pres Barack Obama told bigger lies than Pres Donald Trump does. ★★ Conservative lobbyist throws a fit on CNN ★★ Melania Trump debuts ‘Be Best’ campaign for kids’ well-being ★★ Pres Trump slams Mueller's Russia probe ★★ AG Sessions vows to prosecute all illegal border crossers & separate children from their parents ★★ Hawaii volcano eruption destroys 35 structures: and the lava keeps flowing ★★ What is the Met Gala, and who gets to go? ★★ It’s called the Met Gala, but it’s definitely Anna Wintour’s party ★★ Passengers held for hours after truck hit taxiing Southwest plane after midnight ★★ U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford’s suffered the 2nd failure in less than a year of a “main thrust bearing”: that’s part of the $12.9 billion carrier's propulsion system. ★★ Woman on American Airlines flight saved by doctor from same hospital where she was going to get treatment ★★ Why Mueller has to expose Pres Trump’s crooked business empire ★★ Unemployment rate falls to 17-year low as U.S. adds 164k new jobs ★★ Victoria's Secret is going through a rough patch ★★ Sen. Isakson (R-Ga.), chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, defended Sen. Tester (D-Mont.) for criticizing Pres Trump's choice, Ronny Jackson, to lead the Veterans Affairs Department. ★★ Bombshell news involving Mueller, Rosenstein & The National Enquirer create dire prospects for Republicans in the midterm elections ★★ Southwest flight bound for Dallas Love Field made an unscheduled landing at DFW due to indication that one flap did not fully extend ★★ Inside Melania Trump's complicated White House life ★★ Donald Trump Jr.'s estranged wife Vanessa was the "1st love" of a gang member in high school ★★ Kilauea volcano erupted again on 5/8/2018 ★★ Small plane crash-lands in Dallas parking lot ★★ The price of getting inside Pres Trump’s head ★★ Gina Haspel, Pres Trump’s pick to lead CIA, pledges she won’t restart interrogation program ★★ Novartis paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2M for advice on Obamacare: work he was unable to do ★★ Elon Musk's 1st LA tunnel nears completion, w/ free rides to kick off this summer ★★ Pres Trump promises lower drug prices ★★ AT&T & Novartis CEOs apologize for payments to Michael Cohen ★★ John McCain's family hits out at Trump aide for 'mocking' his cancer ★★ US Navy littoral-combat ships are getting a 'soft-kill' weapon to fend off torpedoes ★★ Team Trump plans to go on “war footing” to fend off impeachment ★★ NY Times reporter commented on Pres Trump's threat to take away press creds over “negative” coverage ★★ Why Michael Cohen is all over the news

International Issues are items about countries outside CR or the USA.International Issues: ★★ What makes a country a member of the '3rd World'? ★★ US Admiral/former NATO cmdr warns of EMP threat ★★ How does Russia's Air Force compare to the USA's? ★★ Kim Jong Un made a revealing, out-of-character admission ★★ Romania's president calls on PM to quit over Israel embassy move ★★ Israel suspected in missile attack on Iranians in Syria ★★ Explosions reported at Iranian base in Northern Syria ★★ Pakistan keeps its ageing Mirage jets flying after 50 years ★★ Vietnam Airlines crew suspended after aircraft lands on closed runway ★★ Israel accuses Tehran of cheating on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal ★★ Iran fears Israel for 1 reason: nuclear weapons ★★ US confirms that it sent the Javelin anti-tank missile system to Ukraine ★★ Telecom Commission approves Wi-Fi services on flights in India ★★ Russian front-line fighter jet crashes in Syria, killing both pilots ★★ Aero Expo UK coming to Wycombe Air Park this June ★★ Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner ★★ Ontario woman arrested & jailed in Georgia for driving with a Canadian licence ★★ US county tries to reassure Canadian visitors after story of Ontario woman's arrest makes headlines ★★ Paris museum becomes city's 1st to let naturists (i.e., nudists) inside ★★ Asia has the world's busiest flight routes ★★ A new Guardian report shows how far Team Trump would go to discredit Obama's Iran Deal ★★ Light plane makes an emergency landing on Devon Beach in England ★★ Ivana Trump makes surprise appearance on Italy's 'Dancing with the Stars' ★★ Defense Secretary Mattis says an Israel/Iran conflict is increasingly likely in Syria ★★ How does Iran's military compare to that of the USA? ★★ Indian navy captures Emirates princess in international waters & siezes her yacht ★★ Syrian state media says Israel attacked just after US quit Iran deal ★★ We checked out JFK International and Heathrow Airport to see which offers a better travel experience — and the winner was clear: Heathrow ★★ What was your best experience w/ a police officer (in India)? ★★ How do UK police compare to US police? ★★ What should you never ask a Canadian? ★★ Why Flight Attendants always pack an extra pair of shoes ★★ US Air Force Colonel finds Japanese mother & the restaurant she named after him ★★ Donald Trump’s America has just become a rogue nation ★★ 20 rockets fired fm Syria at the Golan Heights w/o injuries. Israel responded w/ 70 missiles, killing at least 23 ★★ Women’s EuroArabian expedition arrives at the North Pole ★★ Freed N. Korean detainees head home for big welcome ★★ France to go forward w/ Iran deal w/o US support ★★ Walmart will pay $16B for a 77% stake in Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart. ★★ Putin may have given Israeli PM Netanyahu the green light to wipe out Iran in Syria ★★ Israel releases footage of one of its missiles hitting a Russian air-defense system in Syria ★★ Russians say it was out of missles & turned OFF ★★ Apple CEO says he told Pres Trump that China tariffs were the wrong policy

Galleries are usually pictures or videos found on the World Wide Web. Galleries: ★★ Browse art galleries online ★★ New Yorker cartoons 5/11/18 ★★ Kilauea volcano began to erupt May 3 & continues to spew lava & ash into the air in Hawaii

Photos of the Week:  The Atlantic: ★★ 4/27 ★★ 5/4 ★★ 5/11
     Foreign Policy (FP): ★★ 4/27 ★★ 5/4 ★★ 5/11

Items described on the WWW that aren't yet available for purchase are previewed here. Potential Products: ★★ Technologies For 2031 ★★ Mi PC wants to put desktop computer power in the palm of your hand ★★ Finally, a straw that doesn't suck

General articles about hardware that don't fit into any of the specific categories listed below. Hardware, General: ★★ Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker ★★ A robot that can chase you through the woods ★★ Solo EV 3-wheeled electric car delivered to 1st US customer

Pilotless vehicles from airborne rotor-wing types to cars, robots, or submersibles Hardware, Drones: ★★ HDCube 2.0, a pocket-sized, app-controlled drone w/ HD camera ★★ Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has infrared sensors & is 60% quieter

Computing devices in everyday objects that receive information from the internet. Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT): ★★ Barcelona IoT group meets over Meetup

Portable computers with a hinged-lid screen that would fit in your lap. Hardware, Laptops: ★★ The 15 best laptops you can buy this year

A small laptop designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications. Hardware, Netbooks: ★★ Best Netbooks of 2018

Hardware, Ereaders:A handheld device on which electronic versions of books, magazines, etc. can be read. ★★What’s the best e-reader in 2018?

Hardware, 2-in-1s:A portable computer that shares characteristics of both tablets and laptops. ★★ Best 2-in-1s 2018

Hardware, Desktops & Towers:Nonportable computers that usually have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Central Processing Unit. ★★ Best computer 2018: the best PCs we've tested

General-purpose flat computers with a touchscreen and sometimes a stylus. Hardware, Tablets: ★★ Best tablets for 2018
Mobile-phone-based computers have a touchscreen, operating system, internet access, and the ability to run applications.
Hardware, Smartphones: ★★  The best smartphone of 2018: 15 top mobile phones tested & ranked
Mobile digital watch devices with a touchscreen, usually with a connection to a smartphone.
Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ Best smartwatch: the top choices you can buy in 2018
Digital vision systems that can capture images, extract information, generate event descriptions, and make decisions.
Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Best Home Security Cameras of 2018
Internet-connected,storage-aware, digital computer TVs specialized for entertainment.
Hardware, Smart TVs: ★★ Best TV 2018: which TV should you buy?
Some body-borne computers, like Google Glass & EyeTaps, process input to the wearer, while others, like Fitbits & the Intel Curie, monitor the body's output.
Hardware, Wearables: ★★ Definition ★★ Zebra wearable computers ★★ Fitbits ★★ International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC)
Autos with advanced electronics and microprocessors used throughout the engine, drive train, and brakes. Some also have GPS, night vision, assisted parking, web & email access, voice control, & distance management. Some even drive themselves.
Hardware, Smart Cars: ★★ Intelligent-vehicle tech ★★ The handbook of intelligent vehicles
From PCs-on-a-stick to playing-card-deck sized computers. The most popular is the Raspberry Pi 3.
Hardware Tiny computers: ★★ Mini PC invasion
Video-game consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo lead this category.
Hardware, Game Devices: ★★  Best Video Game Consoles of 2018
Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games.
Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR): ★★  Star Trek: The Next Generation's Enterprise comes to virtual reality
These gadgets attach to computers to amplify their usefulness (e.g., monitors, keyboards, & mice to scanners, speakers, and cameras); peripherals provide input or output.
Hardware, Peripherals: ★★ What are peripherals? ★★ TicoTek
Telephone, computer, or general accessories (e.g., paper, cases, tripods or other attachments).
Hardware, Accessories: ★★ Walmart computer accessories
Things that go inside the computer go here, e.g., disc drives, memory boards, even SD cards.
Hardware, Internals:  ★★ TicoTek
Computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence (e.g., visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, etc.)
Hardware/Software: Artificial Intelligence (AI): ★★  What happened when Google's new AI assistant sounded too human
Programs that run on the internet through a user's browser, e.g., Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, or Google Calendar
Software, In the cloud: ★★ How to select multiple messages quickly in Gmail ★★ Some say, 'Never use FlightFinder!'
Programs & apps that run on many OperatingSystems (e.g., Windows, Android, iOS & OS X).
Software, General Tools: ★★ The Honey browser add-on could save you money ★★ GateGuru trip advisor ★★ The best VPNs ★★ The Top 10 Free Antivirus Providers (2018)
Programs that present content from the WWW (e.g., Google Chrome).
Software, Browsers: ★★ Opera ★★ Best internet browsers of 2018
Stories about things going on at Apple Computers.
Software, Apple, General News & Trivia: ★★  macOS High Sierra: latest update
Interesting apps that run on Apple computers (under iOS or OS X).
Software, Apple, Apps: ★★  The keys that might fix your Mac, thanks Helen
Operating Systems that run on Apple devices.
Software, Apple Operating Systems: ★★  OS X news ★★ iOS 11 news
News items about things going on at Microsoft.
Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: ★★  Microsoft News ★★ Download Microsoft Software ★★ Microsoft Build 2018: the biggest news from the conference
Stories about Microsoft apps being released, recalled, or features and capabilities
Software, Microsoft, Apps: ★★  Windows 10 apps ★★ 8tracks radio
Stories about current or upcoming Microsoft OS features, releases, rumors, capabilities, or recalls.
Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: ★★ Download Microsoft Windows ★★ Windows 10 April-2018 update heralds shift to low-key updates
Items about any of the MS Office family members: Access, Character Map, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Picture Manager, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Word, as well as their online counterparts.
Software, Microsoft, Office: ★★ Download Microsoft Office
News, releases, recalls, information & speculation about the Android OS.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: ★★  Check for software updates in apps, games, & Phone OS
Info fm the web about Google's OS that powers it's Chromebooks. Chrome OS is in it's 57th release.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS: ★★ Chrome Unboxed
The latest information about Google apps, the Google Play store, Android apps, and G Suite.
Software Google, Apps: ★★ The most popular Google apps

Information about the world of Open-source software packages. This includes, not only Linux, but Business Intelligence software, MySQL, replacements for Windows XP and more.Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: ★★ Linux newbie forum ★★ Linux laptop & netbook forum ★★ Linux mobile forum ★★ A quantitative analysis of the real-time capabilities of Linux w/ PREEMPT_RT
There are many useful apps available in Open Source. Search for Open Source Software to see many listed.
Software, Open-source, Apps: ★★ Linux games forum ★★ Linux software forum
Linux is a prominent example of free and open source software. It's a Unix-like operating system released under the GNU General Public License.
Software, Open-source, Operating Systems: ★★ Linux distributions forum ★★ Top 10 examples of open-source software ★★ Understanding Linux containers

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